Dear Future Wifey

By Laterras R. Whitfield

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Category: Relationships

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Journey with me, Laterras R. Whitfield, as I discover, uncover, and recover love. From interviews with singles, married, divorcees, and maybe even those in polyamorous relationships, we promise every episode to be L.I.T. (Living Intentionally and Transparently).

Episode Date
Miracle of Love (Guest: Stephon and Iman Alford)

They met on Instagram and got married in 5 months. God authored their love story. Meet Stephon and Iman Alford. They were so intentional about their connection and wasted no time forming their union. This is a Miracle of Love. 

Feb 01, 2023
It Had to Happen (Guest: Falon Bonner)

Would you still trust God if the love of your life passed away after 4 years of marriage and you were left to raise a one year old with special needs alone? Falon Bonner has turned pain into purpose and her journey of overcoming disappointments taught her "It Had To Happen."

Jan 25, 2023
Ready to Marry (Guests: Rashid Floyd and Symone Redwine)

We watched the relationship of Rashid Floyd and Symone Redwine develop on OWN's "Ready to Love." Not only were they ready to love, they are "Ready to Marry." This exhilarating episode will inspire you and leave you in stitches. 

Jan 18, 2023
Unfailing Love (Guest: Ronald & Linda Griffin)

How do you get to 51 years of marriage? This episode is a FREE masterclass on marriage. Ronald and Linda Griffin transparently shares their journey of marriage, the ups and downs, and the power of staying committed to the covenant. This episode will inspire you and challenge you to obtain "Unfailing Love."

Jan 11, 2023
Healing From Heartbreak (Guest: Laterras R. Whitfield)

Heartbreak can be so unexpected. Laterras R. Whitfield takes a seat on the yellow couch to bare his soul regarding a recent heartbreak. When we say recent, we're talking last week recent. Staying true to the podcast's core values, he's transparently inviting viewers into his journey of "Healing From Heartbreak."

Jan 04, 2023
Overcoming Hurt (Guest: Isaac Davis)

There comes a time when one must face the trauma of their past and heal. We have the power to become our healed selves. Isaac Davis bravely shares the pain of his past and how he became intentional with "Overcoming Hurt."

Dec 28, 2022
Watch the Flags (Guest: Pastor Conway Edwards)

Are you aware of the red and green flags when dating? These flags are essential to pay attention to in order to obtain the red light or green light on your love journey. Pastor Conway Edwards keeps it LIT with his tips on navigating these dating streets on today's episode. It shares the name of his newest book, "Watch the Flags."

Dec 21, 2022
I Won't Settle (Guest: Faith Jenkins)

Have you ever been tempted to rent-a-boo to accompany you to the family holiday dinner? Are you tired of the intrusive question, "Why are you not married?" Best-selling author, Faith Jenkins, penned the pain of singleness yet gives you hope in her transformative book "Sis, Don't Settle". She joins the yellow couch for a convo titled, "I Won't Settle".

Dec 14, 2022
No Cuffing Season (Guest: Jerry Flowers, Jr.)

Cuffing Season is amongst us. How will we navigate through this season that has three of the most celebrated holidays, and we’re still single? We’ve waited for this brother to bless the podcast and he came to shake things up on an episode titled, “No Cuffing Season.”

Dec 07, 2022
No Shade In Love (Guest: Angelica Nwandu)

The journey to love has many twists and turns, but one thing for certain, true love should cultivate the best out of you and not the worst. Angelica Nwandu, founder of one of the most influential social media platforms, The Shade Room, opens up like she never has before about her faith and love journey on an episode titled, "No Shade In Love."

Nov 30, 2022
Manifesting Love (Guest: Santia Deck & Isaac Barnes)

Finding true love is nothing short of a miracle. In a world full of disingenuous people, it becomes taxing to sift through the nonsense to find a gem. Santia Deck and Isaac Barnes were clear with their intentions upfront in "Manifesting Love."

Nov 24, 2022
Miracle of Love (Guest: Tiffani & Rich Martin, Lisa Winkley)

Tiffani and Rich Martin stole the hearts of viewers in their previous episode on Dear Future Wifey titled “Is Love Blind?” Laterras knew Tiffani was desperately in need of a kidney, so he solicited his faithful viewers. An unlikely viewer stepped up, but was it a match? Watch this powerful episode, “Miracle of Love.”

Oct 26, 2022
Submitting to Your Single Season (Guest: Albaner C. Eugene, Jr.)

Our single season can be beautiful once we decide to submit to it. Contentment is the place where God wants to reveal himself and our mate. Albaner C. Eugene, Jr. is a powerful bachelor and a thought-leader in our generation. This discussion is titled, “Submitting to Your Single Season.”

Oct 12, 2022
Single Life Is Funny (Guest: Whitney Davis)

Singleness can be so discouraging. Period. Games, situationships, clowns, and web of lies have formed the atmosphere in these dating streets. Meet Whitney Davis, aka @justwhiti, a 30-something Christian comedienne influencer who feels “Single Life Is Funny.”

Oct 05, 2022
Love in the DM (Guests: Ryan and Kanita Rutley)

Have you ever wondered the method God will use to introduce you to your future spouse? Will it be face to face? An introduction through a friend? Or maybe even through social media? Ryan and Kanita Rutley's love journey started out unassuming. However, with a delicate nudge from God, they found "Love in the DM."

