Metrics that Measure Up

By Ray Rike

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Category: Management

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B2B SaaS and Cloud founders, CEOs, and Go-To-Market operating executives share their journey as they scaled their business from $0M ARR to $100M and beyond. The guests share their insights on measurements of success, performance metrics, and benchmarks they use to guide and inform their decision-making and growth journey.Guests include founders and CEOs of amazing success stories such as LinkedIn, DocuSign, Marketo, Gainsight, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, ringDNA, InsightSquared, Cloudera and Gong. Beyond founders and CEOs, we also speak with leading Venture Capitalists, Go-To-Market executives and industry thought leaders who share their experience and insights into customer acquisition, customer retention, and customer expansion best practices.

Episode Date
Scaling Sales Leadership to IPO and Beyond - with Ryan Meadows, SVP Sales Klaviyo
Jun 18, 2024
Selling to the CFO - with Tim Riitters, CFO at Gong
Jun 12, 2024
The Future of B2B Events - with Patrick Smith, CMO at Cvent
Jun 07, 2024
The State of Global Hiring - with Tony Jamous, Founder and CEO Oyster HR
Jun 05, 2024
The Journey to Head of Marketing - with Brandon Redlinger, VP Marketing Chili Piper
May 29, 2024
The Evolution of Revenue Operations - with Henry Mizel, SVP RevOps at Apollo
May 22, 2024
Role of a Private Equity Operating Partner - with Paul Stansik, Partner ParkerGale Capital
May 15, 2024
AI Enabled Customer Communications - with David Daneshgar, Co-Founder and CEO Whippy
May 08, 2024
The Challenges of a Start-Up entering a Mature Market - with Nicolas Kopp, Founder and CEO Rillet
Apr 25, 2024
Building a Community for B2B Marketers - with Dave Gerhardt, Founder and CEO Exit Five
Apr 16, 2024
Original Research as a Content Marketing Asset - with Becky Lawlor, Redpoint Content
Apr 09, 2024
Cloud Service Agreement Benchmarks - with Jake Stein, Founder and CEO Common Paper
Apr 02, 2024
The Next Generation of Customer Success - with Jamie Davidson, Founder and CEO
Mar 27, 2024
The Impact of AI on Customer Communications - with Craig Walker, Founder and CEO Dialpad
Mar 20, 2024
Ecosystem-Led Growth - with Bob Moore, Founder and CEO Crossbeam
Mar 12, 2024
Data and Diagnosis-Driven Selling - with Mark Petruzzi, Author
Mar 06, 2024
Accelerating Growth in a Cautious Capital Environment - with Hayden Stafford, President and CRO Seismic
Feb 27, 2024
Has SaaS lost Go-to-Market Fit - with Jacco van der Kooji, founder and CEO Winning by Design
Feb 23, 2024
Customer Subscription Financing - with Alex Sandkuhl, Founder and CEO Keystone Growth
Feb 14, 2024
Marketing Metrics to Deliver Growth Efficiency - with Kelly Hopping, CMO Demandbase
Feb 12, 2024
The Evolution of FP&A in SaaS - with Philip Watson, CFO Paddle
Jan 31, 2024
The Future of Sales Execution - with Manny Medina, Founder and CEO Outreach
Jan 23, 2024
The Evolution of Customer Success - with You Mon Tsang, Founder and CEO ChurnZero
Jan 17, 2024
Full Funnel Analytics with Helen Lin, Founder and CEO
Jan 03, 2024
Building a Brand and Efficient Growth Simultaneously, with Randy Wootton, CEO Maxio
Dec 29, 2023
Corporate Venture Capital Investing at Microsoft - with Peter Berg, Managing Partner at M12
Dec 20, 2023
B2B Demand Generation Investment and Performance Trends - with Kevan Savage, The Alexander Group
Dec 12, 2023
