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 Oct 24, 2020


Hosted by skincare enthusiast James Welsh and professional makeup artist Robert Welsh, The Double Cleanse Podcast gets our listeners involved in a weekly discussion about everything beauty. We will try and cover everything including dealing with pimples, how to perfect your makeup and the realities of social media influencing and advertising.

Episode Date
The Month In Beauty!

Hi everyone! This week we're doing a quick episode (because we forgot again) disscussing the month in beauty news and new products (bad and good)!

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Apr 14, 2021
Trolls & Tribulations

This week we are joined by Mao from The Millennial Therapists Podcast!

We have spoken about trolls before but this week we get some insight into their world from Mao who is a qualified therapist!

Follow the MT Podcast on Instagram @mtpodcastwithmaonao

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Apr 07, 2021
Iconic Beauty With Breaking Beauty

Today we are joined by JillDunn and Carlene Higgins from the "Breaking Beauty" Podcast! We are talking about Iconic Moments, people, and products throughout the history of beauty and how they have changed the world of beauty.

We also were guests on Breaking beauty! so go check out our episode, up now, talking all about celebrity beauty brands!

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Mar 31, 2021
A Year In Lockdown

We recorded this episode on 1 year anniversary of lockdown here in the UK.

Hear out thoughts on how the beauty industry has changed in that time, people's attidtudes towards it and what will change (or stay the same) once lockdown is over.

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Mar 24, 2021
Things We've Been Lubbin!

This week we're really lubbin' some products so we've dedicated a whole episode to them!


Uoma - Hypnoytic Impact High-Shine Lipstick

Auric - Glow Lust Radiant Luminizer

Elf Beauty - Lash it Loud Mascara


SerumKind - Purple Cabbage Drop

AXIS-Y - Cera My Type Duo

Jordan Samuel Skin - Matineee Gel Cleanser


Join in the conversation and enter the giveaway by telling us what you been lubbin'


Mar 10, 2021
Gen Z Celebrities (with Smokey Glow)

This week we're joined by Smokey Glow!

Hear us talk to Smokey Glow about the rise of the infulencer, Gen Z celebrities and her experiences being a YouTuber!

Smokey Glow's Channel -

The Glow Show Podcast -

Instagram - @glow_smokey

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Mar 03, 2021
Body Glitter, Manly Men & Influencing Influencers

This week we're trying something a bit different and talking about a few topics.

Hear us talk mainly about our feet for some reason as well as how the culture of 'manly men' can put men off good products and make up!

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Feb 17, 2021
Dangerous Diets

This week we're taking a break from make up and skin care to talk about all the fad diets we've been on!

Hear us talk about our worst fad diet, the pressures in our industry to maintain a certain weight and cabbage soup!

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Feb 10, 2021
Ambiguous Advice

This week we're talking about how expert advice can not always been what it seems.

Hear us talk about when to trust an expert, the blurred lines between infulencers and experts and why that advice can be misleading!

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Jan 27, 2021
Over Priced And Not Even Nice

This week we're here to help you save money!

Hear us talk all the products you don't need in your life for 202hun and why they're not worth it anyway!

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Jan 20, 2021
Twenty Twenty Hun!

We're back!

Hear us discuss our thoughts on what 2021 has in store in the beauty and infulencer world and our hopes, plans and goals for this year.

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Jan 13, 2021
Expiring Influencers

Hello everyone!

We're back with a bonus episode before Season 2 starts in January.

We sit down with Aurda from Audra at Home to talk the life span of an infulencer and answer your questions.

We also filmed this episode and it can be found on our new joint channel!

Joint Channel -

Audra's Channel -

Instagram - @thedoublecleansepodcast

Dec 06, 2020
Season 1 Review

We wrap up season 1 with a review of our first 29 episodes!

We'll be back soon!

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Nov 11, 2020
Skin Tones & Textures

This week we are talking skin tones and textures!

Hear us discuss how skin care and make up can effect and benefit various skin types.

Also, does James apologise to Robert for keyboard shortcut shaming?

Join in the conversation @thedoublecleansepodcast

Nov 04, 2020
Q&A 2!!!

Time for our second Q&A!

Thanks for all your questions and if there is anything else we can help with (sorry we are slow at replying) then ask over on Instagram @thedoublecleansepodcast

Oct 28, 2020
Cash Grabs & Candles

This week we're trying to talk about brands and cash grabs but keep getting distracted by candles!

