The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter

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 Jul 9, 2021

 Nov 20, 2020
Didn't like JJ the player at Duke. But I respect him now as a player in the NBA but even more hearing his insight and thoughts on the NBA and life. He and Tommy make a great team.


Former NBA sharpshooter and Duke legend JJ Redick and his co-host Tommy Alter discuss the NBA, current events and interview some of the biggest names in the NBA, entertainment and political worlds. Launching from inside the NBA bubble, the show offers unprecedented access to the league while telling the stories of an eclectic rotating group of guests.

Episode Date
Episode 116: Trae Young
Episode 116: Trae Young Darth Vader. The Joker. The Terminator. Trae Young? Hey, being a villain isn't easy, but some people just do it so damn well. Enter Trae Young. He'll drain a three from the logo, tell the defender how good he looked doing it, all the while giving the crowd a little shimmy just to drive home the point. On the court, he fears no one and seems to relish the villain role. But has it always been that way? In this wide ranging interview, you'll learn much more about Trae Young than his edge on the court. He delves into topics such as how he creates so much offense for a relatively small NBA frame, or how he reacted the first time the vitriol really started raining down from the stands, or what really gets him going on the floor. Plus, the guys dig deep into the X's and O's of the game and nerd out for a while as well. It's an outstanding interview that shows you a side of Trae that people don't often see.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 20, 2022
Episode 115: Jose Alvarado
What makes a good player? To the casual NBA fan, oftentimes the bottom line is scoring. And let's be honest... many of the top players in the game are indeed elite scorers. But if you look a little closer, and you know the game well, you know that so many other aspects of the game are just as important. And if you can find a player that does the little things - whether it's taking a charge, diving for a loose ball, coming up with a key defensive stop - chances are you have yourself a winner. Well, Jose Alvarado does ALL of those things, and combines all of it with an atomic force of energy that gives opponents fits, and his teammates confidence. Jose joins JJ and Tommy for this incredibly humble interview and shows what makes him so special on and off the court.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 12, 2022
Episode 114: Tim Legler
Ok let's be honest, there are some basketball conversations - whether it be on TV, podcast or whatever - that just don't deliver anything concrete or new. Well, it's pretty much an ironclad lock that today's episode of the OM3 won't leave you feeling that way. That's because joining the pod is former NBA 10 year vet and current ESPN and Sirius XM NBA analyst Tim Legler, and the sheer amount of hoops talk that is covered is staggering. From a complete breakdown of the playoffs thus far, to Legler's playing career, what it was like playing in the 90's, the evolution of the game, social media pitfalls, Kobe and MJ, and more, there isn't much that wasn't discussed. An amazing pod for any hooper, especially with the playoffs in full swing. Don’t miss it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 05, 2022
Episode 113: Ben Stiller
After an incredible and historic OM3 run of NBA guests, things get turned around a bit on this episode of the Old Man & the Three. The guest is still outstanding in every way - that doesn't change - but his job description is a little different in that he's one of Hollywood's finest actors and comedians, as well as an award winning producer and director. Ladies and gentleman, the OM3 welcomes Ben Stiller. After a long wait, JJ and Tommy finally get to sit down with the comedy giant to discuss his career, as well as his love for basketball and the Knicks, what it's like working with the icons of Hollywood, his best and worst performances, his current projects, and so much more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 28, 2022
Episode 112: RJ Barrett
Bing Bong! We’ve got an exciting episode this week featuring one of our most requested guests ever, New York Knicks star RJ Barrett. But first, we open with a few takeaways from this week’s NBA playoff games including Joel Embiid’s game winner and The Boston Celtics’ smothering defense on Kevin Durant. Then we’re joined by RJ and get his personal perspective on that Boston defense and how defenses change in general during the NBA playoffs. We also dig into his childhood in Europe, obligatory Duke talk and Coach K stories, the emotions of his draft night experience, first impressions of Knicks fans and their interactions with Trae Young, his relationship with Tom Thibodeau, that unbelievable game winner against The Celtics and so much more. This is a fantastic conversation start-to-finish and we’re thrilled to share it with you all. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 22, 2022
Episode 111: Mailbag!
It's that time again... you answered the call with some amazing questions and now it's time for JJ and Tommy to join forces and answer them. It's an OM3 Mailbag episode! Enjoy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 15, 2022
Episode 110: Mike D'Antoni (Coaching Series #4)
Mike D'Antoni is synonymous with coaching. It's hard to imagine him anywhere else but roaming the court in front of an NBA bench. Accolades? There are plenty. We all know his history and what he's done for the game. But as much as you think you know about Mike D'Antoni the coach, it's pretty certain you don't know all there is to know about Mike D'Antoni the man. Or Mike D'Antoni the player. In this 4th installment of the OM3 Coaching Series, presented by Future, you'll learn so much more than just what this legendary coach did on the court. Displaying a personality that reeks of humbleness and honesty, D'Antoni details his career and accomplishments in a way that few would expect from a man of his stature. It's a truly outstanding interview that will surely open your eyes to a different view of a man who has dedicated his life to the game of basketball. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 12, 2022
Episode 109: Bam Adebayo
There are all kinds of scary things in life... death, taxes, etc. - take your pick. But I would imagine one of the scariest things an NBA player can encounter is the prospect of driving down the lane and coming face to face with Bam Adebayo. At that point, the chances of success are pretty slim, with the most likely outcome being the ball ending up somewhere in the second row. And given the fact that he doesn't care whether you're a 1,2,3,4, or a 5, escape is not an option. Well thankfully, an interview with Bam is quite the opposite. He joins JJ and Tommy on this episode of the OM3 for an open and entertaining conversation about all things Bam - his defense, his early years, the Heat culture, playing for John Calipari, the bubble run, and so much more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 08, 2022
Episode 108: The ETCs w/ Kevin Durant and Eddy Gonzalez
The best way to describe a great interview is with an analogy. Imagine yourself at a restaurant, and the table next to you is having the most incredible conversation. And all the while, you're listening and quietly taking in all the great information that is going back and forth. Now imagine it with four guys talking hoops and breaking down some of the most intricate basketball info you've ever heard. Oh and one more thing... one of those guys is a recently retired 15 year NBA veteran who has seen and heard it all, and another one just happens to be one of the best basketball players on the entire planet. Yep, that's today's episode on the OM3 as JJ and Tommy join forces with The ETC's podcast, which is hosted by Kevin Durant and Eddy Gonzalez, for an absurd hoops conversation that is loaded with unique and personal basketball info. It's an outstanding listen from start to finish. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 06, 2022
Episode 107: Joel Embiid
It’s no secret that JJ is very close friends with Joel Embiid. They go back several years and have formed a very tight bond on and off the court. It’s also no secret that Joel Embiid is a monster on the court and is enjoying a spectacular season, which could lead to him taking home the MVP. But besides all of that, he’s also a fantastic interview, as he has gone head to head with JJ and Tommy multiple times before, always bringing his 'A' game to keep the fellas on their toes. Well, this time is no different… except that it is. Because not only do you get a great interview, but a new OM3 approach as well. In showing him handpicked video highlights, JJ has Joel breakdown four integral aspects of his game, forcing him to give his own inside scoop as to how these very important parts of his game come to life. All that and, of course, the occasional haymakers that Embiid and JJ toss back and forth at each other. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 31, 2022
Episode 106: Pau Gasol
It's not often that you hear of someone having this type of choice to make in life: Shall I finish medical school or should I play in the NBA? Wait ... what? Yeah, that's not a typo. And consequently, it also adequately encapsulates the presence and stature that Pau Gasol carried throughout his career and still continues to carry today. A sure-fire Hall of Famer, Pau joins JJ and Tommy to take us back for an incredible ride as he discusses his hoops career, his new docuseries, the Laker years and his relationship with Kobe Bryant, playing in the NBA Finals, his experiences in the Olympics, and so much more. A truly impressive person on every level, this is one more in a line of can't miss discussions on the OM3.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 25, 2022
Episode 105: Luka Dončić and Alex Caruso
Luka. Dončić. Need we say more? While watching him on the court often leaves us all wondering "is there anything this guy doesn't do??", there IS one thing that he hasn't done that much of at all. Interviews. Well, at least not like the kind you'll hear on this episode of the OM3. Luka joins JJ and Tommy for a sit down discussion and quickly shows us all that there is much more to him than just his incredible basketball skills. Displaying a sharp, sarcastic wit and humor, Dončić dives in to several topics, including the Mavs red-hot run over the last half of the season, his matchups with the game's other elite players, comparing NBA players to EuroLeague stars, his days of hooping for Real Madrid, and much more. It's a special discussion with someone you certainly don't hear a lot from so don't miss this one. But, that's not all. In fact there's much more that follows as new OM3 correspondent Alex Caruso joins the pod to catch us up on his injury, the Bulls march into the playoffs, and also participates in the Top 5/Draft, which focuses on the 'best March Madness plays that you would have liked to have witnessed in the arena'. So, bottom line, it's a power packed episode of the OM3.     Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 18, 2022
Episode 104: Willie Green (Coaching Series #3)
Some people are just made for certain jobs. They meet the criteria so well that it just seems like a perfect fit. To go a step further, often times others who are close to this person can see the scenario playing out even before the individual can see it him or herself. And if you were to ask JJ directly, he'd likely admit that he knew Willie Green belonged in the NBA coaching ranks probably before Willie did. In this third installment of the OM3 Coaching Series, you find out how it all came to be. Going back through the years when JJ and Willie used to play hypothetical NBA GM's, it was pretty obvious that Green had a place in the game after his playing days were over. And that's just what he's done, as he's weathered the New Orleans Pelicans through a potentially disastrous 1-12 start to the season, all the way to a potential 'Play-In Tournament" appearance. Along the way he has garnered a whole lot of respect, admiration, and a few "Coach of the Year" rumblings as well. Pretty impressive for a guy who seems to be just getting started. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 15, 2022
Episode 103: Pat Beverley
On the court, there are players who bring it... and then there are players who BRING it. Pat Beverley is one of those players. Backed by his tenacious defense - and an equally tenacious personality - Beverley is widely recognized as a premier defender in the NBA. But that aggressive approach isn't just limited to the court. In this spectacular in-your-face interview, you will quickly realize that when Pat Beverley wants to say something, he's going to say it - damn the consequences. The reason he can do this? Well, that's easy...the man can back it up. Join JJ and Tommy as they head straight into the storm with "Mr. 94 Feet". Trust us when we say, you won't be disappointed. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 11, 2022
Episode 102: Matt Barnes and Mikal Bridges
It's not often in life that we're lucky enough to get something good for no cost at all. But here at the OM3, that rule doesn't really apply. Take today's episode for instance... it has not one but two great guests, and all you have to do is listen. Leading things off is very close friend and former teammate - as well as OG pod host - Matt Barnes. Now, it's no secret to anyone that Matt speaks his mind and takes no prisoners, and this discussion is certainly no different. Imagine yourself sitting at a bar and listening in to a conversation between NBA players in the next booth... that's the vibe for this one, no doubt. Then, as if that wasn't enough, JJ and Tommy welcome in the OM3's brand new correspondent - Mikal Bridges of the Phoenix Suns. He joins the show for some playoff talk, a little music discussion, and the Top 5 Draft. And if there was ever a draft that went off the rails in a hurry, this one is it. The finger is pointed at you, Mr Bridges.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 04, 2022
Episode 101: Tyrese Haliburton and Charles Oakley
It's another can't miss episode of the Old Man & the Three as the past meets the present. How is that possible? Well, the pod tips off with the present as JJ and Tommy welcome in OM3 correspondent and newly traded Tyrese Haliburton. He breaks down the entire deadline process, what it's like acclimating to his new home with the Indiana Pacers, the all-star weekend festivities, and several other hot topics. Then, the show digs deep into the past with a spectacular interview with NBA legend Charles Oakley. He discusses his new book "The Last Enforcer", which chronicles his career as one of the toughest and most loyal players in NBA history. He gives a taste of several stories from the book, his feelings on the different eras of basketball, social media, Michael Jordan, and so much more.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 25, 2022
Episode 100: Jayson Tatum
If you're looking for a breather from all the great interviews lately, you might want to up your game a bit because the OM3 train just keeps rolling. JJ and Tommy celebrate the Old Man & the Three's 100th episode with yet another spectacular discussion with one of the game's very best - Jayson Tatum of the Boston Celtics. Jayson actually visited the show way back in August for the pod's 4th episode, and while he's still the same outstanding player he was then, a lot has changed with him, the Celtics, and the NBA overall during that time. Jayson really digs into and breaks down some hot button topics, while also displaying the attributes that make him such a special player on and off the court. Oh, and there's also some talk on the Duke brotherhood and where the program might be headed now that Coach K is leaving. Don't miss this great conversation... and start getting ready for the next 100.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 18, 2022
Episode 99: Marcus Smart (Live Show from the Crystal Ballroom in Boston)
Let's face it... The OM3 live shows are fire. They're a perfect combination of great guests, great atmosphere, and a whole lot of fun. But the unfortunate aspect of having a live show in a specific city, is that only a select few get to experience it first hand. But thankfully, the boys always remember to hit the record button for these special occasions, and we're happy to share the latest OM3 event that took place this past Wednesday, live from the Crystal Ballroom in Boston. Marcus Smart of the hometown Celtics joins the crew for an amazing night of laughs, a bit of trash talk, some brutal honestly, and good ol' fashioned hoops x's and o's. It was a fantastic night on every level, and you can catch it all right here without getting out of your seat. Enjoy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 14, 2022
Episode 98: Desmond Bane
We've seen the story before right? An underrated player comes out of college, somehow hits another level in the pros, and then surprises everyone en route to becoming an NBA star. But what about the guy who hardly got a sniff in the recruiting game coming out of HIGH SCHOOL? Quite simply, that basketball story usually ends right there. Well, don't tell that to Desmond Bane, because getting overlooked coming out of high school only lit his fire to succeed even more. After paving his way through a solid career at TCU, he has taken the proverbial 'next level' leap in the NBA and has become a bonafide force for the Memphis Grizzlies. Teaming with Ja Morant and company, they've got the Grizzlies well on their way to creating some major havoc in the playoffs. Listen in as Desmond discusses his rise to the top, his struggles with the recruiting game, how his body type is the antithesis of the typical NBA shooter, whether or not he believes the Grizzlies can win a chip this season, and so much more.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 09, 2022
Episode 97: Chris Paul
So... last week when Draymond Green visited the show, there were an awful lot of superlatives being thrown around. And why not? It was an incredible interview that was certainly deserving of high praise. Well, if this week proves anything, it’s that you can never have enough superlatives when it comes to the OM3, because joining the show this week is yet another surefire first ballot Hall of Famer, Chris Paul. And even though CP3 and JJ are the closest of friends and have gone through just about everything together on the court and off, this discussion has Chris breaking new ground on several topics. To say this conversation was spectacular on every level is an understatement. Once again, it’s a can’t miss interview on the OM3, so sit back and enjoy the ride. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 04, 2022
Episode 96: Draymond Green
Hype. It's all around us - in sports, in business, and generally all throughout our everyday lives. But seldom does the anticipation of an event or product live up to its potential, often leaving us disappointed or wanting more. This... is not one of those times. In what can already be pointed to as one of the top interviews ever on the Old Man & the Three, JJ and Tommy welcomed in the one and only Draymond Green for a spectacular discussion on basketball, life, and everything in between. Never one to shy away from his opinion or passion, Draymond tells it only as he can, leaving zero room for doubt or misinterpretation. It's a unique conversation that you will surely enjoy and appreciate just as much as his game on the court. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 28, 2022
Episode 95: Kevin Love
Let's be honest, one of the aspects that makes the interviews on the OM3 so great is the fact that JJ and Tommy often cause the guest to dig a little deeper to answer questions and roll a bit out of their comfort zone. But somehow when Kevin Love joins the podcast, there's no need to try and pull info out of him or force delicate subjects into the mix because... well, he does that all by himself. And as usual, this interview is no different. Kevin displays his typical intelligence, humor, sarcastic wit, and basic down to earth nature as he digs into his current season with the Cavs and opens up about the team's past, present, and future. Oh, he also sticks around for the OM3 draft as they break down the worst things you can do on an airplane. Hmmm... I sense a campaign for OM3 correspondent coming on.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 21, 2022
