By Andrew Whitelaw & Matt Dalgleish

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Dive into the what, why and how of agricultural markets. Join Andrew Whitelaw, Matt Dalgleish and guests, as they breakdown the market. Expect a lighthearted, sardonic and irreverent discussion.

Episode Date
#137 The Next Episode - what is in store for TEM?

TEM is no more, but the journey is never over. 

Today we engage in our next episode. In this chat, we discuss the evolution of TEM to EP3. Recently, we have agreed to take over the TEM website and rebrand to a new entity owned entirely by the two of us. Thanks for the support of everyone over the past two years and into the future. 

Sep 30, 2022
#137 When will fertilizer prices fall?

We invite regular guest (x6) Chris Lawson back onto the podcast to have a chat about the fertilizer market. Chris is the head of fert for CRU Group, an industrial and fertilizer analysis firm. 

Sep 19, 2022
#136 Fertilizer to the moon, Red meat in demand

A very quick discussion on the big drivers in the market. Red meat demand heats up, risk of higher fertilizer pricing and Putin helping drive grain prices higher. 

Sep 08, 2022
#135 Falling grain prices and rising livestock numbers

We have a market chat. Lots of livestock data out - FSR, Cattle on feed and sheep turnoff. The grain market has also come under a lot of pressure with pricing levels falling. 

Aug 26, 2022
#134 Counting sheep and singing you to sleep.

We are joined by Bonnie Skinner, CEO of Sheep Producers Australia.  Our chit-chat includes discussions of traceability, the gov biosecurity response, Chinese trade ban rumours, our new intro music and inflation impact on demand. 

Aug 19, 2022
#133 You having a Raff? with Senator Ciccone

Senator Raff Ciccone joins AgWatchers for chit-chat. Raff has launched a senate inquiry into the government biosecurity response to FMD/Varroa mite, which is ongoing. 

We chat about food security, biosecurity, ag labour, FMD, diversity of markets and local manufacturing of inputs. 

Aug 12, 2022
#132 The Bees Knees with Dugald Saunders MP

We have a chat with Dugald Saunders MP, the agricultural minister for NSW. Biosecurity has been the hot topic of the last two months, but NSW is battling through its own devastating outbreak - Varroa mite in bees. 

In this short conversation, we have a chat about EID tags, FMD responses and what is happening with the varroa mite outbreak in NSW. 

Aug 10, 2022
#131 Calm the Farm

Just the two of us, a short podcast.  We chat more about falling livestock pricing, why we need to calm down about FMD, grain/fert pricing and food inflation. 



Jul 29, 2022
#130 Ukraine Grain Deal and Falling Livestock Pricing.

Just the two of us. A lot happening in ag markets at the moment. The big news over the past week has been the 'deal' to open up a corridor for Ukrainian grain exports.  We also cover the falling livestock prices in recent months and some discussions about a global downturn.



Jul 25, 2022
#129 Two long years of AgWatchers

It's been an interesting two years. COVID, FMD, invasion of Ukraine, a new Australian government, and so much more. Clearly, the biggest event was the start of the AgWatchers podcast, Australia's most amateur agricultural podcast.  The tables are turned on this podcast as we enlist a professional for our 2-year anniversary. Warwick Long, ABC Countryhour, turns the tables on us as we have a chat about the past two years. 

Jul 22, 2022
#128 The Facts on FMD from the Chief Vet

We talk to Mark Schipp, the Australian Chief Veterinarian Officer. In this podcast we go through the facts about FMD (and LSD/Varroa mite). 


Are we prepared? Are feral pigs a risk? Do footbaths work? Do we need to ban Bali trips? What is the compensation? What is the risk? What are the controls in place? and a few other topics. 

Jul 06, 2022
#127 Road Trippin

Wheat down, canola down and cattle down.  We are back from a week or so on the road presenting around the country. After we get over the first few minutes of meandering through what we learnt on the road, we cover off the big drivers of the livestock and grain markets. 

Jun 30, 2022
#126 The Presidents views on the industry.

In this episode, we recorded live from the stage of the VFF livestock and grains conference in Ballarat.  We had a chat Steve Harrison (Livestock President) and Ashley Fraser (Grains President) about the big issues impacting agriculture from changing governments to labour requirements. 

Jun 26, 2022
#125 Flowing through the big topics.

This week we did a joint episode with FlowFM, a South Australian radio channel. In this episode, we chat about food inflation, labour, government protectionism and a whole lot more. 

Jun 17, 2022
#124 Getting our meat trade back

We have a chat with Andrew Henderson, consultant and chair of the SAFEMEAT advisory group. If FMD hits Australia, the impact could be $300m per week in lost trade, and your sheep/cattle will lose their value.  Exotic diseases are on the border. We have a chat with an expert on livestock traceability to discuss, firstly what happens to trade if we get FMD, and the debate around EID tags (and the database). 

Jun 13, 2022
#123 Restocking livestock, China barley ban and ’opening’ of Ukraine.

Just the two of us, as we talk about livestock and grain markets. 


The restock in Australia, the destocking in the USA - what could this mean in the future?. We talk about FMD, as a risk factor to the grain industry, the 're-opening of Ukraine grain' and the two years on from the barley ban. 

Jun 07, 2022
#122 Day Zero for Water?

