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The automotive journey of an 80's baby & friends. A conversation featuring close friends & Instagram guests with an innate enthusiasm for the automobile. Fanatics of which use & push their machinery to the limits of their respective strengths. Open conversation is the best type of platform because this leads to both lateral and opposing opinions. The show features all levels of automotive enthusiasts including industry heads from a multitude of geographies. Recognizeable names sharing their machines & the stories that come with them. Join me, Imraan Shameem aka @MRM5MAN and let's chat.

Episode Date
@Rickyboada @RMCMiami "Dadelandians" - #052

Welcome to a very fun 52 featuring my friend, local legend Ricky Boada and my brother from another, Danny Lima of RMC Miami.  This episode is just fucking idealistic of what I imagined the podcast to be, to feel like by now; listening to it today made me REALLY feel that and I hope you guys do too, particularly with my OG audience that has seen the stream change from 0 to now.  With that, I was invited to a small private kitchen plotted dinner with some pals at "Shadow Wagyu" here in Miami.  By a fucking random coincidence, Ricky was coming as well and we were going to reschedule the podcast until we realized we'll both be at the same dinner, in the same city, and pals with the same homie.  There was no choice but to complete this special 48 hours but to sit down and have a REAL session over shisha, herbal goods and Japanese whiskey where we go from one thing to another like crazy, but with chaotic organization.  Ricky, whom was introduced to me by the man Esteban (over at ASG) years ago has always been an interesting character to me.  Vibrant, always in a positive mood and really into different shit.  One of his machines is a 1936 Ford Model-A with a boosted S2000 F20 with an accordinly appropriate drivetrain.  Do you know what emotions are evoked hearing that sound come from a hotrod on Nascar wheels and tires, IN MIAMI?  You don't know, stop reading this right now and go fall into a wormhole on his page.  He also has a C6Z powered 'American Devil Z' machine that is just a cream of the crop outfit, style and taste.  During this time I was proud to see my boy Danny really get used to this shit.  From several episodes back to now there is a clear raise in comfort and presentation.  The questions he was asking Ricky allowed me to sit back and pre-game for our dinner.  A single snail R33 GTR was the ride of the night on the other side of the wall behind us, A5 Wagyu on the menu + many other amazing goods, and a sparkling conversation between movers in the only world I know.  You will enjoy this, and if you don't then piss off.  I'm kidding, enjoy and much love.  Oh and if you live in Miami, or visit- hit Shadow Wagyu (call to make reservation), it's a genuine experience.  Compliements to the chefs.

Shadow Wagyu (@ShadowWagyu)
P:  (305) 484-3911
4702 S Le Jeune Rd
Coral Gables, FL 33146

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Sep 17, 2021
@Tedward_ig "Ted Talk" - #051

Tonight's episode features the man behind Tedward, Tom.  This was an excellent conversation with tons of brash details regarding many interesting topics both automotive & non.  Tom's had a hell of a journey getting to where he is, moving across a variety centric corporate path to following a passion that allows him to experience all sorts of cars.  He has amassed a large following on YouTube and it's immediately apparent why that is.  His library is filled with a plethora of crispy POV videos behind the wheel of a variety of cars both super and not so, and in everyday situations.  We talk about his very clean E39 M5 whom he bought from the original owner, his life in the textile industry, along with his other in mechanical engineering.  A great time, thanks Tom.

Head to YouTube and checkout Tom's channel; Tedward   

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Sep 15, 2021
@_freeesmoke "From the Garden, to the Sunshine" - #050

Episode number 50!  I want to thank all the listeners for sticking with me all this time, it's truly been an honor and tonso fun.  Much love & thanks.

This episode features my boy Daniel Basaly, a friend made via Instagram.  He moved to the Tampa area (where I reside) after he started following me while living in his home state, NJ.  By complete coincidence, we end up living in the same area and I actually saw his car parked outside of a Walmart/Publix etc. then he told me he moved via DM, and to where which made me realize I just saw his car.  Weird, very angular, very cool story.  Anyhow, a goodbit of time has passed and now it feels like we're family.  Our ladies are even pals.  With that, we go over TONS of dope fucking stories and memories.  From this guy spinning his E60 M5 out in high speed situations to jailbird tales.  Discussing cars, and deep rooted culture in this one.  This was also my first in-person conversation with some new equipment I added.  No more mic sharing when in person, moving on up.  Thanks for listening, enjoy.

