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By Ash

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A quick-listen, ten minute podcast about Marvel mutants, made by and for X-Twitter. I question, II voices, X minutes

Episode Date
Who’s teaching them bad ass mf kids? (ft @GL2814_3, @callmibiham @thatnerdkris @ChristopherXCI_)

Here's X mins of the 45-minute special that marks the RETURN of XOW Season 7. missed you love you click the thing and listen! x 

Aug 14, 2022
How do we get rid of Beast one? (ft. @christopherXCI_)

It's immediate flirting, unexpected cuteness, and 18 minutes of absolute poison. 

Jul 13, 2022
Who’s got the grossest fucking mutant power (ft @winnnno)

There's genuine heaving in this. 

Jun 30, 2022
Which mutant standup would you go to? (ft @thatnerdkris)

In which we discover Kris is named after some guy, a whole heap of shit about funny mutants, who could carry a comedy show and who could carry the jackets. 

Jun 27, 2022
Should Cassandra Nova be the next x-movie villain? (ft @_winley_)

The film buff is back to task about that poorly tempered walnut that has been a choatic breath of fresh air to the Marauders set. 

Jun 13, 2022
How do we read the Storm/Isca dynamic? (ft @unimpressedfave)

You're going to like this one! 

Jun 11, 2022
How deep is mutant language? f(t @Thatnerdkris)

Y'know, sometimes I feel like I haven't said anything new in a while, then an episode like this comes in. The perfect question with the perfect guest, and a brand new area of dicsussion. This is the analysis I love, and I hope you do to. Get into it! 

Jun 08, 2022
What new era themes do we love? (Ft@heybeaubone)

Is an era new if it's three years old? Some may say yes. Come see Beau smash his first episode while we discuss the reasons we're still hooked! 

Jun 06, 2022
What’s Avalanche’s role on Krakoa? (ft @mistertoybox and @patrekis616fan)

Avalanche? the other earthquake guy? chile you know about as much as me, so here are two people who know the character as well as you can. Welcome, Tom (and avalanche) to his first-ever XOW episode! 

Jun 04, 2022
What do the arakki owe humanity? (ft @nadiaandchill)

A tease for your ears on a subject we shouldn't even have to be talking about realistically, let's be sensible with ourselves on this internet. 

Jun 03, 2022
Who’s had the best rebrand? (ft @thehermeister)

SWING KINGS, Hermes hits the seat to talk about who has really won the egg era! Your loss is their gain. Another episode going live on patreon.com/xofwords

May 28, 2022
Who Is Monet? (ft @unimpressedfave)

Your loss is their gain. The episodes you didn't choose are going live on Patreon.com/xofwords. So here's a little taste of what you're missing! Remember, the mutants always win! 

May 21, 2022
Who is Cecilia Reyes? (ft @theantibinge)

All previous skinfolk claims have been reversed! Arny joins me to speedrun Cecilia's character bio!

May 14, 2022
Who is Unveil (ft. @thehermeister)

It's Herm. It's her. It's here. 

May 11, 2022
Who’s the worst mutant ally? (ft @shatmanrules)

Fuck Reed. 

May 06, 2022
Who is Manifold?(ft @GL2814_3)

Michael is back and the vibes are still immaculate. Come chill and meet Eden Fesi

May 04, 2022
Who’s your favourite queer mutant (ft @howdyduda)

JUDGEMENT DAY TWO: You chose your survivor! And it's a classic! Steve and I put three options on the table for our top queer mutants. Who's yours?

May 03, 2022
What’s the deal with Karima Shapandar? (ft @jcalebwarren)

Judgement day one! Caleb joins me to talk about the bald headed baddie herself, the Amber Rose of mutant Genocide. 

May 02, 2022
Which villains should be a list? (ft @CallmiBHam)

We're all up in the pit so let's be all up in the pit! Chris joins me hungover for his debut episode on which of the legendary bastards should be THEE legendary bastard! 

Apr 27, 2022
Should Wolverine be funny (@Juni_ba)

The creator streak continues as I get candid with the cartoonist behind my favorite cover for X Lives Of Wolverine! Jump in!