Introducing Fly on the Wall with Dana Carvey and David Spade
Be a “Fly on the Wall” as Saturday Night Live alumni Dana Carvey and David Spade take you behind the scenes to reminisce about the most memorable stories and moments with friends of the show. In each episode, you’ll hear from your favorite cast members, hosts, writers, and musical guests as they share never-before told stories about their careers; including how they made their way to the show and how being a part SNL’s cultural history has impacted their lives beyond the show. Fly on the Wall with Dana Carvey and David Spade is a presentation of Cadence13. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 19, 2022
Episode 94: Dawn Staley (Coaching Series #2)
As you go through the coaching ranks, you see all different types of personalities. On one end of the spectrum you have the coaches who have mastered the art of "coach speak", where they are able to get by with few words, even fewer emotions, and with what many would call a vanilla approach. Then, all the way on the other side of the spectrum you have... well, you have Dawn Staley. Never one to mince words, emotions, or temper her fiery personality, Staley has brought success and pride wherever she has gone - both on the court and controlling the sidelines. Coming from a person who didn't see herself as a coach, it's hard to imagine the game without her presence on the bench. From turning around a Temple program - while still starring in the WNBA as an all star point guard - to taking South Carolina to the pinnacle of the NCAA universe with the 2017 Championship, Staley has done it all. Don't miss a chance to listen to her incredible journey as she joins the show for this second installment of the "Coaching Series" on the Old Man & the Three.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 18, 2022
Episode 93: Josh Hart and Jalen Brunson
It’s a double shot of entertainment on this week’s Old Man & the Three as JJ and Tommy welcome in not one but two stars in Josh Hart and Jalen Brunson. After opening his home and having JJ live in his house for a large part of last year, (and also hounding him and Tommy for his chance on the big stage), close friend Hart kicks things off as he finally gets his shot to be the lead guest on the OM3. And deservedly so, as he brings his humor and intelligence to the table for a fantastic interview. He also has some comments on the size of the following guest’s head, but that’s beside the point. (You’ll understand when you hear it). Then, another friend of the pod Jalen Brunson joins the show for the return of the OM3 draft to give his take on the most unrealistic sports plays in movie history. Just like his game on the court, Jalen doesn’t disappoint.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 07, 2022
Episode 92: Nick Nurse (Coaching Series #1)
2021 was a great year for the Old Man & the Three as many of the NBA's brightest stars joined JJ and Tommy to present an intimate look at the players who make the league such an incredible force. But along with the NBA stars, there were also interviews that took a step outside the box to shed light on the different aspects of our society, business, and life in general. Those were encompassed in the OM3 Leadership series where the likes of Bob Iger, Stacey Abrams, Ben Winston and many more paid visits to the show. Now, to open 2022, we step forward with a new look at the league with the "Coaching Series", which will focus on specific coaches from around the NBA - and maybe some other sports as well. Who knows who will show up... that's part of the fun. And to kick things off for the first installment, JJ and Tommy welcome in Toronto Raptors head coach Nick Nurse for an incredible interview where he breaks down his coaching journey and how he reached the top, what intangibles make a great coach, motivation in players, the preparation it takes to succeed, and so much more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 04, 2022
Episode 91: John Collins
For many NBA players, the ‘hoops' road to the NBA is often bracketed in a similar framework. Meaning, eyes were on them from a relatively early age, they were highly touted high school standouts from a strong program, and then expanded on that path in college and transitioned to the pros. But as we saw last week with Georges Niang, that’s not always the case. And that can certainly be said about John Collins, the guest on today’s OM3. Raised in a military family, Collins moved plenty growing up and although a basketball was always in his hands, he flew a bit under the radar. That is, until he got to Wake Forest and his game exploded. John breaks down his journey to the league in this honest and down to earth interview, and also touches on several other topics, including his recent posterizing dunk on Niang, what it actually feels like to be that high in the air, the present Covid situation in the NBA, and much more.  Editor's note: There will be no OM3 pod next week for the holiday break. JJ, Tommy and everyone at ThreeFourTwo productions and Cadence13 wish all of you a joyous and healthy holiday season and a safe and happy new year. Enjoy and be well. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 23, 2021
Episode 90: Tyrese Haliburton and Georges Niang
Buckle up because it’s a double dose of entertainment on the Old Man & the Three today as JJ and Tommy kick things off by tackling the mailbag with super OM3 correspondent Tyrese Haliburton. They cover a bunch of really solid listener questions from around the globe that has them scrambling a bit at times to find some good answers. But the fun doesn't stop there as the show then pivots to a great interview with Philadelphia 76’er Georges Niang. Similar to Haliburton in that he’s great guy on and off the court, Georges discusses several different topics and shows why he’s a respected and well liked player in the league. Don’t miss this episode of the OM3. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 16, 2021
Episode 89: Joe Ingles
If you’re an OM3 regular, you know very well that JJ is not afraid to bust on his fellow players and break some major chops. And if you know that, then you also know there’s one player who has taken more heat from JJ than anyone else. I mean, let’s face it… there aren’t many episodes where Joe Ingles name doesn’t come up at one point or another, and suffice it to say the comments aren’t loaded with sunshine and rainbows. But if you listen a little closer, you become keenly aware that it's all in fun and comes from a place of great friendship. Well, finally, the time has come for JJ to face his so-called “nemesis” as Joe joins the show for an amazing discussion that bounces from hilarity to deep and thoughtful discussion. And that’s what makes Joe Ingles so special. You may start out hating him, but invariably you end up loving him - especially if he’s on your team.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 08, 2021
C13Features Presents: Ghostwriter, Starring Kate Mara and Adam Scott
In this C13Features podcast movie presentation of Ghostwriter, Kate Mara and Adam Scott star in a psychological thriller about a former journalist who reluctantly accepts a job ghostwriting a new murder mystery novel for an eccentric billionaire. Kate Michaels has been living a solitary life after a traumatic experience, but after pressure from her rational agent and candid best friend, she begrudgingly concedes that she needs the work. As she collaborates with the enigmatic James Webber on the project, she finds herself growing dependent on him and starts to suspect that something is wrong...deeply wrong. Will Kate be able to trust herself with James’ story, or even her own voice? Grab some popcorn, and get lost in your imagination in this gripping and suspenseful podcast movie experience, Ghostwriter, from C13Features. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 07, 2021
Episode 88: Pascal Siakam
Pause for a moment and imagine this scenario. You’re a teenager from another country, and someone says “hey, I want to introduce you to a game. It’s called basketball.” You pick up the ball and begin to play. Then fast forward 7 years down the road (a virtual blink of an eye in an athlete’s life), and you’re not only good at the game, you’re a superior talent. And you’re now playing in the world’s greatest basketball league, the NBA. Oh, and one more thing, you’re an All-Star as well. Wait, what? Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Well, that’s pretty much exactly how it played out for Pascal Siakam, the former Camaroon teenager and present Toronto Raptors all star forward. His story is almost too crazy to believe, but he breaks it all down for you on today’s Old Man and the Three. In this incredible interview, Pascal not only tells the story of how his hoops career came about, but he also covers where things stand now with the Raptors, what it was like winning a chip, his relationship with his late father, and so much more. A true can’t miss interview.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 03, 2021
Episode 87: Mikal Bridges
After starring at Villanova and winning an NCAA Championship along the way, the stage was set for Mikal Bridges to enter the NBA and keep the Philly dream going as he was picked by the 76’ers. But life doesn’t always work out the way we want or expect, and Mikal found himself involved in a draft night trade and the key piece of rebuilding Phoenix Suns team. From that point on, it’s been steady rise in both play and stardom as Bridges continues to forge his name among the league's most exciting players. And the best part? He’s only just begun. Teaming with CP3, he’s led the Phoenix Suns to a scorching hot start to this season as they ride a 13 game winning streak. JJ and Tommy talk to Mikal about that, as well as his crazy draft night, his years at 'Nova, the closeness of this Suns’ team, the influence Jay Wright and Monty Williams have had on his career, and so much more. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 24, 2021
Episode 86: Kemba Walker
Kemba Walker has certainly gone through some ups and downs in his NBA career thus far. However, there are two things that remain consistent and stand out at all times - his spectacular play on the court, and his character off it. All that is on full display as JJ and Tommy welcome in the Knicks guard to talk about everything from suffering through extremely challenging seasons in his early years, to becoming a dominant player in the league, to his Boston years, and to where he is now with the New York Knicks. It's a great window into what makes Kemba the man and player he is, and he doesn't disappoint. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 19, 2021
Episode 85: Alex Caruso
He’s back. The cult hero from LA has switched cities and teams and is back on the OM3 once again to spread some knowledge. Alex Caruso, fresh into his first year with the Bulls, drops in to talk about a myriad of topics, including his still ever-growing cult status, how his first season in ChiTown is going, his sleeper defensive prowess, on whether or not he’d fight on the court, and being the highest paid “janitor" on the planet.  RUNDOWN The guys start it off with an update on Alex's golf game What's the most Chicago thing he’s done so far Discussing the Chicago food scene How he is sort of set up to be a hero in Chicago Why does he think the public ‘latches' on to him Does he feel his defense is still slept on What makes a great defender Thinking vs awareness concerning defense On the knowledge that LeBron brings to the court Where do the Bulls see themselves internally in terms of a ceiling What has he learned about Zach and DeMar since playing with them On the brilliance of Steph Curry On Klay’s potential return to the Warriors What would it take for him to actually fight someone on the court What was it about the bulls that made him sign with them Is he the highest paid “janitor” in the world What do his years on the Lakers mean to him now Breaking down Lonzo Ball’s game Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 10, 2021
Episode 84: Kyle Korver
To the casual NBA fan, there are several aspects of Kyle Korver and JJ Redick's games and lives that are similar in nature. Well, today on the 'Old Man & the Three', you get to see those similarities - and differences as well - as the guys welcome Korver in for an intimate and wide open interview. They cover everything from their early playing days to retirement life, the moments of his career that stick with him even after leaving the court, the coaches he's had, playing with LeBron and A.I., and they even delve into their kids' names and where they might meet up in the future. It's another can't miss discussion on the OM3, so join in and enjoy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 05, 2021
Episode 83: P.J. Tucker (featuring Shea Serrano)
On this episode of the OM3, JJ and Tommy welcome in yet another NBA Champion for a conversation - the Miami Heat's P.J Tucker. In this honest and hilarious interview, P.J. holds absolutely nothing back. (The wine might have had something to do with this). They discuss and breakdown several topics, including the long and winding road P.J. has taken to become an NBA Champ, his past history with JJ (41 points anyone?), the Bucks’ amazing run last year, and so much more. Then for the draft, the guys are joined by journalist and author Shea Serrano. Before they tackle the draft, they touch on Shea’s new book "Hip-Hop and Other Things” and what went into making it, as well as his brand new show “Primo". An outstanding episode from start to finish. FYI, the draft topic is “the top 5 movies where someone makes a terrible mistake”.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 29, 2021
Episode 82: Mailbag with Tyrese Haliburton and Davion Mitchell
It's time for another mailbag episode on the OM3, and as a special added bonus, Sacramento Kings teammates Tyrese Haliburton (OM3 correspondent) and rookie sensation Davion Mitchell join the fray. As usual, nothing is off limits and the answers might not be what you'd expect. Oh, and JJ goes on quite a few rants during this iteration, so brace yourselves. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 24, 2021
Episode 81: Gabrielle Union
Well, if there is one word that sums up this particular interview on the Old Man & the Three, it’s “real”. As in, keeping it real. And the person behind that word is the one and only Gabrielle Union - the superstar actress, best-selling author, and wife and partner of Dwyane Wade. In this raw, brutally honest and often times hilarious conversation, she lays it on the line and doles out some truths on several topics, including what it’s like being a black actress in Hollywood, how her acting career got started, why she decided to write her books, how emptying her “fucks” basket changed her life, and much more. Plus, she talks about her new book “Got Anything Stronger?”, which is a follow up to her best-selling initial release “We’re Going to Need More Wine”. It’s a spectacular discussion that you do not want to miss.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 13, 2021
Episode 80: Travis Kelce (Featuring Kenny Beecham and Marques Brownlee)
Last week it was the live show. This week the OM3 crew breaks some new ground once again as they welcome in their very first NFL player - Kansas City Chiefs All Pro tight end (and future HOF’er) Travis Kelce. Travis covers just about everything in this wide open interview as they tackle topics such as his golf game, his hoop skills, how his talents translated from basketball to football, what it’s like playing with Patrick Mahomes, and so much more. Then the gears switch to a whole new direction as JJ and Tommy are joined by YouTube megastars Marques Brownlee and Kenny Beecham to discuss all the hot new products and stories coming out the their worlds. (Editor’s note: this interview was recorded backstage at the OM3 live event with an iPhone, so it may sound a bit different than what you’re used to on the OM3. Still great either way, so don’t miss it).  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 06, 2021
Episode 79: The Live Show
It’s been a long time coming, but the OM3 crew finally got to take their show on the road for a knock out live performance last Wednesday night and they didn’t disappoint. Recording in front a raucous live crowd at the Bell House in Brooklyn, JJ and Tommy welcomed in a super lineup of guests for a fantastic night of humor, great discussions, and most of all, fun. Joining them on stage was OM3 correspondent Tyrese Haliburton, new Brooklyn Nets addition Patty Mills, sports journalist and commentator Taylor Rooks, and the one and only Desus from the Desus and Mero show. Buckle up and get ready for a crazy ride. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 29, 2021
Episode 78: Matisse Thybulle
It’s no secret that Matisse Thybulle is a rising star in the NBA, developing into a bonafide defensive stopper in the court. But there’s another part of his game that's pretty damn strong as well - his YouTube game, that is. In this spectacular interview, Matisse shows not only why increasing success in the NBA seems like a forgone conclusion, but also why he will continue to be a winner in life as well. A humble and open individual, he’s very comfortable discussing all aspects of the game, as well as his personal ventures, making it easy to see why he’s well liked and well respected for such a young player. He, JJ and Tommy discuss subjects such as his budding YouTube career, life as a 76’er and dealing with their passionate fans, his draft experience, playing in the bubble, his upbringing, and so much more. Don’t miss this great conversation… all here on the OM3.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 24, 2021
Episode 77: Retirement
All good things must come to an end. It’s a cliche thats used often but rarely does it hold its true meaning. This, however, is not one of those instances. On this special episode of the Old Man and the Three, it is with a heavy heart that JJ Redick - after 15 years of excellence in the NBA, two national player of the year awards during a spectacular four year college career at Duke, and a state championship at Cave Spring High School in Roanoke - is finally calling it a game. Yes, you read that correctly, JJ Redick is retiring. In this candid, honest, and humbling statement, JJ addresses the people closest to him - his family, friends and fans - to explain the reasoning behind his decision and also offers a glimpse of what may lie ahead for him as he takes the next step of his journey.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 21, 2021
Episode 76: Michael Porter Jr (featuring Sue Bird)
Michael Porter Jr. has always had the talent and drive to dominate with the ball in his hands, but injuries sometimes have a way of being the equalizer on whether or not that talent translates to success on the court. Well, it seems any questions that might have lingered have been put to rest as MPJ has taken his game to a new level over the last two seasons. And in this interview, it’s easy to see why as he speaks well beyond his years and touches on both the difficulties and successes he has encountered on his hoops journey. Following that up, JJ and Tommy welcome in OM3 correspondent and favorite Sue Bird to tackle another Top5/Draft. This may be the one that gets JJ off his recent slide as Tommy reaches for some highly questionable picks, putting the onus on Sue to come through in the clutch. Who knows how it will play out.   RUNDOWN On how great Denver and its fans are What was his motivation to start his own podcast  ON the atmosphere of playing the bubble last year How his game took a leap during that time. What clicked Does he look back at the bubble as his turning point Discusses playing on the same AAU team with Trae Young in High School  On having the freedom to play the game your way When did feel playing the NBA was a possibility With all the talent in his family, what were those backyard games like On former players telling AAU players that most of them won’t make it If he were in high school now, would his decision be to go to college or somewhere else On what it was like being home schooled How he dealt with the injuries he suffered along the way What was draft night like dealing with the unknown because of his injury What was his first impression of Nikola Jokic TOP 5/DRAFT with Sue Bird “Top 5 fictional bands or musicians you would want to see in concert" Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 17, 2021
