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Lights, Camera, Action! Join The NETCHICKS every week to talk all things on screen. Sara Gretzky & Natalie Buck are here to educate you on what you should be watching, and maybe not watching! The Netchicks with Sara (@saragretzky ) & Natalie (@nattiebuck )

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The Bear is a 6.5 out of 10
Happy Thursday Chefs! Today the girls are getting right down to business discussing one thing and one thing only, ’The Bear’ on FX. After a month of Natalie begging Sara to watch she finally does and wait until you hear the rating she gives it. The chicks make a phone call to a very special chicklet to wish them a happy birthday, and end the show by asking for show recs from you all! So please leave a comment on @TheNetchicks Instagram and tell them what they should watch next. Thanks for listening!    Follow the chicks y   Produced by  
Aug 18, 2022
Kim, Khloe, Shania & The Secrets of Playboy
Happy Thursday Chicks!  Today’s episode is nothing short of dramatic per usual. This week the Netchicks are synced up trying to survive stressful weeks all while deciding how they feel about the recent Kardashian news. Sara may be little bias as she gives details on this weeks celeb sighting. The net consists of Netflix’s Shania Twain Documentary and the very disturbing A&E Secrets of Playboy documentary. They end with some fun ‘Chick Chats’ and leave you with The Bear ( HULU) for next week! Thanks for listening! Follow the chicks y Produced by
Aug 11, 2022
Rams House & Remember The Titans with Kelly Stafford
This week the chicks are bringing a whole new sporty vibe as they chat with Podcaster & LA Rams hype girl Kelly Stafford. Kelly talks about family, football, and moving to LA. The chicks quiz her on all their favorite classics and just wait until you hear which iconic sports movie she’s never heard of! Thanks for listening & make sure you follow along @ on Instagram for updates!   Follow   Produced by
Aug 04, 2022
Victoria’s Secret EXPOSED & Why Sara is On Nat’s Sh*tlist
Happy Thursday, y'all! Nat and Sara get into everything on this week's ep. From why Sara is on Nat's shitlist, to the toxicness and annoyingness that Instagram brings, the Victoria Secret doc, Lindsey Vonn doc, to a little bit of Tristian Thompson talk, it's all in here! Wait until you hear the WILD Chick Chat question. Make sure you listen to hear the giveaway the girls are doing:) Talk next week!    Produced by
Jul 28, 2022
Getting Giggly with Paige Desorbo
Today The Netchicks are celebrating TWO years of podcasting and as a gift to Natalie Sara has surprised her with her favorite Bravolebrity and host of The Giggly Squad, Paige Desorbo! Paige is not only mentioning it all but giving insight into what it’s like filming every summer, what it’s like joining a new show, and what her favorite show on Bravo is. The girls talks Real Housewives, ex- wives, fashion takes and what being a scorpio really means. Thank you all for an amazing two years we hope you love this episode!   Produced by
Jul 21, 2022
What's Happening In Hollywood
Happy Thursday! Nat and Sara are back together and are discussing all the recent upcoming movies. From their take on the new Barbie movie, to the new Julia Roberts and George Clooney romcom, they are giving their thoughts. Nat also of course grills Sara on Justin and Hailey and all of her Idaho stories. The girls answer SO MANY of your Chick Chat questions right before they end the episode with a fun surprise!:)   Don’t forget to submit any questions/Show Thoughts/TV show impressions to     Produced by
Jul 14, 2022
Happy Thursday! Natalie's sister Trudy fills in for Sara this week and it is quite the sister chat. Nat and T cover everything from Trudy's upcoming move to NYC, to their favorite childhood movie, how and why they are so different, and their biggest pet peeves they have with each other. They laugh, they cry, kidding nobody cries.. but Nat def cried after. Plus, the sisters also answer some questions from the Chicklet's!    Don’t forget to submit any questions/Show Thoughts/TV show impressions to     Produced by  
Jul 07, 2022
Happy Thursday everyone! Nat and Sara are bringing the heat today while they discuss their new favorite show, The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip (season two)!! They also discuss their new obsession with Hacks, which is just in time for season three! The Girls also share their thoughts on how everyone and their mother is in Italy this summer for either a wedding or vacation… but let’s be honest, they’re just jealous.    Don’t forget to submit any questions/Show Thoughts/TV show impressions to   Produced by  
Jun 30, 2022
TOP GUN REVIEW!! (and Kardashian finale recap)
Happy Thursday! Nat and Sara have been counting down the days until they were able to discuss the Top Gun movie! The girls review the film and then recap/give their overall thoughts on the Kardashian season one finale on Hulu. Sara also updates the Chicklet's on her summer plans for the next month and what show she will most DEF be binging. It's a good one... Sara even said so.    Produced by
Jun 23, 2022
Real Housewives of DUBAI!
Happy Thursday everyone! Nat and Sara are back at it again covering everything and anything in between. Before the girls get to discussing the new series, Real Housewives of Dubai, the girls chat about MANY topics. From traveling with pets, to Michellan Star restaurants, to the stress of looking at an unpacked suitcase, it's all in this ep! ENJOY!     Produced by
Jun 16, 2022
Happy Thursday! The Chick's are in the best mood for today's episode, so buckle up! Nat and Sara cover all of the recent RHOBH drama and Sara has a few questions that she picked from the Chicklet's to ask Nat. (They are all bday related) PLUS, Nat shares about a potential new move in her life! Make sure to listen to see if Sara picked one of your horrifying bday stories to share!    Don’t forget to submit any questions/Show Thoughts/TV show impressions to     Produced by
Jun 09, 2022
Colleen Hoover Has Entered The Chat
Happy Thursday! The girls are back in the USA! After their time in Mexico, the girls are catching each other up on their lives in real time. Natalie has some very exciting news to share with everyone! Also, the girls discuss the ending of Anatomy Of A Scandal. Next week we will get into Bravo and KUWTK!    Produced by    
Jun 02, 2022
Our Breakdown of Anatomy of a Scandal + The Kravis Wedding
Happy Thursday, Chicklets! Today's episode is all about Natalie's horrible travel extravaganza, Sara's hangover, the Kourtney and Travis wedding, and Anatomy of A Scandal. There is something in this episode for everyone! Don't forget to leave us a 5 star review! Talk next week:)      Produced by
May 26, 2022
Nat takes a gummie and Sara is drunk (Kardashian and RHOBH recap)
Happy Thursday, y'all! Need to laugh today? You're in the right place! Nat and Sara are back to regularly scheduled programming and it's hilarious. From their Kardashian recap to RHOBH season 12 premiere to their WILD and highly inappropriate would you rathers, this episode has it all.  PS- Sara may or may not be drunk and Nat may or may not have taken a gummy.     Produced by
May 19, 2022
It’s all happening with Scheana Shay
This week there are no rules when it comes to Vnderpumps Scheana Shay. The chicks are beyond excited to talk all things reality with Scheana and get her take on the most recent season and what future holds.Behind the scenes of Vanderpump and even some more hints of Scheana wedding destination.     Don’t forget to submit any questions/Show Thoughts/TV show impressions to   Produced by  
May 12, 2022
The Ultimatum’s Alexis Maloney Spills Allllll the Tea!!
