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Kate Hancock is a serial entrepreneur, investor and international speaker who was born and raised on the small island of Camiguin Island, Philippines. She started a company with $20 and made it to the Inc 5000 list of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America twice. She has been featured in over 40+ publications including Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Business Rockstars, Forbes, Inc, Asian Journal and named one of the 100 women of the future. Now she dedicates her life to helping other women attain their dreams of being an entrepreneur and growing their business. Founder's Story is more than an interview, it is a live, candid and open conversation getting to know amazing people who tell their stories through triumph and perseverance. They are CEO's, entrepreneurs, and influencers from around the world. They will speak about challenges, failures, and what they learned along the way. You will feel inspired, and motivated and have the power to make a change today.

Episode Date
Founder's Story with Jake Karls | S2: E5
Dec 08, 2023
Founder's Story with Sean Kelly | S2: E4
Dec 02, 2023
Founder's Story with Jeff Fenster | S2: E3
Nov 29, 2023
Founder's Story with Gary Vaynerchuk | S2: E2
Nov 22, 2023
Founder's Story with Rob Dyrdek | S2: E1
Nov 07, 2022
What It Means to Be ICONIC? | Ep. 64 A Founder's Story with the Author of the Best Selling Book, ICONIC, Scott Mckain
Feb 05, 2022
Past President of Playboy and Lion Capital Partner | Ep. 62 with Matthew Nordby
Jan 26, 2022
Grow Your Business From Start Up to Exponentially Successful Scale | Ep. 61 With In-Demand Business Coach, Larry Snyder
Dec 16, 2021
What You Must Believe to Becoming a Successful Business Owner | Ep. 60 with the Leading Mindset and Behavior Expert, John Assaraf
Dec 03, 2021
How You Can Effectively and Immensely Scale Up Your Brand | Ep. 59 with Scaling Up Founder, Verne Harnish
Nov 27, 2021
How Reebok became a Billion Dollar Company | Ep. 58 with Reebok CoFounder Joe Foster
Oct 25, 2021
All Things Franchising, Systems and Processes | Ep. 57 with Successful Serial Entrepreneur Tony DiSilvestro
Oct 18, 2021
Do You Have What it Takes to Be an Entrepreneur? | Ep. 56 Take the Entrepreneurial Leap with Gino Wickman
Oct 08, 2021
Every Successful Business Needs Marketing and Profits | Ep.55 with NYT Best Selling Author of Profit First Mike Michalowicz
Sep 02, 2021
How to Build Billion Dollar Companies | Ep.54 with Serial Entrepreneur Jeff Hoffman
Jul 14, 2021
From Brick Layer to Millions | Ep.53 with Steve Sims Concierge to Millionaires and Billionaires
Jul 09, 2021
Helping eCommerce, tech, and digital business owners improve their financial fluency | Ep.52 with Rachel Scava
Jun 19, 2021
How to Live a Life of Purpose | Ep. 51 with Carol Baskin of Big Cat Rescue
Jun 02, 2021
Building an empire on Amazon | Ep. 50 with Serial Entrepreneur Jin Chon
Apr 29, 2021
How to Master Instagram and Your Social Media Strategy | Ep. 49 with Instagram Expert Jasmine Star
Apr 22, 2021
Being a Political Trailblazer | Ep. 48 with Bushra Amiwala
Apr 11, 2021
How to Lead with your Heart and See Consistent Success | Ep. 47 with Serial Entrepreneur Vinnie Fisher
Apr 04, 2021
Buying a Business is Better than Starting a Business | Ep. 46 with Entrepreneur and Investor Codie Sanchez
Mar 12, 2021
From Humble Beginnings to the Top of His Industry | Ep. 45 with Creative Entrepreneur Chris Do
Feb 25, 2021
Maximizing on Clubhouse, Building a Community and Creating the Entrepreneurial Movement on Clubhouse | Ep. 44 with Daniel, Kate, Jodeen, Jason and William.
