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By Coffiishot

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Category: Society & Culture

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Join me weekly for random talks over coffee. In this podcast I will be sharing book reviews and my personal thoughts on various topics from relationships to day to day lifestyle, self improvements how-to's and more.

Episode Date
I Doubted Myself || شككت بنفسي
In this episode I share with you my genuine feelings about a situation that I went through last week. How I felt and overcame that feeling. I was debating whether I should talk or not but honestly I feel that talking out loud about how you feel is therapeutic. Whether someone is listening or not.

So, thank you that you are.

x S
Sep 24, 2022
Bookish Talk & A Question | سالفة و رواية عن جريمة قتل في فرنسا
In this episode I share with you my thoughts on a recent read. I also talk a bit about my current reads which are
The Wife Next Door By Rona Halsall
Writers & Lovers By Lily King

The book I mentioned was People Like Them By Samira Sedira

And then we talked about a direct message I received with a question about attaching ourselves to others experiences. How can we stop ourselves from doing so?

Instagram: @whatsthecoffeetalk

Thank you, X
Sep 17, 2022
Back from Vacation | سوالف عن السفرة
In this episode I share with you my trip to The Netherlands and Belgium and quick thoughts on my impression on both. I haven't gone in detail about everything but I summed it up for you in this short episode. Let me know where did you travel recently and how was your trip?
Sep 10, 2022
The Picture of Dorian Gray & a DM|| دوريان قراي و دايركت مسج
In this episode I talk a bit about the latest book I read. And share with you a direct message I received and my thoughts on both of them. I honestly love your interactions and feedback on Soundcloud or on Instagram. Can't wait to see what you think on this one.
Aug 20, 2022
Finding Your Passion || البحث عن الشغف
In this episode i share with you my thoughts on passion. What is passion anyway?
Do you think there is a time limit for finding a passion?
Many questions I try to answer and maybe provoke in this episode. I hope you find something that you genuinely enjoy doing.

Websites I mentioned; Masterclass | Skillshare

Instagram: @Whatsthecoffeetalk

Thank you, S
Aug 13, 2022
A Bookish Talk || القراءة و الكتب
In this episode I honestly just spill out a bookish talk. I share with you few questions answered and give you some books suggestions. Let me know what are you currently reading? What genre is your favorite and why?

Bookish Talks are my favorite ones and I feel that I could talk endlessly about this topic.
I hope you enjoy this one. Made with love x S
Aug 06, 2022
Toxicity & A New Job | وظيفة جديدة و الناس السيئة
In this episode I randomly share with you few thoughts about toxic people, applying to a new job, and books I'm reading... Would love to see your feedback on Soundcloud; I think it is the only app that allows me to read comments and interact with my listeners in real time.

Also, check the instagram account: @ whatsthecoffeetalk
Jul 30, 2022
Convenience Store Woman Book Review || مراجعة كتاب حبيته وايد
In This Episode I share with you my thoughts on a book I just finished reading a translated work from Japanese by Sayaka Murata- Translated by: Ginny Tapley Takemori
I definitely recommend this book such an unforgettable read

@ Whatsthecoffeetalk

x S
Jul 23, 2022
A Book & Few Movies || كتاب و كذا فيلم
In this episode I talked about my latest read and few shows/movies I have watched. Let me know if you have read this book or watched those movies in the instagram account: @ Whatsthecoffeetalk

I missed talking to you and 50 minutes is not enough ahahah! Enjoy x
Jul 22, 2022
Time To Change... Or Is It? || شاب الشعر يا عبيد
In this episode it was really important for me to express how I felt towards people passing judgements so freely with no concern of how others feel. It might be easy for me and some people to accept others criticism and not be effected. But there are those who cannot take those harsh words. I wanted to make sure to let you know that I hope whenever you take the steps and time to make a change; that the change is for you.

You will get judged regardless of what you do; so you might as well just live the life you want.

As long as your looks make all the sense to you; others should be irrelevant.

x S
Jul 09, 2022
Movie, A Book And A Talk || فيلم سالفة و قهوة
In this episode I share with you a bit of my thoughts on The Black Phone the movie and the short story. Also, I share some of the workplace drama and then I talk about my last read.

Would love your feedback about all three topics.

