All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg

By Jason Calacanis

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Category: Entrepreneurship

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 Mar 1, 2021
Excellent podcast. Never heard of these guys before but glad I stumbled upon it. Listened to most of the past episodes to catch up. Very diverse and good healthy heated debates at times. The only criticism is that Calacanis dude needs to learn how to zip it. I think that would add to the conversations if you know what I mean.


Industry veterans, degenerate gamblers & besties Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks & David Friedberg cover all things economic, tech, political, social & poker.

Episode Date
E29: Coinbase goes public, direct listings vs. IPOs, portfolio management, unions & more with Bestie Guestie Brad Gerstner

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Statista - Death rates from coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States


Show Notes:

0:00 Bestie intro & crowning a new SPAC king

3:01 Coinbase's direct listing, comparing vehicles to go public & lockup periods, Sacks on Coinbase vs. NYT

12:06 David Sacks on running for governor

15:21 Brad & the besties react to the crazy Q1 in the markets, a16z's savvy buying moves with Coinbase, issues with short-term behavioral lock-in

32:37 Top insights from Bezos' letter to shareholders, Amazon employees reject the union in Alabama

50:27 Reacting to Drew Holden's recent thread on media double standards in covering each party

54:28 Federalism's benefits throughout COVID, State-by-state results reveal lockdowns didn't work, vaccine incentives and PR due to J&J decision

1:04:20 Degradation of faith in institutions accelerated by COVID

1:09:26 Republican Senator Josh Hawley calls for big tech antitrust reform, bypassing institutions for progress

Apr 17, 2021
E28: Current state of public & private markets, Archegos debacle, US debt issues, wealth tax & more

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Axios - Changes to capital gains taxes omitted from Biden's infrastructure plan

Cal Matters - A wealth tax could sabotage California’s recovery

Healthline - COVID-19 Vaccines May Help Stop Virus Transmission: Here’s What We Know

Show Notes:

0:00 Besties intro, state of the public & private markets

18:54 Chamath receives inspiring note re: last week’s longevity talk

21:17 Archegos debacle, issues with trading on margin

32:26 Biden’s infrastructure bill, US government becoming overleveraged

45:45 Potential tax hikes, inefficient deployment of capital, California wealth tax impact

52:59 Trade off between freedom & equality, how free markets spur innovation, generational changes

1:05:14 Is a wealth tax constitutional? Vaccine update

Apr 01, 2021
E27: The Great Inflation Debate, Amazon gets spicy on Twitter, rethinking supply chains & more

Sacks' Inflation Deck:

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Show Notes:

0:00 Besties get ready to rumble & discuss recent Twitter polls

7:25 Debating inflation, Sacks presents his deck

37:20 Amazon social team goes on the offensive, Facebook's regulatory capture play around content moderation

48:42 Suez Canal, rethinking our centralized infrastructure & supply chain risk management, infrastructure bill concerns

1:00:18 Microsoft in talks to buy Discord for $10B, Sacks on SaaS exits from Yammer experience

1:02:49 Poker talk, going to the movies, Disneyland, EU incompetence

Mar 27, 2021
E26: State of Venture Capital, plus fan questions on longevity, decentralization & quantum computing

View the State of VC deck here:

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Referenced in the show:

Lifespan by David Sinclair:


Gumroad Equity Crowdfunding:

Backstage Equity Crowdfunding:

Show Notes:

0:00 Bestie intro & poker talk

5:49 Fan question: Longevity & Biohacking, Chamath's health regimen

12:54 Fan question: Decentralization, separation of currency & state, will governments fight back against crypto?

22:48 Fan question: Quantum computing's potential impact, why heavy R&D technologies should are better suited for government funding rather than the private sector

33:33 Chamath's thesis behind deep tech investing

37:25 State of VC & how it's changing in terms of demographics, new access to capital, deal size & more

48:49 Trend of founders caring more about individual investors rather than firms, who is well-positioned & who is left out?

