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A Pediatric Podcast here to feed pediatric knowledge food to your adult-sized brain hole & provide weight-based dosings of fun.

Episode Date
S3 Ep51: Start Low, Go Slow, Get High. Pediatric Anxiety Pt 2: All About Meds
Does just thinking about SSRIs make you anxious? In the second part of a two episode series, Dr. Beth Brannan, a Triple Board Trained Physician, will talk with us about pharmacotherapy for anxiety disorders, including how she decides between medications, how to titrate, and which side effects to look out for.
May 18, 2022
S3 Ep50: Facing the (Core) Fear! Pediatric Anxiety Pt 1: Live the Exposure Lifestyle
How much anxiety is too much anxiety? In the first part of a two episode series, Dr. Beth Brannan, a Triple Board Trained Physician, will talk with us about diagnosing anxiety disorders and the role of exposure therapy in treating anxiety.
May 11, 2022
S3 Ep49: Appendicitis - Tips and Tricks For When It’s The Appendix
Does abdominal pain give you abdominal pain? Not to worry, Dr. Alex Hirsch, pediatric emergency medicine physician, and Dr. Prathima Nandivada, pediatric surgeon extraordinaire, are here to remind us what the appendix is, what happens when it goes wrong, how to manage it, and more in this gut-wrenching episode.
Apr 27, 2022
S3 Ep48: Anti-Racism Series: Foundations with Dr. Ben Danielson
Anti-racism is a lifelong journey. Maybe you’re learning the foundations; maybe you want to re-center yourself to continue dismantling a racist medical system. Listen to our conversation with the one and only Dr. Ben Danielson as we talk about calling out and changing racism in medicine, the power of being present with patients, and the importance of remembering your own power. We promise you’ll leave inspired.
Apr 13, 2022
S3 Ep47: Deep Dive into Deep Neck Infections with Dr. Travis Crook
Join us for an outstanding conversation with Dr. Travis Crook to discuss all things neck infections. Find out how to use anatomy to differentiate between sources of infections, who to order further imaging on, how to treat neck infections, and what mimickers you don’t want to miss.
Mar 30, 2022
S3 Ep46: NephMadness 2022: Neonatal AKI

Time to start small as The Cribsiders take their first step into nephrology with Dr. Michelle Starr (Indiana).  For NephMadness 2022, we discuss Neonatal Acute Kidney Injury, including neonatal physiology, diagnosis of AKI, fluids, and dialysis for the tiniest babies. Urine for a real treat!


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Mon 3/14: The Curbsiders - Cardiorenal Syndrome. Listen on Apple or Spotify. Website:

Tues 3/15: The Drs. Washington - Inequities in Nephrology. Listen on Apple or Spotify. Website: 

Wed 3/16: The Cribsiders - Neonatal AKI. Listen on Apple or Spotify. Website:

Thurs 3/17: Up My Nursing Game - Hemodialysis. Listen on Apple or Spotify. Website:

Fri 3/18: BS Medicine - Albuminuria, Basketball and the Great White North. Listen on Apple or Spotify. Website:

Sat 3/19: Freely Filtered - Animal House. Listen on Apple or Spotify. Website:

Mar 16, 2022
S3 Ep45: Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia - Their Future's So Bright, They Gotta Wear Shades!

Aren’t all babies a little jaundiced anyways? What’s up with those phototherapy lights? Come for the answers, stay for this de-light of a conversation with pediatrician Dr. Alison Holmes and neonatologist Dr. Tom Shimotake, both of whom have extensive experience with commonly used guidelines for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia. We will cover common and rarer etiologies of neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, the whens and hows of working up and screening, and the ins and outs of treatment.

Mar 02, 2022
S3 Ep44: 44. Pediatric Cancer Survivorship - Focusing on Thriving, Not Just Surviving

As more children are being cured of their childhood cancers, there is an increasing need to have additional providers comfortable with survivorship care. Join us for a radiating conversation about Cancer Survivorship with our guest, Dr. Micheal Roth. He is a pediatric hematologist/oncologist and associate professor at MD Anderson Cancer Center. Dr. Roth is also the Director of the Childhood Cancer Survivorship Program and chairs the Adolescent and Young Adult Committee in the Children's Oncology Group. We will define cancer survivorship, identify exposures that can cause chronic health issues, and address topics related to the care of survivors.