Instagram @ whatsthecoffeetalk
Jul 02, 2022
Dear Students #2 || اعزائي الطلبة -ج2
In this episode I share with you just random tips and thoughts that hopefully could be of good use to my freshly high school graduates. I hope somehow what I said could at least clear some fog out. Will definitely share more info on my Instagram @ Whatsthecoffeetalk

Best of luck on your new journey.

x S
Jun 18, 2022
Don't Get Married! || لا تتزوج/ين
In this episode I share with you my thoughts on people forcing others to get married... And I do fully believe that there are reasons to get married and if those criteria were not met.. Why should you go through this journey.. Because the wrong choice; would ruin a lot of parts in your life..

I firmly believe that not only you should get married to the right person. because how would you know? In the beginning a lot of things would seem like a fairytale right?

One of the main reasons is to genuinely be ready for this huge step... Because even if you ended up with the wrong person; by then you were ready with an open mind... And somehow you'd handle things better...

A lot of thinking needs to be put before taking this step.. What's yours?
Jun 11, 2022
The Handmaid's Tale and More || كتابين و شوي عن جوني ديب بعد
In this episode I share with you an update on JD vs AH verdict and then I talk about one of my latest 5 stars read- The. Handmaids tale. Also, I give you just a. brief on my current read.

There is too much to upack and so little time haha!
Anyways, I just hope you enjoy this talk and my insights on all things with a good cup of coffee.

Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/whatsthecoffeetalk/
Jun 04, 2022
Johnny Depp's Case And Personal Update || قضية جوني و صورة الجواز
In this episode I share with you just few recent personal updates and my overall thoughts and opinions on random things I have seen while watching the JD defamation case. I know that I have not mentioned EVERYTHING that went on during those last weeks. I just wanted to quickly share with you few of the things I thought of while recording. I might make a part two.. A more constructed episode? after the verdict? In case you were interested let me know.

x S
May 28, 2022
But It Is Not Saturday! بس اليوم مو السبت؟؟
Even though it is not our usual Saturday talk, I somehow felt guilty for not being able to sit and record something that day; Here is just a quick chat for you. guys. Regarding some questions I received via Instagram and some other quick thoughts I had.

Thank you for the genuine love you share with me. I am utterly speechless but grateful for sure.

x S
May 22, 2022
I have an issue || عندي مشكلة
In this episode I share with you something that I became more aware of lately. I feel that the more you attain yourself and focus on what you do or don’t do; the better chance you had at fixing the mistakes or bad behaviors. No one is perfect and that fact itself reassures us that it is ok to know that you are wrong; but it is not ok to stay wrong. One step at a time to better yourself for much healthier, happier You.
May 14, 2022
Being Normal | أن أكون طبيعي
In this episode I share with you my thoughts on a bio that triggered me to start this topic to begin with. "I want to be normal". What is normal anyway? I feel it is a very subjective and it differs from one person to another. Instead of focusing how other perceive 'normal' try figuring out what what makes you You.
May 07, 2022
But It is not That Random! | عشوائيات و موضوع مهم
In this episode I give you an update on what I have been reading and what I am currently reading! Thanks for going through the long Introduction to reach our more serious topic. on how other people(especially family... criticizes us in ways that is not needed.

Sometime's when we really think about it... We realize that we give too much thought and attention to people who only want to hurt us...

If you are interested in all books related things TikTok: Coffiishot
And the instagram account: https://instagram.com/whatsthecoffeetalk

x S
Mar 19, 2022
Good or Not so Good? | الافعال الطيبة بحدود
What I want to say that I am a good person and will do good by you; but not to the extend where I could lose myself. By the end of the day; You want to be nice but you do not allow people to hurt you. You be good but do not let others use and abuse you. You are a giving person; but don’t let people suck the life out of you… Because once you show them that they could treat you however they want. They eventually will.
Mar 05, 2022
6 RED FLAGS || ٦ علامات مهمة
So basically a Red flag is a warning sign.

We get to miss a lot of red flags in our relationships and friendships that could have saved us from the heartaches and hurt.

Red flags could be subjective.
In this episode I share with you 3 signs that help me see that the relationship is on the line. And how it is not a healthy one.

And also, three more signs that help me see what kid of friends do I have.

Sometimes the red flags could be your gut feeling.

