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By Emily Louis

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Equipping and encouraging Christians to heal their relationship with God! I deeply believe that we can’t have a rich, intimate relationship with him unless we have a well rounded view of who he is. You can’t have close relationship with him if he seems distant or harsh. Who God is and what he has done is the foundation of our faith, so that’s what the focus of this podcast will be. I will share with you the stuff that has completely transformed my life and I am inviting you to come on this journey with me. So glad to have you here, friend!

Episode Date
Believe You Are ENOUGH w/ Dr. Kathrine McAleese

131. Believe You Are ENOUGH w/ Dr. Kathrine McAleese

What does it mean to be enough? Do you wrestle with the feeling you are enough or not, or do you constantly feel you are falling short?

In this episode, Emily chats with Dr. Kathrine McAleese about these questions and more. They discuss parts of Dr. Kathrine's book "Enough" and uncover what our "enoughness" means, who we are, who we were, and who we will be. Find out how you can feel worthy in the way God calls for us to be, and learn how to make your path forward to reach your potential.

Dr. Kathrine McAleese is a mindset coach, sociologist, mentor, and author. Originally from Northern Ireland, she now lives in the United States teaching others how to build their confidence.  Dr. Kathrine aims to motivate and inspire through her online classes and seminars using her experience and degrees in Theology, Marriage and Family Therapy, and Sociology. She has committed herself to help everyone become the best version of themselves. Her book "Enough" is out and available now!

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Dec 07, 2022
If it feels good do it?

Life Giving Friday

Have you ever heard of the phrase "if it feels good, do it"?
In this Life Giving Friday episode, Emily dives into the meaning behind this phrase.

Maybe you have been told that your desires are sinful or selfish. Today Emily encourages us to do something that feels good. We can trust that the nudges of the Holy Spirit inside will guide us.

What would your life look like if you listened to the advice "if it feels good, do it"? What chances or risks would you take if it aligned with who God is calling you to be?

Let Emily know on Instagram if you gave this a try!

If you're looking to untangle the narratives that your desires are sinful and step into what God has created you to be, Emily is here to guide and support you with 1-on-1 coaching. You can sign up here

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Dec 02, 2022
3 Tips for When You're Feeling Overwhelmed

130. 3 Tips for When You're Feeling Overwhelmed

How do you deal with the feeling of being overwhelmed? Does it seem heavier through different seasons? Do you feel the weight of your checklist weighing down on you?

Emily is here to give us three tips we can use when dealing with overwhelm. We don't have to give in to the frantic energy that comes with it. Emily guides us with these tips when we feel weighed down by a cluttered mind space:

  1.  Brain dump - write down everything on a piece of paper about things you need to get done. Then, create four quadrants on your paper with the categories like "Things you need to buy," "Urgently: needs to be done by me," "Later: needs to be done by me," and "Doesn't need to get done by me." 
  2. Set realistic expectations - pick one thing from the list you made that needs to get done today and put your focus on that one task. Set a time limit using a clock or timer to complete it, and get as much of it done as possible, but do not watch the clock! Then, move on to the next task. 
  3. Get past the all-or-nothing mentality - you can knock out many tasks a little bit at a time, whether you finished them or not. You are still moving forward. 

Let Emily know in the comments on Instagram if any of these tips helped you or if there are tips of your own that work when you feel overwhelmed. 

Want to learn more about boundaries - in your life, around your time, overcoming overwhelm, living in alignment with your values, and what God wants for your life? Send Emily a DM on Instagram about a brand new group program she is putting together called "Personal Boundaries." 

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Nov 30, 2022
You Don't Have to Hide

Life Giving Friday

Have you ever woken up in the morning, and your mindset was off? Did you feel defeated and overwhelmed, or like you’re in a funk?

In this episode, Emily shares how she felt just like this and found power behind these words of affirmation: “I am loved for who I am. I do not have to hide.”

Let this episode empower you to feel like you do not have to hide parts of yourself for fear of rejection. You do not have to have everything together or live up to the expectations others have placed on you.

Emily can help you untwist the narratives holding you back from living confidently the way God wants for you by signing up for 1-on-1 coaching here.

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Nov 25, 2022
Listen to This Before You Review Your Year or Write New Year's Resolutions

129. Listen to This Before You Review Your Year or Write New Year's Resolutions

Are you already looking at what you need to change for 2023? Before you begin making your resolutions or creating a list of things you want to work on, listen to this! 

In this episode, Emily tells us we don't have to change anything about ourselves. Transformation, growth, and change will come, but not when we try to force it. God is not waiting for us to change. He loves and accepts us just as we are. He is gracious and compassionate and welcomes us with our weaknesses and strengths. 

As we approach Thanksgiving, let this message teach you to be thankful for where you are right now and for all of the things that make you, you. Let your goal be self-acceptance in all of your quirks and abilities. 

Share this episode with a friend so they can be uplifted. 

Visit the Abundant Grace Instagram for Black Friday specials on programs coming in January to help you become more confident in yourself, own your worth, and set healthy boundaries! 
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Nov 23, 2022
How Does Being Yourself Impact Your Relationships?

Life Giving Friday Episode

Do you feel you need to fit in, or create a different version of yourself, to make others around you more comfortable?
Emily reminds us that God wants us to be our authentic, unique selves!

You do not have to try to fit in or be ashamed of who you are. Step into yourself confidently and boldly, and God will shift the relationships in your life.

Ready to stand in who God created you to be? Emily has coaching spots available to help you gain the confidence God designed for you to have! Sign up on yourrelationshipwithGod.com/coaching

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Nov 18, 2022
Growing in Intimacy with God w/ Leah Moore

128. Growing in Intimacy with God w/ Leah Moore

Have you ever wondered what it means to have an intimate relationship with God? What it looks like and how to achieve it? Have you wondered what it means to know God personally? 

In this episode Emily engages with Leah Moore in a deep discussion about what an intimate and personal relationship with God is like and how we can achieve that closeness. You won't want to miss this episode!

Leah Moore is an ordained pastor, writer, role model, international and national speaker, former talk show host and podcaster, prayer strategist, and mentor. She is the Founder of Grace Promises Women's Ministry - a ministry that empowers women to walk in God's power, passion, and purpose with grace. 

Leah is also a wife and mother, and she has been a nurse for 15 years working with geriatric patients and creating an atmosphere where they feel safe, loved, and healed.

Here's a quote from Leah:

"Experience of life really helps you to walk alongside Jesus and really understand what it means to journey with him, and not to carry burdens. ‘Cause I remember being in church and going to church faithfully and just – I could not stop worrying, I could not stop fearing, I could not stop being depressed. But the more that I press into my relationship with him, the more things change in my life." – Leah Moore

Don't miss out on this episode! This conversation has some life-changing insights that will motivate and encourage you to pursue closeness with God. Praying this episode will bless you.

Join the conversation - What did you think about this episode? Can you relate to Leah's journey? Let Emily know in the comments on her Instagram!

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Nov 16, 2022
Breaking Our Agreement with Small

Life Giving Friday

Are you up for a challenge? In this Life-Giving Friday episode, Emily calls for YOU to break your agreement with playing small. Our hardships are not the only moments that we grow spiritually. We grow during good times as well. Emily talks about not holding back or downplaying our accomplishments. 

You are not wrong for drawing attention to yourself when you are God's vessel for spreading His message. 

Listen to this episode whenever you need some encouragement. You are not here to be overcome by your past or any obstacles but to overcome them! 

Emily has 1-on-1 coaching sessions available if you want to break through in your relationship with God and own your worthiness. You can sign up for a session with Emily here

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Nov 11, 2022
My Story: From Checking Boxes and Trying to Fit In to Confidently Being Myself

127. My Story: From Checking Boxes and Trying to Fit In to Confidently Being Myself 

Have you ever felt that you had to hide parts of yourself so you weren't "too much" for someone? Have you ever felt that you had to follow the rules and check off the right boxes to fit in, feel safe, be enough, and feel secure in your relationships with others and with God?

In this episode, Emily is here to assure you, that we have all been there. To encourage you even further, Emily shares her personal story with you sharing the details of how she went from checking off boxes and trying to fit in to confidently being herself. Emily goes onto share how you too can be confident, own your worth, and transform your relationship with God.  Emily has never shared her story in this way before! Be sure to listen to this episode, today!

