The New Abnormal

By The Daily Beast

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 Sep 13, 2023
Danielle Moody conducts interviews in a leading manner and often goes off on identity politic diatribes. It's rough listening to her profanity laced rants. I don't disagree with anyone's politics on this podcast, but she should either have her own show that someone signs into or just stick to print. I miss Molly. This podcast needs another adult in the room. Guests are great. Can't imagine I'm only one that feels this way. I will literally fast forward past any lengthy opening Danielle bit.

 Apr 10, 2023
Wish this podcast was around in 2017. Informative and funny. Highly recommend!

 Jan 14, 2023
With the addition of Danielle Moodie, this pod really started to sparkle. It's on my "must-listen" list.

 Nov 25, 2022
Hard review to write as I've been a listener since the beginning. Danielle Moodie is not my cup of tea.

 Dec 6, 2021
started listening for Rick, continue listening for Molly, sharp and relevant, great guests


Blunt truth and dark humor for a world in chaos. A Daily Beast podcast hosted by Danielle Moodie & Andy Levy. Tune in every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday.

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Episode Date
Trump Isn’t a Style Icon. That Title Belongs to This Pair
Apr 21, 2024
NYC Judge Needs to Treat Trump Like the Mafia Boss He Is
Apr 19, 2024
GOP Is Throwing Out ‘Catastrophic’ Candidates to Democracy
Apr 16, 2024
The Dirty Little Gun Secret Behind MAGA World’s Migrant Hysteria
Apr 14, 2024
The Wild Backstory Behind Trumpworld’s Newest Toadie
Apr 12, 2024
Trump's Abortion Stance Is Likely to Change Come November
Apr 09, 2024
Why These Two Republicans Are Trump’s Most Likely VP Picks
Apr 07, 2024
Trump Wants to Jail His Opponents and Nobody Seems to Care
Apr 05, 2024
The Right-Wing’s Spooky New Acronym DEI Betrays an Old Prejudice
Apr 02, 2024
A Visual History of U.S. Racism Articulates What Words Can’t
Mar 31, 2024
Hitler’s Rise to Power Holds Lessons for the 2024 Election
Mar 29, 2024
Chuck Todd Gave NBC the Hardest Read on Television
Mar 26, 2024
Fox News Buried Its Own Mike Pence Story to Benefit Trump
Mar 24, 2024
The Looming Standoff in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Case
Mar 22, 2024
Trump’s Coming for Your Granny’s Health Care
Mar 19, 2024
Donald Trump’s Latest Clinton Conspiracy About BleachBit and Hillary’s Emails Is a Total Trip
Mar 17, 2024
Donald Trump’s Huge Debts Make Him Even More Dangerous
Mar 15, 2024
The Real Reason Why Trump Is Trashing Kimmel and the Oscars
Mar 12, 2024
Katie Britt Should Have Known the SOTU Response Was a Trap
Mar 10, 2024
Trump Is Set to Hit a ‘Financial Brick Wall’ Within Weeks
Mar 08, 2024
Trump’s SCOTUS Win Shows Why We Need Federally Run Elections
Mar 05, 2024
How Unions Could Help Democrats Turn Red States Blue
Mar 03, 2024
Whoever Fills Mitch McConnell’s Shoes Will Be Even Worse
Mar 01, 2024
There Is Some Good News About Trump’s South Carolina Primary Win
Feb 27, 2024
Charlie Kirk Wants Coca-Cola to Sponsor Televised Executions
Feb 25, 2024
Wake Up! Republicans Really Are Trying to Ban Contraception
Feb 23, 2024
The $364 Million Judgment in Trump’s NYC Fraud Case Did Not Go Far Enough
Feb 20, 2024
The ‘Sinister’ Crusade That Has Team Trump Outing LGBTQ Kids
Feb 18, 2024
It’s Time to Look at Trump’s Jan. 6 Plans in a New Light
Feb 16, 2024
Nikki Haley’s Jenga Tower of Anti-Trump Positions Is About to Crash Down
Feb 13, 2024
Guardian Angels' Thug Tactics Get Exposed in Times Square
Feb 11, 2024
Supreme Court Justices Are ‘in the Bag’ for Donald Trump
Feb 09, 2024
Republicans Should Love The Senate’s Latest Immigration Bill
Feb 06, 2024
Why Donald Trump Won’t Let His Famous Dead Uncle John Rest in Peace
Feb 04, 2024
Author of Shocking Post-Roe Rape Study Details ‘Truly Horrifying’ Numbers
Feb 02, 2024
This Week Could Be Even Worse for Donald Trump Than Last Week
Jan 30, 2024
This Bill Would Ban Single People From Sending Sexy Selfies
Jan 28, 2024
Joe Biden Can—and Should—Take Over the Texas National Guard
Jan 26, 2024
No One Can Be More Disappointed in Ron DeSantis Than His Wife Casey
Jan 23, 2024
We Need an Interpreter to Work Out Trump’s ‘Debanking’ Rant
Jan 21, 2024
Listen Closely: Trump Wants to Be a ‘Messiah’ Figure for Evangelicals
Jan 19, 2024
Trump’s New Slogan Sums Him Up Perfectly
Jan 16, 2024
My Time Inside MAGA World Showed Me All Its Secrets
Jan 14, 2024
Christie Has One Move Left That May Save Us From Trump
Jan 12, 2024
Media Exhaustion May Be All Trump Needs to Squeak Out a Win in 2024
Jan 09, 2024
A Supreme Court With Common Sense Would Disqualify Trump
Jan 07, 2024
Why Biden Is Likely to Bridge Polling Gap Against Trump
Jan 05, 2024
The Far Right Will Only Get Louder and More Powerful in 2024
Jan 02, 2024
Student’s Epic Takedown of Bridget Ziegler Is Perfection
Dec 31, 2023
The Absolute Dumbest Conservative Controversies of 2023
Dec 29, 2023
Trump’s ‘Aspirational Fascism’ Casts a Shadow Over 2024
Dec 26, 2023
Nick Fuentes’ ‘Death Penalty’ Call Is Beyond Extreme
Dec 24, 2023
How ‘The Daily Show’ Host Search Became Such a Disaster
Dec 22, 2023
Moms for Liberty Wants to Usher in an American Caste System
Dec 19, 2023
Trump Is Hawking This Season’s Most Petty Gift for Christmas
Dec 17, 2023
Has Social Media Brainwashed You to Think the Economy’s Bad?
Dec 15, 2023
Elon Musk Isn’t Coming Back From the Far-Right Fever Swamps
Dec 12, 2023
The Thing That Will Be the Final ‘Death Knell’ for Musk’s X
Dec 10, 2023
No One Is Shedding a Tear for Kevin McCarthy
Dec 08, 2023
DeSantis’ Retreat Shows Moms for Liberty’s Influence Is Waning
Dec 05, 2023
Newsom Demolished DeSantis Using the One Thing Republicans Hate
Dec 03, 2023
The Vast Majority of American Voters Should Never See a Poll
Dec 01, 2023
The Media is Ignoring Trump’s Advanced Age at Our Peril
Nov 28, 2023
Jan. 6 Officer Says U.S. Must Be Saved From Trump’s Return
Nov 26, 2023
Why Eric Is Most Likely Trump’s Second Favorite Child
Nov 24, 2023
Elon Musk Has Become the Very Thing He Hates Most
Nov 21, 2023
How This Iconic Black Model Changed the Fashion Industry
Nov 19, 2023
Why GOP Won’t Stop Tuberville’s Military Nominees Tantrum
Nov 17, 2023
Trump’s Recent Rhetoric Is Just as Scary as It Seems
Nov 14, 2023
The Rebels Who First Fought Big Tech Were on to Something
Nov 12, 2023
Biden’s Meeting With Xi Could Thaw ‘Deep Freeze’ With China
Nov 10, 2023
Team Trump Isn’t Even Trying to Keep Its Wildest Plans Secret
Nov 07, 2023
Why No One Cared About the War in Afghanistan Until We Lost
Nov 05, 2023
Why Libs of TikTok Is a Ticking Time Bomb
Nov 02, 2023
What If We Tried Treating Donald Trump Like Everyone Else?
