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 Aug 19, 2020
Lauren Goode's voice and personality and interesting topics are the highlights ❤


The future. It’s exciting; it’s discomforting. We don’t know what’s happening next— in the next four minutes on Twitter or in the next four years of democracy.   Have a Nice Future is a new podcast from WIRED, where each week, Wired’s Senior Writer Lauren Goode & Contributor Gideon Lichfield speak with the top technologists, thinkers, and creators who are shaping this future we’re racing into. Every episode, we’ll ask each guest—and ourselves—the same question: Is this the future we want? And if not, where do we go from here? Share your thoughts via our Listener Survey here: https://selfserve.decipherinc.com/survey/selfserve/222b/75187?pin=1&uBRANDLINK=7&uCHANNELLINK=2

Episode Date
Introducing: Critics at Large - The Myth Making of Elon Musk
Sep 29, 2023
College Is Broken. We Can Fix It.
Sep 20, 2023
Get In, We're Taking Back the Internet
Sep 13, 2023
Learning to Let Go (of the Wheel)
Sep 06, 2023
RERUN: Don't Worry. It Gets Worse.
Aug 30, 2023
Maybe You Should Just Join a Commune
Aug 23, 2023
10 Years Until Chatbots Run the World
Aug 16, 2023
Grimes Wants to Be Less Famous (and Replaced by AI)
Aug 09, 2023
Nothing You Own Is Really Yours
Aug 02, 2023
The Viruses That Could Cure Cancer (And Maybe Wipe Out Humanity)
Jul 26, 2023
An Oracle for the Climate Crisis
Jul 19, 2023
To Understand Humans, First Give an Octopus MDMA
Jul 12, 2023
Gadget Lab: Our Clothes Are Making Us Sick
Jul 05, 2023
We Don't Deserve (Immortal) Dogs
Jun 28, 2023
To Save The Planet, Start Drilling
Jun 21, 2023
To Fix Cities, Change This One Thing
Jun 14, 2023
Weight Loss in the Age of Ozempic
Jun 07, 2023
We'll Never Have Another Twitter
May 31, 2023
Why Fake Drake Is Here To Stay
May 24, 2023
How To Stop AI From Taking Your Job
May 17, 2023
Can We Get A Little Privacy?
May 10, 2023
Slack’s New CEO Wants You to Stop Slacking
May 03, 2023
Don’t Worry, It Gets Worse
Apr 26, 2023
A Mortgage For Your Sandwich
Apr 19, 2023
The Troubled City by the Bay with SF Mayor London Breed
Apr 12, 2023
Coming Soon! WIRED’s Have a Nice Future
Apr 05, 2023
Gadget Lab: WTF Is an NFT?
Mar 12, 2021
Gadget Lab: Facing Our AR Future
Mar 05, 2021
Gadget Lab: Gadgets on Mars
Feb 26, 2021
Gadget Lab: How to Get a PlayStation 5
Feb 19, 2021
Gadget Lab: Who Let the Doge Out
Feb 12, 2021
Gadget Lab: Clubhouse’s Elon Moment
Feb 05, 2021
Get Wired: Letter to My Pandemic Baby
Dec 14, 2020
Get Wired: Can the Orgasm Be Optimized?
Dec 07, 2020
Get Wired: The High-Stakes Data-Driven Poker Takedown
Nov 30, 2020
Get Wired: Can Pepe the Frog Ever Be Redeemed?
Nov 16, 2020
Get Wired: That Election Was… Something
Nov 09, 2020
Get Wired: TikTok the Vote
Nov 02, 2020
Get Wired: The Robots Are Coming
Oct 26, 2020
Get Wired: The Science of Fire Tornadoes
Oct 19, 2020
Get Wired: Archive and Survive: How Radio Lives On
Oct 12, 2020
Get Wired: The Secret History of Video Game Music
Oct 05, 2020
WIRED 25: Sarah Friar, Nextdoor CEO
Sep 28, 2020
WIRED 25: Nia DaCosta
Sep 21, 2020
Get Wired: Voting Machines Suck. These Texans Might Have the Answer
Sep 14, 2020
Get Wired: Coronavirus and the Future of School
Sep 08, 2020
Gadget Lab: Alexa, Play My Alibi
Aug 31, 2020
Get Wired: Animal Activists, Part 2: Ventilation Shutdown
Aug 24, 2020
Get Wired: Animal Activists, Part 1: The Slaughterhouse
Aug 17, 2020
Get Wired: Bill Gates on Covid-19, TikTok, and Antitrust
Aug 10, 2020
Get Wired: Virtual (Being) Insanity
Aug 03, 2020
Get Wired: The Racist History of Surveillance Tech
Jul 27, 2020
Get Wired: Citizen and the Bizarre World of Live-Streamed Crime
Jul 20, 2020
Get Wired Teaser: "Citizen and the Bizarre World of Live-Streamed Crime"
Jul 16, 2020