Apr 24, 2022
20 question Speedrun (ft @Gerryduggan)

Gerry returns and we throw the whole format as I speedrun 20 questions submitted by the XOW Patreon community! It's everything you'd expect of this pod, basically. In the best way. Come hear a bunch of things Gerry definitely didn't anticipate having to say 😂

Apr 11, 2022
What’s the worst X-team you can imagine (ft @gerry_duggan)

So, this one was about the worst x-teams we could imagine, but there's no chance Gerry was gonna hit the seat without talking about...well...everything. so here's a little bit about Synch, baseball, intersectionality, covid, good vibes and bad vibes and a surprising amount of Boom Boom. 

Apr 08, 2022
So, X-Men Red is coming...what’s tea? (ft @Al_ewing)

PATIENCE DONE. I sat on this episode for FAR FAR too long to be honest it was giving me anxiety bit the time is now! Here's your sneak peek into an hour-long special to kick off season 6. We get into X-men Red on the week of X-men Red with the person that wrote X-men Red. The question wasn't even meant to be about that tbh but you know where to go to hear the full extended cut! www.patreon.com/xofwords

Apr 04, 2022
Ask XOW anything 2 (ft @GL2814_3)

We finally got around to answering those questions you submitted in a 30min GIANT-SIZE! Patreon members are about to have a BIG S06 kickoff so I figured this could be our lil celebration to round up S05. Back at it again! 

Mar 10, 2022
Which black mutant ain’t kin? (ft @MichaelJFuxx)

If you have any good memories of me. Think of that goodwill I've built before you hit play. 

Mar 07, 2022
Who’s your favourite Arakkii? (Ft @thehermeister, @winnnno, @unimpressedfave)

DIGITAL DROP! Look it's a good-ass time to be a Patreon, is all I'm saying. 40mins+ of @winnnnno @unimpressedfave and @thehermeister cutting UP about the negro nation! Theme tunes, betrayal, schemes, stunts (me), allegations, REDLIGHT, and a prolonged dispute about my voting credibility. One of the best yet... 

This is just a teaser! The full episode (and 20+ other specials and exclusives) are waiting for you right here: patreon.com/xofwords

Feb 27, 2022
Did Butter Rum deserve to die? (ft @stephenNYmonsr)

Now you got to know we don't condone animal abuse but this animal is literally not real and also may have played a role on Jan 6th we simply do not know. 

Feb 23, 2022
What does Krakoa mean to black mutants (ft @steph_I_will)

Like everything Steph touches, this is gold. Do yourself a solid and come join! 

Feb 19, 2022
How do you stop a Tsunami? (ft. @quinoacomics / @jcalebwarren)

You know every season has to have a new format, and this might be my favourite one. They VS, you vote! Hit play, the outcome's all down to you...

Feb 16, 2022
Who is Bishop (ft @GL2814_3)

Michael joins me again to introduce you to Bishop. Jump in! 

Feb 14, 2022
What are our dreams for X-Men Red? (ft @JayJurden)


Feb 12, 2022
Should we fridge Kyle Jinadu (ft @alsopurp)

LMAOOO come listen to this y'all. 

Feb 09, 2022
Ok, so what exactly *is* Destiny of X (ft @howdyduda)

Chile this one was a struggle in the beginning I have to admit, but we find our groove into a loose discussion about our theories and hopes for the era of the pre-eminent, pre-cooked, pre-cog. 

Feb 05, 2022
Are mutant costumes like drag? (ft @daxclamation)

Drag race legend, cosplay maven and cat-namer extraordinaire lands in the XOW seat to talk about whether all the spandex and "THEATRE, DARLING" plays a close line to that other visual art-form we love so much. 


For the full episode, join us on the Quiet Council at www.patreon.com/xofwords

Feb 02, 2022
What’s Emma’ most iconic costume? (ft @jcalebwarren)

RETURN of read-alongs! The thread to the episode is here: 

Jan 31, 2022
Which mutant do we relate to most? (ft @thesmythworks)

This one is funny and real and imo, one of XOW's best. def take a listen. 

Jan 29, 2022
Should Solem have a solo series? (ft @ blckbolex)

We've never seen a hoe of this potential, of this power. So WHO else could talk about the King of Sling but Tevin.  

Jan 26, 2022
Do we love Jeff the landshark (ft @unimpressedfave)

I mean...this is a tough one to explain. Strap in.

Jan 18, 2022
Who is Maggot? (ft @GL2814_3)

Here's your snippet of the weekly Patreon exclusive, Michael touches down to bicker, banter and bring Maggot to the front of the screen 

Jan 13, 2022
Do we think Armor is being underused? (ft @al_dondo

We recorded this back when there wasn't any sight of our girl, but now there is, so here you go! Join me and AL as we track where she's come from and where she's going. Vote Armor! 

