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Nic Cejda
 Feb 1, 2024
Excellent podcast that keeps me up to date with AI news. Please keep up the amazing work guys! You are very much appreciated in this rapidly changing world where AI technology seems to advance daily.


Weekly summaries and discussion about the most interesting developments in AI, deep learning, robotics, and more!

Episode Date
#161 - Claude 3 beats GPT-4, Stability CEO resigns, DBRX, TacticAI, UN resolution on AI
Mar 31, 2024
#160 - Nvidia's new GPU, Microsoft pays for Inflection AI, Grok-1 open sourced, Jeremie's Action Plan
Mar 24, 2024
#159 - Inflection-2.5, Devin, OpenAI board update, SIMA, EU AI Act passed
Mar 18, 2024
#158 - Claude 3, Elon Musk sues OpenAI, StarCoder 2, AI-Generated Spam
Mar 10, 2024
#157 - Gemini controversy, new Mistral models, Deepmind's Genie & Griffinn, AI Warfare is here
Mar 03, 2024
#156 - OpenAI's Sora, Gemini 1.5, BioMistral, V-JEPA, AI Task Force, Fun!
Feb 25, 2024
#155 - ChatGPT memory, Altman seeks trillions, Califonia AI regulation, art gen lawsuit
Feb 16, 2024
#154 - Google Gemini, Waymo Collision, Smaug-72B, EU AI Act final text, image watermarks
Feb 11, 2024
#153 - Taylor Swift Deepfakes, ChatGPT features, Meta-Prompting, two new US bills
Feb 04, 2024
#152 - live translation on phones, Meta aims at AGI, AlphaGeometry, political deepfakes
Jan 28, 2024
#151 - Copilot Pro, LLama.cpp, conversational diagnostic AI, secret AI diplomacy
Jan 21, 2024
#150 - GPT Store, new Nvidia chips, DeepMind’s robotics progress, bad uses of AI
Jan 14, 2024
#149 - Reflecting on 2023, Midjourney v6, Anthropic Revenue, Unified-IO 2, NY Times sues OpenAI
Jan 07, 2024
#148 - Imagen 2, Midjourney on web, FunSearch, OpenAI ‘Preparedness Framework’, campaigning voice clone
Dec 24, 2023
#147 - Google’s Gemini, EU AI Act Deal, Mixtral of Experts, Meta’s ‘Seamless’ translator
Dec 17, 2023
#146 - ChatGPT’s 1 year anniversary, DeepMind GNoME, Extraction of Training Data from LLMs, AnyDream
Dec 12, 2023
#145 - OpenAI’s Q*, Claude 2.1, Stable Video Diffusion, Starling-7B, Orca 2, international agreements
Dec 02, 2023
#144 - OpenAI CEO UN-FIRED, Cruise founders quit, Meta video editing, LLMs can lie, policy updates
Nov 24, 2023
#143 - OpenAI CEO FIRED, Cruise halts driving, xAI’s Grok, DeepMind defines AGI, actor strike over
Nov 20, 2023
#142 - Humanoid Robots, Video-To-Text, Habitat 3.0, Cruise troubles, data poisoning
Nov 16, 2023
#141 - Adobe AI upgrades, Ernie 4.0, TimeGPT, No Fakes Act, AI drones
Oct 26, 2023
#140 - Yasa vs ChatGPT, Waymo expands, scaling robot learning, AI watermarks
Oct 17, 2023
#139 - Multimodal ChatGPT, Meta chatbots, AMD GPUs, bipartisan AI bill, WGA deal
Oct 10, 2023
#138 - DALLE-3, YouAgent, Gemini, NExT-GPT, AI book labeling
Oct 03, 2023
#137 - Salesforce Copilot, Chip Crunch, Meta Rival to ChatGPT, AI for paralysis patients
Sep 20, 2023
#136 - Claude Pro, Ideogram, Chinese ChatGPT bots, Falcon 180B, RLAIF, export restrictions, Ghostwriter
Sep 10, 2023
#135 - Google AI Subscription, ChatGPT Enterprise, Nvidia’s Q2, Consciousness, DeepFake watermark
Sep 06, 2023
AI and Existential Risk - Overview and Discussion
Aug 30, 2023
#134 - Text-to-Speech, Gartner Hype Cycle, AI2 OLMo, AlphaStar Unplugged, China Regulations, AI Porn Marketplace
Aug 26, 2023
#133 - ChatGPT multi-document chat, CoreWeave raises $2.3B, AudioCraft, ToolLLM, Autonomous Warfare
Aug 18, 2023
#132 - FraudGPT, Apple GPT, unlimited jailbreaks, RT-2, Frontier Model Forum, PhotoGuard
Aug 08, 2023
#131 - ChatGPT+ instructions, Microsoft reveals pricing for AI, is ChatGPT getting worse over time?