God intentionally made you the way that you are! You are so valuable and nothing can change that. Let go of trying to fit in and be yourself! Own your worth and know who you are.

Still struggling to grow in community and feel worthy? Join the Abundant Grace Community Group. This group is an excellent resource for encouragement and fellowship. You do not have to navigate this journey alone! 

Nov 09, 2022
Are You Afraid of Being "Too Much"?
Nov 04, 2022
Ancient Practices for a Rich and Grounding Faith w/ Drew Anderson

126. Ancient Practices for a Rich and Grounding Faith w/ Drew Anderson

Have you ever wondered why we practice gathering as a church? Or, why we practice communion? Why do we do things a certain way? Do we practice in the way that God desired? We dive into the answers and so much more in this new episode!

In today's episode, Emily & Drew Anderson Break down what ancient practices are, why they are important, and how to implement them into your spiritual life. Drew goes onto to share what it looks like to have a personal relationship with Jesus - in community, with other people.

Drew Anderson is a Spiritual Director and an ordained minister. He is currently serving as the Lead Pastor at Sumter Chapel where he is assisting with the start of micro-churches and new ministries. He also serves with 24/7 Prayer USA as Prayer Liturgist and serves on their Race & Grace team to support healthy reconciliation in the church. Drew is a Certified Consultant in the Cultural Intelligence assessment and workshop through the Cultural Intelligence Center, has a Master of Divinity degree, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry degree.

Drew has transformational information and practices that will ground and deepen your faith. Praying that you are blessed by this episode.

p.s.: Want to dive even deeper with God in your faith journey? Join the Bible Study over on yourrelationshipwithgod.com

Nov 02, 2022
Have Fun and Rest! Bonus Episode!

Have you found yourself doing all the things for all the people and not really sure what lights you up? Or you know what lights you but you feel guilty for taking the time to do it?

I want to invite you to a brand new challenge starting next week! I want to help you prioritize what lights you up and fills your cup! You matter, what you enjoy matters!

Go to yourrelationshipwithgod.com/havefunandrest to join in! 

Oct 31, 2022
Jesus' Faith and Emotions
Oct 28, 2022
How to Start Fasting

125. How to Start Fasting

In this episode, Emily unpacks the topic of fasting. Fasting is one of those things that we feel like we have to do exactly right or it seems like something to do to try to get something from God. It sounds performative and manipulative, right?  Emily reminds us that neither of those things are true and that fasting can actually be a great tool to grow your relationship with God.

Listening through this episode you will hear: how fasting was used in during the ancient times of the bible in many different circumstances, and as well as Emily's personal experience with fasting.

Everything that is happening around us is spiritual in some way, shape, or form. There's so much that's going on in the spiritual realm - which we miss when we're just continuing to live and focus on the physical that's right in front of us. 

This episode will help you be in tune with the Holy Spirit and as well as help you be more aware of God's presence and his voice. 

When we fast, we do not do it out of ritualistic feelings or unworthiness but instead out of self control from the power that God gives us through the Holy Spirit. You are not worthless. Begin your fasting journey with the Lord and grow deeper with him.

Join the conversation – Have you tried fasting before? What works for you? Let Emily know in the comments on Instagram

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Oct 26, 2022
How Do We Speak About God's Presence

Life Giving Friday Episode

The thoughts or words you give power to can shape how we think about God. Emily shows us, in this Life Giving Friday Episode, that the Lord is always present with His people.

Was this an encouraging or challenging word? Let Emily know your thoughts on this episode over on her Instagram page!

Oct 21, 2022
From Trying to Fit in to Thriving w/ Tabitha Teremi

124. From Trying to Fit in to Thriving w/ Tabitha Teremi

If you feel stuck in your relationship with God, or it's just not where you want it to be - transformation is so possible. You can thrive and have a relationship with God by following your manual - not someone else's. 

In this episode, Tabitha Teremi shares her faith journey and the transformation she experienced when she decided it was time to heal herself and her relationship with God. 

Before starting our coaching sessions in January, Tabitha had struggled with showing up authentically, being herself, and thriving rather than trying to fit the mold, following someone else’s manual of what it means to live as a Christian, and making herself smaller so she could fit the expectations of other people. 

She carried the hurt she experienced from the church and her family and she had so many unanswered questions because she didn’t have the freedom to ask. Now, Tabitha is living by her manual and is thriving instead of surviving.

Join the conversation – Can you relate with Tabitha? What was your experience in the church? Are you following someone else’s manual? Let Emily know in the comments on Instagram

Love Abundant Grace? Leave a review so Emily can continue to help and encourage others!

Thank you for all the love and support you give to this podcast!

Oct 19, 2022
Do Those Things That You've Always Wanted to!

Life Giving Friday Episode

Have you ever had an idea that you've wanted to pursue but keep putting it off?

In this Life Giving Friday Episode, Emily reminds us that we should just do them! If God has given you a word or a heart to pursue something, it may just be the Holy Spirit pushing you to move in that direction.

Pursue the things that God has given you to do, as you continue to give Him the glory.

ps: Are you struggling with the feeling of worthiness or belonging? Join the waitlist for Emily's Own Your Worth  to grow closer with God in this area of your life.


Oct 14, 2022
Worship God in Fresh Ways w/ Stephanie Palmer

123. Worship God in Fresh Ways w/ Stephanie Palmer

Do you feel like your worship life is stagnant? Do you find yourself just going to church and coming home? Is your Bible reading starting to feel like a chore? You don't have to stick with the same routine! Let's break out of the norm and try something new.

In this episode, Emily and Stephanie Palmer dig deep in this inspiring conversation as they discuss different and fresh ways  to worship God and connect with Him deeper than we ever have before.

Stephanie Palmer is a worship leader and cancer survivor. She is currently a school supervisor at a children's youth home and provides relief care for families with kids in their home who are not biological. She has been involved in the ministry for many years as she began in junior high when she worked at a camp and then worked at a church for 11 years in the youth department as the Ministry Assistant of Worship. She moved up to the high school Ministry Assistant and later onto Student Ministries Director. Her specialty is putting together beautiful worship experiences to help people encounter God's presence in a more meaningful and tangible way.

Stephanie has incredible experiences to share and helpful tips for you on how to add fresh ways to your worship life. 

Listen to this transformational episode to explore fresh ways we can worship God and learn how to implement new experiences in your worship life.

We would love to hear how you connect with God through worship and the fresh ways that you implement into your life! Please share your thoughts with Emily on this episode over on Instagram!

Oct 12, 2022
Your Access to God Doesn't Depend on You Being Good or Measuring Up

Life Giving Friday Episode

Do you feel unworthy to connect with the Lord? Emily reminds us in this episode that based on what the scriptures teach, we are covered by God's mercy to approach Him boldly.

We truly do not deserve His mercy or to even be in the presence of the Lord but He is so loving that He invites us in by the blood of His son, Jesus.

p.s.: Want to dive even deeper with God in your faith journey? Join the Bible Study over on yourrelationshipwithgod.com

Oct 07, 2022
The Five Love Languages and Your Relationship with God

122. The Five Love Languages and Your Relationship with God

Recently, have  you stopped to ask how is your relationship with God right now? Are you stuck in a rut? Just checking off the boxes on your Bible study to-do list? In this episode, Emily is here to remind you that your relationship with God does not have to look like anyone else's! It is perfectly okay to do what works for you - your personality, the season of your life, and your love language. 

In today's episode, Emily observes Gary Chapman's, The 5 Love Languages, and uses the concepts found in this book to show how your love language can help you grow closer to God. If you're not familiar with the 5 love languages, they are:

  • Physical touch
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Quality time
  • Gifts
  • Acts of Service

If you aren't sure what your love language is you can take his online love language quiz to find out! Click here. 

Listen to this episode to learn how your love language can help you grow closer to God and strengthen your relationship with Him.

Praying that this episode is an encouragement to you and inspires you to create your own personalized and unique relationship with God!

p.s.: Want to dive even deeper with God in your faith journey? Join the Bible Study over on yourrelationshipwithgod.com

Oct 05, 2022
Letting Go of Good Things That Aren't Serving You Anymore

Bonus episode (83) as Emily starts a new series on the podcast talking about our uniquely personal relationship with God!

