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A Leftist perspective into the Utah experience. Brigham Young Money is the place for all that and more! Join us for a magical left-wing journey through the Cool Zone, we're sure to make Brother Brigham proud.

Episode Date
#92 – Institutions of Loathe

Episode Notes

We fully discuss the Dobbs case that overturned Roe v. Wade, and what the new reality means for all of us. In that we also discuss an article from our favorite newspaper where they lay the case for "institutions of love" that need to be created for mothers in need that will emerge in the post-Roe world. It's garbage.

Also, we are still doing our decal drive. Give at least $5 to the Utah Abortion fund, and we will send you a decal based on the multiple of five you do (max of 5 decals).

DM us your proof at BYMPodcast, or text us your receipt to our signal inbox at (385) 355-4318

Jun 30, 2022
#91 – Well, it happened

Episode Notes

Kyle and Greg go through the day's events in a very condensed episode because hell world happened.

To help, please give to your local abortion fund or any of these.

Or give to our Patreon at All of our donations will go directly towards local abortion funds for the foreseeable future

Jun 25, 2022
#90 – Utah County: Special Victims Unit Feat Brace Belden

Episode Notes

We are joined by Brace Belden of the TrueAnon Podcast (@TrueAnonPod) to talk about the spectacle of the dueling press conferences by the Utah County Attorney and the Utah County Sheriff dealing with the matter of if the UC Attorney is a cannibal child sex freak. Or if the Utah County Sheriff is using information from a fake British man who dresses like the Penguin, faked his own death, and is wanted for sexual assault in Utah County.

We also talk about Brace's experiences in Utah at AlphaCon, Greg's making of a varsity athlete, the sad current state of Bob Dylan, BYU and soaking, and the 2003 Cuba Gooding Jr. movie Radio.

Injury Report: Jordan - DNP (Health and Safety Protocols)

Jun 02, 2022
#89 – Patreon Preview: Horse Race

Episode Notes

In the full episode, Greg, Jordan and Kyle discuss some horse related discourse, Democratic Fecklessness, and John Stockton's new insanity.

May 25, 2022
#88 – Fresh Ground Solidarity

Episode Notes

Kyle, Greg, and Jordan are joined by Jacob, Kat, and Kit. All are local Salt Lake area Starbucks workers currently in the process of unionizing their stores. In this episode, they discuss their organizing efforts, what unionization would mean in their current jobs and we also discuss a bit about Starbucks' history with unions and how valued they feel as "partners"

Read about their efforts here:

We also discuss a bit about the leaked Supreme Court Ruling, and talk about what that means for the current state of politics.

Donate to Utah Abortion Fund here:

Join all of us at the Starbucks at 400 S 400 E in Salt Lake on May 6th at 12 PM as the downtown Starbucks kicks off its unionization efforts with a rally for supporters.

May 05, 2022
#87 – Rest in Power, Orrin Hatch

Episode Notes

Kyle, Jordan, and Greg mourn our dear sweet long-serving Senator, Orrin Grant Hatch. We certainly don't discuss his history of corruption, his ties to Utah's radical right, and his horrific treatment of Anita Hill.

We also discuss some other current events, like the Jazz being terrible and the Utah Democrats punting on having a senate candidate in the service of personality blackhole, Evan McMullin.

May 02, 2022
#85 – Bethany Transdel

Episode Notes

Greg and Kyle are back to talk about some of the insane things going on right now

Apr 12, 2022
#83 – *UNLOCKED* Alpha Planning Feat. Jacob Klopfenstein

Episode Notes

We are joined by Jacob Klopfenstein of the University of Utah's City & Metropolitan Planning Department and former KSL reporter to discuss residential planning and the housing situation within the Salt Lake Valley. 

Greg and Jordan also discuss their adventures into Alpha Con and how they ran into quite a few celebrities.

Mar 17, 2022
#84 – Governors Are Just as Brave As The Troops

Episode Notes

The boys are back to discuss the very clean cut Ukrainian-Russian Conflict (Disclaimer: We are dumb and don't know anything, don't yell at us). But we mainly discuss the statement put out by Utah Governor, Spencer Cox. Namely, how normal, self-aware, and completely devoid of any possible fetishizing of the sacrifice of innocent Ukrainians it was. Bravo, Governor. Bravo.