Episode 75: Blake Griffin
It’s been a long time coming but JJ and Tommy accomplished two important things with this particular interview. One, they finally got everyone together in the same room. And two, they got Blake Griffin on the show. In this spectacular interview, Blake sits down for an intimate and honest discussion on several topics, including his years teaming up with JJ on the Clippers, his evolution as a basketball player, his move to the Nets and the pressure that comes with having all that talent, his confrontations with refs, battling injuries and so much more. It’s a can’t miss OM3 pod. RUNDOWN  JJ tells a story about an incredible golf feat that Blake pulled off Discusses his new obsession with golf The guys talk about how sometimes it’s ok to be an asshole On his battles and confrontations with refs On his decision to leave Detroit and join the Nets What were his thoughts about the level of talent when arriving to the Nets Why is it so acrimonious when I player leaves a team What years does he feel were his peak in the NBA How he evolved his game over the years Does he think those Clippers teams he and JJ were on were good to win it all Breaking down the “throw and go” technique and the effect it had on their games Does he feel his intelligence as a player gets overlooked because of his athleticism.  How the Nets playoff run was doomed by injuries Concerning this upcoming season, does he feel that if they can just stay healthy they’ll win it all Have the injuries ever put him in a dark place mentally On the insanity of social media and how stories (or non-stories) blow up What’s next with his comedy aspirations Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 10, 2021
Episode 74: You’ve Got Mail (featuring Tyrese Haliburton)
Behold. The masses have spoken and the ThreeFourTwo universe has responded. OM3 may be on its 74th episode but today we present the official launch of "You’ve Got Mail”, a reoccurring pod that focuses on mailbag questions from around the globe. OM3 correspondent Tyrese Haliburton joins JJ and Tommy to answer every question you can imagine… and some you wouldn’t ever imagine. Don’t miss the fun as the guys step out of the box for a bit and throw themselves at the mercy of the mailbag madness.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 07, 2021
Episode 73: Brook and Robin Lopez (featuring Mina Kimes and Shea Serrano)
Ok, we here at the Old Man and the Three don't usually toot our own horn, but we feel each OM3 interview is pretty damn entertaining. However, with that being said, JJ and Tommy reach some rarified air with this episode as they welcome in the Lopez brothers (Brook and Robin) to discuss everything from childhood fights, being teammates in the NBA, beating up NBA mascots, not being able to room together because their cats don't get along, and so much more. Honestly, it almost seems as though JJ and Tommy might have been able to sit this one out and just let Brook and Robin hash everything out for themselves. I mean, after all, Robin did punch Brook in the face when they were sleeping in bunk beds as kids. So, to say it was an entertaining interview is quite the understatement. Now, you would think that would be enough for one episode, but there's more. Joining the show for the OM3 Top 5/Draft is the lovely and talented Mina Kimes... and the equally lovely and talented Shea Serrano. Both add their incredible wit and humor to the draft, which focuses on "the top 5 fictional schools you would like to have attended". Get your pen and paper ready... it's go time. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 01, 2021
Episode 72: CJ McCollum
At one point in his high school career, CJ McCollum stood at 5 feet 2 inches tall. Yet, at that same moment, he fully believed he was going to be an NBA star. That fact alone explains the mindset and determination that lies within CJ the player, the current PA President, the wine connoisseur, and all around great person. He brings that attitude with him on and off the court and it has paid its dividends, as he has gone from an overlooked player in college to a legit NBA star on every level. Join JJ, Tommy and CJ as they discuss everything from his early high school days, his accolades in the NBA, to being the voice of the players as president of the Players Association. Then settle in for even more out of the box discussions when they tackle an EAT PRAY DUNK segment and the OM3 TOP 5/Draft.    RUNDOWN On being elected the PA President Does he feel it’s a thankless job What are his first priorities as president Who was he modeling his game after as a 5’2” high schooler Was he thinking of the pros as a high schooler The story of how he ended up at Lehigh  Why is it an advantage - longterm - to be overlooked as a player CJ breaks down his coming out party - Lehigh’s win over Duke in the NCAA tourney On the jump he made from his second to third year in the NBA Talks about what a great teammate Dame is When Dame gets into his zone, what’s his thought process How does he view himself amongst his peers What is he expecting from this coming year with the Blazers What moves over this offseason has he been most intrigued by EAT PRAY DUNK TOP 5/Draft - All-time athletes that we wished were podcasters Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 26, 2021
Episode 71: Jrue Holiday (featuring Chris Long)
Anyone who listens to the Old Man and the Three knows that Jrue Holiday is not only a great player, but he’s also a very close friend of the pod and is universally known as ‘one of the good guys’ - on and off the court. And there’s no denying that he’s had a great career thus far. However, the last two months have brought his life and career to a completely new level, as he brought home an NBA Championship and then followed that up with a gold medal with Team USA in the Olympics. Suffice it say, things have changed just a bit, and thats what Jrue discusses today on the pod. It’s an incredible listen as he gives his account of the last couple months and what it was like going through these two unique and life changing experiences. Then, as if that isn’t entertaining enough, the OM3 crew welcomes in Chris Long to the pod for a draft that is sure to ruffle a lot of music feathers out there when they debate the "musical acts you would least like to be stuck in a festival crowd for”. Lots of options here… who knows how this one ends up.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 18, 2021
Episode 70: Listener Mailbag
On today’s Old Man and the Three, JJ and Tommy answer YOUR questions! Tommy has some hot takes and JJ is on an epic Golf kick but they take some time to answer questions submitted by the listeners. From what's their favorite movie villains are, to what shot in JJ's career would he take back the most -The questions run the gamut. We find out if JJ is a lawn game kindof guy, what appetizer Tommy likes the most, and they even talk about who the best player in the NBA is right now! None of the answers are what you expect! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 12, 2021
Episode 69: Caris Levert
On today’s Old Man and the Three, JJ and Tommy welcome in Indiana Pacers shooting guard Caris Levert. We see it often on the court… players fighting through injuries and other roadblocks to continue a successful career. That’s determination. Well, there’s normal determination… and then there’s Caris Levert. Caris has been faced with many challenges throughout his career so far, including some very serious health issues, and he’s blown through them all. Join in and listen to his amazing story in this candid and honest interview.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 29, 2021
Episode 68: Kevin Huerter (featuring Tyrese Haliburton and Kenny Beecham)
It’s a “3 for the price of 1” episode on the Old Man and the Three today as JJ and Tommy welcome in three great guests. Leading things off is Kevin Huerter, the Atlanta Hawks rising star. In an honest and candid discussion he delves into his ascension into the league, what it’s like to face off against the now NBA Champion Bucks, his favorite memes, and much more. Then it’s on to the mailbag and TOP 5/Draft with OM3 correspondent Tyrese Haliburton and close friend of the pod Kenny Beecham. The topic of the draft is “Movies you would like to see remade”, and not shockingly there is an immediate controversy surrounding Tommy’s picks. All solid choices, but as always, you’ll have to pick a side.   Kevin Huerter Breaks down what it is about about the Bucks that makes them so tough to beat Discusses how roles can change from one playoff series to another What was his team’s confidence level heading into the playoffs considering how everyone’s surprised by the Hawks run How Trae Young embraced playing the villain in the Knicks series JJ reminisces about the Maryland fans abuse towards him (Kevin’s alma mater) What is his hometown of Clifton Park, NY like Why didn’t he end up a Syracuse JJ calls out Kevin for a quote that he gave early in his career On being immediately thrown in a box if you’re a white guy who can shoot His welcome to the NBA moment with KD Lessons he’s learned from his first playoff run Does he feel his skill set and size is perfectly suited for the playoffs On the Hawks' resilience in the playoffs  Talks about Nate McMillan taking over and changing the team On the Hawks roster construction TOP 5 Draft with Tyrese Haliburton and Kenny Beecham Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 21, 2021
Episode 67: US Bank Special - Greg Cunningham and Jared Dudley
It's a special bonus episode of The Old Man and the Three sponsored by US Bank. JJ and Tommy welcome in US Bank's own Greg Cunningham and NBA veteran Jared Dudley for an intimate and honest discussion surrounding the gaps that exist socially, economically, and financially, and how they differ based on class, race, and gender. The group focuses on the challenges surrounding access to financial education, funding and career growth, and how US Bank is working to change the process. You can also learn more about this important subject matter by visiting Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 19, 2021
Episode 66: Andre Iguodala
On this week’s OM3, JJ and Tommy are joined by long time friend, long time NBA vet, All NBA defender - not to mention 2015 NBA Finals MVP - Andre Iguodala. In this wide ranging interview, Iggy touches on just about everything as he discusses topics like the new breed of players and the important element they're lacking, his uncanny knack for being on great teams, his six year run of being in the finals, the brilliance of Durant and Curry, and so much more. And then to take it even further, he sticks around for an EAT PRAY DUNK segment. It’s a 'can’t miss' interview as Iggy plays it straight and tells it like it is.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 14, 2021
Episode 65: Duncan Robinson and Taylor Rooks
It’s a double shot on the OM3 as JJ and Tommy welcome in ThreeFourTwo family member and Miami Heat star Duncan Robinson and then follow that up with another close friend of the pod, broadcaster and journalist Taylor Rooks. Duncan digs in for some finals talk, his free agent status, his summer regimen, and even a little discussion about some shirtless IG pics of him that seem to be floating around. Then Taylor joins for the draft and some EAT PRAY DUNK where she divulges a little information about a college bar fight she got into, her hot food takes, plus the Hawks playoff run. Don’t miss it.  Duncan Robinson Checking in on Duncan in his rental house which looks suspiciously like a porno set Breaks down his summer workout regimen out in LA Check in on JJ’s golf game at the moment Discusses game 1 of the finals JJ comes clean - he didn’t watch game one of the finals Is the pace of the Suns play a reason for their quick starts in each series How impressive it is that CP3 is still playing so well even though defenders know what's coming Where does he stand on the twitter talk that the Suns run has been a fluke Is there anything that he’s noticed about the Bucks that’s different from last year In a results driven league, context should matter - especially over the last two years Has social media accelerated that kind of thinking JJ confronts Duncan on his shirtless photos on the internet Discusses his free agency situation At what part of JJ's career did he start to feel control over where he wanted to play Taylor Rooks Discusses the Atlanta Hawks run to the conference finals Does history remember the injuries (re the playoffs)  EAT PRAY DUNK If you could be endorsed by one business or product in college, what would it be (JJ’s would be “Shooters” bar at Duke) Taylor breaks down a fight that she got into in a bar in college Taylor gives her hot food takes TOP 5/DRAFT - Best sports name drops in songs Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 08, 2021
Episode 64: Jack Flaherty and Lil Yachty
On today’s episode of the Old Man and the Three, it’s an epic crossover as JJ and Tommy welcome in two stars to the show. Leading off is St Louis Cardinals’ standout pitcher Jack Flaherty. He digs in on many topics, including the current state of MLB, the issues surrounding the substance checks on pitchers, baseball fashion, whether or not JJ can hit 80 mph on a radar gun, and much more. Then the show flips on its side as Lil Yachty jumps in for a can’t miss deep dive on the movie Interstellar, athletes who dabble in music, and JJ’s rapping career. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 30, 2021
Episode 63: TJ McConnell
Sit back and relax, grab some wine, and order a nice meal because this conversation will surely put you in the mood to do all three. For this episode of the Old Man and the Three, JJ and Tommy welcome in close friend and all around great guy (and Pacers guard, of course) TJ McConnell for an incredibly fun and down to earth EAT PRAY DUNK discussion. They touch on a number of topics, like TJ’s wine obsession and how it came to be, whether or not JJ is a wine snob, and TJ’s favorite food picks. But for diehard hoopers, they also delve into the NBA playoff picture, give breakdowns of Trae Young and Ben Simmons (among others), and discuss what makes a great defensive player (and how TJ was robbed of an All NBA Defensive team pick).  RUNDOWN  TJ starts by explaining why he’s recording on his phone and not his laptop Breakdown of the injuries to top players in the playoffs Ben Simmons discussion and how the casual NBA fan only looks at his lack of shooting The guys revisit the DPOY topic and how it’s often voted on in the wrong light How people are complaining about the playoff parity after complaining for years it was too star driven What makes Trae Young so impressive On the career year TJ has had in 2021 Explains his knack for stealing inbounds passes How TJ was snubbed for an all defensive team pick JJ reveals that TJ is on his top 5 shit-talker list How TJ goes from Mr. Nice Guy to fierce competitor as soon as he steps on the court How was he able to block out all the noise this year and deliver his best performance to date Which was tougher… this year or the years of going through “The Process” in Philly What is the secret ingredient for an NBA coach for success Has social media and its reach affected the coaching position TJ tells the hilarious story of how he got into wine When did his interest in wine turn into an obsession The guys discuss JJ’s wine freak-outs and whether or not he’s a wine snob What wines/regions does he want to explore more The discussion turns to food as TJ picks his top restaurant, as well as the out of the way gem that he can’t miss Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 23, 2021
Episode 62: Collin Morikawa
This week on the Old Man and the Three, JJ and Tommy switch sports to golf by welcoming in one of the game's most exciting rising stars in Collin Morikawa. In this brutally honest and fun interview, Collin covers just about everything there is to cover on the course, including what it’s like to swing and miss (literally), the Bryson-Brooks rivalry, the difference between golfers out for a check and those who are there to win, his favorite course, and so much more. He then sticks around for an amazing EAT PRAY DUNK segment that touches on golf’s "extra curricular activities”, hidden food gems, his social life, and the one course he would spend the rest of his days on. It’s a gimme… you can miss this one.  RUNDOWN The guys start off discussing Collin’s gaffe at the Memorial and how every golfer can identify with it How different the rough at a PGA event is compared to the average golf course On the events that took place at Muirfield with Jon Rahm withdrawing with the lead because of a positive Covid test How some golfers are just our to cash a check and others are there to win On the difference between pros who golf because their good at the game rather than for the love of it JJ and Colin set up a challenge between each other JJ tells the story of taking a golf lesson and having Byron DeChambeau stand and watch him On leaning into nerves when it’s your own sport but how they can crush you when it’s something you’re not familiar with When did he realize he was really good at golf and could make it a career Did he ever have any doubts among the way What are his feelings on the Bryson-Brooks rivalry During a round, is he playing against the course or other players In this age of social media, is he worried about his image and how he projects to the public How to make the game more fun and approachable to our youth Talks about the relaxed atmosphere at the Discovery Properties golf courses What did Tiger mean to him growing up     EAT PRAY DUNK On the extra curricular activities that accompany the common golf round and whether the pros do the same thing How does he approach recovery week to week In a solitary sport like golf, what does his social life consist of on the road Collin picks his “out of the way” spot to get the best food What is his favorite normal rotation PGA course If he could only play one course for the rest of his life, which would it be Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 16, 2021
Episode 61: Cade Cunningham (featuring Tyrese Haliburton)
On this week's episode of the OM3, JJ and Tommy welcome in probable first overall pick in the NBA draft Cade Cunningham. In this wide ranging interview, Cade displays a personality that is just as big as his game, as he talks about his future NBA goals, the life changing financial situation he is facing, his complete confidence in his game, the weaknesses and strengths, and so much more. Plus, he even manages to become the first guest to get Tommy's back in his never ending battle of wits with JJ. So suffice it to say, after hearing this discussion, you'll understand why Cade is so great on and off the court. Then to cap things off, OM3 correspondent and potential NBA ROY Tyrese Haliburton joins the show for a quick update on his status before moving into the TOP 5/DRAFT, which focuses on the top 5 press conference meltdowns. You don't want to miss it. RUNDOWN Cade Cunningham Discusses his situation heading into draft Does he think about the fit of where he is going to end up Is he changing anything about his approach as he watches the NBA playoffs Has he thought of the money that a number one pick pulls in Why did he make the decision that he wanted to spend a year in college What drove him to attend Montverde Academy and what was it like On his process of blocking out the noise around him Does he ever think back about not getting to play in the McDonald’s AA Game On modeling his game after Luka Who does he like to watch in the NBA right now Has he always been the finisher on the court or is it new to him What is the biggest weakness to his game right now Does he ultimately want to be remembered as a winner On making the choice to play hoops over football On his vegan status Tyrese Haliburton Discuss what’s been going on and how his recent vacation went Injury update and rehab process Lessons learned from his rookie year Who is the dumbest player he’s played against this year Is it surprising how fast some of the new guards/forwards are taking over On how close Memphis is to contending Discuss the ROY voting and the deepness of the class Tyrese gives his BOLD take TOP 5/DRAFT - Best sports press conference meltdowns Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 09, 2021