Happy Thursday Chicks! This week Sara is in LA at the dear media studio with a very special guest Alexis Maloney from Netflix The Ultimatum. You do not want to miss this episode Alexis spilling all the Netflix  tea and ready to talk about all things ultimatum!   Don’t forget to submit any questions/Show Thoughts/TV show impressions to       Produced by Dear Media 
May 05, 2022
The Royal Wedding: Mario Style
Happy Thursday!! You all are going to be OBSESSED with this episode. It has all of Sara's sister in laws wedding details, some Sunday Sary talk, but mainly Natalie hounds Sara with questions about Kim K's makeup artist, MARIO! Most importantly, we end with a real and honest sensitive topic that came from a great question asked by a Chicklet! We say it all the time, but this episode truly has it ALL.      Don’t forget to submit any questions/Show Thoughts/TV show impressions to     Produced by Dear Media         
Apr 28, 2022
Nat and Sara: Florida Edition
Happy Thursday everyone! Nat and Sara are here this week to discuss the new season of the Kardashians OBVIOUSLY and the finale of The Thing About Pam. That may be the net, but the best part of the episode is Nat and Sara talking about their week that they recently spent together. So much to laugh and gossip about. Plus, listen to see if your question got picked for this week's Chick Chat! XO   Don’t forget to submit any questions/Show Thoughts/TV show impressions to     Produced by Dear Media 
Apr 21, 2022
Much Needed Girl Talk
Happy Thursday! This episode is packed with it all. Sara and Nat both just got back from a weekend trip with their best friends and it’s a fun one to listen to them dive into how girls trips can evolve over the years. AGE ISNT ON OUR SIDE..  especially with hangovers. Nat discusses a new show she is into and they both dish on the most recent Thing About Pam episode. Plus, the girls end with a fun surprise AND an amazing Chick Chat question.    Produced by Dear Media 
Apr 14, 2022
The Thing About Bad Vegans
Happy Thursday!! We are back to regularly scheduled programming! Nat and Sara dive right into why they think people are starting to care less about award shows. Why did we not know about the Grammys?  Nat and Sara have so many laughs this episode discussing Bad Vegan and The Thing About Pam. Naturally Sara is asking Natalie if she has ever met Pam because, well, Missouri. YOU ALL WILL LOVE IT! Nat and Sara end the episode with one of our Chicklets questions! Listen to see if we picked yours   Don’t forget to submit any questions/Show Thoughts/TV show impressions to   Produced by Dear Media 
Apr 07, 2022
WOW today’s episode is nothing short of pure fun and excitement. Sara is beside her self and the chicks are so happy to share this episode with you with the most iconic LA cool girl Whitney Port- Rosenman. What a QUEEN! She is opening up about her time on reality TV, her current pregnancy struggles, and what Spencer Pratt is up to LOL. She teaches Nat how to start meditating all we can say is, we wish there were more Whitneys in the world. We hope you love this episode and cannot wait to hear what you all think!     Don’t forget to submit any questions/Show Thoughts/TV show impressions to   Produced by Dear Media 
Mar 31, 2022
No New Friends?
Happy Thursday!! We know our Chicklets are going to love this one! Sara kicks off this weeks ep with a funny story about her new potential BFF in Florida. “The Net” consists of The Dropout, Something About Pam, and Bad Vegan. The girls end the episode by introducing a new, fun segment to their show. Once you listen, you'll get it! ! Don’t forget for next week while we have our special GUEST!    Produced by Dear Media 
Mar 24, 2022
East Coast Chicks!!
 Nat is still in LA and Sara shares about a recent life change of hers. God bless Sara for consoling Nat during her breakdown this week, but that is what friends are for! After they get that out of the way, the girls discuss  the Love Is Blind reunion, Inventing Anna finale, and part 1 and 2 of RHOSLC reunion.    Produced by Dear Media
Mar 17, 2022
The Netchicks: Unzipped
Part 2 of the conversation with special guests Shenae and Annalynne from famed teen drama 90210 and hosts of the Unzipped Podcast.     Produced by Dear Media 
Mar 10, 2022
Christmas In LA
Happy Thursday!  From Sara's trip to St Barths to Nat in LA filming her Christmas movie, there is A LOT to unpack. The "Net" this week is all about the Love Is Blind finale and Inventing Anna!    Produced by Dear Media 
Mar 03, 2022
Happy Thursday, Chicks! Wow. What a week it has been. A LOT happens in this episode. From Nat's weekend and her drinking to Sara's first time away from Sis, we know you all will love this. This week's "Net" is all about Love is Blind season two. We have been dying to discuss this with you guys!!!  Talk next week!   Produced by Dear Media       
Feb 24, 2022
Tits are NOT out for Beijing
Happy Thursday! You could say this is a ~love themed episode. From the girls talking about their highschool date spots, to crazy exes, to The Tinder Swindler, it's all happening in this episode. Natalie and Sara also give their thoughts as to why nobody seems to be watching the Winter Olympics this year. Poor Nick. You'll get it when you listen. Talk to you next week when the girls discuss the new Netflix series, Inventing Anna.      Produced by Dear Media 
Feb 17, 2022
Thank You For Being A Friend
Happy Thursday! We always promise to keep it real, and that’s exactly what we did this week. For better or for worse. There are some tears, AJLT finale comments, and of course laughs. Let’s all take a deep breath. We are doing the best we can. All of us.    Produced by Dear Media
Feb 10, 2022
Netchicks Ft Jamie-Lynn Sigler
Jamie Lynn-Sigler joins the chicks this week and let us be the first to tell you, this is our favorite episode thus far. From Soprano talk, to Bravo talk, to home and baby life advice, this episode has it all. Plus, we are lucky because Jamie tells us something she's never told anyone before in an interview. YOU'RE WELCOME!!! GO GO GO!    Produced by Dear Media 
Feb 03, 2022
We’ll Be Funny By Thursday!