Mar 17, 2022
#81 – Episode 82: Live Laugh Love Democracy

Episode Notes


Anyway, we discuss Evan McMullin, a candidate for Utah's senate seat that is currently vying for Democratic and Independent support. He sucks, don't vote for him

Mar 01, 2022
#80 – We're Through the Looking Glass Feat. Cristina Rossetti

Episode Notes

Greg and Jordan are joined by Cristina Rosetti, PhD, (@CristinaMartaR) a scholar on minority religions and Mormon fundamentalism, to discuss a strange online artifact that came out recently. It was a documentary that asks a titular question "Who Killed Joseph Smith." We also discuss the growth of Mormon fundamentalism in the online age, and the best chocolate shops in Utah County.

Read Cristina's article on Mormon fundamentalism that we referenced here:

Feb 04, 2022
#79 – More Like Twenty Twenty Fun Feat: Mark Agee

Episode Notes

We are joined by Mark Agee (@MarkAgee) to discuss the previous year and all the stupid, absurd, funny, and tragic things we went through. (it's still January, shut up)

Jan 19, 2022
#76 – Mayor Pete Supporter Behavior

Episode Notes

We are joined by Madison Tayt (@madison_tayt) to discuss headboards, polar vortex, da best city on earth baby, and her hellish journey through the American Justice System, for washing paint out of a bucket, due to a vindictive Democratic DA and a extremely overzealous police department.

Donate to Madison's and her codefendants restitution fund here

Dec 30, 2021
#75 – Render Unto Caesar

Episode Notes

We are joined by our buddy Colin to discuss (@ColYou) to discuss the Propublica story about how the State of Utah funnels mandatory welfare spending for federal funding through the LDS Church and what that means for people who seek aid from the state.

Link to the article here

Dec 22, 2021
#74 – Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Episode Notes

We discuss an article about how a Deseret News columnist is afraid of her own Marxist daughters, and then we dive into the comments. It was pretty great.

Article here:

Our Patreon:

Dec 11, 2021
#73 – The Pioneers Were Disrupters Feat. Liam Anderson

Episode Notes

The boys are joined by Liam Anderson (@notliamanders0n), from Well There's Your Problem, Lions Led by Donkeys, and Ten Thousand Losses Podcast, to discuss several topics, including Alex Jones big L in court, Kyle Kuzma, Chris Christie, and then we finish with a discussion about a profile from the Deseret News about totally normal billionaire and Utah Jazz owner, Ryan Smith.

Link to the article here:

Nov 23, 2021
#71 – Redistrict This

Episode Notes

We discuss Poppy Madness, Q Anon bringing back JFK Jr. and the 104 year old JFK Sr, and then discuss the Utah legislature redrawing the congressional boundaries that everyone was totally okay with it.

Nov 16, 2021
#70 – School's Out

Episode Notes

The boys are back to discuss shadowy groups that have been pressuring schools and school boards to try and remove anything even possibly controversial. We also look at the ties these groups have to right-wing astroturf money firms, and also Mitt Romney's really awesome Ted Lasso costume

Nov 09, 2021
#69 – Nice

Episode Notes

On the occasion of our 69th episode we discuss the nice and civil politicians that make up our system, namely the late Colin Powell and Utah's next senator, Evan McMullin.

Oct 28, 2021
#68 – I Am An (Essential) Oil Man - Feat. Áine Cain

Episode Notes

In today's podcast we are joined by Business Insider's Áine Cain (@ainecain) to discuss Utah Governor Spencer Cox doing a bizarre press conference to highlight a local MLM's efforts to fight COVID, and what the general state of MLMs and politics are in Utah and the United States.

Oct 13, 2021
#67 – LuLaNo feat: MJ from I Hate This Town Podcast

Episode Notes

In this episode we are joined by MJ (@tiger_beatdow) from the I Hate This Town podcast (@HateThisTownPod) to discuss the LuLaRich documentary, we then take that into a conversation about MLMs and their cultural significance and discuss a lot of horrible LuLaRoe patterns.