Oct 31, 2023
Why This Election Is the Most Crucial Since the Civil War
Oct 29, 2023
MAGA Mike Johnson Is Shameless in More Ways Than One
Oct 27, 2023
The Case for Arnold Schwarzenegger Being Speaker of the House
Oct 24, 2023
How the Pentagon Changed the Plot of ‘Top Gun’
Oct 22, 2023
The Republican Party Is Self-Destructing Before Our Very Eyes
Oct 20, 2023
Trump’s Lawyers Aren’t Even Trying to Win His NY Fraud Case
Oct 17, 2023
Trump Is Going Even Further Down the QAnon Rabbit Hole
Oct 15, 2023
GOP Hits the Bottom of the Barrel to Dredge Up New Speaker
Oct 13, 2023
Violence-Ready’ Militia Group Says Jan. 6’ers are Idiots
Oct 10, 2023
How the God Complex of 4 Billionaires Could Destroy Society
Oct 08, 2023
The Theme of Trump’s Existence Summed Up in Three Words
Oct 06, 2023
Don’t Feel Bad for Kevin McCarthy—He Dug His Own Grave
Oct 03, 2023
Youngkin’s White House Dream May Push Virginia Further Right
Oct 01, 2023
Eric Swalwell Says Kevin McCarthy’s MAGA Team Is a Bunch of Creeps
Sep 29, 2023
Right-Wingers in Congress Won’t Win Their Wacky Shutdown Fight
Sep 26, 2023
Not Crazy or a Nazi? Liberal Org Wants you for School Board
Sep 24, 2023
In Georgia, Donald Trump May Have Just Met His Match in Battle
Sep 22, 2023
Far-Right Anti-Science Conspiracies Are Literally Killing Us
Sep 19, 2023
GOP Keeps Embarrassing Itself Trying to Justify Biden Inquiry
Sep 17, 2023
Lauren Boebert Proves the One Thing She Needs is Class
Sep 15, 2023
Middle America Gives Trump the Finger at Iowa Football Game
Sep 12, 2023
U.S. Leaders Ignored Warning Signs That Musk Would Help Putin
Sep 10, 2023
How Elon Musk Can Change the World With One Flick of a Switch
Sep 08, 2023
Trump Contemplates Jailing Opponents Amid Legal Trouble
Sep 05, 2023
Why Castrated Mad Hatter Murdered Lincoln’s Killer
Sep 03, 2023
It’s Grotesque to Keep Putting Mitch McConnell Out There
Sep 01, 2023
Comparing Trump to Tupac and MLK is Offensive and Wrong
Aug 29, 2023
Controversial Climate Solution May Cool Earth, but at What Cost?
Aug 27, 2023
Vivek Ramaswamy Filled the Void Left by Trump at Republican Debate
Aug 25, 2023
This Constitutional Clause Could Ruin Trump’s 2024 Plans
Aug 22, 2023
Why the Tucker Carlson Biography Sales Are So Pathetic
Aug 20, 2023
Mary Trump’s Horror Prediction if a Republican Wins 2024
Aug 18, 2023
This Is the Only Thing That Will Shut Trump Up
Aug 15, 2023
Should DeSantis Do Mushrooms to Become a Cooler Candidate?
Aug 13, 2023
Ohio Is a Sign That Republicans Should Be Worried
Aug 11, 2023
Trump Has No Reason to Believe He Will Face Consequences
Aug 08, 2023
YouTube’s Alt-Right Propaganda Is Gonna Get People ‘Killed’
Aug 06, 2023
This Will Be the Least Memorable Republican Debater for 2024
Aug 04, 2023
Ayn Rand Would Have Loathed Elon Musk’s Support of Trump
Aug 01, 2023
The Country Music Establishment Doesn’t Care If It’s Racist
Jul 30, 2023
That Mitch McConnell Video Is F*cking Scary and Terrifying
Jul 28, 2023
This Is the Only Way Trump Will Lose His Base’s Support
Jul 25, 2023
Trump Unlocked a Whole New Level of Bullshitting in Iowa
Jul 23, 2023
Trump, an ‘Authoritarian,’ Could Actually Win the Presidency
Jul 21, 2023
Mediocre White Men Love Trump. Nobody Likes DeSantis.
Jul 18, 2023
Nick Fuentes Admits His Dream Wife Is 16 Years Old
Jul 16, 2023
Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Judge Aileen Cannon Faces Her Moment of Truth
Jul 14, 2023
How RFK Jr. Supporters Are Trying to Spin The Anti-Vax Thing
Jul 11, 2023
How Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Trying to Become Trump’s VP
Jul 09, 2023
Moms for Liberty Loves DeSantis—but They’ll Never Vote for Him
Jul 07, 2023
Ben Franklin Was Probably As Annoying As Jordan Peterson
Jul 04, 2023
How Obama’s Presidency Kicked Off Today’s White Violence
Jul 02, 2023
We’ll Be Talking About Justice Jackson Dissents for Decades
Jun 30, 2023
There’s a Reason We’re Seeing Videos of RFK Jr. Shirtless
Jun 27, 2023
Michael Ian Black Has Never Heard Trump Be Funny
Jun 25, 2023
First States to Enact Abortion Bans Have One Thing in Common
Jun 23, 2023
What to Expect Next After Texas AG Ken Paxton’s Impeachment
Jun 20, 2023
Why SCOTUS’ Shock Voting Rights Call May Be Window Dressing
Jun 18, 2023
What Happens to Docs Case if Donald Trump Wins 2024 U.S. Presidency?
Jun 16, 2023
Trump Mar-A-Lago Judge Should Have Recused Herself Yesterday
Jun 13, 2023
Governor Kristi Noem Is Sad She Can’t Shop at Target
Jun 11, 2023
Trump’s New Indictment Is Truly Making America Great Again
Jun 09, 2023
Matt Gaetz Doesn’t Want You to Know He Wears Unisex Blazers
Jun 06, 2023
This Marjorie Taylor Greene Wish Could Start a Civil War
Jun 04, 2023
The Longer They Wait to Indict Donald Trump, the Harder It Gets
Jun 02, 2023
Pride Organizer Says Gay Floridians Are Leaving in Droves
May 30, 2023
How Gerald Ford’s Big Mouth Helped Uncover Insane CIA Abuses
May 28, 2023
Ron DeSantis Is So Clearly the Beta to Donald Trump’s Alpha
May 26, 2023
How Trump Could Benefit from Pushing a Debt Default
May 23, 2023
Abe Lincoln Wasn’t the Kind of Christian You Think He Was
May 21, 2023
The 29-Year-Old Long Islander Coming for George Santos’ Seat
May 19, 2023
How Chasten Buttigieg Gets Revenge Against Right Wing Bigots
May 16, 2023
George Santos Is the ‘Inventing Anna’ of Congress
May 14, 2023
Donald Trump’s Actions to Young Staff Was’'Open Secret:’ Ex-Adviser
May 12, 2023
Florida’s House Republicans Are Even Worse Behind the Scenes
May 09, 2023
How Tucker Carlson Wanted to ‘Save the GOP’ Live On Air
May 07, 2023
Dear Tucker Carlson, This Is How White Men Really Fight
May 05, 2023
TN Rep Gloria Johnson Rips Apart Huge Pro-Gun ‘Argument’
May 02, 2023
If Only Ted Cruz Cared About This Constituent Who Almost Died
Apr 30, 2023
These Are the Five States Competing to Be the Biggest Trans Haters
Apr 28, 2023
This May Have Been Tucker Carlson’s Biggest Mistake
Apr 25, 2023
Inside Trumpworld Hero Ali Alexander’s Teen Sexting Scandal
Apr 23, 2023
Rupert Murdoch Is Still a Billionaire. He Won.
