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This podcast tackles all aspects of fitness with the clear objective of trying to explain them in the most simplistic way possible. I am a very strong believer that all aspects of fitness are extremely over complicated so hopefully these episodes will help you see how easy it really is.

Episode Date
#76: James Doyle - The Man Behind "Protein Bor"

This week I welcomed mr protein bor himself James Doyle to the podcast. We talked in depth about how this whole protein bor madness even started & the crazy opportunities that have come as a result of it. The podcast also dipped and dived every direction from deep conversations about body dysmorphia and mental health struggles to joking about politics and even the driving test, this episode really did have it all, so sit back and enjoy!

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Aug 12, 2022
#75: Your Full Guide to Everything Nutrition

This podcast will give you a better understanding on nutrition than 99% of the world, I covered everything from start to finish so sit back and enjoy!

- Calories

- Macros

- Meal Timing

- Food Quality

- Common Myths

- Supplements 

- + More 

Jul 29, 2022
#74: Rob Lipsett - How to Build Your Dream Life

This week I was joined by the man, the myth, the legend Rob Lipsett. I met Rob over in Marbella and after getting a couple of gym sessions together I knew I had to get him on the podcast, Rob built his business & physique from the ground up and shared some invaluable insight on the lessons he's learnt along the way and how you can do the same! 

Jul 21, 2022
#73: How to Lose Fat Without Tracking

In this episode I discuss how to lose fat without tracking and also when to call it a day with fat loss.

IG - @scaseyfitness

Jun 24, 2022
#72 - Life in Marbella

Sorry for the inactivity, back with a solo episode explaining what the craic is with me in Marbella and also answered some questions!

Jun 08, 2022
#72 - View Hungry Influencers, Intermittent Fasting & Artificial Sweeteners

In this episode I discussed some things I don't like about the fitness industry, how I got started on social media, intermittent fasting, crossfit, artificial sweeteners, out of shape PT's and more!

IG - @scaseyfitness

May 12, 2022
#71 - Cutting vs Bulking, Alcohol & Belly Fat Reduction

Back with another solo episode where I discussed:

- Weight goals and why they aren't smart in the long term

- How much weight to lose per week

- Cutting vs bulking

- Spot reducing fat

- Alcohol & my experience with it 

- Calories & refeed days


IG - @scaseyfitness

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May 05, 2022
#70: How to Increase Your Metabolism

Solo episode talking all things metabolism, reverse dieting and even NFT's. 


IG - @scaseyfitness

Apr 21, 2022
#69: Evan Daly - Tik Tok Growth, Fat Loss Advice + More

In this episode I had my man Evan Daly on! Evan started working with me at the end of 2021 and went from not being able to talk on camera to having near 40K followers on Tik Tok with a fully booked online coaching business, we talked about his journey so far in the first half then the second half was spent talking about fat loss approaches.

Follow Evan's IG - Evan Daly (@evandaly_dailyfitness) • Instagram photos and videos

Evan's Tik Tok - Evan Daly_dailyfitness (@evandaly_onlinecoach) TikTok | Watch Evan Daly_dailyfitness's Newest TikTok Videos

Apr 14, 2022
#68 - Everything You Need to Know to Transform Your Body

Back with another solo episode, this one is a step by step guide on the most important things in regards to nutrition, training & lifestyle for a complete body transformation.

IG - @scaseyfitness

Apr 07, 2022
#67: Hebe Hiom - Life, Fitness & Business

This week I had the pleasure of welcoming Hebe Hiom to talk about everything from opening a gym and working with gymshark to reverse dieting and the importance of eating more.

Find Hebe on Insta - @hebehiompt

Mar 31, 2022
#66: Jonathan Clarke - From Bodybuilding to Finding Balance

This week I had Irish Youtuber and online coach Jonathan Clarke on! Jonathan is someone I looked up to and aspired to be like before I started my own social media pages. We discussed all things fat loss, his experience bodybuilding, the typical day in the life + loads more.

Find Jonathan:

Instagram & Tik Tok- @jclarke_fitness

YouTube - Jonathan Clarke

Mar 24, 2022
#65: Micheal Neilly - Why You Should Never Go Keto

In this episode I was joined by the man himself, Mich Neilly. We talked about a wide range of topics ranging from his experience doing the keto diet to red flags for PT's, this one was a proper laugh so sit back and enjoy!