Happy Thursday! Nat and Sara are BEYOND excited to discuss the new Nicole Kidman movie, Being The Ricardos. Of course, it wouldn’t be a true episode without the girls catching up on their total opposite weekends, Yellowstone finale, and Natalie’s hangover. ENJOY AND GO WATCH IT!!! PROMISE!   Produced by Dear Media
Jan 27, 2022
Happy Thursday everybody! Sara and Nat are both back home and are here to give the latest updates on Kanye West and Julia Fox, Jamie Lynn and Britney, & of course their shows they watched. What are those you ask? Nat discusses two movies she watched and they both update the chicklets on their Yellowstone journey & And Just Like That. It’s a fun one!      Produced by Dear Media 
Jan 20, 2022
STILL together
You asked and they answered! Natalie and Sara are together again in Cabo discussing their thoughts on questions/ topics the Chicklets asked them to report on. From thoughts on bachelorette parties, to dating advice, to friend advice, the girls are sharing their opinions on it ALL! Happy Thursday! Get your 30 min in, girls! IYKYK.    Produced by Dear Media
Jan 13, 2022
WOW! Happy freaking 2022. What a start already, my god. The Chick’s are together in Cabo dishing on a few of their celeb encounters, updated resolutions, their thoughts on the progression of And Just Like That, season two of Tiger King (don’t ask), and Sara reveals what show she surprisingly has been binging. Unfortunately, we had to mention Tristian Thompson and we promise we are done discussing this man after this episode. Happy 2022, y’all! We love you!    Produced by Dear Media
Jan 06, 2022
Goodbye 2021
In this weeks episode the girls wrap up 2021 in the only way they know possible by recapping their favorite and least favorite shows of the year! Natalie shocks Sara with the most obvious choice. The chicks are talking what they want for 2022 and how thankful they are for each and every chicklet. Thanks for always listening and we will see you all next year! Happy Holidays Follow the Chicks @ Produced by Dear Media 
Dec 23, 2021
The Big Debate
Buckle up because the moment we all have been waiting for since 2004 has arrived. What are talking about? And Just Like That, the Sex And The City reboot. Sara and Natalie are once again on completely different pages in regards to the show. Who’s side are you on? There is literally SO MUCH to unpack. SPOILERS ARE IN THIS EPISODE.      Produced by Dear Media 
Dec 16, 2021
If you have been following The Netchick's social, you know Natalie had her boots on the ground for ALL of us chicks. Natalie gives her best description of what she witnessed on Day 8 of the trial   Produced by Dear Media
Dec 13, 2021
It Is A Bumpy One, Folks!
Happy Thursday everyone! We need to ensure that your seat belts are fastened because the first half of this episode is very, very hot and heavy. From the latest Ghislaine Maxwell trial, to what happed on Natalie’s flight home, it is a very, very bumpy ride. Because it is the holiday season, the girls sing their favorite Christmas song, dish on the latest Hulu doc on housewife Jen Shah, and beam of excitement for the new Sex And The City reboot. You don’t want to miss this one. Woah.  In breaking news Natalie recently went to court to witness Ghislaine Maxwell trial. Expect more news soon!    Produced by Dear Media 
Dec 09, 2021
Happy Thursday! Natalie and Sara got to spend Thanksgiving together in Saint Louis so here is your third ever podcast that The Chicks got to record in person! Pretty much everything is covered from Nat meeting Baby Sicily, to Paris Hilton’s wedding, to when the girls feel the sexiest, and finally to Sara’s biggest Christmas wish. IT’S A LOT. The Chick’s also discuss their recent favorite Netflix Christmas movie, Love Hard. It’s a fun one. Trust us.   Produced by Dear Media 
Dec 02, 2021
Madi Murphy From The Bad Broadcast
Happy Thanksgiving y’all! When you are wanting some alone time after your family drama this turkey day, listen to this episode with Madi Murphy. Not only is she absolutely hilarious, but she’s FROM Utah.. so that means a lot of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City talk. Of course we also discuss everything you need to know about Taylor Swift, her new albums, and Jake Gyllenhaal. Enjoy!    Produced by Dear Media 
Nov 25, 2021
Nat and Sara are back with a discussion of all things Bravo. From Erika Jayne on the Beverly Hills Reunion, to Salt Lake City and Jen Shah, to Winter House. Natalie is very surprising in her thoughts about Erika Jayne. We love an “easy watch” around here these days. The girls started the episode in a scary mood and ended in a happy mood. Ah, the difference one hour of TV talk can make:)   Produced by Dear Media 
Nov 18, 2021
Yellowstone Is Back!
Happy Thursday Y’all! Yellowstone is finally back so obviously the girls are here to bring all of their thoughts and concerns. But, before they get to the “Net”, Sara and Natalie have a vent session about how hectic their week has been and Natalie gets a little teary when she dives into her recent self-realization. All in all, this ep is filled with laughs, tears, and A LOT of Kevin Costner.   Produced by Dear Media 
Nov 11, 2021
The One About Sicily Gretzky
Happy Thursday! The episode you all have been waiting for is here!! Sara tells Natalie every single thing that happed during her birthing process, what the best part was, what the hardest part was, how Sicily’s name came about and what life is like now with Sicily. They laughed, they cried, and they FINALLY caught up on everything.   Produced by Dear Media
Nov 04, 2021
Lindsey Metselarr from We Met At Acme
Happy Thursday! Today is a fun one because we have the expert on all things dating, Lindsey Metselarr from the We Met At Acme podcast! Natalie asks Lindsey some advice on how she should handle her most dreaded question, “so when are you getting married?” So much is covered. From stalking each other on Instagram, to Zodiac signs, to wedding season discussions, to giving their review on popular Netflix show, Maid, this episode is a fun one!   Produced by Dear Media 
Oct 28, 2021
Squid Game With Ali KolberT
Happy Thursday! Sara is almost back, but don’t worry because we have the hilarious comedian, Ali Kolbert! Ali and Natalie almost have a first date while they chat about Squid Games, Love On The Spectrum, and why there are no “ light” shows out there. There is no in between! Natalie somehow considered Mare of Easttown as light… very odd. The girls also talk all things Kardashian. From Kim K on SNL to Kourtney and Travis. It’s hilarious. Don’t miss it! Ps- Natalie needs to learn her pronunciation of names.    Produced by Dear Media 
Oct 21, 2021
THE DEAR MEDIA HOES featuring Comedian Jena Kingsley
 Our chicklets are going to absolutely LOVE our guest Jena Kingsley, host of The Social Studies Podcast. The three girls talk about literally everything from the shows that shaped them into who they are today, their favorite brands of water and why one brand specifically tastes like a moisturizer, how narcissistic we have gotten as a society, and mainly how in the HELL Jena quarantined with her ex-husband during the pandemic!  Produced by Dear Media 
Oct 14, 2021
Q &A Part 3
IF you are listening to this that means Sara is in labor! We recorded this Q& A for you all in August to prepare for the week Sara gives birth! We hope you enjoy it and say a prayer for Sara and baby! The Netchicks  answer all of your listener questions you wrote in and cover all the need to know details you guys asked about! Yay for this episode because that means the newest little Netchicks is on her way!