To get another episode a week, subscribe at

Oct 09, 2021
#66 – Patreon Preview: RIP Jon McNaughton

Episode Notes

Subscribe at

Oct 09, 2021
#63 – #62 - Holy Chore

Episode Notes

The Boys are back together to discuss a myriad of topics. First, our recent appearance on the I Hate This Town Podcast, where we discuss all sorts of topics related to Utah, MLMs, and instagram influences. (Follow them at @HateThisTownPod) We then move on to the comments made by Utah Senate President J Stuart Adams about Donovan Mitchell "being uneducated" about his disapproval of the state's actions on CRT. Finally, we finish with a discussion about this weekend's "Holy War" game between Utah and BYU, namely why it shouldn't even happen. Then we finish with a discussion on LGBTQ issues with BYU, LDS Apostle's anti-LGBTQ speech, and a brief history of BYU's abuse of LGBTQ students.

Sep 10, 2021
#61 – COV-IDIOSYNCRASIES with Ken Starnes

In this episode, we're joined for an interview with our Emergency Room Doctor/friend Ken Sterns (@roto_tudor on Twitter) for a talk about how things are going in Southern Missouri in one of the most proudly unvaccinated areas of the country. Unsurprisingly, it's kinda bad.

Before that, Greg and Kyle talk about the rest of the insanely cool and fun shit that's going on around town. Hottest gossip on the web!

(Sorry, this is Kyle and this is the first time I've edited and published a podcast. Jordan usually takes care of this and I'm scared and alone while he's at army. If something sounds messed up or bad or whatever, forgive me, tell me, and tell Jordan to never leave us ever again)


Aug 30, 2021
#60 – Doo Doo Mask Off

Episode Notes

All the boys are back together to discuss a lot of issues. They start discussing COVID and the upswing in Utah, the ongoing mask debate with Salt Lake County, the new developments with DezNat, and our recent posting battles against the worst of Twitter.

Aug 18, 2021
#58 – Episode 58 - Discontinuing the War Crimes Blend Feat. Joe Kassabian

Episode Notes

Greg and Jordan are joined by our old pal Colin (@ColYou) while Kyle is still vacationing, but also we are joined by author, veteran, and host of the Lions Led By Donkeys Podcast, Joe Kassabian (@jkass99). In this episode we discuss the New York Times article featuring Black Rifle Coffee and how "sorry, not sorry" they are about the whole propagating right-wing violence thing.

Jul 31, 2021
#57 – Patreon Preview - Super Soaker

Episode Notes

Greg and Jordan answer mailbag questions from our loyal listeners. It gets a bit weird. Hear the whole thing by subscribing at

Jul 27, 2021
#56 – Episode 56 - Poli Sci Mandela Effect

Episode Notes

Greg and Kyle talk about all the newsworthy things in the last week, first touching on the supposed turmoil in Cuba, a particular non-profit that is staffed by nothing but Reaganite monsters, how the US has managed to completely change the meaning of what Nelson Mandela stood for, and finished with a reading series about a group of Nebraska Burger King employees who decided to all quit, due to horrid work conditions and low pay.

Jul 19, 2021
#54 – A Cruel Summer

Episode Notes

We are Greg-less in this episode, as Kyle and Jordan do a deep dive into how horrible the summer has been so far, including resurgent COVID, inability of the state to address the possibility of fireworks burning down all of Utah, climate change coming for us all, and Salt Lake City deciding that the numerous scandals from the previous year meant that cops really needed a 30% pay raise.

All-in-all, Summer sucks.

Jul 04, 2021
#53 – Patreon Preview - Cancelled in my $50 Million Compound

Episode Notes

Greg and Jordan discuss a somber tale of cancel culture, where the former CEO of JetBlue and current Stanford professor cries about cancel culture from his heated pool overlooking the Santa Clara Valley.