55:00 Why growth-stage firms could become less relevant: undifferentiated capital, routing around dilution, brand matters more in the early-stage; how Pipe & Clearbanc are revolutionizing non-dilutive funding

1:04:00 Summarizing the changing landscape of venture capital, how startups can best position themselves in a full lifecycle, innovations in equity crowdfunding, opportunity for entrepreneurs

Mar 20, 2021
E25: Biden's vaccine mandate, "equity" in distribution, NFT speculation, impact of inflation & more

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Intro Video Credit:

Articles referenced in the show:

The New England Journal of Medicine - BNT162b2 mRNA Covid 19 Vaccine in a Nationwide Mass Vaccination Setting

San Francisco COVID-19 Vaccinations

The Art Newspaper - WTAF? Beeple NFT work sells for astonishing $69.3m at Christie’s after flurry of last-minute bids nearly crashes website

CoinDesk - Burnt Banksy NFT Sells for $380K in ETH

CNBC - Beeple NFT becomes most expensive ever sold at auction after fetching over $60 million

Glenn Greenwald:

Tweets referenced in the show:

Show Notes:

0:00 Biden's vaccine mandate, California's mishandling of the vaccine rollout, cancel culture impacting vaccine distribution

11:00 Vaccine efficacy, "inequity" of distribution

19:24 Success vs. privilege, Meghan Markle vs. The Royal Family

33:38 NFTs, speculative markets, blockchain as a ledger

48:00 Impact of inflation on wealth inequality

1:01:20 SPAC/Direct Listing talk

1:07:46 Yung Spielburg's newest track: RED PILLS

Mar 13, 2021
E24: Markets trend down, political manipulation via COVID “Zeroism," stimulus breakdown, biological Patriot Act

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Referenced in the show:

NY Magazine - Zero COVID Risk Is the Wrong Standard

Released COVID-19 Response Contracts

Chesa's "response" to Sacks

GoFundMe for SF DA reporter

The Verge - Entire school board resigns in shame after forgetting their WebEx call was public

Show Notes:

0:00 Markets tank, reasons for optimism in the short-term

15:29 Breaking down the stimulus

24:12 California's COVID emergency stimulus mishaps, political manipulation via "Zeroism"

38:27 Biological Patriot Act, freedom of choice post-vaccination

49:23 Newsom recall update, SF DA Chesa Boudin's high school friend responds to Sacks, SF bureaucratic issues

1:00:33 Grading Biden's first 60 days in office, Oakley School Board mishap, teacher's union issues, Jason's red pill bender

Mar 06, 2021
E23: Radical DAs, breaking down FB/Google vs. Australia, sustained fear post-vaccine & fan questions!

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Referenced in the show:

WSJ - Lake Tahoe Property Sells for $1.6 Million in Bitcoins

The Changing World Order by Ray Dalio

Chapter 2: The Big Cycle of Money, Credit, Debt, and Economic Activity

Show Notes:

0:00 Reflecting on the controversial Robinhood interview, iterating on the show format, getting back to basics

10:52 Chesa Boudin cancelled on us, radical DAs & local prosecution in SF & LA, why criminal justice reform resonates

34:44 Breaking down the Facebook/Google situation in Australia, understanding fair use, potential saving grace for traditional media?

47:26 Vaccine update, conditioned fear sustaining post-vaccine

58:58 Fan Q&A: what the besties are investing in over the next decade, anti-portfolio, biggest current portfolio risks, what would you teach every 12-year old

Feb 20, 2021
E22: Reflecting on the Robinhood situation with Bestie Guestie Vlad Tenev

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Show Notes:

0:00 Bestie intro, congrats to Friedberg on a big beak wet

1:44 Jason intros Vlad Tenev

2:48 Vlad fields questions on Robinhood's choice to stop the buying of $GME, his CNBC appearance, self-clearing, liquidity & more

11:02 Allowing access to margin, Robinhood's prior SEC fines, Robinhood accounts that go bankrupt, debunking conspiracy theories, WallStreetBets & more

21:57 Should there be more transparency in the financial markets? Will Robinhood's IPO shares be sold to their retail users? What will they change internally going forward, and how would they have handled the meme stocks situation differently?