Sep 28, 2022
Defining a Wife (Guest: Cheyenne & Shavon Smith)

This beautiful conversation went into spaces that will melt your heart and elevate your mind. The goal was to curate the woman's take on "Defining A Wife" but it became so much more. We are privileged to see the effects and affect on what a good wife does for the heart of her husband and becoming the thermostat in the home as Cheyenne and Shavon Smith share their journey.

Sep 21, 2022
She Cheated. He Forgave. (Guests: Keith and Raven Hartwell)

Rarely do we hear about a woman cheating. Even more rare, have the privilege to hear the details. After going viral from one of their reels testifying about God redeeming their marriage after infidelity, Keith and Raven Hartwell are boldly sharing their story. This powerful episode is titled, "She Cheated. He Forgave."

Sep 14, 2022
Love Has No Height (Guest: Alicia Jay)

We often hear women with height preferences regarding men. Would you avoid a potential love interest based on height? Meet Alicia Jay, a beautiful 6'6" queen who is facing a challenge finding her purpose partner. Let's explore this topic because "Love Has No Height."

Sep 07, 2022
Laughing in Love (Guests: Destene and Brandon Sudduth)

The Good Book states, "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones." The absence of laughter in a relationship is the onset of demise. Destene and Brandon Sudduth bring joy to hundreds of thousands in these social media streets with their hilarious pranks. Listen to their journey as they are, "Laughing in Love."

Aug 31, 2022
Defining a Husband (Guest: David Burruss)

The etymology of husband is powerfully defined as “householder”. Taking on the mandate of “husband” is willfully being enlisted into the service of servitude. David Burruss, a husband of 19 years, shares what he’s gleaned in his journey in an episode titled, “Defining a Husband.”

Aug 24, 2022
Confidence in Love (Guest: Michael & Amanda Pittman)

Marriage is the biggest mirror. Each spouse reflects the good and bad of the other. Michael and Amanda Pittman have cracked the code to each other's hearts to find "Confidence in Love."

Aug 17, 2022
We're Getting Divorced (Guest: Vincent & Pervalia McIntosh)

People get married for different reasons. Unfortunately, some people find out the reasons their spouse married them during the divorce. Pain. Heartbreak. Spousal betrayal. Betrayal of self. Pervalia and Vincent McIntosh are about to hit send on filing their divorce papers. This gut-wrenching episode is titled, "We're Getting Divorced."

Aug 10, 2022
Right Time, Right One (Guest: Josh Young)

Have you heard that men marry when it's the right time and not necessarily the right one? Well, Josh Young has become intentional in his pursuit for a wife. It's the right time, but he's also adamant in finding the right one. This mentally stimulating convo with this 30-something king will inspire you to embrace the "Right Time, Right One."

Aug 03, 2022
Things I Wish I Knew Before Marriage (Guest: Marcus D. Wiley)

Marriage is on the job training. Many of us marry with unrealistic expectations and when those expectations aren't met, unfortunately, they're tempted to call it quits. Get ready to catch your breath for this witty conversation with comedian Marcus D. Wiley as he gives brothers an inside look into the covenant of marriage. This beloved episode is titled, "Things I Wish I Knew Before Marriage."

Jul 27, 2022
Waiting for Love (Guest: Shameka Dwight)

Finding love is truly out of our control. Becoming healed beforehand is 100% within our power. Shameka Dwight, a singer-songwriter who often writes about her love journey, is looking forward to her future husband becoming the muse of her ballads because she's patiently "Waiting for Love."

Jul 20, 2022
Tell the Truth (Guest: Camish Hopkins)

Wouldn't our love lives be healthier if people were more honest? Aren't you tired of meeting people's representatives? Do you think you're capable of simply telling the truth? Budding TikTok star, Camish Hopkins, has been extremely truthful about her relationship woes and this intimate conversation encourages us all to just "Tell the Truth".

Jul 13, 2022
Exotic Love (Guest: Linda Ngo)

Exotic beauty is often delicately wrapped in microaggressions. Is it a fetish to date outside of our races? Why are women of certain racial groups only labelled as "exotic." Linda Ngo, a Vietnamese American, has felt like a check off the list of many guy's fantasies. Laterras' IG Live last week triggers questions from Linda about their intimate relationship two years ago and the yellow couch becomes extremely personal on the topic of "Exotic Love."

Jul 06, 2022
Enduring Love (Guests: The Robertsons)

If love showed up in a package you wasn't expecting, would you open it? Would you accept it? Would you own it? Meet Cassandra and Carl Robertson, an interracial couple with 30 years in the marriage game who knows a thing or two about "Enduring Love."

Jun 29, 2022
The Color of Love (Guests: Sekou Lewis & Mattie Steger)

Interracial couples trigger others who are often unaware of their own biases. Sekou Lewis and Mattie Steger are no strangers to judgmental stares by onlookers. As they approach their wedding date, June 25, 2022, they transparently share their love story. It will truly challenge viewers on, “The Color of Love.”

Jun 22, 2022
Fairytale Love (Guest: The Copelands)

Men say they know a woman is their wife fairly quickly. Today’s guest, knew his wife was the one at the tender age of twelve. Meet the Copelands. Be inspired by their “Fairytale Love.”