Links to the articles:

Jun 29, 2021
#52 – At least the Jazz Win Here

Episode Notes

A movie episode! With the spirit of the NBA Playoffs and having our spirts slowly crushed over the course of an evening, we watched the 1996 film Celtic Pride. Since it is a movie involving the Utah Jazz and the Boston Celtics, we asked Carey Shockey (@shocks) our favorite New England lawyer to help us understand Boston sports fandom and help honor the great acting career of Christopher McDonald.

Jun 25, 2021
#49 – Pray the Dry Away

Episode Notes

We discuss Karl Malone's shady past, our ongoing drought, and how the the governor of Utah is reaching for divine intervention to stop our drought, like a kid who didn't study for a test.

Join our Patreon: for bonus episodes and content.

Jun 17, 2021
#48 – Stop Proving Vernon Maxwell Right

Episode Notes

We record live for the first time (Audio might be a little janky, still trying to adapt) and discuss first past businesses in Salt Lake, especially Frontier Pies, then we discuss the events that surrounded the accosting of Ja Morant's family by Jazz fans and the racial tones it had. Then we go down memory lane discussing passed Jazz fan incidents and why Utah has the reputation it does.

Oh and we launched a Patreon. Give us money.

Jun 08, 2021
#47 – Sex Crimes Gladio

Episode Notes

We circle back around to talking about Operation Underground Railroad and a couple illuminating articles from Slate and Vice News about the social media heavy organization. In this episode we discuss the organization's associations with adrenochrome-obsessed weirdo Jim Caviezel, and rise-and-grind Utah real estate investors.

Links to the articles mentioned:

Jun 01, 2021
#46 – The Firestarter

We discuss how our state will be tinderbox for the next 5-9 months, due to an exceptional (or extreme) drought, then we discuss Utah's foray into Critical Race Theory, Jon McNaughton's new Trump Truck painting, and Utah's leaders giving a statement on Israel for some reason.

We also lost like the last 30 seconds of the recording, so just imagine we say "goodbye" at the end.

May 25, 2021
#45 – Fast and Testimony Boating feat. Bryan Quinby

Episode Notes

Another movie episode! We are joined by Bryan Quinby (@murderxbryan), from Street Fight Radio and the P.O.D. Kast, to discuss Bryan's past with Mormonism and a charming relic of past Mormon Cinema, The Book of Mormon Movie Vol. 1. (Spoiler Alert: There was never a Volume 2).

May 14, 2021
#44 – Vice Principal Romney

Episode Notes

We Talk the GOP convention, including the airing of grievances through the power of whiteboards, Mitt Romney getting booed like he just cancelled the senior prom, Senator Mike Lee's non-stop sycophancy, and Governor Spencer Cox's ever-changing tone based on audience. Then we finish with a discussion about Salt Lake Mayor's homeless initiative to house the homeless with tiny house communities that might also double as a work-house, and how real estate developers are going to make the magic happen. HOW PROGRESSIVE!

May 07, 2021
#43 – Wading Through Racism

Episode Notes

We are back with a more contemporary episode. In this one we discuss the "racist" Utah Jazz scholarship program that made every prominent right-wing figure throw a tantrum, then we discuss Dwyane Wade joining the Jazz ownership group and why that doesn't automatically make the primary owner a good billionaire, and finally how local scumbags discussed the Derek Chauvin verdict. Enjoy.

Apr 27, 2021
#42 – Episode 42: Armbands and Molotovs

Episode Notes

In this episode we do a historical dive into the 1960s and 1970s of protests against BYU athletics and the racial policies of the university and the LDS church, and how many different schools and teams approached the subject through protest.

Apr 21, 2021
#41 – Episode 41: I Want To Be Like Mike (Beasley) feat. Zach Harper

Episode Notes

We are back after Jordan's wedding to bring you another basketball episode featuring Athletic Writer and Podcaster, Zach Harper (@TalkHoops).

In this episode we discuss bad Whoopi Goldberg movies, Paul Pierce's eventful night on IG Live, Trade Deadline stuff, Evan Fournier's colorful introduction to Boston, The Jazz, The beef between Kevin Durant and Michael Rapaport, and Michael Beasley bullying pickup games on social media.