Apr 21, 2023
Clarence Thomas Is a ‘Grifting Faucet You Can’t Turn Off’
Apr 18, 2023
MAGA ‘Loser’ Wants It to Be Illegal for Women to Own Dogs
Apr 16, 2023
Tucker Carlson Laid Down to Donald Trump During Humiliating Fox Interview
Apr 14, 2023
Michael Flynn’s Boomer Moment Got a Trump Prayer Call Hacked
Apr 11, 2023
Trump and This Murdering KKK Cannibal Have a Lot in Common
Apr 09, 2023
What Prosecutors Need to Prove to Nail Trump With a Felony
Apr 07, 2023
The Worst Thing That Can Happen If Trump Beats These Charges
Apr 04, 2023
Betsy DeVos Is Still Making Moves to Destroy Public Schools
Apr 02, 2023
You Don’t Get More Reality TV Trash Than Donald Trump’s Indictment
Mar 31, 2023
What Ron DeSantis Is Counting On to Beat Trump
Mar 28, 2023
What Trump Learned About Manipulation From Pal Vince McMahon
Mar 26, 2023
Did Anyone Other Than Trump Say He Was Going to be Indicted?
Mar 24, 2023
Trump’s Arrest for Stormy Case Is ‘Beginning of the Fall’
Mar 21, 2023
The Truth about Those ‘Classified’ Biden and Trump Docs
Mar 19, 2023
What Conservative Author Bethany Mandel’s Viral Flub Taught Us About ‘Woke’
Mar 17, 2023
How the Silicon Valley Bank Implosion Leads Back to Trump
Mar 14, 2023
Kimberly Guilfoyle Is Just Another ‘Grifting Ass Republican’
Mar 12, 2023
Tucker Carlson Went Too Far and Even Republicans Know it
Mar 10, 2023
Capitol Police Officers Could Be the Key to Nailing Trump
Mar 07, 2023
The Time Jimmy Carter Played White Supremacists for Fools
Mar 05, 2023
The One Word Fox News Channel Needs to Drop
Mar 03, 2023
Tucker Carlson Thinks Ohio Train Tracks Are Anti-White
Feb 28, 2023
Hannity, ‘National Divorce’ Backer, Forgets He’s a New Yorker
Feb 26, 2023
Man Who Lost Narrow Race to Lauren Boebert Plots Redemption Run
Feb 24, 2023
This ‘Terrifying’ Court Case Could Change Abortion Access - Again
Feb 21, 2023
Inside QAnon’s Rise and How Trump Became It’s God Emperor
Feb 19, 2023
The DOJ Is Coming for Donald Trump Quicker Than Ever
Feb 17, 2023
‘Anti-Woke’ Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy May Be The Next Big Right-Wing Star
Feb 14, 2023
How Twitter Hearing Turned into a Dumpster Fire for GOP
Feb 12, 2023
America Has Never Seen a House Speaker With a Limper Gavel
Feb 10, 2023
The Greatest Threat the United States Faces Is Coming From Within
Feb 07, 2023
The Mob Boss Tactic Trump Uses to Keep People From Flipping
Feb 05, 2023
The One Lie That Will Get George Santos in the End
Feb 03, 2023
How Trump Fulfilled Barr’s Bloodthirsty Death Penalty Dreams
Jan 31, 2023
Trump Should Not Trust a VP Marjorie Taylor Greene
Jan 29, 2023
Nothing Has Changed Since Sandy Hook and That’s a Damn Shame
Jan 27, 2023
The Real Reason McCarthy Put Santos on the Science Committee
Jan 24, 2023
There Is Nothing Independent About Kyrsten Sinema
Jan 22, 2023
The 87-Page Document That Should Have Sunk George Santos
Jan 20, 2023
Buttigieg Could’ve Improved Airline Issues And Just…Didn’t
Jan 17, 2023
Two Reasons Vince McMahon Would Sell WWE to the Saudis
Jan 15, 2023
Why Lachlan Murdoch Is Even Scarier Than His Father Rupert
Jan 13, 2023
One Theory for Why Bolsonaro Is In Florida
Jan 10, 2023
George Santos’ Sketchiness Isn’t Ending Any Time Soon
Jan 08, 2023
Kevin McCarthy Is Proof You Don’t Negotiate With Terrorists
Jan 06, 2023
2023 Will Finally Be the Year of Accountability for Donald Trump
Jan 03, 2023
Proof that Republicans Know Exactly How Racist They Are
Jan 01, 2023
Why It’s ‘Fine’ If Brett Kavanaugh and Matt Gaetz Hang Out
Dec 30, 2022
The Most Absurd Republican Temper Tantrums This Year
Dec 27, 2022
Your Fav Comedians Want You to Shut Up About Cancel Culture
Dec 25, 2022
The Year Elon Musk and Dave Chappelle Almost Killed Comedy
Dec 23, 2022
Watching the Last Jan. 6 Hearing Was Utterly ‘Heartbreaking’
Dec 20, 2022
If a Recession Is Coming, We Have a Few Months
Dec 18, 2022
Mark Meadows' 2,300 Juicy Election Texts Revealed
Dec 16, 2022
Kyrsten Sinema’s Ex-Friend Has Proof She’s ‘Calculated’
Dec 13, 2022
Laura Ingraham Is Mad at Everyone But Hershel Walker
Dec 11, 2022
This School Board Member Can’t Stomach Ron DeSantis’ ‘Insanity’
Dec 09, 2022
Kanye’s ‘Presidential Campaign’ Is A Complete Mess
Dec 06, 2022
Pulse Shooting Survivor Tells How to Make Anti-LGBT Pols Pay
Dec 04, 2022
This Group Gets Unlimited Sick Leave While You Don’t
Dec 02, 2022
Steve Bannon Is Just Jealous He's Been Replaced by Trump
Nov 29, 2022
20 Questions With Danielle Moodie & Andy Levy
Nov 27, 2022
What You Don’t Know About the FBI Director Who Targeted MLK
Nov 25, 2022
Merrick Garland Is Just Helping Trump Run Out the Clock
Nov 22, 2022
‘Modern Family’ Producer: Dave Chapelle Is ‘Thin-Skinned One’
Nov 20, 2022
The Devious Reason Trump Announced His 2024 Run Now
Nov 18, 2022
The Cuomo Crony Helping Republicans Win in New York
Nov 15, 2022
Conan Sidekick Andy Richter Is Totally Team Cancel Culture
Nov 13, 2022
Why Trump Would Easily Crush DeSantis in Battle Today
Nov 11, 2022
This Is When Trump’s Staffers Realized He Was Out of Control
Nov 08, 2022
Patton Oswalt Thinks We’re About to Hit a ‘Dangerous’ Point
Nov 06, 2022
Joe Biden and the Democrats Fail to Fight Days Before Midterm Battle Begins
Nov 04, 2022
Why It’s Totally Possible for Jon Stewart to Be President
Nov 01, 2022
Comedian Tim Heidecker Thinks Joe Rogan’s Show Is ‘Boring’
Oct 30, 2022
Michael Cohen: Trump’s Too Scared of Losing to Run in 2024
Oct 28, 2022
How Tucker Carlson Is Making MAGA World Turn on Each Other
Oct 25, 2022
Iranian Protestors Are Dying ‘Final Destination’ Style
Oct 23, 2022
Marjorie Taylor Greene Is the Brawler the MAGA Base Wants
Oct 21, 2022
Marjorie Taylor Greene Isn’t Joking. She’s Pushing ‘War’.
Oct 18, 2022
Comic’s Comic Andy Kindler: ‘Manipulative’ Louis C.K. Got What He Deserved
Oct 16, 2022
‘Not a Prayer in Hell’ Trump Will Appear at Jan. 6 Committee
Oct 14, 2022
What It Will Take to Make AOC the Next Bernie Sanders
Oct 11, 2022
Tucker Carlson Is Obsessed with Smearing Trans People
Oct 09, 2022
A Fascinating Detail in the Herschel Walker Saga
Oct 07, 2022
What Trump Hates the Most About Mitch McConnell
Oct 04, 2022
The Scariest Part of the Proud Boys Isn’t The Violence
Oct 02, 2022
Is Tucker Carlson a True Believer?