31:04 Vlad tells the real story of Jason investing & signs off

33:51 Vlad's returns to answer more questions on users that lost everything, future of payment for order flow & more

41:36 Debriefing Vlad's performance

Feb 13, 2021
E21: Media misalignment, subjects controlling narratives & more with bestie guestie Draymond Green

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Intro Music Credit:

Intro Video Credit:

Referenced in the show:

David Sacks on Tucker Carlson

Gell-Mann Amnesia

Show Notes:

0:00 Discussing Sacks' recent hit on Tucker Carlson

7:25 Media misalignment, subjects as sources, new age of journalism

25:53 Bold prediction for the future of media, potential All-In Network, mistrusting everyone except individuals

34:28 Bestie Guestie Draymond Green joins the show to talk dealing with day-to-day NBA life under COVID protocols, the temperature of the nation, issues with the media & more

1:08:02 Mean tweets

Feb 06, 2021
E20: Robinhood wrap up, Insiders vs. Outsiders, California's failing report card & how to fix it

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Intro Video Credit:

Referenced in the show:

The Insiders' Game by David Sacks

ABC News - CA EDD admits paying as much as $31 billion in unemployment funds to criminals

Forbes - Why California Is In Trouble – 340,000 Public Employees With $100,000+ Paychecks Cost Taxpayers $45 Billion

Rescue California - Recall Gavin Newsom

Show Notes:

0:00 Wrapping up the Robinhood situation: major lessons learned, Elon’s Clubhouse interview with Vlad, is the cash infusion to Robinhood a trade of the year candidate in 2021?

20:21 Understanding short positions - why do firms short, more transparency & margin requirements

26:08 Sacks on the growing insider vs. outsider theme in politics & finance, importance of institutions in chaos

31:45 Breaking down California’s report card, why the state is such a mess, what structural problems plague it & how to fix them

1:02:04 Chamath’s Aziz Ansari story, Governor potential, top ways to save California

Feb 03, 2021
E19: Breaking down Robinhood's GameStop decision: Why did it happen and how can it be prevented in the future?

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Referenced in the show:

David Sacks on Bloomberg

Chamath for Governor

DeepFuckingValue's Reddit page

Show Notes:

0:26 Besties intro

2:11 Chamath breaks down the entire WallStreetBets/GameStop saga

15:38 Jason responds, debating Robinhood's liquidity crisis, Citadel's potential involvement & more

39:18 How can this be prevented in the future? Restructuring capital gains tax, censorship, where Robinhood can go from here

53:02 Major learnings from this week's events, risks of decentralization, do stocks need to be reflexive of the underlying business? GameStop's endgame

1:15:01 Chamath for Governor of California, Friedberg on leaders vs. managers & the problem with career politicians

Jan 30, 2021
E18: Inauguration talk, breaking down the $1.9T stimulus, the case for recalling Gavin Newsom & more

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Intro Music Credit:

Intro Video Credit:

Referenced in the show:

M1 Money Stock

Friedberg's Spy Situation

Sacks' thoughts on Wilkinson cancellation

Show Notes:

0:00 Bestie intro, Inauguration talk, Impeachment implications

20:22 Trump as a successful change agent, Facebook's Oversight Board overseeing Trump's appeal

34:07 Will Big Tech be regulated like utilities? Friedberg tells a spy story

44:15 Breaking down the $1.9T Stimulus package, needs for infrastructure bill, worst-case scenarios

55:06 How the tech ecosystem plays into inequality & how to fix it

1:04:00 Recalling California Governor Gavin Newsom, California's lockdown incompetence

1:17:32 Sacks rebukes cancel culture, this time from the right-wing mob

Jan 23, 2021
E17: Big Tech bans Trump, ramifications for the First Amendment & the open Internet

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Intro Music Credit:

Intro Video Credit:

Referenced in the show:

“I Have Blood on My Hands”: A Whistleblower Says Facebook Ignored Global Political Manipulation

Show Notes:

0:00 David Sacks intros the besties

2:08 Jason & Sacks hash it out & the besties break down reconciliation in American democracy

21:09 Big Tech bans, did they give Trump an easy out? Ramifications for First Amendment

43:01 What laws can be written to prevent Big Tech oligarchy in the future?

59:32 Why Big Tech acted in unison against Trump: internal & external pressure, pending Democratic administration

1:09:42 Current Pence/Trump relationship, McCarthyism 2.0, should Big Tech be broken up?

1:32:46 History of the presidential pardon, Chamath on SoFi's Anthony Noto

Jan 11, 2021
E16: Reflecting on the riots at the US Capitol, plus: Georgia runoff elections, vaccine distribution & more

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Intro Music Credit:

Intro Video Credit:

Referenced in the show:

The Killer D.A. by David Sacks

Show Notes:

0:00 New intro for the besties - listen here:

2:14 Sacks' trip to Miami

6:01 Reflecting on the riot at the US Capitol: police response, double standard with BLM protest, big picture, prosecuting Trump & healing the nation post-Trump

29:43 2016 Election interference, reasons for unrest & polarization, Trump's culpability

44:19 Should the 25th Amendment be invoked?