It's good to be back

Apr 13, 2021
#40 – Episode 40: I, For One, Welcome Our Corporatist Overlords

Episode Notes

We know we have been gone for awhile (Editor's Note - I'm in grad school and getting married at the end of the month, eat me - Love, Jordan) but we are back with a new episode to discuss many of the goings-on of Utah. First we discuss a thank you card to the state Democratic Party for doing nothing, then we discuss Seal-gate, how the Jazz's new owner had to save the state from itself and why that might be a bad thing long term. Finally, we all discuss how cool Prince Phillip looked in the back of that car. Keep grinding King.

Mar 24, 2021
#39 – Episode 39 - All My Existential Threats Live in Texas Feat. Dan Carson

Episode Notes

We are joined by Dan Carson (@TheDoctorCarson) from the to discuss a little basketball before we get into the important topics of children toys and books, a post-Trump world, The Senate Parmeseanitarian, a congressman with a drinking problem, and how Texas has managed to jump from one disaster to another due to mix of cruelty and hubris.

Mar 10, 2021
#38 – Episode 38 - Requiem for the Terminally Online

Episode Notes

We discuss the Biden Presidency, from reopened immigration camps to bombing Syria, and how it's just going to get worse. Following that we discuss Neera Tanden (SEMPER POST) and her ill-fated nomination to be the Director of the Office of Management and Budget. following that, we go local to discuss a local sports columnist lamenting the lose of the last good boy in sports, Tim Tebow, and how locals in Southern Utah want to keep a racist name, and show their dedication to a bit. Last, we discuss the transgender bill the Utah legislature finally pulled, and the state of LGBTQ advocacy in the state.

Mar 02, 2021
#37 – Episode 37 - Yeeting of the Minds

Episode Notes

We are joined by our friends Jason(@frazierapproves) and Amanda(@amandadabee) and from the podcast Yeet The Press (@YeetThePress) to discuss the untimely departure of Rush Limbaugh, the larger implications of the Texas Ice Storm, and how the Utah Legislature uses faux feminist talking points to attack trans kids.

Feb 25, 2021
#36 – Episode 36: They Won't Even Let Me Respect the Flag feat. Jabari Davis

Episode Notes

We go sports again as we are joined with Jabari Davis (@JabariDavisNBA) to discuss the NBA, if the Jazz are for real, and why the national anthem before games is an unnecessary and easily forgotten element to professional sports

Feb 19, 2021
#35 – Episode 35 - SLC Punkerfied feat. Carey Shockey

Episode Notes

We all don matching track suits and discuss SLC Punk and its recent lackluster sequel with our friend, labor lawyer and Boston punk, Carey Shockey (@Shocks on twitter)

Feb 16, 2021
#34 – Episode 34 - You Don't Gotta Hand It to Mormon ISIS

Episode 34 - You Don't Gotta Hand it To Mormon ISIS

We are back with a new episode, sorry for the delay, Jordan had a birthday and was lazy. In this episode we discuss the vaccine distribution and why horse people should be in charge of distribution, Shaq and the Utah Legislature, and a follow up to our previous DezNat episode, about how the local media managed to cover them in very irresponsible way. Enjoy!

Feb 12, 2021
#33 – Episode 33: DezNope feat. Evan Worthen

Episode Notes

We are joined by Evan Worthen (@harabevan) to discuss a social media trend that just refuses to go away. #DezNat is a supposedly Mormon subculture that proclaims to be ardent defenders of the faith, but in actuality push a hyper-chauvinistic and white nationalistic form of Mormonism. In this episode we discuss some of the personalities, beliefs, leaked discord chats, and how people in #DezNat can never stop themselves from praising Hitler.

Jan 30, 2021
#32 – Episode 32: High High Hoops Feat. Sarah Todd

Episode Notes

We enter the Biden era with a sports episode. Joined by Sarah Todd (@NBAsarah), we discuss the NBA's COVID policy changes, the Nets with James Harden and how he will coexist with Kyrie and KD, and lastly how if the Jazz can continue their hot start and what the ceiling is like for Utah.