“When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.” – Benjamin Franklin In this podcast, we chat with Jay Famiglietti, a professor from the University of Saskatchewan, and former NASA chief scientist.  This is a sobering discussion on areas of the world, that are at major risk of running out of water, and the need to be more efficient with our water usage - something Australia is already top-notch at.  Jay is a regular commentator on the risk of declining water availability around the world, including in the major aquifers. He was recently involved in the Day Zero documentary and runs his own podcast on water.   Watch the Day Zero Documentary here, and catch up on the What about Water podcast here

Jun 01, 2022
#121 Carbon Dating

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about carbon markets, we wanted to chat with someone about it from a market point of view.  So we had a yarn with Andrew Glass, of Viridios AI about carbon and ESG markets.  Andrew has a background in commodity trading (grains, minerals and energy) and has switched to carbon. This discussion looks at carbon from a markets/economic point of view. 

May 30, 2022
#120 Be profitable in agriculture

We have a chat with Kate Burke, the principal of Think Agri and author of 'Crops People Money & You'. This is a huge conversation covering a range of topics around one of our favourite topics - profitability. We also cover some controversial topics. 

May 25, 2022
#119 We take on diversity.

When everyone thinks the same, nobody is thinking. 

At AgWatchers we are a diverse pair, at least from our backgrounds. Diversity has been a big talking point when we have been at events in recent weeks. 

We have a chat with Kristina Hermanson, about what is diversity, and is it really needed?

May 18, 2022
#118 Wheat to the moon

A very quick update.  Wheat prices are up 13% since last week, or A$80. It's been a big week. We have a quick chat about some of the major drivers of the market and what to think about it.  French wheat downgrades, global stocks down and the Indian 'ban' on exports. 

May 16, 2022
#117 Livestock in sheep shape.

We have a chat with the newly minted CEO of Sheep Producers Australia, Bonnie Skinner. A lot is happening in the livestock space which has an impact on sheep (and cattle). We cover off on sheep live export shemozzle, if ALP win is it banned or not banned?

The difficulty in wool, and the 'fight for acres'. How do you keep growing the wool industry if there are no shearers. 

Food and mouth disease was discovered close to Australia in Indonesia, just a few weeks after discoveries of lumpy skin disease. Does this pose a risk to the Australian livestock space?

May 09, 2022
#116 The Cupid of Agriculture

He's done more matchmaking than tinder and combined. We talk to the living legend that is Ryan Hoiberg (Rimfire Resources), the inspiration of the 'Chris Hoiberg Tangent'.  We brought him back to discuss the issues facing Australian labour at both a farm and corporate agribusiness level. 

May 06, 2022
#115 Government created black swans

A quick update for the start of the week, as we debate the risk of government interventions in markets. Are government interventions good or bad, we look through the past and present interventions and how they impact - usually through unintended consequences. 


Remember - Sharing is caring. 

May 02, 2022
#114 Inflated interest in inflation

We have a chat with Matt's old colleague from his currency trading days at ANZ, Dion Ciavola. Dion runs his own money transfer service (Forex Sport).  We chat about the inflation numbers, the likely increase in interest rates, and recent slide in the A$.  Lower A$ is good for exports, but bad for imports. 

Apr 27, 2022
#113 What is in store for fertilizer pricing?

We talk to regular AgWatchers guest Chris Lawson, head of fertilizers for the analyst firm CRU.  In this discussion, we talk about the impact of Russian sanctions, new plants in Australia, Sri Lanka banning synthetic fertilizer, where prices in Australia will go and a lot more. 


Apr 22, 2022
#112 Elections, Lumpyskin and diverse opinions.

We have a chat with Gillian and Mark Fennell about a huge range of issues around rural politics, the cattle industry and the outbreak of lumpy skin disease.  An interesting point we talk about is diversity of viewpoints when it comes to making decisions.  Happy Easter all. 

Apr 14, 2022
#111 Indian FTA, US Crop disaster? and livestock into China

A quick market update on the main drivers in the livestock and grain markets. We spent the weekend.  Topics covered include US crop conditions, Indian free trade agreement and why it is better for livestock and a few others.  Remember to share about. 

Apr 08, 2022
#110 Should consumers be paying more for food?

We have a chat with the CEO of Egg Farmers Australia, Melinda Hashimoto. Melinda thinks that consumers have to pay more for their eggs.  In this discussion, we ask the big questions, and cover the increasing cost of farming eggs in Australia. 

Apr 03, 2022
#109 The end of an era with Malcolm Bartholomaeus

We were lucky to be the last official engagement of Malcolm Bartholomaeus before he heads off into retirement. Malcolm is a respected analyst, and was at the forefront of his game in Australia - and practically invented the field of ag markets analysis and price discovery here.  We talk about the changes that Malcolm has experienced over his career from 1990 to 2022. 

Mar 30, 2022
#108 China coming back for barley?

Just the two of us, as we provide a market update. We cover off on whether lamb is cheap compared to cattle, or cattle expensive compared to lamb. We then talk about developing crop issues in China and the US, and the possibility of China coming back for barley.  Just the two of us. 

Mar 25, 2022
#107 My Journey from Kiev.

At the onset of the Russian invasion, we had a chat with two of our analyst friends from Ukraine (Masha & Elena) on a live twitter space (EP102). We wanted to make sure both were ok and managed to get Elena back on to tell us about her journey out of Ukraine and the impact of the war on agriculture.  Masha couldn't make it onto the podcast, but she is safe. 

Mar 22, 2022
#106 The Great Fuel Crisis of 2022 and Beyond

Fuel has gone through the roof - but is there a larger, more structural issue looming? We have a chat with John Blackburn AO, former Air Vice-Marshal and Deputy Chief of the RAAF. John has been working investigating supply chains as a part of Australia's national security. 

In this discussion, we find out how much at risk our fuel supply chain is (along with many other products). 