Jan 10, 2022
Has the mutant metaphor evolved (ft @terryblas)

We do a lot of talking about the mutant metaphor on the periphery of episodes, but it's time to take the edges to the middle. Terry Blas, writer of Reptil and X-fan, joins me to talk about what meaning mutants had then, and what meaning is in front of us now. 

Jan 07, 2022
How is the new era handling gender? (ft @laetimercury)

New convo up! Lae touched down for their second episode and managed to kill it, again, in a second language, and within 13 minutes. Don't let the short-run fool you this one is all hits! 

Jan 03, 2022
Who is Gentle? (ft @unimpressedfave)

There isn't a better way to kick off 2022 than introducing you to one half of the IT couple KindThought. Caleb joins me to help get you introduced!

Jan 01, 2022
Which mutant do we think can cook? (ft. @thatnerdkris / @blckbolex)

Here's a ten-minute snippet of this week's special. 20 mins of wild speculation about who we think can and can NOT throw down in the kitchen based on one part knowledge, one part vibes. 

For the full episode (and 20 or so more bonus ones) head over to www.patreon.com/xofwords 

Dec 29, 2021
What do we see of black love (ft @thehermeister)

We muse (yes muse) about black love in the world of mutants and beyond. If you want to hear the whole episode, come join the quiet council at www.patreon.com/xofwords

Dec 23, 2021
Was Amahl Farouk right? (ft @massdevotion)

TIME FOR THAT NEW NEW. I'm joined by new Guest Martin as we take on. the big questions at the end of New Mutants. Wait for the heavy-hitting at the end! 

Dec 20, 2021
Is Polaris the new IT girl? (ft @jcalebwarren)

This question is kind of a no-brainer, like could you imagine if we were like "...no". God forbid. Anyway, you may know the answer, but the getting there is fun. Jump in! 

Dec 04, 2021
Do we miss Amenthi Wildchild? (ft @Wes_andre97)

Here's a teaser for the first weekly Patreon exclusive. 20+ mins of analysis of Amenth, ferality and mess!

Dec 01, 2021
Could the Hellions redeem Sabertooth & Maddy (ft @Blckbolex)

Could they? Should they? Would you read it? Tev hits the seat to talk about why these two deserve redemption just as much as anyone else. 

Nov 29, 2021
[VAULT001] Synch‘s role in the X-Men (@Shatmanrules) / Quiet Council Seats (@misterytoy

96% of you voted, so here's a teaser for the first in the VAULT series, where we resurrect questions that have already been answered but were too good to lose! Double features of iconic (previously lost) episodes. 

Nov 27, 2021
Should Synch and Sunfire be a thing? (ft @Winnnnno)

Darwin is BACK, and we do a X-min tour through representation in interracial relationships, recording artist The Dream, some bits about Laura and the debut of "whoop" Pls 😮‍💨

Nov 23, 2021
**o s***** **c*m* a *****t? (ft @QuinoaNoir)

Come figure out what all this is! 

Nov 08, 2021
oooh, so you like the X-Men again (ft @nadiandchill)

Lots of real shaky liberal ideology happening in throwaway panels now that the mutants are officially back in spandex. Nadi hits the seat and slams the timer to talk about it. NOT one to miss. 

Nov 05, 2021
Who is Astrid Bloom? (ft @ohjeaux)

STRAP IN! This one goes into Giant-Sixze as we get all META, it's shout-outs, love-ins, and mess as Joe makes his official debut to talk about a mutant in dire need of love affection, and one of them redemption arcs all the yt men keep getting! Come get introduced to a brand new voice, and the unimitable (kinda) Ms Bloom! 

Nov 04, 2021
Will we ever see a Darkholme family reunion (ft @friendlyNBHDbi)

Destiny is BACK, so - beyond the obvious shit that's about to hit the fan - does that means we're finally going to see Blue Man Group come back together? I'm joined by Darkholme stan Lauren to discuss the "will they"'s and the "why"'s of this very dysfunctional family gathering. 

Nov 01, 2021
Who is Darwin (ft @winnnnno)

Reflexive adaptation has kept Darwin alive through a whole MESS of bullshit (including poor FOX franchises) 

Oct 27, 2021
Who‘s got supporting character syndrome (ft @Thehermeister)

THEY WERE ROBBED! I made this question because some of our mutants are getting done dirty, and there was no one better to call than @thehermeister. Here's a 5min preview as we chat relegated faves, fucked up trends, babysitting and the JubiLegion!