Jun 15, 2022
Discovering Self (Guest: Rochelle Ritchie)

Our journey of love takes us in directions we never expected. Some times a loss helps us gain perspective on what truly matters most. Rochelle Ritchie, a highly intelligent news commentator, experienced the loss of a loved one that lead to "Discovering Self."

Jun 08, 2022
Defining Success (Guest: Breeny Lee)

Emotional, financial, and spiritual success is defined differently for each individual. Breeny Lee, from the UK, graces the podcast with a transparent conversation about how defines success and how her commitment to Christ is the center of it all.

Jun 01, 2022
Finding Balance (Guest: Touré Roberts)

Every episode is orchestrated by God. However, in this episode, God decides to make a cameo appearance. Pastor Toure’ Roberts speaks a prophetic word into Laterras’ life and shares principles on “Finding Balance.”

May 11, 2022
Guard Your Ears (Guest: GooGoo Atkins)

We are constantly being bombarded with negative audible influences that seep into our ear gates and plant seeds into our hearts and minds. GooGoo Atkins sits on the yellow couch to share her failures and successes in today’s episode titled “Guard Your Ears.” By the way, today is GooGoo's birthday so help me wish her a Happy birthday.

May 04, 2022
Guard You Mouth (Guest: Pastor Eben Conner)

We’re quite sure you’ve said something before that you wished you could take back. Right? Well, the old adage, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me” is the biggest lie. Today’s guest is Pastor Eben Conner and he’s keeping it L.I.T. during our discussion, “Guard Your Mouth.”

Apr 27, 2022
Guard Your Eyes (Guest: Jay Bradley)

Are we truly aware by how much our eyes influence our perceptions? Often times, we kid ourselves with the notion we rarely judge by sight. We are inundated by countless images that shape our reality. Today, let’s share a cordial conversation with Jay Bradley, former cast member of OWN’s “Ready to Love,” to hear his take on what it means to “Guard Your Eyes.”

Apr 13, 2022
Guard Your Heart (Guest: Danai Maraire)

This conversation became extremely personal when today's guest, Danai Maraire, began transparently sharing a heartbreak she experienced years ago. Today's episode deep dives into what it means to "Guard Your Heart."

Apr 06, 2022
Guard Your Mind (Guest: Kameika Smith)

Being guarded in these dating streets is actually a good thing. As a matter of fact, the bible instructs us to be guarded in a few critical areas. This is the first episode of our 5-part series titled, "Guarded." Today’s episode is a casual conversation with a good friend, Kameika Smith, as she shares her dating woes and how important it is to “Guard Your Mind.”

Mar 30, 2022
Renew Love (Guests: The Whitlowes & Honor Sithole)

Let's catch up with the Whitlowes. We last saw them on S.3, E315: For Better or Worse; they were on the verge of divorce. DFW Podcast partnered with Honor Sithole to provide marriage therapy. Watch how the Lord moved in this bonus episode titled, "Renew Love."

Mar 29, 2022
Not Ready to Love (Guest: Andre Notice)

"I'm not looking for a relationship." That can be one of the worst statements to hear from someone you are interested in. However, take it at face value and as a cautionary sign to not proceed any further, if you are dating with intentions. Andre Notice is in a season of his life in which he's transparent in his encounters with women and quickly give notice that he's "Not Ready to Love."

Mar 17, 2022
Why Aren't You Married (Guest: Rob Perry)

One of the worst things you can ask a single individual is “Why aren’t you married?” Though it’s a common question, it can be taken rather intrusive and laced with judgment. Meet a 54-years-old bachelor, Rob Perry, who knows far too well the experience of being asked this inquisitive question in today’s episode simply titled, “Why Aren’t You Married?”

Mar 09, 2022
Love God First (Guest: Reign B)

How important is your future mate’s relationship with God? Reign B is unapologetic about his relationship with God and co-leads bible study with his mom on Instagram. We believe that in order for one to love you properly, they must “Love God First.”

Mar 03, 2022
Self Love (Recorded at the Self Love Soirée)

Welcome to the Self Love Soirée. We celebrated being single this Valentine’s Day and our panel discussion was life-changing. Returning to the podcast are a few of your favorite guests: Lady Jade, Christian Keyes, Jessica Reedy, Samantha Lee, and Gil Cuero. They brought the heat in the thought-provoking, comical, and transparent conversation about “Self Love.”

Feb 16, 2022
Politics of Love (Guests: Meagan Good & Lee Merritt)

Today is Valentine’s Day. Who is your Valentine? Is it your spouse, significant other, your kids, or is it you? There’s a huge election going on in the State of Texas and as you consider your favorite candidate, elect YOU first. Today’s episode is a special one. Welcome heart-throb and social activist Meagan Good and Lee Merritt, who’s running for his candidacy for Attorney General of Texas. There’s clearly “Politics of Love.”

Feb 14, 2022
Dating While Christian (Guest: Dee-1)

Should Christians date differently? We've heard the narrative there's no difference between dating a believer than those in the "world." Listen to this transparent convo with gospel rapper, Dee-1, as he shares his experience of "Dating While Christian."

Feb 09, 2022
Romance Without Finance (Guest: Anthony O'Neal)

Have you ever heard of the phrase “struggle love?” Struggle love is often described as a couple who embarks upon a relationship with evident financial woes. Today's guest, financial expert Anthony O’Neal, refuses to acquiesce to that mindset and believes we should maximize our single season in more ways than one. Do you believe you can have “Romance Without Finance?”