Mar 16, 2022
#105 Three Wild Dogs

We have a chat with Michael Trant, a farmer and author from Western Australia, about his new book Wild Dogs.  We chat about how a farmer goes from writing about live export to publishing a crime thriller set in the Australian outback. Although not our typical type of conversation, it's really interesting to find out what the process is.  Andrew also finds out why he wasn't selected to be the narrator.  AgWatchers don't do sponsors but we'll give his book a plug: Audible and Paper

Mar 14, 2022
#104 Fertilizer, Grain and Floods

A short AgWatchers market update. We cover the impact of the floods in NSW/QLD on livestock, the action in the wheat market and the impact of the Russian invasion of ag inputs from diesel to fertilizer.  Enjoy the weekend!

Mar 11, 2022
#103 Capturing beyond the farm gate value.

We chat with friend of the podcast Liz Jackson, Sheep Producers Australia board member and lecturer about a whole range of topics around agricultural supply chains. No stones were left uncovered, and a whole bunch of golden insights and some rubbish ones from Matt and Andrew.  Fortress WA, breakdown of WA supply chains, labour issues, dexa scanners, who is the farmers customer? and the 'fight for acres'.



Mar 02, 2022
#102 AgTalkback - Ukraine and Agriculture

We have a live talkback discussion about the Invasion of Ukraine by Russia. We invited Elena Neroba and Masha Belikova, both grain analysts living in Ukraine to let us know how they are.  

We also talk to a whole bunch of different folk about the ongoing situation in Ukraine and its impact. Thanks to our additional guests who contributed:

Switter, Yeti, Stefan Meyer (and his wife), Simon McDougall and Brett Hosking  (Sound quality not great at points, but audible.)

Feb 24, 2022
#101 Economics 101 with the Kouk.

We have a chat with renowned economist and market commentator Stephen 'The Kouk' Koukoulas about inflation, interest rates, the aussie dollar, negative gearing and a whole lot more.  Remember to support the podcast by sharing around. 


Feb 23, 2022
#100 Ag Talkback - bringing the audience in.

Our 2nd AgWatchers talkback discussion. We start off with a quick market update on livestock and grains. Lots of data on livestock this week, on how the herd is rebuilding which could impact the price. Then the glyphosate issue, Indian lentil tariffs and volatile wheat. 

Then we get into the audience with Ryan Milgate, James Stacey, Amelia Shaw and Gaurav Jain. We get some more detail on lentils, Road issues in Victoria, policy issues in grains and issues with the peri-urban fringe.  A lot of variety and a good chat with all the brave guests.  

Feb 17, 2022
#99 An Australian first in podcasting.

It's a bit different this week and a lot of fun. We are the first Australian Ag podcast to do a live stream talkback style episode over Twitter spaces.  All our podcasts are completely unscripted (as you can tell), but in this one, it was recorded live to the Twitter audience and we gave impromptu invitations for brave guests to join the conversation.  The guests include Yeti, Clint Jasper, Martin Murray, Jonathan Dyer, Stefan Meyer and Renée Anderson. We started off with the weekly market update followed by discussions on fertilizer, inflation, cotton, organic farming, durum supply chains, issues with MRL's and a whole lot more.   Remember to support the podcast by sharing it with friends and family. 

Feb 12, 2022
#98 Spreading Fertilizer Information with Chris Lawson

Seeding is approaching and farmers have to start making fertilizer decisions if they haven't already. In this podcast, we get AgWatchers regular Chris Lawson, Head of Fert for CRU Group on to have a chat about the fert market.  We chat about what is driving the market, the current falls overseas, snake poo as an alternative, new Australian production and dispel some conspiracy theories. 

Feb 08, 2022
#97 Give us 13 minutes, we’ll give you the world

A quick update on big drivers of livestock, fertilizer and grains. We cover off on the EYCI projections, herd rebuild, fertilizer 'crash' and grain situation. 



Feb 04, 2022
#96 Absolutely offal

Want to set up your own butchers? We talk about our favourite topic, meat but with a twist. In this episode, we have a chat with former backpacker Jim Arrowsmith who set up the now successful butchers Pacdon Park. A butcher in country NSW supplying British small goods throughout the country, from pork pies to haggis. Pacdon is the largest supplier of haggis in Australia at up to a tonne per week.  Keen listeners will know we love offal. Hear all about the issues of setting up your own butchers, supply chain issues, and the seasonal demand for haggis. 

Feb 02, 2022
#95 Living in the shadow of war

We chat with Masha Belikova, a grain reporter for Fastmarkets/Agricensus. Masha lives 200k from the Russia/Ukraine border.  A frank discussion about what it's like living under the shadow of a conflict, the impact on grain markets, and why the western news is causing anxiety.  Remember to share with your networks. 

Jan 27, 2022
#94 Will Russia invade?

A quick market update. We cover the impact of Omicron on Matt's health, processing and prices. Then off to grain where we discuss the major issue at the moment - concerns about a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Sharing is caring, remember to send to your friends, family and contacts. 

Jan 20, 2022
#93 Commodity Conversations

For the first episode of 2022, we have a chat with Jonathan Kingsman, retired sugar trader and author of a number of books on the commodity trade. We talk to Jonathan about what he learned from his conversations with commodity traders around the world. A must-listen podcast if you want to understand commodity merchants. His books include Commodity Conversations, The New Merchants of Grain, Commodity Crops, The Sugar Casino and Crop to Cup. You can follow Jonathan on twitter @jckingsman or his website

Jan 13, 2022
#92 Bring on 2022

It's the end of another big year. We talk about what we think were the big events of Ag marketing during 2021, and what to look out for in 2022. 

This year we covered a huge range of topics and industries, thanks to all of our guests. Thanks to those named below who subjected themselves to the podcast during 2021!