Sep 30, 2022
Everyone Should Be ‘Terrified’ of What’s Happening In Europe
Sep 27, 2022
Election Officials Have the Same Worst Fear for The Midterms
Sep 25, 2022
The Only Two People Holding Trump Accountable Are Not Men
Sep 23, 2022
How Mike Lindell Got Boxed In at the Hardee’s Drive-Thru
Sep 20, 2022
How Online Trolls Left Justine Bateman Feeling ‘Messed Up’
Sep 18, 2022
The Bad Part of Being a Lawyer in Trump World
Sep 16, 2022
Trump Is Like the Kid at Disney World Who Refuses to Go Home
Sep 13, 2022
Trump Perfected It, But GOP Has Long Courted The Crazy Vote
Sep 11, 2022
Britain in ‘Real Trouble’ After Queen Elizabeth’s Death
Sep 09, 2022
Why Trump Refused To Make Giuliani His Secretary of State
Sep 06, 2022
A Deep Dive Into The Way Trump Talks—and Why It Works
Sep 04, 2022
George Conway: ‘Any Fair Jury’ Would Convict Trump Now
Sep 02, 2022
Lindsey Graham Just Made a Subtle Terroristic Threat NBD
Aug 30, 2022
Ron DeSantis Going Full Trump Won’t Work
Aug 28, 2022
This Group’s Vote Will Ultimately Decide the Midterms
Aug 26, 2022
Does Dr. Oz’s Team Hate Him or Are They Bad at Their Jobs?
Aug 23, 2022
Afghanistan Vet Elliot Ackerman: Why We Should Bring the Draft Back
Aug 21, 2022
Liz Cheney Running for President Is Absurd
Aug 19, 2022
A Theory for Why Trump Kept Those Classified Documents
Aug 16, 2022
Blame Newt Gingrich for Today’s Lying MAGA Republicans
Aug 14, 2022
The One Sentence Republicans Need to Stop Using
Aug 12, 2022
Schumer: Manchin Didn’t Want to Be Reason the Globe Burns
Aug 09, 2022
Kal Penn Got ‘Schooled’ by Barack Obama and ‘Weirded Out’ Michelle
Aug 07, 2022
The ‘Pissed Off’ Kansas Women Who Told Abortion Foes to Shove It
Aug 05, 2022
Marine Senate Candidate Lucas Kunce Thinks Republicans Are ‘Enemy’ of People
Aug 02, 2022
How Ken Auletta Helped Ronan Farrow Nail Harvey Weinstein
Jul 31, 2022
Should Democrats Bother Going on Fox News?
Jul 29, 2022
What Makes DeSantis Scarier Than Trump
Jul 26, 2022
Inside the Maternal Morbidity Crisis Facing Black Women
Jul 24, 2022
The REALLY Shocking Moment From the Jan. 6 Hearing
Jul 22, 2022
Republicans Now Have an ‘Incentive to Be Terrible’
Jul 19, 2022
This 80s Song Helped Gabby Giffords Speak After Getting Shot
Jul 17, 2022
Just Imagine What It’s Like to Be Anywhere Near Trump Right Now
Jul 15, 2022
The One Thing That’ll Actually Get Steve Bannon To Testify
Jul 12, 2022
Jason Kander’s First VA Psych Visit Was Both Sad & Hilarious
Jul 10, 2022
The Moment Gretchen Carlson Knew She Needed to Expose Ailes
Jul 08, 2022
Why U.S. Should Brace For a Rise in Green Fascism
Jul 05, 2022
Jerry Stahl Was Mistaken for ‘Kramer’ While at Auschwitz
Jul 03, 2022
GOP Knows It’s ‘Hanging On by a Thread’ in a Post-Roe World
Jul 01, 2022
Nancy Pelosi Is Gonna Need to Do Better than a Poem
Jun 28, 2022
This David Duchovny Theory on Aliens Makes a Lot of Sense
Jun 26, 2022
This Is How to Impeach a Supreme Court Justice
Jun 24, 2022
Which (Alleged) Crime Did Matt Gaetz Want a Pardon For?
Jun 24, 2022
Biden Told ‘Be Bold’ In Order to ‘Save the Republic’
Jun 21, 2022
Katy Tur’s Relationship With Keith Olbermann ‘Haunted’ Her
Jun 19, 2022
Trump Lied, and Pence Could Have Died
Jun 17, 2022
Jared Knows Jail Is Real. Do Ivanka and the Failsons?
Jun 14, 2022
What James Patterson Remembers from Dinner With the Clintons
Jun 12, 2022
Liz Cheney Is Ready to Follow Donald Trump to the Gates of Hell
Jun 10, 2022
Donald Trump Is No Longer the Kingmaker He Thinks He Still Is
Jun 07, 2022
Parkland Dad Fred Guttenberg on the Day His Life ‘Shattered’
Jun 05, 2022
Time for Democrats to Stop Triangulating and Go Hard or Go Home
Jun 03, 2022
Republicans Are Getting Really ‘Sick’ of Trump’s ‘Bitching’
May 31, 2022
George Carlin’s Daughter Says He’d ‘Roll Eyes’ at Far Right
May 29, 2022
Gov. Abbott Is Bullsh*tting About Mental Health Reform
May 27, 2022
Kellyanne ‘Glorifies Trump’ but Skewers Jared and Her Hubby
May 24, 2022
The German Billionaires With a Grotesque Anti-Semitic History
May 22, 2022
Is the Supreme Court About to Turn New York Into the Wild West?
May 20, 2022
Stefanik’s Replacement Theory Talk Led to a Day of Infamy
May 17, 2022
Trump Is Wrong About Everything Except Mitch McConnell
May 15, 2022
What If Elon Musk’s Twitter Grab Is All ‘a Big Fugazi’?
May 13, 2022
Elon Musk Wants to Run Twitter So He Can Have Friends
May 10, 2022
That Time a House Democrat Called Pelosi a ‘Terrible Person’
May 08, 2022
Where the Right Will Strike Next After Its Big Abortion Win
May 06, 2022
Pour One Out for Jared Kushner’s Ghostwriter
May 03, 2022
Senator Smeared as ‘Groomer’ Has Message for Suburban Moms w/ Sen. Mallory McMorrow
May 01, 2022
Here's What the Hell Joe Manchin Is Doing
Apr 29, 2022
Ivanka Got Real Quiet Real Fast in the Group Text After Nov. 6
Apr 26, 2022
Sen. Schatz Says Yelling at Hawley Was Like Yelling at ‘My Brothers’
Apr 24, 2022
The MAGA Goon Squad Dug Themselves a Deep Hole After Jan. 6
Apr 22, 2022
A Breakdown of That Tucker Carlson Testicle Video
Apr 19, 2022
Putin’s Hunted Me Down All Over the World
Apr 17, 2022
Jr. Was Up to His Ears in the Plot to Steal Daddy the Election
Apr 15, 2022
What Trump’s Alleged Crimes and Costco Have in Common w/ Rep. Eric Swalwell
Apr 12, 2022
The Dirty Little Secrets of Trump’s Pandemic Aid
Apr 10, 2022
Trump Keeps Losing but the GOP Just Can’t Quit Him
Apr 08, 2022
Ted Cruz Knew Exactly What He Was Doing Caping for Trump
Apr 05, 2022
Scientific Proof Hannity Can Make Republicans More Liberal
Apr 03, 2022
There Might Be a Stupid Explanation for the 7-Hour Gap in Trump’s Phone Logs
Apr 01, 2022
Did Big Lie Booster Mark Meadows Commit Voter Fraud?
Mar 29, 2022
Trump Asked Kid Rock About North Korea and There Is No Bottom
Mar 27, 2022
This Isn’t a Confirmation Hearing for Cruz—It’s a Clout Check
Mar 25, 2022
Josh Hawley Is On Verge of Being ‘Senator from QAnon’
Mar 22, 2022
Putin Will ‘Torture’ His Own People Before Stepping Down
Mar 20, 2022
Zelensky’s Videos Are Giving Ukraine a ‘Fighting Chance’
Mar 18, 2022
Putin’s Own Soldiers Are Refusing to Fight in Ukraine
Mar 15, 2022
Sister of Black Mom Shot by Secret Service: It’s a Cover Up
Mar 13, 2022
Putin’s Paranoid, Isolated and Trying to Bluff His Way Through
Mar 11, 2022
How Zelensky Went from Jackie Mason to Winston Churchill
Mar 08, 2022
‘We Came Back to Show the Truth About This Russian Invasion’
Mar 06, 2022
Why We Feel So Connected to Zelensky w/ Margaret Brennan
Mar 04, 2022
Navalny Pal on What’s Next for Putin If He Wins—or Loses
Mar 01, 2022
Ex-Prosecutor Says She Can Prove Trump Committed Two Crimes
Feb 27, 2022
Putin Really ‘Turns On’ Tucker Carlson and Co. w/ Charlie Sykes
Feb 25, 2022
Mitch McConnell Is a ‘Spigot for Dark Money’ w/ Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse
Feb 22, 2022
What Made ‘Abolish the Police’ Activists Change Course
Feb 20, 2022
The ‘Clown Car’ of Reasons That Trump Could Go Down
Feb 18, 2022
Truckers Resurrect Bananas Theory About Trudeau’s Real Dad
Feb 15, 2022
The Time Trump Thought Palin Was ‘Hot’ and Stole Her Vibe
Feb 13, 2022
Marjorie Taylor Greene Is on a Hot Streak of Stunning Stupidity
Feb 11, 2022
Ilhan Omar Breaks Down Congress’ ‘High School’ Cliques
Feb 08, 2022
How a Wall Street ‘Villian’ Set the Stage for Endless Global Chaos
Feb 06, 2022
Jeff Zucker’s Out, and CNN’s Stars Are Pissed
Feb 04, 2022
Joe Rogan: Moron or.... Moron?