Aug 01, 2023
#130 - Llama 2, Elon Musk’s xAI, WormGPT, LongLLaMA, AI apocalypse, actors on strike
Jul 25, 2023
#129 - AI Clippy, lots of AI funding, Ernie 3.5, RoboCat, AI act, Adobe AI indemnity clause
Jul 09, 2023
#128 - generative search, GPU black market, GPT-4’s Secret, Sam Altman’s World Tour
Jul 05, 2023
#127 - chatbot dating app, AI at work, RedPajama 7B, tons of research, workers most worried that A.I.
Jun 21, 2023
#126 - few have tried ChatGPT, Baidu’s $145M AI fund, AI job culling, OpenAI grant program
Jun 13, 2023
#125 - Nvidia tools for game devs, TikTok’s Tako, PandaGPT and Gorilla, Voyager, early warning system for AI risks
Jun 06, 2023
#124 - AI in Windows and Photoshop, Nvidia makes $$$, DragGAN, Fake Pentagon Explosion
May 29, 2023
#123 - Delete your info from ChatGPT, Google’s AI plans, EU act targets OSS, PaLM 2, writers’ strike
May 21, 2023
#122 - AI for Word and Excel, leaked Google memo, ImageBind, LLAva, robot soccer, Midjourney 5.1
May 13, 2023
#121 - Top researcher leaves Google, trademarking ”GPT”, Stability AI’s new models, 50% of AI ’Catastrophe’, DrakeGPT
May 08, 2023
#120 - GigaChat + HuggingChat, a LOT of research, EU Act passed, #promptography
Apr 29, 2023
#119 - Open Source GPTs, X.AI, Auto-GPT, China’s Censorship of AI, Fake Drake+The Weeknd Colab
Apr 23, 2023
#118 - Anthropic vs OpenAI, AutoGPT, RL at Scale, AI Safety, Memeworthy AI Videos
Apr 14, 2023
#117 - Google’s Bard Rush, BloombergGPT, ChatGPT King, Balenciaga Harry Potter
Apr 07, 2023
#116 - ChatGPT plugins, AI hardware, petition to pause AI, Trump deepfakes
Mar 31, 2023
#115 - GPT4, Bard, AGI, Alpaca, Anthropic, Midjourney V5
Mar 26, 2023
#114 - ChatGPT applications, Claude, PALM-E, OpenAI criticism, AI-generated spam
Mar 10, 2023
#113 - Nvidia’s 10k GPU, Toolformer, AI alignment, John Oliver
Mar 04, 2023
#112 - Bing Chat Antics, Bio and Mario GPT, Stopping an AI Apocalypse, Stolen Voices
Feb 26, 2023
#111 - Mostly ChatGPT Again, plus Google’s Bard, Climate Change, AI Seinfeld
Feb 13, 2023
#110 - We’re back! ChatGPT, ChatGPT, ChatGPT, and some other stuff
Feb 05, 2023
#109 - Tesla Bot, Text-to-Video, Speech-to-Text, AI Voices Darth Vader
Oct 13, 2022
#108 - Undiagnosable Cancers, Robot Sales, Decoding Brain Activity, AI Music
Sep 11, 2022
#107 - Surgery Outcomes, Accent Removal, Archeological Dating, Deepfakes
Sep 03, 2022
#106 - Animal Speech, AI Pilot, Wrongful Arrest, Redesigning Streets
Aug 23, 2022
#105 - Sepsis Detection, Midjourney, Submarines, DALL-E 2 Food
Aug 06, 2022
#104 - Cruise Outages, Robots for Forestry, BigScience’s BLOOM, EU AI Act
Jul 20, 2022
#103 - Age Checks, Theft Prevention, Minecraft, Autism, Responsible AI