This episode is like a laid back chat. I talk about fear and letting things go that aren't serving you so that you can press into the unique relationship with God that is for you.

I would love to support you more and if you would like to trouble shoot things that may or may not be working for you in your faith walk, feel free to hit me up on Instagram and we can chat!

If you're ready for breakthrough - releasing fear, guilt, and "shoulds" - and ready for the intimate relationship with God that you've been longing for go to yourrelationshipwithgod.com/coaching  Put your info there and I will personally reach out!

Oct 03, 2022
One Reason We Shy Away from Saying "I'm Worthy"

121 - Life Giving Friday Episode

Do you struggle with feeling worthy of God's love and attention?

Listen in with Emily today in this Life Giving Friday Episode where she reminds us that the Lord desires us and that our own pride can block our view of the love and mercy of God.

Still struggling with the feeling of worthiness or belonging? Join the waitlist for Emily's Own Your Worth  to grow closer with God in this area of your life.


Sep 30, 2022
The Voices We Carry and How They Impact Our Perception of Ourselves and God w/ J.S. Park

120.  The Voices We Carry and How They Impact Our Perception of Ourselves and God w/ J.S. Park

In this episode, Emily sits down with J.S. Park to talk about his book The Voices We Carry:Finding Your One True Voice in a World of Clamor and Noise. This episode of Abundant Grace, Emily and J.S. Park uncover how the voices we carry have an impact on how we perceive ourselves and how we perceive God. 

J.S. Park is a hospital chaplain, a published author, and a viral blogger. He has been an Interfaith Chaplain for seven years at a 1000+ bed hospital that is designated a level 1 trauma center. His role includes grief counseling, attending every death, attending every trauma and code blue, staff care, and supporting end of life care. He also served as a Chaplain at one of the largest non-profit charities for the homeless on the east coast for three years. J.S. has a Masters in Divinity, a Bachelors in Psychology, and is also a sixth degree black belt in Taekwondo! 

J.S. Park has been deeply involved in the ministry for years. His thoughts and stories have helped countless people to deal with the voices that we all carry. Be sure to check out J.S. Park and his work over at: https://jsparkblog.com/

We hope that you enjoy this episode. If you have any thoughts on this episode we would love to hear them over on Instagram. 

Sep 28, 2022
May God Give You The Desires of Your Heart (Listen Especially if That Makes You Feel Uncomfortable)

119 - Life Giving Friday Episode 

Have you ever felt a Godly desire in your heart for a purpose, mission, or even expected outcome but weren't sure how the Lord feels about your desire?

Join Emily today in this Life Giving Friday Episode where she reads a prayer of encouragement as a reminder that the Lord is for you and seeks to give good gifts to those who serve Him.  

Sep 23, 2022
You Have Access to Holy Spirit!

118. In this episode, Emily dives into the scriptures to unpack some common misconceptions and beliefs about the Holy Spirit. God is not asking for your perfection. He is not waiting for you to get it right before he blesses you and gives you his power. 

You do not need to be cleansed to have access to the Holy Spirit - we are all growing, learning, and imperfect! 

Having access to the Holy Spirit is more evidence of God's love for us. You are loved, friend.

If you want to chat more about this, feel free to reach out to Emily on Instagram

Sep 21, 2022
Ways to Hear God's Voice with Megan Nilsen

117 This episode will refresh your spirit as Megan and I talk about different ways to hear and follow God's voice.
To learn more about Megan or check out her Talk It Tuesday call go to meganbnilsen.com

Sep 14, 2022
Do Something that Fills Your Cup TODAY


Sep 09, 2022
Can you know God's will for your life?


For more information on Own Your Worth Group Intensive go to

Sep 07, 2022
What to do when you feel less-than or not enough

113  Feelings of "less-than" or not enough, can put us in a cycle of trying to prove that we aren't but rather than creating change it perpetuates us looking for evidence of our "enoughness" in the wrong places.

Listen in to hear what we can do to start breaking this pattern and growing our belief in the truth that we are valuable, worthy, and uniquely enough.

To learn more about Own Your Worth Group Intensive click here: https://yourrelationshipwithgod.com/worth

Or reach out to me on Instagram

Sep 02, 2022
Is Self Care OK? Is Self Care Christlike? w/ Rebecca Montgomery

112 In this episode, my sister Rebecca Montgomery joins me to talk about the problem with contrasting mediocre motherhood and Christ-like motherhood.

There's still a notion that Christians - especially women - should be grateful for little tiny bits of rest and just rely on Jesus for the rest. And while we 100% believe in relying on Jesus, the message that physical rest is wrong or that we should do without is not empowering women; it's leaving them under a load they were never meant to carry.


Aug 31, 2022
God is Ahead of You

111 This life-giving Friday encouragement brought to you from Judges 6. God isn't just going with you, he is going AHEAD of you! He is orchestrating, directing and fighting for you!

Aug 26, 2022
Unburdening Surrender

110 Surrender can  feel intimidating. In this episode Emily unpacks  four of the ways that add to the weight:
If God feels untrustworthy
When it feels like it has to be a one time decision
If we're afraid of what God will take
If we feel like he doesn't want to give us our desires.

Some of these are helpful to just name and then others of these, Emily helps us flip the narrative around them.

Join Embrace the Gift of Rest Challenge starting next week, August 29th!

Aug 24, 2022
Rest Is A Choice You Get to Make

Episode #109 | On today's episode, Emily discusses the importance in our everyday lives. Rest is a gift that we overlook so much, even though it is something so powerful for our body and mind. God encourages us to rest in him, even if we feel we have to accomplish so many things to finally take a break. 

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one with Emily or join her bible study group, check out the resources below! 

One-on-One: https://emilyklouis.com/contact 

Bible Style: https://abundantgracebiblestudies.com

Aug 19, 2022
Gideon: Doubt, Growing Faith, and Asking for Confirmation

109 Have you heard preaching on Gideon that painted him as someone with weak faith? Have you ever felt hesitant to ask God for confirmation?

I think you're going to love today's episode!

I'm diving into the story of Gideon and unpacking some beautiful truths from the story. We can learn so much from the way that God interacted with Gideon - I learned so much preparing for this episode. It was a lot of fun to just teach through the passage in this episode and let what God says speak for itself.

There's a lot that has been inserted into the story of Gideon and when we interpret Gideon's requests as doubt, it has direct implications on how we pray and walk out our faith in God.

I pray that this episode is an encouragement to you and helps to strengthen your faith and relationship with God!

Join me for the Embrace the Gift of Rest Challenge. I can't wait to see you inside!

Connect with Emily here.

Aug 17, 2022
Affirmations for Achievers

Episode #108 | Get in your zone and join Emily Louis, as we proclaim affirmations into our lives. Believing and stating the things we desire out loud can be so powerful for our lives. We hope this episode leaves you feeling full and hopeful for all the good things that are to come!

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one with Emily or join her bible study group, check out the resources below! 

One-on-One: https://emilyklouis.com/contact 

Bible Style: https://abundantgracebiblestudies.com

Aug 12, 2022
How to Ask God Scary Things

Episode #107 | 

Aug 10, 2022
You Don't Prove Anything by Doing It On Your Own

Episode #106 | As humans, we often overshadow things that may be bothering us or not show true emotions, but how can we build a strong foundation based on pretending? Join Emily Louis as she explores the beauty of bringing your full-self to God. 

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one with Emily or join her bible study group, check out the resources below! 

Aug 05, 2022
Trusting God in Unknowns

Episode #105 | Grab your coffee and join Emily Louis as she talks about us trusting God in the moments that we are uncertain about. At times we feel the need to know what will happen in the future, when God already has a plan for us. 

Even though his plan can change shift and change through our decision, the grand plan is still set in stone through God.  Trusting God during those times where we are unaware of what the future holds for us can be tough, but Emily discusses how it is all for our benefit.

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one with Emily or join her bible study group, check out the resources below! 

One-on-One: https://emilyklouis.com/contact 

Bible Style: https://abundantgracebiblestudies.com

Aug 03, 2022
It's OK to change things up

Episode #104| There are many ways to feel connected to God: walk in nature, read your bible, journal your prayers, & much more! But what if your typical way of feeling close to God changes. What does that mean?