Episode 60: Boban Marjanović
Ok, so there are good teammates… there are great teammates… and then there is Boban Marjanović. Universally loved around the NBA as an unending positive force in the locker room and beyond, he’s also a pretty damn good basketball player too, if you haven’t noticed. Having jumped in and contributed solidly during this Mav’s playoff run, Boban is showing the league and its fans what he can do. But to do that, he’s got to be ready when Coach Carlisle calls his name, and that’s just one of the things he, JJ, and Tommy discuss during this fun and light-hearted EAT PRAY DUNK episode of the OM3. And then they end it with a great TOP 5/Draft where they pick the best soups. So grab your spoon and join in.  RUNDOWN Discusses the series with the Clippers and being ready to jump in when needed On his work ethic and when he learned to be a pro Was there ever a period where he thought he wasn’t going to make it in the NBA JJ tells a story to exemplify Boban’s desire to stay ready and in shape How Boban is universally loved and what an incredible teammate he is Where does that positive demeanor come from When did he realize that he’s really tall and what was 18 year old Boban like How was the competition when he was beginning his career as a teenager Discusses his “Goldfish” commercial On his close friendship with Tobias Harris Talks about his appearance in John Wick III What other movie franchises does he like and want to star in On Tobias breaking Boban’s chops about the "Boban Luka BFF” t-shirts TOP 5/Draft: Best soups  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jun 04, 2021
Episode 59: Jalen Brunson (Featuring Mina Kimes and Mero)
It’s another power packed episode on the OM3 as Tommy and JJ welcome in Dallas Mavericks point guard Jalen Brunson for a fantastic interview that covers the playoff situation, card games, his NCAA days, playing in Dallas, meeting Michael Jordan, and more. Then OM3 favs Mina Kimes and Mero join the show for a hilarious Top 5/Draft where, of course, nothing is off limits.  RUNDOWN Betting on cornhole and trying to get his money back from Luka and Jalen. The crew discusses some serious card game action  Have you ever played against a person who hasn’t paid back…a player who got traded who never pay back On being in the playoffs for the first time Jalen and JJ compares the pace versus intensity of the playoffs JJ talks to Jalen about the intensity of playing in the playoffs and in front of actual fans  Tommy asks what's the biggest difference between any college level game versus the NBA playoffs. Jalen talks the national championship and the last minute of the game Tommy asks Jalen about the great transition of players who play in championship levels games in college into the NBA Jalen talks about his conversation with Stephen A. Smith JJ asks if coach Jay Wright will switch to the NBA The statistics of the players in college and how they really don’t really translate to the NBA and the draft Jalen talks about the draft and a being a second round pick They talk to Jalen about what he knew about Dallas before going there. What was it like for Jalen to see his dad play in the NBA and did he ever talk to him about the ’99 run Do people go after Jalen because he was a NBA players son Jalen tells the story of meeting Michael Jordan They get into Luka’s shot making and the game winner Tommy asks Jalen about THJ's confidence and the run he’s been on They ask Jalen to address "The Vibes Are Immaculate" ********* Top 5/Draft With Mina Kimes and Melo Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 27, 2021
Episode 58: Tim Hardaway Jr
Tim Hardaway Jr grew up watching his dad shoot the lights out as a star in the NBA. For most people, that would be a daunting figure to live up to. But not for Tim Jr. Not only has he lived up to his namesake, he's proven he can do it all on the court. On this week's OM3, JJ and Tommy welcome in the Dallas Maverick's shooting guard and delve into his career, as well as the red hot scoring streak he's on, the play-in game situation, what it was like having a dad who was an NBA star, how coach Bud saved his career, and much more. RUNDOWN How the play-in game turned out to be very exciting for the NBA Is it tough to follow all the seeding possibilities  On the fact that Rick Carlisle still calls JJ “Redick” Who’s potentially the most dangerous team in the play-in On the run the Wizards are on and how they are going into the playoffs on a tear Tim’s takeaways from the last year's Clipper series On the unique and unconventional ways Luka scores The crazy ridiculous shots that Luka hits in warmups On Tim’s hot streak to end the season JJ and Tim discuss the “8 for 12” approach to shooting How having family close can help your mindset and game The difficulty of not having a set amount of minutes or routine On the difference between getting open shots because your playing with another shooter or having the plays designed for you  Does he have a preference of being a starter or coming off the bench How did he keep his mindset positive when he first came into the league and got moved around How Tim credits “Coach Bud" with saving his career Did he lean on his dad during the tough times in Atlanta What did he learn from his Knicks experience What was it like growing up as the son of an NBA player On the importance of his relationship with his dad Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 19, 2021
Episode 57: Ben Winston
In this bonus episode of The Old Man and The Three, JJ Redick and Tommy Alter sit down with multi-faceted producer, director and writer Ben Winston, who established the production company Fulwell 73, to talk about what it is like to run a company during unprecedented times. Ben is full of knowledge and advice to help the next wave of entrepreneurs navigate and find success in times of great change. He will share his own personal career journey including what it was to produce both the Grammy’s and the Friends reunion during COVID-19 and how he overcame those challenges. Ben’s award-winning credits span television, movies, music videos and commercials. His executive producing credits include “The Tony Awards,” the hit U.K. version of “The X Factor”; the CBS sitcom “Happy Together,” the acclaimed documentary feature "In The Hands of the Gods”; the new CBS All Access series “Seatbelt Psychic”; and several music specials for artists such as Bruno Mars, Harry Styles, Shawn Mendes, Kacey Musgraves, Sam Smith and Justin Bieber, amongst others. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 14, 2021
Episode 56: Channing Frye and Kenny Beecham
It’s a double shot of awesome on the Old Man and the Three as JJ and Tommy welcome in two special guests. Leading things off is former NBA player and current winemaker and connoisseur Channing Frye, who joins the guys for another spectacular EAT PRAY DUNK segment. They take deep dives into wine, NBA “connectors”, retirement, his podcast, and more. Then the show switches gears for the Top 5/Draft by welcoming in the NBA’s #1 fan, YouTube legend, host of the "Called Game" podcast, and House of Highlights star Kenny Beecham. He touches on how his YouTube stardom all began, what it’s been like being a Bulls fan the last 20 years, the NBA ‘play-in’ games, and much more. Then they roll into the draft, which is: "The Top 5 fictional offices you’d like to work in”.  RUNDOWN Channing Frye The guys talk about how each of their respective podcasts have outlasted many and are still going strong JJ and Channing discuss the disgust of hearing their own voices  Channing does a deep dive into his own wine company and how it all started How a big part of enjoying wine is the story behind the bottle The surprise behind meeting all of these winemakers is how much they love hoops Channing discusses how he came upon the rabbit hole of wine and how it really started when he went to the Cavs How wine is a great connector among friends and teammates JJ and Channing break down how important connectors are on teams and call out a few standouts Is being a connector for a team exhausting How quickly did retirement for him become normal and how long did the transition take On the importance of a structured day for someone facing retirement Channing’s favorite random restaurant that he can’t miss Kenny Beecham How it all got started for him When did his career in media take the proverbial leap to the next level What makes the YouTube community so unique How he became an NBA fan On the misery of being a Bulls fan for the last 20 years How JJ almost landed on the bulls How he became such a great interviewer On an average day, how much NBA does he watch Has it been weird to watch the NBA as a fan this year Are the play-in games worth it for the overall product Who are the players that he watches the most On who should win the MVP this year If there was anything he could change about the NBA, what would it be TOP 5/Draft: Top 5 fictional offices to work in Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
May 07, 2021
Episode 55: Duncan Robinson and Hasan Minhaj
Interviews and conversations are unique. Some flow rather easily and others are a bit tough to get through. This particular discussion however, is a different animal altogether - and for all the right reasons. Joining JJ and Tommy this week is fellow ThreeFourTwo family member (and NBA sharpshooter) Duncan Robinson, and Hasan Minhaj - a comedian, writer, producer, political commentator, actor, and television host, just to name a few. The four of them join together for a conversation that covers just about everything and absolutely nothing is out of bounds. The topics range from lighter subjects like JJ and Duncan’s hair and their caffeine intake, to deep dives into the social media landscape, performance anxiety, and controlling the power of a celebrity’s public voice. Plus mixed into all of this is another spectacular EAT PRAY DUNK segment. It is an absolute can’t miss interview.  RUNDOWN  • JJ starts the show off by immediately throwing Hasan under the bus for not knowing he was traded to the Mavs after seeing him shortly after the trade deadline • Duncan touches on whether he has gotten hit with any courtside heckling • On the protocols of talking to people sitting courtside • Hasan dishes on the jealousy of and competition of courside seating • How do Woj and Shams get their info? Who is leaking it and how does it get out so quickly? • Would stories leak in the entertainment world if there was the same kind of passion as there is in sports • Is Julius Randle first team all-NBA this year • Breaking down the Knicks superb play of late  • What’s the bigger story (for NY’ers), the Nets winning a chip or the Knicks winning a playoff series  • On the passion of Knicks fans • Hasan describes what it’s like being a Kings fan • Hasan tells a special Bobby Hurley story and his connection with him • What’s the purpose of having the same teams on national TV all the time • Did Miami flip that script last year with their run to the finals • How Duncan’s experience of having his own podcast has been going thus far • How the insanity of the NBA schedule this year has contributed to the difficulty of nailing down guests EAT PRAY DUNK • Do NBA players concentrate more on basketball now - even with all the side distractions - as compared to when they were young • How the narrative has completely changed within the mindset of players coming into the league compared to years ago • Hasan sees a new crop of NBA owners coming out of this era of athletes • The issues and pitfalls of social media  • On the differences in player relationships in today’s era • Comparing an athlete's performance anxiety to an entertainer’s • How to juggle the responsibility of speaking for so many people that look to you for answers/opinions • Does anxiety change with expectations • Being able to lean on friends for help is a key element to staying grounded • Sports has stats and wins/losses… How is success measured in entertainment  • Hasan grills JJ and Duncan on their haircuts and techniques • Duncan discusses the time where he was called Jimmy Neutron throughout a game • The guys break down their caffeine intake Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 29, 2021
Episode 54: Jrue Holiday
Jrue Holiday is a basketball star, plain and simple. He offers an all-around game and leads the defensive charge for the Bucks by anchoring their league leading defense with his lockdown abilities. But with all that being said, Jrue is so much more than just an incredible athlete. He gives back. He gives back to the community, his teammates, his family, and the game. He acknowledges and understands how lucky he is to be playing the game he loves and displays a rare sense of humbleness and empathy that few can match. All of this is on display during this spectacular interview where he covers everything from the recent Derek Chauvin verdict, to battling Covid, his close relationship with JJ, and the importance of family and community.  RUNDOWN Jrue expresses his feeling concerning the Derek Chauvin verdict On his dedication and passion towards giving back to the community and supporting black business owners What he would like to see from the league to help on these matters On the challenge of helping change people’s lives in the best way possible The importance of bringing economic empowerment to low income communities After everything that has happened over the last year plus, does he see basketball in a different light On the difficulty of this year’s NBA schedule and how the public and media don't fully understand the wear and tear the players are going through What is was like coming back from Covid and how tough the journey was  How remarkable it is that his numbers are better after his Covid diagnosis than before On missing the crowds and packed arenas How this is not the real NBA experience and how the young stars still haven’t experienced the real deal Has there been a secret ingredient to his success this year Reliving a JJ explosion in the locker room How does being on the court with Giannis improve his game Breaking down what a freak of nature Giannis is and what he can accomplish On the confidence he has in starting every game with three of the best defenders in the league on the court Does he take pride in hearing other players compliment his defense As someone who is a top defender, what does he do when someone like Dame or Steph gets in there ‘zone’ Does he care about the awards and accolades - or lack thereof On his contract and coming to the the Bucks The thrill of playing on a contending team and being counted on to do what you do best On being able to only play for a finite amount of time and enjoying your life Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 23, 2021
Episode 53: Adam McKay
Whether it be riveting dramas like “The Big Short” and “Vice”, or legendary comedies such as “Step Brothers”, “Anchorman”, and “Talladega Nights”, director Adam McKay has covered all the bases in Hollywood. But what you may not know about him is his love for NBA basketball. A self proclaimed “NBA junkie”, Adam has now delved into the league’s darker history with his new project "Death at the Wing”. In this 7th installment of the OM3 Leadership series, he sits down with JJ and Tommy to talk about that, as well as his memories of the game as a youth, the challenges of working with Hollywood’s elite actors, prioritizing his time, and much more.   RUNDOWN  JJ and Adam discuss the first time they met Adam talks about being an NBA junkie and what players or teams had an impact on him growing up Watching Dr J as a kid, Adam describes what his game was like Discusses his new podcast and why he chose such a specific topic What did he learn about the Reagan era NBA through his research What are some of the lasting effects in today’s society from that era Is it strange to see how much the league has changed in terms of it’s players taking on politics  How many of the changes in the NBA coincide with flashpoint events in the league On his appreciation of all the different era in the NBA Adam explains the “18 month Sean Kemp era” Why was getting the go-ahead to make “Anchorman” so difficult Does he have a favorite Will Ferrell movie How well the movie “Step Brothers” has aged Does he have any “what-if” castings that never came to fruition How long did it take tp pick the names for “Anchorman" Is there a difference in the amount of takes between a comedic piece as compared to a dramatic film On the challenges of handling an all-star cast and has it always been a strength for him What his the director’s role in terms of leadership on a set On creating an environment to allow the strengths of each actor to shine and how that’s similar to an NBA team Touches on some of his favorite coaches and breaks down the special rule that should exist only for Alvin Gentry Was the pivot to more serious content a natural evolution in his filmmaking or was it a conscious effort How does he prioritize his time while working on so many projects  As his company has gotten bigger, was it ever hard to relinquish some control on projects Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 16, 2021
Episode 52: Ethan Brown
In this 6th installment of the Leadership Series, JJ and Tommy welcome in the CEO and founder of Beyond Meat, Ethan Brown. Ethan chronicles his incredible journey thus far and details how his company came to be. He also dives into several other topics such as his love for the game of basketball, what drove him to create his company and his unique product, the importance of having athletes embrace his product, his partnerships in the food industry and much more.  RUNDOWN Details the backstory on how and why he came to found Beyond Meat What was his personal diet like growing up and when did he take notice of what he was putting in his body How did he take an idea for a plant based meat and have it come to fruition Was breaking down meat and plants into 5 categories something his team came up with or was there already literature on it Does he remember the very first beyond burger he ever ate Explains the passion to continually improve his product and the process of making it When does he feel the outside world began to catch up and recognize what he was doing On the importance of getting mainstream athletes to buy in on this product Why is having a daily routine and an emphasis on self care so important On how preparation translates into confidence Discusses the unique partnerships his company has forged in the food industry Has his strategy shifted during the pandemic Besides confronting risk and failure, what other leadership qualities stand out to him Has his view of leadership evolved over the years Has he been surprised at how anything has turned out Breaks down the nutritional value of plant based meats and debunks the arguments against it Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 09, 2021
Episode 51: Adam Scott (Introducing "FAIRGAME")
ThreeFourTwo Productions has added another family member as JJ and Tommy welcome in 2013 Masters champion Adam Scott to introduce the new podcast special “FAIRGAME”. Hosted by Scott himself and broken into 5 intimate episodes, this podcast series will take you behind the curtain of golf like never before, as season 1 centers around golf’s greatest stage, The Masters. In this interview, the Adam breaks down what the show is going to be about, and also dives in on several other topics such as the challenges that come along with playing in the game’s most famous and prestigious tournament, dealing with the booming trend in golf of chasing speed, tailoring his game to his specific swing, his favorite tournaments, and so much more. Fair Game premiers on Tuesday, just as Scott readies himself to take on Augusta, and takes us right on through the weekend as the Masters rolls to its final rounds. Don’t miss this exciting podcast special FAIRGAME - or this spectacular interview.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Apr 05, 2021