Oct 07, 2021
Happy Thursday! FALL VIBES ARE FINALLY HERE! Natalie and Sara reveal their thoughts and scores on the entire Nine Perfect Strangers series on Hulu and one of the girls score is A LOT higher than the other. Is the book always better than the show? Nat and Sara also discuss the new Amazon Prime documentary called Lula Rich and their thoughts on pyramid schemes and how absolutely whack they are. Not Enough? Well, Sara ALSO spills herthoughts on the recent Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Drama. They also reveal next week’s special guest! You don’t wanna miss it!
Sep 30, 2021
We Came, We Saw, We Slept
Happy Thursday! The chicks are chatty today and full of debates. First on the list they talk about a tradition as old as time that drives Sara insane and surprisingly Natalie agrees! They’re both chomping at the bit to discuss Impeachment (FX) and pose some interesting questions. They continue to recap RHOSLC (Bravo)  and briefly touch on a show Natalie is loving & Sara has completely given up on and it will shock you!  To end things the chicks talk 9 Perfect Strangers (Hulu) and alllllllll the thoughts they have- spoiler alert because Sara gets too excited so if you haven’t watched maybe skip! Next week they are going to recap LuLa Rich Documentary (AmazonPrime) Thanks for listening & don’t forget to tune in weekly! Produced by
Sep 23, 2021
The Hoes Have Never Been Loyal
This week Sara is moving slow as Natalie comes in to save the day. They are talking about all the crazy news that has gone down in the entertainment world this last week and it’s a LOT. From Britney’s engagement to all the new celebrity baby news the girls have lots to cover. They finally make it to the net and discuss the Impeachment (FX) and RHOSLC (Bravo) Premieres and you don’t want to miss all their thoughts. For once we may have them on the same page this week! Thanks for listening & don’t forget to follow along @TheNetchicks.   Produced by
Sep 16, 2021
Heading Down The Canal
Happy Thursday! Sara and Natalie are all about the women today! The girls discuss their movie of the week What To Expect When You’re Expecting while giving their personal highlights from the film as well as discussing the pros and cons of being pregnant. Natalie has A LOT of questions for Sara in regards to pregnancy. Talk to you all next week when The Netchicks review 9 Perfect Strangers and the first episode of Impeachment: American Crime Story.   Produced by
Sep 09, 2021
Happy Thursday! You know it’s gonna be a good episode when Sara can’t catch her breath from laughing so hard. The Chicks cover everything from Natalie’s encounter with Kyle Richards to her personal Family Feud which then brings them to Ted Lasso and their thoughts on the new season. The girls also have their own feud while discussing Yellowstone but all is forgiven when Natalie blames it on being a Gemini. See you next week for the What To Expect When You’re Expecting discussion!   Produced by
Sep 02, 2021
Real Housewives of Beverly Hills with @BestOfBravo
Sara gave Natalie some major homework and she delivered! Natalie binged the most recent season of RHOBH and has come with notes and is ready to speak facts! The girls have their friend Maggie Kelley @BestOfBravo on to try and help them figure out the burning question everyone wants to know…. “What did Erika Know?!”   Produced by
Aug 26, 2021
“Goodbye Armond”
Happy Thursday! Sara and Natalie discuss one of the most talked about shows of 2021, The White Lotus. The girls give their honest opinions on the HBO hit while also deciding which celeb could play Sara or Natalie in a TV show. Sara also gives Natalie some homework at the end of the episode.   Produced by
Aug 19, 2021
And Just Like That...
Happy Thursday! Sara and Natalie discuss the sadness they are feeling with the Olympics coming to an end, Paris Hilton, Ted Lasso, Gary Janetti, and Natalie tells her much anticipated story with Christ Noth.   Produced by
Aug 12, 2021
Tits Out For Tokyo
Happy Thursday! Sara and Natalie sit down to discuss all things Olympics. From Simone Biles to giving each other “would you rathers” The girls also discuss their thoughts on “Bennifer” and they finally agree on something! The Chicks big news is finally here!   Produced by
Aug 05, 2021
Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy
The chicks are back!!! After a 3 week break they are coming to you a day early because IT'S BEEN LONG ENOUGH! They have a lot of new announcements so pay attention and make sure you listen to the entire episode! They're all over the map so as usual buckle up and get ready to hear about Yellowstone (ParamountTV) Gossip Girl Reboot (HBOmax). Next week they will cover allllllll things Olympic games and DON'T FORGET they are now coming to you every THURSDAY! They have moved days so get ready for that Thursday energy & see you all next week!   Thanks for listening!    Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Jul 26, 2021
The Nattie Show
Happy Tuesday! The chicks are hot but chatty today! Natalie steals the show with two hilarious stories to start the episode and then recaps a movie she watched on a long flight home! The girls talk Olympics and how excited they are for the upcoming games! They are taking a 2 week break after todays episode but don't you worry they are leaving you with some good new show recommendations  to fill your time these next couple weeks! Thanks for listening we will see you all in JULY!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Jun 29, 2021
Let's Go Girls!!