Share with me the red flags you missed and the warning signs that saved you on social media ♥️
@ Whatsthecoffeetalk

x S
Feb 19, 2022
My Life with Ted Bundy | حياتي مع قاتل متسلسل
In this episode I share with you my review and thoughts on The Phantom Prince book.
Giving you a brief about the infamous Serial Killer Ted Bundy and a quick timeline of what happened during the 70’s.

Some Movies/Shows to watch
* Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil, and Vile
* No Man of God
* The Stranger Beside Me
* Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes 
* Ted Bundy: Falling for a Killer

I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed creating it.

xo S

TRIGGER WARNING: Killing | Rape | Kidnapping | Abuse
Feb 05, 2022
The Aftermath || عواقب الحجر
People’s emotions and feelings are valid. Even if somehow you did not go through what they went through. We have no right to belittle anyone’s experiences. We can only be there for them.
If we can’t show empathy to someone who is going through something bad; what kind of people do we turn to be?
I think somehow as human-beings living on this earth. We are all connected one way or another; and that gives us the responsibility. to help others. And if you can’t do anything… You can at least be kind.

x S
Jan 22, 2022
Questions & Answers [A New Intro] | سؤال و جواب و مقدمة جديدة
In this episode I answer few random questions asked through the Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/whatsthecoffeetalk/

I hope you enjoy this quick episode and hope I'd make more of those [ Questions and Answers ]

Something about the English Language.
Something about books and writing.
Something about leaving Kuwait.
Something about living freely.
Something about motivation.
Something about the Bookclub

x S
Jan 15, 2022
2021 Favorites || شغلات حبيتها السنة اللي طافت
In this episode I share with you some of my favorite things I have read and watched last year. It was hard to sum them up in 5's but I tried.
Books mentioned in the episode:
The Sun Does Shine
Things Fall Apart
More Myself

Movies/Shows mentioned:
Defending Jacob
Shadow And Bone
Into The Night

Share with me your favorite books/movies and lessons learnt in 2021!
Jan 08, 2022
GoodBye 2021! [ Lessons Learnt ] علمتني ٢٠٢١
In this episode I share with you few things I have learnt in 2021 or become even more aware of. But the most important lesson to take with you is to forgive yourself.

Let me know what are some of the most important lessons this year taught you?
@ Whatsthecoffeetalk On Instagram

x S
Dec 18, 2021
It Ends With Us with Lulwa || مناقشة كتاب كولين هوفر مع لولوة
In this episode I discuss a book by Colleen Hoover with the beautiful intellect "Lulwa". We basically talk about the important message that this novel carries. I hope that by the end of the episode you take with you at least one single note... Is that you are not alone in this and how important it is to truly identify what is ok and not ok when it comes to people crossing their line with you. Whether it was physical, emotional or mental... Your feelings and thoughts are valid. And do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

Thank you for taking the time to give me your feedback and support this podcast. Always

x S
Dec 04, 2021
Can't Stay Out! || فوبيا ما بعد الكرونا
In this episode I share with you my thoughts on experiencing how I feel now that I we can go back to 'normal' life after the lockdown and Covid... In general.
If you feel the same? definitely reach out because I want to know that I am not the only one.

x S
Nov 20, 2021
Let's Chat || نسولف شوي بشكل عشوائي؟
In this episode, we just get to chat randomly. Jumping from one topic to another. I just hope you get to enjoy all topics.
Some of the books shared;
•The Road Less Traveled

x S
Nov 06, 2021
1922 & A Talk || ستيڤن كنج و سالفة
In this episode I share with you a quick review of one of the latest book I read [ 1922 By Stephen King ] and then I talked about 5 things I have left and let go that left a good impact on my life.
Share with some of the things you've stopped doing? or let go and you felt better.

x S
Oct 30, 2021
False Positivity and Suffering || الايجابية الزائفة و المعاناة
In this episode I share with you two topics basically are woven together and they may overlap but definitely are separate. My main concern though is to focus on the mental health for it should be your #1 priority. Seek help if needed;

And basically once you acknowledge your flaws and gaps you start taking no shi* from anyone.

x S
Oct 16, 2021
End of Year Book Tag || تاق نهاية السنة للقراءة
In this episode I decided to join the end of year book tag and share with you what I have been reading and hope to read by the end of the year. I hope you enjoy this one.
The questions I answered in this episode:

Definitely do share with me your answers as well if you are interested.
Instagram: @whatsthecoffeetalk

Thank you x S
Oct 02, 2021
Toxic Talk || الكلام السام
In this episode I share with you how some people are always talking toxic. They think they. are entitled to say anything and everything. And in this talk today I try to wake them up somehow.... That it is not necessary that you need to have an input in every conversation. That your opinion isn't someone else's truth. And for us to always think before we speak and see if in fact people did first ask us for an opinion before we share one.