Feb 16, 2022
S3 Ep43: 43. Take a Bite Out of This: A Dental Primer for the Pediatrician

Brace yourself for a fantastic conversation with UCSF Clinical Professor in Pediatric Dentistry, Dr Brent Lin. Dr. Lin’s career spans the entire age spectrum with fellowships in pediatric, geriatric and general dentistry!  He is currently the guest editor in the Dentistry Journal and an editorial board member in the Journal of Dentistry for Children. Dr. Lin fills us in on how to give great anticipatory guidance about brushing, flossing and how we can help prevent dental caries.

Feb 02, 2022
S3 Ep42: 42. Inflammatory Bowel Disease - Go With Your Gut

Scope out our conversation about Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis with our guest, Dr. Ghassan Wahbeh, a pediatric gastroenterologist and director of the IBD center at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Hear his take on what to consider when suspecting inflammatory bowel disease, the best tests to tee up the diagnosis quickly, and the ever-expanding treatment options. This episode is sure to make a splash!

Jan 19, 2022
S3: Call For Producers

The Cribsiders will be taking a holiday break. In the meantime, please check out our call for producers:

Would you like to be a part of The Cribsiders? We’d love to have you! As we’re expanding, we’re looking to add to our production team. If you’re interested, please write to us at with a paragraph detailing why you would like to be on the show and a pilot script. The script should be a clinical vignette with approximately 10 questions to help take our expert on a deep dive through a core pediatric topic. 

Looking forward to hearing from you,

The Cribsiders


Jan 05, 2022
S3 Ep41: 41. The Good, the Bad, and the Fasting: Dyslipidemia with Dr. Stephen Daniels

Dr. Stephen Daniels (Colorado) teaches us about screening for obesity-related dyslipidemia, the prevalence of familial dyslipidemia, when to order fasting lipid panels, and how to feel confident about starting that statin!

Dec 22, 2021
S3 Ep40: 40. Period Problems: Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Jump into #shematology with Dr. Angela Weyand, a pediatric hematologist/oncologist with a focus on young patients with bleeding and clotting disorders. Learn how to work-up heavy menstrual bleeding, when to use antifibrinolytics, and why PCP and ED labs may not be doing accurate von Willebrand panels!

Dec 08, 2021
S3 Ep39: 39. Failure to Thrive: Growing into Focused Management

Dr. Adolfo Molina (Pediatric Hospitalist at UAB) joins The Cribsiders for a deep dive on all things Failure to Thrive! From the 3 broad buckets of the FTT differential, the red flags to keep an eye on, and how a lab-heavy hospital workup is almost never needed!

Nov 24, 2021
S3 Ep38: 38. Ophthalmology in Pediatrics - A "Global" Phenomenon

Is the pediatric eye exam a bit fuzzy to you? Are you having trouble seeing what to learn? Join us as we talk through all things “kids eyes” with pediatric ophthalmologist Dr. Roni Levin! She teaches us what we are actually looking at when we see the red reflex, the 4 aspects that should be a part of every eye exam, and what ophtho findings should worry us. Dr. Levin also discusses her advocacy work and some of the health inequities in pediatric ophthalmology. Tune in and we promise: you will begin to see these concepts clearly.

Nov 10, 2021
S3 Ep37: 37. Out of Rhythm: SVT with Dr. Mike Fahey

Does learning cardiology give you palpitations? Not to worry, Dr. Mike Fahey returns to address all your concerns about supraventricular tachycardia. He teaches us about cardiac conduction, Wolf-Parkinson-White, and more in this shocking episode.

Oct 27, 2021
S3 Ep36: 36. Off the Cuff - Managing Pediatric Hypertension in Your Primary Care Clinic

This episode on Pediatric Hypertension features a heart racing conversation with our guest, Dr. Carissa Baker Smith - a preventive and transplant pediatric cardiologist who serves as the director of the Nemours Preventive Cardiology Program. She also serves as the chair of the Atherosclerosis Hypertension and Obesity of the Young Subcommittee of the American Heart Association Cardiovascular Disease. You’ll want to take off your white coat and sit with your feet firmly planted for this conversation about pediatric hypertension. We will review screening guidelines for blood pressure, initial work up and eventual treatment of hypertension in kids.