Nathanial O'Hare, John Droppert, John Francis, Pat Coole, Trent Osmond, Michael De Kleuver, Brett Hosking, Ryan Milgate, Josh Lamb, Michael Gooden, Warwick Long, Andrew Freshwater, James Stacey, Nigel Hart, Mary Obrien, Mae Connelly, Andy Jacobs, Kerry Lonergan, Jessica Wallace, Chris Lawson, Benjamin Bodart, Corey Ryan, Corey Nesteroff, Justyn Peters, Gabby Chan, Jackie Peacock, Chick Olsson, Simon Keustenmacher, Nathan Cattle, Dwain Duxson, Patrick Hutchison, Angus Street, Andrey Sizov, Fiona Simson, Mark Allison, Zac Halman, Ryan Hoiberg aka Chris, Andrew Henderson, Richard Riordan MP, Tim Neale, Steve Bolt, Doug Fitch, Switter, Senator Susan McDonald,  David Mckeon, Tim Worledge, Marcelo Artal, Hugo Boudet and finally Andrew's mum. 

Dec 24, 2021
#91 La Nina and unhappy farmers

We have a chat with Hugo Boudet, an analyst from AgFlow, based in Geneva. We have a chat about La Nina, the EU harvest and why EU farmers aren't happy with the EU government environmental regulations. 



Dec 17, 2021
#90 Sheep shape and fertilizer glimmer of hope.

The sheep flock is rising, and so is the fertilizer price. We've had a whole bunch of questions this week on both the state of sheep and the fertilizer market. We thought it was worthwhile having a really quick update.  We cover the sheep turn off ratio and the herd rebuild, the forecasts for lamb pricing, the updated fert model pricing and the light at the end of the tunnel for fertilizer pricing. 

Dec 08, 2021
#89 The robots are coming for your grain.

Our podcast sometimes gets berated for lacking intelligence, so we thought we would bring some artificial intelligence onto the podcast.  AI is all around us at the moment, from netflix to amazon. It isn't getting all that much attention from the point of view of helping farmers price grain.  We have a chat with Marcelo Artal, CEO of Hedgit. We find out what AI is, the opportunities for AI to assist farmers price grain and a whole lot more. 




Dec 01, 2021
#88 Wet effect on grain and livestock

A quick market update on the impacts of the wet weather on livestock and grains. 

Nov 26, 2021
#87 As raindrops say, two’s company, three’s a cloud.

Rain is impacting the supply chain in Australia and now Canada.  You might have seen the images in the press this week of Vancouver and the deluge they have received. We bring back Corey Nesteroff to tell us what is happening and the supply chain impacts of the floods. These rains are impacting the main port for grain and fertilizer exports in Canada.  We also talk about the impact of the rains on our own crop. 

Nov 18, 2021
#86 Live from Global Grain

In a first for our podcast, maybe the first for any ag market podcast we record to a live audience in Geneva at the Global Grain conference. We chat with Dave McKeon, CEO of GrainGrowers and Tim Worledge, editor of Fast Markets.  The chat was all about what is happening in the grain space. What is happening with the barley tariff, the impact of the wet weather and what is happening with government intervention in markets. 

Nov 17, 2021
#85 Chinese military helping our market.

We have a quick chat with Michael De Kleuver about what is happing in the wool market. We talk about how Chinese energy woes have impacted wool processing, but also recent military uniforms purchases have assisted the market. We talk about our reliance on China for wool (+90%), and how early-stage processing could feasibly move here.

As always a bunch of topics, including something for everyone. 

Nov 10, 2021
#84 A COP out

We have a quick update on the markets. Topics covered include livestock, a moan about COP26, fertilizer woes and the harvest pressure on grain. 

Nov 05, 2021
#83 Sirloin or soy, T-bone or tofu?

We have a chat with Queensland Senator Susan McDonald. This conversation covers a wide range of topics with a focus on fake meat labelling, climate change and the livestock industry. 


Nov 03, 2021
#82 Geneva Grain Unconventional

We have a chat with Swithun Still, a 'veteran' grain trader based out of Geneva with a focus on the black sea region. We talk through a bunch of topics including how he survived the 2010 export ban, how he may be related to @wheatwatcher (he's probably not) and how he got into the industry. 

Oct 28, 2021
#81 Sheep and grain update (kind of)

100% serious, 10% of the time. A quick update for a Friday afternoon.  We talk about the sheep yarding numbers being low, the controversy of sheep types and Andrew dials it up for the grain update.  In this episode, we find out that @wheatwatcher can't do a Scottish accent.

Oct 22, 2021
#80 We Doug into Ag Data

We have a chat with Doug Fitch, CEO of AgWorld. We cover a range of areas, from data ownership, connectivity, how Australia is too small for agtech and also a couple of tangents.  As always a fun conversation!

Oct 20, 2021
#79 A Bolt out of the Blue

We have a chat with Steve Bolt, Corrigin wool grower, leader of the livestock leaders and chair of the WoolPoll panel. In this discussion, we introduce the new six for six sense segment. We have a chat about the sheep industry in WA, live export, advocating for agriculture and the coming wool poll.  Remember sharing is caring - send to your friends. 

Oct 14, 2021
#78 Hitting the Neale on the head of AgTech

We have a candid chat with Tim Neale of Datafarming about a whole range of things. Tim is a forthright speaker, and doesn't hold back on his opinions of agtech. Our type of guest! We cover off on the craziness of money in agtech, farming getting more efficient (and reducing input costs) and the pitfalls that agtech innovators are falling into. 