Jul 06, 2022
#102 - Nonsense Sentience, Condemning GPT-4chan, DeepFake bans, CVPR Plagiarism
Jun 26, 2022
#101 - GPT-4chan, ’Sentient’ AI, Tesla Crash Probe, BIG-bench, DALL-E mini
Jun 17, 2022
#100 - Depression, Energy Grid, MRI, Astronomy, DALLE Logos
Jun 08, 2022
#99 - Drone Mail Delivery, Human-Robot Teamwork, ToxiGen, Robot Companions
Jun 02, 2022
#98 - Autonomous Boats, DeepMind’s General AI, Google’s DALLE-2, Cringe AI Novel
May 28, 2022
#97 - New Google AI Features, Enzyme Discovery, Clearview AI Ban, Kendric Lamar Deepfakes
May 18, 2022
#96 - FDA Clearances, Firing at Google AI, AI for Apple Watch, Beer and Wine Reviews
May 13, 2022
#95 - AI Kills Cookie Pop-Ups, Models Volcanoes, Screens for Child Neglect, Paints Harry Potter
May 05, 2022
#94 - AI Driving Instructors, MASSIVE Speech Dataset, AI ’Show Stealers’, Tesla Jet Crash
Apr 29, 2022
#93 - Chip Startup Funding Doubled, Google Text+Image Search, Analog AI, Criminal Robotaxi
Apr 21, 2022
#92 - OpenAI’s DALL-E 2, Google’s PaLM, AI Intel in Ukraine, Hugging Robots
Apr 17, 2022
#91 - DeepMind Mafia, DishBrain, PRIME, ZooKeeper AI, Instant NeRF
Mar 31, 2022
#90 - AI for Algorithms, Chemical Weapons, Zelenskyy Deepfake, Border Control
Mar 24, 2022
Deepfakes for Politicians, AI Propaganda, Operation Safety Net, Understanding Pigs
Mar 17, 2022
AI-Developed Drug, AI Beats Moore’s Law, Russia’s AI Army, Baidu’s Robotaxis
Mar 10, 2022
AI flirts, controls a fusion reactor, unmasks Q, draws Pokémon
Feb 24, 2022
AI for Ancient Languages, Eye Tracking for Ads, Pulpy AI Sci Fi Covers
Feb 17, 2022
IBM Watson’s and ZIllow’s AI Failures, DeepMind’s Alphacode, GPT-NeoX-20B, AI Valentine’s Cards
Feb 10, 2022
OpenAI’s InstructGPT, Meta’s New AI Supercomputer, China Regulates DeepFakes, AI Playes Tetris
Feb 06, 2022
AI for Omicron, Self-Farming Farms, AI-designed beer, Cuddly AI
Jan 22, 2022
Looking Back at AI in 2021 with Jeremie from Towards Data Science
Jan 06, 2022
Create AI art with an app, an AI-powered game platform, the year of monster AI models, better images of AI
Jan 01, 2022
AI Best Friends, The Beatles + Machine Learning, Crime Prediction Bias, Transformer Quadraped Robot
Dec 16, 2021
AI for Mathematicians, Timnit Gebru‘s New Research Center, No Ban on Killer Robots, Vertigo AI
Dec 10, 2021
Robots at Google Offices, AI-Powered Writing, AI Polygraph, AI Art
Nov 25, 2021
Chat about Teaching AI at Stanford with Abigail See
Nov 23, 2021
Record High AI Funding, AfriBERTa, Facial Recognition in the West Bank, Tesla FSD Beta Crash, AI for Stressed Dogs
Nov 19, 2021
Facebook Shuts Down Facial Recognition, Google Wants to Work with the Pentagon, AI for Lie Detection?