Cloud Computing Cost Management - with Phil Pergola, CEO CloudZero
Nov 28, 2023
Measuring Category Creation and Brand Awareness ROI - with Udi Ledergor, Gong Chief Marketing Officer
Nov 23, 2023
Present SaaS Metrics Like a Pro - with Dave Kellogg
Nov 16, 2023
The Science of Scaling - with Mark Roberge, Stage 2 Capital
Nov 08, 2023
The Evolution of the SaaS CFO Role - with Chad Gold, Salesloft
Oct 24, 2023
The Journey to a B2B SaaS CFO Role - with Michael DiFilippo, Invoca
Oct 18, 2023
SEO in the Age of AI - with Aidan Shaw, Founder and CEO Myst Marketing
Oct 05, 2023
Mostly Metrics - The Creator's Challenges with CJ Gustafson
Sep 26, 2023
Hacking SaaS - with Eric Mersch, author and Partner FLG Partners
Sep 19, 2023
Turning Credit Card Payment Processing Fees into Revenue - with Caleb Avery, Founder and CEO Tilled
Sep 13, 2023
Opportunity Funnel Signals and Metrics - with Bill Kantor, Founder and CEO Funnelcast
Aug 22, 2023
The impact of being a Product Manager and VC on before becoming a B2B SaaS Founder - with Alok Goel, Founder and CEO DriveTrain
Aug 02, 2023
B2B Technology Equity Trends - with Peter Walker, Head of Insights Carta
Jul 25, 2023
Scaling from $50M to $500M with a PLG Motion - with Carilu Dietrich, former Atlassian CMO
Jul 20, 2023
Community + Content + Event Lead Growth - with Anthony Kennada, Founder and CEO AudiencePlus
Jul 11, 2023
What a Unicorn Knows - with Pablo Dominguez, Insight Partners
Jul 05, 2023
The JOLT Effect - with Matt Dixon, Author
Jun 29, 2023
Ideal Customer Profile Defined by Net Revenue Retention - with Dan Sperring, Founder and CEO Align
Jun 20, 2023
The potential of AI for B2B Marketers - with Paul Roetzer, Founder and CEO Marketing AI Institute
Jun 14, 2023
Microsoft Product Leader to SaaS Founder - with Anand Subbaraj, Founder and CEO Zuper
Jun 06, 2023
Discussing the Benefits of SaaS Spend Management - with Sid Sridharan, Founder and CEO, Spendflo
May 31, 2023
State of the Cloud 2023 - Top Five Predictions with Janelle Teng, Bessemer Venture Partners (Episode #2)
May 23, 2023
State of the Cloud 2023 - with Janelle Teng, Bessemer Venture Partners (Episode #1)
May 23, 2023
Event-Led Growth in B2B SaaS - with Julius Solaris, Founder and CEO Boldpush
May 17, 2023
Evolving from Excel for SaaS Financial and Metrics Reporting - with Ali Rizvi Founder and CEO, TrueRev
May 11, 2023
B2B SaaS Metrics and Prioities with the Alexander Group - Ted Grossman and Davis Giedt
May 03, 2023
Scale your SaaS - with Matt Wolach, founder of Xsellus and "Scale your SaaS" podcast
Apr 26, 2023
SaaS Spend Management Trends - with Eric Christopher, Founder and CEO Zylo
Apr 11, 2023
SaaS Expansion across Europe - with Rick Pizzoli, Sales Force Europe
Apr 11, 2023
The Future of SaaS Spend Management - with Ryan Neu, Founder and CEO Vendr
Mar 28, 2023
The Evolution of Forecast Management - with Guy Rubin, Founder and CEO ebsta
Mar 21, 2023
Lessons learned from the Silicon Valley Bank collapse - with Todd Gardner, SaaS Advisors
Mar 14, 2023
When to introduce SaaS Spend Management - with Cledara co-founder and COO, Brad Van Leeuwen
Mar 07, 2023
CFO lessons learned in planning and forecasting - with Dan Fletcher, CFO Planful
Mar 01, 2023
SaaS Spend Management - with David Campbell, Founder and CEO
Feb 21, 2023
Corporate Spend Management - with Oded Zehavi, Founder and CEO Mesh Payments
Feb 14, 2023
Full Funnel Conversion Optimization - With Guy Yalif, Founder and CEO - Intellimize
Feb 07, 2023