Feb 02, 2022
Purpose Driven Love (Guest: Judge Amber Givens)

Consider all the moving parts that have to exist to find love. Right time. Right person. Right alignment. What happens when you meet someone who is more focused on their career than finding love? Judge Amber Givens is so intentional about her work in the justice system, she's made her passion for the community her "Purpose Driven Love."

Jan 26, 2022
A Package Deal (Guest: J'ai Holliday)

When dating a parent, you should automatically accept their child/children comes with the territory. We often hear this perspective from single mothers. Today, we’ll hear a transparent conversation from a divorcee, J’ai Holliday. He’s a Christian single father who makes no apologies his daughter comes as “A Package Deal.”

Jan 20, 2022
$40 Million Virgin (Guest: Teri Ijeoma)

She trades stocks for a living. One of her most valuable assets, her virginity, will only be traded when it hits the target price: Marriage. Teri Ijeoma graces the podcast in an episode affectionately titled, "$40 Million Virgin." Get it? A play-off of 40-year-old virgin? Lol.

Jan 12, 2022
Does Body Count Matter? (Guest: Eugena Washington)

She left a personal comment under the Instagram for Dear Future Wifey Podcast's viral reel regarding Laterras stating his lack of intimidation by his love interest's body count. She stated 25-35 sexual partners for a woman is low. She caused quite a stir. Today's guest is the second runner-up on America's Next Top Model Cycle 7, Eugena Washington in the controversial episode, "Does Body Count Matter?"

Jan 05, 2022
The Gift of Love (Guests: Courtney Blakely + Isaac Shepard)

The dating phase can be very tricky. Do you give them your number? What's a red flag? Should age gaps count the other party out? Are they playing games? So many questions to consider before becoming vulnerable. Courtney Blakely and Isaac Shepard are dating and have faced the reality of these questions and more. Listen as they share the greatest present we hope to receive this Christmas, "The Gift of Love." 

Dec 22, 2021
Heal First (Guest: Gil Cuero)

"Heal First." Period. It is the most important process you'll undergo before entering into your next relationship. "Married at First Sight" participant, Gil Cuero, experienced a public heartbreak when his ex-wife decided to end their marriage. This episode is a transparent interview of a man who is committed to healing.

Dec 15, 2021
Data Collections (Guest: Elsa Christie & Dr. Trillion Small)

Asking the right questions early on in the dating process can help save you from wasting valuable time. Removing all expectations at the onset can alleviate the pain if things don't progress to happily ever after. Elsa Christie, a biblical counselor and life coach, and mental health therapist Dr. Trillion Small share practical tips to aid you in these dating streets. Take a deep breath and treat dating as simply "Data Collection."

Dec 08, 2021
The Waiting Game (Guests: Quentin Brunson+Ashleigh Mann)

He proposed on national television during Adele’s “One Night Only,” a CBS 2-hour special. She said, “Yes.” However, there was one statement that we felt needed unpacking: “I’ve been your girlfriend for so long!” Quentin Brunson and Ashleigh Mann transparently share their backstory of what led up to the proposal because its’ definitely, “The Waiting Game.”

Dec 02, 2021
Shoot Your Shot (Guests: Jay Barnett and Essence Atkins)

Today’s episode marks the premiere of Season Four. This entire season is dedicated to singles as we navigate “These Dating Streets.” If one ever has hopes of getting off the bench, they must first overcome the fear of shooting their shot. Urban dictionary defines “Shooting Your Shot” as being brave and having the audacity to do something that might be embarrassing. Joining us to transparently discuss this topic are friends of the show, Essence Atkins, and Jay Barnett.

Nov 25, 2021
Marriage Remix (Guests: Tim+Juliette Ross)

There are no words to describe this episode. This is something you’ll just have to experience. Here to wrap up the “Marriage Vows Series” are Tim and Juliette Ross. Listen as they transparently share their dynamic marriage journey in an episode entitled, “Marriage Remix.”


Oct 27, 2021
Divorce (Guest: Samantha Lee)

Fifty percent of U.S. marriages end in divorce. However, no one gets married believing they will become the statistic on the failed side of marriage. Samantha Lee is going through a painful and public divorce. She shares her journey of faith and what ultimately lead to the heartbreaking decision of filing for "Divorce." 

Oct 20, 2021
Til Death Do Us Part (Guest: Kimberly Alexander)

Love never dies. Unfortunately, we do. No one knows the number of years they’ll share with their spouse. How does one cope after losing the love of their life? Kimberly Alexander shares her heartfelt love journey that ultimately culminated with “Til Death Do Us Part.”

Oct 13, 2021
In Sickness and In Health (Guests: David and Tamela Mann)

No one expects their spouse to get terribly sick or hospitalized. It breaks my heart to hear stories of spouses who leave their mate in the hospital bed; leaving them to struggle with a terminal illness alone. The cop-out often said is, “I didn’t sign up for this.” Oh, but you did. Kingdom-minded purpose partners David and Tamela Mann transparently share their 33 years of marriage as they candidly unpack the vow “In Sickness and In Health.”

