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Have you ever wondered how YouTube sausage gets made? DrunkFriend (not a dating app) aims to learn how different YouTubers in the retro-gaming space deal with the ups and downs of maintaining successful channels. Learn about their inspirations and influences to getting started, their philosophies on creating content, and their processes for video production. There will be plenty of fun stories along the way! Hosts Alex (SNESdrunk) and Trav (NESfriend) come together, along with the occasional featured guest, to answer listener questions, share the YouTubiest of YouTube comments, and find out how everyone else deals with this hobby. Listen to more Kulor here: https://kulor.bandcamp.com/

Episode Date
Episode 85 - Blinkoom (Polymedia Network)

Please read! The original file was unknowingly exported with poor audio quality. Please refresh your feed or redownload this episode to hear the updated audio with better quality! We apologize for any inconvenience.

Blinkoom (Steve) joins Trav and Alex to run through a few emails! Check out Steve's super fun, upbeat, laid back, and engaging retro/modern Twitch stream! We chat about TMNT Shredder's Revenge since Alex got a review copy and Alex and Steve hash out their Chrono Cross differences. Has anyone actually played a Commodore 64?

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Jun 17, 2022
Episode 84 - Robert from Classic Gaming Podcast, Again!

Robert of the Classic Gaming Podcast stops by for an entire episode! We chat Paper Mario, 90's wrestling, and MMA. Alex has returned from his trip to Seattle where he grabbed some games at Pink Gorilla. What are your favorite 90's action movies? GO!

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Jun 03, 2022
Episode 83 - Cease and Desist!

Uh oh, the law man has come a'knockin. In this episode, Alex and Trav answer emails about light guns, PS2 games, and decide how to make baseball better. Lionel Hutz emails the show with a cease and desist letter and, oh boy, there's trouble.

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May 20, 2022
Episode 82 - Dean, Founder of theVideoGameLibrary.org

Get ready book nerds, because this episode's guest has created the ultimate online resource for you when finding the next video game related book for your reading needs or handsome bookshelf collection. Dean's site, thevideogamelibrary.org, is astounding and growing by the day, please check it out. In the intro Trav and Alex talk about nonsense, answer a few emails, and discuss the merits of Limp Bizkit.

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May 13, 2022
Episode 81 - Battle of the Bulge: Bursting at the Seams

Trav and Alex answer a few listener emails! One about average-ass 90's games, one about Hammerin' Harry's and Landstalker's cover, and a long email about soccer games that gives Alex flashbacks to a bad time. Ever ridden a rolley-coaster? This podcast is one. Cough drop anyone?

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Apr 29, 2022
Episode 80 - Dac Croach, MAGfest Communications Director

The guest this time around is Dac Croach (39:16), the Communications Director of MAGfest. He touches on how the event comes together, what to expect at future MAGfest and related events, and which arcade games he loves to play. In the intro, Trav and Alex chat about Alex's Patreon going away, the future of videos on his channel, and take some emails! Emails include a check-in from Rob Ring about Classic BBQ deliveries, baseball player name puns, and if games are still worth playing "today."

Find Dac on Twitter http://www.twitter.com/DACVAK
Visit http://www.magfest.org for more information about MAGfest.

Visit http://www.thevideogamelibrary.org for a comprehensive catalog of video game related books! Follow them on Twitter!

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Apr 15, 2022
Episode 79 - New Game Rooms, Tingle, and Evil Spaghetti

Trav and Alex are back and read six listener emails ranging from N64 demake ideas to how we would recommend setting up a new game room! Trav had a good improv show and Alex has been digging through the Famicom library looking for goodies to share. Check out Andre Antunes on YouTube!

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Apr 01, 2022
Episode 78 - David Ortiz of Mariachi Entertainment System, Again!

Trav and Alex welcome back David from the mega-talented Mariachi Entertainment System band to catch up on what he's been up to in the last year and answer a few emails about guilty gaming pleasures, long breaks from gaming, and best soundtracks. Should Alex start adding his face to his thumbnails? Listen to find out!

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Mar 11, 2022
Episode 77 - Patches, Madden, and Mexican Food

It's a full on email episode! Fast food franchises, Mexican food, NEW Mexican food, Appalachian delights, and more food. John Madden... man we miss him. Favorite sports moments? We're here for it. Metallica has a cancelled video game that played like Twisted Metal? ELDEN RING!?

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Feb 25, 2022
Episode 76 - Frank Cifaldi, Video Game History Foundation

Frank Cifaldi, founder and co-director of the Video Game History Foundation, drops in (@22:30) to discuss what the foundation is up to, how it got started, and some ways you can help. Please visit http://www.gamehistory.org to learn more. In the beginning, Trav and Alex talk about their respective videos from the last couple of weeks, answer an email about the TurboGrafx 16, and another about what teams they choose when playing sports games.

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Feb 18, 2022
Episode 75 - RedAux

Pianist, streamer, gamer, parent, professor, and Darkwing Duck enthusiast, RedAux joins the show (19:56). Trav and Alex ask her about piano lessons, Castlevania music, streaming with her kids, Bandcamp, and of course, Darkwing Duck. What does Oprah have to do with this? Alex and Trav are too old to understand memes and then answer what games they were most motivated to push forward to see what could lie ahead.