49:51 Democrats win Georgia runoff elections, did Trump's implosion lose Georgia for the GOP?

56:23 How Friedberg would handle vaccine distribution

1:07:45 San Francisco's Killer D.A., recalling Gavin Newsom, Kim Kardashian for Governor of CA

Jan 08, 2021
E15: “The Besties” All-In’s inaugural award show covering the best, worst & most memorable of 2020

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Intro Music Credit:

Show Notes:

0:00 The besties discuss some recent beak wetting, open source merch & more

6:31 Chamath tells the “192.5” weight loss bet story

10:54 Biggest Winner - Politics

13:08 Biggest Loser - Politics

16:24 Biggest Winner - Business

19:47 Biggest Loser - Business

23:22 Biggest Winner - Culture

26:24 Biggest Loser - Culture

32:31 Biggest Turnaround

34:49 Biggest Flash in the Pan

39:32 Biggest Breakthrough

43:51 Smartest Move - Business

49:58 Dumbest Move - Business

56:25 Smartest Move - Politics

1:00:20 Dumbest Move - Politics

1:04:22 Best/Worst Political Theatre

1:12:57 Best Memes

Dec 18, 2020
E14: Salesforce acquires Slack, DeepMind’s AlphaFold breakthrough, Trust Fund Socialists & more

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Invest with the Best... ies!:

Referenced in the show:

NYT - The Rich Kids Who Want to Tear Down Capitalism

Coinbase - An upcoming story about Coinbase

NYT - ‘Tokenized’: Inside Black Workers’ Struggles at the King of Crypto Start-Ups

Show Notes:

0:00 Besties intro, fashion talk & the All-In Syndicate

3:47 Insights on Slack being acquired by Salesforce for $27.7B - why did they sell, are there any nitpicks, was this a home run for Salesforce?

19:14 Sacks on going up against Marc Benioff and Salesforce Chatter while at Yammer, importance of holding onto winners as long as possible

27:26 Why is DeepMind's AlphaFold a major breakthrough? When will it begin impacting drug discovery? Dangers of AI at scale

47:07 Republican party misfires, Georgia runoff implications, can Trump pre-pardon his family, Biden's effective strategy so far

59:21 Trump's Section 230 gambit, will Trumpism fade away?

1:05:23 Trust Fund socialists

1:26:14 Coinbase vs. NYT round 2,


Dec 04, 2020
E13: SPACsgiving Special! More promising vaccine news, innovation vs. regulation, reforming higher ed, morality of challenge trials & more

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Referenced in the show:

NYT Article - Politics, Science and the Remarkable Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine

Show Notes:

0:00 Besties congratulate Friedberg & Chamath for taking Metromile public, Chamath explains a PIPE, Sacks & Jason express their discontent for being left out of the first bestie SPAC

10:59 More positive vaccine news, NYT article on Operation Warp Speed: did the Trump administration nail it?

21:50 How will the COVID experience impact the response to the next pandemic? Morality of challenge trials, hypocrisy of regulatory capture around gambling, drug use, pharma, etc.

35:25 Why innovation has occurred so rapidly on the Internet: Permissionless innovation & lack of regulators, regulation vs. innovation

47:07 Thoughts on ISAs & how they could disrupt overpriced higher education, Dave Chappelle's contract with Comedy Central

59:58 Trump accepts defeat (sort of), Biden's cabinet selections so far

1:06:29 What the besties are thankful for

1:14:50 Peace in the Middle East being achieved by declining reliance on oil, based on resume alone - would Trump have won if not for his antics?

1:21:01 Code 13!

Nov 25, 2020
E12: Biden wins, Pfizer vaccine, markets rip, Trump's next act, COVID endgame scenarios & more

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Show Notes:

0:00 Besties reflect on the election night special, comparing Trump's case to Al Gore's in 2000

4:44 Was this election devastating for extreme-ism in politics?

12:13 Pfizer vaccine, withholding the vaccine from the political news cycle

21:54 COVID endgame scenarios

28:45 Public markets ripping, gridlock great for the economy

34:43 Analyzing exit polls, death of identity politics

50:57 Biggest loser of the election: Journalism

57:43 When will Trump concede? What will his next move be?

