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Will and Kie discuss an episode of Frasier each week, challenging each other with trivia and talking about why they love the show so much. By fans, for fans.

Episode Date
Episode 110 - Frasier’s Imaginary Friend

Season 5 opens with Will and Steve discussing Frasier's sleaziness, cinching up one's robes, and Kennedy Burling's penchant for charcoal sketches. 

Aug 07, 2022
Are You Being Recapped? (Season 4 Recap Live Episode)

Will and Steve are here, as are many fans of the podcast, to see Season 4 to a close via rankings, live trivia, and general good spirits with the best community on the internet! 

Jul 25, 2022
Episode 108 - Odd Man Out

Season 4 Finale! Will and Steve talk airports, first dates, and San Genaro's. Live episode details to follow, watch this space!

Jun 18, 2022
Episode 107 - Ask Me No Questions

This week, Will and Steve discuss Frasier's noir montage, spontaneous gift-giving, and the Elise from Accounting. 

Jun 05, 2022
Episode 106 - Are You Being Served?

This week, Will and Steve talk shaving, lab rats, and Niles' 'skunking' at the hands of Maris' professional painter.

May 29, 2022
Episode 105 - Daphne Hates Sherry

This week, whilst Kie visits his uncle Jackie in San Francisco, Will is joined by Steve to discuss Sherry's meddling in Daphne's love life, and the proverbial 'I wanna' between her and Niles... 

May 22, 2022
Episode 104 - Three Dates and a Breakup

To...possibilities! This week, whilst Kie is abroad (in Italy, no France, NO ITALY!), Will is joined by WLP's beloved Steve to discuss Frasier's libidinous three-day weekend... *points remote over shoulder and hits play*. 

May 15, 2022
Episode 103 - Ham Radio
A Frasier Classic! Will and Steve discuss the KACL-tastrophe that is Frasier Crane's Nightmare Inn...*gunshot*...only grazed me!
May 02, 2022
Episode 102 - Roz’s Turn

This week, Will and Kie discuss sandwich-gate, Marty's amorous hip injuries, and Hank and Hannah Finch.

Apr 08, 2022
Episode 101 - The Unnatural

This week, whilst Kie is away at his wine club, Will is joined by Steve to talk Costner, Einhorn, and Jays. 

Mar 28, 2022
Episode 100 - Roz’s Krantz and Gouldenstein are Dead

This week, Will and Kie talk speeding, James Earl Jones, and getting old.

Mar 06, 2022
Episode 099 - To Kill a Talking Bird

This week, whilst Kie drives Stinky to Rattlesnake Ridge, our old friend Steve 'Sidney Assbasket' Mutum is on hand to to tell us who's a lush, a letch, and, more importantly, who's horny. 

Feb 27, 2022
Episode 098 - Four for the Seesaw

This week, Will and Kie ride the high country to a classic cabin episode and talk Frasier's rampant horniness, ceramic tile backsplashes, and unpacking. 

Feb 13, 2022
Episode 097 - Death and the Dog

This week, Will and Kie get existential and talk about the blues, the meaning of life, and losing the TV remote in the folds of the sofa. 

Feb 05, 2022
Episode 096 - Three Days of the Condo

This week, Will and Kie talk their favourite objet d'art, debate Ms. Langer, and celebrate Frasier's dazzling display of rhetoric. 

Jan 30, 2022
Episode 095 - Liar! Liar!

This week, with Kie otherwise engaged performing Afternoon of a Faun in the East Garden, Will is joined by Steve to review Liar! Liar!

Jan 23, 2022
Episode 094 - Dad Loves Sherry, The Boys Just Whine

This week, Will and Kie discuss the inimitable Sherry Dempsey, hot air balloons (again) and dogs.

Jan 01, 2022
Episode 093 - Our Father Whose Are Ain’t Heaven

This week, Will and Kie discuss art, Big Macs, and discern exactly just what a bolo tie is. 

Dec 26, 2021
Episode 092 - We Three Kings (Christmas Special)

This week, whilst Kie scent-marks the divan with Mrs. Presley-Bismouth, Will is joined by WLP royalty John Beale and Steve Mutum to discuss holiday traditions and festive Frasier favourites!