Thank you, x S
Sep 18, 2021
Adapt To Change || التأقلم مع التغيير
In this episode I share with you my own experience with 'change'. Sometimes even when change is. done consciously, it. can still leaves you stressed out and anxious. Whatever change you are going through remember that the only thing you can control is YOU. And always remember that change is inevitable. If you go with it; you will always feel that life is against you. And No one should live a life feeling conflicted in that. way.

x S
Sep 04, 2021
Dear Closed Minded ||ذوي العقول المنغلقة
In this episode I share with you bits of my thoughts and personal opinion about those who are closed minded. What does it mean to be open minded?

Share with me your thoughts and comment about this.
x S
Aug 21, 2021
30 to 18 || من ٣٠ الى ١٨
In this episode I share with you few thoughts and probably advices to anyone who's18 years old and just getting started with life. I want to say that those tips or advices could be told by me to my younger self.
I hope you enjoy this one. Tell me what is the best advice you have ever received?

x S
Aug 14, 2021
It Is Okay || عادي
“But we have to learn to be free. We have to.. Doesn't mean happy all the time, or okay all the time. It’s okay not to be okay. I told you that, but I'm relearning it myself. But not being okay doesn't mean you stop living.”

x S
Aug 07, 2021
Year of Yes Book | سنة القبول ل شوندا رايمز
In this episode I share with you bits of the book Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. How saying yes has changed her life. In life we most likely say no more than saying yes. Sometime's we say no just because we are too comfortable. It is time to get out of your comfort zone and defy your fears by saying Yes.

Thank you for listening, x
Jul 31, 2021
Docuseries & Journaling | يوميات و جريمة
In this episode I share with you bits of my thoughts on the crime series I’ve seen few days ago called “Elize Matsunaga”.

We also get to discuss things about journaling and morning pages.

Hope you enjoy this one. x S
Jul 17, 2021
Coffee Talk || سوالف و قهوة
In this episode I share with you few answered questions and a little bit of book talk.
The books mentioned in this episode:

-Any Book By Gary John. Bishop
-Practicing The Power of Now: Eckhart Tolle
-Brené Brown's books: Daring Greatly/The Gifts of Imperfections
-Viktor Frankl: Mans Search for Meaning
-Stephen Covey: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Additional Mentions:
-William H. Mcraven: Make Your Bed
-John C Maxwell: Make Today Count
-Mel Robbins: 5 Second Rule

I hope you enjoyed this episode.

x, S
Jul 10, 2021
In 5 Years || قهوة و مراجعة كتاب
In this episode I share with you my complete review of In 5 Years By Rebecca Serle.
Check out full written review here :: https://coffiishotreads.com/2021/07/01/in-5-years/

Instagram : https://instagram.com/whatsthecoffeetalk

x S
Jul 03, 2021
Get To Know Me #3 || نتعرف على بعض اكثر؟
In this episode I answer random questions so you can get to know me even more.
I talked about my previous jobs, current read, called dad as well, my self-defense experience. I also shared one embarrassing moment....

It might have been random; but it all came together smoothly. I hope you enjoyed listening as much as I enjoyed talking to you.

x S
Jun 26, 2021
More About Marriage || بداية الزواج مع كوب قهوة
I have been requested to create this episode. To share more of my perspectives and views on the first year of marriage. I shared few points and thoughts on it. In this episode, I talk to you about why is it important to vocalize your needs and dislikes in the begininning of your marriage life. Why you should be honest genuine about being exactly who you are in the engagement phase. And the truth about a 'happy marriage'.

I'd definitely love it if you'd share your thoughts/experiences on the topic through soundcloud or Instagram: @ Whatsthecoffeetalk

Thank You, S
Jun 20, 2021
Imposter syndrome | شوية عن متلازمة المخادع
In this episode I talk a bit more about the mess ups. The frustrations that happens in the backside where no one see’s. Usually people see the end result the ‘perfect’ picture, but they have no idea how many sleepless nights or stress and anxiety that took one to give you what you see and appreciate. I believe as imperfect humans, we should take it easy on ourselves; and easier when we mess up.
Jun 12, 2021
Two Questions || سؤالين
In this episode I share with you my answers on two questions. Even though I wanted to answer more but unfortunately, I did not receive any.