No Forms - No SPAM - No Cold Calls - with Latane Conant, Chief Market Officer 6sense
Jan 31, 2023
Building a media asset inside a B2B SaaS company - with Patrick Campbell, Founder and CEO ProfitWell (Paddle)
Jan 25, 2023
Product Analytics and Metrics that Matter - with Todd Olson, Founder and CEO Pendo
Jan 17, 2023
The Power of Go-to-Market Experience + Capital - with Mark Roberge, Stage 2 Capital
Jan 11, 2023
A Chief Revenue Officer's learnings from $0 - $100M+ ARR - with Mark Kosoglow, CRO Catalyst and SVP Sales, Outreach
Jan 04, 2023
The Different Buying Team Profiles - with Brent Adamson, author the Challenger Customer
Dec 29, 2022
Marketing Metrics that Matter to the CFO - with Chris Golec, Founder and CEO Channel99 and Demandbase
Dec 20, 2022
The journey from FP&A to SaaS CFO - with CJ Gustafson, CFO PartsTech
Dec 13, 2022
Kind Folks Finish First - Sam Jacobs, Founder and CEO Pavilion
Dec 06, 2022
Saas Metrics for Investors and Execution Decision Making - with Nick Franklin, Founder and CEO ChartMogul
Nov 30, 2022
Revenue Operations Outsourcing Strategy - with Cliff Simon, CRO Carabiner Group
Nov 15, 2022
RevOps as a Strategic Revenue Planning Partner - with Toni Hohlbein, Growblocks
Nov 10, 2022
Customer Lifecycle Metrics - With Craig Rosenberg
Nov 01, 2022
Metrics Require Context - with Scott Stouffer, founder and CEO scaleMatters
Oct 25, 2022
Metrics that Matter to a CRO - with Bill Binch, Operating Partner at Battery Ventures
Oct 17, 2022
Traversing the Traction Gap Framework - with Bruce Cleveland
Oct 12, 2022
The Role of FP&A vis a vis Revenue Operations - with Paul Barnhurst, The FP&A Guy
Sep 13, 2022
Evolution of Customer Success by the Numbers - Kellie Capote, Chief Customer Officer Gainsight
Aug 09, 2022
The SaaS Ecosystem in Canada - with Lauren Thibodeau, SaaSCan
Jul 26, 2022
A Venture Capital Index Fund - with Marcelino Pantoja, founder and CEO Measurement
Jul 18, 2022
B2B SaaS Cash Management and Metrics - with Brandon Metcalf, Founder and CEO Place Technology
Jul 12, 2022
Intelligent Revenue - With Chris Cabrera, Founder and CEO Xactly
Jul 06, 2022
B2B SaaS Pricing Benchmarks - with Bryan Belanger, XaaS Pricing
Jun 29, 2022
Transforming Data-Driven Decisions into Success - with Allan Wille, Founder and CEO Klipfolio
Jun 15, 2022
Marketing as a Sales Productivity Amplifier - with Mark Stouse, CEO Proof Analytics
Jun 07, 2022
The Importance of SaaS Benchmarks - with Sam Baker, Scale Venture Partners
May 23, 2022
The 360° Customer Journey with Carson Conant, Founder and CEO Mediafly
May 04, 2022
The Revenue Operations and Sales Development Partnership - with Taft Love, Iceberg RevOps
Apr 26, 2022
Todd Gardner - The rise of Usage-Based Pricing in B2B SaaS
Apr 05, 2022
Expanding the Sales Engagement Platform Vision - with Kyle Porter, Founder and CEO Salesloft
Mar 23, 2022
The State of Sales Enablement - with Dave Lichtman, Founder and CEO Enablematch
Mar 15, 2022
Sales Engagement evolves to Revenue Execution - with Anna Baird, Chief Revenue Officer - Outreach
Mar 08, 2022
Customer Success and Quarterly Business Reviews - with Guy Nirpaz, Founder and CEO Totango
Mar 01, 2022
The Autonomous Revolution - with Bill Davidow
Feb 23, 2022
Data Wrangling in the Cloud - with Adam Wilson, CEO Trifacta
Feb 15, 2022
Usage Based Pricing & Sales Compensation Models - with Rachel Parrinello, The Alexander Group
Feb 03, 2022
Metrics that Matter in Strategic Acquisitions - with Lowell Ricklefs
Jan 27, 2022