Episode 50: Collin Sexton and Tyrese Haliburton
This is a special episode of the Old Man & The Three for a number of reasons. For starters, it’s episode #50! A big shout out to the OM3 listeners for taking this journey with us - many more to come! As for the show itself, JJ starts things off by answering the bell and addressing the big news of his trade to the Dallas Mavericks. Much more to this story than meets the eye obviously, and JJ covers it all. To follow that up, we have two spectacular guests on the show this week in Collin Sexton and Tyrese Haliburton. Sexton, as you’ll come to find out, brings his ‘A’ game because… well that’s what he’s always done - even going back to when he was young a boy asking his mom for an alarm clock so he can practice basketball early. Oh, did we mention he was probably around 7 when that happened? You see where this is going. And Tyrese as you all know, is the OM3 NBA correspondent and brings his usual honesty, humor, humility, as well as some great stories from the floor. Always a must listen. It’s a can’t miss episode from top to bottom.  RUNDOWN Collin Sexton Collin begins by breaking down what happened during his “3 on 5” game in college Did that game give him the confidence he needed going into his freshman year The guys talk about Avery Bradley and his “distinctive” voice Breaking down Collin’s many viral moments Where do his intensity and competitiveness come from Talks about his maniacal approach to prep and training and whether it helped him when he got to the league How the amount of prep naturally has to wane a bit during the season to avoid burnout On his awkward pre-draft workouts with the Cavs after they lost the finals Takes a reflective look back at his draft class On the skill level of incoming players as compared to years past Discussion about him deserving to be an all star Was it difficult coming into the league and playing on a losing team after always winning On the Cavs playing up to their competition and taking down some of the league's elite teams Does he feel he has learned how to lead at this level and has he taken to the leadership role On the importance of playing with - and learning from - the vets of the league Tyrese Haliburton Talks about the current hot streak the Kings are on and his role Breaks down his tandem attack with De’Aaron Fox On his high level of play during this streak How De'Aaron Fox has taken his game to new heights Breaks down his “Aquafina" incident with Harrison Barnes On the incredible rush of a buzzer beater Discuss the many great qualities of Alvin Gentry Has he hit any sort of rookie wall JJ and Tyrese talk about feeling validated by getting a Dame retweet  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 31, 2021
Episode 49: Tobias Harris (Featuring Mina Kimes)
It's a two for one special this week on the OM3 pod, as JJ and Tommy are joined by two guests who are not only great professionals, but great people as well - Tobias Harris and Mina Kimes. Harris, enjoying arguably his finest season of his career, sits down to talk hoops (of course), but also touches on so much more. For the hoop discussion, he opens up about the disappointment of not making the ASG despite the incredible season he's having, how and why playing for Doc Rivers has maximized his talents, the difference between the US professional model vs. the rest of the world, and how his NCAA tournament experience turned from a dream into a nightmare. Then he digs deeper and expands out of the realm of basketball when the guys discuss just about everything in the EAT PRAY DUNK segment. At this point, you would think things couldn't get much better... but you'd be wrong. Because to cap the show off, the guys welcome in the spectacular Mina Kimes for a draft that will have you packing your fictional bags. It's the Top 5 fictional TV/Movie towns you would like to live in for one week. Who knew JJ likes to hang out with pups? Never mind, you'll see. Tobias Harris Discuss the ongoing issue of inequality between men's and women's sports after the NCAA weight room fiasco On the issues that run rampant within the NCAA What would the 18 year old Tobias do if he were graduating high school right now How the professional basketball 'model' differs in the US as compared to the rest of the world. Tobias recants his NCAA tournament nightmare experience How playing with Doc Rivers helps him maximize his talents and translate them to the court On the positive impact of knowing your role within a team and what's expected of you Is he surprised at how fast it's all come together for the Sixers this year. Is Joel Embiid the MVP? On the improvement of their defense this year and how it runs against the grain of the league How it's foolish to try and compare different eras of the NBA On his disappointment of not making the ASG and how JJ feels the rosters should be expanded for this exact reason How getting the all star nod effects contracts Discusses the similarities between him and Mike Conley in terms of fitting into the system you play in Is there a harder place in the NBA to be a max player than Philly? EAT PRAY DUNK (w/ Tobias) TOP 5/Draft with Mina Kimes Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 24, 2021
Episode 48: Adam Mosseri
Adam Mosseri certainly doesn’t shy away from challenges. It’s one of the aspects of his personality that led him to the top as head of Instagram. But along with that position also comes the added responsibility of facing the tough issues and difficult questions that accompany the social media giant. And he doesn't shrink. In this wide ranging interview, Mosseri tackles all the tough questions and more as he digs deep into subjects such as his desire to work at FaceBook so early in the social media game, managing the threat of mis-information and fake news on his platform, keeping a handle on the absolute power and influence that Instagram possesses, and much more. RUNDOWN JJ and and Adam recall the last time they hung out and the incredible meal they had Adam breaks down his career path and what led him to this point Discusses his early years at FaceBook What as it about FaceBook that made him want to work there so badly At what point did he realize FB was becoming the monster company it would eventually be What lessons did he learn from the Trump years to get a better handle on mis-information and fake news In this opinion, where has Silicon Valley gone astray in terms of culture or a disconnect with normal American life How does he train his employees not to abuse the power that Instagram wields  How much time and focus is spent on the ‘bad actors’ of Instagram On the challenges of walking into a new situation at IG with the two founders leaving upon his arrival  Adam asks JJ how leadership qualities translate onto an NBA team and who are the ones exercising those techniques How wary does he have to be in making changes to the platform and avoid rocking the boat What’s his approach to handling the delicate balance of “likes” and features of that nature that can negatively effect today’s youth How hard is it for him to detach from social media If someone was to pick up his IG feed, what would they find out about him On the IG or FaceBook “life" that is portrayed through the platforms On the popularity of IG in the NBA because of it versatility  Leadership advice from the man himself Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 19, 2021
Episode 47: Nikola Vučević (feat. PFT Commenter and Arian Foster)
Well, to use a quote from JJ himself, this is one action packed episode of the Old Man and the Three. To begin, JJ and Tommy sit down with Nikola Vučević, the Orlando magic's all star center and mainstay on and off the court. After coming into the league in 2011, Vučević has steadily improved his game to become a highly respected player around the league, as well as an all star. But inexplicably, his game has also been highly underrated by the casual NBA fan. He talks about using that underrated tag as a motivational tool, as well as his experience in Orlando over the years, his college days at USC, and more. Then, the atmosphere changes juuuust a bit as the OM3 crew is joined by PFT Commenter and Arian Foster for a TOP 5/Draft you have to hear to believe: The top presidents you would want to play on your football team. Before they get started on that though, the guys talk about PFT and Arian's new podcast called "Macrodosing", where they explore conspiracies, conundrums, and the dark corners of the deep web. Definitely a pod you want to check out. RUNDOWN How different was this year’s all star experience On the concern about the long layoff and quality of play Did he worry about being the last pick on the all-star squad Reflecting on the bombs that Dame and Steph were launching from 30+ feet On being an “under the radar” type of player despite all his talent Is there still a chip on his shoulder to drive him to be better Does he feel he snuck up on people in the beginning of his career Did he ever expect to go this long without being on a contender On how the makeup of an NBA squad have changed over the years  On his experience in Philly Talks about playing at USC with the star talent they had at the time TOP 5/Draft with PFT Commenter and Arian Foster Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 12, 2021
Episode 46: Zion Williamson
Each era of the NBA has its transcendent players. The type of players that change the game simply by the manner in which they play, using their extreme talent to force opponents to change their approach. Can Zion Williamson be one of those players? Well, he's certainly on his way. In just his second season, he already has seasoned vets shaking their heads at the sheer talent and confidence he exudes on the court. And this week he sits down with JJ and Tommy and shows why he's just as impressive off the court as he is on it. He opens up about about several personal topics, including his feelings towards all the accolades and praise he has received so far, what it means to be named an all star, dealing with negative comments on social media, his progression as a player, and much more.  **Note: there is no TOP 5/Draft in this episode. But tune in next week for an extra special draft with two guests that is easily one of the craziest OM3 drafts so far.   RUNDOWN • What's it's like to be named an all-star • Does he set goals for himself • Does he pay attention to the accolades and records that he's set this season • Did he have any other plans for all-star weekend (dunk contest??) • Has he spoken to B.I. about not making the ASG • Talk about players who got snubbed  • Discusses the improvement in Lonzo Ball's game • Dealing with negative comments on social media • Breaks down his progression as a player • Talking some X's and O's about the N.O. offense • At what point in high school did he get his handle • Talk about the viral video of the small kid fouling Zion in HS • Who are some of the people he has really enjoyed playing against • How the superstars can make good defense moot • What parts of his game does he feel needs improvement • On working with Fred Vinson on his shot • Looks back at his 17 in a row against the Spurs in his first game • Does he feel the game is different without fans • Has this season been more fun for him  • Is he following the Top Shot mania right now • JJ asks Zion about his poetry skills Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 03, 2021
Episode 45: Bryan Stevenson
In this fourth installment of the OM3 Leadership Series, JJ and Tommy sit down with human rights activist and founder & Executive Director of the 'Equal Justice Initiative' Bryan Stevenson. In this fascinating and emotionally moving interview, Bryan explains what the EJI actually does, the journey he has taken that brought him to this point, the difficulties of dealing with the political and social rhetoric in today's society, what makes a true leader, and so much more. It's a can't miss interview that will surely open your eyes, your mind, and your heart. RUNDOWN Describes what the Equal Justice Initiative does Why the EJI came about and how congress stopped funding for legal representation for death row inmates What was the initial feedback and was it difficult getting money from donors for this project What was his "ah-ha" moment that sent him on this mission How white supremacy has reached another high point in these recent years Have the attacks on the capital altered his mindset 1 in 10 death row inmates are innocent. How do we get that number understood by the public How surreal was it to see some of his life's work in a movie  How much of his time now is talking to elected officials The difficulty of not getting frustrated by the political rhetoric of today Has there been a personal toll that his work has taken on him How would he describe leadership and who are some of the best leaders he's seen Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Mar 01, 2021
Episode 44: Kenan Thompson (featuring Tyrese Haliburton)
It's a very special episode of the Old Man and the Three this week as JJ and Tommy kick the show off by welcoming in Tyrese Haliburton as their new NBA correspondent. Wise beyond his years, Tyrese will be reporting in to the show often to discuss news and notes around the NBA and, of course, to give his unique take on what's going on behind the scenes. Then, the episode makes a shift to the lighter side when the hilarious SNL legend and new sitcom star Kenan Thompson joins in. Kenan details the quirks behind the SNL curtain and takes a deep dive into his career and how far he has come. He also gives the breakdown of his brand new show on NBC called "Kenan". Then, as if that isn't enough, we go back to Tyrese for the TOP 5 / Draft. It's a packed show that you will not want to miss.    RUNDOWN ​Tyrese Haliburton JJ and Tommy welcome Tyrese into the OM3 family as they announce him as their new NBA correspondent  The guys discuss JJ's ejection and JJ clarifies what really went down The discussion shifts to the explosion in popularity of Top Shots and collectables as a whole Break down of Tyrese's play of late and how the game is slowing down for him Tyrese lists off some more 'welcome to the NBA' moments​ ​ Kenan Thompson Talks about his new show and how it came about The differences between doing a sitcom and performing on SNL What's his game day routine on Saturdays Was it hard to adjust to the late nights and when did his body got used to that schedule Did he ever think he would be doing this for 18 years What were his feelings about appearing on SNL for the first time Who are favorite people to do impressions of Keenan does some impressions Does he ever get starstruck on set Is there a role from his early acting career that people bring ups all the time His reaction to Lorne Michaels saying he's the one guy he can always count on What is it that keeps him locked in and coming back for more How does he measure whether or not a segment hits What happens when a sketch is just not working Have there been cast members that have come in where he knew immediately they were just going to kill Was Jimmy Fallon the worst at keeping a straight face during a sketch Is there a moment where the sketch just went so far off the rails it was out of control What celebrity host stands out in his mind for doing a great job Where do his sports loyalties lie How does it work with the whole free celebrity tickets TOP 5 / Draft with Tyrese Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 25, 2021
Episode 43: "Eat, Pray, Dunk" with Kevin Love
In this special bonus podcast, JJ and Tommy would like to introduce a brand new segment on the Old Man and the Three called "Eat, Pray, Dunk". This will be a segment that takes a deeper look into the athlete's life with conversations that delve into the cross section of sports, wellness, health, food, wine, and all the other aspects of an NBA player's life that may not be on the forefront of social media and in the public eye. And with that being said, who better to kick off this series than close friend of the pod Kevin Love. As usual, Kevin brings his 'A' game, and not only answers some burning questions and offers some honest and straightforward insight, but challenges JJ and Tommy with some questions of his own. Join us for Eat, Pray, Dunk.  RUNDOWN • What was the motivation behind the reinvention of his body, training, and overall game • Are there any behaviors he looks back on in disbelief that actually took part in • Tommy delves into his unhealthy eating habits when he was in college • Which food that he gave up does he miss the most • How seeing change in his body boosted his motivation • On the dangers of taking a lifestyle change too far to where it becomes mentally unhealthy • The importance of having a balanced life and having mental check-ins • Due to the unstable circumstances of this year, has this been the toughest year to handle mentally • The angst a player feels when they are not able to play • How this season presents so many unique challenges • On making sure to enjoy the moment and to always aim to have no regrets • Kevin discusses his engagement • Speed round food questions • When did wine become a 'thing' • What are the best affordable wines The crew gives some of their most underrated food place  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 22, 2021
Episode 42: Julius Randle (featuring Kevin Love)
Julius Randle is known league wide as someone who doesn't take plays off, a tireless worker, and a very underrated player. But that last narrative might be changing a bit this year as he is enjoying the finest season of his career, leading the Knicks to a surprising 6th seed position in the east. In this humble and honest interview, Julius digs deep into such topics as what it's like playing for Tom Thibodeau and how he's helped change the culture in NY, how he mentally worked through his season ending injury in his rookie year, on developing his 3 point shot, playing with Kobe during his last year, and much more. It's easy to see why he's such a respected player around the league. Then, to cap things off, JJ and Tommy welcome in close friend of the pod Kevin Love for the Top5/Draft. **Important note: The new segment "Eat, Pray, Dunk" will be premiering on Monday with Kevin Love as the first guest. You absolutely will want to hear that conversation so be sure to listen.  RUNDOWN Julius Randle​ Would he say that the Knicks have exceeded his expectations this year Discusses what it's like playing for Tom Thibodeau What is it about the young guys that have flourished under his coaching The difficulty of not getting reps this year due to lack of practice On craving the detailed preparation that Thibs brings and how he has welcomed it How being prepared has translated into confidence From a mental standpoint, how did he deal with coming to the NBA and losing after winning so much in college Discusses his mindset after suffering a broken leg on opening night of his rookie season  On making the hurdle of getting back to real game motion after an injury Is this career year he's having due to the coaching, him just getting better, or both Is there a feeling of vindication with him having such a great year What's the "no fan" MSG experience been like On dealing with the media in the major markets he has played in Discusses the young talent that was on those laker teams in his early years in LA On developing his 3 point shot and how he cultivated that skill The genius of Fred Vincent as a shooting coach How important footwork is to a successful shot and did he learn anything from Kobe  On the viral video of his son's peewee basketball tackle.  Talks about Kobe's last year and what memories stand out On Kobe's last game  How Knick fans are looking for hope  Gives his take on D-Rose and what a great teammate he is and how hard he works His thoughts on Immanuel Quickley​ What it would mean for him to make the All-Star Game this year *** TOP 5/Draft with Kevin Love Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 19, 2021