Feb 01, 2022
Garry Kasparov on What Will Take Putin Down
Jan 30, 2022
Fox News Is Literally Killing Its Viewers
Jan 28, 2022
George Conway Still Has Faith Mark Meadows Will Go Down
Jan 25, 2022
The Only Thing That Will Save OAN from Extinction w/ Angelo Carusone
Jan 22, 2022
Family Cuts Off Alleged Area Sex Criminal Prince Andrew w/ Ian Dunt
Jan 21, 2022
Preet Bharara: It’s ‘Odd’ Garland Hasn’t Grilled Trump & Co.
Jan 18, 2022
Watergate Reporter Carl Bernstein Has a Fox News Theory
Jan 16, 2022
Joe Rogan Is Mainstreaming Right-Wing Misinformation
Jan 14, 2022
Bannon and the Right Have a Scary New Tactic to Take Over Politics
Jan 11, 2022
The Decision Trump Made That May Destroy NYC Someday
Jan 09, 2022
Can Somebody Please Check on Ron DeSantis? w/ John Heilemann
Jan 07, 2022
The Likely Reason Trump Won’t Denounce the Vaccine
Jan 04, 2022
Student Loans Were Created to Punish Poor People
Jan 02, 2022
Will Liz Cheney or Mitch McConnell Save America from Russia?
Dec 31, 2021
Ron Johnson’s Opponent Wants Inside Traders Out of Congress
Dec 28, 2021
Hosts Molly Jong-Fast and Andy Levy Answer 20 Hilariously Stupid Questions
Dec 26, 2021
Was This ‘Succession’ Line About Fascism The Best Yet?
Dec 24, 2021
Pfizer’s 5-Day COVID Pills Will Turn This Pandemic Around w/Dr. Eric Topol
Dec 21, 2021
Why Ending Cash Bail Won’t Increase Crime
Dec 19, 2021
Gavin Newsom Trolled the Supreme Court’s Crazy Conservatives​ w/ Kurt Anderson
Dec 17, 2021
Ben Shapiro and His Sister Are Secret Boomers
Dec 14, 2021
Is Tucker Carlson Pandering to ‘Stupid’ Americans for Russia?
Dec 12, 2021
It Sure Looks Like Mike Pence Saved Democracy in America w/ Rep. Ritchie Torres
Dec 10, 2021
Zephyr Teachout on When Cuomo’s BFF Tried to Intimidate Her
Dec 07, 2021
Amy Coney Barrett Basically Thinks Women Are Incubators
Dec 04, 2021
The CIA’s Slipshod Path to Torturing Its ‘Forever Prisoner’ w/ Alex Gibney
Dec 03, 2021
Why There Might Not Be an Omicron Booster w/ James Carville
Nov 30, 2021
Why Did This Black Child Go Missing and No One Noticed?
Nov 28, 2021
How This Attorney General Beat Trump 40 Times in Court
Nov 26, 2021
The Time Trump Practically Begged for a Dinner Invite w/ Jon Karl
Nov 23, 2021
Why Hasn’t Biden Reversed Trump’s Tariffs to Fix Inflation?
Nov 21, 2021
Pam and Tommy Would Have Broken the Internet w/ Nick Offerman
Nov 19, 2021
Mary Trump: If Donald Runs Again, This Will Be the Reason
Nov 16, 2021
Huma Abedin Lived in ‘Anger & Bitterness’ Over Weiner Affair
Nov 14, 2021
Why Crypto Bros Want Biden to Fuck Up the Economy
Nov 12, 2021
There's More Lauren Boeberts Coming—Unless Dems Do This w/ Brian Klass
Nov 09, 2021
Texas’ AG Used This Insane Reason to Keep Abortion Illegal
Nov 07, 2021
Glenn Youngkin Is Donald Trump Dressed Up as Jeb Bush w/ Lawrence Lessig
Nov 05, 2021
Charles Booker, a 'Black Guy from the Hood,' Wants Rand Paul's Seat
Nov 02, 2021
UNLOCKED: How WSJ Reporter Jeff Horwitz Got the Facebook Whistleblower to Talk
Nov 01, 2021
How WSJ Reporter Jeff Horwitz Got the Facebook Whistleblower to Talk
Oct 31, 2021
Tucker Carlson Is Doing It for the Fish Sticks w/ Adam Schiff
Oct 29, 2021
The Harshest Punishment Paul Gosar Could Get for Jan. 6 w/ Hunter Walker
Oct 26, 2021
‘The Americans’ Creator: Being in the CIA Made Me Empathize with the KGB
Oct 24, 2021
Secret Corruption ‘Waivers’ and Other Tales from Trump’s Former Ethics Director
Oct 22, 2021
How Marjorie Taylor Greene ‘Basically Bought’ Her House Seat w/ Adam Serwer
Oct 19, 2021
Inside the Fight Against Trump’s ‘Music Man’
Oct 17, 2021
This Is Not Kyrsten Sinema Just Pissing Off the Left w/ Adam Jentelson
Oct 15, 2021
Carville: Either Dems Hold On or Kiss Democracy’s Ass Goodbye
Oct 12, 2021
Fiona Hill: Putin Used His KGB Training to Manipulate Trump
Oct 10, 2021
How Fox News Made Every Moment of the Last 25 Years Worse
Oct 08, 2021
The Secret Meeting Between Zuckerberg, Peter Thiel, the Trumps and Kushners
Oct 05, 2021
Why's Matt Gaetz and Co. Pushing ‘White Replacement Theory’ So Hard?
Oct 03, 2021
Nancy Pelosi Brought a Teddy Bear to a Knife Fight w/ Dr. Peter Hotez
Oct 01, 2021
How Long Until Ben Shapiro Becomes CEO of Facebook? w/ Kevin Roose
Sep 28, 2021
Stop Being A White Savior and Join a School Board ft. Phoebe Robinson
Sep 26, 2021
These Are Mary Trump’s Favorite Parts of Donald’s $100M Suit
Sep 24, 2021
Breitbart Wants Its Followers to Get Vaxxed to Own the Libs w/Rep. Ro Khanna
Sep 21, 2021
How the Texas Abortion Ban Is an Attack on Men
Sep 19, 2021
Could There Be a Non-Vaccine COVID Cure?
Sep 17, 2021
Will Kellyanne Conway Have a Come to Jesus Moment?