Jan 28, 2021
"Exit Rich" and Create Wealth Day 1 | Episode 43 with Entrepreneur and Author Michelle Seiler Tucker
Jan 06, 2021
Leading AI expert and How AI is Changing the World | Ep. 42 with Rana Gujral
Dec 20, 2020
Civility Rules | Ep. 41 with Shelby Scarbrough
Dec 11, 2020
How an Irish Immigrant went from Side Hustle to Millions | Ep. 40 with Cathryn Lavery co-founder and CEO of Best Self
Nov 19, 2020
Creating Generation Wealth Over 4 Decades | Ep. 39 with Myrna Yao
Nov 08, 2020
Buying a Business Today at Zero Down | Ep. 38 with Roland Frasier
Oct 27, 2020
The Pivot Queen, Vulnerability and Entrepreneurship | Ep. 37 Kate Being Interviewed by Fredrick Bussey
Oct 18, 2020
From Branding is Sex to Irrational Loyalty | Ep. 36 with Branding Guru Deb Gabor
Oct 01, 2020
From Part Time Vloggers to Over 58 Million Views | Ep. 35 with George and Lucy creators of the Juicy Vlog
Sep 15, 2020
From Selling a Company to Being a Nasa Space Tester | Ep. 34 with Christina Harbridge CEO Allegory Inc
Sep 07, 2020
Dropping Out of College to TV Host to Top Podcast in Asia | Ep. 33 with Joyce Pring Creator of Adulting with Joyce Pring
Aug 24, 2020
From a $60 Million Exit to Helping Thousands of Women | Ep. 32 with Shelley Zalis
Aug 15, 2020
Global Leader Created New Passion During a Pivot | Ep. 31 with Andrea Herrera Founder of Boxperience
Aug 08, 2020
From Employee to Founder | Ep. 30 with Gail Davis Founder GDA Speakers
Aug 01, 2020
Human Behavior Hacker | Ep. 29 with Susan Ibitz Founder of Human Behavior Lab
Jul 28, 2020
From Fortune 500 Executive to Helping Build Legacies | Ep. 28 with CEO Sarah Lyons Gibbons
Jul 15, 2020
Growing Up Poor to Co-Founding Successful Law Firm | Ep. 27 with Lawyer Christina Geraci
Jul 12, 2020
Most Sought After Professor at Harvard Business School | Ep. 26 with Professor Frances Frei
Jun 10, 2020
How to Run a Successful Company in a Male Dominated Industry | Ep. 25 with Kristin Mclane President of CIMX Software
Jun 07, 2020
Thrive During Times of Disruption | Ep. 24 with CEO and Best Selling Author Charlene Li
May 27, 2020
From Farmers Market to 30,000 Stores | Ep. 23 with Vanessa Dew Co-Founder of Health-Ade Kombucha
May 22, 2020
From One Pillow Case to 4 Million Dollars | Ep. 22 with Margalit Grunberger Entrepreneur and Certified Coach
May 14, 2020
Top Maritime Company in the Philippines | Ep. 21 with Mary Ann I. Pastrana Co-Founder of FastCat
May 12, 2020
From Tech to over $100 Million Health Lifestyle Brand | Ep. 20 with Kara Goldin CEO Hint
May 10, 2020
From Bounced Checks to Private Jets and the Mastery of Miracles | Ep. 19 with Hazel Ortega CEO of Ortega Counseling
May 08, 2020
From $20 to the Inc 5000: Our Host Story | Ep. 18 with Kate Hancock
May 04, 2020
High School Dropout and Single Mom Paved Her Way to Success | Ep. 17 with Kate Morgan CEO Boston Human Capital Partners
May 03, 2020
Hardship, Being an Immigrant, and Not Feeling Like You Belong | Ep. 16 with Katty Douraghy Founder of Cre8action
May 02, 2020
From Jazz Artist to Inc 5000 and A-List Clientele | Ep. 15 with Natasha Miller Founder/CEO of Entire Productions
Apr 29, 2020
From Teacher to 7 Figure Business | Ep. 14 with Miranda Naiman CEO and Founder of Empower
Apr 29, 2020
Divorce Lawyer Turned Entrepreneur | Ep. 13 with Wendy Jaffe CEO and co-founder of and
Apr 27, 2020
Crafting the Right Brand Message During Uncertain Times | Ep. 12 with Shama Hyder CEO of Zen Media
Apr 24, 2020
Award-winning entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker and Podcast Host | Ep. 11 with Dr. Cortney Baker Founder of KidsCare Home Health
Apr 17, 2020
Candid Conversations with Kalika Yap and Kate | Ep. 10 with Kalika Yap CEO Citrus Studios
Apr 16, 2020
Moving Up the Corporate Ladder and Finding Your Purpse | Ep. 9 with Carrie Santos CEO of EO
Apr 15, 2020
Dropped Out of College and Created a Company then Exited | Ep. 8 with Marisa Fong
Apr 13, 2020
Growing a Family Business into a Mission Driven Empire and Beyond | Ep. 7 with Fauzia Malik CEO at Cool Blue
Apr 11, 2020
Strategist, Speaker, Author, and Award-Winning Designer | Ep. 6 with Mel Lim CEO of Maspira Groupe
Apr 10, 2020
Career Change and the Recession Created Opportunity | Ep. 5 with Mercedes Torres Founder of Cash Flow Savvy and Epic Real Estate Investing
Apr 08, 2020
Imperfections Inspired Success and a Global Skincare Brand | Ep. 4 with Daisy Jing Founder of Banish
Apr 05, 2020
How to Remain Calm During Uncertain Times | Ep. 3 with with Rozaliya Heinen
Apr 02, 2020
Each Built a Following of Millions While Enjoying Being a Couple | Ep. 2 with Zowie Palliaer and Bisayang Hilaw
Apr 01, 2020
Infectious Disease Specialist Provides Current State in Philippines | Ep. 1 with Dr. Daisy ilagan-Tagarda
Mar 28, 2020