Oct 13, 2021
S3 Ep35: 35. FlexUre Ointments: Atopic Dermatitis

Itching to learn more about how to diagnose and treat atopic dermatitis? We’ve got the perfect episode for you! Pediatric dermatologist Dr. Craig Rohan joins the Cribsiders for an exciting discussion about all things atopic dermatitis. He teaches us about how to diagnose atopic dermatitis, how to differentiate the rash from other mimics,  and successful management strategies.

Sep 29, 2021
S3 Ep34: 34. De-mist-ifying Vaping - Clearing Up a Hazy Topic

Is Vaping a cloudy concept for you? Fear not! Dr. Allison Heinly joins the show to share all you need to know about screening for vaping and e-cigarette use, nicotine replacement therapy, and e‐cigarette vaping‐associated lung injury. Take a listen – you’ll be mist-ified by all you learn!

Sep 15, 2021
Bonus! Back to School Special: 2021 Edition

We were all hoping for an uneventful start to the school year, but the Delta variant of SARS-CoV2 had other plans. Join the Cribsiders with pediatrician and public health expert, Dr. Josh Sharfstein, to break down the situation we are in, what we need to do to keep kids safe, and how to advocate for children’s health on both an individual and societal level.

Sep 06, 2021
S3 Ep33: 33. Febrile Infants - When Babies Are Too Hot

Dr. Paul Aronson (Yale) joins the Cribsiders to help interpret the AAP’s new Febrile Infant Guidelines (July 2021) in this jam-packed episode. He teaches us about the new 22-28 day-old group, updated antibiotic recommendations, other major changes in the guidelines, and the evidence behind it all.

Sep 01, 2021
S3 Ep32: 32. PHM 2021: The Highlight Reel

Enjoy this special episode from the Pediatric Hospital Medicine Conference 2021 with guest host Dr. Tony Tarchichi. From febrile infants to FOMO, we discuss conference highlights and our favorite clinical pearls.

Aug 18, 2021
S3 Ep31: 31. PHM 2021: The Top 10ish Articles in Pediatric Hospital Medicine

Dr. Rhonda Acholonu and Dr. John Morrison join us from the Pediatric Hospital Medicine Conference 2021 to discuss the top articles in pediatric hospital medicine over the past year. Get ready for a ton of high yield, practicing changing content on everything from BRUE to MISC-C treatment to gender disparities in pediatric hospital medicine leadership.

Aug 11, 2021
S3 Ep30: 30. A Joint Approach to JIA

Rheuminating on juvenile idiopathic arthritis? Pediatric rheumatologist extraordinaire Dr. Nicole Johnson walks us through the history and evaluation of pediatric arthritis. She teaches us all about the clinical diagnosis and treatment of the seven subtypes of JIA.

Jul 28, 2021
S3 Ep29: 29. Tox Rocks!

Think you may need to call Poison Control? Get right to it! Then listen to this incredible overview of Pediatric Toxic Ingestions with Pediatrician, Medical Toxicologist, and the Executive and Medical Director of the New Jersey Poison Center Dr. Diane Calello. Dr. Calello teaches us about the initial approach to treating pediatric poisonings, when to call Poison Control (anytime!!), the bimodal epidemiology of toxic ingestions, and all about decontamination and prevention.

Jul 14, 2021
S3 Ep28: Childhood Leukemia

Is it growing pains, a bad infection, or could it be something more sinister? Join us to learn the ins and outs of childhood leukemia with Dr. Tanya Watt. On this episode we learn about the risk factors, early symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis of children with various types of leukemia. Dr. Watt also teaches us about best practices for those difficult discussions with parents and children and what to look out for among adult survivors of childhood leukemia. Ready to join the rocketship of learning? 3,2,1 Blast off!

Jun 30, 2021
S2 Ep27: Shock! A Deep Dive into Our First Intensive Topic

Patient looking rough? Tachycardic? Hypotensive? Don’t know what to do next? Shook? Fear not: Dr. Welsh, a pediatric critical care medicine doctor and Medical Director of the Hasbro Children’s Hospital Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at Brown University. Dr. Welsh spends a golden hour with us to teach on the diagnosis, treatment, and management of septic shock, cardiogenic shock, neurogenic shock, adrenal insufficiency, and more! 