Jan 24, 2021
#31 – Episode 31: The Fallout From Going All Out

Episode 31

We discuss the loss of Trump's twitter and all the classics from him we will miss. We then move into discussing a local person that has tried to make a name for himself as a provocative activist, but has ostracized himself from most movements and is now under arrest for his actions at the Capitol.

In recording this episode, we had some microphone and recording issues, so it's not a good as it usually is.

Jan 18, 2021
#30 – Episode 30: CHUD Flood

Episode Notes

The boys are joined by Colin (@Colyou), Isaac (@sloanimperative), and returning guest Mark Agee (@markagee). We all discuss the only news story that seems to matter anymore, the storming of the capitol, and what it means for all of us. We also discuss a Mitt Romney op-ed he wrote about how incivility ON BOTH SIDES is to blame for our problems, including why saying rich people are to blame for the 2008 Recession is just as bad as those that stormed the capitol.

Jan 11, 2021
#29 – Episode 29: New Year, New Me

Episode Notes

The boys discuss the past year and what's horrors we can expect in the immediate future. Enjoy!

Jan 05, 2021
#28 – Episode 28 - Governor Bobby Newport

Episode Notes

Happy Holidays and congratulations on our recent victory in the War on Christmas! In this episode we discuss the story of a racist wellness influencer who was pilled with conspiracy theories, why our governor is just like Bobby Newport on Parks and Recreation in his constant twitter whining, and how the stimulus is an insult to all Americans and proof that all of our rulers hate us! Anyway, I hope this is a decent distraction from your uncle's diatribe about how Trump can still win.


Dec 25, 2020
#27 – Episode 27 - And Now to Sports

Episode Notes

We did it. Our first sports specific episode, featuring Dave DuFour (@DaveDuFourNBA) and Tony Jones (@TJonesontheNBA) of the Athletic and the Game Notes podcast to discuss the NBA season beginning and how Utah has a happening pickup basketball scene. Enjoy

Game Notes Podcast:

Dec 20, 2020
#26 – Episode 26: Gentle Ben feat. Pete Saltas

Episode 26: Gentle Ben

The boys are initially joined by City Weekly Director of Operations, Pete Saltas (Twitter: @petesaltas) to discuss the Save Utah Jobs initiative and how Utah can support bars and restaurants of Salt Lake that are struggling right now, due to government inaction and apathy.

After that we discuss a Tribune article about how our favorite Democratic Utah Congressman is weary of the leftward shift of Democrats, and how centrism is the only way forward, despite him just getting his ass kicked.

Link to the testing site that Greg mentioned: Save Utah Jobs:

Dec 13, 2020
#25 – Episode 25: Myspace Notification Bliss

The boys go into the second part of our recording session, where we discuss if Kobe was the best player of all time, Rudy Giuliani's gastric distress in an election hearing, why Myspace rocked, why Nancy Pelosi and Democrats don't, and things are bad.

Dec 08, 2020
#24 – Episode 24: Bonus: Finding Calm in Chaos Feat. Eric Patterson

The Boys talk with Eric Patterson, licensed clinical social worker and mental health professional (@jinx532 on twitter) to talk about how to keep a sound mind during a chaotic period. It's a good listen, and we also dip a little Into BYU football at the end for those Interested. ****

Dec 07, 2020
#23 – Episode 23 - Sad Sack Rifle Coffee feat. Joe Kassabian
The Boys are back to give another course to your Thanksgiving meal. We are joined by Joe Kassabian from The Lions Led By Donkeys podcast to discuss monoliths in the Utah desert, ongoing incompetence from the state dealing with COVID, and how a local veteran based coffee shop made all their fans mad by not fully supporting an alleged murderer.
Nov 26, 2020
#22 – Episode 22 - Golden Rule Fascism

Episode Notes

The boys discuss the fallout from the election, new COVID restrictions, the cutesy response from the governor-elect towards anti-mask protestors, and the utter uselessness of the Democratic Party in Utah and how funny it is that Ben McAdams lost.