Check out Micheals IG - Mich Neilly | Food & Fitness. (@mich_foodandfitness) • Instagram photos and videos

Mar 17, 2022
#64: Aaron Martin - All Things Lifting

This week I had the pleasure of welcoming back Aaron Martin to the podcast, also known as the "don't be a dick" guy. We talked all things lifting, injuries, online beef, brand image + loads more.

You can find Aaron everywhere

As always find me @scaseyfitness

Mar 10, 2022
#63: Ben Carpenter - The Harsh Realities of The Fitness Industry

This week I was honoured to welcome Ben Carpenter to the podcast, Ben is someone who brings has built his following by posting informative evidence based content with no hidden agenda, making him one of the most likeable guys in the industry!

We discussed a wide range of topics including fat loss, dodgy doctors, obesity, the reality of fitness photoshoots, mental health + loads more!

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording and don't forget to share the episode if you do.

Ben's Instagram - Ben Carpenter (@bdccarpenter) • Instagram photos and videos

My Instagram - Sean Casey | Online Coach (@scaseyfitness) • Instagram photos and videos

Mar 03, 2022
#62: Shane Walsh - Menstrual Cycle, The Pill, PCOS & Menopause

After the success of our first episode together I was honoured to have female fat loss specialist Shane Walsh back on the podcast for another amazing episode!

Shane went in depth on the menstrual cycle, different types of pill, PCOS, menopause and loads more!

You can fins Shane on Instagram @shanewalshfitness

Feb 17, 2022
#61 - Gavin McKinney - Cancel Culture, Tik Tok Drama & Weight Loss Jabs

This episode has basically nothing to do with fitness, instead it's just two lads talking about random topics we aren't qualified to speak on, enjoy!

Feb 10, 2022
#60: Avoid Making These Weight Loss Mistakes

Solo episode this week where I discuss some of the most common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight so you know to avoid them!

IG - @scaseyfitness

Feb 03, 2022
#59: Fiona Simpson - How to Stop Binge Eating & See Food as Fuel

This week I had Fiona Simpson on to talk all about binge eating, finding triggers, seeking help, eating more, lifting, social media & loads more.

Fiona uses her own previous struggles to help others and make an impact so I'm sure you will love this episode!

Fiona's IG - @fionasimpson

My IG - @scaseyfitness

Jan 26, 2022
#58: I Was Wrong! (5 Things I Changed My Mind On)

In this episode I discussed 5 things I have recently changes my mind on in relation to fitness. 

I think it's important to be open to having your mind changed on different topics all the time and to never stop learning, so hopefully you enjoy the episode!

Jan 21, 2022
#57: Tony McAleavey - A Decent Chat About Life & Some Fitness

This is part 2 of the podcast with Tony, if you're in the mood to chill out and listen to some of our views on life and a bit of fitness then you are in the right place!

Jan 13, 2022
#56: Counting Zacros - How to Never Feel Like You're Dieting

On this episode I had Zac Kerr AKA counting_zacros on all the way from AUS. We talking about the methods we use to not feel like we are dieting, Zac's negative experience with tracking & binging, online trolls, steroids + more 

Zac's socials - @counting_zacros 

Dec 22, 2021
#55: Tony McAleavey: The Real Reason People Move to Dubai

Tony McAleavey is back on the podcast, this time we had an in person episode where we discussed a broad range of topics including his recent move to Dubai, chasing material things and life in general. This was a great episode so I hope you get value!


Tony's IG - @tonymcaleavey 

Dec 16, 2021
#54: How I Lost 7KG in 10 Weeks with Relative Ease

In this episode I talked about my recent fat loss phase and all the things I done to make it easier! 

Dec 09, 2021
#53: Jordan Syatt - Cardio is Great but it's not for Weight Loss

This was my favourite podcast to date! Jordan Syatt is one of the most genuine people not only in the fitness industry but also in life. He has inspired me from the start of my journey and many of the topics I discuss on a daily basis have been greatly influenced from him.

We discussed a wide range of different topics in this one including calories, cardio, daily weighing, good vs bad foods, qualifications, dealing with hate + more

Jordan's IG - Jordan Syatt (@syattfitness) • Instagram photos and videos

Jordan's Podcast - The Jordan Syatt Mini-Podcast | Podcast on Spotify

Dec 01, 2021
#52: Gavin McKinney - Should You Train Optimally?