Oct 06, 2021
For Richer or For Poorer (Guests: Rod & Leticia Gardner)

One of the leading causes of divorce is finances. We utter this vow not realizing our power, as a unified couple, to overcome financial hardships when they arise. Today’s guests, Leticia and Rod Gardner, transparently share how they’ve dealt with the sacred vow, “For Richer or For Poorer.”

Oct 04, 2021
Love, Cherish, and Obey (Guests: Carrington & Ashley Brown)

The marriage vows have undergone several revisions since its first introduction in 1549. The biggest revision came on September 12, 1922, when the Episcopal Church voted to remove the word “obey” from the bride’s section of the wedding vows. Let’s unpack the original vow “to Love, Cherish, and Obey” with our dynamic special guests, Carrington and Ashley Brown.

Sep 15, 2021
For Better or Worse (Guests: Jewel & Tavia Whitlowe)

My friends, Tavia and Jewel Whitlowe, are on the brink of divorce. Separated. Twenty-four years of matrimony hang in the balance with a wing and a prayer. This is one of the most time-sensitive and vulnerable episodes to date. Watch the power of God move in this third installment of the “Marriage Vows Series” entitled, “For Better or For Worse.”

Sep 09, 2021
To Have and To Hold (Guest: Gerry Fisher)

The traditional marriage vows were created in 1549 and were first introduced in the Book of Common Prayers. Today, we’re unpacking the vow “To Have and To Hold” with a 51-year-old divorcee, Gerri Fisher. Listen as he transparently shares the moments when this sacred vow was violated and how it lead to the demise of his marriage. Never take for granted the life-long privilege “To Have and To Hold.”

Sep 01, 2021
This Kind of Love (Guests: Kaelin and Kyrah Edwards)

Some people are married to the thought of being married while others view it as a ministry God called them into. Many would say getting married at nineteen is too young. However,  @Kaelin and Kyrah articulate their choice to get hitched as a deep expression of their God-ordained love, birthed out of sheer intentionality. This episode jumpstarts an 8-part series entitled, "The Marriage Vows." Be inspired by "This Kind of Love."

Aug 25, 2021
IG Love (Guests: Isiah Williams + Kelli Marie)

Some encounters that seem accidental are simply God’s divinity at work connecting you to your soul mate. Who would think an accidental IG video call would lead to a love story? Meet Isiah Williams and Kelli Marie. These kingdom-submitted individuals have fallen in love under the most unlikely circumstances. Hear how their love unfolded in an episode entitled, “IG Love.”

Aug 18, 2021
Before the "I Do" (Guests: Quieran Burnett & La'Shara Jefferson)

In two days this couple will become one in holy matrimony. They will crossover the threshold of singleness into the covering of marriage. Meet Quieran & La'Shara. These entrepreneurs are no strangers to hard work and dedication and have been prepared spiritually, financially, and emotionally "Before the "I Do".


Aug 04, 2021
When Love Aligns (Guests: The Williamses)

Chemistry. Attraction. Unified purpose. A convergence of like-minded intentionality. These attributes are mandatory to fully submit one's heart to another. Paul Bashea & Tara Gates Williams share their love journey from business associates to a kingdom marriage in this beautiful episode entitled, "When Love Aligns."

Jul 21, 2021
Let Go (Guest: Carolyn Williams)

Why is it such a challenge to let go of what is hurting us the most? Though we know that thing or person is destroying us from the inside out, we still find ourselves loyal to the pain. Carolyn Williams is in the midst of a divorce and bravely shares her struggles to "Let Go."

Jul 07, 2021
Built to Last (Guest: Kenny Lattimore)

You've overcome some of the most devastating heartbreak. Maybe you're mentally battling the mistakes of your past. Maybe you're fighting through the diagnosis of a terminal illness. Newsflash! You were "Built to Last!" Today's guest, R&B sensation Kenny Lattimore shares his story of fatherhood, divorce, and his "Faith" to find forever love.

Jun 23, 2021
Free to Love (Guest: Laterras R. Whitfield)

The Emancipation Proclamation freed the slaves, but Texas didn't find out their freedom until two and half years later. How long have we been enslaved to issues that have kept us bound to be "Free to Love?"

Jun 17, 2021
Is Love Blind? (Guests: The Martins)

Would you marry someone you haven’t seen? After falling in love with the Netflix show “Love Is Blind” I became enamored with the reality of those who love beyond sight. So when I met the Martins, I knew I had to invite them on the podcast. She’s 100% blind. He sees her. She’s fighting to live. His goal is to show his undying love. This episode begs the answer to the question, “Is Love Blind?”

Jun 02, 2021
Brotherly Love (Guest: Fred Hammond)

When Moses' arms grew tired in battle, Aaron and Hur brought a stone for him to sit on, while they stood beside him and held up his arms. All brothers need the love of a fellow brother on this journey called "Life." A viral IG post from my friend, Fred Hammond, addressed to Derrick Jaxn, caught my attention and Hammond is here to share his heart on "Brotherly Love."

May 26, 2021
Sexpectations (Guests: Kanika & Jonathan Evans)

Why do most couples struggle in the area of intimacy? This transformative episode unveils the “why” as Jonathan and Kanika Evans transparently tackle this subject. Let’s affectionately call this episode, “Sexpectations.”

May 19, 2021
Self Love (Guest: Keyonna Monroe)

Have you ever heard the saying, “Self-love is the best love?” Well, today’s episode is all about loving thyself with self-love coach, Keyonna Monroe.