Nov 19, 2020
#21 – Episode 21: Electile Dysfunction
The boys discuss the election results from immediately after the results started coming in. They discuss local, national, and why the Democratic Party is floating like a piece of driftwood in the ocean.
Nov 09, 2020
#20 – Episode 20 - Nice Trucks
The boys talk elections, the Trump Campaign's misadventures in Omaha, Mike Lee's affection for Donald Trump and Book of Mormon characters, and give predictions for Tuesday.
Nov 02, 2020
#19 – Episode 19: Being Civil On Main

Episode 19:

The crew talks about the final debate, the multitude of horniness seen online, and how being civil in politics is dumb.

Oct 27, 2020
#18 – Episode 18: Mike Lee's School House Rock
The boys are back to discuss a variety of issues, from Mike Lee's dedication to small-r republicanism, Hunter Biden's alleged trip to Geek Squad, the Utah fourth congressional district debate between our favorite lads, and plenty of basketball talk sprinkled throughout.
Oct 22, 2020
#17 – Episode 17 - The Ballad of Stan Chera Feat. Mark Agee

The Boys ( @Kylypso, @Dadshammdad, & @GIJoeyJoeJoe) are joined by Mark Agee (@MarkAgee) to discuss the very uneventful last week. We first discuss the NBA Finals, the arrest of noted cool guy Jacob Wohl, a quick rundown of the first debate.

Oh yeah, and how Donald Trump infected the entire upper echelon of the Federal Government.

Please contribute to Pat Campbell's Gofundme to help out his family:

Oct 08, 2020
#16 – Episode 16 - Take the Money and Run

Episode 16:

The Boys begin by talking about the 2010 TCU-Utah football game, then Kyle Jokerfying into a restricted Twitter Account. After that we discuss the upcoming debate, since we recorded before Tuesday's debate, and then we quickly discuss the New York Times' Trump Tax story. Finally we discuss the week that the Burgess Owens campaign had, including stories of improprieties at Burgess's foundation, going on another Q-Anon aligned podcast, and having a truck smash into his campaign headquarters. Busy week.

Oct 01, 2020
#15 – Episode 15: Save the OTPHJ Economy

Boys are back to discuss the departure of RBG and what the void on the court means for the election, Democrats, and the country. Then we discuss how Utah's plan of doing nothing about COVID has finally paid off in the form of a second even larger wave. Afterwards, we check in on an old dance promoting friend with his underground, poorly ventilated dance parties with predictable results. Finally, we check with the Church as a top leader decides to compare COVID's wrath to that of pornography.

Please contribute to Linden Cameron's GoFundMe for his medical bills:

Sep 23, 2020
#14 – Episode 14 - Dust in the Wind

The boys are back following a massive windstorm that knocked down trees and knocked out power to thousands in Utah. In the episode we dig into the aftermath of the storm, future climate calamity, Bob Woodward's tapes and his delay in reporting, and the tragic shooting of a 13 year old autistic child by police. Oh, and we all discuss challenge coins.

In good news, the boys announced that we will be doing a companion series to the upcoming Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Stay tuned for further details.

Sep 13, 2020
#13 – Episode 13: Nietzschean Life
Boys discuss the tragic loss by the Utah Jazz in game 7, revisit the Dell Loy Hansen saga, discuss how Obama injected himself into the labor decisions of the NBA, and a quick check-in with our favorite Utah Democrat, Ben McAdams.
Sep 06, 2020
#12 – Episode 12: Dell Loy and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
The boys, and our good friend Collin, discuss our horrific past week, including the shooting of Jacob Blake, along with the protests and right-wing violence that followed. We also discuss the RNC, and how Real Salt Lake owner Dell Loy Hansen decided to destroy his own empire by not keeping his mouth shut.
Aug 30, 2020
#11 – Episode 11: Democratic National General Conference
The Boys discuss the Democratic National Convention, and we feel so great about it. Keep hope alive. Also the guys discuss the demise of the Build The Wall foundation and the arrest of Steve Bannon by mail cops, and how every dumb conservative celebrity somehow managed to get themselves involved with a massive wire fraud scheme.
Aug 23, 2020
#10 – Episode 10 - The BYM Cinematic Universe

In this episode, we discuss the themes that seem to unify almost all topics of our previous episodes: grifts, attention-seeking, Mormonism, and Donovan Mitchell's Instagram.