Darkwing Duck article: https://www.vice.com/en/article/qvqykd/play-the-demo-for-the-darkwing-duck-game-disney-and-capcom-rejected

Wii Shop Meme Video: https://youtu.be/B_qnI1WrlnU

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Feb 04, 2022
Episode 74 - Mostly Sandwiches

Alex is hungry and fried from a long day of work and Trav, well, he's here too. Emails center on playing retro games remotely, ranking our favorite sub sandwiches franchises, getting in the zone, and games not made in the US or Japan. Pack it up, we're heading to 1994.

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Jan 28, 2022
Episode 73 - Kirby, Shaq, and Booger from Revenge of the Nerds

How was Trav's time at MAGFest? Is Revolution X really that bad? Would you marry Shaq? All this and more. Plus, Blake sends an angry email that forces Trav and Alex to field difficult questions. Other emails ask how much time gets devoted to podcasting and video making and what Alex was up to before becoming SNESdrunk. 

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Jan 14, 2022
Episode 72 - Meditation, MAGFest Prep, and Hot Sauce

In this first episode of the new year, it's the same old drunk friends riffing on meditation, wings, Wii Shop games, and hot sauce. We need more emails so get on it!

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Jan 05, 2022
Episode 71 - Ranking every SNES game with Jeremiah (SNESrankings.com)

Jeremiah of SNESrankings.com swings by at 30:20 to explain how the website came to be and details his process for ranking all 700+ Super Nintendo games. Which ones are hard? What are the HIDDEN GEMS!? Alex and Trav discuss what "jank" actually is and tell about that one time they got into a pointless argument.

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Dec 17, 2021
Episode 70 - Beating every licensed NES game with Kelsy Polnik

Kelsy Polnik (at 13:35) finished every single licensed NES game. It took a while, but 669 games later he's here to tell us which ones are ACTUALLY the hardest! You might be surprised to hear what tops the list. Kelsy also has a thing or two to say about your favorite NES games.  Trav is back for this episode. He and Alex answer an email about fan translations before Alex's microphone dies an untimely death.

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Dec 10, 2021
Episode 69 - A Very Nice Episode with Petee

Trav is on vacation! But fear not! Michelle from Petee's Power Hour is here to chat with Alex, read some emails, and discuss working out and doing Spartan races. We answer those hard hitting questions like "What games / movies make Alex cry?" And... "Can Michelle not talk about a game that is NOT an RPG?" [spoiler] Probably not.

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Nov 19, 2021
Episode 68 - The Renesance Again-esance!

Alex and Trav revisit a guest from Episode 21 (Aug 2020), TheRenesance aka the GameScape Artist (31:23) who paints scenes imagined from video games as well as traditional landscape paintings. He's also a highly skilled gamer, streamer, and musician! In the intro, Trav and Alex figure out what is a PETA quote and what is a death metal song title and hear how a young gamer invented his own randomized way of racing friends in a beloved N64 game!

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Nov 05, 2021
Episode 67 - Sam Griffin (Super Guitar Bros.)

Sam Griffin of the Super Guitar Bros. acoustic guitar duo settles in (at 18:16) for a fun interview that covers everything from performance anxiety to using chopsticks with Doritos. In the intro, Trav and Alex recall what they miss most about the 90's and lament the stresses that modern technology bring.

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Oct 29, 2021
Episode 66 - Dave of Xygor Gaming

On this episode, Trav and Alex are joined at (26:45) by Dave of the Xygor Gaming YouTube channel. Dave's YouTube history dates back to 2006 and he has tons of bite-sized review content of classic games as well as narrative explorations on many popular franchises. In the intro, Trav and Alex answer a few emails on demo discs, randomizers, and whether Alex has a Nintendo Switch yet or not. What's Alex's excuse now?

Randomizers: https://www.debigare.com/randomizers/

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Oct 22, 2021
Episode 65 - Penetration Tested

More emails this episode! Trav and Alex answer why they keep playing old games no one cares about, their favorite shmups (or shumps), what order the emails get read in, YT content for portable games, and more!

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Oct 08, 2021
Episode 64 - Nintendo 64 and More!

In this episode, Trav and Alex remember back 25 years ago to the release of the N64 and list off a handful of their favorite N64 games that were not developed by Nintendo or Rare! A few emails get answered about exciting boss battles, reality TV, and speedrunning.

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Oct 01, 2021
Episode 63 - Ami Trowell, Improv Teacher & Big Lick Conspiracy

In this episode, Trav kicks Alex to the curb and records a solo cast with, well, himself, and then he also interviews his improv instructor, Ami Trowell (10:31). Was Alex acquired by Disney? Is he trying out for Jeopardy? No to all of this and more! Do you want to learn improv? Join a new community? 

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Sep 18, 2021
Episode 62 - Twisters, College Football, and Emails!

In this episode, Alex and Trav make a few college football wagers, wax nostalgic on tornados, and answer emails about more N64 box art, G.O.D., random DS games, and what to do when all the games are gone.

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Sep 03, 2021
Episode 61 - VeryCoolGuyMike, Banana Twerp, and Lil Wayne Junior Jr.

VeryCoolGuyMike is back! He answers emails along with Trav and Alex where people angrily defend the N64 controller, we decide whether a title is a Christian novel or death metal band, and there's an email from famous hockey star Ray Sheppard.


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Aug 20, 2021
Episode 60 - KingK

KingK (39:29) joins the show to talk to Trav and Alex about his process, his voice, and more! How many words does it take to build an hour long YouTube script? Lots. In the preview, Alex and Trav take emails about color palettes, games to play with significant others, and unsuspectingly good rentals from back in the day. At some point, Fred Durst is talked about for a little too long.