Oct 08, 2021
#77 Meat and two grains

A quick market update. We cover off on Canola for this year and next. The issues of a wet harvest and protein premiums. The rampaging heavy cattle and the risk of covid restrictions on lamb processing.  Remember, sharing is caring.

Oct 06, 2021
#76 VIC lockdown impact with Richard Riordan MP.

On the day that Victoria hits record daily covid numbers, we have a chat with candid MP Richard Riordan, Shadow Minister for Local Government and Resources.  We chat about the impact of COVID on business, city slickers relocating to the country, renewables on farming and the state government covid response. 

Sep 30, 2021
#75 China to ban fertilizer exports?

On the day of China 'banning' fertilizer exports, we have a chat with podcast regular Chris Lawson of CRU about the fertilizer market.  We cover the issues of fertilizer in the US, Europe and China that are causing the fertilizer price to rise. The China ban, high energy prices, hurricane IDA, fertilizer substitutions and carbon impact. 

Sep 28, 2021
#74 Biosecurity = national security.

We have a chat with Andrew Henderson, consultant and chair of SAFEMEAT advisory group. We discuss the importance of biosecurity, and its impact upon national security. Recent reports indicate there is almost a 1 in 10 chance of a foot and mouth outbreak in the next ten years in Australia, we talk about this, along with Andrews recent report on his biosecurity to food security to national security equation.  You can read his short report here

Sep 26, 2021
#73 Staffing crisis is not just on the farm.

There is a labour crisis on-farm, what is often not spoken about is the supply chain labour issues. It is getting harder for businesses to get staff. A strong jobs market is a strong barometer of the health of the industry.  So we had a chat with Ryan Hoiberg from Rimfire resources about the jobs market, and the big changes in the post-drought and covid era.  Ryan tells us about the job market, his criticisms of Agwatchers (specifically Andrew!), the rural jobs index, the advent of social media in recruitment and a lot more.  A great mixed bag chat with Ryan. 

Sep 22, 2021
#72 The world is your oyster

We love oysters, and we wanted to learn a bit more about them. So we reached out to Zac Halman the founder of Angel Seafood to talk oysters. 

Zac definitely wasn't shellfish with his knowledge. In this chat, we learnt about the market for oysters, the logistics and how they have survived covid. 

Sep 20, 2021
#71 Fertilizer, Canola and livestock update

A quick update from us on what is happening in the market. We cover off on the situation in Canada with Canola, the rampant increase in fertilizer price and the big issues in livestock - Brazil and local shutdowns. 

Sep 16, 2021
#70 The State of the Supply Chain

Last week we had a chat with Fiona Simson about the state of the industry from a farming perspective. This week we thought it was a good idea to delve into the state of the supply chain.  We have a chat with Mark Allison, chair of Agribusiness Australia, director of Grain Growers and CEO of Elders. As usual, we talk about a wide range of topics - China & geopolitics, sustainability, getting ag to $300bn and the COVID supply chain. 

Sep 14, 2021
#69 State of the industry with Fiona Simson

We have a chat with Fiona Simson, president of the National Farmers Federation. A wide range of topics from China, fake meat to carbon/biodiversity trading.

Remember - sharing is caring. 

Sep 09, 2021
#68 From Russia with love

We chat with Andrey Sizov of Sovecon and the Sizov Report about what is happening in his part of the world. We talk about food inflation, the downgrade of the Russian crop and the Russian export tax and its potential to impact the future growth of the Russian wheat trade.  Remember to subscribe, and that sharing is caring. 

Sep 07, 2021
#67 Word on the street.

In our final in our series looking at how farmers can buy or sell their produce electronically - we get the word on the street from Angus Street*, CEO of Auctionsplus.  We talk about where it came from, the impact of COVID, the importance of conflict resolution and a few other bits and pieces.  *Sorry for the pun.

Sep 02, 2021
#66 The carcass cutting crisis

We have a chat with Patrick Hutchison (CEO of the Australian Meat Industry Council) about the meat processing sector. We cover off on the last-minute changes to staffing rates due to covid, the new ag visa, the importance of the whole supply chain & black pudding supply. 

Aug 25, 2021
#65 Red hot machinery

Machinery like a lot of things has gone gangbusters this year. We talk to Dwain Duxton of Farm Tender about the changing environment for machinery sales, and the online buying and selling of bits and pieces for the farm. 

Aug 24, 2021
#64 A transparent grain market.

We talk with Nathan Cattle of Clear Grain about the changing dynamics over the past decade in agricultural markets, transparency in the industry and the future of buying and selling. 

This is a first in a series on how things are changing. 

Aug 20, 2021
#63 Moving to the country with Simon Kuestenmacher

The AgWatchers invited world-famous demographer Simon Kuestenmacher onto the podcast to talk about all things rural Australia. Why are people moving to the country, and what does that mean in the longer term? You need to follow Simon on twitter @simongerman600 

Aug 16, 2021
#62 Wheat price starts to nudge close to A$400/mt

A real quick one. 

We chat about the USDA report and its impact on wheat pricing - propelling the market to A$382! We also discuss the potential labour shortage in sheep processing and the number of cattle on feed. 



Aug 13, 2021
#61 The politics of wool

We have a chat with Chick Olsson about all things political in the wool industry.  Chick is an outspoken and straight speaking farmer, businessman and artist from NSW, and gives his views on everything from Greta Thunberg to the marketing of wool. 


Aug 11, 2021
#60 Have a finke about it.

We have a chat with Jackie Peacock, farmer and Cervus (John Deere) marketing supervisor who recently raised 20k for mental health charity through sponsorship for competing in the gruelling Finke desert race. 