1:07:37 San Francisco's collapse - will it eventually go bankrupt?

Nov 11, 2020
E11: Election Night Special featuring Phil Hellmuth, Bill Gurley, Brad Gerstner & more!

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Follow the bestie guesties:

Show Notes:

0:00 The besties & Phil Hellmuth on Trump’s early lead, live betting odds, the Latinx reversal

10:09 Sacks intros political expert Michael Newman on vote tally timing discrepancies, why some states skew a certain way early & more

20:33 Assessing the 180 in the gambling markets & equity markets towards a pro-Trump outcome

24:18 SurveyMonkey Chief Research Officer Jon Cohen joins the show to talk about polling updates from 2016 to 2020, understanding the race so far, electoral college & more

41:51 Biden losing Florida, tax policy, cultural repudiation of the elites in 2020

50:43 Chamath on the stupidity of the establishment, socialism, Democratic ideology for 2024 if Biden loses

55:40 Mid-show predictions, Jason goes off on Trump

1:07:58 What will happen in the time until we have a clear winner, Trump as a middle finger

1:17:55 Brad Gerstner joins the show to talk about stock futures, what the Democrats keep getting wrong - coastal elites losing touch with normal people, rebuking lockdowns

1:38:24 Reviewing the race swing state by swing state

1:47:28 Bill Gurley joins the show to talk about divisiveness, urban/rural rapture & more

1:55:53 Pete Buttigieg as the future of the Democratic Party, Chamath calls out the democratic leaders

2:00:43 Reconciling middle America & the coastal elites, respecting each other’s differences, understanding Prop 22

2:11:34 Diagnosing states that flipped from Biden to Trump, anti-business California state propositions failing, union impact on legislation

2:23:01 Senate races, market talk, which Democratic candidate had the best chance of beating Trump, voting for character over policy

2:34:32 Jason & Sacks debate Russian election interference legitimacy

2:41:34 Sacks unveils his Trump Derangement Score tracker, updated outcome scenarios & more

2:51:51 Trump declaring victory could tank markets, live reaction to Joe Biden’s election night address

Nov 04, 2020
E10: Twitter & Facebook botch censorship (again), the publisher vs. distributor debate & more

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Sacks' blog post on Section 230:

Referenced in the show:

NY Post Hunter Biden Story

Twitter's explanation for censoring it

Facebook's explanation for censoring it

Updated CDC survival rates

Show Notes:

0:00 The besties catch up on the news

1:29 NY Post Hunter Biden story & censorship by Twitter/Facebook

7:27 What is section 230 & how does it play into the publisher vs. distributor debate

13:23 Distinguishing between publishers & distributors

28:30 Why Twitter & Facebook's actions with the NY Post were a huge blunder & crossed a line, should the laws be rewritten?

37:21 Trump beats COVID, what that means for better treatment options, dueling town halls

46:14 Sacks explains his stance on Prop 13 & Zuckerberg's pro-Prop 15 lobbying

54:34 Thoughts on Amy Coney Barrett & Biden's large lead in the polls

Oct 16, 2020
E9: Trump has COVID, First debate reactions, Coinbase letter response & more

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Referenced in the show:

Brian Armstrong's Blog - Coinbase is a mission focused company

President Trump's medical treatment

Show Notes:

0:00 The besties reflect on Trump testing positive for COVID-19: treatment, impact on society & the election

9:06 What treatment is Trump receiving & is it scalable to everyone? Is this the future of disease mitigation?

16:55 What happens to the election if Trump is incapacitated & cannot run?

20:36 Debate reaction - who won, who misfired?

29:05 Live reaction to Trump being flown to Walter Reed hospital

30:43 Has the economy began to separate from political influence?

36:25 Reflection on the execution & reaction to Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong's letter

41:19 How Chamath would have reframed the letter, how Slack & company forums have platformed non-work discourse inside companies

49:30 Reflection on Jack Dorsey & Dick Costolo's reaction, what this means for Coinbase going forward

59:04 Predictions for 2021

Oct 03, 2020
E8: TikTok + Oracle, how privacy loss will impact society, economy & COVID outlooks for 2021 & beyond, California wildfires & more

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Articles referenced in the show:

America Needs to Lock Down Again:

A Taxonomy of Fear:

NuScale Power Article:

Running Tide Article:

Show Notes:

0:00 The besties talk about the bestie reunion mishap, the Code 13 story & more

5:42 TikTok + Oracle, is the escalation between China & US a slippery slope, security threats created by modern software

15:01 What’s the bigger picture of the TikTok debate, what policy could be enacted

20:13 The emerging market for guaranteed privacy & how this impacts society

27:43 State of the US economy, is there a permanent unemployed class & could there be a second wave of lockdowns?