Listen to today's episode as Emily Louis tackles this compelling question that many Christians think about in their daily walk with the Lord. 

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one with Emily or join her bible study group, check out the resources below! 

One-on-One: https://emilyklouis.com/contact 

Bible Style: https://yourrelationshipwithgod.com/biblestudy

Jul 29, 2022
Find the Best Way to Fill Your Cup and Live a Well Rested Life w/ Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

Episode 103 | Join Emily and Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith, as they discuss the different types of rest and how God encourages us to rest in his grace.  Sometimes we feel like we only deserve rest when we have accomplished all our tasks, ultimately leading us to have an unbalanced relationship with rest. 

Emily hopes this discussion will help those who feel they are in need of rest, identify what kind of rest is needed, and learn to be still through chaos. We hope you leave this episode feeling full of God's love, and accepting his gift: rest. 

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one with Emily or join her bible study group, check out the resources below! 

One-on-One: https://emilyklouis.com/contact 

Bible Style: https://abundantgracebiblestudies.com

Jul 27, 2022
Your Uniqueness Makes You Valuable

Episode 102 | If I were to ask you to tell me about yourself, what would you say? Who are you and what makes you, you? What kind of relationship do you have with yourself? Does this relationship include God?

Join Relationship Coach, Emily Louis, as she shares her journey in building her faith and her relationship with God. Emily strives to encourage listeners to trust in who God says he is and to also trust ourselves as individuals.

In this week's episode, we will explore our identities and understand the importance of our uniqueness. We have all been guilty of modifying our natural characteristics in an attempt to be more like someone who inspires us. However, when we focus on God and aspire to be more like him, our own unique elements we carry within can shine through.

Start your self-discovery by listening to “Your Uniqueness Makes You Valuable” by Emily Louis. 


  • yourrelationshipwithgod.com/identity
  • The Gift of Being Yourself by David Benner
Jul 22, 2022
Do You Believe that You Deserve Rest? (You'll like this either way ;))

Episode #101 | Wind down with Emily Louis as she discusses the relationship between work and rest. In this episode, we will reflect on how much we work and come to the realization that our accomplishments do not define our worth. 

Emily shares her experiences trying to constantly work with no rest, and how it can be affecting our everyday life.  Stillness in chaos is ok, even if we feel we haven't done enough to rest. Take a moment to think about how you can rest more and accept this gift from God. 

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Jul 20, 2022
How I've Grown Over 100 Episodes and 2 Years with Bill Louis

100 - The 100th episode!! Bill is on the show to ask questions and to joint chat about the ways that he and I have grown over the past two years.

Connect more with me here:

Jul 19, 2022
Speak Life Over Yourself

Episode #99 | What words do you speak over yourself? Our words matter and hold so much power in them, but how do we use our words for good?. Proverbs 18:21 states, "Death and life are in the power of the tongue." Emily Louis breaks down the importance of our words & thoughts and provides listeners with sound wisdom on this topic. 

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Jul 15, 2022
If You're Tired of Doing All The Things, Listen to This Episode

Episode #98 | Join Emily Louis as she shares her experience in learning the importance of both physical and internal rest. In this episode, we will recognize and examine the things in our lives that may drain us or may not be serving us at this time. 

Sometimes we can find ourselves overextending our labor, time, or attention, when in reality, we need to rest in order to make the true impact we yearn for. Emily will share why creating space is important and how just being still can have an impact of its own. 

If you would like to schedule an one-on-one with Emily or join her bible study group, check out the resources below! 

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Jul 13, 2022
You Are Held In God's Hand

Episode #97 |  Everyone has experienced a wilderness season in their life. Whether it's from the stresses of work, identity issues, oppression, or feelings of loneliness, every Christian has experienced their own set of struggles. It's hard to navigate our thoughts during these seasons and direct our eyes to the Lord as our ultimate Truth-Giver when surrounded by difficult circumstances. 

Open your Bible with Relationship Coach Emily Louis as we look into what the Lord says on this topic, and rest soundly in who God says we are. 

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Jul 08, 2022
Bonus: Life Update!

96 Get to know Emily Louis as she  returns and discusses the recent events taking place in her life. In this episode, Emily shares her experience serving in her church, participating in therapy, and discusses the Christian programs she is involved in that listeners are invited to take part in. 

Join us as we take a deep look at how therapy has allowed Emily to deepen her faith and heal past trauma. Healing anything within ourselves that limits our personal growth and faith is worth investing in,  as we are worthy in every way.  Sometimes we do not have to be majorly struggling to reach out for additional help. 

If you would like to schedule a one-on-one with Emily or join her bible study group, check out the resources below! 

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Jul 06, 2022
You Already Are (So You Don't Have to Prove It)

Episode #95 | Grab a cup of coffee or tea and join Emily Louis as she discusses the pressures of feeling the need to prove your worth to yourself and others. In this episode, we will dive deep to find what lie or fear we hold that is keeping us in the routine of performance and how to heal from this lifestyle. 

Emily hopes her story will help those who feel they are running on autopilot, going with the motions, and are in need of healing. We hope you leave this episode understanding that it is okay to not be in control. Once we own our title as God’s child and allow him to talk control, we can rest. 

If you would like to schedule an one-on-one with Emily or join her bible study group, check out the resources below! 

One-on-One: https://emilyklouis.com/contact 

Bible Style: https://abundantgracebiblestudies.com

Jul 06, 2022
Next Season Coming Soon!!

You've been waiting patiently, and the time is finally here!

The new season of Abundant Grace is starting July 6th, 2022! Get ready to dig deep into the Word and hear insightful discussions with excellent guest interviewers! Fuel yourself the wealth of wisdom Emily Louis has for you this season.

If you're looking to grow in your identity in Christ, join the Abundant Grace Bible Study today! Click the link below to be added to the waitlist.

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Jun 08, 2022
Announcement, Obeying God's Voice, and a Prayer Over You


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I am praying for you and cheering you on! 


Feb 23, 2022
Jehovah Rapha (Healer) - Life Giving Friday Episode

92  Here us an article about Jehovah Rapha if you would like to read more! 

Feb 18, 2022
Most Bad Things that Happen in Your Life are Not Your Fault (I can't believe this has to be said!)

around the statement "Don't blame God when your life falls apart.. you were the one who chose to reject his words"

Not only are these words void of compassion, they are theologically toxic.

But they are nearly a perfect example or a fear and shame based view of God.

This video is especially for you if you seen statements like that and aren't exactly sure how to refute them. It's an unbiblical lie that you can completely toss.

Feb 16, 2022
How God Speaks - Life Giving Friday Episode


Feb 11, 2022
3 Tips to Heal Your Relationship with God


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Feb 09, 2022
Should You Worry About God's Judgment? - Life Giving Friday Episode


Feb 04, 2022
The Importance of Loving Yourself


Mistakes by Influence Music

Your relationship with God and your relationship with yourself are inseparable. 

I'll say it a different way: Having a healthy view of yourself and of God go hand in hand.

And not in a "the lower I think of myself, the more I think of God", self- deprecating way. Just no.

Safe is the word that comes to mind.

When you know how safe it is to bring all of you when you talk with God, the more real you are.

When you embrace everything about you - the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful - you don't shame or fear yourself anymore.

You don't have to worry about how God or others perceives you. You don't have to hate yourself to be more spiritual.

You've likely been taught subliminal messages that make you feel hard to love (or directly that you aren't supposed to love yourself) or you've been taught false things about God that confirm how you feel toward yourself.

I'll say it even another way:
As you continue learning about God's love for you, you will love God, and you will learn to love yourself.

It's not that you're perfect, it's that you learn to be comfortable with and accept your imperfection.

Loving yourself is an important part of your healing journey. Amen? 😘

Here's an affirmation for you:
God loves me. I love myself.
1 John 4:19 Psalm 139:14

Feb 03, 2022
God is Our Source - Life Giving Friday Episode


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Jan 28, 2022
How Does Spiritual Bypassing Impact Our Faith?
Jan 27, 2022
You Do Not Have to Be Strong - Lifegiving Friday Episode

84 Today's Lifegiving Friday episode is a quote from Grace for the Good Girl. It hit me profoundly when I read it. I hope it reminds you to rest and let the weight fall off of your shoulders for the day. ~ Emily

Join me for the Tuesday morning Connect, Chat, and Pray call! Would love to have you there. Your questions are welcome and I would love to pray over you.

