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Category: Politics

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 Dec 28, 2021
Not grounded in reality at all

 Nov 17, 2021
So good. Current events from a unique perspective. You'll go away feeling better about the future.

 Jun 13, 2021
I don't think this is Dave's podcast but somebody pirating his show.

 Jan 12, 2021
Thank you for the Truth.


X22 Report is a daily show that covers the economy, political and geopolitical issues. Join me and many others to fight what is rightfully ours.

Episode Date
Trump Trapped The [DS],Fear,Panic,Key Opens The Door,Stone Yields The Power To Act On Info – Ep. 3228
Dec 06, 2023
[DS] Desperate, Biden In Trouble, Moves & Countermoves, Red October [Cyber Attack Attempts] – Ep. 3227
Dec 05, 2023
Precedents Are Being Set, Boomerang, [BO], Watch The Water, At Dawn We Win – Ep. 3226
Dec 03, 2023
[DS] Has No Plan B, Transparency & Prosecution, There Is Simply No Other Way, Except 1 – Ep. 3225
Dec 01, 2023
[DS] Plan Has Failed & Only Has A Couple Of Moves Left, 2024 Will Be A Globalist Defeat – Ep. 3224
Nov 30, 2023
Bob Kudla – What We Are Witnessing Is The End Of The [CB], Watch What Happens Next
Nov 30, 2023
Trump Will Offer Classified Info Relating To The Elections,MI,Pandora’s Box Opened – Ep. 3223
Nov 30, 2023
[DS] Panics Over A Legacy Law That Allows Trump To Expand The Military In The US – Ep. 3222
Nov 29, 2023
[DS] Failed, Now They Are Pushing Assassination, 18 US Code Chapter 115, Game Over – Ep. 3220
Nov 26, 2023
Erik Prince – Israel Gaza Not Over, China Invading Taiwan, The World Is At A Tipping Point
Nov 25, 2023
[DS] Lost The Narrative, Pattern Of Corruption Discovered, It’s Going To Be Biblical – Ep. 3219
Nov 24, 2023
[DS] Running Out Of Options, How Do You ‘Safeguard’ US Elections, It Had To Be This Way – Ep. 3218
Nov 23, 2023
MTG – DC Is Worse Than You Can Imagine, Swamp Runs Deep, Leverage Is Now Shifting
Nov 22, 2023
[DS] Propaganda Outlets Are Being Exposed,What You Are Witnessing Is The Counterinsurgency – Ep. 3217
Nov 21, 2023
Panic In DC, Trump Must Be Eliminated, Scavino Sends Messages, MIL-CIV Alliance – Ep. 3216
Nov 21, 2023
J6 & Election Narrative Imploding, Dog Comms,Trump Opened Door Of All Doors,Game Over – Ep. 3215
Nov 19, 2023
Mary & Tara – Confirmed, Child Trafficking At The Border Is Bigger Than You Can Imagine
Nov 18, 2023
Newsom In Focus, At The Moment Of Destruction People Find The Will Change, Panic Mode – Ep. 3214
Nov 17, 2023
Mark & Seth – Election Transparency Is The Only Way Forward, It’s Time To Show The World
Nov 17, 2023
Two-Tiered Justice System, Patriots Instill Fear, [DS] Then Makes Disastrous Countermoves – Ep. 3213
Nov 16, 2023