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This podcast brings in the experience from our operators, combat mission supporters, and our Human Performance Optimization staff in order to reveal what life is like inside the most specialized Special Tactics unit in the Air Force. ----- Note: The thoughts and discussions in these interviews do not represent the official thoughts of the organization. These interviews are meant to inform you about the opportunities that exist here and how to be better prepared when it’s your time to perform.

Episode Date
Phase III, Operator Selection: Daily Recordings from 3 x Candidates
May 23, 2024
PJ Team Leader "TEK" Interview
May 17, 2024
5 Biggest Takeaways from the Operator Candidates
Feb 03, 2024
Day 5 of Operator Selection: The Candidate's Perspective
Jan 22, 2024
Day 4 of Operator Selection: The Candidate's Perspective
Jan 18, 2024
Day 3 of Operator Selection: The Candidate's Perspective
Jan 16, 2024
Day 2 of Operator Selection: The Candidate’s Perspective
Jan 11, 2024
Day 1 of Operator Selection: The Candidate’s Perspective
Jan 09, 2024
Everything Comms (1D7XX) with Tim
Nov 14, 2023
Operator Selection 24-04 Candidate Round Table
Oct 31, 2023
TACP / TACPO Virtual Recruiting Brief (Recorded 15 Dec 2022)
Dec 22, 2022
CCT, PJ, & TACP Candidate Round Table: Thoughts 36 Hours post-Exfil
Oct 27, 2022
S4 E11: Lessons from a Two-Time CCT Operator Candidate
May 23, 2022
S4 E10: Human Performance Optimization (HPO) Staff Round Table
May 09, 2022
S4 E9: PJ Operator MSgt Nick
May 03, 2022
S4 E8: Selection Candidate Round Table Q&A
Mar 19, 2022
ItE Podcast S4 E7: Operator Round Table 1.0
Mar 07, 2022
S4 E6: ”Stress Tolerance” Changing Our Mindsets About Stress
Feb 07, 2022
S4 E5: ”Drive”; Maintaining high levels of performance in all situations
Jan 31, 2022
S4 E4: ”Communication” is Key!
Jan 24, 2022
S4 E3: ”Interpersonal Effectiveness” and Why it Matters
Jan 17, 2022
S4 E2: Problem Solving and How to Get Better at it
Jan 10, 2022
S4 E1: Operator Selection Updates and Tips for Success
Jan 04, 2022
S3 E5: Black Team Interview with Colby and Aaron
Nov 11, 2021
S3 E4: Our Support Assessment and Selection Process
Aug 31, 2021
S3 E3: Interview with TACP Bryan from the 17th Special Tactics Sq
Apr 21, 2021
S3 E2: Interview with 4 x operator candidates from Selection 21-02
Mar 23, 2021
S3 E1: Interview with a Special Reconnaissance Operator
Feb 05, 2021
S2 E#13 Interview with 2 x EOD Direct-support Operators
Dec 14, 2020
S2 E#12 Interview with 2 x Intel Specialists
Nov 02, 2020
S2 E#11: Interview with 4 x Operators Post Selection
Oct 07, 2020
S2 E#10: Interview w/ Riley, Kyle, and Brandon from our Medical Section
Jun 30, 2020
S2 E9: Interview w/ the Psych Squad
Jun 16, 2020
S2 E8: Spouse Interview w/ Three Unit Spouses (Rachel, Lauren, and Sarah)
Jun 09, 2020
S2 E7: Interview with TSgt Chris C. Discussing the Religious Affairs Role Inside the 724 STG
Jun 02, 2020
S2 E6: Interview with our Cyber (3D) Experts
May 19, 2020
S2 E5 pt2: Interview (part II) with Our Human Performance Experts
May 05, 2020
S2 E5 pt1: Interview with our Human Performance Experts
Apr 28, 2020
S2 E4: Interview with CCT Seth S. & PJ Drew B.
Apr 22, 2020
S2 E2: Interview with Combat Rescue Officer Capt Nick S.
Apr 05, 2020
S2 E1: Interview with TACP SSgt Billy G.
Mar 25, 2020
S1 E8: Interview with PJ Connor W.
Sep 20, 2019
S1 E7: Interview with Sports Psych Dr. Ben Wellborn
Sep 13, 2019
S1 E6: The Traits We Value in Those We Hire
Sep 06, 2019
S1 E5: Interview with PJ Josh T.
Aug 30, 2019
S1 E4: Interview with Strength Coach Evan Krening
Aug 18, 2019
S1 E3: Operator Selection Thoughts from Unit Operators
Aug 15, 2019
S1 E2: Interview with Operational Psych Barb T.
Aug 05, 2019
S1 E1: Interview with CCT Steven S.
Aug 03, 2019