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Sep 13, 2021
@d_t_a_f “Florida, man” - #049

Good morning & welcome to episode 49 of Motor Culture!  Tonight my pal David and I have a lovely laid back chat about what we know best; automotives & imagery.   With a very distinctive outlook, David’s images speak for themselves broadly displaying splashes of color finished with a cinematic touch.  From motorsport photography and motivating factors to casual chill sessions, we cover a whole lot.  He rolls around in a Melbourne Red E90 M3, and has had a plethora of random M cars both old and new and unusually, in no particular order (love that). Amongst many other topics one that stuck out to me was the divide of owners and opinions as it comes to modern BMWs versus those of the past. Overall, a wonderful insightful combo and be sure to stay aware as we’re working on an FL superpowers session 😇

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Sep 04, 2021
@cw_unit "R34 GTR Dreams" - #048

Welcome back, this episode is brought to you by the letters; GTR.  Tonight I have on Charles Wong out of Vancouver, BC-CN (my third international poddy).  I've been a fan of Charles and his absolutely wild obsession with JDM sports cars with a polarizing eye always aimed at a GTR.  The R34 GTR to be specific is his thing, and theres no shortage of experiences gained as he's anti-low mileage, and anti-sitting-the-fuck-around.  We cover one of his R34 GTRs very throughly, I believe the one that represents his character and aura the most.  It's a blue car built to Charles' every requirement by the ever so legendary, Garage Saurus in Saitama, Japan.  This car has been tested on Tsukuba, a personal dream of his thanks to the beloved Gran Turismo franchise.  It has been across Japan, attended many PA meetings, trackdays and Wangan rides all with a British Columbia tag mounted on the back.  Oh, and we also cover the Garage Saurus 550M in brash detail :)

This is good, listen.  Have a lovely night.

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Sep 03, 2021
@AMSAutowerks @Fish2556 "Boiler Room" - #047

Welcome friends to a lovely episode 47.  This was a dope conversation with Diogo from AMS Autowerks (NJ) and Fish from the Autobarn Imports (IL).  I thought it'd be perfect to pair up the two since they've historically done business together and have become pals through it all. It's worth mentioning that my individual conversations with the two were fun in themselves, creating the perfect meshing for a conversation spanning a variety of topics.  From random shop talk regarding both business fronts to VW's 'Dieselgate', to Fish buying an RS2 (whilst recording) to Diogo driving an Accord everyday lmfao, and PLENTY more.  This was a chill shit talk session with three guys whom love to talk.  This is exactly why I started this podcast.  Enjoy.

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Aug 29, 2021
@MannyFraga @Sanjaydotcom "Xanthophile" - #046

Episode 46 is brought to you by the color, yellow.  As a matter of fact as it turns out, if you are addicted or infatuated by the color yellow then you are considered a xanthophile.  This session comes appropriately titled as there are 3 yellow Porsche's between the two guests featured.  Manny Fraga,  new pal whom I met at a wind down session at RMC Miami the same weekend that Sanjay picked up his Racing Yellow 991.2 turbo.  Outside of RMC that night as we all rambled on about automotive politics was a sight to be seen as the young, yellow turbo was parked next to an also yellow, seasoned C4S cabriolet.  This was by chance that Danny of RMC invited his pal over whom by chance has two yellow p-cars (other is also a turbo, 996) and it was an instant connection.  Manny's a cool ass dude and it was an instant connection.  He's exactly the type of canidate that I seek out for Motor Culture given his nature of to be multi-dimensional.  He's a business man, has an infatuation with cool shit, hones is own chill ass style, unique taste and works hard to have two obnoxiously painted cars.  I love it.  Join us as we go down memory lane exploring Manny's life in cars.  Great chilled out session, and yes this time I didn't lose the recording.  You'll hear about that during the intro SMDH. 
Much love & enjoy 46.  