Episode 41: Steven Adams
​Steven Adams is a great player, no doubt. But his talent on the court almost pales in comparison to his salt of the earth personality. It's hard not to be impressed with his approach to basketball and life in general, and he accomplishes this by utilizing three simple words: keep it simple. Whether it's intentional or just the manner in which he is wired, Adams has little trouble putting all the craziness of the NBA lifestyle in perspective.  In this interview, he delves into topics ranging from his early days of playing youth basketball in New Zealand, where his minimalistic life approach comes from, to taking the court as a rookie with two of the biggest generational NBA talents in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. It's an interview you simply need to hear. And don't forget about the TOP 5/Draft, because everyone needs a holiday.  RUNDOWN On the exhausting pace of this season and the general feeling around the project of an All Star Game  On what his game day prep in a normal season as compared to this year Discusses some of the unique exercises he practices in the weight room Was there ever a time he was too into weight lifting and had to scale it back Discusses why he wasn't a fan of college basketball On his feelings during his draft not even thinking he was going to be picked What were his aspirations growing up playing basketball in New Zealand Who were the NBA players that he tried to emulate as he first started getting into hoops Did he play rugby and did his size translate at all What is it about New Zealanders that helped them accomplish such a successful coronavirus response  Steven breaks down the beauty of his farm in New Zealand and his love of soil On the billionaires buying 'doomsday' plots in New Zealand and is there any pushback by the natives  What's his impression of Zion Williams  Was it overwhelming to be thrust onto a team ready to win the championship coming out of college Claiming the game 7 win against the Grizzlies as his own because Z-Bo punched him in game 6 and got ejected What was Russell Westbrook like as a teammate Was it hard to perform with the strong personalities on the Thunder What his impression of Kevin Durant was like when started playing alongside him Where does his minimalistic approach to life come from On the culture shock of the NBA world On the sobering prospect of becoming irrelevant  Looking back at the 2016 series against the Warriors​ How great the people of Oklahoma were during his time there Breaks down his incredible Hail Mary pass to Dennis Schroder  Weighs in on some of the highs and lows of his eating habits TOP 5/Draft Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 12, 2021
Episode 40: Mayor LaToya Cantrell
Mayor LaToya Cantrell is certainly no stranger to community work. In fact, it's the backbone to her entire professional and political career. In this spectacular interview, Mayor Cantrell shows just why she connects so well with the public as her usual sharp wit, humor, intelligence and passion are on full display. She digs deep into topics such as her family origins​ and influence, how she came to fall in love with the city of New Orleans, on the difficult decisions she has made and faces during the pandemic, where her unending confidence comes from, and much more.  RUNDOWN On the fans making some noise at recent home games The special community that makes up N.O. What was it about the city that connected with her when she moved there When was the first time she ever came to N.O. Did she ever suspect back then that she would come to represent the city How difficult was it to shut down the bars for Mardi Gras  Handling the backlash of this decision Once the virus is under control, how do you get N.O. back to normal On her journey and the role her family played throughout her life Where her confidence comes from Did the Church play a role in her approach with the public Life in N.O. before and after Hurricane Katrina What does it take to be a good community organizer Where can she do her 'best good' within her role as mayor On protecting the city's brand in dealing the film industry What was her motivation to step into the political ring What advice does she have to someone who wants to give back to their community Has her view of 'service' changed or evolved over the years If the reward isn't financial, what keeps her going through criticism and crisis In order to help, service has to be intimate Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 08, 2021
Episode 39: Mike Conley (featuring Jamal Crawford)
Mike Conley is many things on the hard court - deadly shooter, savvy ball handler, ambidextrous, underrated, and... nice? Yep, on top of all those outstanding attributes, Conley is also universally considered as the nicest guy in the league - and he has the awards to prove it! Thankfully, this interview goes a lot deeper than just his sparkling personality, as he opens up about his "grit-n-grind' days in Memphis, on being snubbed in the all-star voting, the what-if moments of his career, and much more. Then to close the show out, the incomparable Jamal Crawford joins JJ and Tommy for the Top 5/Draft.    RUNDOWN​ Mike Conley What it's like being the nicest guy in the league Breaks down the tweaks to the Utah offense Explains the adjustments he had to make in his game when he came to Utah What was it like finding out his wife was pregnant and knowing he was going to be in the bubble Looking back to the 'Grit-n-Grind' days in Memphis Takes us through the '15 playoff series against the Warriors Discusses the "what-if" moments of those years with Memphis On the drag out matchups against the Clippers while he was with Memphis The biggest character on those teams was? On the brilliance of Z-Bo Shane Battier being the smartest hoop IQ On being ambidextrous  Talks about being snubbed for all star status Looks back at the group of players he was drafted with Greg Oden and the potential he had coming into the NBA Jamal Crawford Jamal catches us up on what he's been doing lately Looks back at the years since last playing with JJ on the Clippers The joy of playing with Jimmy Butler Embracing the role of coming off the bench Will he ever officially retire? On his absolute unwavering love for the game of basketball Top 5/Draft Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Feb 05, 2021
Episode 38: Dr. J (featuring Taylor Rooks)
For some guests, firing off a string of superlatives just won't do them justice. That is definitely the case today. JJ and Tommy sit down with a true legend of the game, an individual that transcended the game in so many ways and laid a path for generations to follow, the one and only Dr. J, Julius Erving. The doctor gives us a peak behind the curtain and opens up about playing in the ABA, his roots at Rucker Park in Harlem, the '83 championship team with the 76'ers, his infamous fight with Larry Bird, and much more. Then to close out the episode, the magnificent Taylor Rooks joins the pod for the TOP 5/Draft. Controversial picks abound.  RUNDOWN • Welcome • What was it like playing in those classic canvas high top shoes • When did he feel the turn came where shoes became a main focus of the fans • How he ended up playing in the ABA and what that league was like • On whether he can still dunk now • Talks about playing at Rucker Park in Harlem and the impact he had on that scene • The circumstances that led to him playing with the 76'ers in the NBA  • On the legendary 1983 Championship team • Might his career have been different playing it in the social media era of today • What do players of his generation make up today's current NBA salaries • How did he feel when basketball started becoming a more 'player' focused league • Who was the best player he ever played against • Who is one of his favorite players in the NBA today  • Walks through the infamous fight with Larry Bird Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 27, 2021
Episode 37: Tyrese Haliburton (featuring Josh Hart)
​Playing successfully in the NBA is difficult enough, but excelling in the NBA as a rookie can be both a monumental challenge as well as an outer​-body experience. You'll see how both come into play when JJ and Tommy sit down with Sacramento Kings rookie point guard Tyrese Haliburton. He opens up about what it's like being a rookie, his 'welcome to the NBA' moments so far, his R.O.Y. chatter, the uniqueness of the 2020 draft, and much more. It's easy to see that the Kings will be in good hands moving forward on and off the court with Tyrese running the floor. Then, the episode closes out on yet another high note when OM3 favorite Josh Hart joins the show for the TOP 5/Draft.  RUNDOWN Dealing with the challenging situation of the NBA Covid testing and how it effects the daily routine How did he prepare for the incredibly unique 2020 draft Was he shocked falling down to #13 in the draft to Sacramento  On gelling with his teammates and fitting in Describing the rocket ascent that he's had over the last 3 years Does he use negative chatter about him as a 'chip on the shoulder' motivational tool Where does his efficiency as a player come from Was there any player that he tried to emulate growing up Has there been a 'welcome to the NBA moment' this year On being able to consistently shoot threes from the logo like Dame and other NBA stars Is he cognizant of the buzz around him for R.O.Y. On being compared to LaMelo  Managing the quick turnaround of the NBA schedule  Coming up with his "call God" trash talk On his relationship with Talen Horton-Tucker and Tyler Herro Discusses how he addressed the insurrection at the Capital Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 20, 2021
Episode 36: Markelle Fultz (featuring Sue Bird & Mero)
On this episode of the Old Man and the Three, JJ and Tommy sit down with rising NBA star Markelle Fultz. **Disclaimer**: this interview was conducted the day before he unfortunately suffered a season ending knee injury in Orlando on January 6th. Despite that horrible circumstance, it'll be easy to see that the road that lies ahead of him right now is nothing he can't conquer. An incredibly mentally strong player, Fultz talks about his injury and recovery, dealing with pressure and the expectations of being a number 1 pick, and how it felt being the target of a negative media attack. If there's one player we know can get through a difficult situation and bounce back on his feet, it's Markelle. We wish him nothing but the best and know he'll be back on the court soon enough. Now, to lighten things up a bit, the episode gets capped off by a spectacular TOP 5/Draft with close friend of the pod Sue Bird, and 1st time guest Mero (from Desus & Mero). This one is a fight to the finish. Don't miss it. RUNDOWN Markelle Fultz Has the daily Covid testing effected his preparation  On the precautions that are being made to avoid contact Discusses his new contract and finding the right fit On the difficulty of being injured his first year and re-joining the team late in the year Explains how his unique draft situation all broke down How hard was it for him to shut everything down after being the number one pick What was the emotional and mental toll that the year took on him​ Were there any moments of doubt during the injury of whether he can still do it Dealing with that doubt and channeling it into something positive Was getting drafted #1 important to him On playing against top competition in high school On the unique movement of his body within his game Discusses how underrated his teammate Nikola Vucevic is Talks about coach Steve Clifford Does the Magic embrace the role of underdogs Does he appreciate his situation now TOP 5/Draft with Sue Bird & Mero Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 15, 2021
Episode 35: Duncan Robinson and Malcolm Gladwell
BREAKING NEWS: ThreeFourTwo Productions has a new family member - introducing "The Long Shot"! Close friend of the pod and fellow NBA star Duncan Robinson joins the show to discuss his brand new podcast called "The Long Shot", presented by 'ThreeFourTwo Productions', which he co-hosts with Davis Reid. The guys break down what the show will be about and dive in with some helpful tools of the trade to help Duncan on his way. Then the pod takes another great turn when renowned author and podcaster Malcolm Gladwell joins the show to share his thoughts on what it's like to host a podcast, dealing with with the 'start-struck' factor, and how to be a great interviewer and more. Plus, Malcolm gets the floor to explain his snarky comment he recently made about D-III College hoops and more specifically, Duncan's alma mater Williams College. And lastly, there's a TOP 5/Draft that will leave you asking the question "who the hell is THAT guy??". We're looking at you, Mr. Gladwell.  RUNDOWN  Duncan Robinson Duncan discusses his new podcast "The Long Shot" and joining the 'ThreeFourTwo Productions' family Reflecting on how his life has changed since last October How the defenses have adjusted to him as his star has risen On dealing with a prolonged shooting slump and what gets him out of it Dealing with trade rumors for the first time Malcolm Gladwell Malcolm breaks down what he's been up to over the last few months Tips for being a great interviewer Does he ever get nervous or star struck with a guest Malcolm explains his case to Duncan about the comment he made about D-III basketball and Williams College Duncan explains his thoughts on D-III basketball Malcolm asks why Duncan went to Williams College On Duncan being mic'd up in the playoffs TOP 5/DRAFT Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 11, 2021
Episode 34: Bob Iger (Leadership Series Part II)
In this second installment of the OM3 Leadership Series, JJ and Tommy are joined by the Executive Chairman of The Walt Disney Company, Bob Iger. In this outstanding interview, Iger discusses his incredible journey, from his humble beginnings in the studios of ABC to the top of the mountain as the CEO of Disney, all the while holding nothing back and delivering honest and compassionate answers on what it takes to make it in worlds of entertainment, business, and life. RUNDOWN On his relationship with Chris Paul and his involvement in making the NBA bubble happen On the importance of a daily workout routine  Using your workouts to increase focus and declutter your mind What was it about the moment of being named Chairman of Disney that peaked his confidence Managing the balance of ego, confidence, and praise - and the danger of becoming overconfident What made him step down as CEO of Disney On harnessing talent and utilizing people the right way Looking back on the purchase of Marvel and is he surprised at how successful it's turned out Does he consider himself a storyteller Breaks down his role at his first job at ABC Would things have been more difficult if it was spent in this current social media landscape On keeping an eye on the company stock Did his view of successful company performance change over the years with different jobs On striving for and obtaining perfection If he had to identify his 'talent', what would it be Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jan 04, 2021
Episode 33: J.J. Barea and Josh Hart
It's easy to see that J.J. Barea is a unique player. As evidenced by his 14 year NBA career, his on-court tenacity and drive exude a much larger imprint on the game than his physical stature does. Never one to back down from a challenge on the court, JJ opens up in this highly entertaining and fun interview and delivers answers with the same passion that helped him win a championship in Dallas and persevere through the highs and lows of a long career run. Then to cap things off and take the pod to yet another level, JJ and Tommy welcome in Josh Hart for the draft, which features a highly controversial pick at the number one spot. RUNDOWN J.J. Barea Discusses his current contract and release On still wanting to play and enjoying the ride On meeting JJ in the 2003 U19 World Championship Where his mindset is at this point in his career When did he realize he can truly make it in the NBA How playing in Dallas was the perfect fit for him On working the pick and roll with Dirk Is there a difference between practicing dribbling and shooting Winning the championship in 2011 Talks about all the run-ins he's had over the years Whether he flopped or not and utilizing his defensive tactics How Dirk took his game to another level in that 2011 Final Did the Heat underestimate J.J. in the finals On not coming back to the Mavs after that championship year What was playing for Marc Cuban like and his relationship with him His first impression of Luka On the differences in training between the young NBA player the older On the partying that went on after the championship  Josh Hart Congrats to Josh on his engagement How the proposal went down and why it was filmed On the heat that Josh is taking for his snug pants in his engagement video TOP 5/Draft Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 31, 2020
Episode 32: Brandon Ingram
It's no secret that Brandon Ingram's presence on the court is that of a multi-tool, all star talent. But when it comes to his presence off the court, "secret" might just be the most opportune way to describe him. A notoriously quiet star, B.I. sits down with JJ and Tommy and opens up about many topics on and off the court, including the NBA magic in his hometown of Kinston NC, his laid back persona, his transition from a small town to the global power of the Lakers, his awkward final season in LA, and much more. Plus, it's a very Merry Top 5/Draft that includes a highly questionable pick by Mr. Alter that once again leaves JJ in disbelief. **Audio disclaimer: Due to some technical issues, Brandon's microphone unfortunately didn't bring it's 'A' game, but it's still a great interview so enjoy. ​What's behind his quiet and laid back personality  What makes his hometown (Kinston) so special in creating NBA players How did he end up at Duke On the importance of Jerry Stackhouse to the Kinston community How important is winning to him When did he get a full grasp on the mental aspects of the NBA game What it felt like being a small time kid going to a global franchise in the Lakers On learning to lead and the process of reading players Who his favorite player was and who he tried to emulate growing up On the uniqueness of Kevin Durant and how the NBA fan might've taken him for granted How strange was his last season in LA (first year of LeBron) On finding out that he was traded On being able to relate to his teammates in NO​ Putting basketball first over everything else On improving his 3 point shooting over the last year What were his emotions when he realized he was getting a 5 year max contract Who are some of the young guys in the league that he watches and likes The first time JJ met B.I. and how ​he's wired differently Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 27, 2020
Episode 31: Swin Cash and Marques Brownlee
It's double the pleasure on today's OM3 pod as JJ and Tommy start things off with the incredibly impressive Swin Cash, the current vice president of basketball operations and team development for the New Orleans Pelicans. The hoops legend takes us through her journey to the NBA, her Hall of Fame career, what was it like playing for Gino Auriemma, the challenges of dealing with NBA players, and more. Following that, the guys welcome in the planet's hottest tech reviewer Marques Brownlee - as well as professional ultimate frisbee player - to give us the lowdown on whether the perfect tech product exists, and also breaks down why his videos are so popular. Lastly, he joins JJ and Tommy in a TOP 5/Draft that focuses on tech gadgets we all wish were real. So grab you Jet-Pack and join in. RUNDOWN Swin Cash ​On her first impressions of SVG The difference between good coaches and great coaches On dealing with superstar talents who push the envelope What was it like playing for Gino Auriemma and what's his secret Discusses practicing against the top level talent at UCONN and how it translated to games On the generational connection with past and future UCONN players - both men and women What is her hope for the Pelicans this year Was the opportunity to build a culture down in N.O. a reason for coming On playing a pivotal leadership role within the organization On what drove her to play basketball  Reflects on the accomplishment of making the women's HOF and being nominated for the Naismith HOF What has surprised her the most about working with NBA players on a daily basis ​ Marques Brownlee What makes his videos so popular and why do they connect with the public so well Where and how did he obtain all of his tech information Is there a perfect tech product out there TOP 5/Draft Talks about the Pro Frisbee Football league he is in Breaks down what is so great about YouTube Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 16, 2020
