The Hotspot - Helium Network & Blockchain Podcast

By Arman Dezfuli-Arjomandi

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Category: Technology

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Arman Dezfuli-Arjomandi and guests discuss the fast-growing Helium network, providing worldwide coverage for IoT devices with LoRaWAN technology.

Episode Date
10. 2021 Roadmap: Validators & Light Hotspots (w/ Amir Haleem)

Helium CEO Amir Haleem joins to discuss future work on validators and light hotspots, which together form the future of the Helium blockchain and hotspot infrastructure.

00:00 - Start
05:12 - What Didn't Make It On The Roadmap
07:48 - Hiring More Engineers?
09:34 - Helium's Layer 1 Blockchain
11:35 - Roadmap: Validators
20:54 - Roadmap: Light Hotspots

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Apr 20, 2021
9. The Helium Flywheel & Mining ROI (w/ Tushar Jain)

Tushar Jain is managing partner at Multicoin Capital, a prominent investment firm and one of Helium's largest investors.

He joins us once again to discuss his new article, The Helium Flywheel, and break down all of the components that ensure Helium miners will have a positive return on their investment through the next million hotspots and beyond.

00:52 - The Helium Flywheel Intro
02:23 - How The Flywheel Works
05:42 - Manufacturing & Supply Bottlenecks
07:56 - New Manufacturer Shipping Announcements
09:24 - Hotspot Price Flywheel Impact
12:22 - Mining ROI at 1,000,000 Hotspots
15:36 - What 1,000,000 Hotspots Really Means
17:21 - The Right Side of the Flywheel
20:32 - What Permissionless Means
21:24 - 5G Data Credit Usage
22:25 - Tushar's Prediction

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Apr 02, 2021
8. Growing Helium's Usage (w/ Mark Phillips)

Mark Phillips is Helium's Vice President of Business Development and one of the company's earliest employees.

Mark goes into great detail about the company's process for bringing new users and device manufacturers onto the network, outlines the company's strategy and helps me understand Helium's competitors and the challenges the network faces. He also shares some pretty awesome growth predictions for this year and beyond.

0:00:35 - Introductions
0:01:18 - Philly Blockchain Meetup
0:04:54 - Hotspot Names
0:06:41 - Mark's Helium Journey
0:11:22 - The Network Exists!
0:15:41 - Amazon SIdewalk & Class C Devices
0:24:11 - Helium Use Cases
0:30:17 - Helium's Business Dev Team
0:33:04 - The Senet, TTN, MachineQ Exodus
0:40:18 - Helium Coverage Mapping
0:43:45 - Redundancy & SLAs
0:50:49 - Adding 100,000s Of Devices
0:54:45 - Helium's True Competitor
0:57:37 - Helium's Unmatched Community
1:01:16 - Open Sourcing Helium Hotspot Design
1:02:16 - Municipalities Using Helium
1:05:22 - Threats To Helium
1:08:37 - Manufacturing Delays
1:09:25 - 2021 Growth Prediction
1:10:11 - Final Thoughts
1:11:41 - Mark Jogs My Memory

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Mar 08, 2021
7. HIP 21-26 (w/ para1)

A conversation with para1 (aka Andrew). We go through the most recent Helium Improvement Proposals, HIP 21-26, and offer a basic overview as well as in-depth analysis, in addition to our opinions on whether or not we'd support them.

0:00:38 - Introductions
0:02:19 - HIP 15 + 17: Brief Recap
0:11:05 - HIP 21: PoC Link Layer Upgrades
0:27:58 - HIP 22: Anchor Gateways
0:48:36 - HIP 24: Reward Splitting
1:09:17 - HIP 23 + 25: Validators
1:19:54 - HIP 26: Payment Notes
1:26:58 - Closing Thoughts
1:30:08 - Coming Soon... ;)


Feb 24, 2021
6. Newbie Q&A (w/ Steve Sellers)

An informal Q&A session with Steve Sellers, an engineer who's new to Helium and has some great questions about the network. We dive deep into hotspot earnings optimization, proof of coverage, cellular backhaul and more.

00:59 - Welcome, Steve's Background, Why We Like Helium
05:14 - HIP 19, Hardware Manufacturing
11:26 - RAK Shipping Delays, Swarm Keys, ECC Chips
14:43 - Proof of Coverage Explanation, GPS Spoofing
17:45 - HNT Rewards Explanation
22:55 - Rewards & Trust in a Post-PoC Era
25:27 - Mining Nodes, Performance, Cloud Mining
30:29 - Optimizing Hotspot Earnings
34:07 - Cellular Backhaul, Outdoor Deployments
37:34 - LoRaWAN Use Cases, Layering Protocols, Free Business Ideas
42:42 - Amazon Sidewalk
48:18 - About Me, Public WiFi Networks

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Intro song: Lakey Inspired - Arcade

Dec 22, 2020
5. HNT Tokenomics & HIP 20 (w/ James Fayal and Tushar Jain)

A discussion with James Fayal and returning guest Tushar Jain about Helium's token economics and our new proposal, HIP 20.

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Outro song: Sethu & Lil $adape - Hotspot

Nov 06, 2020
4. The New RAK Hotspot Miner (w/ Frank Mong)

Frank Mong, Chief Operating Officer at Helium, Inc. joins to discuss the new RAK Hotspot Miner, the perils of supply chains, Amazon Sidewalk and more.

Fair warning, there's more profanity than usual in this episode.

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Sep 22, 2020
3. Multicoin's Investment & The DeWi Alliance (w/ Tushar Jain)

Tushar Jain is co-founder and Managing Partner at Multicoin Capital, a crypto-focused, thesis-driven investment firm which co-led Helium's $15M Series C round along with Union Square Ventures. He's also the founder of the DeWi Alliance, a governing body for decentralized wireless initiaives

Previously, he was the founder of health tech startup ePatientFinder which was acquired by Elligo Health Research, and before that he graduated from NYU with degrees in finance and political science.

Learn more about Helium:
Check out the DeWi Alliance:
Read Multicoin's blog post about Helium:

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Aug 21, 2020
2. The Helium Hotspot & Proof of Coverage (w/ Amir Haleem)

Helium co-founder and CEO Amir Haleem joins us once more to talk about the decisions that went into the hardware, software and design of the iconic Helium Hotspot. We cover security, hardware specs, resource consumption, and also take a look into a future where there are 3rd party hotspot manufacturers and DIY hotspots mining on the network.

We also dive into Proof of Coverage, which is the method of verifying that real coverage is being provided by hotspots on the network, and has also been the rocket fuel behind the Helium Network's growth.

You'll hear some crazy ideas about old Proof of Coverage schemes, including sampling public radio, and where its design might go next, including coverage maps and witness sampling.

Fair warning, this is an in-depth technical discussion.

Learn more about Helium:

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Jul 31, 2020
1. The Story of Helium (w/ Amir Haleem)

Helium co-founder and CEO Amir Haleem guides us through Helium's journey to build a wireless network for low-power sensors.

It's a fascinating story filled with twists and turns, failure and success, and one overarching mission to fill an aching demand in the tech world that, for some reason, nobody has been able to fill until now.

We cover lots of ground here, including the beginnings of the company, fundraising, technology choices, the cryptoeconomic model and visions for the future.

A fair warning, our discussion gets fairly technical at times, but even if you're not technically inclined, I urge you to stick around, especially if you're interested in the grand idea of building a network that's powered and owned by people, not big telcos.

Learn more about Helium:

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Jul 17, 2020