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Aug 28, 2021
The Kaz Runners "The Real Driving Simulator" - #045

Here's a special one featuring our Gran Turismo groupchat coined "Kaz Runners".  Kaz is in short for Kazunori Yamauchi, creator of the mystical Playstation gaming experience.  I've been at it since the release of the first game in the late 90s and addicted ever since.  Todd (@KidKhaoz, Maryland) is another member of the group that has played since the OG days and we have a funny story about that which includes a pair of Viper GTS' and a couple bowls of canned Ravioli.  Jarrett (@Bullpup.Jay, Florida), Ed (@Teckniks, Maryland), & Lucas (@lucasgelinstiques, ON-CA) provide other hilarious random chatter as we run laps around the Nordschleife in a jam packed room.  While  gunning laps and getting lit, a big [general] discussion of other simlulators in contrast to the GT series come into focus.  You'll hear me be hyper critical of Forza, so if you're a fan then forgive me.  This was a great, last minute - casual as fuck session that makes me appreciate modern tech for giving me the oppurtunity to kick with old friends from a far. 

If you'd like to join us for weekly Touristenfahrten laps, add me on PSN and send a message:  @M3n0drft.  The 0 is a zero.

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Aug 26, 2021
@RMCMIAMI "A real Japan partner" - #044

My friends, loyal listeners- welcome back and thanks for baring through this intro with my son, Ocean lol.  Episode forty four features my boy Danny, of RMC Miami.  Last time we had a session, it was madness to say the least and while I thought it was a riot- we didn't get to focus on what we really wanted to chat about.  This then was perfect.  Light background noise from cars being moved around and setup for DRT, but trust that it's tolerable.  We focus on a barrage of characteristics of Japanese tuning and theory behind why they do what etc etc....It's very fascinating to think that beyond the variety and obvious obession of automobiles in Japan that the tuning has it's very own lane of enthusiasm.  The chase for the perfect drive.  The culture of scooping part you saw on a forum "build" is a bit thinner there.  I appreciate all things unique.  Enjoy our chat, and thank you again for listening.

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Aug 22, 2021
@directorlukeh "if you're a lazy creative or have bad vibes, maybe we won't be a good fit"- #043

Ladies a gents, this is a special one for me.  A filming legend from New Zealand but based in Japan, enriched by the [automotive] culture - Luke Huxham.  This was a lovely conversation that stretched from Tampa to Tokyo crushing my previous record with one of my close friends from Canada ironically named Lucas lol.  Back on topic, Luke is behind some of my favorite automotive films such as the Redbull-F40 ski slope climb, the Hakone turnpike run featuring a retired Z4 GT3 and Kawabata piloting the fuck out of a R35 over the most gorgeous geography.  There is a certain style of filming that really hits the heart, a very serious cinematicly gorgeous perception that really introduces you to different understanding of how things can be shown.  He doesn't fuck around with the extent it takes to film the angle perfecting the scene.   He uses a C6 RS6 avant as his camera car.   I should end with that.  Listen to this episode, tell your friends, follow Luke- and enjoy. 

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Aug 10, 2021
@MRK.RCNL "The illest" - #042

Here it is, episode 42 featuring an automotive living legend- Mark Arcenal.  This was a delightful converstaion with a fella I've long looked up to and luckily it went just as I'd imagined.  Like the laid back lo-fi music that lines his life, Mark is a super chill - hyper automotively enlightened person.  Now I've said this before and will say it as many times as its heard but pre-social media widespread movements of anykind are nothing short of fascinating.  The factor of fascination is hard to fathom unless you were in the game before being able to key in a hashtag to find anything and everything.  This was a time where you looked for shit that you wanted infront of you, or not.  1999, Fatlace sat in Japantown out in the beautiful Frisco area culiminated by hip-hop, sneaker, graffiti & automotive enthusiasts led by Mark.  It was apparent that the combinations of the aforementioned hobbyist enterprises was not only of interest to the folks in Frisco, but rather globally.   It went like a rocket from there. 

We cover Mark's extensive history in the sneaker (sport fashion) & automotive industries without limitations.  You'll learn about the RWB program, history of brick & mortar storefronts, global meets, inclusion in gaming/media & but of course- the fucking cars.  We talk lots of cars.  With that said, thank you Mark for your time, my brother!  For everyone else, thank you for your continued support & enjoy episode 42 of the Motor Culture Podcast. 