Happy Monday Evening! The chicks are so overwhelmed by the news of Tristan & Khloe they decided to drop the episode immediately after recording...... a day early! So much to discuss this week between Natalie's sleeping habits, KUWTK Reunion & Halston (Netflix) these two are running a million miles a minute. Goodluck trying to keep up and enjoy this hour of chaos!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Jun 21, 2021
Keeping Up With Mare
Happy Tuesday! BOTH chicks are coming to you from Natalie's childhood bedroom this week! The girls are here to update you on the last two weeks and per usual they have a lot to say! They are recapping KUWTK Series Finale and giving their 2 cents nobody asked for. They take a major dark turn into Easttown and we just hope you're able to decipher what these two are trying to say because Mare of Easttown (HBO) leaves both of them tongue tied and twisted. They give a very entertaining recap....and one of them even goes as far as giving it a 10/10! They leave you with the Halston (Netflix) mini-series they are going to be watching for next week! Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Jun 15, 2021
It's all in the title. This episode is about ONE thing and ONE thing only....The Friends Reunion (HBOmax) In this 50 minute episode The Netchicks give a very detailed analysis of the HBO production and if you love Friends THIS is the episode for you.   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Jun 01, 2021
Best Of Bravo
Calling all Bravo fans!!!!!! We are thrilled to welcome Maggie Kelley the GENIUS behind Instagram Bravo fan account @bestofbravo and she is telling us everything we want to hear! Sara is in absolute Bravo heaven asking Maggie anything and everything about the world of Bravo. The chicks also try to play matchmaker for her and Sara takes it too far! She dishes on her account, who follows her, and who she's been blocked by! If you are new to Bravo not to worry Natalie is here to ask all the questions for anyone trying to enter the Bravosphere. Hope you all love the bonus episode! Thanks for listening!!! Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
May 28, 2021
Who Let The Dogs Out
Another week and the chicks are living life in this episode! They are bringing you a different type of Net this week where they discuss The Ellen Show ending, Friends reunion and much much MUCH more. They are also asking one of the worlds biggest questions....Where do the Kardashians hide all their dogs? Natalie is going to jump on board the RHONY (Bravo) train this season and the girls leave you with a big surprise they have! We love you all thank you for listening!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
May 25, 2021
Q&A Part 2
Happy Tuesday and if you are Natalie GOODMORNING! Today the chicks are coming to you to discuss the crazy week they have already had...They recap KUWTK, Sara updates on how and why she's watching Mare of Easttown (HBO) and the girls spend the majority of the episode answering your questions! We had listeners write into our Instagram so they pulled questions from there! Hope you all enjoy getting to know The Netchicks and thank you for being patient with the late uploading of the episode!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks!
May 18, 2021
I Need A Beat
Happy Tuesday! The chicks are here today to talk your ear off starting with the news of J.Lo & Ben Affleck reuniting. They are feeling "hot hot hot" so hold on tight cause they are dishing it out. They recap KUWTK and the emotional episode that had them both in their feelings & SNL with Elon Musk which they shockingly both completely agree on. Also they try tackling the most asked question "What is Dogecoin?" MAJOR SHOUTOUT to the listeners for convincing them to start Younger (HULU) because these two are jumping with joy and shouting how much they love it, and Brooklyn, from the rooftops! Next week they are back discussing Younger and doing a Q&A but keep listening to the very end to get educated on all things Sara has learned about her pelvic floor- we promise you will laugh the entire last moments of the episode.   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks! 
May 11, 2021
It's Nice To Have A Friend
Happy Tuesday evening! The chicks are coming to you a little late today and you will find out why! Sara and Natalie are here to catch up on each other's weekend trips and let's just say Natalie is on thin ice with Miami. Natalie interrupts the broadcast to bring some very exciting news she received! They then discuss the Billie Eilish Documentary...or movie you decide (AppleTV) and give their thoughts and again they seem to be at odds. Thanks for listening!!! Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
May 05, 2021
Prayers For Khloe
Happy Tuesday the Chicks are making up for last weeks lack of content episode with a whole lot to discuss tonight! They give a real half ass recap of The Oscars, or whatever that was, and prepare to probably be offended by something they say. Sara gives a Bravo update on all things happening in the Bravo world and that includes a Jen Shah sighting! The girls briefly touch on KUWTK & of course discuss Khloe and what the world is saying about her relationship today. They end with The Serpent (Netflix) and although the two disagree on the show you will definitely find yourself siding with one or the other! The two are traveling this weekend so your homework for next week is to SPREAD THE WORD OF YOUR LOVE FOR THE NETCHICKS! They will be back next week with surprise recommendations for each other! Thanks for listening!!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks
Apr 27, 2021
Run With The Chicks
It has been a WEEK and it's only Tuesday. The chicks catch up and are discussing everything from their favorite street wear brands to Natalie filling us in on a raunchy childhood confession Sara can't seem to process. Prepare to somehow be entertained while the girls discuss literally everything and nothing at the same time. They touch on their latest film Thunder Force ( Netflix) that they both decided to watch last minute and let's just say someone gave it a 5/10 but liked it.....Thanks for listening to these two catch up and quite honestly forget they are podcasting.    Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Apr 20, 2021
The Netchicks are coming to you late this week but it is for a very good reason! Natalie is here to bring you all the details from her week in the City of Angeles and Family Fued. She spills as much tea as she can AND gives a very detailed story on her celebrity sighting. Sara is here with the news everyone has been waiting for and cannot thank the entire Netchicks community enough! All the kind messages and love from everyone means more than you know! The girls recount The One (Netflix) and Sara hasn't felt this way about a show in such a long time by the end of their conversation it starts to rub off on Natalie. Keep listening to hear the story about Sara's husbands most recent flight that will have you laughing out loud!    We love you all so much thank you for listening!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks
Apr 15, 2021
Kim Is My Lawyer
The Netchicks this week are here to inform. They finally address the Jen Shah of it all & Sara gives Natalie the rundown on the law. The girls discuss the Netflix documentary Seaspiricy and try to understand the hype. Spoiler Alert Natalie had a tuna fish sand which shortly after & Sara didn't make it through the entire documentary. The One ( Netflix) will be discussed next week at length along with Natalie's Family Feud experience! And if you listen to the last 10 minutes you will understand why it will be QUITE the experience. Thanks for listening and see you all next week!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Apr 07, 2021
The One Where Natalie Finishes
It's a slow week for the chicks this week and they both needed this episode more than ever! The girls dive into what has them feeling some type of way lately & Natalie talks about her latest quest with Reggie. They get to the net and discuss the long awaited ending to Natalie's Friends journey and COULD SHE BE ANYMORE OBSESSED?! After Natalie catches her breathe they dive into the most recent KUWTK episode and thoroughly dissect every moment. Natalie will be watching the Seaspiricy documentary ( Netflix) and Sara is starting The One (Netflix). So expect the full rundown next week! Thanks for listening!!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Mar 30, 2021
Making a House a Home
Happy Tuesday the chicks are here with a lot to say! With much to discuss they are here to cover Palmer (AppleTV+) and the Justin Timberlake of it all and give you some real honest thoughts on the movie. Sara talks about Hilbilly Elegy (Netflix) and how that made her feel, and then the two discuss the season premier of KUWTK on E! They cover everything from Tristan to Scott, and even Corey. They're suggesting you watch Minari for next week but then again they have been telling you that for a month so you really can't trust them!    Tune in weekly & follow along @ TheNetchicks 
Mar 23, 2021
Grammys, Oscars & Family Fued Oh My!