Jun 09, 2021
S2 Ep26: #26: Perinatal HSV - Plain and Simplex

Join the Cribsiders team as we unroof a serious diagnosis that you don't want to miss. We discuss perinatal prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of herpes simplex virus and how it can affect the newborn with neonatology expert, Dr. Chris Golden. Christopher Golden. MD, is an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. He is a neonatologist whose interests include congenital and neonatal infections, neonatal bilirubin metabolism, care of healthy newborns, and pediatric medical student education. And check out the show notes for his marriage-worthy cheesecake recipe! 

May 26, 2021
S2 Ep25: HIV for the Pediatrician

Join us to learn about pediatric HIV infection  at all stages of childhood. Our guest, Allison Agwu, M.D., ScM is Professor of Adult and Pediatric Infectious Diseases at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland. We cover neonatal HIV prophylaxis, diagnosis, and treatment, acute retroviral syndrome, pre-exposure HIV prophylaxis (PrEP) and more! 

May 12, 2021
S2 Ep24: Congenital Heart Disease for the General Pediatrician: Putting the Fun in Fenestrated Fontan

Learn about single ventricle physiology and more with Dr. Mike Fahey, chief of pediatric cardiology at the University of Massachusetts and director of their pediatric residency program. We discuss how congestive heart failure presents in children, various forms of congenital heart disease, and how to approach these patients when they present to the hospital for non-cardiac complaints. 

Apr 28, 2021
S2 Ep23: Gender Affirming Care: Gender Care is Primary Care!

Gender affirming care-- time to refer your patient? Think again! Primary care pediatrician, Professor of Pediatrics at Brown Medicine, and Gender and Sexuality expert Dr. Michelle Forcier MD, MPH introduces us to practicing a patient-centered consent-based model of gender affirming care in the primary care setting. Dr. Forcier teaches us how to use a developmental model of gender identity for all of our patients, how clinics can create a safe and supportive environment,  breaks down the variety of social, legal, medical, and surgical options that can be a part of gender affirmation, and how to support families in loving and supporting their kids and adolescents.

Apr 14, 2021
S2 Ep22: DKA: Mind the Gap! Master the diagnosis and management of Diabetic Ketoacidosis!

Need to close a major “gap” in your Diabetic Ketoacidosis knowledge? Look no further than our conversation with diabetes expert and repeat guest, Dr. Hussein Abdullatif, a dedicated multiple-award-winning clinician-educator at UAB. Join us as Dr. Abdullatif walks us through the diagnosis, management, and social implications surrounding DKA. 

Mar 31, 2021
S2 Ep21: Things We Do For No Reason in Pediatrics #2: How to stop relying on blood cultures and X-rays!

If you’re looking to bring your clinical game to the next level, look no further than this next episode where we’ll discuss three huge areas of medical overuse. By the end of the episode, you’ll know pneumonia, cellulitis, blood cultures, and more than you’d ever expect about constipation. We welcome Drs. Leonard Feldman and Carrie Herzke back to the podcast, both TWDFNR authors, to explore and educate us on these topics. Listen along here, and follow us @TheCribsiders on #MedTwitter!

Mar 17, 2021
S2 Ep20: Acute Otitis Media: Q-tips and Tricks With Dr. Eric Baum

We’re ear with a new episode with on acute otitis media joined by guest Dr. Eric Baum, a pediatric otolaryngologist in Connecticut. In this episode, we discuss important physical exam findings used to diagnose acute otitis media, as well as the role of pneumatic otoscopy in performing ear exams. Dr. Baum also tells us about treatment options for acute otitis media, how ear tubes work and when they are indicated, and complications to watch out for. Listen in to hear the latest on acute otitis media!

Mar 03, 2021
S1: BONUS: Season 1 Recap - Med Students Take Over!

The MS4 producers takeover The Cribsiders for a recap of our favorite clinical pearls from Season 1!

Feb 19, 2021
S2 Ep19: Concussion - Knocking Out Diagnosis and Treatment

Jump into pediatric mild traumatic brain injury with our guest, Dr. Angela Lumba Brown, a pediatric emergency medicine physician and Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine, Pediatrics, and Neurosurgery at Stanford University. In this episode, we talk about the diagnosis of mild traumatic brain injury, when to get neuroimaging for head trauma, and the five concussion subtypes.  We also discuss how you can support your patients in their recovery to get them back to their daily activities and what disparities exist in head trauma. Join us to have your mind blown with this fascinating topic. 