Nov 11, 2021
AI for Game Mods and Moderation, Tesla‘s Beta Rollback, Clearview AI Tested, ruDALL-E
Nov 04, 2021, MuJoCo, AI in Audacity, Illegal AI Porn Unblurring, Bigoted AI Ethics Model
Oct 28, 2021
Waymo‘s Taxi Struggles, Robot Surveillance in Singapore, AI against Human Trafficking
Oct 22, 2021
DeepMind‘s Rain Nowcasting, OpenAI‘s Book Summarization, Distracted Tesla Drivers, Amazon‘s $1k robot
Oct 08, 2021
AI for climate modeling, Deepfakes are here, Boston Dynamics in a fight
Sep 15, 2021
AI for lonely people, GPT-3 is toxic, Tesla investigation develops, Kiwibot
Sep 11, 2021
AI for Spreadsheets, Hospital Robots, NLP Benchmarking, AI Play
Sep 03, 2021
Tesla Bot, AI Val Kilmer, DeepMind‘s Perceiver IO, Apple‘s NeuralHash
Aug 27, 2021
OpenAI‘s Codex Update, Boston Dynamics Parkour, Twitter AI Bias
Aug 20, 2021
Fabricated AI Research, AI Phishing Emails, AI Package Theft Detection
Aug 16, 2021
Malware in AI models, Algorithmic Bias Bounty, Robot Beach-Cleaners and Beehives
Aug 11, 2021
Our 100th episode! A look back with hosts Andrey, Sharon, and Daniel
Aug 02, 2021
AI in the US State and Federal Governments with the hosts of the AI Today Podcast
Jul 28, 2021
DeepMind‘s AlphaFold 2, Voice Cloning, Facial Recognition in Retail Stores
Jul 26, 2021
Reflecting on AI news in 2021 (so far) with the host of the Towards Data Science Podcast
Jul 21, 2021
AI for Shaming Politicians, the New AI Art Scene, DeepFake Phishing
Jul 16, 2021
An AI Serial Killer, Scary Good Voice AI, Robot Rock, Israel‘s AI-powered Weapons
Jul 09, 2021
Sean McGregor on the AI Incident Database and the AI XPRIZE
Jul 06, 2021
AI for COVID detection fails, GitHub's Copilot can code, GAN Theft Auto is fun
Jul 01, 2021
Jordan Harrod on being an AI researcher and educator
Jun 29, 2021
Making AI Less Racist and Terrible, AI for Wildfires and Reading Lips, Fun AI Facts about Fun Guys
Jun 24, 2021
DeepMind on General AI, Creepy Fake Humans, City Brains
Jun 17, 2021
Is GPT-3 Dissapointing, Killer Robots (?), the AI Hall of Shame
Jun 10, 2021
Blatant Academic Fraud, OpenAI's New Sibling, a Killer Drone?!