Dec 12, 2021
Episode 091 - A Lilith Thanksgiving

This week, Will and Kie apply to Marbury and discuss black eyes, nose bleeds, and turkey. Happy Thanksgiving all!

Nov 26, 2021
Episode 090 - Mixed Doubles

This week, Will and Kie take on the ludicrous popinjay himself - Rodney! They also discuss singles bars and Niles' subtle declaration of love. 

Nov 21, 2021
Episode 089 - Head Game

This week, Will and Kie choose not to throw it to McLemore and instead discuss superstitions and Niles' main character energy.

Nov 07, 2021
Episode 088 - A Crane‘s Critique

This week, Will and Kie talk favourite authors, Shakespeare, and ask each other just what the hell Bonanza is...

Oct 31, 2021
Episode 087 - The Impossible Dream

This week, Will and Kie discuss their craziest dreams, Frasier's sexual insecurities, and rate this episode's sleepiness. 

Oct 24, 2021
Episode 086 - Zoom Full of Heroes (Halloween Special)

This week, whilst Kie is away tackling some pipe and porcelain, Will chats to Steve and John (of WLP and Frasier Fan Club fame) about Halloween, Frasier, and all things in between. 

Oct 16, 2021
Episode 085 - Love Bites Dog

This week, Will and Kie discuss love, blind dates, and golf handicaps.

Oct 03, 2021
Episode 084 - The Two Mrs Cranes

This week, two courageous young astronauts talk accents, axel grease, and pay homage to the great Clive Roddy.

Sep 26, 2021
Episode 083 - Will and Kie Do it Their Way (Season 3 Recap - LIVE)

This week, we're sharing the recording of our first ever live episode! Live trivia corner, listener mail, and a lot of Frasier fun in this bumper episode.  

Sep 12, 2021
Episode 082 - You Can Go Home Again

Take I-80 direct to this podcast episode, where we review the final ep of Season 3! Will and Kie talk bean bags, Niles hamming it up, and meet-cutes.

Aug 23, 2021
Episode 081 - The Focus Group

What the hell is a fanny-pack?! This week, Will and Kie talk criticism, kiosks, and debate Frasier's madness. 

Aug 08, 2021
Episode 080 - Steve Mutum, We Hardly Knew Ye

This week, Will talks to Steve Mutum (aka Sidney Assbasket), moderator and admin of Frasier Fan Club, on his Frasier loves, favourite episodes, and passion for the show. 

Jul 23, 2021
Episode 079 - Frasier Loves Roz

This week, Will and Kie discuss camcorders, home movies, and Frasier's violent hair brushing technique. 

Jul 18, 2021
Episode 078 - When There's Smoke, There's Fired

This week, Will and Kie discuss the art of smoking, the life and times of Big Willy, and Martin's bourbon habits. 

Jul 11, 2021
Episode 077 - Police Story

This week, Frasier and Martin find themselves vying for the affections of the same woman for the first time... Will and Kie discuss run-ins with the law, obeying the speed limit, and blowing out candles... 

Jul 04, 2021
Episode 076 - Crane v Crane

Hey Sparky... this week, Will and Kie talk model trains, legal capacity, and whether Frasier has a cold in this episode... 

Jun 27, 2021
Episode 075 - Chess Pains

This week, Will and Kie discuss board games, Castling, and competitiveness. 

Jun 13, 2021
Episode 074 - High Crane Drifter

No etiquette lessons needed here...this week Will and Kie talk physical altercations, video rental, and party animals.

Jun 06, 2021
Episode 073 - Look Before You Leap

Let's all go to a taco show... This week, Will and Kie talk resolutions, crème fraiche, and share a moment's silence for Shark-Bait O'Reilly.

May 30, 2021
Episode 072 - Word to the Wiseguy

This week, Will and Kie talk gangsters, Scorsese films, and hot milk.

May 23, 2021
Episode 071 - The Show Where Diane Comes Back

Mary-Anne, ugh we mean Diane, is back to haunt Frasier with lost l'amour. Will and Kie talk olives, profiteroles, and wonderful quotes about night-time.  