Happy Tuesday this week the chicks have a lot to say. They check in with each other and Natalie talks about what she recently discovered on Instagram that blew Sara's mind. They get right to the net discussing The Grammy's, The upcoming Oscars, and what they two have been watching the last week.  For next week they will be recapping the first episodes of KUWTK series finale & Palmer (AppleTV+) Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks
Mar 16, 2021
Brace yourself and have a sea because this episode is strictly business. The chicks are back this week discussing the Kardashian's final season after Kim shared the trailer on her Instagram & you will be shocked at Natalie's response. Sara continues to pray for Khloe as they discuss a major bombshell she drops. The girls spend the entire rest of this episode talking about the Oprah interview that has taken the world by storm. LOTS of hot takes, lots of passionate loud talking & plenty of F bombs to make both their mother's upset. You do not want to miss this episode The Netchicks did not come to play this Tuesday.   Thanks for listening & make sure you follow @TheNetchicks 
Mar 09, 2021
Start Testing Less Zooming with Bobby
Bobby steps in for Sara and talks Nats ear off as they discuss the Golden Globes, Dirty Dancing, and the other random shows Bobby watches while Natalie is away. This is a fun one this week & let's just say that regarding the most recent award show Bobby has been over the Globes since Sunday morning. Thanks for listening everyone Sara will be back next week! Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Mar 03, 2021
Netchicks Late Night
We made it! Had some technical difficulty towards the end of the episode but WHAT IS NEW?! This week we are discussing Kim & Kanye and all the thoughts around the divorce. Firefly Lane (Netflix) We recap the first 4 episodes and our thoughts on this new series. The girls update on other shows and movies they have been watching and then WARNING there is a major crash in the system when we lose eachother BUT Natalie makes a graceful recovery for us! Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Feb 24, 2021
Meet The Netchicks with Sara Gretzky & Natalie Buck
For our 30th episode we decided to do something different! The chicks are here answering all of your listener questions you wrote in on Instagram. They cover it all from their personal lives, to dream jobs, and even tell you what celebrities are the nicest and the one that was maybe just having an "off day". You don't wanna miss this episode the chicks are spilling allllllllll the deets.  The girls will be watching Firefly Lane (Netflix) and recapping for next week! Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Feb 17, 2021
Free Britney
Happy Tuesday! This week the chicks are discussing the Golden Globe nominations and who they think will take home the gold! Discussing their Black History Month movie of the week Hidden Figures and all the queens involved in that. They talk about The New York Times Britney Spears documentary Framing Britney at length and discuss everything that is going on with the #FreeBritney movement. Sara tells her Britney Spears story and the girls ask the question HOW CAN WE FREE BRITNEY?!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Feb 09, 2021
I Couldn't Help But Wonder with Jana Kramer
Jana Kramer is in the house y'all and she is spilling THE tea per usual! Sara catches up with one of her besties and Natalie has so many questions for this esteemed NYT Best Selling Author. Jana dishes on Dancing With The Stars, One Tree Hill, and gives an update on her latest project she is filming. The girls get to The Net and discuss Bridgerton (Netflix) and the newly announced Sex & The City reboot which Sara and Jana are thrilled about! Natalie tells us her thoughts on The Morning Show (AppleTV) finale, and the girls end with all of the listener questions for Jana! This episode is filled with girl talk and laughs so pour yourself some of Jana's new wine & hit download!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks  
Feb 02, 2021
Promising Young Woman Review
The chicks are back and they're bringing a lot of updates. We're talking RHOSLC and the chaos that is going down, Bachelor....why we're not tuning in anymore, a little update on Clare & Dale that nobody asked for, and then the movie of the hour Promising Young Woman (iTunes). The girls dive into this amazing new emotional movie & their honest thoughts. They give a full recap and rundown of the film WITHOUT spoilers so if you haven't watched yet thats ok! It get's a little raw and real as the girls discuss the main plot - but don't worry we end on a lighter note! **Trigger Warning this movie & this episode have discussions about rape.** Then Sara drops a BOMB on Natalie that leaves her and only her speechless. Stay tuned because next week the chicks are hosting a special guest!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Jan 26, 2021
Girl Gang with Paulina Gretzky
Get ready y'all cause Sara is live with her sister in law / bff/ soul sister/ bravo fanatic Paulina Gretzky (@paulinagretzky) for her FIRST EVER PODCAST & these two are wayyyyyy too excited to be together for this episode. Paulina opens up about who her favorite housewives are, the ones she's known since way back when, and the one she just became friends with! The girls talk LOTS of Bravo, 90 Day Fiance and what Paulina and her man bonded over watching in quarantine. This episode is a rollercoaster of fun so just prepare yourself and your ears! Paulina answers questions from our listeners, dishes soooo much tea and talks what it was like growing up Gretzky. The girls talk about the recent family trip they went on and who their new best friends are. Hope y'all have as much fun listening as we did recording!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Jan 19, 2021
I Just Don't Care
Happy Tuesday we are coming with love, light, and happiness this week. The chicks are here to make you laugh so hard you forget to cry. We won't waste your time-  this episode is Kim Kardashian HEAVY and we discuss allllll the thoughts. Where is she and what is she thinking? We ask for your prayers for our queen during this time ( and Bridgette & Corey). We briefly touch on Matt James and his Bachelor breakout moment. Theres a deep dive into #RHOSLC and all we can say is Brooks Marks. We recap the two most recent episodes and Natalie came with NOTES. Moment of silence for Jen Shah and Sara's thoughts on her..Natalie finally gets involved in The Morning Show (AppleTV) and gives a brief recap on where she is at with the Jen Aniston of it all.   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks
Jan 12, 2021
New Year, Same Chicks
Happy 2021! The girls are TOGETHER in the same room for the first time in Netchicks history for their 25th episode! Try to keep up as the tequila is flowing & the girls do a quick episode while on Instagram LIVE. They update on what they've been watching the last two weeks, and how happy they are to be celebrating the new year together! So get ready to laugh and have fun as we celebrate the 25th episode/ beginning of 2021/ the chicks finally podcasting together! Happy Season 2! Tune in weekly & Follow along @TheNetchicks
Jan 05, 2021
Please Don't Hate Us
Warning Sara has moved locations and this episode is a result of that chaos. The Netchicks drop a surprise second episode this week and they are on FIIIIIIIIIIIRE. Natalie discusses her most recent Kardashian theory, Hulu, and what exactly Kim post and why...... The Flight Attendant (HBO) is discussed and WE'RE JUST BEING please don't hate us. We talk Bachelorette double episodes this week and RHOSLC and who we both despise We say this every week....but we are NOT holding back this episode. 'Tis the damn season!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Dec 18, 2020
A List Preferred
This week Sara can barely keep her thoughts straight with Taylor Swift's new album drop the chicks discuss whether or not they are "crazy swifties". They recap the most recent RHOSLC episode and talk about the biggest bombshells from the night.    Natalie gives a recap so far on Murder on Middle Beach (HBO) and the WILD connection Sara has to it. You don't want to miss this part! We get a Friends update and Yellowstone Season 3 finale update from Sara.   Later Sara tells Natalie something she's been keeping from her (HINT; a new show she secretly started) and the girls are ecstatic to finally discuss.   The chicks are working double time for you this week and will be dropping an extra episode this week before they are off for Christmas break!      Tune in weekly and follow along @TheNetchicks.