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Aug 06, 2021
Episode 59 - Emails! Emails! Emails!

Alex (SNESdrunk) and Trav (NESfriend) relax around the drunkfriendpodcast@gmail.com inbox and read a few notes from listeners and answer some questions. What grinds their 8 and 16 bit gears? Who is Steve Carlton? What is the Montreal Screwjob? Who is John Scott and why is he special? All that and more!

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Jul 23, 2021
Episode 58 - Stuttering Craig

Stuttering Craig Skistimas, founder of Screw Attack and formerly of Game Attack, joins the show (39:59) to talk about his history in content creation, slamball, rebranding, and starting a new business. Learn about the Collaborator Club, a new platform that breeds opportunities for content creators to work together toward their goals. In the front half, Trav and Alex answer emails about fan fiction, games only they like, and Busta Rhymes. 

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Jul 17, 2021
Episode 57 - Noah McCarthy (Bit Brigade and Studio Pen Pen)

On this episode, listen as Trav geeks out right in front of one of his favorite Magfest folks (Magfolk?), Noah McCarthy (30:20). Noah is the "front-man" for Bit Brigade, an 8-bit jam band that rocks out while Noah does a relaxed-fit speedrun of a classic NES game. It's a spectacle to behold! He creates some video game inspired art too and Trav incidentally realizes he may be a stalker. Alex and Trav try to label what their YouTube videos actually are, think about the games they want for their collections regardless of price, and make fun of Robert from the Classic Gaming Podcast. 

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Jul 09, 2021
Episode 56 - Nick, Creator of Racketboy.com

This week, we're visited by Nick (40:29), the creator of the retrogaming website Racketboy.com, which has been around since ye olden days of 2004. We discuss how coverage of retrogaming content has changed over the years, what its like to have your writing and research picked apart, retro game pricing changes and what influences those prices, baseball video games, and lots of other stuff. If you're a collector folk, you'll enjoy this one.

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Jul 03, 2021
Episode 55 - Pete Dorr

Pete Dorr stops by (25:28) to chat about game collecting, the weird CD-i catalog, Lassie on PS2, Ebay prices, E3, and more! In the intro, Trav is excited about the opportunity to fail out of an improv group and Alex outsources his light gun game footage. He doesn't even play his own games now. Pam (CannotBeTamed) sends in a WELL ACKSHUALLY and the Master System's art is awful.

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Jun 18, 2021
Episode 54 - Hungry Goriya... Again!

Hungry Goriya returns to the show the DAY before she has a piece of her insides removed and replaced with cybernetic technologies that will make her finally strong enough to take on her longtime nemesis, Canadian Robocop. Topics include Rod Stewart, golf, Brandish, and vinyl records. In the top half of the show, Trav and Alex talk about the videos they've made recently and share a listener's Top 13 handheld games. 

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Jun 11, 2021
Episode 53 - Brasel the Gamer

On this episode, Alex (SNESdrunk) and Trav (NESfriend) are joined by Tony Brasel, a long time retro-gaming YouTuber who knows more about Mega Man than the average retro-fan. There's hockey and Stardew Valley talk that completely alienates Trav, there's more hockey talk after that, and there's also some fun Mega Man trivia with Brasel, the expert. Emails include a tip on how to maintain your electronics, a defense of Counting Crows, and a request for some guests to have on the show!

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Jun 04, 2021
Episode 52 - Michael Pachter

On this episode, Trav and Alex welcome Wedbush investment analyst Michael Pachter (23:24), also the host of Pachter Factor on SIFTD.net! Learn about what Pachter does, how he does it, and how he ended up associated with GameTrailers and eventually SIFTD.net. Before the guest shows up, Trav and Alex respond to a pair of emails centered on video game movies! 

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May 21, 2021
Episode 51 - Top 13 Handheld Games

Trav and Alex return after a week off to answer a few emails and rank their Top 13 handheld games that aren't Switch games, or ports, or remakes, or mobile games. There are a lot of rules. Alex goes on about hockey at some point, Trav gets defensive about his game collection, and Truxton gets a mention. 

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May 14, 2021
Episode 50 - Celebrating 50 Episodes with some YouTube Recommendations

This week, Trav and Alex talk about guests they'll never realistically have on the show for various reasons! Because reasons. I mean, some of it is legit reasons, but other is because of "reasons" reasons. Did you know that Gary Reasons was a linebacker for the New York Giants in the late 80s and the early 90s? Unsung guy, that guy. Lots of Reasons to like THAT guy amirite? Yeah? No. Anyway, here's an hour of talking.

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Check out these YouTube channels

Andrew Antunes


Leila Ataya

Maurice Sedwell

That Chapter

Scooter Macgruder

TheCrafsMan SteadyCraftin

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Apr 30, 2021
Episode 49 - State of Mercury

This week on DrunkFriend, we talk Metallica with State of Mercury, a fellow who's made a channel that captures the sound and aura of Metallica albums of years past, and applies their unique sounds to different Metallica songs. (For example, what would "My Friend of Misery" sound like if it were on "...And Justice For All?") We talk metal and how we got into it as wee lads, we talk about concert experiences, and of course a ton of stuff about Metallica stuff we love (and do not love). Check it out!

Visit StateOfMercury's channel here: https://www.youtube.com/stateofmercury

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Apr 16, 2021
Episode 48 - 8-bit Music Theory

In this episode, Trav and Alex bring on the leading company! Renown YouTube music theorist, 8-bit Music Theory, swings by (at 23:45) to share some insight on what inspires him, how his videos are made, and a crazy coincidence involving jazz musicians, professors, Japanese gaming companies, and a business simulator. Alex should get a Switch.