Gav is back, we spent the first while catching up and having some general chat before talking about optimal training and finished with a bit of business talk.

Nov 25, 2021
#51: Can You Lose Fat Without a Calorie Deficit?

There's been a lot of confusing and complex topics doing the rounds lately so I thought I would weigh in and discuss what the evidence actually states.

The two groups of people tend to be calories are all that matters and then calories don't matter at all so I wanted to explain my stand point.

IG - @scaseyfitness

Nov 18, 2021
#50: Brian Keane - How to Rewire Your Mindset & Change Your Life

In this episode I'm joined by 2 time best selling author, podcast host and potentially one of the most successful personal trainers in Ireland, Brian Keane.

We talked about how you can rewire your mindset and start living a life of meaning instead of just coasting by.

This is an episode you are going to want to listen to more than once and if you apply some of the points discussed you could be living a completely different life in the near future. 

Brian's Podcast - BKF Podcasts Archive - Brian Keane Fitness

Brian's Instagram -Brian Keane (@brian_keane_fitness) • Instagram photos and videos

Nov 11, 2021
#49: How to Break a Weight Loss Plateau

In this episode I discussed the reason why weight loss plateau's and how to break it!

Nov 04, 2021
#48: What to Focus on Once You've Lost Weight

Everyone loses weight at some point, but often once they lose weight they lose focus, motivation & end up slipping back into habits, this podcast talks about what to focus on once you lose weight.


At the end I talked about my recent fat loss phase and some of the things that are helping me!


IG - @scaseyfitness

Oct 28, 2021
#47: The Best Exercise For Fat Loss

People often ask me about the best exercise for fat loss, is it resistance training, cardio or nothing at all? In this episode I broke down the uses of resistance training and cardio to explain the best approach to take to exercise when trying to lose fat.


Oct 13, 2021
#46: Does Weight Loss Make You Healthier?

In this episode I discuss the difference between health and weight loss and why trying to optimise every last part of your health does more harm than good.

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Oct 07, 2021
#45: How To Stop Over Eating & Giving Up

This weeks episode was on how to over come night time and weekend over eating, I also discussed how to rewire your mindset so you don't fall off the wagon as easily!


IG - @scaseyfitness

Oct 01, 2021
#44: Things That Make a Calorie Deficit Easier

Once you've got it drilled into yourself that you need a calorie deficit to lose fat, this podcast will let you know everything else you can do on top of that to make it easier!

Sep 23, 2021
#43: Sean Fitzness - Is Fat Loss Over Simplified?

Sean Fitzness makes a return to the podcast and we talk all things from our meet up in London to fat loss and the debate about over simplification!

Sean's IG - @seanfitzness

My IG - @scaseyfitness

Sep 19, 2021
#42: Gavin McKinney - Cross Fit, Only Fans & Happiness

Back with another hour ramble with Gav, enjoy!

Sep 03, 2021
#41: Ruairi Croskery - How to Change Your Life in 12 Weeks

This week we have my good friend and client Ruairi Croskery on the podcast, we discussed fat loss, his own transformation, making content, starting a business and so much more.

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Tik Tok - (65)Ruairi Cro Fitness (@ruairicroskeryfitness) TikTok | Watch Ruairi Cro Fitness's Newest TikTok Videos

Instagram - Sean Casey | Online Coach (@scaseyfitness) • Instagram photos and videos

Aug 18, 2021
#40: Do You Actually Need a PT?

The Pros of Cons of a PT + IG Q&A. 

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Aug 10, 2021
#39: My View on The Fat Doctor

Quick record and go episode today, in this one I discuss the fat doctor and why I disagree with her message!


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Jul 27, 2021
#38: Gavin McKinney - Sleep, Alcohol and Food Choices

Back with another in person podcast with Gav, this time in London. We chat about sleep, sleep paralysis, alcohol, food choices in a deficit, our time in London and loads more!

Jul 10, 2021
#37: Simplifying Fat Loss and Busting Myths with Andrew Murnane

This episode is actually from Andrews podcast where I appeared as a guest but I enjoyed the conversation so much I want to upload if here too! I went back to basics and discussed the fundamentals of fat loss from the start and had a laugh along the way, enjoy! 