Hear us smell candles, enjoy candles and talk brands we are fed up with!

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Oct 21, 2020
Inside The Influence

Hey everyone! This week we are answering your questions on what it is like to be an 'influencer'.

We talk YouTube money, the pressure of the job and how it compares to jobs with real pressure!

Thanks for your questions, we had so many we will be doing a part 2 one day. 

Join in the conversation @thedoublecleansepodcast

Oct 07, 2020
Definitely don't but do do not do this!

Hi everyone sorry we were away last week but we are back and talking about things you should not but should do in your make up and skin care routines, just do-n't them!

Please promise us you will absolutely not not not do but do do these things...

Join in the conversation @thedoublecleansepodcast

Sep 30, 2020
Not So Instant Influencer

In this weeks podcast we go into more detail about our journeys as influencers and provide some advice and tips for those wanting to choose it as a career path (we also chew tuna melts really loudly).

Join in the conversation @thedoublecleansepodcast 

Sep 16, 2020
American Dream or Pyramid Scheme?

We have a special guest! Blair from iilluminaughtii is joining us to talk, MLMs, pyramid schemes and shady business practices.

Her videos are insightful mini documentaries that are amazingly researched and brilliantly produced, we are huge fans and we know you will be too!

Let us know what you think of the episode! @thedoublecleansepodcast

Sep 10, 2020
Sibling Secrets

In this weeks episode we have our older brother Marcus on to read your questions!

Hear once and for all who was the most annoying twin growing up!

Join in the conversation @thedoublecleansepodcast

Sep 02, 2020
Robert & James Complain For 52 Minutes

Hi everyone!

We really are just moaning today so come and complain with us! 

Be part of the conversation and send us some happy comments so it's not all negative!


Aug 26, 2020
Fake Faces & Filters

In this weeks podcast we talk about filters, how they've come to dominate the beauty industry and the pressure people are under to look a certain way online.


Be part of the discussion over on Instagram @thedoublecleansepodcast

Aug 19, 2020
Hate Comments & Constructive Criticism

In this weeks episode we discuss the difference between hate comments and constructive criticism. We test each other to see what we class as abuse or criticism and read the hate comments you have received!

We get so many responses to our questions it's hard to even read a small percentage of them but thanks for responding and keep answering, we will hopefully get to your answer soon!

Be part of the conversation @thedoublecleansepodcast 

Aug 12, 2020
Sponsorship Sins & Celebrity Skin

We've already discussed dodgy & untruthful sponsorships so today (thanks to your feedback) we delve deeper into this topic!

Hear us chat about brand bias, the pressure to stay on the good side of a brand (and PR list) and the potential controversies that could surround a sponsored post.

Be part of the discussion over on Instagram @thedoublecleansepodcast


Products we be lovin' -

Robert: Maybelline - Instant Age Rewind Effaceur

James: Jordan Samuel - Hydrate Facial Serum

Skincare experts to follow online -

@KENNAWHITNELL - Biochemist & Cosmetic Formulator  @THECOSMETICREGULATOR - Cosmetic Regulator  @THEECOWELL - Science Communicator & Formulation Chemist @LABMUFFINBEAUTYSCIENCE - Science Educator, Chemistry PhD  @DR.GINZA - Cosmetic Scientist, Science Educator / Communications @SKINCHEMY - Cosmetic Chemist @SKINPERSPECTIVE - Cosmetic Formulator    @SEANGARRETTE - Esthetician  @LABEAUTYOLOGIST - Esthetician  @CAROLINEHIRONS - Master Esthetician  @ANDYMILLWARD_ - Facialist    @ANJALIMAHTO - Dermatologist  @DR.SOMASKIN - Dermatologist  @DRSAMBUNTING - Dermatologist  @SHEREENEIDRISS - Dermatologist  @DERMATOLOGY_DEMYSTIFIED - Dermatologist  @DERMANGELO - Dermatologist
Aug 05, 2020
Influencer Inclusivity #BLM

In this weeks episode we have our first interview! 


We speak to Audra from one of our favourite YouTube channels 'Audra at Home'!


We talk about inclusivity in the beauty industry and whether race can effect your career as a YouTuber. Oh and we speak about cheese a lot!