We chat about what it takes to compete in this race, and why she wanted to raise money for mental health. 

Aug 05, 2021
#59 The good times - Wheat at A$370, EYCI at 1000¢

A lot has happened in a short period in the market, so we thought it was time for a quick market update.

The wheat market has exploded. Livestock exports are strong & prices remain high. India is open to lentils. 

Follow @agwatchers on twitter

Aug 04, 2021
#58 Rusted on agriculture with Gabrielle Chan

We have a chat with political and rural journalist Gabrielle Chan about a whole range of topics from rural change and leadership to country politics.  Gabrielle is the author of 'Rusted Off' and a coming book titled 'Why you should give a f*ck about farming'

Jul 28, 2021
#57 Urea for A$109/mt*

Our interest was piqued when we read about plans for a urea plant in South Australia which would have a *production cost of A$109/mt. We reached out to the chairman (Justyn Peters) of Leigh Creek Energy to have a chat about this facility, and what it means for the Australian fertilizer industry. 

Jul 22, 2021
#56 A terrible year in Canada causes jump in canola.

The crop is going backwards in Canada at a very fast rate.

We thought it was time to find out what was happening on the ground, so we had a chat with Corey Nesteroff, a consultant based in Saskatoon - the heart of canola country. 

He provides us with an outlook on the crop and it's not good for Canadian farmers. 


Jul 14, 2021
#55 Hay, how you doing?

We have a chat with Corey Ryan of Johnson's about the hay industry. What is the market doing, pricing transparency & what's happening with that Chinese scuffle?

Jul 07, 2021
#54 A Frenchman, a Scotsman and an Australian walk into.........

We have a chat with renowned ag market analyst Benjamin Bodart. We cover off on the canola market, the condition of French crops, EU barley competing against Australia, neo-nicotinoid ban impact and the role of subsidies in the future.  Remember to share the podcast, and follow Ben on twitter @benjaminbodart

Jul 04, 2021
#53 FTA, EYCI jump and volatile grain

We talk about the UK FTA, the incredible but expected rise in the EYCI and the volatility of the grain markets. 

Jun 25, 2021
#52 Where is the fert price going, and are we in a supercycle?

Fert is going mad at the moment. We invited pal of the podcast, Chris Lawson, on to talk about two topics - are we in a commodity supercycle? and what are fertilizer prices going to do?

Chris is one of the crew at CRU - an independent metal and fertilizer analysis firm.

Jun 16, 2021
#51 The big ag policy issues

We talk about the issues facing farmers with the policy manager at WA Farmers, and milk model Jessica Wallace. 

Jun 11, 2021
#50 Kerry Lonergan tells all.

Matt and Andrew have a chat with veteran of rural media Kerry Lonergan about his career in agricultural reporting. 



Jun 04, 2021
#49 Trucking life

We have a chat with Andy Jacobs, a livestock transport operator who had to quit WA and move to the East due to the instability of the live export market caused by red tape. 

May 27, 2021
#48 Westralia with Mae Connelly

We have a chat with Mae Connelly about whats happening in Western Australia. 

Topics include seeding conditions, pricing, livestock moving east, 1 year of barley tariffs, CBH boss and the Melbourne footy club.

Remember to share the podcast, and follow Mae on Twitter @grainsmae

May 19, 2021
#47 Are you bogged mate?

Whilst us AgWatchers like stats - there is one stat that we hate, and that is rural suicide.  Rural suicide is 50 per higher in rural communities than in metro areas.

We invited Mary O'Brien to have a chat about men's mental health in the bush.

You can donate to 'Are you bogged mate' by clicking here




May 11, 2021
#46 Return from the festival of beef

The Agwatchers return from the festival of beef. We have a chat about our trip up to a muggy northern Queensland, and a quick update on the livestock, grain and wood markets

May 07, 2021
#45 Is Australia up to the grain export task?

The AgWatchers have a chat with Nigel Hart (@nigehart25) about grain export infrastructure in Australia. Nigel consultants on a range of issues in the bulk supply chain. He was formerly responsible for ports for GrainCorp and ADM.

Some topics include whether Australia is up to the task of a mammoth export program, the import (and transhipment) of grain to Australia.

Remember, sharing is caring. 


Apr 29, 2021
#44 Farming on the fringe

The AgWatchers have a chat with James Stacey, who farms on the outskirts of Adelaide. Topics covered include marketing direct to the consumer, his Nuffield travels and exiting the dairy industry. 

Remember, sharing is caring. 

Apr 27, 2021
#43 Canola to the moon, and the EYCI to sink?

The dandy duo has a chat about the stratospheric rise of canola (and wheat), and we touch upon suggestions of a 50% fall in the eastern young cattle indicator.

Apr 23, 2021
#42 Fixing the sheep industry with Andrew Freshwater

AgWatchers have a chat with Andrew Freshwater about the sheep industry. Some topics include ear tags, consumer perception, traceability and mental health. 

Remember - sharing is caring.


Apr 21, 2021
#41 EYCI at 900¢ and the silly season in grain.

A quick update on the EYCI hitting 900¢, copper as a lead indicator for wool and the start of the silly season in wheat. 

Enjoy. Remember that sharing is caring. 

Apr 16, 2021
#40 Welcome to the country 3/4's of an hour with Warwick Long.

The new host of the Victorian Countryhour and long time ABC radio presenter Warwick Long switches seats and becomes a guest of the AgWatchers. 

He even likes the intro music. 

Apr 09, 2021
#39 Is regenerative ag worthwhile? part 2.