Find more of our work at http://www.polymedianetwork.com
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Apr 10, 2021
Episode 47 - VeryCoolGuyMike

On this episode, Alex and Trav highlight a new YouTuber, a NEWtuber?! who is destined for greatness. VeryCoolGuyMike stops by to talk about his video game memes channel that takes weird moments in video games and highlights them in a ridiculous and humorous way. Emails ask Trav and Alex to discuss their seven deadly sins of gaming,  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder's Revenge, and the best way to enjoy old school games.

Find Mike's YouTube Channel here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCes8ejSLtp1JaYFPiwltCYw

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Apr 02, 2021
Episode 46 - Chris Totten, Developer of Little Nemo and the Nightmare Fiends

Alex and Trav introduce you to commenter Cuban Pete. He's wild. Who is the bigger coffee snob? What console do we want to own most? Find these things out and more before learning about Chris Totten's Kickstarter campaign for Little Nemo and the Nightmare Fiends (39:55). Learn about the Kickstarter process, the inspirations for Little Nemo, and what an "art head" is. Find the link for the Kickstarter below!


Find more of our work at http://www.polymedianetwork.com
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Mar 26, 2021
Episode 45 - Forgotten_VCR

Don't worry, we remember VCRs but the guest in this episode (22:28)  is Forgotten_VCR, a unique Twitch streamer who assembles films into interesting compositions for his ever growing audience of curious bystanders. He also has a rather massive VHS collection. Out the gate, Alex and Trav chat about their videos this week on The Smurfs, Toy Story, and Swords and Serpents, discuss gaming anxieties, games so bad they're good, and which Beast Wars beast we would be (https://mawportfolio.online/MAWProjects/MAWProjects/BeastWars%20Js/home.html if you want to play along).

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Mar 20, 2021
Episode 44 - Arcade1Up Machines with MichaelBtheGameGenie

On this episode of DrunkFriend, Trav (NESfriend) and Alex (SNESdrunk) answer some ancient emails that mostly scream at Alex over dissing Doom Eternal, not owning a switch, and not watching every YT video ever made. The guest this week (30:21) is MikeBtheGameGenie who knows an awful lot about the Arcade1Up game machines. They discuss how well they hold up, which ones should come next, and share some old arcade memories. There is also obscure baseball and 80's pro-wrestling talk so buckle up.

Find more of our stuff at: http://www.polymedianetwork.com

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Mar 12, 2021
Episode 43 - Jonnyethco (Appsro of Neebs Gaming)

In this episode, Alex (SNESdrunk) transforms into James Hetfield and Trav tries to keep things under control but can't hold back his adoration for their guest (at 26:11), Jon (jonnyethco, Neebs Gaming, Hank&Jed) who creates funny web cartoons and comedy lets play content. Find out how he got started, what goes into a web cartoon, and a little about how Neebs came together and operates. In the intro, the hosts answer emails about cheating in games, cleaning games, and of course, Metallica.



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Mar 05, 2021
Episode 42 - Cannot Be Tamed Again!

It's old people central here with lots of meandery discussions between Trav (NESfriend), Alex (SNESdrunk), and Pam (Cannot Be Tamed). Topics include tartar sauce, tomatoes, the weather, and random pains. They also talk about modern games, the Sega CD, and what's been happening on their respective YT channels in addition to reading some emails and listener questions.

Send an email to drunkfriendpodcast at gmail.com
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Shoutout to Kulor for the music https://soundcloud.com/commodorekulor

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Feb 26, 2021
Episode 41 - Retro Ali

What are the best intros in gaming? What games would we make if we had any talent? How many obscure baseball players do you know? Join Alex (SNESdrunk) and Trav (NESfriend) as they consider these questions before welcoming on their guest (25:34), a renown Pokemaniac, RetroAli! Ali schools the hosts on all things Pokemon, discusses her experiences working for Twitch and streaming for Twitch, as well as her experiences going to conventions. All that and more!

Send an email to drunkfriendpodcast at gmail.com
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Find Alex on Twitter @SNESdrunk, Trav @travplaysgames, and Ali at @retr0ali

Shoutout to Kulor for the music https://soundcloud.com/commodorekulor

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Feb 19, 2021
Episode 40 - SomeCallMeJohnny

Trav and Alex welcome YouTube creator and personality SomeCallMeJohnny, where you'll learn that some also call him an illustrator, an animator, and a guy with tons of ideas. We talk about early influences, how his channel has grown since 2008 (!!) and what it's like to have an audience for that long. We discuss whether his art degree (and subsequent student debt) was worth it, what a Metroid film would be like, and a Dutch oven is referenced a few times. (The two are sadly unrelated.) We also delve into the world of coffee, but nothing snobby whatsoever. I mean it's friggin Keurig cups and Folgers and Maxwell House and stuff. You'll enjoy this one!

SomeCallMeJohnny: youtube.com/SomecallmeJohnny
More podcasts: polymedianetwork.com
Trav on Twitter: @travplaysgames
Alex on Twitter: @SNESdrunk

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Feb 12, 2021
Episode 39 - Top 13 Games of the 2010's

In this episode, Trav and Alex chat about the videos over the last couple of weeks including Act Raiser-likes, Back to the Future games on the NES, and Time Trax. Keanu Reeves and Well-Actually guy chat about swimming for a little bit before the hosts breakdown and share their top 13 games from 2010 through 2019. Check it out!