Revenue Operations enables Revenue Intelligence - with Andy Byrne, CEO and Co-Founder Clari
Jan 18, 2022
Benchmarking in B2B SaaS - Beyond the Numbers with Scott Sutton, VP RevOps ZoomInfo
Jan 07, 2022
The Rise of B2B SaaS Communities with Sam Jacobs, Founder and CEO of Pavilion
Dec 20, 2021
Sales Development meets Demand Generation and Enablement- with Kyle Coleman, VP Revenue Growth and Enablement at Clari
Dec 14, 2021
Crossing the Chasm with Geoffrey Moore, Author
Nov 26, 2021
Conversational Intelligence delivers Revenue Reality - with Amit Bendov, CEO and Co-Founder, GONG
Nov 24, 2021
Training the Modern B2B Sales Professional with Paul Fifield, Founder and CEO of Sales Impact Academy
Nov 03, 2021
MOVE: A Go-To-Market Strategy with Sangram Vajre, Founder Terminus and Flip My Funnel Podcast
Oct 26, 2021
Pipeline Signals = Prospecting Intelligence - with Jamie Shanks, Founder and CEO Sales for Life
Oct 25, 2021
Modern B2B Marketing Strategies, Measurements and Sales Alignment - with Matt Heinz, The Sales Pipeline Podcast
Oct 25, 2021
Making B2B Sales Compensation and Culture Transparent - with Ryan Walsh, Founder and CEO RepVue
Oct 19, 2021
Scaling to $100M ARR - B2B Cloud Benchmarks with Mary D'Onofrio, Partner Bessemer Ventures
Oct 11, 2021
The Power of Benchmarks - with Lauren Kelley, Founder and CEO OPEX Engine (Episode 2)
Oct 04, 2021
The Power of Benchmarks - with Lauren Kelley, Founder and CEO OPEX Engine (Episode 1)
Oct 04, 2021
The B2B SaaS VP Sales Journey - with Brendon Cassidy, Founder and CEO CoSell
Sep 22, 2021
Revenue Strategy - What, Why and How to Measure the Impact with Jeremey Donovan, SVP Revenue Strategy at SalesLoft
Sep 16, 2021
Marketing Metrics that Matter to C-Level Executives - with Dan McGaw
Sep 10, 2021
Metrics that Matter to the Modern B2B Marketer - with Chris Walker, Founder and CEO Refine Labs
Sep 08, 2021
Strategic Finance in B2B SaaS - with Bijan Moallemi, Mosaic CEO
Aug 23, 2021
Customer Success and its Business Impact - with Nick Mehta, CEO Gainsight
Aug 03, 2021
Micro Private Equity - New Path to B2B SaaS Liquidity + Growth -Akeel Jabber, Horizen Capital
Jul 27, 2021
Stakeholder Capitalism + ESG - Uncovering Hidden Enterprise Value with Renee Cullinan
Jul 20, 2021
RevOps as the Revenue Architect - with Jeff Ignacio, The Revenue Architect Podcast
Jul 14, 2021
Product-Led Growth and B2B Sales - Best of Both Worlds - with Tim Geisenheimer, CEO at Correlated
Jul 05, 2021
Leaders of Growth in B2B SaaS - with Arthur Nobel, Knight Capital
Jun 29, 2021
Make it, Don't Fake it! - Sabrina Horn, Founder Horn Group
Jun 22, 2021
RevOps - as a canary in the coal mine - with Jordan Henderson, ringDNA
Jun 15, 2021
Customer-In Revenue Operations - with Alison Elworthy, EVP Revenue Operations - HubSpot
Jun 09, 2021
Product-Led Growth - Evolution or Revolution - with Wes Bush, ProductLed
Jun 01, 2021
Product Analytics + Product Led Growth = A Partnership for Success - with Ken Fine, CEO Heap Analytics
May 25, 2021
Product Led Growth Metrics and Benchmarks - with Sam Richard, OpenView Partners
May 19, 2021
B2B SaaS Metrics Evolution and Usage - with Clayton Whitfield, Founder SaaSOptics
May 12, 2021
Usage-Based Pricing in B2B SaaS - Trendy Topic or Strategic Value Lever - with Adam Howatson, CEO LogiSense
May 05, 2021
B2B SaaS Metrics with the Master - Dave Kellogg @kellblog
Apr 26, 2021
Podcasts + MarTech Metrics that Matter - with Ben Shapiro, Host of the MarTech Podcast
Apr 20, 2021
How Positioning impacts B2B Tech Revenue Growth - with Bob Wright, Firebrick