Feb 17, 2021
S2 Ep18: Seizures & Epilepsy

In this episode, we cover the full spectrum from febrile seizures all the way to status epilepticus with Dr. John Gaitanis, a pediatric neurologist who specializes in care for children with epilepsy. Dr. Gaitanis teaches us what to look out for on neurologic exam, how to counsel families about safety precautions, and the differential diagnosis for seizure-like activity in infants and children. We also discuss the exciting future of epilepsy treatment.

Feb 03, 2021
S2: COVID-19 Vaccines with Dr Monica Gandhi

Answer all your burning questions (and your patients’ burning questions) about the different COVID-19 vaccines currently authorized in the US. Infectious diseases / HIV expert, Dr Monica Gandhi @MonicaGandhi9 (UCSF) joins us to cover: the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna novel mRNA vaccine mechanisms, trial data, and practicalities of who should receive them.  We discuss data around the Oxford-AstraZeneca adenovirus vaccine, which is authorized in the UK and India, and may be available in the US later this year.  Feel confident recommending COVID-19 vaccines to your patients!

Jan 27, 2021
S2 Ep17: Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome: Treat it right NOWS

Did you know that NOWS is the new NAS? Learn more about the new AAP Clinical Report on Neonatal Opioid Withdrawal Syndrome with lead author Dr. Stephen Patrick. Dr. Patrick is the Director of the Vanderbilt Center for Child Health Policy, an Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Health Policy, and an attending neonatologist at Monroe Carol Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. In this episode, he teaches us about the approach to treating withdrawal in infants, the importance of keeping moms and babies together, and the need for destigmatizing addiction in healthcare. 


Time Stamps
  • 7:48 Case from Kashlak Children’s
  • 8:38 Definition of neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome 
  • 9:48 Clinical Presentation of NOWS
  • 11:30 Scoring Systems
  • 14:34 Importance of diagnosing NOWS
  • 15:16 Opioid Crisis and Epidemiology
  • 16:35 Risk Factors for developing NOWS
  • 19:16 The role of structural racism and social determinants of health
  • 21:05 Stigma of addiction
  • 23:10 Building a therapeutic relationship
  • 25:32 Breastfeeding
  • 26:40 Toxicology testing
  • 29:16 Structural racism 
  • 30:14 Non-pharmacologic management
  • 31:58 Pharmacologic Management
  • 35:16 Clinical course 
  • 37:40 Treatment and taper plan
  • 40:20 Discharge planning
  • 43:20 Outpatient Follow up
  • 44:26 AAP Clinical Report Changes
  • 46:46 Advocacy and Policy
  • 47:14 Buprenorphine 
  • 50:18 Outro
Jan 20, 2021
S2 Ep16: Kawasaki Disease with Recrudescent Guest Dr. Tremoulet

With a persistent fever, Kawasaki Disease must be on your differential, but have you not seen many cases or had difficulty with the diagnosis? Look no further, as we bring an expert to walk us through the diagnosis and management of KD! We discuss Kawasaki Disease with Dr. Adriana Tremoulet who is the assistant director of the Kawasaki Disease Research Center at the University of California, San Diego. She has led numerous Phase I through III trials regarding the management of KD, and she walks us through the diagnosis and management of this fascinating disease!

Jan 07, 2021
S2 Ep15: Trauma-Informed Care in Pediatrics

Are you interested in implementing Trauma-Informed Care into your pediatric practice but unsure how to start? Join us for our conversation about TIC with Dr. Heather Forkey. Dr. Forkey is the clinical director of the Foster Children Evaluation Services (FaCES), Chief of the Division of Child Protection for the UMass Memorial Children’s Medical Center in Worcester and Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. Dr. Forkey is an expert in childhood trauma, child abuse and the health of foster care children.  She gives us the building blocks to integrate Trauma-Informed Care into our everyday practice!

Dec 23, 2020
S1 Ep14: Infant Nutrition: Digestible Pearls with Dr. Joan Meek, MD

Tie on your bib and get ready for some serious knowledge food about infant nutrition with Dr. Joan Meek! We discuss normal newborn feeding and voiding patterns, the benefits of breastfeeding, and how to counsel families about their options for supplementation. Dr. Meek also tells us about some of the origins of and existing structures driving disparities in breastfeeding. And don’t miss our feeding frenzy rapid fire questions at the end. You’ll leave this episode like an infant who just finished eating--burping yet satisfied! 