Oct 25, 2021
Which mutant ***d* A S*******t / g****p? (ft @theantibinge)

Mystery! go Listen! 

Oct 20, 2021
Does Emma know about Moira (ft @thesmythworks)

Inferno is inferning, so Evan comes back to guess how much Emma actually knows about the conspiracy she's blowing up.

Oct 18, 2021
a** the l*cu* VIL* an *n**t*D O5? (ft @joshcornillon)

You might think it's a bug, you might think I'm having a stroke, neither is true. I just realised, after a full year, that having a blindfold episode is kinda pointless if you're not also in on the fun, so from now on we'll be finding out what the question is together. You feel that? That's *immersion*. Hit play!  

Oct 16, 2021
Are the Arakkii mutants black? (ft @unimpressedfave)

From a demon dimension to an island, to a planet. It's been a hell of a year for the OG mutants, so Caleb joins me to discuss why so many black readers have seen them as a specifically black analogy. Also whether we're ready to claim them wholesale for the delegation. Of course, there's an extended section about Sobunar 🥴

Oct 15, 2021
Who is Oya (ft. @blerdminusfear)

It's time for you to get introduced! Get your life. Get your info. Your X starts now 

Oct 12, 2021
TEASER: Which mutant would have an Onlyfans (ft @blckbolex + @ororoswind)

We're leaning into the filth and talking about which mutant we could see relying on that body! You know you wanna hear this one! For the full mess, join us on Patreon.com/xofwords.

Oct 10, 2021
Why hasn‘t Storm been resurrected? (ft @alsopurp)

NEW GUEST! We talk about why your girl has so conspicuously avoided getting put in one o them big eggs. Is there (as we say repeatedly in this episode) a fly in the ointment? Is Emma a coloniser? WIll khalid cancel himself. All this and more! 

Oct 09, 2021
Who is Cipher (ft @ororoswind)

It's an Ororoswind episode, and something's shifted, because we go the full ten mins without a mention of Storm. We dig into the past, present and future of Ms Miss Me With It herself. Alisa Tager. Come get it. 

Oct 06, 2021
Will Lourdes Chantel gain her agency (ft @dreamoforgonon)

New to this podcast, but def not new to podcasts. This episode's guest is Connor of @cerebrocast. We dig up one of his personal faves (which would have been a morbid joke, before Marauders 22) to discuss twists, liberation, and COLLECTING YOUR CHILDREN. Jump in!

Oct 01, 2021
SPECIAL: What is Storm‘s most iconic costume (ft @ororoswind)

Here's an exclusive, rare release from the Patreon Vault (see what I did). Yannis shares his expert take on the best of the best of Ororo's weathery garments. This is a read-along using the Dautermann legendary cover. Get involved! 

Sep 29, 2021
What if Vault Darwin is Alive (Ft @thesmythworks)

EVAN IS BACK, our resident smooth-voiced protagonist has brought another theory to the table. Now hear us out...what if Darwin ain't dead in there? What does that mean? What might he be like now? WTF would we do about it? We answer these questions and more, all in ten (or so) minutes! 

Sep 27, 2021
Where are the new X-men? (ft @Al_dondo)

NEW NAME! NEW VOICE! Al first met me saying that he was an unrepentant New X-Men stan, and you can really feel the passion he has for that team in this episode. We chat about the breakup of the team,  the things we think they can do, the rosters we'd cape for, and...of course, Shark Girl! Get your fill!

Sep 25, 2021
Are we scared of Tarn? (ft @howdyduda)

Look, I'm not saying I'm actually scared of a fictional character but I - and Steve - have very legitimate, adult concerns about his impact on Krakao and maybe also the way his eyes follow you around if he's drawn on panel. Join us! 

Sep 23, 2021
TEASER: F**ck, Marry, Kill. X-Men edition (Ft @blckbolex & @theognachturne)

Lisa and Tevin, one libidinous question and a full mess. You know you want in! 

Sep 20, 2021
Who‘s gained the most from Krakoa (ft. @ThatnerdKris)

We're kinda on a run of talking about the characters that aren't on panel these days. So this one is about who's benefitted from the island, the time, the whole shebang. Join us for a quick ten! 