Sep 14, 2021
You Don’t Know Everything About Muhammad Ali Just Yet
Sep 12, 2021
Here’s Why Joe Manchin Is Always Dumping on Other Democrats
Sep 10, 2021
Why Biden Should Send ‘Abortion Trucks’ to Texas
Sep 07, 2021
Tom Nichols: Democracy is Dying Because Americans Are Narcissists
Sep 05, 2021
George Conway Feels Bad for What Happened to Monica Lewinsky
Sep 03, 2021
The Nonexistent Afghanistan Plan That Might’ve Saved Biden’s Ass w/ Tim Miller
Aug 31, 2021
Soledad O’Brien on Fox News’ ‘Stupid Blonde’ Spouting Vax Nonsense
Aug 29, 2021
Everyone’s Against Forever Wars Until They Actually End w/ Toure
Aug 27, 2021
Jeet Heer: It Shouldn’t Shock You That Afghanistan Collapsed So Quickly
Aug 24, 2021
Afghan Women Say The Taliban Are Shooting People in the Night and Filming It
Aug 22, 2021
Why Uncle Don Is ‘Incapable’ of Convincing the Unvaxxed w/ Mary Trump
Aug 20, 2021
The U.S. Is Giving the Rest of the World Abandonment Issues
Aug 17, 2021
UNLOCKED: Biden’s Ex-COVID Czar: Ron DeSantis Wants You to Drown in COVID
Aug 16, 2021
Biden’s Ex-COVID Czar: Ron DeSantis Wants You to Drown in COVID
Aug 15, 2021
Why Vaccinated People Are Not Taking Delta Seriously Enough w/ Dr. Eric Topol
Aug 13, 2021
NJ Gov. Phil Murphy Has Two Thoughts on Andrew Cuomo and That’s It
Aug 10, 2021
Jared Kushner Is Likely Why Trump Made Governors’ Lives Hell During Early COVID
Aug 08, 2021
The Perfect Storm Battering Ron DeSantis in Florida w/ Nikki Fried & Ian Dunt
Aug 06, 2021
GOP’s Anti-Vaxx Disinfo ‘Is What Authoritarian Regimes Do’ w/ Dr Peter Hotez & James Carville
Aug 03, 2021
The Worst Things Bill Barr Did as AG
Aug 01, 2021
We Need a Pro-Abortion Constitutional Amendment
Jul 30, 2021
El Chapo’s Arrest Made the Drug War Worse w/ Noah Hurowiz
Jul 27, 2021
Julie K. Brown Doesn’t Believe Jeffrey Epstein Killed Himself
Jul 25, 2021
What if Tucker Carlson Told the World He’d Been Vaccinated? w/ Oliver Darcy
Jul 23, 2021
Trump Author: Even His Allies Thought He’d Lost It
Jul 20, 2021
Bill O’Reilly Accuser Andrea Mackris: I Want People to ‘Understand the Terror’ of Forced NDAs
Jul 19, 2021
Susan Orlean on the Weird World of Show Dogs and New Jersey’s Tiger Queen
Jul 18, 2021
The Desperate Laundering of the Trump Reputations w/ Michael Wolff
Jul 16, 2021
The Trump Org’s Implosion Starts with a Divorce
Jul 13, 2021
UNLOCKED: Are We Just Going to Ignore That Exxon Video?
Jul 12, 2021
Are We Just Going to Ignore That Exxon Video?
Jul 11, 2021
Trump Is Liable for Ashli Babbit’s Death
Jul 09, 2021
Ivanka Just Might Flip on Her Dad, Mary Trump Says
Jul 06, 2021
Eric Adams Is The Kind of Democrat That Liberals Ignore w/ David Shorr
Jul 04, 2021
No Republicans Fears the Wrath of Kevin McCarthy w/ Andy Levy
Jul 02, 2021
Jared Kushner Really Did Make the Pandemic Worse
Jun 29, 2021
Fox News Has Critical Race Theory All Wrong w/ Kevin M. Kruse
Jun 27, 2021
Mehdi Hasan Thinks Republicans Couldn’t Define Critical Race Theory ‘If Their Lives Depended on It’
Jun 25, 2021
The Sneaky Way the Supreme Court Will End Abortion Rights w/ Elie Mystal
Jun 22, 2021
Brian Stelter: Watching Fox News’ Propaganda Can Make Liberals Smarter
Jun 20, 2021
The Man Who Was Trump Before Trump
Jun 18, 2021
These Trump DOJ Subpoena Revelations Are Like Watergate on Crack
Jun 15, 2021
Please Don’t Listen to Jim Jordan For COVID Vaccine Advice
Jun 13, 2021
We’re All Just Living Under the Tyranny of Joe Manchin w/ Andy Slavitt, Rep. Ritchie Torres & Jason Kander
Jun 11, 2021
What if This Is Just the Tip of Trumpworld’s Iceberg of Crazy?
Jun 08, 2021
Why I Can’t Stand Rich People with Liberal Lawn Signs
Jun 06, 2021
What the F*ck Is Wrong With Joe Manchin?
Jun 04, 2021
Does the MyPillow Guy Think He’s a Governor?
Jun 01, 2021
UNLOCKED: Will Biden Ever Get Off His Ass to Save Democracy?
May 31, 2021
Will Biden Ever Get Off His Ass to Save Democracy?
May 30, 2021
Trump Jr.-Bongino 2024??
May 28, 2021
Ex-GOP Rep: My Party Was ‘Beamed Up by Aliens’
May 25, 2021
Rep. Swalwell: GOP Is Turning Their Back on Cops
May 23, 2021
Michael Cohen Went Down First—But This Trump Crony Should Be Next
May 21, 2021
Republicans Are Trying to Steal Your Vote, and Dems Are Snoozing Through It
May 18, 2021
Trump Came This Close to Making the Opioid Crisis More Hellish
May 16, 2021
Violent Insurrection: It’s the New Camping!
May 14, 2021
FEVER DREAMS: How ‘Wannabe’ Instagram Models Kneecapped Matt Gaetz
May 13, 2021
Josh Hawley Is Basically Making Meth For MAGA Nation
May 11, 2021
Jeff Garlin on Playing Harvey Weinstein: It’s Not Funny Being Compared to a Rapist
May 09, 2021
Mark Zuckerberg Doesn’t Want to Fix Facebook
May 07, 2021
Rudy Giuliani Is in ‘Deep Shit’
May 04, 2021
Donald Trump Jr.’s Inauguration ‘Fuckery’
Apr 30, 2021
TEASER: Will Rudy Giuliani Actually Be Held Accountable for His Alleged Criming?
Apr 29, 2021
Will Rudy Giuliani Actually Be Held Accountable for His Alleged Criming?
Apr 29, 2021
Has Wall Street Completely Lost Its Mind?
Apr 27, 2021
Howard Dean: The Republicans Are Now a Neo-Fascist Party
Apr 23, 2021
UNLOCKED: The New Abnormal Has Turned One And Is Celebrating 20 Million Listens
Apr 21, 2021
Andrew Yang Will Shit-Talk Florida to Get Rich New Yorkers Back Home
Apr 20, 2021
TEASER: Mika Brzezinski: I Was An ‘Idiot’ Signing My First Morning Joe Contract
Apr 19, 2021
Mika Brzezinski: I Was An ‘Idiot’ Signing My First Morning Joe Contract
Apr 18, 2021
Hunter Biden on Burisma, Don Jr., and Cooking Crack!
Apr 16, 2021
What Mika Brzezinski Did When She Read Trump’s ‘Bleeding Facelift’ Tweet
Apr 13, 2021
TEASER: Rep. Grace Meng: How I’m Able to Work with GOP Racists
Apr 12, 2021
Rep. Grace Meng: How I’m Able to Work with GOP Racists
Apr 11, 2021
Why Matt Gaetz Was Left Twisting in the Wind
Apr 09, 2021
Why Republicans Can’t Seem To Lay a Glove on Biden
Apr 06, 2021
UNLOCKED: DNC Chair Jamie Harrison: The Democratic Brand Is Broken
Apr 05, 2021
Gaetz Keeps Digging Deeper Holes for Himself
Apr 02, 2021
FEVER DREAMS: Why QAnon Is So Bummed to See the Suez Ship Go Free
Mar 31, 2021
The Right Way to Fight Georgia’s Voter-Suppression Law
Mar 30, 2021
FEVER DREAMS: What It’s Like When MAGA Nation Wants to Kill You for Your Movie
Mar 29, 2021
TEASER: How Ted Cruz and the GOP Are Using the Border as a Prop
Mar 28, 2021
Rep. Adam Kinzinger: ‘All We Do Is Call the Other Side Douchebags’
Mar 26, 2021
Getting a Presidential Pet Is a Great Distraction From Scandal
Mar 23, 2021
TEASER: Trump Isn’t the Only Person Whose COVID Response Cost Lives
Mar 22, 2021
Trump Isn’t the Only Person Whose COVID Response Cost Lives
Mar 21, 2021
How Trump Turned Asians Into a Target
Mar 19, 2021
WTF Is Wrong With Kyrsten Sinema?
