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Young Everyday Black Woman is a podcast hosted by Courtney Hancock. She's a true believer in the acts of glowing, growing, and goaling and do so by having some conversations and putting things on the table . From social and black issues to relationships and self care, she's got you covered. New episodes available every other Sunday at 5pm.

Episode Date
Ep 45 - This S*** Hard.. But I Know It's Worth It
This episode Courtney digs deep and gets personal about her feelings.. Courtney talks about what it takes to make relationship (work in her eyes). She uses her own personal experiences to explain her thoughts on love and finding your inner "bad bitch". This hour long episode is worth the listen.. Tap in
Sep 17, 2022
Ep 44 - Life Be Happening Sis
This episode Courtney discuss what’s been going on with her. She speaks on a tough subject like diversity in the work world and what it’s like being the only black employee where she works. She talks about her love life, staying focused, breaking generational curses, a recent trip of hers to NC, and a recent hot topic of people denouncing their D9 orgs.
Sep 12, 2022
Ep 43- Courtney's College Survival Guide
This podcast episode is all about Courtney's 2022 College Survival Guide. Hear her stories, tips, and tricks to do better, feel better, and overall just live a better college life.
Jul 25, 2022
Ep 42 - One Step At A Time
This episode Courtney talks about where she's been and a wrap up of how her undergrad college experience. She also talks about work and life balance for now and the future. Lastly she taps into a little relationship stuff.. Something slight.
Jul 03, 2022
Ep 41 - All In God's Perfect Timing
This episode is special! We are two years into this podcast thang. I am so excited to share with you all two big accomplishments in my life! I also share with you all a little bit of my HBCU experience.
May 24, 2022
Ep 40 - The Evolution Of A Woman
This episode Courtney discusses the evolution of a woman and how black women especially should be constantly evolving. It's different ways to get through what you're going through and change is good. She wants everyone to know that it's very possible to change over time, but keep being your true and authentic self no matter what.
Apr 03, 2022
Ep 39 - Sis, Stop Convincing Him
This episode Courtney discusses the importance of trying not to convince men you are the right woman for them. She touches on her own personal experiences with this. She wants women to know they are not skilled with being able to convince any man they are the one for them.
Mar 27, 2022
Ep 38 - Men, Men, Men
She's gonna keep it short and sweet this episode.. Maybe not too sweet... But it's all about men this episode... The good and the bad.
Mar 06, 2022
Ep 37 - Take 23
This episode Courtney celebrates her birthday with you all. She's not overly excited but she's taking this time to reflect on her past year and what she's looking forward while she's 23. She also discuss family and traditions. All in all she wants you all to believe in yourselves and know that you're enough.
Feb 21, 2022
Ep 36 - Valentine's Day Talk
This episode is simple. Courtney gives her take on why important conversations are significant to have early on in your relationship or before you even get in it. In order to grow and take the next steps you've gotta talk. She even gives her own personal experience with having an important convo with someone important to her.
Feb 13, 2022
Ep 35 - Relationships.. But Healthy This Time
This episode Courtney spills a little of her own tea... She talks about being in healthy situationships/relationships and what that looks like. She also talks about having important conversations with your partner and being open to learning and listening. Courtney wants to make sure her listeners know that growth doesn't stop and you have to vocalize changes that you feel or changes that you want.
Jan 29, 2022
Ep 34 - Miss Make It Happen
This episode Courtney gives life updates and tips for senior year of college. She talks what it looks like being in grind mode and how to keep herself going through being by herself.
Jan 29, 2022
Ep 33 - 2022 Be Good To Me?