Jan 21, 2022
Your Unique Relationship with God

83 This episode is like a laid back chat. I talk about fear and letting things go that aren't serving you so that you can press into the unique relationship with God that is for you.

I would love to support you more and if you would like to trouble shoot things that may or may not be working for you in your faith walk, feel free to hit me up on Instagram and we can chat a little.

Jan 19, 2022
Attached to God w/ Krispin Mayfield

82 Today I had a conversation with Krispin Mayfield about attachment styles and how they play into our relationship with God. He is a licensed counselor and author of Attached to God: A Practical Guide to Deeper Spiritual Experience.   

Connect with Krispin on Twitter.

Order Attached to God here: Windows Book Store

Jan 12, 2022
Your Relationship with God and Yourself

81 Today I'm pulling back the curtain on Belong and Rest: An Immersion in Your God-Given Identity and giving you day 3!!

To join me for the full immersion, sign up here!!! 

Jan 05, 2022
"May you experience the love of Christ, though it is too great to understand fully."

80 Praying Ephesians 3: 12-21 over you.

And would love to invite you to Belong and Rest: Your God-Given Identity challenge. Let's shed other things that are trying to define you and start 2022 grounded in what God says about you. Sign up at:  yourrelationshipwithgod.com/identity

Dec 31, 2021
My Word for 2022 and What You Can Expect From Me This Year!

79 I am so thankful for you and honored to have the opportunity to speak life over you each and every week.


Dec 29, 2021
Jesus Isn't Like Santa (Christmas Eve Special Episode)

78 Life-giving Friday Episode to remind you that even though God was taught to us much like Santa Claus, Jesus isn't like that.

God’s not keeping score of your good and bad deeds. There’s no making a list and checking it twice.

He’s not sitting up in the clouds waiting to bless the good little girls and boys and punish the naughty ones. Jesus satisfied the payment and God remembers our sins no more! Gone are the days of trying to measure up or get in good with Him.

God isn’t distant, only caring about your behavior. God wants relationship with you. He wants you to pray, to spend time with him! And he’s accessible right now!

He came to rescue us from list keeping! (Hallelujah!!🙌🏻)

The rules were never intended to save us so let that weight fall hard off of your shoulders.

In Jesus you are accepted. Come boldly and access the relationship that is wildly available.

Wishing you the best Christmas.

Would love to see you on the Connect, Chat, and Pray Call. Bring your questions or your prayer requests and I can't wait to speak life over you!! RSVP here.

Dec 24, 2021
Celebrating Christmas and Looking Forward to Christ's Second Advent When the Second Coming Feels Heavy or Fearful

77 Celebrating Advent - Celebrating the Incarnation while looking forward to Christ's Second Coming - wasn't always an easy or joyous thing for me.

If the second coming brings up thoughts of fear and uncertainty, this episode is especially for you!! Borrow from the magic of Christmas to reframe your view of God's character. He wants you to enjoy, to have fun, to long, to have space to lament. May you know God more fully and allow yourself to be deeply known this Christmas season.

Dec 22, 2021
Promise of Hope and Our Burdens Made Lighter

76 Today's episode is a little slower, more thoughtful. I pray God ministers exactly what you need from it. Isaiah 9 is almost a breakthrough of promise during a dark and despairing time. May our hearts ponder who God is and what he has done. Have a lovely week, friend!

Connect with me on Instagram or I'd love to get to know you face to face on the Connect Chat and Pray call that I host each week. H

Dec 17, 2021
You DONT need to do more (it's the little stuff that matters anyway)

75 I want to share what God is teaching me. The little stuff matters. You don't need to do more or go bigger.

Would love to see you at the Connect, Chat, and Pray call!! RSVP here.

Dec 15, 2021
Emmanuel: God Dwells With Us (And Won't Ever Abandon!)

74 God has come to dwell with us!! Today starts a series for December that will draw our hearts to wonder at the coming of Jesus and that God has chosen to dwell with us.

Dec 08, 2021
Breakthrough The Lies From Our Enemy

73 This episode is a powerful and beautiful reminder that God provides us break through and that we do not have to stay stuck.

Join me for the weekly Connect, Chat, and Pray Call and let's experience break through together! 

Dec 03, 2021
Your Identity as a Child of God Offers Healing, Purpose, and Freedom w/ Charity Majors

72 Charity is a coach, author, and speaker who is passionate about helping you step into everything that God has made you for. We talk about limiting beliefs that have been spoken over us, how we can speak the truth over ourselves instead. Believing what God says about you offers healing from guilt, purpose, and freedom from people pleasing.

Be encouraged with this episode, friend and grab 5 free devotionals from Charity by texting "devo" to 833-231-8098. Or grab the whole devo deck at devodeck.com 

Dec 01, 2021
You Don't Have to Fight

71 2 Chronicles 20:17 reminds us that it is God that fights for us.

Join me each Tuesday for the Connect, Chat, and Pray Call where I answer your questions, pray over you, and enjoy community together. ✨ RSVP here.

Nov 26, 2021
How Meditation Can Help Us Heal And Be More Connected to God w/ Deanna Wheeler

70  Deanna Wheeler shares with how meditation helped her walk through grief and how meditation has changed her relationship with God and herself.

I am excited to implement simple meditations back into my life and hope you are as well!

Check out Deanna's guided meditations on Insight Timer (free) or Mindist (paid).

Deanna also has a community for all those who would like support in this area!

Nov 24, 2021
"You are my Beloved"

69  I couldn't believe I missed this verse when talking about Identity on Episode 69, so here it is!

Come join the Tuesday morning Connect, Chat, and Pray call. Can't wait to see you there.

Nov 19, 2021
Your God Given Identity (Listen for loads of life and truth being spoken over you)

68 I'm so glad you're here friend! And I hope this episode is one that will encourage you and make you stand up a little taller. Whose you are is so secure and what he says about you so powerful!

Nov 17, 2021
You Don't Have to Look Good

67 This week's Life Giving Friday Episode is a quote from Geri Scazzero about being real and truly as you are.

I would love to invite you to this week's Connect Chat and Pray call where I will pray over you, you're welcome to bring your questions and I'll do my best to answer them, and where there is a community of other Christians walking a similar journey as you are. RSVP here: https://calendly.com/emilylouis/chatandpray 

Nov 12, 2021
How Gratitude Makes Us Feel More Alive and Connected

66 Gratitude can begin to feel average but there is so much power in posturing our hearts with thankfulness.

Come to the Connect, Chat, and Pray call!

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Nov 10, 2021
What Is Abundant Life and Are You Living It?


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Nov 10, 2021
Lord, I Believe, Help My Unbelief

64 It's so easy to feel like your there isn't room for doubt or questions in your faith. But that just isn't the case! God welcomes your questions, sees your faith, and doesn't shame you for any of it.

If you have questions about your faith or some narratives that have been spoken over you, I would love to invite you to bring those to the Connect, Chat, and Pray call  and I will do my best to answer them or point you to resources that help you on your journey. RSVP to the call (for free) here: https://calendly.com/emilylouis/chatandpray

Nov 05, 2021
"The Courage to Walk Away"

63 On this life-giving Friday episode, I have a quote for you to remind you that you are not alone and that you are doing the courageous thing by healing and growing and moving forward.

If you are looking for an online community of people who are walking a similar spiritual journey, I would love to have you join the Tuesday morning Connect, Chat, and Pray call. RSVP here: https://calendly.com/emilylouis/chatandpray

Oct 29, 2021
Sabbath How To and How it Teaches Us to Stop Striving

62 Last week on the Connect, Chat, and Pray Call, we talked a lot about recovering from striving as we discussed the list from last week's episode.

So this week I wanted to bring you a super practical and huge way that you can implement rest from striving: Sabbath.

Would love to have you join me the conversation on the Connect, Chat, and Pray call! RSVP (for free) here: https://calendly.com/emilylouis/chatandpray

Oct 27, 2021
Are You Afraid to Have God Speak Directly to You?

61 In Exodus chapter 20, the Israelites witness some of the raw power of God and tell Moses they want Moses to speak to God on their behalf. He then comforts them by explaining beautifully that God wants them to fear (respect) Him but that they didn't need to be afraid.