37:44 COVID outlooks for 2021 & beyond, innovations in rapid testing

46:22 Trump’s COVID response, Trump vs. Biden, shrinking impact of the executive branch

55:11 California wildfires, politicization of global warming, financial incentives to solving climate change

1:08:28 Practical ways to impact global warming & the carbon crisis

1:11:57 Sacks on A Taxonomy of Fear by Emily Yoffe, Safety-ism & contamination by association

1:18:58 Could Trump being re-elected eliminate the two-party system?

Sep 19, 2020
E7: California's collapse, how SPACs are opening the markets for growth stocks & more

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Bestie recommendations:






0:00 The gang recap their summers

6:43 Is California collapsing? Why or why not? Has the one-party system failed?

14:05 Understanding the bureaucratic side of California's problem

20:37 AB-5 & the working rights of freelancers

27:11 How would AB-5 passing impact Uber & Lyft's long-term profitability & consumer experience, could franchising fix this?

34:45 California lagging in police reform, what tactical steps could be taken to stop deadly policing

46:13 Chamath on the most important economic event of the last decade & why he is now bullish on the market

50:46 Why technology companies should be going public sooner, how SPACs are allowing retail investors access to growth stocks

1:01:23 Election talk - who is in the lead ahead of the first debate?

1:12:21 Bestie recommendations

Sep 09, 2020
E6: Big Tech antitrust aftermath, potential effects of an M&A clampdown on Silicon Valley & more

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Jason's recent Big Tech antitrust hearings breakdown:

Jul 31, 2020
E5: WHO's incompetence, kicking off Cold War II, China's grand plan, 100X'ing America's efficiency
Jul 11, 2020
E4: Politicizing the pandemic, Police reform, Biden's ideal VP, Twitter vs. Facebook on free speech & more with David Sacks & David Friedberg

Follow @chamath:

Follow @jason:

0:01 Jason checks in on Chamath, Sacks & Friedberg, opening up their social circles, outdoor activities & more

9:31 Issues with politicizing matters of public health, deaths decreasing while new cases spike, masks, lockdowns & more

20:56 Viral videos, doxxing bad behavior & cancel culture

25:39 Reforming law enforcement, separating police from the military, changing police incentives

36:42 Are public unions too powerful? How a lack of leadership has led us here

41:49 Facebook vs. Twitter on free speech, Zuckerberg's relationship with Peter Thiel, valuing comfort over freedom of expression

59:24 John Bolton's book controversy

1:03:14 Movements in the COVID vaccine space

1:07:38 Trump vs. Biden: Who has the upper hand?

1:14:24 Who should Biden pick as VP?

Jun 20, 2020
E3: Modern Cold War between US & China, economic recovery, potential mass migration out of San Francisco, pandemic politicization & more with David Sacks & David Friedberg

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Follow @jason:

0:01 Jason & Chamath intro David Sacks & David Friedberg

1:15 Everybody gives their quarantine update: Sacks is in Mexico while running Craft remote, Chamath got a new poker table & is excited for shelter-in-place to end, Friedberg is getting back into a rhythm

8:04 Chamath & Sacks reflect on the coming return to normalcy & politicization of the virus

12:41 Sacks on 3 major data-driven discoveries about the virus

15:54 Friedberg on fatality rate data, overestimating the lockdown's impact on stopping the virus

19:32 Getting back to work

21:05 Chamath on the stock market not reflecting the economy, Sacks on what an economic recovery might look like

28:00 Friedberg on potential of another NYC-level outbreak, Chamath on negative impact of left/right culture war

34:05 Sacks on democratic hesitation to end lockdowns giving Trump a strategic advantage, Friedberg on Hydroxychloroquine's benefits/risks

37:57 Sacks on potential resorting of the Bay Area & Silicon Valley due to remote work

41:51 Chamath on benefits of working remote, why San Francisco might lose large numbers of people

45:18 Tesla/Fremont situation a microcosm for politicization of the pandemic, benefits of people starting to distrust inept bureaucrats