Sep 12, 2021
Ask XOW Anything (ft @blckbolex)

You Asked, We Answered. The timer runs (AND RUNS OUT) as Tevin and I try our best to say something worth hearing. I'd say we hit a strong medium! Come in for the madness and see all the original questions here: https://twitter.com/XofWords/status/1432687777146155015?s=20 

Sep 07, 2021
Is Krakoa enhancing mutants? (ft @thesmythworks)

Evan returns! he brings another white-hot theory, this time about the sacred land itself. We talk about the different types of resurrection, the different types of power-ups and who's being drawn sexy. 

Sep 04, 2021
What‘s the best X-Men film? (ft @_winley_)

Justin is - in a word - inspirational. In an indirect way by knowing a lot about film criticism and being able to create smooth cogent sentences, but then in the very literal way of being the first person to listen to me on the internet and one of the people who encouraged XOW. 

Here we intersect and he brings his expertise to the X-world by telling us, definitively, which X-film is thee best. Run it up! 

Sep 01, 2021
Will Wanda come back mutant? (ft @shatmanrules)


Aug 30, 2021
So... what are all the other mutants doing? (ft @laetimusa)

First-time guest LaetiMusa hits the timer with me to discuss, well, basically every other mutant in existence on the island! We talk about drinking ages, society-building and never having to pay for shit!

Aug 28, 2021
Would you resurrect Destiny? (ft @stephenNYmonsr)

Bringing back? Destiny? If you like it I love it! I'm joined by Stephen, who *would*, but admits redily he's crazy. Let's get into it! 

Aug 24, 2021
Do we vibe with the COTA kids? (ft @rudy_trev)

Let's talk to the kids! it's been a rollercoaster with these ones. They were mutants, then they weren't.  They were adorable, then weren't. They were allies, then...well...were they?? Rudy (and his dog) join to take the temp on the book, the kids, and the future. 

Aug 22, 2021
What do we think of the new X-Men team? (ft @thehermeister)

Arakki! Morlocks! Drama! Diversity! Hermes hits the mic to talk about their reactions and hopes for the team we've got, and the team we could get! Jump in! 

Aug 19, 2021
TEASER Who should get to kill sinister (ft @Gentcarl / @howdyduda)

Here's a 10 min preview of our special episode. We talk through the many (many) ppl in line to off Talcum Bae. It gets very chaotic at the end, as they all do, but the takes are good and so is the vibe: For the full ep join us on patreon.com/xofwords 

Aug 12, 2021
Who‘s your embarazzing mutant crush? (ft @calebjwarren)

It's my sincere wish that as few people as possible listen to this. Beyond this point is only shame. Only regret. Calebs here too. 

Aug 11, 2021
Who else might have killed Wanda (ft @podcastevo)

So we know the usual suspects, and we know who's standing trial, but we starting wondering about who ELSE might have a shady backstory, the opportunity, or just the sheer animosity to pull up on Wanda after the Gala. I'm joined by first-time guest Lisa who is sure that you'll be scandalised by her theory! 

Aug 09, 2021
Is Storm‘s role as regent a blessing or a curse? (ft @rodcommathe)

Welcome, a NEW GUEST! Not Storm, she's all up in the podcast. But Rod joins me for his baptism of fire to chat with me about what we hope happens now that our Queen is...well...basically the Queen of everything. Hit it! 

Aug 06, 2021
Which new mutant would you create? (ft. @shatmanrules)

the credo is to create more mutants, so Leon and I hit the timer on what new characters we'd make if we were behind the pens. Definitely glad that I asked the writer this one! It slaps. Hit play 

Jul 27, 2021
TEASER: Which Krakoan mutant can‘t be redeemed (ft. @unimpressedfave / @thatnerdkris / @gl2814_3)K

Whew, it's a mess!

Hit play as Michael, Caleb, and Kris go head to head campaigning about who's the most big fat smelling Oompa Loompa body ass bitch walking our good island! It's the clash of the assholes as we submit characters, bicker like 5 yo old siblings and BOTCH the outro. Literally, a blast to record. 

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did! 

Jul 23, 2021
Where the f**k is Blob? (ft@atom_person)

It's time for a new GUEST!! Welcome in Blob fanatic and Get Him Out That MF Bar campaign manager, Charlie. We hit that timer and chat about where Blob is, where he came from, and where he might be headed. Bit of a niche one huh! Get involved!  

