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The latest news from Prusa Research, a company famous for creating the Original Prusa 3D printers.

Episode Date
PRUSA LIVE #42 - Community Feed, Dreaming Robots yarn machines, PrusaSlicer 2.5 alpha

In this episode, we showcased the Community Feed feature on, something we're excited to have finally out. We'll were joined by Dreaming Robotics and talked about their 3D printed electric spinning wheels that spin plant and animal fiber into yarn. The first PrusaSlicer 2.5 alpha is out, so we showcased that too. And we can't forget about MRRF recap and the article from our new Sustainability head.

Jul 11, 2022
PRUSA LIVE #41 - Original Prusa Enclosure, new T-shirt and guest Make3D Company Limited from Gambia

Our guests were Juka and Silvestr from Make3D Company Limited, a very interesting company based in The Gambia. There, they use 3D printing for many use-cases critical for a developing country. Repairing bikes, printing braces for injured limbs or casting molds for emerging businesses. We also talked about the new Enclosure.

May 31, 2022
PRUSA LIVE #40 - A chat with with @Wicked Makers, contests and more!

We were joined by Jaimie and Jay from Wicked Gamers.

May 04, 2022
Talking about and an interview with JBV Creative - PRUSA LIVE #39
3743 is here and you can bet that's what we talked about! And we were joined by JBV Creative, an artist and engineer creating awesome 3D printable designs.

Mar 31, 2022
PRUSA LIVE #38 - Biology prints with Andrew Mountcastle, new merch reveal, PrusaPrinters 100k models

We were joined by Andrew Mountcastle, an Assistant Professor of Biology at Bates College. He uses Original Prusa Printers in his labs with some pretty interesting applications.

Feb 24, 2022
PRUSA LIVE #37 - Belt on the MINI+ with PrintShift, PrusaPrinters FLASH contests

We were joined by Paul from PrintShift, who mods Original Prusa MINI with auto-ejecting belts.

Feb 04, 2022
PRUSA LIVE #36 - Contest winners, PrusaSlicer 2.4, PrusaPrinters reward systems, Controller project

We announced the winners of the last two contests on PrusaPrinters and talked about the new reward systems. PrusaSlicer 2.4 was just released, so of course, we covered that as well. And Caleb Kraft joined us to talk about the Controller project!

Jan 10, 2022
PRUSA LIVE #35 - Original Prusa XL with Nextruder dev Nathan! Black Friday deals, fw news and more

We were joined by Nathan, the lead developer of the Nextruder. We talked about the XL and answer your questions about it, we bet you have a lot of them! :) But first, we checked out the latest news from Prusa, such as new firmware releases and upcoming Black Friday deals.

Nov 25, 2021
PRUSA LIVE #34 - 3D printed movie puppets, New Prusa Merch, Contest winners, PrusaSlicer 2.4 beta

We were joined by the creators of the wonderful animated movie "Even Mice Belong in Heaven". So far the movie is enjoying great reviews and we are very proud to play a certain role in its creation. Namely, we are talking about a trio of the Original Prusa i3 MK3 printers used to create some of the puppets.

Nov 25, 2021
PRUSA LIVE #33 - Custom frames with Sacr3d Etching, Contest Winners, PrusaSlicer alpha2 and more

We talked with Taylor from Sacr3d Etching about his awesome laser-etched frames and extrusions. We also announced the winners of the Games design competition and gave a sneak peek of the Dubai project.

Sep 30, 2021
PRUSA LIVE #32 - PrusaSlicer 2.4 alpha, guest Out Of Marbles, Prusament Resin and more

PrusaSlicer 2.4 is out and we talked about the endless list of new features! We were joined by Out Of Marbles, creators of fantastic 3D printable marble machines. And we gave a sneak peek of Prusament Resin! :)

Sep 07, 2021
PRUSA LIVE #31 - 3D Printed turntables with Frame Theory and PrusaPrinters "Makes" first look

We'll talked about 3D printed turntables with our guests from Frame Theory. And we previewed "Makes" prototype on our

Jul 30, 2021
PRUSA LIVE #30 - guest 3DPrintBunny, Clock designer contest results

We were joined by the talented designer 3DPrintBunny and we talked about her modeling techniques.

Jul 16, 2021
PRUSA LIVE #29 - Fr3d's dioramas, updates & new Prusament color

We were joined by designer Fr3d, a creator mostly known for his fun dioramas. We talked about the latest updates to and we showcased new Prusament color. Josef couldn't join us this time due to his CEO duties (meeting).

