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ORIGINAL #4 Chris Nash | Dance Photographer
Renowned dance photographer, Chris Nash, talks to Dan and Jane about how he met the very first dancer he photographed. A moment that changed is life and career path to become one of the dance world's most sought after stills photographers. Through his touring exhibitions he has built an international reputation and has been described by The Guardian as "Our most imaginative interpreter of Dance."
May 25, 2021
How do you react when someone tells you the end of the film or whodunnit in your favourite binged TV show? Dan and Jane went to the cinema for the first time in 18 months. They chose to see SOUND OF METAL (Dir Darius Marder) at the BFI. #SpoilerAlert! They give away parts of the story in the second half of the podcast, but begin by discussing what knowing the end of a story does to the telling of it and how our listening is shaped by what we anticipate the ending might be.
May 19, 2021
ORIGINAL #3: Sam Adams | Storyteller | Drama Therapist
Sam Adams is an actress, storyteller and drama therapist. She teaches at The University of Roehampton, Central School of Speech and Drama and works with Unicorn Theatre, National Theatre, Primary Shakespeare Company and The National Theatre. She talks to Dan and Jane about plays she's devised that link her to her past. "I’m trying to heal myself and meet with my ancestors and allow them to come into the space, to meet these other people that don’t know or understand about the trauma of blackness…" Sam Adams
May 12, 2021
Using Image & Narrative in Therapy for Trauma, Addiction & Recovery
Narativ directors Dan Milne and Jane Nash contributed to a book that came out in April called "Using Image & Narrative in Therapy for Trauma, Addiction & Recovery" - edited by James D West. Narativ founder Murray Nossel also wrote a chapter where he talks about the work he did with the Brooklyn AIDS Program at the height of the epidemic in 1994. Here's a link to that very first iteration of Narativ's storytelling methodology for people with HIV and AIDS Other contributors to the book include James West (editor) Charles Brown; Tom Barber & Sandra Westland; Tony Gammidge; Emma Hollamby; Anthea Hendry; Carlotta Raby; Dominic T Plant; Nili Sigal; Dominik Havsteen-FranklinRichard Kidgell & Janice Lobhan; Gillian Solomon; Sheila Butler; Martin Weegman; Tania Korsak Najma, Tania Kaczynski & Jon Martyn & Sarah Deco. Available now on AMAZON
May 04, 2021
ORIGINAL #2: Olivia Hirst | Playwright & Actor... sometimes...
Everybody has a Story. In these conversations Jane and Dan invite selected guests in to explore what they consider to be the origins of who they are and what they do, and how their own stories show up in their work, their creative practise or their mission. In this conversation Olivia Hirst talks about her first play at the Edinburgh Festival that she devised knowing she carried BRCA1, a genetic mutation which increases her possibility of getting breast and ovarian cancer. She talks about the strong women in her family who also feature in the play and other productions she's since produced at The New Diorama Theatre in London. Notably The Incident Room which investigates the investigation of the Yorkshire Ripper.
Mar 24, 2021
ORIGINAL #1 : Karen Fisch | Performer, Activist, Artist & Drag King Frankie Sinatra.
Everybody has a Story. In these conversations Jane and Dan invite selected guests in to explore what they consider to be the origins of who they are and what they do, and how their own stories show up in their work, their creative practise or their mission. In this conversation Karen Fisch talks about her early days as a Greenham Common activist and how playing music and singing during that time grew into her performing as George Micheal and Frank, or Frankie Sinatra and her participation of the documentary REBEL DYKES which opens as part of the BFI FLARE Festival this week. @kingfrankiesina @rebeldykes @housemanvoice @kingfrankisina @BFI
Mar 15, 2021
Making Theatre With Your Story
Dan Milne tells the fascinating origin story of Narativ. Twenty years ago Dan directed Paul Browde and Murray Nossel in a theatre piece called TWO MEN TALKING. The telling of their personal stories about growing up in South Africa took them to New York, London, South Africa, The Edinburgh Festival and beyond. That theatrical journey grew and gave birth to the storytelling and listening that is the Narativ Method used today. In a completion of the circle, many of the participants of Narativ workshops go on to develop their personal stories into theatre and other creative works. Look also at our ORIGINAL series where we talk to theatre makers and other creatives about how they use their personal stories in their work. This short series of podcasts will talk about some of those works.
Feb 04, 2021
Past, Present & Future
Dan and Jane talk about the past year and setting and intention for the new one. If you'd like to join a Narativ Story Circle, subscribe to our newsletter for updates and invitations at
Jan 12, 2021
Be Here Now
Narativ director Jane Nash guides a meditation to help connect to the present moment and awaken your senses.