One was about life and success, the other was about self-help books.

Enjoy x, S
Jun 05, 2021
Life & Happiness || السعادة و الحياة
In this episode I share with you my thoughts on how people assume that when someone who isn't complaining about life; or showing that they are sad at many times... They might as well be ultimately happy. Our attitude towards life defines it all. I hope we become one step closer to the awareness that the way we think and behave have a huge impact on how we see life...

I share bits of three of my favorite books:
Hardwiring Happiness by Rick Hanson
The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown
Good Vibes Good life by Vex King
May 29, 2021
10 Personal Challenges of Podcasting |١٠ شغلات صعبت علي الأمور
In this episode I share with you few of the challenges I faced since I started the podcast. Since it has been a year from my first episode, thought I would share with you some of the things I found hard. to go through... Yet, i. have always found a way to achieve my goals.

I also included titles. of my favorite episodes. If

It is easy to say things are hard; but easy things never made meaning in life.

May 22, 2021
أن تكون خلوقا || To Be Decent
In this episode I share with you my thoughts about the fact that we lack people with morals and decency right now. Why do we claim that arrogance and rudeness are a sign of a strong persona? while being kind and good to others is stated as weak?

If you can't be anything, you can just simply be kind. We all need it. I promise you.

x S
Apr 10, 2021
Reality vs Virtuality || الواقع و الافتراض
In this episode I share with you two main ideas.
1- How we freak out if we weren't online. Posting photos, videos/ creating content. And how it has taking a toll on us.
2-How others would go all the way to live a life that isn't theirs just to share with others that they're living 'it'
Social media is good when it is used properly. And if you weren't aware of your actions; it could definitely effect you negatively.

x S
Apr 03, 2021
Random Talk || سوالف عشوائية و قهوة
In this episode I share with you few topics suggested by you.
The talk is extremely random. I decided to jump between topics.
Answered questions about clubhouse, Kindle, Audiobooks apps, Love in marriage and more.

Audiobooks mentioned in this episode: Audible | Srcibd

Thank You, S
Mar 27, 2021
Coffee and 4 Books || قهوة و 4 كتب
In this episode I share with you my thoughts on learning a new language and hopefully push you to be more confident in taking steps towards being You. Also I share with you briefs about four different novels that I enjoyed reading;
Books shared in this episode:
Little Fires Everywhere By Celeste Ng
An American Marriage By Tayari Jones
Dark Matter By Blake Crouch
A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder By Holly Jackson

Hope you enjoy this one x S
Mar 20, 2021
Coffee & Books | قهوة و شوية كتب
In this episode I share with you some of the really good books (in my. opinion) that will leave an impact on your life. Self help. Books have always been a part of my growth journey. This is why I love sharing them with you all.
The books mentioned in this episode.
"Rules" Books. by Richard Templar
Achieve anything in just one year By Jason Harvey
The Cost of Living By Deborah Levy
Thank you x S
Mar 13, 2021
Get To Know Me #2 |نتعرف على بعض بعد شوي
In this episode I answer few random questions, some of them are deeper than the others. I hope you enjoy this ramble with me. In case you have more random questions definitely send them my way in case you wanted a part three of this.
Thank you
Enjoy x
Mar 06, 2021
About Time | عن الوقت
In this episode I share with you my thoughts on time. Managing time could be frustrating, but when you realize that you could focus on few things to do a day; makes it less stressful. You won't be able to give 100% of your energy and time if you piled up millions of things to do a day. As long as you keep in your mind that you are the one responsible for spending/wasting your time; you will always have plenty of it.

Feb 27, 2021
Take a Break || استراحة محارب
In this episode I share with you my experience of having FOMO! Yes! It is real you guys. I also explain to you why we really need to take a break from time to time. From work, relationships and social media. Being online sometimes could be exhausting and draining. It is truly important to unplug and take time to reflect on where you are right now.
Feb 20, 2021
Detach || تجرد
In this episode I share with you my thoughts on detachment. And how our unconscious detachment has led us to suffering. Few of the things we attach ourselves to like Money, work, people. Could really lead us to misery. The way you take back control of your life is to realize you have none externally.
Books mentioned in the ep:
Hardwiring Happiness
Untethered Soul
Practicing the power of now.
Instagram: https://instagram.com/whatsthecoffeetalk
Feb 13, 2021
Hello 30 || ثلاثين
In this episode I share with you bits of my feelings and thoughts about turning 30. Wherever you are I hope you get to find your answers. I do believe that age is just a number and you create meaning for that number. growing older but definitely young at heart. May I grow stronger, wiser, kinder and more loving. May I be a giver and a fair taker. May this life be filled with good adventures and may I always have the awareness and ability to better myself.