Jul 01, 2021
PRUSA LIVE #28 - SL1S SPEED and Synthetic Ephemera 3D printed ball-jointed dolls

We talked about the just-released Original Prusa SL1S SPEED resin 3D printer. And we were joined by Synthetic Ephemera, a creator of fantastic 3D printed ball-jointed dolls.

Jun 17, 2021
PRUSA LIVE #27 - Fotis Mint and Prusa Academy preview

We chat with a great designer and our friend Fotis Mint and we show Prusa Academy for the first time :)

Jun 03, 2021
PRUSA LIVE #26 - 1 year anniversary special! New material reveal and multiple guests

We've been streaming PrusaLive for a year now, time flies! In this special anniversary episode, we reveal a brand new Prusament material! We catch up with guests who appeared on the show in the past - Wekster, 3DMonkeyNL and DSK001! We also announced the PrusaPrinters designer contest winners (Gardening theme) and announced the theme for the next contest. We showcased the new PrusaSlicer feature and we talked about the future of our firmware and.

May 21, 2021
PRUSA LIVE #25 - MyBar open-source coctail machine, Prusa alpacas and other news

Our guests were the guys behind​ check them out :)

May 06, 2021
PRUSA LIVE #24 - Zack Freedman, PrusaSlicer Mac M1 native build, Windows dark mode discussion

Our guest was a maker and YouTuber Zack Freedman! We talked about the new native PrusaSlicer build for M1 MacBooks, dark mode on Windows and more!

Apr 26, 2021
PRUSA LIVE #23 - Clockspring 3D and new PrusaPrinters features

Designer Clockspring 3D joined us to talk about his creations and design process.

Apr 09, 2021
PRUSA LIVE #22 - 3D printing chocolate (Cocoa Press) and big firmware changes

We chatted about the challenges of 3D printing chocolate with the founder of Cocoa Press, Evan Weinstein! We also talked about the many improvements in the upcoming firmware 3.10 for our 8bit printers (MK3/S/+, MK2.5/S). 

Mar 25, 2021
PRUSA LIVE #21 - PrusaLab showcase, 3MF announcement, Organization design contest winners, SL1 fw

PrusaLive #21 was loaded with content! We'll had multiple guests from our community makerspace "PrusaLab", we'll talked about the lab itself and the projects created in it. We also announced that we're joining the 3MF Consortium. And we also announced the winners of the PrusaPrinters organization design contest!

Mar 11, 2021
PRUSA LIVE #20 - Talking about multi process creations with Breaks'n'Makes (Joe Casha)

We'll also talk about the recent updates (PrusaPrinters, organization competition, new Prusa stories, MINI firmware 4.3.1).

Feb 25, 2021
PRUSA LIVE #19 - 3D printed speaker drivers with Polymate3D, MINI fw 4.3.0, news at

PrusaPrinters picks of the week:

Mikolas -

Matt -

Jo - 0:00

Countdown 10:24

Intro & Picks of the week

16:26 MINI FW 4.3.0

22:07 PrusaPrinters new features

30:42 Polymate3D - chat with Paul

53:18 PrusaLive twitter contest

1:00:56 Q&A

Feb 11, 2021
PRUSA LIVE #18 - Injection molding and other news from Prusa + a chat with Fernando aka DSK001

We go over the recap of 2020 article and chat with the awesome maker and designer DSK0001.

Jan 28, 2021
PRUSA LIVE #17 - First look at Prusament PVB material, new contest and chat with Paul Paukstelis

We talk about the smoothable Prusament PVB and chat with the awesome professor Paul Paukstelis and his educational 3D printable models.

Jan 28, 2021
PRUSA LIVE #16 - Christmas special! With Joel Telling, Neil3DPrints and Jason Babler from 2K Games

Recording of our extra-long Christmas special live stream! :)

Jan 04, 2021
PRUSA LIVE #15 - with David Hewlett + 3D printed fashion competiton winners

We were be joined by the awesome David Hewlett or as you most likely know him - Dr. Rodney McKay from Stargate!

Dec 10, 2020
PRUSA LIVE #14 - introducing MK3S+ and MINI+, Satin steel sheet, SuperPINDA and more!

We're talking about all the just released things.
We also go over Black Friday deals and answer common questions.

Nov 26, 2020
PRUSA LIVE #13 with Alexandre Chappel

The highlight of this episode is a chat with an awesome YouTuber and maker Alexandre Chappel.