The first part we discuss a Provo dance party that divided the locals on if it was dangerous to the body or to the moral soul. Then we discuss the promoter of the dance party and his belief in celebrity sex cabals. Finally we discuss a prominent local philanthropist, who uses his skills and money to write books on how historical figures were led by Mormonism, and to lead raids in developing countries for the purpose of fundraising and because it looks cool.

To truly make a difference consider donating to SWOP SLC here:

Aug 13, 2020
#9 – Brimley and Basketball Feat. Ben Dowsett
The Boys eulogize the late, great Wilford Brimley, who is now hocking oatmeal in heaven. Then we discuss the protests in Cottonwood Heights and the "Settle for Biden" movement which asks voters to choose "good enough" in 2020. Finally, we are joined by the Utah Jazz beat writer, Ben Dowsett, to discuss the NBA in the bubble, the Utah Jazz's performance, and the Pac-12's #WeAreUnited athlete campaign.
Aug 06, 2020
#8 – Episode 8: Cop Land feat. Madalena McNeil

The crew is joined by local political activist and organizer, Madalena McNeil ( @utahmads ), to discuss her work with the COVID-19 Mutual Aid SLC Network, the protests surrounding police brutality and the extreme backlash from local police, and finally the Salt Lake City Police Foundation, a slush fund for off-book budget items for the SLCPD, funded by some of the worst organizations within Utah and the country.

Follow Greg at @johnny_ut Follow Kyle at @kylypso Follow Jordan at @gijoeyjoejoe

Visit Mads's organization for COVID 19 Mutual AID SLC:

Aug 01, 2020
#7 – Episode 7 - The Last American Painter
Greg (@johnny_UT), Kyle (@kylypso), and Jordan (@gijoeyjoejoe) first talk about Michael Brooks and his impact on the left and the hole left with his lose. Then we focus on Q-Anon and its growth among Utah communities and the proximity with congressional candidate Burgess Owens. Then we talk about sports in COVID, especially baseball and Lou Williams. Following that we discuss Trump Jr's trip to Utah to hang with gunmakers that have ties to polygamist organized crime. Finally, we discuss the greatest and most patriotic painter of our time, Jon McNaughton Jr.
Jul 28, 2020
#6 – Episode 6: Justice for None

The boys discuss all the horrific things that have made Utah a splendid place to live: how our cops are only able to inflict violence on the powerless, or do nothing to stop sexual violence against women, as seen by the large growth of the Utah twitter trend of #UtahRapists

Oh and we also talk about Wayfair becoming the new pizzagate. Things are bad and dumb everywhere

Jul 17, 2020
#5 – Episode 5: COVIDeo Killed The Radio Star
The boys talk about the ongoing posting wars, shifty Republican operatives, Utah going full Office Space to deal with COVID, and finally the NBA coming back in a way that won't be a embarrassment for all. Enjoy and stay safe!
Jul 11, 2020
Episode 4: "Do They Know it's the Fourth of July"
The Boys talk about the Fourth of July and discuss all the things that make Independence Day and this nation great: war, healthcare, militarism in sports, and troop coffee. Also we talk about how we ended up where we are politically. Give it a listen, you probably won't have fireworks.
Jul 04, 2020
Episode 3: "How do you do, fellow Republicans"
The Brigham Boys talk fireworks, primary elections, COVID, how Utah politicians are just getting more awesome, and our new corporate alignment with Barstool Sports.
Jul 02, 2020
Episode 2: If we ignore it, it'll go away
Episode 2: The boys discuss the Utah's impotent response to COVID-19 and how our dear state leadership is going to kill dozens of people to win a gubernatorial primary. Oh, and more racism involving Donovan Mitchell's social media. Things are bad, take care of each other.
Jun 25, 2020
Trailer: Sports and Racism,
Jun 19, 2020
This is the Place
The boys get together (remotely) for their inaugural pandemic record session to discuss all the wonderful things happening in Utah, including protests, racism, and why Donovan Mitchell will leave the moment he won't be bound to the Jazz for obvious reasons (the racism)
Jun 19, 2020