Episode 30: Chris Paul
Buckle up and pray that your basketball IQ is up to date because there are your normal hoop discussions... and then there's what takes place on this very special episode of the Old Man and the Three. Joining JJ and Tommy today is all 'everything' NBA superstar and close friend Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns, and pretty much nothing is off limits. CP3 tackles just about everything in this hilarious but intimate and in-depth discussion where they deep dive into x's and o's, his history with JJ, how he's settling in with the Suns, the important leadership role he plays within the NBA, and so much more.    RUNDOWN How he's settling in to Phoenix On his influence on the younger NBA generation What made Phoenix an attractive destination for him Discusses Monty Williams and reconnecting with him JJ talks about being wired the same as CP3 Discusses how efficient the Clippers were when they were together When in his career did he reach that level where he could manipulate the game in his favor Breaking down drop coverage On the defensive scheme when was in Houston Does he think about getting so close to the finals in his first year with the Rockets On preparation and the shift and transition he made in his training How the league is advancing in training and prep  How having control over your body and feeling healthy changes everything Discusses how the OKC team last year adopted his personality  Is there ever a way to turn his competitiveness off On CP3 and JJ going against each other in college and having a history when they first met Delving into the JJ/CP3 vitriol in the early years  On being a part of the NBA's leadership and what he's faced over the last year How hard was it to focus and compartmentalize everything playing both sides On the difficulty of looking out for every NBA player and their respective situations  TOP 5/Draft​ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 09, 2020
Episode 29: David Rubenstein (Leadership Series Part I)
Many factors go into being successful: intelligence, experience, street smarts, luck... they all play a part. But there's always more to the story than what the public sees. With that in mind, JJ and Tommy bring you this inaugural episode of "The Old Man and the Three - Leadership Series". In these bonus episodes, you will be taken behind the curtain and given a look at how some of the most successful people in the world made their mark, and the unique qualities and traits that lead them down their respective paths. In today's wide ranging interview, the guys sit down with co-founder and co-executive chairman of the American private equity firm 'The Carlyle Group' David Rubenstein. RUNDOWN What was Duke like when he went there in the 60's Why he ended up there On Coach K and how he has transformed the university Following Coach K's legacy A deep dive into JJ's tattoos David breaks down his book and his curiosity to ask questions  What are the most important characteristics of leadership EQ (Emotional intelligence) vs IQ How to manage ego On being able to pivot and handling failure How to spread the word about what you're doing Because of social media, is it harder now to be a leader Is having a chip on your shoulder a common factor in being successful​ On the challenges of being a woman trying to lead Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 07, 2020
Episode 28: Tyler Herro
On this episode of the Old Man and the Three, JJ and Tommy welcome in Miami Heat sharpshooter Tyler Herro. Tyler tackles questions about his trash talking, his swagger and where it comes from, the experience of flipping from the hometown Badgers to the Kentucky Wildcats, the Heat's title run, and much more. (Maybe a budding rap career??) Plus, there's the TOP 5/Draft that centers around the city of Miami and features many familiar names and faces - and... some not so familiar. (We're looking at you Mr. Alter.) RUNDOWN ​​Tyler brings us up to speed on what he's been doing Discusses his new tattoo Talks about the differences between him and Duncan Robinson On his unique style of play and how quickly he picks up on new moves Who did he model his game after while growing up On being compared to other NBA players Where his swag comes from How the whole Heat team feeds off that type of attitude  On the importance of leaning on Jimmy Butler throughout his rookie year Does he use the "chip on the shoulder" approach for motivation Where does he get his confidence from When he feels the Heat really started to trust him What was it about Kentucky that made him go there Does he carry any animosity after de-committing from Wisconsin to Kentucky  On his high School mix tapes Breaks down how his shot has changed over the years When did he get into fashion Talks about his 'rapping' How did he connect with Jack Harlow What does year 2 look like for him Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Dec 02, 2020
Episode 27: Megan Rapinoe
As a soccer superstar, Megan Rapinoe is beloved and admired worldwide. But as her millions of fans know, it's not just because of what she does on the pitch. A well known activist, she has been outspoken and a leading voice on several topics like salary payscales, gender inequality, and police brutality. She has also written a book titled "One Life" detailing her experiences in these particular areas, and in this episode she sits down with JJ and Tommy to discuss all of that and more. To cap it off, they all dig into a Top 5/Draft that will surely leave your mouth watering.    ​RUNDOWN Megan discusses her motivation behind writing her new book Was it difficult to truly open up during the writing process On her and Sue's tweets that broke the internet Reflecting on this personal wave of good fortune that she is presently​ experiencing  Does she ever take a step back to recognize her legacy What motivates her to keep competing  When did she learn how to focus as a professional Is it difficult to compartmentalize her life  Breaking down the pay scale/inequality issue in women's soccer Undertanding how the players fighting for equal pay today will likely never see the benefits in their careers Did she fully understand/expect the backlash of siding with Colin Kaepernick  Discussing inequality in sports in general Has she ever second guessed herself and does she feel vindicated now On being keenly aware of the noise around her and the release of running through it to win it all How can the World Cup fandom translate over to the domestic league What play or moment stands out the most in her career TOP 5/Draft  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 25, 2020
Episode 26: Matthew McConaughey (featuring A’ja Wilson)
It's another double dose of star power on this week's 'Old Man and the Three'. First, JJ and Tommy welcome in Oscar winning actor Matthew McConaughey to discuss his new book "Greenlights", as well as his "Give Thanks" campaign with Wild Turkey, career highlights and lowlights, making friends with mountain lions, and much more. Then, to cap things off, WNBA superstar and reigning MVP A'ja Wilson joins the program to talk about WNBA news, current and past coaches Bill Laimbeer and Dawn Staley, her foundation for Dyslexia, and the TOP 5/Draft.  RUNDOWN  Matthew McConaughey Explains the "With Thanks" Wild Turkey campaign Talks about his new book Discusses a moment in rehearsals that changed his professional life On understanding the process of acting and what makes a take successful Retells a story about taking Peyote in Mexico and sitting with a mountain lion.  Where does his curiosity in life come from Is there a time where he exceeded his dreams and expectations How his journal has played such an integral part in his life - through good and bad JJ brings up one of MM's not so known films Reign of Fire How prevalent are existential crisis' in Hollywood Who has he worked with that he felt just really had it all together There's no secret sauce to acting, sports, etc. It's preparation and the basics On getting fully into character and having cast-mates do the same Breaking down Interstellar and it's impact​ A'ja Wilson ​What her offseason plan is looking like and what she is expecting for next year Was the game different for her in the bubble On the current conditions and how next season will be effected Putting the WNBA MVP award in context within her career achievements What impact did being benched in her freshman year have on her career On the level of trust between her and SC Coach Dawn Staley What is Bill Laimbeer like as a coach Does the social justice movement help ratings in the WNBA as well as awareness​ The importance of having the top players lead the movement by example Discusses her foundation for Dyslexia TOP 5/Draft Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 17, 2020
Episode 25: Fred VanVleet (featuring Sue Bird and Shea Serrano)
It's another star studded episode of "The Old Man and the Three" as JJ and Tommy start things off with a wide ranging interview with Toronto Raptors rising star Fred VanVleet. He brings some brutal honesty in discussing topics such as free agency, his rise from the G-League, playing with Kawhi, and what it takes to win the chip. Then, to follow that up, it's a power packed Top 5/Draft as they welcome in journalist Shea Serrano and WNBA Legend Sue Bird. It's all here on OldMan3. RUNDOWN Fred VanVleet Discusses the CBA and early start of the season How he is handling the free agency period Taking the average fan through what being a free agent is like On reaching a point in your career where a big payout is due How much does being given the opportunity to run a team factor into his destination   Breaking down the formula for winning and what they have in Toronto If he had to think of an NBA city to play in this year, where would it be How the Covid protocol is going to look in the 2021 season Discusses his bubble experience On his trajectory from the G-League to where he is now and the role it played​ Did he ever have a low moment where he was bitter about how it started What was his thought process when he heard of the Kawhi trade  How Kawhi was as a teammate What did he learn about playing from behind during the championship run How the anonymity of that team assisted in their run How your perspective of the game can change after having children Was winning a championship the hardest thing he's ever done in basketball Is mental toughness the separator for a champion Discussing the mentally tough players throughout the league.  Feeling like an outsider making his way through high school and college On having a chip on his shoulder and using it to his advantage  Sue Bird and Shea Serrano ​Shea talks about his book and how it came about Congrats to Sue and Megan on their engagement TOP 5/Draft Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 11, 2020
Episode 24: Alex Caruso
Alex Caruso. Los Angeles Laker, Alex Caruso. NBA Champion, Alex Caruso. Not many would've expected that scenario just a few years back when he was in the G-League trying to break into the NBA, but here he is. In this episode of the "Old Man and the Three", JJ and Tommy sit down with Alex to discuss his incredible journey, what life has been like since becoming an NBA champion, where he goes from here, plus much more. Capping it all off is a Top 5/Draft that includes players even your great grandfather might have known. Enjoy.  RUNDOWN What have the last few weeks been like after the championship  Getting recognized walking around in LA When did the Lakers really start to gel and turn it on Discusses how the Lakers would lock in during then playoffs  ​Why Frank Vogel was the right pick to coach this team What are some of the little things that make LeBron so great Who was his favorite player growing up​ At what point this year does he feel he gained LeBron's trust What was his reaction to AD landing in LA Is he comfortable with his "celebrity" His favorite meme about himself Does it ever feel surreal to be where he is now What was his headspace like when he didn't get drafted What goes into being successful in the NBA What part of his game does he think needs the most improvement  Were there players he watched and aspired to be What was going through his head when he realized he was going to be an NBA Champion  Talking trash with Duncan in the finals How does he feel about the quick turnaround into the next season Why JJ and Alex wear their respective #4's TOP 5/Draft Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Nov 05, 2020
Episode 23: Bradley Beal (featuring Jon Favreau)
It's a very special Old Man & The Three this week as JJ and Tommy welcome in Washington Wizards All-Star sharpshooter Bradley Beal. In a wide ranging interview the boys breakdown the flawed all-star voting process, the never ending trade rumors surrounding Beal, his workout routines, how to invest in the step-back three, and much more. But before all that starts, Pod Save America's Jon Favreau joins the show for an in-depth breakdown of what's going on with the election, the voting pitfalls to be aware of, and what Joe Biden's sell to America is. Plus a sweet Top 5/Draft that'll be sure to jar a few fillings loose. "Great draft Beal" Jon Favreau An overview of where we are a week out from the election  Jon explains "Vote Save America" Explains the naked ballot and how important Pennsylvania is to the electoral vote Explains the polls right now and how it relates to 2016 What is your biggest sell for Joe Biden for President Bradley Beal ​ What's the feeling concerning the proposed Dec 22nd NBA start date Takeaways from the bubble - outside looking in What was it like not being in the bubble Discusses the year he had The All-Star game being a popularity game How winning (or lack thereof) has affected his standing with the fans Who's the second best player he has played with Breaking down his long term deal with the Wizards How much of a distraction are the trade rumors  JJ reminisces about a January game in 2014 that changes his game What was his transition to the NBA like Discusses the physical challenges he faced in the beginning of his career Breaks down his workout procedure Investing in the "step-back"​ and dissecting the footwork involved How he never got to work with Kobe On Coach K comparing Bradley to JJ in the recruiting pitch Why he ended up at Florida instead of Duke On his relationship with Jayson Tatum  TOP 5/Draft Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 28, 2020
Episode 22: John Brennan (featuring PFT Commenter)
In this episode of the Old Man and the Three, it's a two for one special.  JJ and Tommy lead off with a spectacular interview with former CIA Director John Brennan, where they take a deep dive into his life in the CIA, his recent book, the bizarre world of Trump, the Osama bin Laden raid, and much more. Then, things take a bit of a different turn when they welcome in Pardon My Take's PFT Commenter for the TOP 5/Draft and Mailbag question. And, as you can probably imagine, PFT does not disappoint.  John Brennan What was the motivation for writing his book How exposure to the world helps you understand how special the United States is Do Americans fully understand what civil servants do and their importance Director Brennan explains his experience of playing basketball overseas in Cairo  What were the challenges of writing the book How does he swallow the madness that is going on in the White House/Congress/etc. Where would he say American stands right now in terms of division in his lifetime How technology has made the spread of hate and misinformation worse How does technology effect protocols in the CIA On the secrecy on the CIA and not being able to share info like a normal member of society Are there any movies or TV shows that have depicted the CIA correctly - or even closely The most impactful/memorable event in his career Discussing the bin Laden raid  His feeling about Trumps tweets and re-tweets Who are some of the best leaders he's been around and what are their qualities PFT Commenter Discusses Mt Rushmore and how it came about Comparing Big Cat's place with JJ's The story of how he came up with his handle Would PFT Commenter be a fan of JJ Who's the grittiest current NBA player TOP 5/Draft Mailbag question Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 20, 2020
Episode 21: Coach K, Mike Krzyzewski (featuring Sue Bird)
The word legend gets thrown around a lot these days. But then again, in some rare cases it almost doesn't seem to be enough. That is precisely what we have on this episode of "The Old Man and the Three" as JJ and Tommy welcome in a true legend of the game on every level, the one and only "Coach K", Mike Krzyzewski. And, as if that isn't enough, another guest worthy of "legend" status joins for the intro and TOP 5/Draft, WNBA Champion and future Hall of Famer Sue Bird.  Sue Bird RUNDOWN Recaps her WNBA Finals victory Having Megan with her in the bubble  First thing she did after she got out of the bubble Acclimating to life outside the bubble and being back in society NBA Finals breakdown How the lack of fans played a major role in the playoffs The effect of no fans on shooting performances Describing the elation of winning a championship Coach K RUNDOWN What was his first impression of JJ JJ's practice routine Coach comments on JJ's turnaround in the NBA What's the goal for this college basketball season On the practice/social distancing process at Duke What was it like telling his players that the NCAA tournament was cancelled On helping his players through quarantine and creating a virtual national championship for them Putting closure on last season.  Discussion about JJ's sophomore season troubles and how he "crossed a bridge" to get through it May 21st 2004. The most important day in JJ's basketball career How he watches his players closely to keep a healthy environment​ On his belief in therapy and talking it through with players  Tells a great story about Marshall Plumlee and his accomplishment of becoming an Army Ranger JJ talks about the moment Coach K went from just a coach to a coach and a friend On giving full impowerment to his teams and how that builds confidence. On roasting Coach K  Embracing the "one and done" era How would JJ have done if he left early Adaptability is vital to success Embracing change and being impressed with the younger generation  How America needs to get better How close was Coach K to taking the Lakers job in 2004 Coach shares an amazing Kobe story Dream team vs Redeem team... who wins? How great the NBA has handled the pandemic What separates the "LeBrons" and "Kobes" from everyone else​ TOP 5/DRAFT Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 14, 2020
Episode 20: DeMar DeRozan