Nov 26, 2020
PRUSA LIVE #12 - guest 3DMonkeyNL, PrusaSlicer alpha, new contest

The main topics are:
- New contest at PrusaPrinters
- new PrusaSlicer 2.3 features we haven't yet shown
- guest 3DMonkeyNL

Nov 18, 2020
PRUSA LIVE #11 - guest WEKSTER, Lamp Contest Winners, Prusa calculator, + Q&A

The main topics are:

- Winners of the Lights and 3D printing contest

- Prusa print price calculator

- guest Wekster

- Q&A

- announcing winners of the secret competition!

Nov 06, 2020
PRUSA LIVE #10 - guest Ladislav Jecminek (3D printed e-bikes!), mini contest winners, fw 3.9.1 Q/A

The main topics are:
- 3D printed e-bikes with our guest Ladislav Jecminek
- Mini contest winners
- firmware 3.9.1
- Q&A
- announcing winners of the secret competition!

Oct 05, 2020
PRUSA LIVE #9 - guest Pooch (Repkord & OPShieldsUp), calibrating LA1.5, Q/A + bonus

The main topics are:
- Repkord & OPShieldsUp with our guest Pooch
- LA1.5 changes in upcoming fw 3.9.1 and how to calibrate it
- Q&A - a secret little extra!
You can ask questions ahead of the time by tweeting them with the hashtag #PrusaLive

Sep 25, 2020
PRUSA LIVE #8 - new CW1&MINI fw, guest Loubie3D (designer spotlight) and Q/A

The main topics are: - new CW1 & MINI firmware - Designer spotlight with Loubie3D - Q&A  You can ask questions ahead of the time by tweeting them with the hashtag #PrusaLiveThe stream will be on for about an hour. See you there!

Sep 03, 2020
PRUSA LIVE #7 - new PrusaPrinters contest, guest Bugman_140 (designer spotlight) and Q/A

The main topics are:
- Announcing the topic of the next PrusaPrinters designer competition
- Designer spotlight with Bugman_140
- Q&A
You can ask questions ahead of the time by tweeting them with the hashtag #PrusaLive

Aug 20, 2020
PRUSA LIVE #6 - PrusaPrinters contest winners, Launchsonde meteo-rocket ,MINI FW 4.2, Q/A

The main topics were:
- Announcing Upcycling Prusament spools contest winners
- 3D printed Launchsonde with a special guest Braiden, Launchsonde is a rocket, which used to capture atmospheric and hurricane data
- Firmware 4.2.0 for the Original Prusa MINI
- Q&A
You can ask questions ahead of the time by tweeting them with the hashtag #PrusaLive

Aug 10, 2020
PRUSA LIVE #5 - MINI FW4.1, ERRF/Abuzz Designs with Lauren, Q/A

In Prusa Live #5 we talked about the new features in firmware 4.1.0 for the Original Prusa MINI. We were be joined by a special guest - Lauren. We talked with her about ERRF and Abuzz designs.  And as always, we answered your questions. You can ask them ahead of the time by tweeting it with the hashtag #PrusaLive

Jul 16, 2020
PRUSA LIVE #4 - 3D printed Nerf blasters with OutOfDarts!

In Prusa Live #4 we were joined by a special guest - Luke from OutOfDarts! We talked about 3D printed Nerf blasters and mods, his 3D printing farm made of Original Prusa printers, how he manages it, what materials he uses and how 3D printing enabled him incredibly fast prototyping. 

We also talked about our pick of the week from PrusaPrinters and about the new designer contest.

Jul 02, 2020
PRUSA LIVE #3 - Revealing upcoming PrusaSlicer features!

We talked about new features that will come to PrusaSlicer in the future, we played with internal development builds and tested the new functions in action. We also discussed the sculpting competition on PrusaPrinters. 

Jun 18, 2020
PRUSA LIVE #2 - taking with devs about FW 3.9.0 features, Q&A and latest news from Prusa

The second official Prusa Livestream!
We invited the leader of our firmware team and a community firmware developer and talked about firmware 3.9.0 features. We answered your questions, talk about new Prusaments and updates to PrusaPrinters and more! Tweet a question with a hashtag #PrusaLive and we'll do our best to try and answer it next time!

Jun 05, 2020
PRUSA LIVE #1 - Print on demand, Prusament PC Blend, FW 3.9.0 and more!

The recording from the first official Prusa Livestream!  We'll talked about Print on demand on Prusaprinters, the new Prusament PC Blend, the just released firmware 3.9.0 and more! We also answered a lot of questions from the chat. Tune in and have a great time! 

May 21, 2020