Aurda's YouTube -

Audra's Instagram -

Link to the study James quoted -


As ever we'd love to hear your thoughts on this episode so please get in touch @thedoublecleansepodcast

Jul 22, 2020
Explaining Endorsements

In this weeks podcast we explain how endorsements work covering everything from gifted items to affiliate links.

We also see if you trust sponsored content and discuss what we've been loving this week!

Be part of the conversation on Instagram @thedoublecleansepodcast.

Jul 15, 2020
The Crocs Cosmetics Qwiz!

In this weeks podcast we have our Crocs Cosmetic Qwiz (not sponsored by Crocs). Hear us test each other on myths in skin care & make up and hear your funniest beauty old mother's tales!

We filmed it too! Watch it here -

How'd you do in the quiz? Get in touch @thedoublecleansepodcast

Jul 08, 2020
Truthful YouTubers

In this weeks podcast we answer the questions in the 'Truthful YouTuber Tag' created by Mel Thompson (

Hear our opinions on brands we won't use, products we love and more.

We'd love to know your thoughts on this episode and your answers to some of the questions so get in touch @thedoublecleansepodcast.

Jul 01, 2020
Beauty Blunders - Biro Brows & Acid Toners

In this weeks episode we are remembering our, and your, worst skin care and make up blunders! We are all in this together!

Follow us on Instagram @thedoublecleansepodcast and be part of the conversation!

Jun 24, 2020

This weeks episode is our first Q&A!

Thanks for all your questions, we couldn't read out as many as we wanted to so we will try and fit in a bonus Q&A episode very soon!

Follow us on Instagram @thedoublecleansepodcast and be part of the conversation!

Jun 17, 2020
Copycat Creators

In this weeks episode we are talking about copycat creators!

Hear us discuss what constitutes stolen content and where the line blurs between following trends and stealing content!

Follow us on Instagram @thedoublecleansepodcast and be part of the conversation!

Jun 10, 2020
Pointless Products & Procedures

In this weeks episode we are talking about pointless products and procedures!

Hear us discuss unnecessary products that you may have been tempted to buy or may already own!

Follow us on Instagram @thedoublecleansepodcast and be part of the conversation!

May 27, 2020
Marketing Claims, Cons & Chemicals

In this weeks episode we are looking at marketing gimmicks!

We take a deep dive into the science and truth behind the bold claims that companies use to make their products stand out on the shelves and explore the chemicals involved.

Follow us on Instagram @thedoublecleansepodcast and be part of the conversation!

May 20, 2020
Celebrity Clientele & Jobs From Hell

In this weeks episode we are storytelling! Hear us recall some of our past jobs that couldn't have gone worse and some of the celebrities we have worked with.

Find out who made Robert lie on the floor in panic and who made James breakout in a cold sweat when we couldn't find her shoe size!

We'd love to hear some of your 'jobs from hell' stories so follow us on Instagram @thedoublecleansepodcast and be part of the conversation.

May 13, 2020
Perfecting Pores

In this weeks episode we are talking about pores! We discuss our favourite methods of pore care and bust some myths along the way.

Follow us on Instagram @thedoublecleansepodcast and be part of the conversation.

May 06, 2020
Killer Cosmetics

In today's episode, We are talking about Cosmetics that killed, from Led poisoning to the elegant glow of radium based skincare. Join in the conversation on Instagram @TheDoubleCleansePodast.

Apr 29, 2020
Frown Lines And Fillers

In today's episode, we discuss Botox and Fillers, and share some of our personal experiences and your botched stories! Follow us on Instagram to be part of the conversation @TheDoubleCleansePodcast

Apr 22, 2020
Talking Trends

In this week's episode, we are talking about trends in skincare and makeup! Some good and some bad, some helpful and even some harmful trends! Get involved in next weeks Podcast by following us on Instagram @TheDoubleCleansepodcast 

Apr 15, 2020
The Problem With Pimples

In this week's episode, we discuss Pimples, Blemishes, texture and just being and normal human with human skin! Does "real" skin have a place in beauty advertising? Head over to our Instagram @TheDoubleCleansePodcast to be part of the conversation. 

Apr 09, 2020
Suspicious Sponsorships

In this week's episode, we discuss our experience in the beauty and fashion industry, sponsorships on social media and tell you some of our dodgy sponsorship stories! Head over to our Instagram @TheDoubleCleansePodcast to be part of the conversation. 

Apr 06, 2020