More podcasts: http://www.polymedianetwork.com
Trav on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/travplaysgames
Alex on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/snesdrunk

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Jan 29, 2021
Episode 38 - Norman Caruso, The Gaming Historian

DrunkFriend welcomes Norm Caruso, the Gaming Historian, to the podcast to chat about his channel and what goes into it. Find out how he selects his topics, what goes into his research, and who he gets compared to most often. To start, Trav and Alex drone on about their channels before answering a few listener emails and discuss how their video making is schedules. Which 80's or 90's franchises should have had NES games? The show wraps up with everyone giving an answer for which console should have the next mini-version.
Norm arrives at 23:00

Visit http://www.polykill.com for more podcasts.

Check out the Gaming Historian on YouTube! https://t.co/U4Ydoa8KnL?amp=1

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Jan 15, 2021
Episode 37 - Daniel Greenberg, Professor of Computer Game Design

On this episode, Trav and Alex sit down with Daniel Greenberg, a professor of Computer Game Design at George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. Daniel has several insights on what it takes to make a great game designer and has given plenty of lectures, talks, and panels at a number of conferences you've been to. What console would you take to the afterlife? Is there internet in the afterlife? We tackle the hard questions in this episode. 

Visit http://www.polykill.com for more podcasts.

Social media: 
Alex @snesdrunk
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Jan 08, 2021
Episode 36 - Pilotwings 64 composer Dan Hess

Merry Christmas! Our guest this week is Dan Hess, otherwise known as the composer of the Pilotwings 64 soundtrack! He talks about the development of said game and a few other titles he was involved with, as well as his personal favorite video game soundtrack (not really what you'd expect!), what it was like to deal with Nintendo, and why he eventually bowed out of the video game industry. Lots and LOTS of great insight here provided by Dan, who's a great talker and easily one of the best guests we've ever had. Dan even has his keyboard on hand to help demonstrate how he came up with some tracks. Trav and Alex also answer some email questions about what video game character would make a good president, the Hebrew Bible, and Alex rambles about Chrono Trigger for nearly 10 minutes. But really, this episode is all about Dan Hess. Listen and enjoy!

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Dec 25, 2020
Episode 35 - Josh of Undead Labs

On this episode of DF, Trav and Alex interview Josh Petrie of Undead Labs, the studio responsible for the State of Decay franchise that was recently acquired by Microsoft. He expands on what it's like working for a large development team and provides recommendations for how you can prepare yourself for the industry if game development is something you want to do. Trav and Alex take some emails at the top of the show about bad Christmas gifts, presidential cameos, and more. You don't want to miss this!

See more of our shows on http://www.polykill.com

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Dec 11, 2020
Episode 34 - Michelle of Petee's Power Hour

Alex and Trav invite a special guest onto the show and this time the guest gets to participate in the whole show. Michelle, aka PeteePuff, who hosts the brand new PolyPod Network show Petee's Power Hour joins in to answer all the emails and questions and discuss her history as the original DrunkFriend. Emails cover swimming, special beats, and wishful translations. Alex chats about what it's like sifting through mountains of "well ackshually" comments on a video about things he considers difficult. Don't miss this one!

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Nov 27, 2020
Episode 33 - Sylvester Stallone

This episode is a little more sly than cunning as Trav and Alex chat about action movie star Sylvester Stallone  per the two games highlighted on this week's SNES Drunk YouTube channel (Cliffhanger and Demolition Man). The two answer some listener emails about video game stories worth a darn, drinking games, and whether or not Bill Laimbeer's  Combat Basketball should be launched into the sun. For the next while, DrunkFriend will be a bi-weekly podcast! WHAREWILF!?

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Nov 13, 2020
Episode 32 - Jenovi

Join Trav and Alex as they hang out with Jenovi, a retro gaming YouTuber who is known for his astute research on 90's systems like the Sega 32X , the 3DO, and the Jaguar. Obscure baseball trivia is tossed around, Alex is no fan of remakes, Travis pretends to know how video game controllers, and  Jenovi is in the middle of uprooting his family. He doesn't even get upset when Alex and Trav beg him to show off his auctioneering skills. If you like video games, Earnest Evans gets a mention. There's a little something for everyone!

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Oct 30, 2020
Episode 31 - John Riggs

Folks just don't come as likeable and easy-going as the esteemed John Riggs! We hang out and chat a lot about his experiences at conventions (both as a panelist and as a fan), and what his YouTube tenure has been like so far in the near-6 years of his channel. We also talk about current gen consoles potentially losing their backward compatibility, LEGOs, the best NES games no one talks about (not to be confused with a term that rhymes with "gidden hems"), and a lot more! John is a great hang, join us, won't you?

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Oct 23, 2020
Episode 30 - 75 Miles in a Day with Tara Mildenberger

In this episode, Trav and Alex get the pleasure of interviewing a different kind or runner. Tara recently completed all 24 races at the festival of 5k's, the Pemberton 24. That's right. She ran 24 5K races  in one day. We ask her about that experience, how running as a hobby began for her, as well as what she eats and how she trains.  The show is kicked off with what videos have been produced by the hosts lately and a pair of listener emails about our favorite games played in 2020 and if SNESdrunk will ever add ratings to his reviews.