Andrews IG - Andrew Murnane (@a.murnane) • Instagram photos and videos

My IG - Sean Casey | Online Coach (@scaseyfitness) • Instagram photos and videos

Jul 03, 2021
#36: The Best Weight Loss Approach for Obese People

This episode is a deep dive into how to approach your weight loss journey if you have large amounts of weight to lose. This is an extremely tricky situation but I believe if you use the blue print I have laid out in this episode you will have great success!

IG - @scaseyfitness

Jun 25, 2021
#35 - How To Improve Your Relationship With Food

This episode is a gold mine, I discussed everything that has helped me improve my relationship with food, exercise and body image. 


IG - @scaseyfitness


YT - Sean Casey Fitness

Jun 17, 2021
#34: Dr. Spencer Nadolsky - Carbohydrates, Fasting and Finding What Works

This week I was joined by board certified obesity specialist and high level memeologist Spencer Nadolsky. We had a great discussing about;

- How to spot a quack

- Are carbs bad?

- Is fasting best for fat loss?

- How to maintain weight loss?

- Is obesity a choice?

+ More 

Spencer's Instagram - Dr. Spencer Nadolsky (@drnadolsky) • Instagram photos and videos

My Instagram - Sean Casey (@scaseyfitness) • Instagram photos and videos

Jun 10, 2021
#33 - Everything You Need to Know About Nutrition

This weeks episode went in depth on all things nutrition, I discussed calories, macros, insulin, blood sugar, good vs bad foods, good choices, meal timing and so much more.


IG - @scaseyfitness

Jun 03, 2021
#32: Andrew Murnane - How to Deal With Anxiety and Overthinking

This week I was joined by Andrew Murnane who is an American dude that takes things that have helped him and makes them into content to help millions of people around the world. We discussed all things mental health, anxiety, over thinking and finding purpose + loads more.

Andrews IG - Andrew Murnane (@a.murnane) • Instagram photos and videos

Andrew's Tik Tok - Andrew Murnane (@andrew_murnane) TikTok | Watch Andrew Murnane's Newest TikTok Videos

Andrews YT - A Day In My Life VLOG || Meditation Routine + Workout + Skiing + Healthy BBQ Chicken Wraps - YouTube

May 28, 2021
#31: Gavin McKinney - Reverse Dieting & Calling Out C*nts

Gavin joined me in my gaff for this weeks podcast, we discussed;

- Reverse Dieting

- BS fitness trends

- Calling out c*nts

and much more

don't forget to give the episode a share to your IG story and tag us both!

May 23, 2021
#30: 5 Reasons You Aren't Losing Fat

In this episode I discussed 5 of the most common reason people aren't losing fat even though they think they are doing everything right!

IG - @scaseyfitness

May 15, 2021
#29: Tony McAleavey: Finding Purpose, Drugs and Dealing with Negativity

In this episode I was joined by Tony McAleavey who is an extremley successful PT and all round sound guy. We discussed his story, expereinces with drugs, dealing with negativity, finding purpose and loads more!

Tony's IG - @tonymcaleavey

Tony's Podcast - The Muscle & The Hustle Podcast

May 07, 2021
#28: The Truth About Body Positivity

My opinion on an often controversial topic, drop me a DM on insa if you have any feedback!

Apr 29, 2021
#27: Gavin McKinney - Moving Out, Travelling and Eating Disorders

Back again with Gav for another instalment of the world famous Gavin and Casey show. This episode started off as a discussion about life, travelling, university and why you need to stop chasing security. Of course since this is a fitness podcast we discussed a bit about eating disorders at the end and how our approach seems to be changing peoples mindset around dieting.


Instagram handles - @scaseyfitness & @gavinmckinneypt

Apr 22, 2021
#26: How to Minimise Hunger in a Calorie Deficit

Back with another solo episode, in this one I discussed all the ways you can minimise your hunger when in a calorie deficit. If you enjoy then be a legend and fire it on your Instagram story and tag me @scaseyfitness. 

Apr 16, 2021
#25: Gavin and Casey - Meditation, Strength Training and Hiring a Coach

Gavin is back for another episode, as usual we had a laugh, touched on some fitness related topics and chatted sh*t.

