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Category: History

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Welcome to One of Us is Lying: the podcast where, well, one of us is lying. We'll be telling you historical stories, ridiculous conspiracy theories, or some deeply confusing combination of both. Listen while Jada & Kurtie bond over uncomfortable and bewildering facts about the past and confuse each other with homegrown fake news. Every week one of us will be telling a true historical or present-day fact, and the other will be spinning a tale of a weirdly-convincing conspiracy theories. Keep listening to find out who was lying every week. Thanks for tuning in! - Jada & Kurtie

Episode Date
6: The Water is Turning the Frogs Gay
Kurtie & Jada remind each other why we started a podcast, and it’s definitely not because we know what we’re doing. Tune in this week to learn why you should definitely be importing your drinking water from Switzerland, or, if you’re in California the exotic land of Rhode Island. Fluoridation Sources: ( ( ( (
Jun 11, 2020
5: Stay Suspicious and Question Everything
Does anyone read these? After a month (wow) hiatus, Jada & Kurtie are back slinging straight up lies. Join us while Jada discusses the new conspiracy theory player QAnon and their impact on a planned child heist and Kurtie delves into the story of the Lindbergh Baby Kidnapping. The QAnon Planned Kidnapping ( ( ( ( ( ( (
Jun 04, 2020
4: Light Tones of Corruption
This week Jada & Kurtie discuss the light tones of corruption that are ever present in our government and how rich people can’t keep their hands off space. They also speculate on what a $30 billion golf course in the middle of Nevada would look like.  Sources: AATIP Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program. (2020, 5 3). Retrieved from Wikipedia: Cooper, H., Blumenthal, R., & Kean, L. (2017). Glowing Auras and 'Black Money': The Pentagon's Mysterious U.F.O. Program. New York Times. Retrieved from New York Ti. Home: To the Stars Academcy. (2020). Retrieved from To The Stars Academcy : Kloor, K. (2019). The Media Loves this UFO Expert who says he Worked for an Obscure Pentagon Program. Did He? The Intercept. Tim Hwang:
May 07, 2020
3: Crowd Sourced Conspiracies
This week’s episode discusses how a competitive and well informed group of conspiracy theories have partnered with one of the early meme pioneers to see if bots could become influencers. And you know, a magic society.  Jada and Kurtie discuss mysticism, combining religions, and the use of visual cues in a podcast as a bad call. They all call into question whether or not some of your online favorites might just be bots. Follow us on Instagram @oneofusislyingpodcast Email us at Sources:  Golden Dawn: New World Encyclopedia,, Wikipedia NaCoWriMo: @timhwang. (2019, October 22). NaCoWriMo Writers 2019. Retrieved from Hwang, T. (2019). Tim Hwang: Project Archive. Retrieved from Hwang, T. (n.d.). The Liars Dividend is Dangerous for Journalist, Here's How to Fight it. (Poytner, Interviewer) Robertson, A. (2019, October 25). Inside National Conspiracy Writing Month, A Challenge for Creating Fiction out of Reality. Retrieved from The Verge: Tiffany, K. (2017, Oct 9). If a Scientific Conspiracy Theory is Funny, That Doesn't Mean it's a Joke. Retrieved from The Verge: Walker, R. (2010, July 18). When Funny Goes Viral. Retrieved from New York Times Magazine:
May 01, 2020
2: Cocaine Caterpillars
This weeks episode includes Kurtie and Jada’s biggest fears: bugs and Nazis.  They discuss entomological warfare and the Nazi’s use of venereal diseases as a form of biological weaponry against the Allied Forces. They also own up to who was lying last week! Sources:  Entomological Warfare: Wikapedia, Entomology Today Nazi Germany & Venereal Disease Warfare: Bund Deutscher Maedel History. (2019). Bund Deutscher Maedel. Retrieved from Czech, H. (2011). Venereal Disease, Prostitution, and the Control of Sexuality in World War II Vienna. East Central Europe , 64-77. DiNardo, R. L. (1996). The Dysfunctional Coalition: The Axis Powers and the eastern Front in World War II. The Journal of Military History, 711-730. Pershing, G. (1917, December 18). General Order No. 77. France, United States of America: United States Library of Congress. Roberts, M. L. (2013, May 31). Sex Overseas: "What Soldiers Do" Complicates WWII History. (N. Staff, Interviewer) Vox (Director). (2018). The World War II battle against STDs [Motion Picture].
Apr 23, 2020
1: New Found Job Security
This podcast will definitely help us pay our rent. That's why people start podcasts right? Just kidding! This week, Jada & Kurtie discuss the assassinations of Marilyn Monroe & the Neutralization plan for John Lennon. Tune in next week to switch which store was a fake.  Sources:  Neutralization of John Lennon:  “John Lennon: The Life” by Philip Norman  Uncovering The 'Truth' Behind Lennon's FBI Files - NPR Interview with Jon Wiener, author of “Gimmie Some Truth” and ‘Fresh Air’ stand in host David Bianculli ( Assassination of Marilyn Monroe: LA Times, BBC, Wikapedia
Apr 16, 2020