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Oct 16, 2020
Episode 29 - Top 13 NES Games

Trav and Alex decide it's time to anger the listeners by listing off their Top 13 NES games and purposefully leave some off that will get your blood boiling. Do you like Contra? Do you like Mega Man? You better beware. Listener emails ask what Trav does for money and the hosts take turns answering how they would flip a classic game into a different genre altogether. It's a fun time, especially if you like the NES. 

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Oct 02, 2020
Episode 28 - Summoning Salt

Episode 28 welcomes Summoning Salt on, a YouTuber who documents speedrunning world record progressions and can beat up Mike Tyson in short order. We discuss how much effort goes into his videos, what is research regimen is, and we even dig for more details on the enigmatic Matt Turk. To kick off the show, Alex and Trav answer some emails about formative gaming experiences and licensed games, both good and bad. Would you fight 100 duck sized t-rexes? We wouldn't either.

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Sep 25, 2020
Episode 27 - Brian and Jim of Drink a Beer and Play a Game

On this episode, Trav and Alex are joined by Brian and Jim from the Drink A Beer & Play A Game YouTube Channel and Power Hour podcast. Together they discuss channel longevity, their least favorite and most favorite projects, and their differences in game opinions. How good is Typing of the Dead? Who is Heathcliff Slocumb? All this and more!

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Sep 18, 2020
Episode 26 - Video Game Books with Caleb J. Ross

This week on DrunkFriend, we have another recurring guest, only this time he gets his own episode -- Caleb J. Ross joins us to talk about all kinds of books about video games, both fiction and non-fiction, as well as his own work and his own writing process, including some hidden gems in the literature world that he would recommend our listeners read! We discuss Blake J. Harris' "Console Wars," Jeff Ryan's "Super Mario," Tristan Donovan's "Replay," among many others. We also talk about families in video games, The King of All Cosmos' package, whether or not we'd want to see a Chrono Trigger remake (answers may surprise you), dungeon crawlers, Swans... geez what didn't we talk about? BookDrunk!

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Sep 11, 2020
Episode 25 - Leila Ataya

This week on DrunkFriend, we take a detour from gaming and talk to New Zealand artist Leila Ataya! She creates drawing and painting tutorials on Youtube, and we talk to her about her teaching background, the differences in teaching styles around the world, her inspirations and influences, and the "happy accident" that is her Youtube channel! Trav and Alex also talk about video promotion on social media, our "deserted island" games, and the intensely strange story in Skate or Die 2!

Leila's Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoohNc47503AltVc0BGPS2A

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Sep 04, 2020
Episode 24 - Jason Heine

On this episode, Jason Heine (Heine House Entertainment), the pioneer of retro gaming podcasts, stops by to chat about All-Gen Gamers, racing games, and of course... Missouri. Trav and Alex take a break from videos this week but do answer some emails about their favorite boss battles and what a Seinfeld video game would look like. There's even a mean email. Listener questions ask if indie-inspired retro games are over saturating the market and what old movie or TV show would make for a great game today. Jason talks a bit about getting phished and spotlights his OST contributions on Hotshot Racing!

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Aug 28, 2020
Episode 23 - Kid Friendly Games, Mean Comments, & Favorite Developers

Trav and Alex take a break from guests this week for a relaxed episode where they catch up on the videos they released this week on their respective YouTube channels and try to recall a delicious sandwich from a 90's action thriller. An email asks for recommended kids games and another listener wanted to know what game sounds induced the most panic. Alex shares some of the meanest comments he's received on his channel and for fun, the hosts rank some of the second-tier developers on their respective favorite systems!

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Aug 21, 2020
Episode 22 - David of Mariachi Entertainment System

On this episode of of DrunkFriend, Trav and Alex are joined by David of Mariachi Entertainment System. We get all the inside scoops on the band's roster, talk about how it all comes together, and discuss some of the most memorable moments for MES. The hosts kick off the show with a recap of Alex's experience at the Uplink LiRetro virtual convention this past weekend. Find out what happened after Alex posted his Waterworld review that mentioned the game's soundtrack composer. Can your eyeballs handle JJ Squawkers? What is on Trav and Alex's romhack wishlist? The show rounds out with a brief discussion about Tetris Attack for some reason.

Mariachi Entertainment System: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCOSmq8CVKjkE-D6RVk3ZRg

Dean Evans' Waterworld soundtrack: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRvYkrrpMKo

kulor Bandcamp page: https://kulor.bandcamp.com/

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Aug 14, 2020
Episode 21 - The Renesance: Painting with Sausage Kielbasage

In this episode, Alex and Trav are once again joined by a guest but first they recap last week's show, then talk about Alex's up and coming virtual convention at Long Island Retro before reading a few fun emails. They're then joined by a streamer who does a little more than just complete no-death runs of Battletoads live on-air, he also paints video game landscapes and plays retro gaming music. Learn how TheRenesance got started, what his artistic inspirations are, and what the deal is with all the golf lately? Fred Couples swings by to wrap up the show.

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Aug 07, 2020
Episode 20 - Fitness, Sports Movies, and Trailer Hype

This week Trav (NESfriend) and Alex (SNESdrunk) roll guest-less and catch up on all sorts of things. Alex is running now? One of Trav's subscribers can see the future? Listeners asks about favorite sports movies, recording equipment, and what the future has in store for the YouTube channels of each. A big portion of the episode focuses on the modern day hype around games and why people always seem to ruin it with their negativity.