If you enjoy please take a screenshot of the episode and add it to you IG story, tag me (@scaseyfitness) and Gavin (@gavinmckinneypt).

Apr 11, 2021
#24: Tyler Butt & Aaron Martin - Balancing Life & Fitness

This weeks guest are Tyler Butt & Aaron Martin! We previously had a great chat on their podcast "Finding Balnce" so I thought I'd get them on here to talk all things life, fitness, balance and more enjoy!

Find Balance Podcast - FINDING BALNCE | Podcast on Spotify

Aarons IG - Aaron Martin Fit | PT ( • Instagram photos and videos

Tylers IG - Tyler Butt • Nutrition Coach (@tylerbutt_eats) • Instagram photos and videos

Apr 01, 2021
#23: Seán Fitzness - A Chat About Life and Fitness

This weeks guest is none other than Mr Seán Fitzpatrick! Seán is someone I've followed for a while and his content is the perfect balance of education and entertainment!

We discussed how he got into fitness, his travels, degrees, dealing with negativity, nutrition, fitness myths and loads more1


If you enjoy the episode don't forget to give it a share on your IG story and tag me and Seán.

Seán's IG - Seán Fitzpatrick - PT (@seanfitzness) • Instagram photos and videos

Mar 25, 2021
#22: Shane Walsh - All Things Female Fat Loss

I am so excited to bring you this week's episode with Shane Walsh who is a qualified nutritionist and online coach specialising in female fat loss. Shane has a wealth of knowledge and give some amazing insight so get your note pad and pen ready for this one!

You can find Shane's podcast on Spotify and apple music - The Shane Walsh Fitness Podcast

Shane's IG - @shanewalshfitness

Mar 17, 2021
#21: The Gavin and Casey Show ep.2

Gavin McKinney begged me to let him back on the podcast so I got him back. In this episode we discussed a whole range of different topics including tracking calories, intuitive eating, listening to conflicting information and loads more!

Gavins IG - Gavin Mckinney (@gavinmckinneypt) • Instagram photos and videos

MY IG -  Sean Casey (@scaseyfitness) • Instagram photos and videos

Mar 11, 2021
#20: What To Do When You Reach Goal Weight

This episode discussed:

- Does a calorie deficit ruin you metabolism?

- How to increase your maintenance 

- The different options for after you lose fat

IG - Sean Casey (@scaseyfitness) • Instagram photos and videos


Mar 04, 2021
#19: Why You SHOULD Weigh Yourself Everyday

I firmly believe this episode is going to completely change a lot of people's perception of scale weight. I went in depth on how to remove the emotional attachment so you can use the number on the scale to your advantage instead of something that stresses you out!

IG - Sean Casey (@scaseyfitness) • Instagram photos and videos

YT - (1) Sean Casey Fitness - YouTube

Feb 25, 2021
#18: Stop Focusing On Exercise For Fat Loss

In this episode I discuss why just focusing on exercise for fat loss is stupid and what you should do instead. I talked about the notion of exercises that target fat and loads more! if you enjoy the episode be sure to share it on your IG story and tag me!

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IG - Sean Casey (@scaseyfitness) • Instagram photos and videos

Feb 18, 2021
#17: Why Mainstream Diet Advice Doesn't Work

In this episode I discussed some mainstream diet advice, what happens when you google "how to lose weight", why you should eat bread and loads more!

Instagram - Sean Casey (@scaseyfitness) • Instagram photos and videos

Feb 11, 2021
#16: Top 10 Mistakes People Make When Losing Fat

In this episode I discussed the key mistakes people make when trying to lose fat, these are mistakes that nearly everyone falls victim to but by listening to this podcast you will know to avid them!

My Instagram - Sean Casey (@scaseyfitness) • Instagram photos and videos

Feb 04, 2021
#15: Gavin McKinney on Fad Diets, Fasting and Scale Weight

In this week episode I have my first guest appearance from no other than Mr Gavin McKinney, you will find we are extremely similar in our approach and light hearted nature so if you have enjoyed my solo episodes you will love this! we discussed keto, slimming world, fasting, scale weight and loads more!