Dec 17, 2020
Compassion: The Challenge of Listening with this Powerful Quality
Narativ Ground Rule #5 is We are responsible for listening to ourselves and one another with compassion, infinite ability and creativity. Dan and Jane talk about having compassion for ourselves during a challenging time and hearing, for the first time, compassion expressed for a person who committed a terrible crime. LISTEN to the BBC Radio broadcast that Jane talks about here:~
Nov 26, 2020
All Words Have Energy ~ Ground Rule #1
Dan and Jane talk about the power of words and their ability to transform through Narativ Ground Rule #1 #Co-accounting @CoAccSL #PatsyRodenberg #Presidentialelection #thepoweroflistening #listening
Nov 10, 2020
We Can't Stop Talking About Listening
Jane and Dan return to discussing the Power of Listening and how the new world needs it more than ever. They talk Presidential debates and mute buttons, culture change in the corporate world, and how Listening always starts with ourselves. Guy Garvey Listening Project Story Corps
Nov 03, 2020
Business Storytelling Pt2
The second part of our podcast on Business Storytelling. Dan and Jane talk about telling Origin Stories, Milestone Stories, Impact Stories and Future Stories for your business.
Sep 14, 2020
Business Storytelling ~ Where Do I Start? Pt1
Part One: Dan and Jane talk about finding and telling the story for you business.
Jul 13, 2020
What If I Don't Have A Story?
Jane and Dan talk about the importance and power of telling your personal story.
Jul 10, 2020
Radical Listening
Jane and Dan talk about the relationship between the pandemic and the BLM protest, about advocacy and the generative power of listening in this moment to create a space where all voices are heard.
Jun 11, 2020
What I Discovered Telling My Mother's Story... Pt2
PART TWO of Jane and Dan discussing telling your Mother's story for the Word Mother Storytelling Project. WATCH the World Mother Storytelling Project on YouTube…&
May 29, 2020
The Kindness of a Stranger...
Jane Nash tells a true story about a rain storm and the kindness of a stranger for Mental Health Awareness Week 2020...
May 21, 2020
What I Discovered Telling My Mother's Story... Pt1
Jane and Dan discuss telling your Mother's story for the Word Mother Storytelling Project. WATCH the World Mother Storytelling Project on YouTube
May 20, 2020
Telling Your Mother's Story...
Jane and Dan talk about Narativ's World Mother Storytelling Project and the live event on Sunday 10th May. Narativ London were part of the WORLD MOTHER STORYTELLING PROJECT that was streamed live online from The Town Hall in New York City. The event was created and presented by Narativ Founder Murray Nossel. Children listen to and tell their mother's stories. WATCH the event on Youtube
May 17, 2020
Routine, Ritual & Storytelling in These Times ~ April 23rd 2020
Dan and Jane talk about not breaking a fast with family at the end of Ramadan and family rituals and traditions - those newly created in isolation and those remembered from childhood.
Apr 23, 2020
What are we learning during this time? ~ April 16th 2020
As the UK extends another three weeks in lockdown, Dan and Jane talk about what lessons we might be learning during this period and finding purpose when no end to the collective story is in sight.
Apr 16, 2020
What Does It Mean to be a Leader? ~ April 14th 2020
Dan and Jane discuss what leadership means as we all face the new circumstances of our lives. Whether in government, in the media, in expert knowledge, in our communities or in our homes, what do want and need and how can we find personal leadership for ourselves.
Apr 14, 2020
Working as a Team in a Period of Isolation ~ April 7th 2020
Jane and Dan talk about the challenge of continuing to work as a productive team at this moment, touching on issues of communication, managing the new 'work-life' balance, boundarying meetings and finding a sense of personal leadership.
Apr 07, 2020
What is Clearing Listening? ~ April 1st 2020
Dan and Jane explain the Narativ Method™ of Clearing Your Listening. Join them every weekday at 9am (BST)in their Zoom meeting room to take a mindful moment to settle, connect with your body and notice what is going on in your mind. Clearing releases the obstacles and distractions that are getting in the way of being present and to set a positive intention for the day. Zoom link ~
Apr 01, 2020
Here and Now ~ March 23rd 2020
Dan talks about using the senses to become present in the moment and simultaneously to transport you to another time and place in your life.
Mar 23, 2020
Isolation & Connection In These Times ~ March 13th 2020
Jane and Dan talk about the challenges of isolation and connection with others during the coronavirus pandemic.
Mar 13, 2020
A Conversation About Listening ~ March 5th 2020
Dan and Jane talk about the different elements of listening. How to be a good listener and what effects our ability to listen to one another.
Mar 05, 2020
What's The Dominant Narrative? ~ Feb 27th 2020
Dan and Jane talk about the idea of dominant stories and how it relates to the current issue of representation in our culture starting with the Oscars...
Feb 27, 2020
We Are All Artists ~ Feb 13th 2020
Dan and Jane talk about being playful with Ground Rule 8 of the Narativ Method - We Are All Artists, Free To Live Outside Any Box. Everyone is an artist. Being open to ideas like an artist. Exploring every possibility. The definition of creativity. Defining the difference between being an artist and being creative. The difference between art and craft might be subjective.
Feb 13, 2020
Everybody Has A Story
Dan and Jane talk about personal story. Everybody has a story. What's yours?
Feb 06, 2020