In this episode I share with you just bits of what I believe I should focus on ‘health and finances'. I share with you what kind of legacy I want to leave.

Instagram: http://instagram.com/whatsthecoffeetalk
Jan 30, 2021
Coffee & books || قهوة و اقتراحات كتب
In this episode I share with you some of the good books I have read a while ago. This time it’s all nom fiction probably except for one book because it’s a ‘fable’. I hope you enjoy those titles. The books I mentioned did in fact help me in different aspects of my life. And I hope you get to find something in them.

The books I mentioned:
The Leader Who Had No Title By Robin Sharma
Reasons To Stay Alive by Matt Haig
It’s Nor Over Until You Win by Les Brown
الهراء العاطفي - د. كارل ألاسكو
Hardwiring Happiness By Rick Hanson

Share with me your thoughts and feedback
Jan 23, 2021
Coffee & Marriage Talk | قهوة و سالفة زواج
In this episode I share with you bits and talks about marriage in general. Thoughts on what we should focus on getting married both in the engagement phase and after getting married life.... There are a lot of things we kind of miss in that process. So, in this episode I share with you some of the things you should definitely ask your "spouse to be" before signing for that life.

Let's chat and more?
Jan 16, 2021
Hello 2021 || اهلاً ٢٠٢١
In this episode I share with you the new vibe I’m hoping you’ll all enjoy. Talked about what I usually do for a new year resolution. Giving you six books choices(selection) from fiction and non fiction hope you’d enjoy reading them.
Books mentioned in the episode:
Dark Matter by Blake Crouch
When I Was You by Minka Kent
A Good Man by Ani Katz
Non Fiction:
Daring Greatly by Brené Brown
Books by Gary John Bishop
Make Today Count by John C Maxwell

May you have a beautiful January
Jan 09, 2021
Little Bit of Hope || شوية أمل
In this episode i share with you bits of what inspired me from the last book I have read. 'Man's Search for Meaning" And how Making your life meaningful is one way to be a hopeful person. Despite. what we have gone through in 2020. you can still find hope in your despair. May you find the light and create a life filled with love, care and peace.
Dec 26, 2020
Questions & Answers || قهوة و جواب
In this episode I share with you few random questions asked by you. Hope you enjoy this simple. short episode. The question Varied from questions about daily goals, to marriage, to books and notebooks.
There were few books mentioned for those who are interested in reading something nice, deep, light and still a page turner.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/whatsthecoffeetalk
Dec 12, 2020
The Power of Giving | قوة العطاء
In this episode I share with you just bits about one of my favorite books (The Power of Giving). I help expand your knowledge and ideas of what else can we actually give other than “money”. Hoping this episode to be lighter than air deeper than the ocean.
This episode is not a review for the book but the book was my back up for the talk.
Dec 05, 2020
Coffee Talk | سالفة و قهوة
In this episode I share with you bits of why it is important to focus on yourself and how comparing yourself to others won’t do you any good. This episode will be about me insisting how the internet is your playground and you can do, create and be whatever you want to be. Stop wishing and starting working for it.
Nov 28, 2020
My Take On The Joker || فيلم الجوكر ٢٠١٩
In this episode I share with you bits of my thoughts on The Joker Movie starring Joaquin Phoenix. I loved this psychological thriller movie. I share with you what I personally felt about certain scenes and what other things represented. I have written about this movie after watching for the first time. I used to wonder how people didn’t like it but then again we all perceive things differently and that’s ok.