Cheers to the last episode of 2022 ! We've made it and whether or not we all accomplished our 2021 goals or not, we are still here to see 2022 and have been given a second chance. This episode Courtney reflects on the 2021 she had and and her next steps for 2022. She also leaves you all with a gem about your goals that may help you be the successful in 2022 and beyond. Thank you all so much for your support in 2021 ! - Courtney
Jan 01, 2022
Ep 32 - Self Reflection
This episode Courtney makes sure it’s known that December is here and 2021 is wrapping up. Have you done some self reflection? Have you accomplish or revised any goals? Think about it. On a simpler tip she also congratulates two of her friends graduating this semester, and touches on what her experience will be like without having friends on campus. Courtney also touches on putting a lot of weight on the people around you, and how that can play a role in your relationships. Lastly she gives her thoughts on women uplifting women, when it comes down to women like DaniLeigh and Khloe Kardashian.
Dec 06, 2021
Ep 31 - Sis, Don't Be Afraid To Fall
In this episode, Courtney pays homage to not only her listeners but her mother as well. She touches on her moms authenticity and assertiveness. The meat of this episode is all about allowing yourself to fall and allowing yourself to be happy all in all. She believes that sometimes we need someone to heal.. But, how does that work? Plus, you know she touched on her personal life, so see if this one hits home for you. Follow us on IG @youngeverydaybwpod
Nov 03, 2021
Ep 30 - Red Flags
This episode Courtney digs into red flags.. Of course they are red flags for men. She also discusses the importance of wearing a mask. Breast Cancer and mental health we both touched on to show the importance of both. On the podcast IG Courtney will begin to do mental health check ins on Sunday’s, on IG Live with… You all of course! There are more details to come. Be sure to follow the podcast on IG @youngeverydaybwpod
Oct 18, 2021
Ep 29 - Don't Talk To Me (Brain Dump)
This episode Courtney gives you guys a complete brain dump. She's had a lot her mind and she's releasing all of it.. From homecoming to her on going confusion. Take a listen and discover how you can do an effective brain dump yourself.. It helps ! Follow us on IG @youngeverydaybwpod
Oct 16, 2021
Ep 28 - Sis, Here's The Real
On this episode Courtney digs deep into herself. She shares where she’s been at mentally and how she is dealing with this thing we all deal with which is life. You can agree to disagree. You can resonate with her, but this episode she gives you pure authenticity. Follow us on IG @youngeverydaybwpod
Sep 17, 2021
Ep 27 - Rules are Rules... Right?
This episode Courtney talks about the Sha'carri Richardson situation and her unpopular opinion. She also talks about Bill Cosby's prison release. Courtney also digs into Wendy Williams and how she needs to chill out with her inappropriate woman. Lastly Courtney discusses the main topic of the episode which is how we should feel about men liking different women pictures on social media. She questions how that's what the app is for, but what's the mans motive behind the likes?
Jul 12, 2021
Ep 26 - "Focus On You Sis"
This episode Courtney talks about the show “Insecure” coming to a close and the influential characters in the show like Molly. She also talks about two other shows that she enjoys “Being Mary Jane” and “Run the World”. Another important topic she speaks on are the phrases “Focus on yourself” and “Take some time focus”. Those words mean a lot but are we really reading into them the right? Are we thinking too hard? What does this mean to us? Courtney discusses it all on this episode, and of course speaks on her personal experiences. Follow us on IG @youngeverydaybwpod
Jul 01, 2021
Ep 25 - Moving On, Moving Forward
This episode Courtney talks all about moving on and moving forward. She talks about what that looks like on the relationship/situationship side of things. She also tackles what it means to be intentional, and why that's important. Lastly, she preaches about those goals she desires all her listeners to have because we are half way done with 2021.
Jun 14, 2021
EP 24 - Say What ?
This episode Courtney talks about a lot. She digs into her past and while tackling taking accountability, being a part of the problem, and of course why these men ain’t hitting on… Well you know the rest. She also talks about the “dress how you want to be addressed” situation as well as Monique's (the comedian) take on wearing bonnets in public. This episode is juicy, so make sure you don’t miss a beat.
May 30, 2021
Ep 23 - Cheers to 1 Year
On this special one year episode of Young Everyday Black Woman, Courtney first tackles the protest and killing of Andrew Brown Jr. This terrible murder took place in Elizabeth City, NC where she attends college. Finally, she gets into the celebration of one year of this podcast. Think about how long you've been listening.. Have you grown? Have you changed? Have you reached any goals?
