Secrets for an Awesome Life

By Joey Mascio

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Category: Education for Kids

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Have you ever seen someone completely enjoying life? Living to their fullest, not brought down by anyone or anything, totally having their stuff together? It's almost like they know secrets you don't. This show is about those secrets. Don't worry. Not very many people know these secrets. Or if they do, they don't apply them. These secrets are skills and mindsets not taught in any college or high school course. We may have heard of them, but no one taught us how to actually apply them to our lives. Which is a shame, because when you apply them, your life becomes more awesome. That's why I created this podcast, for young adults who are looking to up the awesome level in their lives. I am Joey Mascio and I’m a certified from the Life Coach School where I was trained by Master Life Coach Brooke Castillo. I am also a Be Bold Master with Jody Moore. I take the strategies and tools I’ve learned from these two powerful women, and lots of my own and adapt them for teenagers and young adults. I am also a middle school teacher and counselor, a proud father of three, and a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Episode Date
Falling Behind

How many assignments have you fallen behind before? 2? 3? 10?? It's not always easy to do the work to catch up. In this episode, I talk about why that is and how you can get the motivation to stop yourself from falling... behind.

Apr 29, 2021
Mental Fences

You are living smaller than you can be. What's holding you back? What's stopping you from living a bigger life, one where you are more free to be who you want to be? The answer? Mental fences.

In this episode, we talk about how to plow through those mental fences that are holding you back.

Apr 15, 2021
Consumed by Negativity?

You have a super power that helps you hyperfocus on things. What are you using yours for? Focusing on the bad? On the good? On the annoying?

In this episode, we hear a poem in the style of Shel Silverstein about a girl named Kimmy Caroline Crustaecia Cred based off of the life of my guest, Kim Lukens, teen life coach.

You can connect with Kim at or find her on TikTok on @kimlukens

Mar 25, 2021
Making Decisions

Have you ever been stuck in indecision? What would happen if you were stuck there forever? The time it takes for you to decide to take action directly correlates to the likelihood that you'll stick with the action you're taking, so once you have all the information in front of you, make a choice and take some action!

Mar 11, 2021
Did You Burn Your Future?

Are you letting your past determine your future? You don't have to. Even if you did something pretty bad, like setting school property on fire...

In this episode I have on my first guest! Fellow Firmly Founded coach Ben Pugh (Parents, totally check out his awesome podcast "Impact: Parenting With Perspective")

Feb 25, 2021
The Superman Elixir

What if there was a magic potion, an elixir, you could take that would turn you into a super-powered human?? Guess what, there IS! And it'll give you the best kind of superpowers... the REAL kind.

Feb 12, 2021
Bonus: From Peasant to Royalty

In this bonus episode I not only tell you how to accomplish your biggest hopes, dreams, and goals for 2021, but I also tell you how to win a $50, $100, or a $150 Amazon gift card!

Double prizes!!

Jan 22, 2021
In the Zone

Are you staying comfortable or are you pushing yourself to go a little further. Do a little more? That is the only place you find growth in your life. In the zone between the comfort of doing what you're capable of and the frustration of trying to do too much.

How much time do you spend in the zone?

Nov 20, 2020
Our Most Prized Possession

What is your most prized possession? Mine is my Obol. It's a cereal bowl that stops soggy cereal from happening! It's amazing. But, what is the human race's most prized possession? I would say it's our prefrontal cortex. It stops us from eating soggy thoughts. Are you using yours??

Oct 29, 2020
Life Changing Experiences

Life changing experiences are awesome and I suggest having as many of them as possible. But, have you ever noticed that not long after the experience, life usually doesn't seem all that changed anymore? In this episode I talk about how to get the most out of life changing experiences and I share one of my favorite parables of all time, the Parable of the Crow.

Oct 15, 2020
Wise and Foolish

I found a new lesson from this old story. There are actually two versions of the wise and the foolish man building their houses on varying levels of stable ground. The lesson I pulled from the slightly lesser-known version blew my mind. Maybe it will blow your mind, too. Maybe not. Depends if you're wise or foolish...

Oct 08, 2020
Pit Stops

Life is often compared to a race. If life is a race, then the pit stops are the key to success in life. In this episode, I talk about the many types of pit stops and crew chiefs teens and young adults have in their life. Coming in for a pit stop with the right people can help them run at top speed when they get back out on the track of life.