website: https://acoffeeshot.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/whatsthecoffeetalk/
Nov 21, 2020
Book Talk: 4 By 4 (Arabic & English) | سوالف كتب: عربي و انجليزي
In this episode I share with you eight books. four Arabic / four English. Random genre's. Giving you simple brief synopsis and how I felt about the books. I hope you enjoy this episode as I enjoyed talking about those books.
Books I spoke about:
المزدوج - دوستويفسكي
لاعب الشطرنج - ستيفان زفايغ
المسخ - كافكا
الحياة ليست سينما - كريشنامورتي
George Orwell - Animal Farm
A Man Called Ove - Fredrick Backman
Highlighted in Yellow - H. Jackson Brown
The Silent Patient - Alex Michaelides

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Nov 14, 2020
Dear students | اعزائي الطلبة
In this episode I share with you bits of thoughts about why we shouldn’t stress as much when it comes to college. I include a bit of my experiences and how some things did not really help at all. The college/uni life is temporary; we might as well just make the best out of it.
Nov 07, 2020
Of Course I Have Changed! | اكيد بتغيير
In this episode I share with you why change is important. Change is in fact inevitable and the only constant thing that is going to happen whether we liked it or not. The key is to embrace it and find it as an opportunity to grow and become the better version of us. And if we don't like change we will always see life as difficult and use it as an excuse for our misery.

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Oct 31, 2020
Book Talk: A Feminist Manifesto || "بيان نسوي"
In this episode, I share with you suggestions by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie the author of "Dear Ijeawele, or A Feminist Manifesto in Fifteen Suggestions" thoughts on how to raise a feminist. This book was first created as an email to her friend in helping her raise her child in the best ways possible in this world. That email has turned into this book which I talk about in this episode.
I share with you bits of personal experiences and more.

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Oct 24, 2020
10 Life Lessons I Have Learnt || ١٠ شغلات تعلمتها بالحياة
In this episode I share with you different things I have learnt in life. 10 things to be exact, from different situations, people and random things that have happened in my life. As I share with you the lessons I give you few examples explaining how I have learnt that lesson. And I know for sure the that as I am growing older, maturing there will always be lessons to be learned. x

May I always be the student.

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Oct 17, 2020
10 Good Books I have Read So Far (October-2020) | عشرة كتب حبيتهم الى الآن
In this episode, I share with you some of the good books I have read so far. I give you a brief about the story and how I felt about them in general. There are no spoilers so don't worry. You can find the written reviews either On my Instagram or check my goodreads account.
I have read around 34 books so far. I chose 10 of those as good reads.

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Oct 10, 2020
Review A Book || تقييم كتاب
In this episode, I share with you my ways of reviewing books. I give you examples of what I write in a proper review(In my opinion). I suggest highly for those who are interested in writing reviews to read a lot of reviews to get a sense of what kind of review they want to share. As long as you are confident about your opinion; it is ok if yours is different than the majority. I also added few tips in the end of the episode. Enjoy x

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Oct 03, 2020
Emotional Responsibility || مسؤولية ذاتك
In this episode I share with you bits of my thoughts and input about being emotionally responsible and how did that have a good positive impact on my life. I also share with you few points on how to be emotionally responsible hoping this talk might spread the knowledge about emotional responsibility because it's such a crucial aspect to healthier life/relationships in our lives.
Sep 26, 2020
Get To Know Me #1 | نتعرف على بعض شوي؟
In this episode I share with you bits about me. Some FAQ answered as well. I talk a bit about photography, College decisions and major choosing, and shared a bit about learning a new. language.

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Sep 19, 2020
Q&A and a Book Talk | سؤال و جواب و كتاب
In this episode I will be sharing few thoughts and answers to the questions asked on Instagram regarding reading and books. Then I’ll share with you a book talk about Tuesday’s with Morrie by Mitch Albom; not a whole review but a tiny synopsis. What the book is about and why you should read it.

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Sep 05, 2020
Live In The Now | شغلات تساعدنا لنعيش بالحاضر
In this episode I share with you six things I believe that will help you to shift your mindset to live in the now. A lot of people are hung on the past or attached to the future. What better way than to live life fully... presently?; Aware of past mistakes and ready for future struggles wholeheartedly.
Aug 29, 2020
8 Ways To Simplify Your Life | نبسط الحياة؟
In this episode I share with you 8 ways to simplify life in general. I suppose we learn from mistakes and probably situations we are put through in life. So in this one; I give you my 8 ways to make sure I life a simpler life and of course examples are given. Enjoy x