Jul 21, 2021
Why is Sabertoothstill in the hole? (ft @howdyduda)

Is he a homocidal maniac? Yes 

Are we fans? No, not really 

Is he the ONLY homocidal maniac? Not even slightly! 

Is his jailing evidence of the rot in Charlie and Erika's judgment? 105% 

Get in loser, we're doing a jailbreak... 

Jul 19, 2021
Should mutants have a religion (ft @blckbolex)

We talk about the journey that's being taken in Way Of X and whether it's fair for Kurt to be trying to install a competing belief system when they already exist inside mutants. And if it IS, what shape should it take? Check us out, being all deep!

Jul 17, 2021
What's Cyclops' most iconic costume (ft @GL2814_3)

Michael joins me for an audaciously long conversation about the best things Scott Summers has ever worn into the field. Strap in (literally) and join us. You can see the Twitter Moment here: https://twitter.com/i/events/1415417394558812160?s=21

Jul 14, 2021
Why doesn't Moira want precogs on Krakoa(ft @thesmythworks)

We all know she's down there, just steady lurkin. But her antics can't last forever pls, we're becoming tired of Miss Basement. Eva - first time guest and legend - comes to chat about why we think she might be being discriminatory and what the big picture might be... 

Jun 29, 2021
Will Cosmar change the New Mutants? (ft @Theantibinge)

Anry is BACK, and this time we have no clue what the question is, but end up in a rip roaring tour of the politics of ugliness, why we're fucking over Anole and why we think Cosmar is the Gen Z to the New Mutants millennial. Check it out!!!

Jun 26, 2021
TEASER: What's the most legendary DOX panel? (ft @GL_2814_3 / @plusjosef / @howdyduda)

This is a special episode teaser, you can listen to the full 30 mins as a member of Patreon.com/xofwords. I'm tired of writing descriptions, it's about good panels, follow the Twitter moment here. You'll like it I promise! 

Jun 12, 2021
Can / should mutants go "home" again (ft @jcalebwarren)

This year has made some massive changes to the status quo. Brand new guest Caleb (a different one who seems to want all the smoke with the original) comes to talk about whether there's a way back, and what it's worth. 

Jun 09, 2021
What if an omega-level mutant died in Amenth? (ft @dameredbento)

So we know that dying in Amenth brings you back directed by Christopher Nolan, but what would happen if a real big gun kicked it in the bad place? First time guest Raven joins me to discuss. Also, we get the name of Amenth wrong consistently throughout because of course! X 

Jun 06, 2021
What are the best and worst HellfireGala looks? (ft. @nadiandchill / @keenlance_ / @Blckbloex)

We get into it (and I mean REALLY get into it) about the Looks from Marvel that'll be launching this week at the Hellfire Gala. Follow along with the conversation here https://twitter.com/i/events/1399826805381545990?s=20 .If you liked this teaser, join us on the Quiet Council over on Patreon for the full, uncut episode! https://www.patreon.com/xofwords 

Jun 02, 2021
What's the deal with Gorgon (ft @joshcornillon)

If you die in Othwerworld you don't come back the same. Incredible tenanted and occasionally thirsty artist Josh joins me for his first flight on XOW to talk about all the MVP of X of Swords and whether he's going to come back as we knew him....

May 22, 2021
Is Kid Cable actually Stryfe in disguise? (ft @mistertoybox)

Second time of Kid Cable appearing here, and we're hitting the timer to discuss whether Kid Cable is actually a super uncool guy on the low. It would explain some...unfortunate recent events imo. Jump in the seat with me and brand new guest Arturo to get all the deets! 

May 19, 2021
What does the Vault mean for Synch? (ft @invisiblelad007)

So, you've just spent about ten thousand years in a crazed mechanical city full of iPhone people who want to spin your wig 180 degrees. How do you change? How do you manage your facial hair? How do you stay in love with angry skewer lady?  Welcome a brand new guest, GAVIN (@invisiblelad007) to discuss

May 17, 2021
What are the biggest threats to Krakoa? (ft @unimpressedfave)

Ya'll wanna meet someone new! This week we welcome Caleb, who hits the timer on what we think the biggest threats to Krakoa and mutant-kind are, both on the panel and off it. Def one to catch as we move into a whole new era. 

May 06, 2021
What inspires ICONIC #HellFireGala looks? (ft @knifesystem)

Whew CHILE. This one's serious. Bradley and I sit down to talk about the inspiration behind their iconic original Hellfire looks. As always there's gotta be an X somewhere, so there are 10 looks to discuss. You can find the Twitter moment containing the looks discussed during this episode below, so come join!!!


