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By Jennifer Houghton

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Category: Parenting

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The Official Turtle Creek Lane Podcast, where we talk about Family, Decor, Health, and whatever else we feel like :)

Episode Date
Food, Fuel, and Fat: My FASCINATING Conversation with Metabolic Scientist, Dr. Ben Bikman

Every time we swallow food, our body makes a decision about what to do with those calories. 

Your body chooses to either: 

  1. Store the calories as fat
  2. Burn the calories as energy

Have you ever wondered how your body makes that decision?

In this episode, Dr. Bikman and I answer this question and talk about all things human metabolism. We discuss:

  • How our bodies decide what to do with the food we eat (burn as energy, or store as fat)
  • What types of food send the message "store fat" and what foods send the message "burn fat"
  • How insulin works in our bodies
  • Our family's new favorite food product, and why we LOVE it 
  • If sweeteners are okay, and if so, which ones to use and which ones to avoid
  • How insulin plays a role in the transmission of COVID 19
  • What Dr. Bikman and I eat, and what we feed our families and kids
  • Dr. Bikman's new book "Why We Get Sick"

If you enjoy this podcast, please share it! This information is not well known outside of highly educated social circles, so let's do our part to share this powerful information!

If you have questions, please let me know! Maybe we can have a follow up podcast to get your questions answered!

TCL Healthy Living Guide:

HLTH Code Meal Replacement (use code TCL10 for 10% off):

Dr. Ben Bikman's Book:

Aug 12, 2020
3 Secrets to Sibling Unity

I interview my oldest son, Steven, and we talk about the 3 systems Steve (my husband) and I used to instill unity in our kids. Hope you enjoy!

Apr 24, 2020
How We Eat

In today’s episode, my son Steven and daughter McKenna Kate join me as we talk about how our family eats. We talk about the “Refined Carbs Deal” our family has done for the last 9 months, how it works, what we like about it, and if we will keep it up once the year is up! 

Hope you enjoy :)

Mar 31, 2020