If you have a question about a verse that has been spoken over you are and you're not sure how to untwist the narrative around, I'd love to invite you to my weekly Connect, Chat, and Pray call where I will do my best to answer your question with Bible truth.
RSVP here: https://calendly.com/emilylouis/chatandpray

Oct 22, 2021
What A Checklist Can't Do For You

60 Today I found a book that outlines 10 steps for every Christian to live in victory. The book offers a list of 10 things to do and promises victory over nearly every area of life from anger to addiction to child rearing.

This prosperity gospel of sorts is not new but the kind of things it promises if you just "follow these easy steps" can wreck a person's faith when they are waiting for God to come through and even feeling betrayed.

Join me for Connect, Chat, and Pray where I answer questions about things you're unlearning/relearning and pray over you with other Christians who are on the same journey as you are. https://calendly.com/emilylouis/chatandprayd

Oct 20, 2021
The Way You Are Is Enough

You are enough, friend! Not in a don't-need-Jesus kind of a way, but in the you-don't-have-to-change-your-personality way.

If you would like me to speak life over you, live and in-person, I want to invite you to my Tuesday morning Connect, Chat, and Pray call. I would honored to pray over you or to answer your questions about living out the gospel or help you sort through some of the things that have been spoken over you.

RSVP here and I can't wait to see you there https://calendly.com/emilylouis/chatandpray

Oct 15, 2021
It's OK to change your mind

Maybe it's a theological issue. Maybe it's a decision you're afraid to make.

Either way, it's totally OK to change your mind.

Change comes from growth or new perspectives but often times we feel married to the choices we make or beliefs we have.

If you have questions about living out your identity as a child of God or about getting victory over some things that have been spoken over you, I would love to answer them for you on the Tuesday morning Connect, Chat, and Pray call! Feel free to come once or every week. RSVP here >> https://calendly.com/emilylouis/chatandpray

Oct 13, 2021
The Biblical Basis for Loving Yourself



Sep 28, 2021
Learning to Trust (Church) People Again

Whew! We could have a whole lot of conversations around this, I mean, there are even careers around helping me heal this ;)

Today I'm sharing what I has been coming up for me in learning to trust the community and pastor we have been attending.

Come join us for weekly chat and connect:

Sep 14, 2021
Trust God with (sm)all things

55 Trusting God with the (sm)all things.

Why do we sometimes feel like we shouldn't bother God with our seemingly small problems or like we can handle this thing or that?

Today I encourage you to trust God with them and unpack what might be holding you back from bringing them to God. 💖

What are your thoughts on this? Where do you find yourself shrinking back from trusting God? Where do you feel like you're "too much"? (P.S. - You're not 😘)

Aug 24, 2021
Broken to Brave w/ Christina Wyrick

54 Christina helps women who are overwhelmed and doing all the things for others, learn to dream again and take bold moves towards those dreams.

Follow Christina  on Instagram and be sure watch for her upcoming book! 

Aug 17, 2021
Bethel - The House of God

53 Join me in this episode as I walk through the Bible and see how God has chosen to dwell with his people throughout history. The one who made everything makes his home in us! How incredible!

Aug 10, 2021
Is there a difference between legalism and the prosperity gospel?

How is your belief about working for God, blessings, and surrender impacting your every day life?

Aug 05, 2021
Pursuing Mental Wellbeing Together w/ Shannon and Stephanie Lombard

51 Joining me on the podcast today are Shannon and Stephanie Lombard, co-authors of PTSD: Pushing Toward Success Daily.

I am so thankful that Shannon and Stephanie sat down and had a conversation with me about their journey through Shannon's diagnosis; how they navigated that together and what tools they have learned along the way.

It's such a valuable conversation about mental well-being, what we can do support ourselves or loved ones walking through mental health challenges such as PTSD, depression, or anxiety.

Check them out at ptsd.academy

Jul 27, 2021
Objections to Grace and Talking About Freedom in Christ

50 Today I am focusing in on grace for this 50th episode and address the three most common concerns that people often have when grace or freedom in Christ is brought up.

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Jul 13, 2021
Praise and Testimony Time ;)

49 As I celebrated 15 years since I accepted Jesus as my Savior, I thought about what God has walked me through and how he's gone before me. He is so faithful and patient! I wanted to make space to praise him and stand in wonder of where he's brought me. I hope it is a blessing to your heart as well!

Jul 06, 2021
The Importance of "Complicating" Your Faith

48. It is easy to forget that people can look at the exact same information and come away with different conclusions. And that's what I'm talking about on the podcast today! We should be able to see why someone else believes what they believe, even if we disagree with them.

Heal Your Relationship with God is my comprehensive course that will help you build a good foundation for a personal and balanced relationship with God. Get the course at emilyklouis.com/healnow The truth in this course will help you develop a stronger connection to God, empower you to ditch fear and guilt ('cause they aren't from God), and teach you how to let grace and the gospel inform your whole life. I can't wait for you to get in there and for you to see a shift in how you are talking to God. 

Jul 01, 2021
Boundaries and Healing from Toxic Relationships w/ Marissa Mize

I had the opportunity to talk to Marissa Mize, the founder of Take Flight Coaching, about boundaries and healing from toxic relationships. She teaches me some basics around boundaries and offers hope to those who may be navigating a toxic relationship now.

Connect with Marissa: 

Website: www.marissamize.com
Free Printable Journal: https://marissamize.com/2020/01/my-gift-to-you/
Private Facebook Community: https://www.facebook.com/groups/368194661093591
IG:  https://www.instagram.com/iammarissamize/
Don't miss my brand new course, Heal Your Relationship with God!  Get the course at emilyklouis.com/healnow

Heal Your Relationship with God will help you grow a deeper, more personal relationship with Him. The course will help you identify misconceptions that you've been believing about God, help you reframe your view of who He is and how He interacts with you, and give you practical tools to help you replace guilt and fear with love and grace.

Heal Your Relationship with God is perfect for you if you are used to working hard FOR God and want to know how to let God's love inform everything that you are doing. The gospel says that you are loved and accepted just as you are; this course will help you learn how to apply the good news of grace to your relationship with God and your everyday life. You're value comes not from what you are doing but from whose you are; let's live that out!"

Get the course at emilyklouis.com/healnow

Jun 29, 2021
What's On Your List? "Personal Legalism"

It is work to get legalism out of our system so today I'm asking, "What is still on your list" that makes you feel like you are more valuable or more worthy of love? If we are going to beat the culture of legalism and complicating how people can come into relationship with God, we need to be honest about our personal walks with God and root out the list keeping from our hearts.

To reserve your seat at the class on Thursday, head over to yourrelationshipwithgod.com/legalismclass

Jun 15, 2021
3 Reasons Christians Downplay What God Says About Them

45. In this bonus episode, I am talking about the reasons Christians downplay their God given identity and what God says about them. When we truly understand what God says about us and what that means,  it changes us and how we relate to God and the world around us.

To save your seat for the Break Free from Legalism Class, go to yourrelationshipwithgod.com/legalismclass Can't wait to see you there!

Jun 11, 2021
God Uses Good to Get Our Attention

44. How often have you feared that God was going to "get after you" for a mistake that you've made? In legalistic environments, there is a formula that when it is followed we are promised God's blessing but if we mess up, we can expect destruction or judgement. Today I wanted to talk about the goodness of God and how his gentleness and patience are often at play when the Holy Spirit is drawing us back to him.

Life by Bekah Shae
Scripture References: Luke 6:38 1 Corinthians 2:9 Ephesians 3:20 Philippians 4:7

And don't forget to grab your spot for the Breaking Free From Legalism Class: Root Out the Checklist Mindset and Learn How to Rest in Grace yourrelationshipwithgod.com/legalismclass 
Can't wait to see you there! 

Jun 09, 2021
11 Ways to Reset When Your Relationship with God Feels A Bit Dry

43. In this practical episode, I talk about ways that you can refresh your connection to God.

Here is the playlist of my worship playlists: Emily's Worship Faves

You can grab your free Revival Starter here: Revival Starter Kit

Jun 02, 2021
The Stories We Tell Ourselves About Ourselves

42. What are some beliefs or things that have been spoken over you? 

In this episode, I talk about a story I've told myself and how some circumstances have helped me shift my perspective. We can limit God's ability to use us when we only expect him to use our strengths but when we surrender as his vessel he can use us in unexpected ways too that bring him so much glory.