Apr 29, 2021
Who should lead the new x-men team (ft @theantibinge)

SURPRISE! The new team's been announced so @Theantibinge and I figured we'd compare notes on who should be leading it, considering there's a fuckload of veterans on the roster! Check it out! 

Apr 19, 2021
Why isn't Madelyne allowed on Krakoa? (ft @blckbolex)

ANNOUNCING A BRAND NEW GUEST! We welcome Tevin (@Blckbolex) into the halls of XOW with a blazing first episode about the hiccups and hypocrisies that led to Madelyne Pryor being barred from the mutant paradise? 

Apr 16, 2021
What do we want for Anole's future (ft.@robbiemacniven)

Robbie, author of the Anole-focused Marvel novel 'First Team' hits the timer with me to chat what we want for the future, unsettling palm size differences and the final verdict on Buff Anole! Check it out!

Apr 13, 2021
Who would be a good nemesis for Storm (ft. @howdyduda)

BLINDFOLD EP: Steve hits the hot-chair to spend ten minutes and ten minutes only to answer a question neither of us could prepare for. Check in to see how we do, and who we think would be the perfect nemesis for Storm! 


It's one of the best yet!

Mar 13, 2021
Will Krakoa be around in five years? (ft. @Wes_andre97)

There are many threats to the new nation for mutants, some of which are within the stories, and some of which govern them. Wes and I give ourselves 10 whole minutes to tackle the question and somehow end up talking about...Spider-Man??? Hit play to hear our answers! 

Feb 13, 2021
Which mutants do we want to see more of? (ft. @Krakoanmimosa)

It's a brand new world, so who should get the spotlight? Jake joins me to burn our ten minutes deciding who would want to see next.. 

Feb 11, 2021
Would you create a chimera child? (ft. @LatinKrakoan)

Mutants in the future are pretty liberal with the gene-splicing, so brand new guest @latinkrakoan and I give ourselves ten good christian minutes to decide whether we, proud mutant parents, would alter our child for the good of the species. Yes, OUR child...you heard me! 

Feb 06, 2021
Which TEAM would you name the next X-Men?(ft.@TheAntiBinge)

We've voted for new members, we've voted to make a mutant, but now we ask which ENTIRE team we'd declare the next X-Men if we got the chance.

Feb 03, 2021

This is it, the debate between the two titans of the XMenVote season (#VoteSunspot & #VoteTempo). You've seen it on the TL, but you NEED to hear it live. We got laughs, drags, stand-offs and one impartial voter to convince! 

Feb 01, 2021
How should Krakoa deal with non-violent crimes? (ft @Keenanlance_)

There are laws on Krakoa to stop you from really fucking up, but on an island with no money, no property and no death, what should mutants do with people who are flouting the rules in other ways. @KeenanLance_ hits the guest seat for the first time to share some laughs and some fresh ideas. 

Jan 27, 2021
What do we want from Reign of X? (ft. @Theantibinge)

Arny's BACK! He joins me for the first of a brand new thing. Usually the quest picks the question, but this time we've left that up to random senseless chance. Expect spontaneity and some laughs through the future of mutants. 

Jan 24, 2021
Who's the better leader: Cyclops, Magneto or ProfessorX? (ft.@GL2814_3)

Things have changed for mutants a lot. Michael and I look at their long history, their present, and chat about who we'd pick as their leader. Hit play!!

Jan 17, 2021
Are the children of the atom chimeras? (ft @GentCarl)

They're coming, they're coming, but who are they? What are they? why do they have so many pouches. All these questions and more, hit the link and start your timers!

Jan 13, 2021
Who's the breakout star of the new era? (ft.@thatnerdkris)

We're doing a double feature. Kris is back in the hot seat to discuss the real breakout stars of the new mutant dawn. We're putting the crown on the head folks. Start your timers! 

Jan 09, 2021
How should we deal with Wanda? (ft. @thatnerdkris)

How do you solve a problem like Wanda? She's been the cause of the extinction that the mutants have now resisted, and old wounds are hard to forget. But with all the new eras and absolution going around, Kris and I talk about the status and the position of The Pretender. 