Jun 04, 2021
GPT-Neo, Wav2Vec-U, Deepfake Dubs, Michelangelo AI, History of Ethical AI at Google
May 28, 2021
Janelle Shane on the Weirdness of AI
May 25, 2021
Elon Musk's Self Driving Claims, AI Ethics at Google, Photorealistic GTA 5
May 20, 2021
Satellite Image Data, Moderating AI Dungeon, Consolidating Autonomous Vehicles
May 13, 2021
Rethinking Conferences, Chinese GPT-3, Farming Robots, Lyft's AV Sale
May 07, 2021
AI Einstein, Medical Alexas, 1.4 Trillion Transistor AI Chip
Apr 29, 2021
Tesla Deaths, 2.6 Million DeepFakes, Europe AI Regulations
Apr 22, 2021
AI Nirvana Song, Facebook Fairness Dataset, No-Code AI
Apr 16, 2021
The Pioneers of Modern AI with Cade Metz, author of "Genius Makers"
Apr 12, 2021
Boston Dynamics, DeepFake Amazon Workers, Systematic Labeling Errors
Apr 11, 2021
AI Growth, OpenAI's Smart Neurons, Disease Sniffing AI
Mar 11, 2021
GPT-3 NPCs, Rebel AI Startups, A Cute AI Book
Mar 09, 2021
More Unethical AI Research, More Google Drama, More Clearview AI
Feb 26, 2021
AI Against COVID 19, Regulating DeepFake Porn, the State of Self Driving Cars
Feb 18, 2021
Facial Recognition and Privacy, Amazon AI Cameras, AI in Health Care
Feb 11, 2021
Detecting Surveillance, Autonomous Weapons, National AI Compute Needs
Feb 04, 2021
Bad Uses of AI, Google and Margaret Mitchell, AI for Fairer Healthcare
Jan 28, 2021
Clearview AI in the Capitol, Medical AI Regulation, DeepFake Text
Jan 21, 2021
OpenAI‘s Image Models, US‘s New Provisions for AI, NeurIPS Discussion
Jan 14, 2021
NY‘s moratorium on facial recognition, deepfakes in 2020, and more!
Jan 07, 2021
A narrowing of AI research? with Juan Mateos-Garcia
Dec 12, 2020
The firing of Dr.Timnit Gebru, AlphaFold, and Unions Against AI
Dec 10, 2020
The De-democratization of AI: Deep Learning and the Compute Divide in Artificial Intelligence Research with Nur Ahmed
Dec 05, 2020
To PhD or not to PhD, AI Bias, Facial Recognition Ethics, GPT-3
Dec 03, 2020
Machine Learning for Art with Google's Emil Wallner
Nov 28, 2020
The way we train AI is fundamentally flawed, bias, the compute divide
Nov 26, 2020
AI‘s replication crisis, reddit discussions, government-sponsored medical AI
Nov 19, 2020
Geoff Hinton‘s Hot Take, Robots in Walmart and Art, Confidence in AI for Healthcare
Nov 13, 2020
OpenAI's "Scaling Laws for Autoregressive Generative Modeling"
Nov 08, 2020
Yann LeCun on GPT-3, New Google Projects, Inequality, GPT-3 on Hacker News
Nov 05, 2020
DeepNude Bot, Tesla Full Self Driving, Google AI US-Mexico Border
Oct 29, 2020
The Top Myths About AI
Oct 25, 2020
Accessible AI, Partnership on AI, Dataset Compression, Military AI
Oct 22, 2020
Measurement in AI Policy: Opportunities and Challenges
Oct 20, 2020
GPT-3 on reddit, Facial Recognition in Argentina, Stats on Big Tech Financing Academics
Oct 15, 2020
Working With Robots in a Post-Pandemic World
Oct 10, 2020
DeepFake Dictators, AI Sepsis Watch, Biased Exam Monitoring
Oct 08, 2020
DeepLearning.AI GANs for Good Panel + Q&A
Oct 04, 2020
Bias in Twitter & Zoom, LAPD Facial Recognition, GPT-3 Exclusivity
Oct 01, 2020
Face Mask Recognition, Detecting Disinformation, Protecting Kids, and Uber‘s Crash
Sep 24, 2020
The Evolving Impact of Robots on Jobs
Sep 19, 2020
GPT-3 Clickbait, Wildfires, Heroes, Standards, Exports
Sep 17, 2020
Heartbeat DeepFake Detection, Robot Drug Tests, Ethics as a Service
Sep 10, 2020
DeepFake Ads and Memes, New AI Ethics, and AI for Emergency Response
Sep 04, 2020