May 24, 2021
EP 22 - Body - ody
On this weeks episode Courtney gets real personal with touching on a situation that had her thinking different about herself. She also talks Saweetie and Quavo. She speaks on celebrities and their sexual assault accusations, as well as body image and self image, and why it’s important to just be you and love what you’ve got.
Apr 04, 2021
Ep 21 - Feeling 22
This episode Courtney talks about her family and their impact on who she is a woman as she tackles what it's like feeling 22. She also talks about how to deal with "grimey" people.. Especially when these are people that you know. Most importantly she tells an interesting story of her past that reflects on who she is today.. So, is the past important?
Mar 07, 2021
Episode 20 - Truth Be Told..
In this episode Courtney talks Jazmin Sullivan’s “Heaux Tales” and breaks each of them down. She also talks about how other women put other women down and the first time she felt confident and attractive.She also talks Chloe Bailey and her new found sex appeal on social media. In conclusion the episode is wrapped around the truth about who women are and how they feel when it comes down to themselves and how men treat them.
Feb 07, 2021
EP 19 - Know Your Worth
On this week’s episode, Courtney congratulates President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris on being sworn into office. The main part of this episode is the interview with guest Isaiah Cortez. They discuss his music, his relationship, race, college experiences, and more.
Jan 25, 2021
Ep 18 - Selfish 2021
In this episode Courtney focuses on how to keep your peace in 2021. Before she gets into that though, she reflects on the January 6th riots that took place earlier in the week… After that she discuss things like writing, meditating, and having good music choices for keeping your peace and being happy in 2021. Courtney wants all her listeners to remember that keeping a healthy mental and space comes from all things external and internal so take good care of your body and your spirit.
Jan 10, 2021
EP 17 - Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021
In this episode Courtney talks about holiday traditions, ringing in the new year and some of her favorite music from 2020. She also touches on what it felt like being black in 2020. She also questions whether or not people should have "2021 expectations". All in all she lets her listeners know that must not "let up on their dreams in 2021". Song of the week: Cashmerely - Fix Your Crown IG and Twitter: @cashmerelymusic
Dec 27, 2020
In this episode, Courtney talks about some new realizations for her, as well as what it’s like to mourn during the holiday season. She realizes that some key people in her life have graduated and made an impact in her life. She also talks about her Poppop and how his death has impacted her over the last two years. Lastly she shares a special prayer with you from no other than her Poppop.
Dec 16, 2020
Episode 15 - New Beginnings and It's the Holiday Season
On this episode Courtney talks about her Fall 2020 campus experience. From one of her best friends graduating to her experience while living on campus during the pandemic, she's talking about it. Shen then talks about her Thanksgiving and what it's like dealing with past lost during the holiday season. Lastly, she gives her top 5 in Christmas songs and movies.
Nov 29, 2020
Ep 14 - Being a Black, Brilliant, Single, College Woman
This podcast episode Courtney talks about it all. She's fed up with being in a zone of feeling that she's not worth a relationship. But, also wants to remind women that "we all are worth it". She talks about dating in college, as well asking a hard hitting question... "What is the beef with men and relationships?"
Nov 15, 2020
Ep 13 - Check Everything Off Your List Sis
This episode tackles having a mental conflict, getting everything you want on your list, dating in our generation and more. Courtney talks a little bit about her personal life and also making sure you know what you want when it comes down to relationships.
Oct 18, 2020
Ep 12 - Lets Have A Sex Talk
In this episode Courtney salutes every woman who has fought, is fighting, or has lost the battle to breast cancer. But the meat of this episode is all about sex and most of all the labeling of women based on their sexual life. She takes the time to make you question if it's okay to put a label on somebody you don't know.
Oct 04, 2020
Ep 11 - Glowing, Goaling, and more
During this episode, Courtney discusses creating boundaries, speaking up for yourself, continuing to have goals and accomplish them, as well as not looking for validation. Not looking for validation is key. She also talks about being slept on, and the music and movies she's loving right now.