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Aug 03, 2021
Conversation Street "Turbo Talk" feat. @Sanjaydotcom - #2C

Back to back, I love it.  Welcome to episode 2C of a special segment of the Motor Culture podcast which I coin as 'Conversation Street', a series of sessions accompanied by my younger brother from another; Sanjay Tohan or @Sanjaydotcom.  This segment comes as a special one as a new vehicle has been acquired, a very special vehicle.  A vehicle Sanjay has talked about for years over, which came along with a hell of an adventure in retreiving the 'Racing Yellow' sports-coupe.  The yellow 2-door in question is a 2018 991.2 [Porsche] 911 Turbo.  A sexy, efficient yet brutal machine it is.  A quick outline pretty much comes down to; Sanjay flies into Tampa, we leave to Ft. Myers to pickup the car, my MINI blows a sidemount, we leave it, we drive back to Tampa- next day leaving to Miami, etc etc etc....

Nevertheless, I won't spoil it- this is Sanjay's story.  A grand memorable, fun as fuck journey included.  Pour up, light up, and please sit back and listen up.  Cheers friends.

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Jul 31, 2021
@AMSAutoWerks "Dream it. Build it. Race it." - #041

Forty-One, a GREAT session featuring Diogo of the legendary NJ based, AMS Auto Werks.  Known across the states, AMS has had their hand in some serious automotive dreamery.  In this no-fucks-given chat, Diogo highlights his business strategies and the route he's taken to gain the noteriety in which AMS carries today.  Going over the highs, and more uncommonly the lows - the brash reality of a one-stop shop inclusive of a top level auto body facility is really brought into light.  As an East-Coaster I can truly appreciate Diogo's fast talking, fast thinking sensabilities and the absolute obsessive nature he emplores into every job whether the task is a Ferrari or a Fiat.  A great deal of you have requested to hear from AMS, and here we are.  A fun, relaxing convo with lots of data and laughs.  Just in time for the weekend, enjoy friends.

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Jul 30, 2021
@Brooklyn_Auto_Sales "A goal is a dream with a deadline" - #040

40+ EPISODES IN!  THANK YOU all for sticking with me and spreading the word.  More importantly, thank you for taking interests in the guests I seek and all of the feedback that comes with.  This is a great session to celebrate my mini-milestone!

Many people reached out asking if I knew Adam at Brooklyn Auto but like most, I was an avid follower.  It was via my account '@BMWindividuell' that we made contact.  I took a special interest in the fact that Adam took a special interest in finding BMW Individual vehicles just for inventory.  Amidst the colorful BMW's however stood many a legendary sports cars of all types.  All of the cars are always in tip top shape whether economy or exotic.  There are different paths to take when creating a specialty car dealership and this comes down to what you want to deal with on a day to day with the consideration of self-interests.  It's your thing, do you what you want.  With that, the more of a focus on modern machinery honing rare characteristics makes this a unique place indeed.  Being smackdab in Brooklyn just adds to the coolness factor.  Everyone- enjoy.

Quote in title by Napoleon Hill

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Jul 21, 2021
@ASGMiami "Automotive Dreamery" - #039

Long overdue comes episode 39, welcome all.  Back in January I took a few days to myself and went to Miami to record some juicy content.  I had the pleasure of recording with two, Miami based 'special car segment' automotive dealerships.  This was a unique experience understanding the business practices and contrasts between them.  I take much solace in learning through this journey of the Motor Culture show.

With that, as the sun turned to the second part of the day I showed up to Auto Source Group Miami (ASG) where my buddy Esteban was waiting for me with his new-to-him E36 M3, a real treat.  Opening up the shop's office and bay doors my eyes were wide with excitement.  Without spoiling the details of our conversation - two of my takeaway vehicles had to be the Alpina B10 Bi-Turbo (E34-EU) & the 911 GT2 Club Sport (996-EU).  As to be a sampling, these are the type of special cars ASG seeks to please their very enthusiastic clients.  A few minutes later, the owner Giancarlo showed up and provided me with further insight to stock and general information.  It was a pleasure talking to both Esteban and Giancarlo, they're all about the chill - all about the laid back- and all about the cars.  Thanks for your time gentlemen, and as for the rest of you; sit back and enjoy. 