Dec 15, 2020
Bachelorette Recap Episode 9
Welcome to The Netchicks Late night Edition. The girls take on Tayshia's men and they really don't hold back. They discuss the current feuds in the house and whose side they are really on. A heated debate breaks out when they discuss the pros and cons of being the Bachelorette and excuse the passion that comes out tonight....these two haven't been up this late in years!   Tune in weekly and follow along @TheNetchicks 
Dec 09, 2020
The Undoing of Salt Lake City
 The chicks are coming to you on a Sunday to answer your prayers. They are doing a full rundown of The Undoing ( HBO) and Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. As usual there is no holding back and the girls get into their differences regarding The Undoing. To Sara's surprise Natalie gives into the Bravo world and goes deep with her new thoughts on #RHOSLC and how much she is enjoying it! They leave with you with some Christmas cheer ( and singing) and some good new holiday content! Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks     
Dec 06, 2020
Queens Only
Calling all Queen lovers! In this super episode the girls discuss what they have both been up to the last two weeks and how they are feeling going into the LAST MONTH OF 2020! Natalie talks about what she's been going through, and watching, the last 11 days and Sara updates everyone on what it's like to be thirty. They discuss their thoughts on Queens Gambit and then Sara leads a lengthy discussion turned passionate history lesson on The Crown. They leave you with a Bravo surprise so make sure to listen!   Tune in weekly and follow along @TheNetchicks 
Dec 04, 2020
The Travel Man
Hope you can keep up with Natalie and her special guest this week! Bobby is about to take you on a wild ride so we hope you are ready to take he did. Natalie and her boyfriend Bobby guest host this episode while Sara is away and this guy is more than thrilled for his long awaited debut. He covers his favorite quarantine watches and even his favorite things about Nat. You may get a travel tip here and there, and then some more so get ready for this hilarious episode that has Natalie speechless more than once and as usual laughing out loud.   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks
Nov 18, 2020
Away With Bravo
It's Sara's birthday week and you'll finally hear who her neighbor was! Natalie also updates us on Shawn Mendez and what he's been up to and what they both WON'T be watching LOL. This week when they get to the net the girls cover Away (Netflix) & Sara gives a lengthy Bravo update on all things housewives.  They are currently hosting a GIVEAWAY on @TheNetchicks Instagram so don't forget to head over there to enter! Sara is away the next week & Nat will return next episode with a special guest!    
Nov 10, 2020
The One About Friends
The one where they have A LOT to say! They are all about bringing the love and light positive vibes this episode so don't f^&* with them today! The chicks are starting your Monday off the right way by talking Kardashians, Friends and as usual everything and anything in between. And is it just us? or are they extra full of of laughs today. They do a MUCH awaited deep dive on Natalie's newest journey with Friends season 1 & you'll be lucky if you can keep up. They discuss what they're both currently watching and what show Sara is now starting from season 1 for the 10th time in her life. Thanks for listening and don't forget to subscribe!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Nov 02, 2020
Natalie In Paris
In this quick episode the chicks give an update on where they're at literally and why they're both living in such chaos. Trigger warning they start singing again. They give a very fast paced Emily In Paris rundown and discuss as much Gabriel and as much fashion as they can in 20 minutes. Natalie comes to a conclusion on how she really feels about it and if you are playing a drinking game drink every time Sara brings up Sex and The City. BUT just wait until Natalie drops a major bomb at the end that leaves Sara speechless. Thanks for listening to a quickie and get ready to laugh this episode.    Tune in weekly & follow @TheNetchicks
Oct 27, 2020
EPISODE 15 ! !