Gavins' IG - Gavin Mckinney (@gavinmckinneypt) • Instagram photos and videos

My IG - Sean Casey (@scaseyfitness) • Instagram photos and videos

Jan 28, 2021
#14: How to Stop Binge Eating

This episode tackles an issue many people face when trying to lose fat, binge eating! I discussed some of the common reasons people binge eat and steps you can take to prevent it from happening!

Jan 22, 2021
#13: Female Fat Loss

In this episode I discuss all things women's fat;

- Why fat loss is harder for women

- Different Factors that affect women and fat loss

- The menstrual cycle

- How to diet and train differently at different stages

- How to track your cycle


- More

Jan 13, 2021
#12 - The Most Popular Fat Loss Diets Explained

In this episode I discuss the 5 most popular fat loss diets and a bonus diet that I believe is a great way to lose fat without tracking calories, the diets I discuss are:

- Flexible Dieting

- Intermittent Fasting


- Meal Plans

- Keto

- Bonus - 3 Meal 2 Snack

Jan 07, 2021
#11: Five New Year Resolutions to Change Your Life

In this episode I discuss 5 new years resolutions that will literally change your life, enjoy!

IG - scaseyfitness

YT - Sean Casey Fitness

Jan 01, 2021
#10: How to Lose Fat and Keep it Off

This episode discusses;

-The best approach for maintainable fat loss

-How to go from a deficit to maintenance

-Reverse dieting

-Why I don't track cals at maintenance and what I do instead

Dec 16, 2020
#9: How to Fit Alcohol in Without Letting it Take Over

In this episode I discuss

-  My experience with drinking

- The weekend loop

- How to know if alcohol is taking over

- How to fit alcohol in with your fitness goals

- + More

IG - @scaseyfitness

YT - Sean Casey Fitness

Dec 09, 2020
#8: All You Need to Know About Reps and Sets

In this episode I discuss:

- People you shouldn't take advice off

- The 3 mechanisms of building muscle

- How to structure your workout

- Reps you should do for different exercises

- And More


IG - scaseyfitness

YouTube - Sean Casey Fitness

Dec 03, 2020
#7: Maintaining Progress Without The Gym

In this episode I discuss;

- Accidentally eating over 2000 cals in 5 minutes

-Why the government sucks

-How to maintain progress without the gym

-How to flip a negative situation into a positive one

IG - @scaseyfitness

YT - Sean Casey Fitness 

Nov 27, 2020
#6: Why Healthy Eating Doesn't Work For Fat Loss

In this episode I discuss my views on "healthy eating" and why I think its a flawed approach that doesn't work for the ordinary person. I discuss why I  think healthy eating alone won't result in fat loss and also try see the rational of the people with apposing view points.

IG - scaseyfitness

YT - Sean Casey Fitness

Nov 21, 2020
#5: How to Get Started

In this episode I discuss some actionable steps you can take today in order to finally start your fitness journey, I give a bit of tough love and take a more straight talking approach in this episode but only because I want to help people and sometimes you just need to be told how it is!

If you enjoyed the podcast you might like my other content!

Youtube  -

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Julian the sound guy -

Nov 18, 2020
#4: Get Sh*t Done Without Motivation

In this podcast I discuss different methods to stick to your diet and training without ever needing to rely on motivation. I also discuss my main take homes from the books atomic habits and explain how you can start to create better habits and finally do the things you have been meaning to do.

IG -

Nov 06, 2020
#3: Muscle Building 101

This episode tackles the main area of building muscle in a simplified way, areas discussed include;

Resistance Training


Progressive Overload


+ More

Instagram -

Oct 27, 2020
#2: Everything Fat Loss

This episode covers everything you need to know about fat loss in the most simple way possible, I discuss everything from calories and protein to fasting and cardio.

Hope you enjoy and if you have any suggestions DM me on Instagram.

My IG -

Oct 16, 2020
Welcome to the Podcast

Welcome to the Sean Casey Fitness Podcast, this short opening episode hopefully gives you a bit of an insight as to what to expect from the up and coming episodes in the podcast, I also briefly discuss my story and the contributing factors that ultimately lead me to make this podcast! 

Sep 06, 2020
The Fitness Industry is F*cked

In this episode I discuss the 6 main issues with the fitness industry. There's a lot wrong with the industry and this episode highlights the areas that I believe are major problems.

Instagram -

Sep 06, 2020