49:33 Chamath on the beginning of the modern Cold War, dealing with market conditions considering China's standing in the world, ideological issues

53:46 Sacks on US/China relationship, how US can penalize China

59:25 Friedberg on how US can leapfrog China in manufacturing by using modern, automated solutions

May 21, 2020
E2: Rebooting the economy, understanding corporate debt, steps to avoid a depression & more with David Sacks

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0:01 Jason & Chamath catch us up on their quarantines

1:20 Chamath intros David Sacks

4:40 David explains what their poker group chat has been like since COVID-19 started, and how Jason, Chamath & himself fall on the optimistic/pessimistic spectrum

6:58 How have the past few months defined David's view on the world, and what is his reaction to the US government's response?

12:22 Did the US health apparatus do its job? How could it improve? Why aren't masks already mandated?

19:33 Culture clash between scientific experts & entrepreneurs, thoughts on Chloroquine as a treatment method

27:00 Are US bureaucrats taking the intelligence of US citizens for granted? How liable is Trump?

30:08 David gives his plan to reboot the economy: what now? How does the US avoid a recession/depression?

36:22 Chamath & Jason assess David's plan

43:21 Have the stimulus packages & SMB loans been enough? Will the trickle-down approach work?

49:21 Should the US be allowing companies to declare bankruptcy? How should they decide who gets aid and who does not?

52:02 Chamath explains how corporate debt works through the lens of Ford

56:42 Why is the US not giving a larger % of the stimulus to average Americans? Chances of unrest if quarantine continues?

1:02:17 Trump vs. Biden: who has the edge in 2020 right now?

1:11:24 Was Jack Dorsey's $1B donation the strongest move of 2020 so far?

Apr 11, 2020
E1: US Response to COVID-19 & Impact on Startups, Venture Capital & Public Markets with David Friedberg

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0:01 Jason & Chamath intro David and check in on each other's quarantines

2:26 Has the US overreacted or underreacted so far? David & Chamath give their opinions on new directives & statistics

13:15 Thoughts on potential treatment options & policy changes

22:25 Chamath explains the circumstances of recording a podcast while the Stock Market tanks in real-time

25:03 Should the US adopt Chinese & South Korean quarantine strategies?

29:53 What do the current market conditions mean for startups & VC?

41:24 Chamath explains what is currently happening in the capital markets

45:05 How close is the US on being able to do mass-testing?

54:13 Thoughts on bailouts for companies that manipulated their earnings-per-share ratio by stock buybacks? Impact on the global economy

1:03:14 Impact on luxury goods? Should there be a monthly stipend for low-income citizens?

1:12:10 COVID-19 exposing holes in the US healthcare system

1:17:44 Should we ban wet markets globally?

1:24:12 Over/Under: when Americans will be allowed to go out to restaurants again

1:28:18 When will the weekly poker game resume?

Mar 19, 2020
E0: COVID-19 Political, Economic & Social Ramifications featuring The Production Board's David Friedberg (frmly Founder/CEO, The Climate Corporation)

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0:01 Jason intros Chamath and Episode 0 of All-In and they discuss their current self-quarantine

0:55 Jason intros David Friedberg

1:35 Chamath gives the inaugural (& potentially final) All-In ad read

2:17 As a Warriors owner, Chamath gives his reaction to the NBA postponing & uncoordinated actions of government & private sectors

4:37 Why was the US so slow to react on both an individual & governmental level? What did the OpenTable data show?

9:03 David explains the actions he would take if he was president

12:37 Thoughts on Trump’s private sector involvement

16:58 Has the press failed in its coverage, or are they just feeding people what they want?

23:52 What will the next few weeks in the US look like? Why has the virus spread severely in Italy, but not yet in India?

37:20 How the COVID-19 viral coefficient compares to the early days of Facebook’s numbers

40:26 Chances of Trump testing positive for the virus? What effect would that have on markets?

48:53 What should we do differently next time?

53:13 Will there both more deaths due to second order effects of the virus than direct deaths?

1:01:06 Should there be a global stimulus package? Effect of low-volatility during recent bull run?

1:11:26 Chances of a quick resolution?

1:16:48 How are Jason & Chamath advising their portfolio companies? How are IPO’s of companies like Airbnb & DoorDash being effected?

1:21:17 How to approach the next year in startups & VC?

Mar 15, 2020