May 12, 2021
Essence of Love (Guest: Essence Atkins)

We're back with Season 3 and this episode will jumpstart your heart with an intimate conversation with television and movie star, Essence Atkins. Allow your soul to bear witness to the "Essence of Love."

May 06, 2021
1 In 5 (Guest: Elsa Christie)

This month marks the 20th Anniversary of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Today’s guest knows all too well this devastating statistic. Elsa Christie is a life coach and mental health counselor and she's sharing her powerful story about being "1 in 5".

Apr 07, 2021
No All Access Pass

Now that I’m dating with intentions, creating healthy boundaries is crucial. I’m reminded of my touring days as a playwright and realize I must categorize dating and relationships like the admission to events. “No All Access Pass” until marriage.

Mar 31, 2021
Process Before the Promise (Guest: Marquez Haynes)

Every man has a unique process of self-discovery, healing, and restoration before his proposal to the love of his life. Marquez Haynes, an eligible bachelor, is not only on a journey of self-discovery, he’s even exploring and redefining what “marriage” means to him. Listen to this L.I.T. conversation of two men discuss the “Process Before the Promise.”

Mar 24, 2021
A Woman's Worth (Guest: Jessica Reedy)

“A Woman’s Worth” isn’t determined by the external appraisal of others. It’s a self-evaluation accumulated from years of overcoming hurts and transforming beauty from ashes.  Today’s guest, Jessica Reedy, shares her journey of rebuilding her heart and mind, after a shameful heartbreak while navigating a gospel music career.

Mar 17, 2021
Major Keyes to Life (Guest: Christian Keyes)

We all have principles that we live by whether spoken or unspoken. Unfortunately, most of our principles were shaped by pain and failure and becomes the steering wheel to navigate us through life. Today's guest, Christian Keyes, is no stranger to overcoming some of the most devastating blows growing up. This episode is affectionately called, “Major Keyes to Life.”

Mar 10, 2021
PR For Love (Guest: Leah Frazier)

A lady posts a photo of her dinner showcasing her cooking skills. A dude posts a selfie of his hard-earned abs. Whether you’re posting a bathtub shot of only your feet with soap suds engulfing your naked body or casually showing your newly purchased Yves Saint Laurent bag, you have entered into the world of self-public relations. Today’s guest is Leah Frazier, CEO of the PR firm, Think Three Media. We will take a deep dive as she shares an intimate conversation in an episode affectionately titled, “PR For Love.”

Mar 03, 2021
Heal First (Guest: Edwin Henderson)

The most important process one should undergo before connecting with their purpose partner is to do the inner work of healing. Today’s guest, Edwin Henderson from OWN’s “Ready to Love” had a powerful self-reflective moment when he uttered the need for healing prior to his departure. He knew he needed to “Heal First.”

Feb 10, 2021
Heal, Bro, Heal 2 (Guest: Jay Barnett)

Jay Barnett is back to dive a little deeper into helping brothers heal. Most men’s brokenness is linked to their relationship with their fathers. Today, we unpack the trauma of men in the second installment of the viral episode that touched the lives of men and women across the world. We have one request, “Heal, Bro, Heal 2.” 

Feb 03, 2021
Dating with Intentions (Guest: Kristopher Green)
A lot of men date the field and never commit. Intentional ones, see what they want and like a prize-winning horse in the Kentucky Derby, focus on that special someone with blinders on until they cross the finish line. Kristopher Green showed himself to be a man of clear dating intentions on OWN's "Ready to Love." Let's discuss, "Dating with Intentions."
Jan 27, 2021
Chucks & Pearls (Guest: Laterras R. Whitfield)

In honor of the first African American, South Asian, Vice President of the United States of America, Kamala Harris, women wore chucks and pearls. I desire a wifey who can effortlessly rock her sexiness in chucks and switch up in eveningwear and dawn pearls. Today's episode pays homage to you amazing women who look flawless in "Chucks & Pearls."

Jan 21, 2021
IYKYK (Laterras R. Whitfield)

I’ve made some huge commitments over the past few weeks on my journey to discover, uncover, and recover love. Today’s episode is an up-close and personal report on what I’ve been thinking. “If You Know You Know” is a wildly popular hashtag that basically means if you feel the same as I do, then you understand how important this experience or moment in time is to me.

Jan 13, 2021
Heal, Sis, Heal! (Guest: Brittainy Noel)

This is a new year to let go of your baggage of pain and finally walk in total healing. “Heal, Sis, Heal” is a life-changing episode to set you free. Today’s episode features Brittainy Noel. She’s a licensed therapist and mindset coach. Embrace this conversation and walk in freedom.

Jan 06, 2021
A Vow of Abstinence (Guests: Dr. Conway Edwards & Michael Bethany)

This episode is the most powerful and intentional episode to date as I submit to the call on my life to take “A Vow of Abstinence.” The seed was planted during a convicting sermon by Dr. Conway Edwards on January 5, 2020. It took almost a year to finally take heed to the prodding of the Holy Spirit. Enter into this intimate place with me, joined by the covering of Dr. Edwards and sealed in worship with Michael Bethany.

Dec 30, 2020
Love and Business (Guests: David E. & Lyn Sisson-Talbert)

Most couples would find it challenging working with their spouses and couldn’t fathom doing life and a career together. Today's guests, David E. & Lyn Sisson-Talbert have not only embraced the challenge but have excelled in it.