May 16, 2021
Episode 070 - Moon Dance

It's a marvellous night for a WLP episode... this week Will and Kie talk waltzes, coroners, and bananas. 

May 09, 2021
Episode 069 - Come Lie With Me

The podcast that sends you on your merry way... This Week, Will and Kie talk each other's weight, hoedowns, and Frasier's prudishness. 

May 02, 2021
Episode 068 - The Friend

This week, Will and Kie talk tablecloths, BBQ, and making friends. 

Apr 25, 2021
Episode 067 - The Good Place!

Will and Kie are back with another bonus ep! This week, they look at the pilot ep of The Good Place, thanks to a generous donation from our very own quizmaster, Hothouse Orchid! (Kaitlin). 

Apr 24, 2021
Episode 066 - It's Hard to Say Goodbye if You Won't Leave

This week, Will and Kie talk Red Eyes, antiquing, and classic American films. 

Apr 18, 2021
Episode 065 - Frasier Grinch

This week, Will and Kie talk favourite Christmas gifts, credit ratings, and jigsaw puzzles. 

Apr 11, 2021
Episode 064 - The Last Time I Saw Maris

This week, Will and Kie talk four-breasted aliens, childhood cereals, and destruction therapy.  

Apr 04, 2021
Episode 063 - The Adventures of Bad Boy and Dirty Girl

The podcast dripping in musk oil. This week, Will and Kie talk irresponsible service elevator attendants and Frasier's hypocrisy -- From the Desk of We're Listéning.

Mar 28, 2021
Episode 062 - Sleeping with the Enemy

A 5% raise every year?! This week, Will and Kie talk Star Trek, Red BMWs, and Kate's voice. 

Mar 21, 2021
Episode 061 - Kisses Sweeter Than Wine

This week, Will and Kie talk the Cheese Belt, nosebleeds, and Bruce's crotch

Mar 14, 2021
Episode 060 - Leapin' Lizards

Chopper Dave lives! This week, Will and Kie talk the Frasier revival, art exhibitions, and Seattle's population. 

Mar 07, 2021
Episode 059 - Martin Does It His Way

We're such a groovy podcast... This week, Will and Kie talk Sinatra, Clockwork Oranges, and eulogies. 

Feb 21, 2021
Episode 058 - 30 Rock!

This episode, Will and Kie review an episode of 30 Rock starring Kelsey Grammer, thanks to a donation from a listener! We talk SNL, Tom Jones, and Reagan...

Feb 20, 2021
Episode 057 - Shrink Rap

The podcast that no beast-master can tame. This week, Will and Kie talk airports, sibling rivalries, and bathroom passes...

Feb 14, 2021
Episode 056 - She's the Boss

Season 3 is here, and with it a new station manager. This week, Will and Kie talk classical music, "sex, sex, sex sex sex sex sex", and military juntas. (Also Kie holds down the fort during a power outage on Will's end...)

Feb 07, 2021
Episode 055 - Someone to Watch Over Will and Kie (Season 2 recap)

Join Will and Kie for a recap of Season 2! Rankings, fun bits, and bloopers! 

Jan 31, 2021
Episode 054 - Dark Victory

The power's out all over Seattle - so Will and Kie discuss Paris, fireplaces, and Fridays!

Jan 24, 2021
Episode 053 - The Innkeepers

Les Podcast Heureux! Join Will and Kie as we discuss Cherries Jubilee, soufflé, and the catering business! 

Jan 17, 2021
Episode 052 - The Simpsons!

This week, Will and Kie revisit a favourite Simpsons episode thanks to a generous donation by our very own co-Quizmaster, Cory!

Jan 10, 2021
Episode 051 - Agents in America, Part III

Tom! We're Listening is bored! You've huffed, and you've puffed, but our little podcast is still standing! This week it's radio shows, the return of sausage and beans in a can, and Bebe! 

Jan 03, 2021
Episode 050 - An Affair to Forget

En garde! This week, Will and Kie discuss Maris's possible infidelity via fencing, model-building, and diphthongs.