Dec 09, 2020
S1 Ep13: All That Fidgets is Not ADHD: Diagnosis, Management, and Social Implications of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, with Dr. Sarah Vinson
Summary Ever gotten overwhelmed by all the categories of ADHD, or interpreter the scores on a Vanderbilt form? Join us with Dr. Sarah Vinson, a triple-boarded clinician in adult psychiatry, child psychiatry, and pediatrics who helps us optimize a diagnosis and management process of ADHD. What other conditions can masquerade as ADHD? Which type of stimulant should you use? Listen to find out more!


Nov 25, 2020
S1 Ep12: Sickle Cell Disease in Adolescence: Growing Pains

Learn all about Sickle Cell Disease and the pediatric to adult transition in care from Dr. Lydia Pecker, a sickle cell doctor for young adults practicing in Baltimore, Maryland. In this episode we cover diagnosing sickle cell, detecting and managing complications, and the major treatments, including new drugs and bone marrow transplants. We’ll start with the basics and build up to expertise! 

Nov 11, 2020
S1 Ep11: Community Acquired Pneumonia: The Alveoli Strike Back

Join us on a voyage of diagnosis, triage, and treatment of community-acquired pneumonia! Dr. Susan Lipsett delves into the nuances of triaging patients, teasing out viral versus bacterial pneumonia, and choosing the right antibiotic.

Oct 28, 2020
S1 Ep10: Race Correction in the UTI Guidelines: A Companion Episode w/ Dr. Pat Poitevien (@DocPatTeachOne)

This short companion episode to our Pediatric UTI episode dives deeper into the race correction factor present in the UTI guidelines. We speak with guest Dr. Patricia Poitevien, the Program Director of Brown’s Pediatric Residency, the current President of the Association of Pediatric Program Directors,  and Assistant Dean for the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs at the Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University. Dr. Poitevien breaks down why it is important for academic medicine to be thinking critically about race as a social construct, how race-based medicine may cause more harm than benefit, and next steps for how to move forward in a curious, engaged and evidence-based manner. 

Oct 16, 2020
S1 Ep10: UTIs: Pearls of Liquid Gold

If you’re hoping to catch a clean episode covering a common childhood infection, urine luck! This special segment covers an evidence-based approach to urinary tract infection (UTI) featuring Dr. Ken Roberts, Professor Emeritus of Pediatrics at the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. He is an educator, clinician, and leader in pediatrics. He is also the lead author of both the 2011 AAP UTI guidelines and the upcoming AAP febrile infant guidelines. Listen as wee discuss cloudy diagnostic dilemmas and whiz through the appropriate management of UTI.  

Oct 14, 2020
S1 Ep9: Anaphylaxis: All You Need to Know

Wondering about how anaphylaxis presents in kids and how to give an epinephrine auto-injector to an infant? We chat with Dr. Julie Brown, a pediatric emergency medicine attending physician at Seattle Children's Hospital, about anaphylaxis, a common pediatric condition that can rapidly become dangerous if not quickly recognized and treated. We also discuss food allergy, adjuncts in anaphylaxis therapy, pediatric epinephrine dosing and auto-injectors, and discharge planning.

Sep 30, 2020
S1 Ep8: Mastering Outpatient Asthma

Join The Cribsiders as our guest Dr. David Stukus (@AllergyKidsDoc) to discuss "all that wheeze" as he takes us on an in-depth journey through the epidemiology, diagnosis, severity, and management of pediatric asthma. Learn everything from how to handle that wheezing kid in front of you, recommended treatment modalities before inhalers, and how to teach children proper inhaler technique. We also discuss the newest asthma GINA treatment strategies and what they mean for your practice.

We are excited to announce that the Cribsiders are now partnering with VCU Health Continuing Education to offer continuing education credits for physicians and other healthcare professionals. Check out and create your FREE account!


Sep 16, 2020
S1 Ep7: Become #1 in the Diagnosis and Management of T1DM

Type 1 Diabetes - this episode is definitely a sweet one! Join us for a conversation with our guest Dr. Hussein Abdullatif (UAB), covering the diagnosis, workup, and management of Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus. We discuss the initial lab work-up, approach to treatment, atypical presentation, and how it’s okay to eat donuts around the time of an insulin shot! 