If there’s anyone that knows the difficulty in beating Lebron James in the playoffs, it’s DeMar DeRozan. And on this episode of the Old Man and the Three, JJ and Tommy welcome in the San Antonio Spurs superstar for a frank discussion that covers pushing back against analytics, the emotions of watching the Raptors win a championship, and leading on mental health in the NBA. Plus, don't miss a TOP 5/Draft that will have you grabbing your keys and heading for the drive-thru. RUNDOWN NBA Finals recap How he attacks the defense the Lakers were showing in game 4 On the uniqueness of Anthony Davis Talks about KCP's play in the finals Relying on your stars to create shots in the playoffs The difficulty of beating a LeBron led team 4 times in a series The brilliance of LeBron What it felt like watching the Raptors make their run last year Reliving the bone-chilling 2016 all-star game On building a winning culture Discussing the fans passion in Toronto The challenge of going through customs all through the season On being an elite scorer without shooting 3's Breaking down his style of play On the skill of generating 3 pointers instead of taking them Discusses the players who influenced his game The nuances of drawing fouls when a team is in the bonus Addresses mental health and his tweet about depression that started a movement in the NBA How money isn't the answer for life's problems On the importance of addressing your mental health Discusses his AAU and college experience The LA basketball scene TOP 5/Draft Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 08, 2020
Episode 19: Andrew Yang
On this episode of the "Old Man and the Three", JJ and Tommy are joined by entrepreneur, philanthropist, former presidential candidate, and all around great guy Andrew Yang. Delving into topics such as his presidential run, how politicians are trying to infuse themselves into sports, the Facebook dilemma, the 2020 election and more, it's an interview you surely won't want to miss. Plus, there's the TOP 5/Draft that will put you in a New York State of mind.  RUNDOWN​ Discussing the polls at the present time as compared with 2016  Explains his role in the upcoming election  Talks about how the south is turning and there may be some surprising results Dissects Ted Cruz's obsession with knocking the NBA Who would win in a one on one game: Yang or Cruz? Making sense of the NBA ratings right now Politicians trying to infuse themselves into sports Is there is a way out of this toxic climate in America How do we get companies like Facebook to clean up their act Discussing his run for the presidency and the meaning of Human Centered Capitalism The knee jerk reaction of claiming socialism when discussing universal basic income Does he look back as his run as a success Lesson learned on the campaign trail Is there a fix to the "popular vote" issue and is rank choice voting the answer On "Humanity Forward" How trillion dollar companies like Amazon pay no taxes and how changing that can cure so much How does he successfully pivot from one career to the next Doing a job you don't like will turn you into an unhappy person On investing in the paths for the younger generation Breaking down the entire Trump ordeal over the last week TOP 5/Draft Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 06, 2020
Episode 18: Carmelo Anthony
On this episode of the 'Old Man and the Three', JJ and Tommy sit down with sure-fire Hall of Famer and current Portland Trail Blazer Carmelo Anthony. In this incredibly in-depth interview, nothing is off-limits as Melo opens up about his career path and accomplishments, his tumultuous time in NY (as well as OKC and Houston), Phil Jackson, social justice, and much more.  Plus a TOP 5/Draft that'll have you game ready and hungry at the same time.   RUNDOWN Reliving the 2002 McDonalds All American Game Melo’s first impression of JJ The last 3 of the 2002 McDonalds All American class Discussing Melo’s time in Denver Fans today only know the game from the "big 3" moving forward On spending two 2 years from A.I. Imagining his Denver teams in the social media age The kind of personalities that those teams attracted On his experience in NY  When Phil Jackson took over in NY  Studying and executing the triangle On the media scrutiny in NY How he handled losing after winning for so long Melo’s "hat" stage in NY The Steve Novak "get paid" story On his experiences in OKC and Houston and how they differ Dealing with going from a #1 option to a 2nd or 3rd option What was it like being out of basketball On finally ending up in Portland and what it brought to him How much longer does he want to play Reflecting on his own personal legacy in basketball His thoughts on the Breonna Taylor case On setting the stage for the younger players concerning social justice TOP 5/DRAFT   STAYME7O PROPEL Program Earlier this month as part of New York Fashion Week, Carmelo’s fashion banner STAYME7O presented the PROPEL SS21 collection, “A Black Future”, featuring collaborations from seven Black designers as a way to honor the Black creative community. The STAYME7O PROPEL Program is an ongoing initiative that champions not just emerging fashion talent but honors a vision of Black excellence and reimagines the cultural landscape and creative spaces where diversity has been underserved, starting within the fashion industry. The immersive, virtual 3-D fashion show that launched the program’s debut collection focused on the movement for Black independence, freedom of expression and how Black creativity always has, and continues to move and change the world around us.     The Social Change Fund This summer, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul launched the Social Change Fund, which is dedicated to investing in and supporting organizations that advocate for the Black community through long-term policy solutions, community representation, and narrative change. The Fund focuses on critical issues including ending police brutality, championing criminal justice reform and inclusion, advocating for the human rights of all Black lives, empowering communities of color by expanding access to voting and civic engagement, increasing Black representation in government, and building economic equity for Black people through investment in education, employment, wages, and housing.     The Carmelo Anthony Foundation Carmelo Anthony founded the Carmelo Anthony Foundation over 15 years ago as a vehicle for actionable change focused on community impact through a variety of outreach programs, disaster relief initiatives, and donations. The nonprofit has since established programs to refurbish basketball courts in underserved communities, provide families in need with food and personal supplies during the holidays, and provide much-needed disaster relief in the wake of tragedies such as super storm Sandy, the Flint Water Crisis, Hurricane Maria and more. The Carmelo Anthony Foundation has always been focused on initiatives for social reform and community impact, and continues today in support of the Black Lives Matter movement and championing open discussion and actionable change around protests, police brutality and progress.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Oct 01, 2020
Episode 17: Grayson Allen
From his National Championship win to his highly publicized tripping incidents at Duke, current Memphis Grizzlies shooting guard Grayson Allen has definitely seen his share of highs and lows. In this eye-opening interview with JJ and Tommy, he covers it all with brutal honestly and paints a picture of how it all went down. Plus, there’s a Top 5/Draft that’ll surely bring out the villain in all of us.   RUNDOWN Welcome Gaming in the bubble/2k rankings Building confidence going into his second year How has his experience been adjusting to the NBA What were his expectations coming into the NBA His ‘Welcome to the NBA’ moment Discussing the uniqueness of KD On the preparation for games: NBA vs College What stands out about Ja Morant How the scheduled seed-in games for Memphis were so tough Diving into the Duke experience Does he regret not leaving after his sophomore year The difficulty of dealing with the high player turnover at Duke  The process of managing his teammates and being a leader On feeling the “fishbowl” pressure at Duke Who was hated more at Duke: Grayson or JJ? How social media plays into that hatred Playing the Duke villain Grayson delves into his tripping incidents and the impact on his career SPEED ROUND TOP 5/DRAFT Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 28, 2020
Episode 16: De'Aaron Fox
Well, due to some technical difficulties, it took a while to get this one going. But once it started, it certainly didn't disappoint. Sacramento Kings PG De'Aaron Fox visited the 'Old Man and the Three' and delivered on every level in this wide ranging interview where they discussed the present NBA culture, the 'One and Done' system, learning from the veterans, and much more. Plus, it's another classic Top 5/Draft. Does JJ take a dive to help stop Tommy's run? Listen in to hear. THE RUNDOWN Life since the bubble (De'Aaron got engaged) Least favorite/favorite parts of the bubble AAU teammates who play in the NBA His HS Class of 2016 How De'Aaron ended up at Kentucky The Kentucky "one and done" system On John Calipari What's it like playing for Calipari Did he ever imagine this level of success when he was in HS The difference of being a top prospect today compared to years past In this basketball culture, how did De'Aaron stay so grounded Does he feel like he has made it Does he tailor his game to anyone in the NBA De'Aaron's welcome to the NBA moment JJ's welcome's to the NBA moment Who surprised him when he got to the NBA The first year learning curve Learning from the vets Analyzing De'Aaron's shot Being smart with your body De'Aaron's playoff takeaways  Did he think Bam was going to be this good Discussing the day the NBA postponed the season Is there a rivalry with him and Lonzo Ball? SPEED ROUND Top 5/Draft Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 24, 2020
Episode 15: Michael Lewis (featuring Duncan Robinson)
It's a power packed episode of "The Old Man and the Three" as JJ and Tommy welcome in award winning author and financial journalist Michael Lewis (Money Ball, The Blind Side, The Big Short). The discussion ranges from the pandemic and the challenges our society faces, to NBA analytics and the two kinds of nerds. But before (and after) that interview, Miami Heat sharp shooter and Old Man 3 NBA Correspondent Duncan Robinson joins the show to break down his team's series with the Celtics, the art of drawing a foul, whether or not he's caught the tattoo bug, and much more. Plus, he comes back after the interview for an ice cold Top 5/Draft that will leave you running to the freezer. RUNDOWN Duncan Robinson Discussing the Miami/Boston series On Duncan's shot selection How Boston is guarding him Duncan talks about his release JJ and Duncan breakdown the Marcus Smart experience Who's the biggest flopper in the league The art of drawing fouls  Do JJ's tattoos gain him respect? Duncan might be making the tattoo leap Earning playoff respect Mailbag question Top 5 Draft   Michael Lewis On Quarantine  Macro Takeaways from the pandemic  ML story of “how is he going to kill me” on pain killers from hip surgery  He/and prominent billionaire’s idea of a Trump death clock in Times Square “Trump is an accident of Democracy”   “we have an idiot’s ability” as Americans to change  Trump’s pandemic response / Woodward quotes  Tribalism / Is there a fix   The Fifth Risk book / Distrust of Expertise Theme is that a lot of examples in government of folks we don’t value being important  Activism of Younger Generation / Finding Hope  “Science progresses one funeral at a time”  Moneyball  JJ story on SVG / adoption analytics  On the two types of nerds  Daryl Morley/ Analytics Battier was “a guy whose value was not perceived”   JJ on first year in Philly v. final year  Duncan Robinson Part II Top 5/Draft Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 21, 2020
Episode 14: Steve Nash
On this episode of the "Old Man and the Three", JJ and Tommy welcome in Hall of Famer, 2-time MVP, and new coach of the Brooklyn Nets, Steve Nash. In a wide ranging interview, they cover all things NBA, including Steve's new gig, the playoffs, the evolution of the NBA coach, KD and Kyrie, and so much more. Plus, a Top 5/Draft that'll leave you saying "wow... that escalated quickly". RUNDOWN How Steve came to accept the Nets job JJ recalls 1st question he asked Steve in 2016 The role of a coach The challenge of player accountability  Did Steve's time in the bay help him deal w/ unique personalities  The evolution of the game for a coach When did he first get to know Kyrie Planning the KD/Kyrie 2-man game  The media backlash to Steve getting the Nets job There's white privilege and there's player privilege Does it bother Steve that he didn't win a championship as a player What career moments gnaw at Steve Being up 3-1 and staving off momentum Playoff point differential On the Heat's playoff run and culture ​ Bam's epic block Holding on to the game On Steve's personal journey after his retirement and his last days in LA What would he average in today's NBA TOP 5/DRAFT Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 17, 2020
Episode 13: Bubba Wallace (featuring bonus guest Chris Long)
On this episode of "The Old Man and the Three", it's a double dose of stars as JJ and Tommy sit down with NASCAR's Bubba Wallace to discuss his life on and off the track, his career ascension, and the unique circumstances he's had to deal with. But before that, as an added bonus, former NFL standout Chris Long joins the show to talk about the NFL, NBA, his charity, his podcast (Green Light), and much more. Plus, he sticks around for the Top 5/Draft where he puts his personal spin on things. RUNDOWN Chris Long 1:40 - Chris talks about podcasting 4:00 - NBA news (Conference finals, D'Antoni out in Houston) 8:30 - NFL discussion 13:15 - is there rhythm for NFL players?  15:00 - Chris' charity work 16:40 - Top 5/Draft Bubba Wallace 29:05 - Wallace intro 29:40 - What goes on the cars and why? 30:34 - How does one become a race car driver 32:20 - bringing NASCAR to younger diverse fans 34:54 - how does a young driver transition into bigger cars 36:57 - was Bubba a cocky kid? 38:42 - JJ tells his "you can google me" story 39:40 - Racial issues in NASCAR and in society 48:00 - the pressure on athletes to get it right when speaking out 50:35 - being attacked by Trump 56:00 - Black athletes have to be twice as good to get the same respect 100:08 - how hard is it to win in NASCAR 103:39 - how do friendships work in NASCAR 105:45 - are there any good racing movies? 107:40 - Is that a cardboard cutout of yourself in the background? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 14, 2020
Episode 12: Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman
In this Cadence13 Special Event, the stars align - literally - as JJ and Tommy sit down with Kevin Durant and Rich Kleiman from the Boardroom Out of Office podcast. Nothing is off the table as the crew tackles topics on and off the court. Plus, they cap it off with a Top 5/Draft that every long suffering sports fan can relate to. It's all here on the Old Man and the Three. RUNDOWN 2:33 - The great defender debate / defense in the NBA 20:20 - Kevin's run-in with the OKC media 23:30 - Media criticism.  28:10 - Kevin's backlash from the media and fans 34:30 - KD's decision to go to the Warriors 38:40 - JJ's past playoff experiences 46:40 - JJ talks about not winning a championship 49:40 - JJ and KD reminisce about Texas vs Duke and JJ's 41 point explosion  54:05 - The big "KD to the Knicks" rumor and his move to the Nets 1:03:00 - KD's situation with Draymond 1:06:20 - Do the Nets need a third star? 1:10:50 - KD's reaction to Steve Nash coaching the Nets 1:12:20 - on always learning and getting better 1:17:20 - What's Ja Morant's ceiling 1:20:10 - JJ and KD argue about whether he carries when he dribbles 1:21:41 - Kevin clapping back at people on twitter 1:24:28 - Top5/Draft Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 10, 2020
Episode 11: Chris Bosh
Few players have been thrown into the fire like Chris Bosh was when he joined the Miami Heat and formed a Big 3 with Lebron James and Dwyane Wade. On this episode of The Old Man and the Three, JJ and Tommy deep dive on the Heatles era, life after basketball, the NBA playoffs, the challenges of repeating as champs, and much more. Plus, this episode’s draft strikes a musical chord and you won’t want to miss it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 07, 2020
Episode 10: D'Angelo Russell
Joining JJ and Tommy on this episode of the OM3 is Minnesota Timberwolves point guard D'Angelo Russell. They dive deep into several subjects, including what it's like changing teams, his Laker experience in LA with Kobe, free agency, his newly found golf obsession, and much more. And of course, it's a can't miss OM3 Top 5/Draft as the group picks their all time favorite NBA jerseys. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Sep 03, 2020
Episode 9: Mark Cuban
There is only one Mark Cuban, and it's easy to see why in this fantastic interview with the brilliant Dallas Maverick's owner. Covering subjects ranging from the NBA Boycott and the future of rising star Luka Doncic, to winning a championship and what makes a leader, he presents it all in his brutally honest and unique way. Plus, controversy arises in the OM3 Top 5/Draft after a last minute change to the topic puts JJ in a hole. Was it a simple oversight, or a calculated move by Tommy? Enquiring minds want to know. Listen in to see how it all shakes out.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 31, 2020
Episode 8: NBA Boycott w/ Landry Shamet
On this OM3 emergency pod, JJ and Tommy sit down with LA Clippers PG Landry Shamet to discuss the decision to boycott last night's NBA playoff games and what lies ahead for the game as well as our country. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 27, 2020
Episode 7: Kevin Love
Fasten your seatbelts and brace yourself. On this episode of the Old Man & the Three, JJ and Tommy sit down and cover just about everything with NBA Champion, 5-time All Star, Gold Medal winner, and well known mental health advocate, Kevin Love. Plus, stick around for an OM3 Top 5/Draft that will leave you looking for your sunscreen and beach towel. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 26, 2020
Episode 6: Sue Bird
When it comes to excelling on and off the court, no one does it quite like Sue Bird. Join JJ and Tommy as they sit down with the Seattle Storm superstar and take a deep dive into such topics as free agency, finding your own identity, "JJ Redick contracts", Collective Bargaining Agreements, an awesome Kobe story, and even a little Major League Baseball. Plus you won't want to miss the OM3 Top 5 Draft. It's all here on The Old Man and the Three. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 20, 2020
Episode 5: Dwyane Wade
On this episode of "The Old Man and the Three", NBA legend and 3-time Champion (and surefire Hall of Famer) Dwyane Wade joins JJ and Tommy to discuss life after the NBA, being part of "The Decision", his relationship with Kobe, his emerging wine business, and so much more. Don't miss this incredible interview with one the games best - on and off the court. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 17, 2020
Episode 4: Jayson Tatum
JJ and Tommy sit down with the Boston Celtics star to discuss life in the bubble, realizing your potential, the playoffs, the Duke brotherhood, and much more. All that and the "Old Man and the Three" draft and top five. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 13, 2020
Episode 3: Joel Embiid
As any NBA fan knows, when it comes to Joel Embiid there's never a dull moment, and when JJ and Tommy sit down with the 76'er big man for this week's "Old Man and the Three" podcast, that certainly rings true once again. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 10, 2020
Episode 2: Stacey Abrams
In this installment of "The Old Man and the Three", JJ and Tommy sit down with American politician, author, former Georgia House of Representatives member, and possible VP selection Stacey Abrams for a spectacular interview. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 06, 2020
Episode 1: Damian Lillard
On the opening episode of JJ Redick and Tommy Alter's new podcast "The Old Man and the Three", they sit down with superstar guard Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers. Don't miss it as they dig in to life in the bubble, rivalries, fellow NBA players, and their favorite rap albums. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Aug 05, 2020
Introducing: The Old Man and the Three
“The Old Man and the Three with JJ Redick and Tommy Alter” launches August 5th. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Jul 27, 2020