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Aug 22, 2020
I Feel Lonely... | العزلة و الوحدة
In This episode I share with you my thoughts on solitude and loneliness. How I believe a huge reason of our loneliness is because of our own actions/reactions. I share with you bits of my own experience. Hoping you might end up feeling less lonely after that.
Aug 15, 2020
On Being Different | التنوع و الاختلاف
In this. episode I share with you my thoughts on how some people cannot stand diversity. And how it is crucial for us to truly be accepting and respecting other people's choices of lifestyle... I also talk about how it is beneficial for us specifically when we genuinely respect others for being who they are; having different languages, accept, or where they are coming from.... etc
Aug 08, 2020
Own Who You Are || تقبل نفسك كما انت
In this episode I try to share with you my opinion and thoughts about how society tries to make us conceal our actual selves because we don't fall under the standards of 'beauty' or what should a woman look/be like. Sharing with you my own experience; Beauty has no certain size/looks/ or defined in one way. And girls should feel the requirement to have the need to be like every other girl in the world. We are all beautiful in our own way. Own that.
Aug 01, 2020
How To Be a Better Person || أفضل نسخة من ذاتك
In this episode I will be discussing with you many ways to be a better person. Now having said that, being a better person hss nothing to do with anyone else. The journey to better yourself from your yesterday self** Find out more on How To Be a Better Person >> from my own POV

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Jul 25, 2020
Let's Be Real || نكون واقعيين شوي؟
In this episode I share bits of how I feel when someone would say something like "you have the perfect life". When I truly don't because no one is having a perfect life. This episode is me opening up and talking about few things that you might not get to catch or see in my social media platforms. I have written about this though in my blog feel free to read if you are interested.

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Jul 18, 2020
To Dare Greatly | تجرأ و كُن أَنت
In this episode we will talk more about daring to simply being yourself. What are the consequences and results of it. Who are the people that you can simply expose yourself emotionally to; and what kind of life we all should be living.

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Jul 11, 2020
The Importance of Reading || اهمية القراءة
In this episode I discuss with you the importance of reading and how does it impact our lives. Also, I talk a bit about a recent book I have read 'A Long Walk To Water' And how did it change my views about some things in life.

Links to Check:
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Jul 04, 2020
Book Talk: The Book Of Mistakes By Skip Prichard || نقاش كتاب الاخطاء ل سكيب بريتشارد
In this episode I discuss with you a book that I truly love titled “The Book Of Mistakes” By Skip Prichard.
I share with you in detail the 9 mistakes that we do probably on a daily basis that. are keeping us away from succeeding in life.
I shared bits and pieces of personal experiences which each mistake.
“Your Choices can become the wings of success or the bars imprisoning you in a life of mediocrity”

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Jun 27, 2020
Book Talk: You'll See It When You Believe It || نقاش كتاب (سوف تراه عندما تؤمن به) لواين داير
In this episode, I will be sharing a long discussion about Wayne Dyer's Book (You'll see it when you believe it)
Discussing each chapter and including few personal stories.
Let me know how this discussion goes and what should I do to improve my next book talk.

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Jun 20, 2020
10 Things To Avoid In First Year of Marriage | ١٠ شغلات نتفاداها بأول سنة زواج
In this episode I will be sharing 10 things to avoid in your first year of marriage. I am sure there are more than 10 things out there but let's stick to 10 for now. Five things are from my point of view and what I have personally experienced.. And then I asked my husband for his views on what should be avoided in your first year.

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Jun 13, 2020
10 Signs To Spot A Frenemy ep 2| علامات تدل على الصديق العدو
In this episode, I share with you my take on spotting a Frenemy. Some signs were inspired by real events happened in my life. I talk about what kind friends that aren't really "good friends". We miss a lot of the signs thinking that they are all coincidences when clearly they were planted to ruin you slowly and destroy your self-esteem.
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Jun 06, 2020
Get Started with Reading & Know The Book Genres. القراءة و انواع الكتب
You want to get started with reading? Or maybe maintain your reading habit?
How about getting to know different book genres? and what does sub-genre mean? Let's hope this episode gets you to begin your good long healthy love and passion for books and reading.
May 30, 2020
Introduction to the show. Hello There!
In this episode I will be sharing my thoughts on this show the story behind its name, bits about me; and the topics I will be discussing and talking with you in the next episodes. Some of the topics I will be sharing with you will be about relationships, friendships, books, and many more things lifestyle related.
Stay tuned xo, s
May 27, 2020