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Jul 14, 2021
@PTSRS "Rare Shades"- #038

Peeps, welcome to session 38 with Porsche Paint-to-Sample expert, Will Lee or as you may know him - @PTSRS.  Foremost I just want to say - I walked into this as a fanboy & walked out a very enlightened fanboy.  Will started @PTSRS with passion for special colors and specifications but also as a form of education for himself, and the viewing world.  Dually carrying a strong passion for Porsche which is shared by millions across the globe, the popularity and support of the account skyrocketed.  Now with hundreds of thousands of fans, and probably the biggest image directory of Porsche paint-to-sample vehicles and information, the plan was deemed a success.  Most recently Will collaborated with Porsche on an April Fool's joke where supposedly a new paint effect was introduced by the PTS department; Patina (lmao).  For something like this to have happened requires a shit load of time, motivation, research, and what I consider to be the most important; passion.  @PTSRS has inspired many a readers as to their own dreamy orientations of their favorite cars.  This is such an interesting episode, sit back & listen closely.  Cheers friends.

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Jun 19, 2021
@RMCMIAMI "Inventory of Dreams" - #037

Supp, welcome to 37 my friends.  This exceedingly overdue episode features my boy Danny, his father Peter, & their iconic place of business known as Real Muscle Car Miami or RMC Miami.  First, I just want to say long before I considered these guys family - I was a big fan of their institution.  The cars they offer along with their associated mental on-set is what drew me to the legendary Miami institution.  Their revolving inventory always consists of some of the greatest put together street and track cars, of our time.  A dealership that hones in on the history of not only the sports machine but the responsible tuning bodies.  Danny, whom tends to oversee the daily duties tends to shoot for the highest quality cars and usually not from their native homes.  Importing European cars from Asia, Asian cars from Europe- these guys know no bounds.  The focus is the quality of the kit, and furthermore the drive.  Some of the roster does/has included 935 DP, Idlers RWB street & track cars, GTR swapped Supra's, bi-turbo F360, along with many a Wangan ready RX7s.  I'll tell you this, that walking through their facility brings on some serious energy when you're seeing all of these international machiens under one roof.  Modded machines at that.  It is a very unique place, and great place for you to pickup your next enthusiast machine.  We're joined in this session by a few other buddies, so please bare with the testosterone.  A follow-up to this session will air in a few episodes, till then- pour up, light up and join us for an uplifting car talk.

Looking to buy or sell something fast, pretty & unusual?  Reach out to Danny via the details ahead: 

P:  (786)-291-3622
7380 NW Eighth St
Miami, Florida 33126

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May 24, 2021
@ohhaimang "A Master of None" - #036

36 is finally here, one I and many others have been waiting to go live.  This true to definition "session" features my homie Kenny.  He's based in Orlando but originally out of the DMV area like myself.  He came up to Tampa and we had a great evening over smoke, great food & most of all - awesome conversation.  Ken's a fanatical type of person as it comes to hobbyist pastures.  An automotive fanatic but with equal hands in a few other pies.  Sneakers, hyper quality blown glass along only to be used with the best quality canna goods around.  He is a thorough type of guy, a facet I appreciate as I think attention to detail needs to be an across the board thing in ones life.  We talk stories from the DMV, his grand entrance into the world of automotives & the many BMWs he has had + currently owns.  Additionally chatting about Kenny's sneaker wall and obsession all things 90s.  Light one up & join us, cheers.

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May 13, 2021
@ChavisPerformanceEngineering "LSX Pcar anyone?"- #035

Fanatics, enthusiasts - I welcome you to 35 featuring my homie Tyler Chavis, owner and founder of Chavis Performance & Engineering.  Tyler's shop specializes in swapping the legendary Chevrolet "Luxury Sport" powerplant into a legendary German bloodline of cars - Porsche.  While they are open to taking any model or shape of Porsche, it's easy to say 911 customers are the most frequent.  We go over several of their builds ranging from LS3 to LS7 and the momentum behind each one with a dash of engineering information.  If you haven't already, give episode #022 a listen as it features another pal and owner of a CPE 997-4S!  Lastly, I've known Tyler for a long time through the BMW community and it's an absolute delight to see the course of direction his V8 powered life has gone.  Enjoy the show. 