Dec 27, 2020
Episode 049 - Preston Poling, We Hardly Knew Ye

This week, Kie is away getting his crepe pans re-seasoned so Will spoke to Frasier community stalwart, master-builder extraordinaire, and all-round legend Preston Poling about his love for the show and how he's brought it to life. 

Dec 20, 2020
Episode 048 - Breaking the Ice

The podcast that is lake-adjacent. Oh, and the auger's free! This week, Will and Kie talk fishing, whisky, and saying 'I love you'. 

Dec 13, 2020
Episode 047 - Someone to Watch Over Me

Beware the secret admirer...this week, Will and Kie talk tough-guy names, multi-storey car parks, and Niles' unusually small kidneys. 

Dec 06, 2020
Episode 046 - The Club

The podcast with a planetarium on the third floor...this week Will and Kie talk Princeton, port, and savings & loan scandals.

Nov 29, 2020
Episode 045 - Daphne's Room

Ever ventured down the hallway? Have you ever wanted to actually feel the grain of the wood against your cheek? This week, Will and Kie hide in Daphne's wardrobe to discuss bedrooms, the Royal Family, and forgiveness. 

Nov 22, 2020
Episode 044 - The Show Where Sam Shows Up

Sam Malone returns, and with him the strange love triangle involving Frasier and Sheila... This week, Will and Kie talk addictions, spin-offs and Niles's congenital heart murmur. 

Nov 15, 2020
Episode 043 - Cheers!

This week, Will and Kie bring you a special bonus episode courtesy of a special donation from one of our listeners. We visit Dr. Frasier Crane's first ever TV appearance, on Cheers! If you'd like to to select something for Will and Kie to review, all you need to do is donate £10 or more over at ko-fi.com/frasierpod. 

Nov 14, 2020
Episode 042 - You Scratch My Book...

Here...have a rainbow. This week, Will and Kie discuss the wiles of Dr. Honey Snow, the virility of Kennedy Burling, and the comfort of a good book(shop). 

Nov 08, 2020
Episode 041 - Fool Me Once, Shame On You, Fool Me Twice...

Are you lazy? Are you stylish? Then you might be the world's best impersonator of Frasier...

Nov 01, 2020
Episode 040 - Retirement is Murder

Have you seen a short hairy man in a powdered wig committing crimes recently? Will and Kie are on the case. This week it's unsolved crimes and Frasier's flawed logic. 

Oct 25, 2020
Episode 039 - Roz in the Doghouse

This week, Will and Kie discuss the importance of the Arts, the brilliance of Bulldog, and injuries suffered over the years.

Oct 18, 2020
Episode 038 - Seat of Power

This week, Will and Kie wrestle with pipe and porcelain, discussing attaché cases, childhood bullies, and swirlies along the way.

Oct 11, 2020
Episode 037 - Burying a Grudge

This week, Will and Kie talk 'guy cry' movies, having the 'last word', and Martin's signature smile. 

Oct 04, 2020
Episode 036 - Adventures in Paradise Part 2

This week, Will and Kie talk exotic bugs (and kill a wasp live on air), praise Lilith once more, and query just how compatible Frasier and Madeleine were. 

Sep 27, 2020
Episode 035 - Adventures in Paradise Part 1

Will and Kie head down to Bora Bora (hubba hubba!) and talk Lilith, exotic vacations, and whether we'd like to be on Seattle's 100 most-hot list.

Sep 20, 2020
Episode 034 - The Candidate

We're Listening...the sane choice. This week Will and Kie talk all things paranormal, Rom-Coms, and find out which way Kennedy Burling would vote. 

Sep 13, 2020
Episode 033 - The Botched Language of Cranes

OOOH BOMB-O! Will and Kie discuss rain, their hometowns, and Father Mike's inimitable drawl. Plus the usual trivia and games. 

Sep 06, 2020
Episode 032 - Duke's, We Hardly Knew Ye

This week, Will and Kie enjoy a beer on behalf of John Q. Public. Further bar-stool discussion includes investment, aftershave, and mini-malls! Plus the usual trivia and games. 