Sep 24, 2020
Brain Stowaways

If it's taking you longer to get to where you want to go, or you're struggling with the journey, then you might have some stowaway beliefs in your brain. A stowaway belief is a thought that makes reaching your goal more difficult, and is oftentimes the source of the most pressing problems in your life. This episode goes over how to find them and how to throw them overboard.

Sep 17, 2020
Creating Focus

I coach lots of teens and young adults who say they get distracted easily. Whether it's because of something diagnosable, like ADHD, or whether they're just simply prone to distraction like the majority of people these days, the main issue with not being able to focus is not having enough interest in whatever it is you are needing to focus on.

What if you could create interest and therefore create focus?

Sep 10, 2020
Born to Be You

Do you have a passion, a hobby, a dream that you want to pursue but for some reason you're not? Maybe it was something that someone said. Maybe it's how you are afraid other people might view you. Maybe it's because you think you won't be any good at it. Whatever the reason, this episode drops three truths that will help you stop stopping yourself from being the person you were born to be.

Sep 03, 2020
Peaceful Panic Attacks

Can you have a peaceful panic attack? Be calm about how angry you are? Be satisfied with your frustration? I submit to you that you can. Not only is it possible, but not stacking negative emotions is the secret for an awesome life that will keep you feeling in control when your emotions seem out of control.

Aug 28, 2020
Starting Something New

We all start something new at some point. A new grade, a new job, or a new relationship, for example. How you go into it has a big effect on how you come out of it. In this episode I go over the five mindsets to have at the start of any new endeavor.

Aug 21, 2020
How to Fail Successfully

They say successful people do things unsuccessful people don't want to do. One of those things is failing. The ability to fail and not have it stop you, debilitate you, cause you to give up on your dreams, is the true secret of success. When people fail to succeed it's because they do not know how to successfully fail. You heard me, there is a right way and a wrong way to fail.

Are you failing at failing?

Aug 14, 2020
You Find What You're Looking For

Our brains are amazing and they want to help us out. So they will see things the way we want to see it, find the things we want to find. Whether we are aware that we "want" to find it or not. What are you looking for in the world? Hate? Danger? Doubt? You'll find it. What about love? Safety? Faith? You'll find that, too. It's all there to be found. The question is, what are you looking for?

Aug 07, 2020
Real Joys & Fake Toys

We all have things we don't want to give up. Even if we know we should. Video games. Too many hours on Netflix TikTok or YouTube. Attitudes. Hatred. The person you might be dating. I get it. It's hard to give up some things that we enjoy, even if it's bad for us in the long run. But what if something is waiting to replace it. Something better. Something lasting. Something...real?

Jul 25, 2020
Summer of Transformation

We are all in a transition period right now: SUMMER! Schools are closed, even though they've been closed for about four months now, and young adults are transitioning to the next chapter of their lives. What can you do to make this transition a transformation? To not just move on to the next level of school, but to move up to the next level of you?

Jul 16, 2020
Rocking Any Relationship

I'm just going to say it: most people are viewing relationships wrong. It's not your fault, it's the way movies and TV portray them. BUT, all that is about to change today. Right now. In this podcast. I will present to you a life-changing, mind-altering, power-inducing way to look at relationships. Be warned, once you hear this, you'll never look at relationships the same again...and that will probably be for the best.

Jul 01, 2020
Taking Action

Nancy ends up trapped in her car at the bottom of the ocean floor. What she does to get out will astound you.

There are two types of action you can be taking toward your goals and dreams: massive action and passive action. In this episode, I talk about what the difference is and what that might look like for teens. I also go over the unpleasant feelings that stop us from taking action.

Jun 24, 2020
Us vs. Them

Our brain wants to separate things into simple, clear containers. So, oftentimes when there is a complicated issue (or even a not-so-complicated one) our brain will paint an "Us vs. Them" picture. In this episode Joey talks to teens about what that perception might be doing in their lives and how to change it, if they want to.

Jun 18, 2020
Black and Blue

I process the world around me by writing. I wrote this in response to the civil unrest and chaos going on in America right now.

My next episode will go into the symbolism and meaning of the poem. Though, hopefully like any good literary work, you can derive your own meanings from it.

Jun 11, 2020
Now What? A Message for High School Grads

Going from high school to whatever is next is the craziest, most drastic transition of anyone's life. In this episode, I talk to teens who have just graduated. I tell them the most important thing to realize and 5 things to keep in mind as they go forward to college, career, or wherever their journey takes them.