Mar 16, 2021
TEASER: Jelani Cobb: Jan. 6 Was the Beginning of GOP’s Mess, Not Ending
Mar 15, 2021
Jelani Cobb: Jan. 6 Was the Beginning of GOP’s Mess, Not Ending
Mar 14, 2021
Damn Right Republicans Are Scared of the Voting Rights Bills
Mar 12, 2021
Florida’s Top Dem: Ron DeSantis Hid His COVID
Mar 09, 2021
TEASER: Mayoral Candidate Maya Wiley: I Won’t Take Bullying from NYPD
Mar 08, 2021
Mayoral Candidate Maya Wiley: I Won’t Take Bullying from NYPD
Mar 07, 2021
Biden Was Asked to Refinance His House After Iowa Fail
Mar 05, 2021
‘They Might as Well Have Torn Up the Constitution’
Mar 02, 2021
TEASER: Getting ‘Canceled’ Is the Only Thing Conservatives Have Left
Feb 28, 2021
Getting ‘Canceled’ Is the Only Thing Conservatives Have Left
Feb 28, 2021
Mary Trump: Here’s How We Send Donald to Jail
Feb 26, 2021
Blaire Erskine Exposes MAGA Insanit‪y‬
Feb 24, 2021
Orange Is the New Orange: Trump Just Might Go to Jail
Feb 23, 2021
TRAILER: Dem Impeachment Manager: Here’s Why We Didn’t Call Witnesses During Trump’s Trial
Feb 22, 2021
Dem Impeachment Manager: Here’s Why We Didn’t Call Witnesses During Trump’s Trial
Feb 21, 2021
The Vaccines Are More Effective Than You Think
Feb 19, 2021
Mitch McConnell Proved He’s Even More Craven Than Ted Cruz
Feb 16, 2021
TEASER: The Marine and The Doctor Taking On Marjorie Greene and Lauren Boebert
Feb 15, 2021
The Marine and The Doctor Taking On Marjorie Greene and Lauren Boebert
Feb 14, 2021
There Is a Way to Take Down Fox News (And It’s Not a Boycott)
Feb 12, 2021
The Worst People on Facebook Now Want to Ruin Real Life
Feb 09, 2021
TEASER: Democrats Don’t Care About Debt. And That’s OK.
Feb 08, 2021
Democrats Don’t Care About Debt. And That’s OK.
Feb 07, 2021
The Hamster Wheel of Trumpism Will Turn Greene Into a Hero
Feb 05, 2021
Will Biden’s Team Find All of the Vaxx—Before It’s Too Late?
Feb 02, 2021
TEASER: Republicans Aren’t All Dumb. They’re Just Part of Cult.
Feb 01, 2021
Republicans Aren’t All Dumb. They’re Just Part of Cult.
Jan 31, 2021
Trump Sent a Mob to His Office. Now He’s Kissing Don’s Ass.
Jan 29, 2021
Josh Hawley, Could You Stop Your Whining for Five Seconds?
Jan 26, 2021
Did Trump and Biden Swap Bodies???
Jan 22, 2021
TEASER: Mitch McConnell Is Already Trying to Train Wreck the Biden Admin
Jan 20, 2021
Mitch McConnell Is Already Trying to Train Wreck the Biden Admin
Jan 20, 2021
Preview: Sarah Cooper Calls Trump a ‘Petty Bitch’
Jan 20, 2021
How to Kill MAGA Nation’s Brain Worms
Jan 19, 2021
TEASER: Trump’s Legacy Is Going to Get Worse (Just Wait)
Jan 18, 2021
MAGA Riot’s Chilling Reality: Regular Folks, Ready to Kill
Jan 15, 2021
Too Many Dead Capitol Cops for Josh Hawley to Pretend He’s Innocent
Jan 12, 2021
Michael Cohen: I Am Certain That Donald Trump Is Psychotic Right Now
Jan 08, 2021
The Orange Lives Matter Coup Won’t End This Trumpist Chaos
Jan 07, 2021
TEASER: The Orange Lives Matter Coup Won’t End This Trumpist Chaos
Jan 07, 2021
Trump Just F*cked Himself and His Party in Georgia
Jan 05, 2021
NARAL President: We’re Prepping for End of Roe v. Wade
Jan 03, 2021
The Most Acid Trippy Episodes of The New Abnormal
Dec 29, 2020
TEASER: This 24-Year-Old Diabetic Is Saving Lives the Government Won’t
Dec 28, 2020
This 24-Year-Old Diabetic Is Saving Lives the Government Won’t
Dec 27, 2020
How These Comedians Turned MAGA Men Into Laughingstocks
Dec 24, 2020
How Melania Trump Destroys Her Friends
Dec 22, 2020
TEASER: Zerlina Maxwell: Republicans Know Dems Suck At Messaging to Black People
Dec 21, 2020
Zerlina Maxwell: Republicans Know Dems Suck At Messaging to Black People
Dec 20, 2020
Inside the Ivanka-Melania War
Dec 18, 2020
Cheat Sheet Podcast from The Daily Beast 12/16/20
Dec 16, 2020
Will Trump’s Fake White House Have a Churro Bar? An Omelette Station? Or Both?
Dec 15, 2020
TEASER: COVID Whistleblower Rebekah Jones: I Knew DeSantis Would Go After Me
Dec 14, 2020
COVID Whistleblower Rebekah Jones: I Knew DeSantis Would Go After Me
Dec 13, 2020
Is This When Ivanka Will Run Against Little Marco Rubio?
Dec 11, 2020
‘Look! Trump Didn’t Poop Himself! Yay! Good Job, Donald!’
Dec 08, 2020
TEASER: Former Trump Org VP: He Didn’t Want Black People To Build His Skyscrapers
Dec 07, 2020
Former Trump Org VP: He Didn’t Want Black People To Build His Skyscrapers
Dec 06, 2020
Julia-Louis Dreyfus: We’ve ‘Talked About’ Making More ‘Veep’
Dec 04, 2020
Does Trump Really Want Republicans To Win in Georgia?
Dec 01, 2020
Alec Baldwin: Here’s Why I Won’t Run for Office (Yet)
Nov 29, 2020
Who Will Trump Pardon Before He Leaves Office?
Nov 27, 2020
TEASER: Who Will Trump Pardon Before He Leaves Office?
Nov 27, 2020
Ivanka’s BFF: Trump Gave Kids’ Friends Supermodel Nicknames
Nov 24, 2020
TEASER: Biden Doesn’t Want to Prosecute Trumpland. But His AG Still Might.
Nov 23, 2020
Biden Doesn’t Want to Prosecute Trumpland. But His AG Still Might.
Nov 20, 2020
Amy Klobuchar: Forget Trump’s Election Rants. Biden Has This
Nov 20, 2020
My Twitter War With the Congresswoman from QAnon
Nov 17, 2020
TEASER: Masha Gessen: The Problem Is Not Russian Interference. It’s That We Let It In.
Nov 16, 2020
Masha Gessen: The Problem Is Not Russian Interference. It’s That We Let It In.
Nov 15, 2020
Trump’s Election ‘Coup’ Is More Like a Fake Orgasm
Nov 13, 2020
Ivanka Trump Is Never, Ever Going To Be Forgiven
Nov 10, 2020
Can Dems Keep It Together Long Enough to Beat McConnell?
Nov 09, 2020
BONUS: Trump Wants Ivanka to Carry the Dynasty. But Jr. Speaks Dick Fluently.
Nov 06, 2020
Why the Trumpy Supreme Court Will Give Him the Finger
Nov 06, 2020
‘We Won. And I Feel Like Shit’
Nov 04, 2020
It May Take This Long for Election Results to Be Official
Nov 03, 2020
Trump Isn’t Playing 3-D Chess. He’s Eating the Checker.
Nov 03, 2020
TEASER: Sharon Stone Worries Trump’s COVID Vaccine Won’t Be ‘Safe’
Nov 02, 2020
Mueller Deputy: This Is Where the Special Counsel Came Up Short
Nov 01, 2020
TEASER: Mueller Deputy: This Is Where the Special Counsel Came Up Short
Nov 01, 2020
Sharon Stone Worries Trump’s COVID Vaccine Won’t Be ‘Safe’
Oct 31, 2020
Chill the Fuck Out. This Isn’t Another 2016, and Here’s Why
Oct 30, 2020
The Lincoln Project’s Secret War Plan—Revealed!