Mr. Talbert is the brainchild behind the worldwide hit movie, “Jingle Jangle.” An imaginative auteur breaking boundaries with his sensational and acclaimed works in theater, film, and literature, David E. Talbert is a brilliant force in the entertainment industry. Lyn Sisson-Talbert stands tall as one of the most accomplished female producers in Hollywood and the guiding force behind original projects for film, stage, and books. David E. & Lyn Sisson-Talbert are befitting for today's topic “Love and Business.” 

Dec 23, 2020
Second Chance Around (Guests: Titia & JWayne Owens)

The divorce rate for second marriages in the United States is over 60%. Yet, many second-timers optimistically retake the vows of happily ever after. There’s a great deal of wisdom and experience for those open enough for recommitment and today’s guests, Titia and JWayne Owens, share their marriage journey of this “Second Time Around.”

Dec 16, 2020
Be You (Guest: Tashara S. Parker)

In a world full of inauthenticity the most powerful state of consciousness exist in being you. “Be You” is an encouraging episode with newscaster and viral sensation, Tashara S. Parker, to help you embrace your uniqueness.


Dec 09, 2020
Single Again? (Guest: LaToya London)

You thought the relationship was going to last forever. Unfortunately, forever had an expiration date, and you're left trying to pick up the pieces of your heart and recalibrate. You're "Single Again." Broadway actress and R&B singer LaToya London opens up about her recent divorce and how she's handling her newly found single season. 

Dec 02, 2020
Knowing My Why (Guests: LaTerria, Armani, & LaDarrion)

This is the most personal conversation one can have as Laterras allows the audience to share an intimate sitdown with his children. “Why” comes from within you. It is a feeling that compels you to do the work you want to do even if it requires short-term sacrifice. "Knowing My Why" is the most transparent episode because it's delivered from the hearts of those closest to Laterras.

Nov 25, 2020
Purpose Partners (Guests: Karega & Felicia Bailey)

Choosing the right mate to do life with is the most pivotal decision one can make. Marriage comes with many challenges and having a “Purpose Partner” along that journey makes the ride that much rewarding. Karega and Felicia Bailey captured the nation’s heart when they transparently shared the grief of giving birth to an angel baby on their episode of “Black Love Doc.” Listen to them share what makes their love so powerful.

Nov 18, 2020
Abstain To Gain (Guest: Lestine Bell)

Is waiting to have sex just a religious ideology or is there actual value in abstaining? Lestine Bell, a minister of the gospel, is the most benefitting guest to speak on the subject. She has dedicated her life to encouraging single women to walk in purity. This episode is entitled, “Abstain to Gain.”

Nov 11, 2020
To Thine Own Self Be True (Guest: Terry)

For the Season One finale, Laterras is forced to have a face-to-face conversation with himself after his alter ego, Terry, crashes the podcast. This is LIT on another level.

Sep 30, 2020
Love On Life Support (Guest: Angie Stone)

Have you ever been guilty of trying to hold on to a relationship past the expiration date? Sometimes, we do everything in our power to breathe life into our dying love affairs instead of pulling the plug and letting it go. Today's guest is soul-singer, music producer, actress, and minister Angie Stone who knows all too well attempting to maintain "Love On Life Support".

Sep 24, 2020
Advertising for Love (Guest: Vashaad Randolph)

We are inundated with ads vying for our attention to purchase one item after another. However, have you ever seen an advertisement seeking a candidate to fill the position of “wife.” Vashaad Randolph’s post went viral after he posted his criteria and benefits package for his future wifey. This episode is affectionately called, “Advertising for Love.”

Sep 16, 2020
No Recipe for Love (Guest: Kevin Curry)

Rarely do you hear men verbalize the dream of being married. Kevin Curry, the man behind the brand Fit Men Cook, is an internationally acclaimed chef who’s mastered creating mouth-watering dishes but hasn’t sourced the right ingredients for love. He’s the perfect guest for this week’s episode entitled, “No Recipe for Love.”

Sep 09, 2020
Unrealistic Unmet Expectations (Guests: Diane & Charles Wolford)

One of the biggest issues couples face is unmet expectations. Have we ever considered the possibility of those expectations being unrealistic? Today’s guests are Diane and Charles Wolford, pastors of Cross Point Bible Fellowship, and they’ve agreed to leave the cloak at home to keep it L.I.T. as they candidly share their wisdom on, “Unrealistic Unmet Expectations.”

Sep 02, 2020
Opposite-Sex Friendships in a Relationship (Guest: Lady Jade)

How do you feel about your significant other having friends of the opposite sex? This is a touchy subject that poses several questions surrounding the issues of trust. Today’s guest is co-host of a syndicated radio show, Lady Jade, who’s also a divorcee and she will tackle this conversation head-on. This episode is entitled, “Opposite-Sex Friendships in a Relationship.”

Aug 19, 2020
Don't Ignore Red Flags (Guest: Renee Fowler Hornbuckle)

How many times have you ignored suspect behavior from your love interest? As things unfolded, you recognized that peculiar behavior was actually a red flag that shouldn’t have been taken lightly. Renee Fowler Hornbuckle knows all too well the danger of not heeding to warning signs after her ex-husband was charged with three counts of sexual assault.