Jun 03, 2020
Negative Narrative

Life is rarely a clear cut story with all the details neatly filled in. Our brains naturally bridge the gaps of what isn't clear with narrative about other people's motives, our position in the world, and what the future will be. Teens' brains, along with the rest of us, sometimes choose to write negative narrative to fill in those blank pages. That negative narrative changes the way we feel and ultimately show up in the world.

May 20, 2020
How Not to Get Walked On
No teen wants to be walked all over or taken advantage of. We don't want to feel weak or like we're a push over. But, we are afraid if we try to be kind or give people the benefit of the doubt, then they'll step all over us. We feel the need to be "strong" by standing up for ourselves and not letting other people take advantage of us.
However, in order to stop feeling like we are being walked on, other people don't have to do anything. We have to do something. Two things, actually. Change our view and enact boundaries. Doing those two things is the difference between being a door and a doormat.
May 07, 2020
Improv Tips to Improve Any Social Situation

Having been trained in improv comedy, I realized that many of the rules of the art of making up stuff on the spot can be used in everyday conversations.

The 6 Improv rules I talk about in this episode are:
- Yes, And
- Choose to Know
- Someone’s gotta lose
- Make the other person look good
- First, second, and third on
- End with a Button

I explain how teens can apply these tips in social settings to make talking with other people go a whole lot smoother.

Apr 30, 2020
Waiting Sucks

Many teens are feeling trapped inside their house right now. Like a prisoner of war. So, I thought I'd tell the story of an actual POW and see what we can learn from how he dealt with a really bad situation while being held as a prisoner if Vietnam.

Apr 24, 2020
Dreams Come True (and Nightmares, Too)

What we think about becomes reality. Every time.

So, if you are thinking about your dreams often they are more likely to come true. But, if you are thinking about your nightmares often, those will become reality. Which will be horrible if your worst nightmare is being chased by a giant spider!

But, for realsies, your thoughts show up in your results. If you are constantly thinking you can't do something then you won't. If you are thinking you'll fail at something then you will.

In this episode, I tell a story from my high school experience that changed my life forever.

Apr 16, 2020
How to Make Enemies

Forget about making friends, I want to teach you how to make enemies. Because once you learn how to do that, you can stop. If you want.

This episode covers how teens can dissolve the enemies in their lives and feel happier and safer in social settings.

Apr 08, 2020
The Cure for Insecurity

Got a case of insecurity? There's a cure for that. And it's not what you think.

Many people think if you want to be more secure you have to be more successful. Wrong-o!

That's like treating a broken leg by giving the person a pair of crutches. That might help them get around, but unless you treat that broken leg they are going to need those crutches for a looong time.

Mar 31, 2020
They're Called Feelings, Brah

In times of stress, anger, sadness or depression, many teens have asked, "What's wrong with me?"

Nothing is wrong with you. You just have feelings. And if you don't know what feelings are, where they come from, or what to do with them, then it can seem like something has gone horribly wrong when you feel them.

But it hasn't.

In this episode I explore the mystery that are emotions and how all of them, even the bad ones, are a normal part of life.

Mar 30, 2020
The Source of Ultimate Power!!

Your power in life–your ability to show up as the person you want to be at all times–is directly connected to your self-worth. If you think you have lots of worth, then your power goes up. If you think you ain't worth two nickels in a pile of dirt, then your power flutters away.

What if you could find the source of absolute worth? Then you find the source of absolute power. And you'd pretty much be an unstoppable force. I clue you in to the source of unlimited power in this episode.

Mar 25, 2020
How Not To Go Cray Cray During this Shutdown

Pretty much all teens everywhere have been grounded for a month or two due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This much time at home alone without the ability to socialize can get boring and depressing.

In this episode I give some tips on controlling your thoughts and creating some structure to your days so that you won't go stark, raving mad.

Mar 25, 2020
Are You The Hero or the Sidekick in Your Own Story?

Do you view yourself as the hero or the sidekick in your life? If you're not sure, consider the following:

Heroes have the power to change their fate. Sidekicks do not.

A hero knowns that every failure or setback will eventually lead to their victory. Sidekicks do not.

Heroes save themselves. Sidekicks need to be saved by someone else.

Heroes put themselves front and center in their lives. Sidekicks take the back seat to others.

How do you view yourself?

If you don't currently view yourself as the hero of your own story, that's okay. The good news is you can become your own hero whenever you're ready.

Mar 25, 2020