If you are seriously interested in a LS-V8 swap for your Porsche, then you might want to note down the below information;

Chavis Performance & Engineering
Located in Baldwin, Maryland
T: (443)-595-6615

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Apr 28, 2021
Andrew Bishay (@RollingArtWorks) "Garage Party" - #034

Welcome to 34 featuring the great Andrew Bishay.  A bay area (Florida) enthusiast of massive automotive proportions.  So, let me explain that last sentence; he has a facility equipped with all sorts of tooling, parts, memorabilia & all sorts of sick cars.  Weapons of the street and the track from Munich & Stuttgart.  It was a lovely fucking vibe having the recording equipment & hookah  setup right in the middle of the mayhem.  Once the coals were lit, we get into Andrew's obsession and go down the list of cars.  He's spent a plethora of hours honing his skills at Sebring International Raceway & knows a thing or two about pushing it to the fucking maximum.  With access to some amazing platforms such as the 930, 993, 997, E30, E36, E46 & beyond gives him a wide spread understanding of vehicle control.  We were also joined by Andrew's cousin, Jack whom rolled up to the party in a clean Imola Red E46 M3.  A great night, and even better chat.  Join us, and be sure to checkout some images from this night on my instagram feed (@MRM5MAN).  Cheers!

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Apr 23, 2021
Conversation Street feat. @Sanjaydotcom - #1C

Welcome to a new sub-series of the show, aptly titled Conversation Street in ode to Clarkson, Hammond & May.  In this series, my brotha Sanjay Tohan and I discuss automotive current event stuff.  See, for years we've done this but recently occured to us that these discussions should be recorded.  Rather than an open form convo we devise a list of noteworthy vehicular topics and chat away.  We tend to keep up with vehicle R&D, production, spy shit etc.., leading all the way up to the release so now we share these conversations with you homies.

This discussion features the Porsche's 992 GT3, McLaren Artura, RAM TRX, Ford Raptor R with some other honorable mentions.  Thanks for joining us!

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Apr 06, 2021
@mitchhhhhhhh "NYC area super enthusiast" - #033

Homies, welcome to episode 33 of the show.  This episode features a very avid automotive enthusiast, music producer and man of many talents, my friend Mitch.  He's based in the Big Apple and currently sweeps the city in either a Giulia Quadrifoglio, a blown E92 M3 club sport style setup, or a 1/1 BMW Individual Neptune Blue / Fox Red E90 M3.  As a few previous episodes highlight, I'm a big fan of suburban area based afcionados, so this was a dually interesting session.  We go over Mitch's effective & clean machines, along with his  obsession of the music game.  In the big city while time is money, patience is also a key element which is why mad miles is apart of Mitch's weely regiment.  Ladies & gents, its the wee hours of Sunday April 4, and I thank you for joining. 

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Feb 03, 2021
@LucasGelinstiques "The Brazillian-Canadian whom drives German" - #032

Welcome to 32, featuring my good friend Lucas Gelinstiques based out of Ottawa, Canada's capital.  He is the owner of a new care preparation / auto care situation, Vogue Motorsports.  First and foremost, I love Canada.  Feels like a laid back USA with a dash of European influence.  Similarly I love their automotive culture which brings me back to my boy Lucas.  We have a super interesting backstory which starts with an International friendship through Instagram, which reads cheesy as fuck - I know.  But it lead to good things, great times, and we go over a bunch of that stuff along with Lucas' automotive addiction.  He has a very special, 1/150 'Frozen Limited Edition' E92 M3 ZCP in the frozen interation of Monte Carlo Blue, a color out of the BMW Individual catalog (shoutout @BMWindividuell).  The E92 rests amongst other vehicles within the family including a well driven tri-pedal Gallardo, oof.  He like me is a long distance roadgoing warrior, and its because of this reason we met in person.  An Overnight haul from Ottawa to Tampa to make my then unborn son's gender reveal.  WILD times.  I end up road tripping back up with him etc etc blah blah, listen to the episode.  Great driving stories on this one! 

For top tier automotive preperation services including but not limited to PPF, paint corrections, maintenance washes, and amazing detailing.  A great place to have your new automotive prepared for the elements of Canada and all around spirited driving.  Also a great place to have your vehicle prepared for sale!