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Jul 31, 2020
Episode 19 - 90s Music Part II, Featuring Dan From Console Wars

Dan from the YouTube channel Console Wars joins DrunkFriend once again! Only this time, we're talking some more 90s music, including lots of concert stories, and that fear of seeing a band that may or may not be past their prime. We also answer some emails, like about how terrible the arcade game Revolution X is, and why we like the music that we do! 

Console Wars can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/user/levelonerules

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Jul 24, 2020
Episode 18 - Speedrunning with WhiteHat94

In this episode, Travis (NESfriend) and Alex (SNESdrunk) chat about Alex's recent brief hiatus from YouTube as well as their appearance on the Classic Games Podcast! Emailers bring questions about favorite retro Ninjas and WhiteHat94 drops in to chat about NES speedrunning. He will be performing for Summer Games Done Quick in August and shares how he prepares, why he chooses the games he runs, and what it's like being among the most prolific speedrunners on Nintendo's most classic system. The episode concludes with a very special interview with a very special guest. You'll have to listen to find out who it is!

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Jul 17, 2020
Episode 17 - GameBoyle

DrunkFriend goes overseas, as we welcome GameBoyle to the podcast! We talk all things Game Boy - everything from shoot-em-ups, to English-friendly games that never left Japan, to Shantae! We also cover recording footage, editing disasters, games that aren't worth the trouble, and answer a couple listener questions like how viewer/listener feedback can range from constructive and good natured, to dismissive and incoherent. Join us, won't you? Cheers!

Visit GameBoyle here: https://www.youtube.com/gameboyle

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Jul 10, 2020
Episode 16 - 90's Music and More

Thanks for stopping by again for another DrunkFriend podcast episode! This week, it's 90s music, and we actually manage to stay in the 90s for the most part! Trav and Alex cover a ton of ground here, talking about everything from hair metal to Soundgarden, from Smashing Pumpkins to Tool. We even throw in a little country music talk in there too, as well as some concerts we've been to. Alex also tells the story of how he pissed off the band Tool('s lawyers) by making a fake Tool song back in 2006. Of course, we do touch on some gaming topics as well, such as games we've been the most addicted to, and games we play outside of our channels. Enjoy!

Find Music that Makes Me at https://www.polykill.com

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Jul 03, 2020
Episode 15 - Mega Drive Profile

Hey folks! Here's episode 15 of DrunkFriend, this week featuring Mega Drive Profile! We talk about his favorite games like Alien Soldier, Adventures of Batman and Robin, Gunstar Heroes and Treasure developed games in general, creating original music, and creating content for games you enjoy versus games you don't enjoy. We also answer some listener questions, like what SNES game deserves a Link's Awakening style remake, and what games best utilize the SNES controller layout! But rest assured, there's lots of Sega talk in this one, so join us!

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Jun 26, 2020
Episode 14 - TopSpot123

This episode features TopSpot123, a YouTuber whose channel shares many neat tips and tricks on managing, curating, and presenting your video game collection. You'll hear about the rigors of putting together a thorough tutorial video and you might be surprised by how long that can take. We kick the show off still reminiscing about college football by reading a handful of listener emails on the topic. Alex can't speak Portuguese and his audio in this episode is whack because Kulor tried to haunt the podcast apparently. The show caps off with a listener question!


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Jun 19, 2020
Episode 13 - College Sports, Video Games, and 90's Stuff

Hey folks! Join Trav and Alex as they wax nostalgic about 90s (and 00s) college sports, as well as college sports video games like Bill Walsh College Football, College Slam and the (weirdly expensive?) NCAA Football 2014. We talk Virginia Tech, Minnesota, New Mexico and all sorts of weirdly specific stuff in regards to sports fan experiences, as well as answer some listener emails regarding "classic" games we don't like, and bad games that we love. Enjoy!

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Jun 12, 2020
Episode 12 - SuperDerek RPGs

Hello! By sheer coincidence, the DrunkFriend podcast managed to snag their 2nd velvet-voiced guest in a row! This time around, it's SuperDerek, as he talks about his recording setup, the evolution of his channel, and of course, role playing games. Lots of talk about EarthBound and old Quintet games here. We also talk about a Secret Santa Christmas collaboration Drunk and Derek did all the way back in 2014, as well as answer listener emails asking which game you wish you could play for the first time again, and what games you'd want to add to the SNES Classic.

Derek is also in the middle of playing 3 games at once on Twitch, with the audience controlling which game he plays and when. Check it out here: https://www.twitch.tv/superderekrpgs

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Jun 05, 2020
Episode 11 - Hungry Goriya

Getting back to normal, Trav and Alex join forces from the very beginning of this one. Ya know? Like old times. Alex reads a lovely email from a listener and Pearl provides her insight in response. Thanks to a listener, Trav has broken the Twin Eagle mis-translation mystery wide-open! The guest for this episode is Hungry Goriya, a YouTuber and Twitch streamer growing fast in popularity! They discuss how it all began for HG, how she's always able to keep her cool, and if she really is destined for a future as a PBS narrator. The show wraps with some listener questions about handheld emulators and games that got us through college. 

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May 29, 2020
Episode 10 - Kulor, Pearl and a Lot of Confusion

On this episode, Alex starts out by himself, completely clueless as usual, before Kulor warps in from nowhere! We talk for 30 minutes about chiptunes and how he got started making music, before he mysteriously warps out again... Alex is so freaked out and disoriented that his longtime girlfriend Pearl stops by to calm him down and talk some Final Fantasy VII Remake (as well as Extra Innings for SNES...?) But as soon as she leaves, Alex is back to ranting to himself before Trav stops by to get things back on a professional level, as we talk school, YouTube scheduling, and a lot more! 