Our 15th episode ! ! The girls both have an exciting week ahead of them! Sara touches on her most recent "celebrity" sighting and Natalie reads a text from her mom that leaves the chicks speechless. They quickly touch on The Vow through episode 8 & if you've had enough of the KEITH of all then just wait because they lift your spirits with the Halloween Rundown. Natalie did her homework and the girls are in a singing mood. Sara ends things with an astrology lesson that is sure to leave you asking more questions...IF you're a gemini.   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Oct 20, 2020
I'm Just Appreciating My Bread - A Kardashian Recap
In a very last minute attempt Sara & Natalie pop on to do a Keeping Up With The Kardashian recap per Natalie's 5 requests. They tackle everything from what Mr. Gambles role really is and which side of the show they are on when it's Kendall vs. Kylie. Plus the breadbasket makes a return when they discuss who really makes the best in the business!!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks
Oct 14, 2020
Morning Tantrums - A Kardashian Bonus Episode
Surprise! Happy Kardashian-Bonus-Episode-Thursday! The chicks decided to do drop double episodes this week and prepare for all the drama as Sara has the most dramatic start to her morning before the girls deep dive into Keeping Up With The Kardashians season 19. They discuss AT LENGTH the first 3 episodes and if you are a Kim or Kris, or Northie fan this is something you do not want to miss ! !  Then they Natalie tells Sara she has never seen one of the MOST iconic Halloween movies and they agree on how to cope moving forward. NOT a spoiler-- your homework for next week is to watch Beetlejuice.   Tune in weekly & Follow along @TheNetchicks
Oct 08, 2020
The Vow
 Hold your hugs this episode because the chicks are on FIRE! Natalie lets us know what she really thinks of her dads new favorite show Ted Lasso (AppleTV) and then the girls get honest and raw discussing Natalie's most recent social media hiatus. The Vow (HBO) is a HOT topic when they dive into their discussion of the first 5 episodes and FYI the girls have ZERO filter when it comes to their thoughts. Whether you've seen the show or not this might be the most entertaining hour of your day. They will be back next week on a much lighter note to discuss the most recent season of #KUWTK!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks        
Oct 06, 2020
Nattie Issues With Joe Buck
It's a family affair! With Sara gone Natalie is joined by a very special co-host with a verrrrrry soothing voice HER DAD! Joe Buck joins The Netchicks to talk his current favorite show, his all time favorite movies, and the cinematic memories he has with Nattie B. Plus find out what he thinks might be his most memorable moment in his career! This episode will leave you feeling very enlightened by these wild Bucks! Sara is back next week.   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks
Sep 30, 2020
Just A Girl Standing In Front Of Schitt's Creek
The NETCHICKS 10th episode!! Thank you to everyone who has continued to listen and support us! We are celebrating our 10th episode talking Natalie's Notting Hill experience, Paris Hilton's new Youtube Documentary & of course The 2020 Emmy Awards and watch out because Sara is spitting fire. From Schitt's Creek to Succession the girls are breaking down the entire show even though they come to a major disagreement!    Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks.
Sep 22, 2020
Cults, Cookies & Cramps
This week the girls are covering a lot of shows. Natalie dishes on the Dead to Me season 1 finale, they discuss The Vow (HBO), & the scary thoughts behind Netflix's new documentary The Social Dilemma. Find out what show Sara got Ty to watch that has him hooked & listen to the chicks discuss what's going on in Natalie's personal life that the end has her realizing might not be normal.   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks
Sep 15, 2020
Trying To Keep Up
Buckle up people cause Natalie's in the closet and Sara's on the toilet this episode so get ready cause it's a riot. The Chicks cover the news of Keeping Up With The Kardashians ending, Sara's thoughts on Season 2 of Selling Sunset & Natalie finishing season 1 of Dead To Me. Natalie updates us on the live action Mulan film & then the girls discuss the most recent Brandi vs. Denise drama and they have some thoughts. Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks 
Sep 09, 2020
A Real Housewives Rundown With Sara
This week Natalie's away so Sara is here to give a quick masterclass in all things housewives from this last week. She covers Dorinda's exit, #RHONY, #RHOP & yes that Beverly Hills finale everyone is talking about. The Chicks will be back together next week!   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks  
Sep 02, 2020
Find Yourself A Brad
Natalie is bringing love & light this week with a very inspirational opening discussion brought to you by her newest book Untamed by Glennon Doyle.   Season 1 of Selling Sunset becomes a hot discussion & you might have to pick a side when The Chicks divide.   They dive into a dark discussion about Lifetime's Surviving Jeffrey Epstein 4 part docu-series.   Tune in weekly & follow @TheNetchicks!
Aug 26, 2020
That's What Keeps You Up At Night?
Natalie gives us a very bizarre story about her friend and a male nurse that will have you cringing. The girls discuss what keeps them up at night which leads them strolling down memory lane reminiscing about their favorite shows from the 2000's.   Then the great debate Reality TV vs. Scripted? Who's side are you on? Keep listening to hear what show they are recommending for next weeks recap.   Tune in weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks
Aug 19, 2020
Must Love Dogs
The Netchicks are back! Natalie returns and tells us all about her week in LA filming! The girls discuss why they are both feeling so down lately and the lengths they are going to try and feel better. Then the much awaited Indian Matchmaking recap happens and the girls get a little too excited when discussing how they feel about arranged marriages....and marriage in general!   Tune in weekly & follow @TheNetchicks!
Aug 12, 2020
Bravo Bravo F#!&ing Bravo With Sara
When Nats away Sara will talk Bravo! Enjoy this bonus episode where Sara covers all things Real Housewives!  She's on a roll so buckle up! She talks Real Housewives of Potomac premier, RHONY Cancun trip & Yes Brandi vs. Denise. Don't forget to watch Indian Matchmaking & Tune in next week to hear the girls recap!   Listen weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks
Aug 05, 2020
Is Criminology A Good Degree For Law School?
In this episode Sara & Natalie discuss the recent Emmy nominations & who they think will take home the big wins!   They put on their investigating hats and get very passionate discussing each of their favorite stories from Unsolved Mysteries (Netflix).   Natalie gives her first Real Housewives of New York (Bravo) recap and the girls decide to watch Indian Matchmaking (Netflix) for next weeks recap.   Tune into The Netchicks weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks.    
Jul 29, 2020
Welcome to the first official episode of The NETCHICKS. In this episode Sara & Natalie dive into their history as friends and we learn one of Natalie's earliest memories of Sara.   Then they both talk about their Top 5 Quarantine watches. SPOILER ALERT if you haven't seen Unorthodox on Netflix we suggest you watch it before listening! Listen to see what shows the chicks suggest for each other to watch before next weeks episode.    Tune into The Netchicks weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks.
Jul 25, 2020
Teaser - What Not To Watch
Sara & Natalie give you a little taste of what NOT to watch and nobody is safe, not even their love for Steve Carell.   Tune into The Netchicks weekly & follow along @TheNetchicks.
Jul 20, 2020
Teaser - Meet The Netchicks
Annnnnnd ACTION! Meet The Netchicks! Sara Gretzky & Natalie Buck are here to talk all things on screen. These millennials aren't holding anything back, so grab your popcorn and prepare to be fully entertained with the chicks!   Tune into The Netchicks weekly and follow along @TheNetchicks.
Jul 20, 2020