U.S. Public Opinion about AI with Professor Paul Brewer and co-authors
Sep 02, 2020
Machine Learning + Procedural Content Generation with Julian Togelius and Sebastian Risi
Aug 29, 2020
Hate Speech, Applied AI, NYPD, & Grades
Aug 26, 2020
AI Setting Grades, ICE Pays Clearview, and Much More
Aug 22, 2020
The Alexa Prize Challenge with Stanford's Abigail See and Ashwin Paranjape
Aug 20, 2020
Mini Episode: ICE/Clearview, Race Detection and Schools
Aug 16, 2020
2020, China, Face Recognition, and DeepFakes
Aug 14, 2020
Mini Episode: TikTok, Cheap Deepfakes, AI in 2020, and Deference
Aug 09, 2020
BLM, Genderify, Jobs, and AI Parody
Aug 07, 2020
Mini Episode: Two Facial Recognition Stories, A Reckoning for NLP, and ”Self-Programming Computers
Aug 02, 2020
Mini Episode: AI Fashion Models, AI for Job Hopping, Facebook Simulations, and Weird A.I. Yankovic
Jul 26, 2020
GPT-3, Limits of Deep Learning, Deepfakes in the Real World
Jul 26, 2020
On the State of AI Ethics Report with its authors
Jul 24, 2020
Mini Episode: Pentagon AI, Deep Learning‘s Limits, Discharging Patients, and Robust AI
Jul 20, 2020
Therapy Chatbots, AI Ethics at Google, and Higher-Res Climate Data
Jul 19, 2020
Creators of "The Gradient" on its Origins and Purpose
Jul 16, 2020
Mini Episode: AI Therapists, Facial Recognition in Detroit, Decolonialism in AI, and Deepfakes for Corporate Training
Jul 12, 2020
ACM on Facial Recognition, National AI Cloud, and Positive DeepFakes
Jul 10, 2020
Mini Episode: Redeeming AI, More Lessons in AI Bias, and a National AI Research Cloud
Jul 05, 2020
False Facial Recognition, Biased AI Drama, and Neo-Phrenology
Jul 04, 2020
Mini Episode: Lessons in AI bias, Facial Recognition Policy and Effects, and Trump‘s Visa Freeze
Jun 28, 2020
On Shaping the Global Terrain of AI Competition with Tim Hwang
Jun 25, 2020
Mini Episode: Startup News, NeurIPS Changes, and US-China Tensions
Jun 21, 2020
The Path to Facial Recognition Reform and Regulation
Jun 19, 2020
Mini Episode: More Facial Recognition, Racism in Academia, and the latest in Commercial AI
Jun 14, 2020
Facial Recognition and Police, Protests, Regulation
Jun 14, 2020
Mini Episode: Police Surveillance, Productivity, and Calls for Regulation and Cooperation
Jun 07, 2020
Black Lives Matter in AI, the Peril of DeepFakes and Fake Progress
Jun 07, 2020
Mini Episode: Clearview, the G7, Shopping, and AI-Assisted Journalism
May 31, 2020
More Ethical Quagmires, More Surveillance, and more Academia Talk
May 31, 2020
Mini Episode: Self Driving Ignorance, AI Surveillance, Nvidia‘s AI Pacman
May 25, 2020
AI Gets More Efficient, Improves Taxation, and Looks Out For Masks
May 17, 2020
Data Science and AI for COVID-19 with Professor James Zou and Dr. Irena Fisher-Hwang
May 13, 2020
AI Fails to Read PDFs, OpenAI Jukebox, and more!
May 09, 2020
AI Fails to Diagnose COVID-19, Difficulties with AI Regulation, and more on Surveillance
May 02, 2020
Mechanisms for AI Safety, Beyond Supervised Learning, and AI for Science
Apr 26, 2020
AI News Coverage, Pseudo AI Companies, and more on COVID-19
Apr 18, 2020
AI for COVID-19 with Professor Matthew Lungren
Apr 15, 2020
Reading Brain Waves, AI Goliaths, & more on COVID-19
Apr 11, 2020
Bias in Voice Recognition, Debates in AI, and Robotics in the Time of COVID-19
Apr 04, 2020
More on AI, COVID-19, and Revised Research Practices
Mar 26, 2020
AI‘s Role in Fighting COVID-19 and in Surveilling Us
Mar 19, 2020
Hello World, Surveillance, and New Research Practices
Mar 13, 2020