Aug 30, 2020
Episode 031 - Flour Child

Come and conduct Brahms in a child-friendly environment! This week it's parenting and card-giving, plus some Cheers plot-hole-plumbing. 

Aug 23, 2020
Episode 030 - Joe Keenan, We Hardly Knew Ye

This week, Will and Kie discuss (and 'narrate') the email interview they conducted with one of Frasier's most beloved writers: Joe Keenan. Discussing his favourite episodes, actors, and behind the scenes trivia, this mini-episode pulls the curtain back on the show we love. 

Aug 16, 2020
Episode 029 - The Matchmaker

Will and Kie discuss the seductions of one Tom Durant; the laughter of Martin; and Frasier's fraternity days. 

NEXT WEEK we'll be discussing our email interview with the writer Joe Keenan, who penned this VERY episode! Make sure you check it out.

Aug 09, 2020
Episode 028 - John Beale, We Hardly Knew Ye (Fan interview)

This week, our beloved Kie is getting his elbows done in Antwerp, so I am instead joined by fellow Frasier fanatic, and one of the moderators of Frasier Fan Club, John Beale. In this shorter episode format, designed for weeks where Kie or I are absent, we chat to fellow Frasier fans about their love for the show. We'll be back next week with a normal review of The Matchmaker!

Aug 02, 2020
Episode 027 - The Unkindest Cut of All

This week, Will and Kie get lost in the park as they talk cats, dogs, and Frasier's boy scouts days...plus the usual trivia and games. 

Jul 26, 2020
Episode 026 - Slow Tango in South Seattle

There are podcasts...that make audible pleasure rise from a wine-coloured sea... this is one of those podcasts. Join Will and Kie to talk cardigans and literature, plus the usual trivia and games. 

Jul 19, 2020
Episode 025 - Your Coffee With Will & Kie (Season 1 Recap)

This week, join Will and Kie in their own virtual Cafe Nervosa as they discuss favourite moments from Season 1 as well as offering their individual rankings of all the episodes! Next week, it's on to Season 2!

Jul 12, 2020
Episode 024 - My Coffee With Niles
After a week's break, Will and Kie are here to ask: Are you happy? 24 weeks of Frasier podcasting has brought us to a fan-favourite: My Coffee With Niles. Join us to discuss cosy Nervosa ambience, the price of muffins, and ask just what the hell is a bumbershoot?   Trivia and more, as always! Next week will be our Season re-cap and episode ranking, before we move on to Season 2!
Jul 04, 2020
Episode 023 - Frasier Crane's Day Off

"A podcast so lovingly prepared even the listener gets better..." This week it's chicken soup, British accents, and the madness of a drugged-up Kelsey! Plus trivia, Whose Crane is it Anyway, and a dispatch from Dr. Burling.  

Jun 21, 2020
Episode 022 - Author, Author

Some podcasts go to college, but we think think they're all wussies. Whilst they get all the knowledge, we get all the... This week it's mini-bar tabs, sibling rivalries, and a dispatch from Kennedy Burling. Plus the usual trivia! 

Jun 14, 2020
Episode 021 - Travels with Martin

It's time to hit the road with the Crane gang... and Kennedy Burling. This week, Will and Kie discuss long car journeys, crumpets, and the usual trivia! 

Jun 07, 2020
Episode 020 - Fortysomething

This week, Will and Kie look at midlife crises, nightly bladder evacuations, and the joys of wearing a well-fitting suit...plus the usual trivia and games! 

May 30, 2020
Episode 019 - Give Him the Chair

The podcast that has the presence of a Mies Van Der Rohe and the playful insouciance of an early Le Corbusier... this week it's chairs, books, and trivia! 

May 24, 2020
Episode 018 - And the Whimper is...

The deans of Seattle broadcasting are back this week, talking Seabees, Cosmopolitans, and sharing the Noel love. Plus the usual trivia!

May 17, 2020
Episode 017 - A Midwinter Night's Dream

Glockenspiels, swashbuckling, and vikings... Will and Kie discuss Niles' and Daphne's relationship developments, with a side order of trivia! 