In December, the AgWatchers had a chat with John Francis on the topic - 'Is regen ag worth it?'. In this follow-up, we have a chat with Michael Gooden, a farmer near Wagga, and a consultant with RCS. 

In this chat we discuss his experience moving his livestock enterprise to a regenerative model. 

Apr 01, 2021
#38 Wool on the water

We have a chat Josh Lamb, the founder of one of the largest wool buyers in Australia (Endeavour Wool Exports).  We cover off on container and logistic issues, wool trade into North Korea & the performance of the wool industry.

Mar 25, 2021
#37 All things grain with Brett Hosking

The AgWatchers have a chat with Brett Hosking, farmer from Quambatook and chair of Grain Growers Ltd. We cover off on two big ticket items: The World Trade Organization (WTO) investigation of the anti-dumping tariffs against Aussie barley, and the potential ACCC investigation into the grain market post deregulation.

Mar 18, 2021
#36 Market update with the AgWatchers

Meatwatcher and wheatwatcher have a quick chat about the markets. Livestock: Sheep flock rebuild & beef processor losses.

Grains:  Grain stockpiles in China, Australian wheat yields vs rest of the world & forward pricing. 

Mar 12, 2021
#35 Livestock, grain and FX

Glutton for punishment Trent Osmond is back for more. This week we have a bit of a chat around African Swine Fever, Livestock exports and grains. Then we cover off on FX, and why the A$ is rising.  

Mar 04, 2021
#34 Trainspotting and talking manure with Ryan Milgate

We have a chat with Ryan Milgate. VFF grains councilor and mixed farmer. 

The chat is about issues with Victorian freight rail lines. We also briefly chat about the new EPA rules around manure. 


Feb 18, 2021
#33 Wool and cattle with Michael De Kleuver

The ag watchers have a chat with Michael De Kleuver about our views on the wool and cattle market in recent times. We cover topics from the 'high' wool stocks to Indian/Chinese defaults. 



Feb 11, 2021
#32 The market update on livestock and grains.

A quick update on a couple of major events in ag markets in recent weeks with the AgWatchers. We talk about the blistering EYCI, the decline of live export volumes, the big win in barley and the further assistance from President Putin. 

Remeber to share with your friends and family. 

Jan 28, 2021
#31 Exporting animal welfare with Pat Coole

@meat_watcher & @wheatwatcher have a chat with Patrick Coole about exporting our strong welfare standards to the developing world.

This year Pat was the winner of the ALEC/Nutrien young livestock exporter achiever of the year. Pat is the vice-chair of the Young Livestock Exporters Network (Y-LEN) and the ESCAS manager for Halleen.  Remember to subscriber!

Jan 13, 2021
#30 Grain interventions, livestock exports and pricing 2021

Government interventions, livestock exports and pricing 2021

Matt and Andrew have a chat about the big market news as we move into 2021. We cover off on the higher A$, livestock exports, overseas governments helping grain & livestock forecasts for 2021.

Remember to share around. Sharing is caring.

Jan 08, 2021
#29 Is regenerative agriculture worthwhile?

We have a chat with John Francis, former director of Holmes & Sackett, who now runs Agrista. Some areas covered : Is fake meat is a risk to real meat investments? Is regenerative farming a worthwhile endeavour?

Dec 21, 2020
#28 Got milk? with John Droppert

The AgWatchers have a chat with John Droppert the industry insights and analysis manager of Dairy Australia. We cover off on the seasonal update, dairy profitability (& pricing), the effect of COVID on dairy and the risk of actions by China against Australian dairy.

PS Please note there is a little interference on the audio recording. 

Dec 16, 2020
#27 The fall in grain pricing, livestock yardings and the iron ore impact on ag.

Matt and Andrew provide you with an update on the market. This week livestock, grains and the A$.

If you want unscripted and independent updates on the market with a bit of banter (or mild sledging) – this is the podcast to listen to.

Remember, sharing is caring.

Dec 11, 2020
#26 An independent view on the fertilizer market

It has been a couple of months since we had an update on the fertilizer market. The fertilizer market is quite opaque, particularly in Australia. So we invited a friend of the podcast, Chris Lawson to provide us with some insights into the fert market. Chris is a South Australian based in London. He is the head of fertilizers for the CRU Group, an independent market analysis business focused on mining, metal and fertilizers. In this podcast, we update on fertilizers but also delve into the non-agricultural commodities shipped from our shores to China.

Dec 03, 2020
#25 The WA crop and sheep with Nathaniel

Matt and Andrew have a chat with Nathaniel O'Hare (Prosper Agri). The topics include the progress of the WA crop and the recent moves by Qatar, which may stifle the sheep industry. 

Remember, sharing is caring. Share around your friends and colleagues. 


Dec 01, 2020
#24 Barley into Saudi, cattle herd rebuild & FX

Matt and Andrew provide a short market update on barley and livestock. We then have a chat about the high A$ with friend of the podcast Trent Osmond. 

Nov 19, 2020
#23 Impact of US election on trade and our relationship with China.

Matt and Andrew have a chat about the result of the US election and our trade relationship with China. 

Nov 13, 2020
#22 Livestock records and great times for grain

MeatWatcher and WheatWatcher have a quick chat about the record pricing in livestock, the great times at present for Australian grain (minus the rain) and the coming US election. 

Oct 30, 2020
#21 Brexit & trade deals - the impact on Australia

We talk with David Eudall, head of arable markets for the Agricultural and Horticultural development board. The levy organisation for farmers in the UK.  The discussion delves into Brexit, UK barley competing with us and the potential for more lamb to go into the UK. 

Oct 15, 2020
#20 Market update (livestock & grain)

A discussion about some of the factors driving the livestock and grain markets. 

