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The main goal is to create content that helps you in your creative journey of making your own music! You will either find case study episodes and listen to how each song grows as I go through my music composition process; or episodes about music theory tips for songwriters, tools and other creative strategies to keep your music flowing.

Episode Date
A Practical Guide to Music Expression

A Guide to Music Expression


In this short online course you will look into ways of giving meaning to your music by using the musical elements according to your intentions. 

The Elements of Music:

A step by step guide through the elements of music and how they can be applied in practice.

Case Study #1:

An example of how the management of the music elements can be used creatively to make music

Case Study #2:

A more in depth example of how the management of the music elements can be used to bring forth your ideas.


- Alternatively, you can also follow this course using YouTube.

- If you wish to download the course materials, please do so by visiting the Blog at 

Aug 08, 2021
Chromatic Mediants and Metric Modulation

Today we will be looking at an example of how chromatic mediant relationships can sound by creating unexpected harmonies and also some tips on things you can do with rhythm to surprise your listeners.

Suggested links:

- Chromatic Mediants -

- Metric Modulation -

- Scales Harmonization -

- Block Chords -

May 03, 2021
Tips to Create Chord Progressions

In this episode we will be looking at some tips that you can use to create chord progressions and start making your next song. I also did a little bit of that, as you will listen throughout the episode. It was the result of mirroring technique, diatonic and chromatic voice-leading all put together using common chord progressions and changing them a little bit so it’s not more of the same.

Jan 15, 2021
How to Use Polychords in Your Music

In this episode I will be showing you different ways of using tonal and chromatic material to build polychord structures. Polychords can be used as single or separate chord structures. Learn some of the ways in which you can use them in your music. 

Oct 08, 2020
8 Practical Ways of Using Parallel Chord Motion in your Music

In this episode, I will be  proposing eight ways that you can use this technique. Each has a  different feel of vibe so you will have to choose depending on the  harmonic effect you are going for. This particular harmonic technique consists in moving a chord or a  harmonic interval and maintain the relative distance between pitches, or  put another way, it’s when all the voices of a chord move in the same  direction. It can be used to connect with a more important chord or to  thicken a melodic line.

Aug 12, 2020
Where Do Musical Ideas Come From

Hello and welcome! In today’s episode, I’ll be approaching a question that will always be open for debate as each and every one of us listens to and thinks about music differently. Nonetheless, all boils down to a musician’s ability of hearing sounds in its head. And the questions is: Where do musical ideas come from?

Supporting Links:

- Audiation -

- How Music Theory is (Not) Killing Your Creativity -

- Why Copy and Steal From Music -

- The Importance of Planning Your Musical Compositions -

Jun 25, 2020
What to do With Modal Interchange

In this post we will be looking at some practical uses for modal interchange. First of all, what is it? This is a technique that consists in temporarily borrowing chords from a parallel tonality or mode that shares the same root without abandoning the established key. If any of these concepts sound unfamiliar to you, check out the links in the description that will take you to the appropriate blog entry:

- Types of Modulation -

- Diatonic Modes -

- Chord Transformations -

- Symmetric Scales -

Jun 12, 2020
How to Use Quartal Harmony in Your Music

In this episode, I will be telling you what quartal harmony is and how you can use it in your music. I will also be looking at the melody harmonization process with these chords and explore some ideas for it. As usual, below are links for supporting posts in case you are not following the approached concepts in this episode:

- Chords by Fourths and Fifths -

- Harmonic Ambiguity -

Have Fun!

Jun 02, 2020
Being Creative With Pentatonic Scales

In this episode you will listen to you how I used mostly pentatonic materials to compose a track and I'll take you through the thought process of extracting the information I needed for chords and melodies. During the episode I talk about some concepts that if you are not familiar with them you can read all about by following the links:

- Pentatonic Scales

- Scales Harmonization

- Diatonic Modes

- Suspended Chords

- Chords in Fourths and Fifths

- Polychords

Have Fun!

May 27, 2020
Creating Harmonic Tension With Anticipation and Suspension

In today's episode I will be approaching a technique that can be used as means to create, release, prolong tension and even preparing the harmonic transitions while you are going  from chord to chord. It is a way of creating harmonic interest and  depth. Typically, the effect can be found at the end of phrases or in  cadences, but you don't have to feel restricted by this, as you will  hear. 

Other References:

- Harmonic Anticipation and Suspension -

- How to Harmonize a Melody -

- Harmonic Movement and Chord Progressions -

Have Fun!

May 25, 2020