May 10, 2020
Episode 016 - The Show Where Lilith Comes Back

This week, Will and Kie head down some dark, dead-end, Freudian hallways... and there they find marriage vows, adventurous lovers, and a general clawing at the cosmic continuum. 

May 03, 2020
Episode 015 - You Can't Tell a Crook by His Cover

This week, Will and Kie enjoy a game of Pool in the Topaz Room, compare stinky dogs we've met, and discuss whether 'Jimmy' is a crook after all. Plus: trivia, Whose Crane Is It Anyway, and more! 

Apr 26, 2020
Episode 014 - Can't Buy Me Love

This week, Will and Kie join Frasier as he babysits the plucky 12-year old Renata, talking Chess, dating models, and uncool slang whilst they do it! More Frasier trivia, games, and nonsense as usual.  

Apr 19, 2020
Episode 013 - Guess Who's Coming to Breakfast?

This week, Will and Kie talk about Martin's sex life, discuss the intricacies of spice racks, and debate who is hornier... Frasier or Niles? Join us for trivia, Whose Crane is It Anyway? and more irreverence. 

Apr 12, 2020
Episode 012 - Miracle on 3rd or 4th Street

It's Christmas! (kinda). This week, Will and Kie talk about Holiday-viewing favourites, the brilliance of Ben Stiller, and debate whether Frasier can pull off casual-wear. Plus the usual trivia!

Apr 05, 2020
Episode 011 - Death Becomes Him

This week, Will and Kie ponder matters of life and death, origami, Gary Numan, and opening jars as a symbol of masculinity...Plus Trivia & Whose Crane Is It Anyway? 

Mar 29, 2020
Episode 010 - Oops

This week, Will and Kie discuss office gossip and the best rumours they've ever heard... plus trivia corner, Whose Crane Is It Anyway, and more Frasier frivolity. 


*Please excuse the recording issues with this ep, including frequent pitch-shifting on Will's mic* 

Mar 22, 2020
Episode 009 - Selling Out

The podcast that comes with a complementary scum guard; this week Will and Kie explore the world of advertising, they re-christen a 48-foot cabin cruiser, and they talk about the vices and virtues of fame.

Mar 15, 2020
Episode 008 - Beloved Infidel

This week, Will and Kie provide a 'necessary tonic for troubled youth' by analysing the Crane boy's various (in)fidelities. More trivia, irreverent anecdotes, and 'Whose Crane is it Anyway?'

Mar 08, 2020
Episode 007 - Call Me Irresponsible

This week, Will and Kie dive into a world of M&Ms, Marco's, and holiday cards. Join us for more trivia, 'Whose Crane Is It Anyway?' and ill-conceived relationship advice. 

Mar 01, 2020
Episode 006 - The Crucible

This week, Will and Kie insinuate the palette without leaning on it, and attempt to capture the zeitgeist of their generation. Le Paxton has arrived. We also try some fan trivia, check the Coffee Count and play a game of Who's Crane Is It Anyway? 

Feb 22, 2020
Episode 005 - Here's Looking at You

This week, Will and Kie set up the telescope and zoom in on matters of the heart. They also indulge in a little G-Speak. 

Feb 16, 2020
Episode 004 - I Hate Frasier Crane

Move aside Voltaire, step back into the shadows H.L Mencken... there's a new podcast episode in town. Join Will and Kie as they dissect Frasier's first fight. 

Feb 09, 2020
Episode 003 - Dinner at Eight

TIMBER!! Will and Kie discuss steak, Mississippi Mud Pies and hear about a new restaurant opening in Seattle...         

Feb 01, 2020
Episode 002 - Space Quest

This week, Will and Kie join Frasier on his quest for solitude, and also learn a little bit about David Hyde Pierce's film career!

Feb 01, 2020
Episode 001 - The Good Son

Welcome to a new podcast dedicated to all things Frasier. Join Will and Kie, two lifelong Frasier fans from the UK, as they review each episode and discuss bits of trivia, Easter eggs, and other Frasier-themed ephemera. In this episode, the two tackle the pilot episode of Frasier, an episode of TV that changed sitcom history forever. 


Jan 23, 2020