Sep 20, 2020
Ep 10 - Leave a Mark and Impact
In this episode Courtney discusses and pays tribute to the life of Chadwick Boseman. Not only does she discuss certain parts of his life, but his impact on the people around him. She also tackles the thought of someone you don't know inspiring you or having an impact on you.
Sep 06, 2020
Ep 9 - Shine Bright and be Comfortable
This episode Courtney discusses her personal struggles with feeling insecure, and not enough, especially when it comes down to women who she feels has/does look better than her or have more to offer physically. On the other hand she gives advice on how to handle this situation, and why not being like those "other women" is actually a great thing. Next Episode: September 6th at 5pm IG: YOUNGEVERYDAYBWPOD
Aug 23, 2020
Bonus Ep 3 - A Letter to H.I.M 2
This bonus episode consist of a fictional letter from a young lady to a young man that she has these continued feelings for. This bonus episode is indeed designed in letter style and is a letter of confusion that women go through, and not feeling like they're enough.
Aug 15, 2020
Ep 8 - Back to School
This episode Courtney talks about her official return to campus. She also tackles the question "why not wear a mask?" Be sure the follow the podcast on IG : @youngeverydaybwpod Personal IG: thisiscourtneyhancock
Aug 10, 2020
Ep 7 - Skin Care + Self Care
In this episode Courtney dives into her AM and PM skin care routines. She shares her skin challenges that she's dealt with for almost a decade, and how she sticks to a good regimen. She also discuss her thoughts on her soon return to school . As well as an update on the podcast's new upcoming schedule. Artist of the week : Willis Dennis - IG: @flhoreuway
Jul 27, 2020
Ep 6 - Been a Long Year
In this episode Courtney acknowledges that it's been a long year so far, and that it's only half way through. This year we've lost a number of people, and as of recent John Lewis who gets his own personal acknowledgement in the beginning of the episode. Courtney reveals her celebrity crush. She also touches on family relationships and the many lessons learned throughout these past few months.
Jul 19, 2020
Ep 5 - COVID Talk
In this episode Courtney discusses all things COVID. She talks about how she has been dealing with COVID as well as what she'll be doing moving forward. She also gives her take on the return to campus for college students and the return to the classroom for K-12.
Jul 12, 2020
Bonus Ep 1 - A Letter to H.I.M
This is the first bonus episode of this podcast. This bonus episode consists of a fictional letter that is from a young lady to a young man that she has feelings for. This bonus episode is designed to piggyback off of Episode 3.
Jul 09, 2020
Ep 4 - Get Our Own Stuff
In this Episode Courtney takes the time to talk about how people who look like her can begin to be the change they want to see. She discusses the difference between an activist and an organizer, as well as giving reflection on a 2019 Revolt discussion featuring high profile people like T.I , Tamika Mallory, Candace Owens, Killer Mike, and more.
Jul 05, 2020
Ep 3 - Get it Together Sis
Within this episode Courtney tackles talking, "situationships", dating, and relationships and how they differ, and what to expect while entering those different phases. She also gives insight to exactly why she took her break from social media and this podcast over the past few weeks, while letting you into a little bit of her personal life.
Jun 28, 2020
Ep 2 - Young And Woke
This episode of Young Everyday Black Woman is all about how as young black women and young black people in general must stay knowledgeable about everything that is taking place during this time. Courtney takes the time to discuss why must stay woke on all levels, and find ways to be a part of the change that we want to see. All rights reserved to the artist of this music Artist is the Week: VJ Tyler
May 31, 2020
Ep 1 - Starting the Conversation
This episode is just an introduction about the host Courtney Hancock and all that she plans to give you all in this podcast and what she hopes you all get out of it. She also touches on why she decided to podcast in the first place, and how she came up with "Young Everyday, Black Woman". All rights reserved to the artist of this music Artist of the Week: Cashmerely
May 24, 2020