Sep 02, 2020
S1 Ep6: More Than Strep: Pharyngitis w/ “Uncle Bob” Centor

Your kid’s got a sore throat--no big deal? Think again! Listen to this episode as we wade into the depths of pediatric and adolescent pharyngitis, with the world-renowned creator of the Centor Criteria Dr. Robert Centor MD, MACP, internist and Professor-Emeritus at The University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Medicine. In this episode, we discuss/review the Centor criteria, the differential diagnosis for acute pharyngitis in the school-aged versus adolescent patient, how to treat bacterial pharyngitis, what complications to watch out for in the pediatric populations, and how we should worry more about Lemierre's syndrome than acute rheumatic fever. 

Aug 19, 2020
S1 Ep5: MIS-C: When COVID Affects Kids

Four weeks after a COVID exposure, children may not be completely in the clear. MIS-C is a post-infectious inflammatory state that affects pediatric patients and can lead to heart failure, acute abdomen, and a new Kawasaki-like syndrome in older ages. We discuss the emerging evidence with expert, Dr. Adriana Tremoulet ( UCSD), who sits on the American College of Rheumatology MIS-C and COVID-19 Related Hyperinflammation Task Force. She educates us on the presentation, diagnosis, and management MIS-C so when you see this condition, you’ll be ready!

Aug 12, 2020
S1 Ep4: Things We Do For No Reason in Pediatrics

If you’re looking to bring your clinical game to the next level, look no further than this next episode where we’ll discuss three huge areas of medical overuse. By the end of the episode, you’ll know not to give antibiotics in an asthma exacerbation, discharge a well-appearing infant undergoing sepsis rule-out at 24 hours, and how to expertly use metered-dose inhalers in the inpatient setting. We welcome Drs. Leonard Feldman and Carrie Herzke, both TWDFNR authors, to explore and educate us on these topics. Listen along here, and follow us @TheCribsiders on #MedTwitter!

Aug 05, 2020
S1 Ep3: Back to School Special: COVID Edition

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that schools strive to reopen in the Fall, but there is hesitation from families and teachers alike. We speak with Dr. Sharfstein, a public health expert and pediatrician, regarding the importance of reopening schools for children, what criteria need to be met prior to opening, and how to keep children and teachers safe. Tune in to learn transmission amongst children, how other countries have reopened, why to cohort children, and how the primary care pediatrician can assist in the coming school year!


This episode is sponsored by the AAP: If you provide medical care to children, Pediatrics On Call — the new podcast from the American Academy of Pediatrics — will help you do it better. Each week, hear the latest news and research on children's health, on topics from obesity and mental health to keeping the kiddos safe when they’re stuck at home. Subscribe from your favorite podcast provider or find the latest episodes here.

Jul 29, 2020
S1 Ep2: Go with the High Flow: Bronchiolitis with Dr. Brian Alverson

Dive into one of the most common pediatric problems, bronchiolitis, with our guest Dr. Brian Alverson, director of the Division of Hospital Medicine at Hasbro Children’s Hospital.  In this episode, we review the workup of bronchiolitis, including the role of the chest x-ray, RPP, CBC, and more.  We also discuss the evidence behind treatments such as albuterol, steroids, and high flow nasal cannula. Listen to hear more about this breathtaking topic.

Jul 15, 2020
S1 Ep1: Cystic Fibrosis Licked-ty Split with Dr. Whittney Warren

Our very first Cribsiders/Curbsiders crossover episode! Learn about cystic fibrosis care across the lifespan. We dive into the diagnosis of CF (don’t lick your patients!), management of pulmonary and extrapulmonary complications, and the future of CF. You’ll also get tips on CF in adolescents and young adults, as well as recognizing undiagnosed CF in older patients. Our guest, Dr. Whittney Warren, is a pulmonary critical care doctor and the medical director of the Adult Cystic Fibrosis clinic in an academic hospital in Texas.

Jul 06, 2020
An Introduction to The Cribsiders

Check out Episode Zero where hosts Justin Berk and Chris "The Chiu Man" Chiu discuss starting the pediatric spin-off podcast of The Curbsiders and hear some samples of upcoming guests!

Jul 02, 2020
S1: The Cribsiders Pediatric Medicine Trailer

A new part of The Curbsiders podcast family, The Cribsiders Pediatric Podcast is here to feed pediatric knowledge food to your adult-sized brain hole & provide weight-based dosings of fun. Subscribe to get the latest episodes on core clinical topics including bronchiolitis, pharyngitis, type 1 diabetes, Things We Do For No Reason high-value care, cystic fibrosis, and many more!

Jun 10, 2020