Jan 06, 2021
In X-Men 7, what represents "soul" in Krakoa (ft. @Nadiandchill)

New Year, new season, new guest, same great vibes and bitesize episodes! For our first episode we've taken a question for a listener and started the timer! Hit play and join us. 

Jan 02, 2021
What's the best moment of XOS? (Ft. @GL2814_3)

Welcome to the FINAL EPISODE OF THE SEASON, and the final episode of the year. We reflect on the first event in the new mutant  era of mutants by picking our favourite part. Michael knocks this one out of the park! 


Happy New Year y'all, and thanks for listening! 

Dec 30, 2020
Why can't Kitty use the gates? (ft. @magicalmatt42)

Kitty's embarrassing little problem gave us one of the stand-out books of the new era, so @magicalmatt and I dedicate our ten minutes to trying to figure out why she can't do what every other mutant can, and what that means for Krakoa and the future. Go hit play! 

Dec 28, 2020
Was Betsy robbed (ft. @thehermeister)

Betsy lost her battle, but Betsies very much won. We talk about the character, her fate and her possible futures. Start your timers! 

Dec 26, 2020
Why are all of Wolverine's enemies chaotic queers? (ft. @GentCarl)

Mystique, Daken, Solem, the list goes on. Carl and I delve into why so many of Logans nemesis transgress gender or sexual norms, and what that might mean (hold tight for the 11th hour gold insight)... 

Dec 25, 2020
Which Chimera would you make? (Ft @manofmystery99)

In the far future, mutants combine the DNA of legendary warriors to help keep the species alive. Rob and I turn on the ten minute timer to decide which chimeras we would make if it was up to us. Get ready to discover maybe the most SINISTER creation you've ever heard (see what I did there) 🥴

Dec 23, 2020
How do Isca's powers work? (ft. @Shatmanrules)

Leon and I tackle the fan-favourite question about the fan-favourite character. It's speculative and at times ridiculous. DO NOT MISS 🔥

Dec 21, 2020
Which mutant generation has to go? (ft. @theantibinge)

OK so you've got a gun to your head, right...and in this hypothetical yet traumatic situation the person doesn't want your money, they want you to erase a class of X-Men from the books. This is the position that @theantibinge and I imagined up for this episode. Here are our answers....

Dec 19, 2020
Is the Omega list correct? (ft. @Ororoswind)

Not all mutants are born equal, but is the list that represents the top of the top, the creme de la creme, really representative? @Ororoswind jumps into the XOW guest seat to discuss...

Dec 16, 2020
What's going on with Franklin Richards? (ft. @shatmanrules)

SPOILER ALERT: This episode is about the big change made to Franklin, @Shatmanrules comes back to chat up what we think about the decision, the future and the implications. He also spits out his tea....so you don't wanna miss that!

Dec 12, 2020
Were Storm and Death flirting (ft. @Howdyduda)

Although many of us know the ultimate outcome, there were more than a few hints that Death and Storm were building a more than oppositional relationship. Steve joins me and shares his take and his legendary laugh! 

Dec 09, 2020
Which is the best X-book right now? (ft.@GentCarl)
I sit with GentCarl and decide definitely once and for all which is the best mutant comics hitting the shelves right now. Wanna know which one we picked...well there's only one way to find out....
Dec 06, 2020
Are mutants supremacists now? (ft. @Wes_andre97)

@Wes_andre97 and I explore all the ways that no. Just no.

Nov 28, 2020
Is X of Swords big enough for Storm? (ft. @ororoswind)

With a mutant of her power and depth, we talk about whether she's being used to her fullest potential in the X-Mens biggest and best event....

Nov 26, 2020
Will we see Rasputin again? (ft. @Aligalactic)

She's the best RASPUTIN, but will we see her in panels before the future becomes too bleak. @Aligalactic and I sit down and discuss the details and our hopes. 

Nov 22, 2020
Is Krakoan culture alien? (ft. @GL2814_3)
We've been introduced to a whole new nation, but how do we feel about what's going on there? @GL2814_3 and I chat about floating houses and why Jean is fucking up traditional education...
Nov 20, 2020
How do we feel about Charles Xavier? (ft.@shatmanrules)

The mutant world has changed, and so has Professor X. We talk with @shatmanrules about how this new era has (or hasn't) changed our take. 

Nov 18, 2020
New Cable or Old Cable? (ft.@TheAntiBinge)

Mutants have conquered death, but Cable didn't make it on the boat. @theantibinge and I chat about which version we're fans of... 

Nov 16, 2020