Kulor's Bandcamp page: https://kulor.bandcamp.com/

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May 24, 2020
Episode 9 - Caleb J. Ross and Musty Hobbit

On this episode, it's just Trav as Alex proves to us he's not a robot, or at the very least, not a time lord. On this episode Trav gets serious for about five minutes to talk about overcoming the things that keep us from being creative and asks his guest the same. The first guest is Caleb J. Ross, an author and YouTuber, who is co-hosting an all new podcast coming to the Polykill network on May 26th (Tales of the Lesser Medium). The second guest is someone very valuable to the Cartridge Club (CartridgeClub.org) and also has a keen eye for NESfriend errors. You won't want to miss this one.

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May 15, 2020
Episode 8 - Robert from Classic Gaming Podcast

Another DrunkFriend podcast! But where's Travis? He has some actual important stuff to attend to this week, and Alex quickly realizes that this podcast business is not as easy as it sounds. As he begins to panic, he is bailed out by longtime podcaster Rob of the Classic Gaming Podcast! The two talk about how his podcast started and all the long running jokes that have developed over the years, the Final Fantasy series, being embarrassed at our early work, video game remakes, guitar stuff, and a lot more! Remember to rate and review the podcast and reach out to drunkfriendpodcast@gmail.com

(Also I was overserved, maybe just a tad. I also misinterpreted Karsten's question. I blame the whiskey.)

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May 08, 2020
Episode 7 - Friday Night Arcade

On this week's DrunkFriend, Travis and Alex sit down with Aaron from the YouTube channel Friday Night Arcade, who tells some great stories about how he ended up learning audio production, what his YouTube experience has been like so far, and pairing video game footage with 80s TV theme songs! We answer some listener emails and questions, as well as talk about the ESPN Docu-series "The Last Dance." We get into some 90s NBA talk as Alex speaks of the highs and lows of basketball card collecting as a kid, and Trav tells a hilarious story that prominently involves Tim Hardaway's leg. Remember to rate and review the podcast and reach out to drunkfriendpodcast@gmail.com

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May 01, 2020
Episode 6 - Cannot Be Tamed

It's back to guests on this DrunkFriend as Travis and Alex sit down with Pam from the YouTube channel Cannot Be Tamed. What's the evolution of her channel been like? How does dealing with mean commenters affect her? What was being a playtester like? And more! Alex divulges how his week of weirdmess has gone with the releases of comedy inspired videos on Wizard of Oz and Race Drivin'. Trav is louder! Remember to rate and review the podcast and reach out to drunkfriendpodcast@gmail.com.

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Apr 24, 2020
Episode 5 - Grappling with Podcasting and 90's Pro Wrestling

On this installment of DrunkFriend, Trav and Alex take a break from guests to check in on how each other thinks the podcast is going thus far. It's hard to get two 90's nerds together and them not talk about pro wrestling so this episode has a moderately deep dive into 90's wrestling video games as well as what got these two invested in this totally real sport as 90's kids. Earliest memories? Favorite wrestlers? What's the weather like in Albuquerque? As always, the show ends on listener questions. Send yours to drunkfriendpodcast@gmail.com!

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Apr 17, 2020
Episode 4 - DariaPlaysRPGs

In the fourth episode of DrunkFriend, Trav (NESfriend) and Alex (SNESdrunk) sit down with  DariaPlaysRPGs and discuss the inspirations, processes, and struggles involved with keeping her YT channel going. Trav throws down the gauntlet for a hamburger eating challenge with a listener, Alex reads some bizarre comments from his channel, and Daria has some opinions on Breath of Fire!

Reach out to the show at drunkfriendpodcast@gmail.com

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Apr 10, 2020
Episode 3 - Console Wars Dan is Keanu Cobain?

In this third episode of DrunkFriend, the hosts Trav (NESfriend) and Alex (SNESdrunk) are joined by Dan of Console Wars! Dan talks about how and why he started his YouTube channel and the changes sustained over time like finding a new co-host and keeping the show going. Learn about the pros and cons of a channel centered on being purposefully confrontational in identifying all the quirky differences between Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis games. Patreon questions round out the show with talk of favorite Final Fantasy games, biggest surprises in gaming, and fanboyism!

Console Wars: https://www.youtube.com/consolewars

Support the show: https://patreon.com/snesdrunk
http://Polykill.com | @snesdrunk | @travplaysgames

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Apr 03, 2020
Episode 2 - Weren't There Supposed To Be Guests?

In the second episode of DrunkFriend, Alex (SNESdrunk) describes why there are no guests this time around thanks to a technical oopsie and Trav (NESfriend) finds a mysterious rabbit hole in an unexpected place when researching a little-known NES title. There's talk about moose blood, rental stores, arcades, and pesky fighting games here too!

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Mar 25, 2020
Episode 1 - The Hell Are We Doing?

In this pilot episode, retrogaming enthusiasts Trav (NESfriend) and Alex (SNESdrunk) become acquainted through talking about their individual YouTube channels and their inspirations for getting into the hobby. They also touch on their creative processes and close out the show by answering some questions from Patreon!

SNESdrunk's channel: https://www.youtube.com/snesdrunk
NESfriend's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCT0lO6g_BRAxREyMh6xWjpw
Podcast network: Polykill.com
Music by Kulor: https://kulor.bandcamp.com/
Thumbnail by @FranticSociety via Twitter

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Mar 18, 2020