May 25, 2021
Deflecting Compliments vs. Learning to Receive

How often have you disbelieved someone when they pay you a compliment? This episode is a result of me doing just that very recently. I realized that in my deflection, I am not honoring the person who paid me a compliment and what feels like humility is actually pride.

When you learn to be grateful for someone's feedback, you can give God the glory for growth and work in your life.  There is so much value when you affirm someone's compliment and learn to totally receive it.

May 18, 2021
Depolarization and Civil Discourse: Tools for Listening and Speaking Up Graciously w/ Chelsea Andrews

It is said of Jesus that people "marveled at the gracious words that proceeded out of His mouth".  How many of us would like the same thing to be said about us?

Tools and framing that Chelsea Andrews teaches equip you to approach typically polarizing topics with grace. In this conversation we covered depolarization, how tribalism impacts polarization, what confirmation bias is, and so much more.

These tools are extremely helpful as we get outside of the boxes that we have been raised in and walk out our journey of healing. They continue to support us as we have conversations with people we disagree with and make room for nuance within conclusions and opinions.

You can follow Chelsea on Instagram to learn more about peacebuilding and watch her put this stuff into practice in her Stories. 

May 11, 2021
Christians and Politics with Drew Anderson

Today I have Drew Anderson on to talk about Christians and politics. Thank you for listening to this important conversation. You can follow Drew on Instagram and check out his book No Longer Self Evident: Are We More American Than Christian? and the podcast companion for the book.

Some of the talking points from today:

• America: Christian Nation?

• How to Get Involved in Politics without being tied to our political position or approach

• How to love people whom we disagree with

• Loving people and affecting change like Jesus did

• Is the gospel enough?

May 04, 2021
Be Still

Today I'm talking about being still and listening; making space for God to speak and making margin for ourselves to rest.

If you would like to grab the guilt free resource you can head over to yourrelationshipwithgod.com/guiltfree 

And here is the meditation that I mentioned in this episode: Abundance Meditation for Mothers by Allie Cassaza

Have a great week, friend!

Apr 28, 2021
Guilt as a Motivator

In this episode of the Abundant Grace podcast, I talk about where we get the tendency to use guilt to motivate us, the different ways this shows up in our society, and how we can flip this on it’s head to allow the Holy Spirit and God’s love to motivate us.

If you are ready to face guilt head on and root out shame and condemnation from your life, I have recorded a new class just for YOU.            
Enter your email address here so I can send it straight to your inbox!

Apr 20, 2021
The Great Sex Rescue w Sheila Gregoire, Rebecca Lindebach, and Joanna Swatsky

Today I got to sit down with the authors of the Great Sex Rescue: Sheila Wray-Gregoire, Rebecca Gregoire-Lindenbach, and Joanna Swatky.

Apr 13, 2021
Your Body is Good

35 This week I talk back to the lie that we have been taught that our body is somehow inherently bad. Your body is so good and is not your enemy. We can learn to listen to and appreciate our bodies.

Apr 06, 2021
Your Theology Matters

Theology: the study of who God is. Our belief around who God is shapes how we interact with him and the world around us.

If you would like to learn more about Heal Your Relationship with God and become a founding member, send me a DM on Instagram or email me at  hello@sisterseeker.com. ❤️

Mar 30, 2021
A Journey Out of Performance Based Religion w/ Lynn Wilder

If you want to join me for a free class on how we can transform our relationship with God and ourselves
Or if you just want to hang out and be encouraged by who God really is, you can RSVP here!!

Today’s interview with Lynn Wilder was such a sweet reminder of God’s grace. She shares with us how God delivered her from performance based religion and how her life has been transformed since.

Here are a list of resources if you’d like connect with Lynn or hear more from her.

Website: Ex-Mormon Christians United for Jesus
Podcast: Unveiling Grace
Cell: 239-565-3224
Email: lynn@unveilingmormonism.com


7 Reasons We Left Mormonism: Quick Doctrinal Guide

Unveiling Grace: The Story of How We Found Our Way Out of the Mormon Church

Leaving Mormonism: Why Four Scholars Changed their Minds

Mar 23, 2021
“Biblical” Legalism

32. Bonus episode on a Friday! In today’s episode I talk about how we can appear to have a Bible verse to back up a standard that we have when in reality the verses we’re applying are not mandates from God.

If you want to get in on the Overcomer’s Bootcamp next week click here. It’s a four day workshop to help you overcome fear, shame, and guilt by having a good relationship with our Heavenly Father. 

Mar 19, 2021
Are You Afraid of Truth?

The truth sets us free! So why do we sometimes shy away from asking some questions or digging into some topics? 

Today I tell you the story of how I realized I had been afraid of truth and how we can be secure even when we’re asking hard questions. 

Mar 16, 2021
Be Ye Kind... to Yourself

Be kind to yourself. In today’s episode I’m talking about how you can flip the script on the self condemnation or negativity. You are so loved. The God of creation who is completely Holy and Just, is kind to you. You get to be kind to you too.

If you feel any resistance when I’m talking about God’s kindness or loving yourself like he loves you, I’d like to invite you to check out my mini course Three Dimensional. It is a great place to start The audio trainings will walk you through the most common ways you can grow your connection with each member of the trinity and the worksheets are designed for you to process what you learned and help you to take action towards your goals.
You can access that here >> Three Dimensional: Grow Your Relationship with Each Member of the Trinity

Mar 09, 2021
The Stay at Home Daughter Movement Documentary w Joanna Adams

I had the privilege of interviewing my friend, Joanna Adams about her documentary project about the Stay at Home Daughter movement.

We talk about her experience with the movement and what she has learned from researching the impacts of it.

If you are interested in participating in the documentary or have comments about this movement, Joanna would love to hear from you. They are still looking for people to be involved and searching out stories. You can reach out at thedaughtersdocu.com or follow on Facebook.

Mar 02, 2021
Grace Centered Book Recommendations

In this episode I read from 5 of my favorite books on grace and applying the gospel to every part of life!

If you’re ready to revitalize your relationship with any or members of the trinity,
Here are the course details: Three Dimensional

Books mentioned in this episode:
Real Christianity by Cary Schmidt
Gospel by JD Greear
Imperfect Disciple by Jared Wilson
Accidental Pharisees by Larry Osborne

Feb 23, 2021
You Were Created for More w/ Rick Torrison

Get ready for a conversation that will fire you up, help you overcome, and inspire you to move forward into everything God has made you to be. We talked about so much good stuff from forgiveness to identity to relationship with God. You may even want to take notes. Enjoy!

And if you enjoy this show, it would mean so much to me if you would leave a rating a review! Thanks friend!

Join Rick’s Facebook Community Created for More and check out his website for more resources! 

Feb 16, 2021
Recovering Fundamentalist w/ guest host Lois McNair

Today I’m sharing with you an episode from The Recovering Fundamentalist Podcast (RFP). Lois McNair and I got to guest host an episode a couple of weeks ago.

If you haven’t heard yet, Lois and I are starting a new podcast together!! R.F.W.P.:Seeking Truth, Finding God’s Heart officially launches on Friday, February 19, 2021!! I would love to invite you to subscribe and listen over there also.

In this episode, Lois interviews me and I get an opportunity to share more of my story than I have yet in this space. I hope you enjoy this episode, we certainly had a lot of fun recording it together.

Feb 12, 2021
Bible Reading and Journalling Tips

A few tips that have helped me along my journey.

If you want to examine or revitalize your relationship with God, grab your Revival Starter Kit

Feb 09, 2021
Recovering From the Need to Achieve and from Performing for Acceptance

Your value is not determined by what you accomplish 💜

Grab your Revival Starter Kit and move forward toward a more vibrant walk with God and a fresh Christianity that you are excited about.

Feb 02, 2021
Feral Christian w/ Eric Jackson

Talking today with Eric Jackson about his book Feral Christian.

This is an especially great conversation for anyone who has felt Holy Spirit leading them to break out of status quo molds in Christianity.

For more on this topic, you can check out Eric’s book and podcast

Jan 26, 2021
Your Relationship with God - with Each Member of the Trinity
Jan 19, 2021
Borrow From The Magic of Christmas

Let yourself be baffled by who God is and what he has done for you!