Oct 27, 2020
TEASER: Preet Bharara: There Could Be An ‘Avalanche of Revelations' If Trump Loses
Oct 26, 2020
Preet Bharara: There Could Be An ‘Avalanche of Revelations' If Trump Loses
Oct 25, 2020
Final Debate Just Proves Trump ‘Can Lie in Different Gears’
Oct 23, 2020
Sacha Baron Cohen on Borat, Trump and Risking His Life for Comedy
Oct 21, 2020
Does Rudy Giuliani Have an Ounce of Pride Left?
Oct 20, 2020
Town Hall Sh*tshow Was a Truth Window into Trump
Oct 16, 2020
Oct. 11 Member Bonus: Val Demings Says She Has a Plan to Stop Trump’s SCOTUS Pick
Oct 15, 2020
Oct. 4 Member Bonus: Busy Phillips on Her Abortion and Embarrassing Louis Gohmert in Public
Oct 15, 2020
Sep. 27 Member Bonus: Is Trump or Biden More Likely to Keel Over on Debate Night?
Oct 15, 2020
Sep. 20 Member Bonus: The Real Reason Trump Won’t Stop Yelling About Mail-In Voting
Oct 15, 2020
Sep. 13 Member Bonus: Will The Republican Party Ever Be the Same Again?
Oct 15, 2020
Sep. 6 Member Bonus: Lev Parnas: Trump’s Cronies Made Fun of Him Behind His Back
Oct 15, 2020
Aug. 30 Member Bonus: Trump DHS Official: Of Course There Are Racists in the Administration
Oct 15, 2020
Aug. 23 Member Bonus: Trump Is Pushing Even the Quietest Celebs to Speak Out
Oct 15, 2020
Aug. 16 Member Bonus: What the Fuck is Happening with the Mail?
Oct 15, 2020
Aug. 9 Member Bonus: Jim Acosta: CNN Wanted Me to Have Bodyguards at Trump Rally
Oct 15, 2020
Aug. 2 Member Bonus: Why Cory Booker Won't Punch Trump in the Face
Oct 14, 2020
Cheat Sheet Podcast from The Daily Beast 10/14/20
Oct 14, 2020
Trump Is Polluting the Planet With a Thousand Mini-Dons
Oct 13, 2020
TEASER: Val Demings Says She Has a Plan to Stop Trump’s SCOTUS Pick
Oct 12, 2020
Why Pence Is So Good at Being Evil
Oct 09, 2020
Kathy Griffin: Pence Is ‘Nothing But the Crap Under Trump’s Shoe’
Oct 08, 2020
Should We Replace the Trump Administration With Chimpanzees?
Oct 06, 2020
TEASER: Busy Phillips on Her Abortion and Embarrassing Louis Gohmert in Public
Oct 05, 2020
Why Trump Can't Quit His Most Awful, Most Racist Fanboys
Oct 02, 2020
Trump Came Across As ‘A Total Assh*le’ In The First Debate
Sep 30, 2020
Trump’s America Meets All ‘Four Threats’ To Democracy
Sep 29, 2020
TEASER: Is Trump or Biden More Likely to Keel Over on Debate Night?
Sep 28, 2020
It’s Time to Thank Donald Trump for His Dictator Routine
Sep 25, 2020
Mitch McConnell Is About to Punch America in the Penis
Sep 22, 2020
TEASER: The Real Reason Trump Won’t Stop Yelling About Mail-In Voting
Sep 21, 2020
How the Trump Campaign Lit a Billion Dollars on Fire
Sep 18, 2020
Cheat Sheet Podcast from The Daily Beast
Sep 16, 2020
Adam Scott: The Parks & Rec Cast Has Never Gotten Too Political—Until Now
Sep 15, 2020
TEASER: Will The Republican Party Ever Be the Same Again?
Sep 14, 2020
Has Any American Killed More Americans Than Donald Trump??
Sep 11, 2020
UNLOCKED: Trump DHS Official: Of Course There Are Racists in the Administration
Sep 09, 2020
Who Is Trump’s Handler in Russia?
Sep 08, 2020
TEASER: Lev Parnas: Trump’s Cronies Made Fun of Him Behind His Back
Sep 07, 2020
What Will Happen to Fox News When Rupert Murdoch Dies?
Sep 04, 2020
Trump Jr. Loves Boats, Hates Rhinos and Is So-So on Democracy
Sep 01, 2020
TEASER: Trump DHS Official: Of Course There Are Racists in the Administration
Aug 31, 2020
Ivanka Is an Idiot but Unequivocally the Smartest Trump
Aug 28, 2020
Mary Trump on Whether ‘Despicable’ Ivanka Could Be New VP
Aug 27, 2020
Why Are These Crazy People at The RNC Saying What They’re Saying?
Aug 26, 2020
White House Insider: Trump Wanted to 'Maim' Immigrants
Aug 25, 2020
TEASER: Trump Is Pushing Even the Quietest Celebs to Speak Out
Aug 24, 2020
The Fall of Steve Bannon, the Gristle Icarus
Aug 21, 2020
Rockstar Obama Sure as Hell Triggered Trump
Aug 20, 2020
Why Mueller Dropped the Ball. Was He Corrupt or Incompetent?
Aug 19, 2020
TEASER: What the Fuck is Happening with the Mail?
Aug 17, 2020
Blame Fox News For the Rise of QAnon
Aug 14, 2020
Donald Trump Actually Did Us All One Big Favor
Aug 11, 2020
TEASER: Jim Acosta: CNN Wanted Me to Have Bodyguards at Trump Rally
Aug 10, 2020
The Yachts, the Private Jets, the Safaris: NRA Grift Exposed
Aug 07, 2020
TEASER: Why Cory Booker Won't Punch Trump in the Face
Aug 06, 2020
Trump Has Us on the Brink of a Social Civil War
Aug 04, 2020
Tammy Duckworth: Trying to Teach Kids During COVID Is FUBAR
Jul 31, 2020
‘Pretty Close to a Hundred’ New Epstein Accusers
Jul 28, 2020
Trump Has a Nuclear Arsenal—and Can Remember 5 Whole Words
Jul 24, 2020
Mary Trump: What Really Shocked Me About My Family & the KKK
Jul 21, 2020
Donald Trump Is America’s Abusive Dad
Jul 17, 2020
Biden-Palin 2020?
Jul 14, 2020
How Silicon Valley’s Sociopath CEOs Are Just Like Trump
Jul 10, 2020
The Trump Family’s Civil War Could Blow Us All Up
Jul 07, 2020
Ben Stiller Dishes on Trump’s Obsession with Zoolander
Jul 03, 2020
Did Trump Blow Off Some Sketchy Intel? Or Commit Treason?
Jun 30, 2020
Is Agent Margaritaville On MySpace For Fascists?
Jun 26, 2020
Does Henry Winkler Have an Antifa Membership?
Jun 23, 2020
What the Hell Is John Bolton?
Jun 19, 2020
Can You Force Fox News To Be Less Racist?
Jun 16, 2020
BONUS - Rep. Katie Porter on How Working Moms Are Wiping Congress' Ass
Jun 14, 2020
Will Bill Barr Go to Jail When This Is All Done?
Jun 12, 2020
DC Mayor: We Had to ‘Defend Our Borders’ from Trump’s Troops
Jun 09, 2020
Are We All Trapped in Tom Cotton’s Authoritarian Wet Dream?
Jun 05, 2020
Justice Is Not White Folks’ Possession to Give
Jun 02, 2020
How To Screw Up a Vice Presidential Pick
May 29, 2020
Julian Castro on Why Everyone Hates Ted Cruz
May 26, 2020
Eric Swalwell: 'We Aren't Being Told the Truth About Russia'
May 22, 2020
Why Michelle Malkin Is Den Mother of the Alt-Right Dipsh*ts
May 19, 2020
Adam Schiff on Bob Mueller’s Biggest Mistake
May 15, 2020
How George Conway Moved Into Donald Trump’s Head
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