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Aug 05, 2020
What Is Greater Than Love?

My journey of self-discovery has challenged me to unlearn some things. I dug deep and came to the realization this thing is greater than love. Open your mind and as yourself, “What’s Greater Than Love?”

Jul 29, 2020
Weakness vs Wickedness (Guest: Nurisha Liggins)

Be careful not to mistake a person’s weakness for their wickedness. On today’s episode, we’re going deep with Nurisha Liggins as she sheds insight on the Jezebel spirit. Beware because entertaining this spirit can lead to ultimate destruction.



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Jul 22, 2020
Heal, Brother Heal! (Guest: Jay Barnett)

“Just suck it up.” “Get over it!” “Men don’t cry.” These are some of the many phrases yelled at the male species anytime pain is thrust upon them. So where do men go when they experience trauma? Do our black men truly understand the need for emotional and psychological healing? Author, speaker, and family therapist, Jay Barnett, joins us for a transparent conversation on the journey of healing his brokenness.

Jul 15, 2020
When You Know (Guests: Keyana & Cory)

There are some men who play the field for a lifetime. Then there are some who step up to the plate and hit a home run after crossing paths with the woman of their dreams. Newly engaged couple, Cory Hughes and Keyana Franklin share their passionate love journey and Cory emphatically declares the reason for his proposal is, “When You Know”.

Jul 08, 2020
Dirty Thirty (Guest: Lauren Rodgers)

Statistics say if a woman hasn’t married by the age of 30, the odds of ever getting married declines considerably. (By the way, who makes this stuff up, anyway?) Furthermore, due to the pursuit of career goals, women are electing to get married later in life. Today’s guest on the show is the beautiful, single, 30-year-old entrepreneur Lauren Rodgers. Listen as she and Laterras discuss an episode affectionately called, “Dirty Thirty”.

Jul 01, 2020
Timing Is Everything (Guest: K.C. Fox)

Often referred to as the Olivia Pope of the “Black Lives Matter Movement,” our guest today is K.C. Fox. This multi-hyphenate owns several businesses yet isn’t looking to secure a deal on love anytime soon. To some people, falling in love is as rare as being struck by lightning. Today’s episode is entitled “Timing Is Everything.”

Jun 17, 2020
How to Love a Black Man

The world is in chaos and we need love to heal our nation. As a black man, we feel so much hate from our white counterparts just because of the color of our skin. We need love. America should have a seat in a classroom desk and learn how to love us.


Jun 03, 2020
Purpose vs. Preference (Guest: Rickyl Wesson)

When choosing a love interest, do you ever consider purpose versus your preference? Do you really know what is important to you? What if it's not wrapped in your preferred appearance. Let’s challenge our pickers on today’s episode as Rickyl Wesson takes the hot seat and shares how she chooses who to give her attention to.

May 27, 2020
To Cheat or NOT to Cheat (Guest: Joey Greco)

Having an affair oftentimes causes irreparable damage to a couple’s trust. Many ignore the warning signs before engaging in the adulterous act. The host of the Dear Future Wifey Podcast, Laterras R. Whitfield, transparently shares his shortcomings on the subject matter as a clarion call to avoid cheating at all costs. Joining the podcast is a special guest, Joey Greco (former host of “Cheaters”). Listen to a thought-provoking dialogue between two Christian men as they tackle the question, “To Cheat or Not to Cheat.”

May 20, 2020
Successfully Single (Guest: Tiffany Wade)

There’s a difference between being successful as a single and becoming “successfully single”. We’ll discuss the later with today’s guest, Tiffany Wade. Tiffany is a budding blogger, influencer, and single mother of two teenagers. Listen as she shares her journey to self-love for the first time publicly.

May 13, 2020
Love Heals (Guests: Darian Elliott & Bruce Briggz)

Love has the power to heal. She's a divorcee, a sexual abuse overcomer, and a mother of two. He's six years her junior and comes from a family heritage of long-lasting marriages. Meet Darian Elliott and Bruce Briggz. These newlyweds transparently share their beautiful love journey and how God used their love for one another to restore their souls. 

May 06, 2020
Cause I Love You (Guests: Lenny & Deborah Williams)

Zsa Zsa Gabor and Felipe DeAlba’s marriage lasted less than 24 hours. Sounds ridiculous, huh? Goes to show you how challenging the relationship becomes after the “I Do.” So, how in the world do couples make it to 20, 30, and even 60 years of marriage? On this episode, we’ll hear from Lenny and Deborah Williams and how they cultivated a marriage that has survived into the double digits.

Apr 29, 2020
Know Your Appraisal

Why do some of us seek external validation to determine our internal value? Have you ever found yourself in an argument with a lover and stated, “You don’t appreciate me!” Nothing changed. You stayed. Every moment after that, you slowly and unconsciously depreciated in value until you felt worthless. We must know our own appraisal to prevent ourselves from being placed on the “Clearance” rack.

Apr 22, 2020
Singleness Is Quarantine

It's my birthday. We're on quarantine. My singleness is making this quarantine extremely lonely. Should I get a temporary quarantine bae or fight these sexual urges? One thing for sure, it's a good time to launch my long-overdue Dear Future Wifey Podcast.

Apr 15, 2020

You've read my Dear Future Wifey letters. Now it's time to delve deeper into matters of the heart with the launch of the new podcast.

Apr 02, 2020