Be in awe at His greatness.

Wonder at His kindness.

This posture changes us. 

Borrow from the magic of Christmas and bottle up some wonder.

Jan 12, 2021
Freedom from Shame

Find freedom in knowing how God responds to us! He is so gentle, kind, and faithful. He desires to give us freedom from shame and condemnation.

Shame likes to weigh us down and our enemy likes to accuse us. Break this cycle now! 

Dec 29, 2020
Deconstruction + Parenting: What is Most Important for Your Kids to Know? with Rebekah Drumsta

Rebekah Drumsta is back and today we are talking about deconstruction and parenting. Even if you have more questions than answers, you can give your kids the gift of unconditional love and authenticity.

You can connect more with her on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  Rebekah has been a great coach and help to me; if you are interested in talking with her yourself, you can book a 30 min call on her website here

Dec 22, 2020
Faith and Religious Deconstruction: Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Big Questions with Rebekah Drumsta

Rebekah Drumsta is a religious abuse advocate raising awareness through writing coaching and speaking. I’m also a mom and director of PR for a international non-profit. 

Deconstruction is a big and sometimes controversial topic. I love how Rebekah explains it and talks about the benefits of unpacking what we believe.

Don’t miss her story and insight into religious abuse, legalism, and healing. 

You can connect with Rebekah on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Or check out her blog at RebekahDrumsta.com

Dec 15, 2020
Pastor Cary Schmidt - Letting the gospel shape EVERYTHING

It was such a privilege to interview Pastor Cary this morning!

So  much was covered in 40 minutes! We started with best practices when approaching the Bible and how the lens with which you view the Bible informs how you see God and respond to him.

Then he talked about love as our motivation to serve and give; and how fruitful it is to keep Christ and what he’s done for us central.

We ended by talking about our identity in Christ and his new book , Stop Trying: How to Receive- Not Acheive-Your True Identity, which you can preorder here today.

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on today’s episode! You can find me on Instagram or send me an email at hello@emilyklouis.com.

You can get your complimentary ticket for The Victorious Christian Conference here. I can’t wait to see you there!

Dec 01, 2020
Invite the Holy Spirit In

So many of us have limited interaction with the Holy Spirit so today I go into a few reasons why and end with a powerful prayer to invite Him into your life more.

Here’s a free resource if you’re ready to take a look at what has impacted your individual relationship with God and get clarity on steps to repair it.

Nov 18, 2020
Beloved w/ Kendra Conkle

Hi there friend!
Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to my friend, Kendra Conkle and her company Scripture Flips! When I heard the story behind her business, I knew I wanted to feature her here. Tune in to hear said story and for a sweet reminder of who you are in Jesus Christ.

Be sure to check out Scripture Flips for yourself! Kendra is generously providing a 25% coupon Grace25 for Abundant Grace podcast listeners. Enjoy!! You can also follow Kendra on a Facebook or Instagram for Flip Tips and product updates 🤍 

Nov 10, 2020
Staying Grounded in Grace

Resting in God’s grace doesn’t come naturally to you or me and after we have spent any period of time working to gain God’s acceptance or prove his love, it’s a hard cycle to break. Verses like the ones I read in this episode call you back to grace.

You can grab the list of verses I referenced in today’s episode. You’ll want to keep this list close for when you feel the weight of legalism creeping back in. Rest in Jesus, friend ❤️ Grace is sufficient ❤️

Nov 03, 2020
Beauty For Ashes w/ Heather Lobe Johnson

I am excited and thankful to introduce to you Heather Lob Johnson. We had a conversation about finding the redemption in our pain and how God uses the people around us to teach us how we deeply we are loved. She shares a part of her story and offers such hope to those who are hurting or have been hurt. I'm confident that this episode will be a blessing to you as it has been to me. 

Check out Heather's website or connect with her on Instagram. To hear more from her, you can also listen to her podcast Take These Ashes

Oct 27, 2020
Give Yourself Grace As You Learn To Trust God

When trusting God feels intimidating, where do you start? Today I share how trusting God hasn’t always come easily for me, even, or especially, when I was most “religious”. I round out the episode with some helpful tips to seeing God as trustworthy so that you can begin to place things in his hands.

As always, praying for you friend.

Also, I’m giving away a free coaching call!!

To enter this week’s giveaway, rate and review the podcast, take a screen shot and share it to your story on Instagram. Make sure you tag me so I can see it!

I would love to hear about your experience with this week’s topic! Feel free to reach out on Instagram @emily.abundantgrace or email me hello@emilyklouis.com. 

Oct 20, 2020
Rebekah Palmer’s Story

Joining me on the podcast today is my friend Rebekah Palmer! Rebekah boldly shares her story of abuse within her childhood church and then at college. I wanted to have her on to talk about how her relationship with God has been shaped over the years and why she didn’t give up on God or the church altogether. I am encouraged by her faithfulness and I know you will be too!

To connect with Rebekah you can check out her blog or her author site. You can find her on social media too; Linked In, Goodreads, and Facebook.

If you are interested in working through how your past experiences have shaped your view of God, you can grab my free workbook here

Oct 13, 2020
My Story - Life Changing Grace

The basis for how I related to God used to be fear of judgment and trying to earn God’s love. Today I talk about the events and resources that changed my life completely! I had been a Christian for years before I understood God’s grace and let me tell you, it transformed me.

If you are looking to repair your own relationship with God, grab my Revival Starter Kit! https://linktr.ee/Emily.Louis

Oct 06, 2020

What is legalism and what is the antidote for it? Tune in today’s episode to hear an overview of this topic!

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Grab my Revival Starter Kit here to begin identifying any misrepresentations you’ve been taught about God so you can replace them with truth!

Sep 29, 2020
Learning to receive grace w/ Emily Wilson

It comes naturally to relate to God on the basis of our performance but oh so life changing when we accept his grace and live from a place of acceptance! My friend Emily talks about how she has learned to accept God’s grace and comfort even after salvation. You will be so encouraged by Emily’s testimony. Enjoy!

Sep 22, 2020
When your walk with God feels hard

It’s easy to assume that anything worth having is hard to get and when it comes to our relationship with God, it can leave us grinding and striving, not realizing there is a different, better way. Jesus invites us only into things that are life-giving. He invites us to cast our burden aside and enter into an easy yoke. So today, that’s what I’m doing; inviting you to let relationship with him be easy.


Sep 01, 2020
Personal Testimony: From Law to Grace w/ Kent Black

Joining me on the podcast today is my friend and mentor, Kent Black. He shares his personal testimony of salvation, how he used to relate to God, how he broke free from legalism, and who
God is to him now. For more resources from him, check his church’s website https://www.riograndebaptist.org

If you relate to Kent’s story of God feeling harsh or His love feeling conditional, grab my Revival Starter Kit for journal prompts and thought provoking questions about who God is to you. It’s your next step to a vibrant, intimate relationship with God! https://linktr.ee/emily.louis

Enjoy today’s episode, friend!

If you’re loving, the podcast, I would be so grateful if you would take a minute to leave a rating and review. Thanks so much!

Aug 25, 2020
Does fear motivate you?

Today I unpack how unhealthy fear can impact our relationship with a God.


Aug 18, 2020
How our mindset affects our prayers w/ Caity Neub

Caity is a mindset coach helping women to turn off auto-pilot and begin living the life they want using the power of mind shifting. I heard Caity give a talk on the power of mind shifting when it comes to prayer and it was so good I just knew I wanted to have her on the podcast! I know that this conversation will be a blessing to you as it has been to me.


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Aug 11, 2020
Unconditional Love

God’s love is one of the most earth moving forces out there. And when we begin to grasp the unconditional nature of it, it can completely transform us from the inside out!

Aug 04, 2020
Relational Obedience w/ Lynn Carter

How simple obedience draws us deeper into relationship with a God and the power in each of our’s stories.


Aug 04, 2020
1. Gospel for Everyday Life

We know that the gospel applies to our salvation and in this episode I tell you how it applies to everything else in our walk with Jesus too!


Aug 04, 2020
Trailer Episode!

Tune in to hear who this podcast was made for!

I am so glad that you are here friend!


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Aug 03, 2020