Apr 14, 2021
Usage Based Pricing + Chief Monetization Officer - with Chris Mele, CEO Software Pricing Partners
Apr 07, 2021
Measuring the Impact of Sales Enablement - with Elay Cohen, founder and CEO, SalesHood
Mar 30, 2021
Lessons Learned from being a 6x SaaS VP Sales - with Scott Leese
Mar 23, 2021
Global SaaS Start-Up Community Growth - with Alex Theuma, SaaStock
Mar 16, 2021
Revenue Intelligence + Advanced Sales Math - with Todd Abbott, InsightSquared CEO
Mar 01, 2021
Getting to WOW - Secrets of Pitching to VCs - with Bill Reichert, Garage Technology Ventures and Pegasus Tech Ventures
Feb 23, 2021
Selling your Company to Salesforce - with Mike Micucci, former Salesforce Commerce Cloud, CEO
Feb 23, 2021
Breaking Barriers in B2B Sales - with Gidget Pugh, Socially Focused
Feb 16, 2021
Building your Network versus Networking - in Silicon Valley and Beyond with M.R. Rangaswami
Feb 08, 2021
B2B SaaS Metrics that Matter to Growth Stage VCs - with Doug Landis, Emergence Capital
Feb 02, 2021
B2B SaaS Finance and Metrics - A European Perspective - with Joyce Mackenzie Liu, Pegafund
Jan 19, 2021
The Wayback Machine + Internet Archive with Brewster Kahle - Founder and Chief Librarian
Jan 19, 2021
Strategic Acquisition or IPO? - with Tom Reilly - Former CEO, Cloudera and ArcSight
Jan 12, 2021
LinkedIn Co-founder Konstantin Guericke - The keys to building a long lasting B2B Network
Jan 05, 2021
An Entrepreneur's Inner Voice of Doubt - with Mike Smerklo, Next Coast Ventures and Mr. Monkey and Me author
Dec 29, 2020
Selling the Cloud - Part 2 with Paul Melchiorre and Mark Petruzzi
Dec 23, 2020
Selling the Cloud - Part 1 with Paul Melchiorre and Mark Petruzzi
Dec 21, 2020
Revenue Team Communities - with Jared Robin, RevGenius
Dec 15, 2020
Marketing and Sales Alignment - How it can impact Customer Acquisition Performance - with Howard Brown - ringDNA
Dec 08, 2020
Founding Father of Marketing Automation - Anurag Khemka
Dec 02, 2020
The Founder's Journey - with DocuSign founding CEO - Court Lorenzini
Nov 18, 2020
KPIs that SaaS CFOs track - with David Appel - Sage Intacct
Nov 06, 2020
Lessons Learned from Co-Founding Marketo and Engagio - with Jon Miller
Oct 28, 2020
Middle Market Opportunity - with Thomas Stewart - National Center for the Middle Market
Oct 27, 2020
B2B SaaS Sales Compensation in 2020 - with Sally Duby - The Bridge Group
Oct 20, 2020
B2B SaaS KPIs - with William Cordes - KPI Sense
Oct 16, 2020
Net Dollar Retention Rate - with Kris Beible - Software Equity Group
Oct 13, 2020
Product Led Growth - with Kyle Poyar - OpenView Partners
Oct 06, 2020
Ten Laws of SaaS and Cloud - with Byron Deeter - Bessemer Venture Partners
Sep 28, 2020
Conversation Flow Rate - with Chris Beall - ConnectandSell
Sep 22, 2020
Recruitment Metrics - with John Younger - RecruiterShare
Sep 15, 2020
Side Hustles & Personal Brand Building - with Amy Volas
Sep 08, 2020
Modern B2B Selling - Are the motivations different today? - with Andy Paul, RingDNA
Aug 18, 2020
Sales Quota and Compensation - Not built for today's customer centric world - with Sahil Mansuri, Bravado
Aug 11, 2020
Revenue Operations - What, Why and How to Measure Business Impact - Jason Reichl, Go Nimbly
Aug 03, 2020
Customer Buying Journey - How Customers Buy and Why They Don't - with Martyn Lewis
Jul 18, 2020
Sales Development in SaaS - Question and Answer Session with David Dulany - Tenbound
Jul 18, 2020
The SaaS CFO - First Five KPIs - with Ben Murray
Jul 18, 2020