Oct 01, 2020
#19 Talking balls with Numnuts

We have a chat with the designer of Numnuts. This is a device designed to make castration as painless as possible. In the discussion we find out all about the device and where the inspiration came from. 

Sep 20, 2020
#18 Getting our 'Phil' of info on the new corporate manslaughter laws.

We speak to Phil Brunner of Bailiwick Legal (WA) about the new manslaughter rules and the impact that it will have on farm if an accident occurs. 

Sep 17, 2020
#17 We talk canola with ROBE

We are joined by Lawra Saks (head of commodities) & Britt Golder (seed merchant) from Riverina Oilseeds and Bio energy (ROBE).

Sep 14, 2020
#16 Campaigning for live export with Holly Ludeman

The live export industry has been under tremendous pressure in recent years. We have a chat with vet and managing director of the livestock collective, and her work promoting a positive view of live export.  You can visit the livestock collective at

Sep 10, 2020
#15 Mixed bag with Graham Lean

We have a chat with our friend Graham Lean of Agrivet Business Consulting. We cover off on a wide basket of topics including wool/sheep profitability, mulesing, AWI director fees and wool pricing.  You can follow Graham on his twitter account : Agrivetbusiness

Sep 03, 2020
#14 Market update with Trent Osmond

The A$ has rose above 74¢, so we thought it was time to get Trent from Western Union Business Solutions back on to talk currency.  A short update on livestock and grain, followed by a look at currency.

Sep 01, 2020
#13 The rise of Russian wheat with Andrey Sizov

Russia has in recent years been the driver of global wheat pricing, we thought it was time to talk to someone close to the action. Who better to talk to than Andrey Sizov.  Andrey is the leading black sea agricultural markets analyst, he is the managing director of Sovecon, and writer of the sizov report. Topics covered include;

  • The rise of Russia as a wheat producer from the USSR.
  • How climate change has helped Russian wheat, but what about the future?
  • Forecasting the Russian wheat crop
  • Infrastructure challenges 
  • The two main challenges facing the Russian grain industry.

Follow Andrey on twitter for his insights on sizov_andre, and check out his research on his website

Aug 27, 2020
#12 Livestock supply chains with Liz Jackson

We have a chat with Liz Jackson, lecturer in supply chain management and board member of Sheep Producers Australia. The topics covered include wool selling and livestock supply chain. This was prompted by our discussions on the retail share received by Australian livestock producers.


Aug 20, 2020
#11 JBS closure, Beef export prices & WASDE Report

Matt and Andrew have a quick chat about the livestock and grain market. 

Aug 13, 2020
#10 The fertilizer market with Chris Lawson (CRU)

We have a chat with independent fertilizer market analyst Chris Lawson of CRU. Chris gives us an explanation of how fertilizer prices are determined, and what his views are for the coming year.  Follow us on twitter @meat_watcher & @wheatwatcher 



Aug 05, 2020
#9 Go West with Nathaniel O'Hare

We have a chat with our 'WA correspondent' Nathaniel O'Hare about what is happening in WA at present. We find out about how the crops are doing, and some of the challenges in the sheep industry. 

Follow us on twitter @meat_watcher & @wheatwatcher 

Aug 03, 2020
#8 Livestock, grain & A$ with Trent Osmond

Matt and Andrew provide a quick market summary, before launching into a discussion on the FX with the doyen of the dollar, Trent Osmond. 


Follow us on twitter @meat_watcher & @wheatwatcher

Jul 30, 2020
#7 Life in the centre with Gillian Fennell

We have a yarn with Gillian Fennell aka @stationmum101 about life on a remote station in the middle of Australia. Gillian gives us a rundown of the drought report and living in a remote setting.


Follow us on twitter @meat_watcher & @wheatwatcher

Jul 26, 2020
#6 Sheep slaughter, mid year grain and pork imports

Matt and Andrew have a chat about sheep slaughter movements due to the recent covid outbreak at meatworks, along with the impact on pricing. We then briefly discuss the imports of pork into China, and cover the mid-year grain market. Follow us on twitter @meat_watcher & @wheatwatcher

Jul 24, 2020
#5 Get some pork on your fork with Margo Andrae

The Ag Watchers have a chat about pork with Margo Andrae, the CEO of Australian Pork Limited. We talk about African Swine Fever, sustainability and the impact of restaurant closures on pigs.  Follow us on twitter @meat_watcher & @wheatwatcher

Jul 19, 2020
#4 Troublesome lawyers, CV19 in meatworks and boosting grain

Matt has a rant about litigious North American companies targeting the little guys. We then talk about COVID impacted meatworks in Australia and the big boost in recent days to grain prices.  Follow us on twitter @meat_watcher & @wheatwatcher

Jul 16, 2020
#3 Meat exports & the fight for acres

In this podcast we have a chat about the recent livestock export figures. Where is the meat going? We also talk about the fight for acres between sheep and crop, in Victoria (and wider).  Follow us on twitter @meat_watcher & @wheatwatcher

Jul 08, 2020
#2 The real deal and the pretenders

In this podcast, Matt talks about the fall in lamb pricing during the past week. We then discuss beef exports to China in connection with recent tariff changes. Then Andrew gets on his soapbox about faux meat. Follow us on twitter: Meat_Watcher WheatWatcher Remember to share!

Jul 03, 2020
#1 Who the hell are we?

The first episode of Ag Watchers! In this episode, Matt Dalgleish and Andrew Whitelaw talk about the purpose of this podcast, who we are and what our plans for the future are. 

Follow us on twitter - Meat_Watcher & WheatWatcher

Jul 01, 2020