Vogue Motorsports
T:  (613)-294-7814
1575 Cyrville Rd, Gloucester
ON K1B 3L7, Canada

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Feb 03, 2021
@RJS_1022 "The PCAR Hustler" - #031

Welcome to 31 featuring an old buddy of mine, RJ Sidhu.  We met during the end of our high school tenure, respectively.  Me a Montogmery County kid, him a Howard County kid and somehow we formed an early friendship directly through automotives.  The former and latter counties are based in Maryland btw.  There was something about those times that brings a smile to the face, my first insertion into the Hoco tuning atmosphere which was vividly different (at the time) to Moco auto culture.  We frequented meets all over the DMV, went on multiple drives which included a bunch of runs that would effectively snake in and out of the entire map if you will, a moment in time that I will forever cherish.  RJ and I have always been somewhat likeminded with us still naturally honing our differences, but thats the beauty of most things; the contrast.  RJ now works for Porsche within sales and vehicle attainment and is a brand ambassador.  It's nice to have watched RJ's professional journey really take shape and all of it within the automotive sector, and to see where it goes.  Join us, friends.

If you're in a market for a new Porsche, or a special allocation then RJ is your guy:

Porsche Towson (Maryland, USA)
700 Kenilworth Dr, Towson, MD 21204

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Feb 03, 2021
@996_gt "Skyscrapers & Sportscars" - #030

Good evening, and welcome to 30.  On this session I am joined by a longtime buddy of mine, Patrick Bard.  A deep minded automotive enthusiast based in Manhattan but called in from Southern California, where he and the family are spending some of their Winter months.  That same west coast trip is accompanied by Pat's new machine- an individual, Tanzanite Blue F80 M3, LCI 2.  The perfect family car for a multitude of environments.  Pat has owned a plethora of other machinery including a legendary 996 GT3 as his handle suggests, along with his currently owned Interlagos Blue / Light Sepang leather E86 Z4M.  A fan of JDM, a fan of European- and generally a purveyor of all things taste.  We get into a deep rooted conversation that heads allover the place.  Join us on this enjoyable episode between friends.

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Feb 03, 2021
@Petarvnikolic "The PNW and their ultra BMWs" - #029

Hello world, welcome to session 29 featuring my Pacific NW E60 M5/BMW buddy, Petar Vrcelji Nikolic.  A super BMW connoisseur with a badass movie characters name and a nice variety of rounded badged machines; E60 M5 (6MT), E39 M5, E38 740i, E34 525i (5MT).  The M5 is the world first sedan - saloon variant to rock a very crispy set of BBS E88s.  His 740i is a Navarra Violet example fitted with a yummy set of silver Alpina's accented by Euro headlights and tails, sick.  Not a bad outfit for a 22 year old.  Petar's as knowledgable as it comes within the automotive world and is another one of my guests who carry a deep appreciation for Japan & the respect within their automotive world.  This is a great convo, and Petar is a great follow on IG.  Click that button, and enjoy the show!

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Feb 02, 2021
@Bsingh95 "E92 M3 NoVa style" - #028

Hello all and welcome to episode 28 of the show!  Today I'm joined by my boy Bhupinder aka BSingh as I call him.  Another DMV BMW M enthusiast and all around automotive lover living the tuning culture based in Northern Virginia.  I wanted to have B on the show because of his very spiritual perspective on the game.  He has a very special take on all of this automotive nonsense we so deeply love and is based in literally the 1st of 50th STRICTEST state as it comes to road laws.  In Virginia, the reckless driving threshold was just recently changed from 80 to 85 MPH and is considered a often, a jailable offense.  I myself have more than a few stories about some interesting times in Virginia 👀.  This is an interesting one, and I want to thank B for heading out to his daily driver (Prius) for taking our call as to not wake his family 😆.  You're a real one for that, lets go!

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Jan 05, 2021
@Turrbo "The Ariel of Angeles Crest" - #027

Welcome all to episode 27 of the show.  In this session, I welcome Arin Baharian whom kindly took the time to call in from Southern Cali.  During the day, his profession grants him full access to the deepest parts of the automotive business.  During his off time, he straps up in a highly worked Ariel Atom to cast his rule over the San Gabriel Mountain range by way of the Angeles Crest Highway (California State Highway 2).  We really touch on the spiritual aspect of what it is, what it means, and how to drive this road.  People who frequent the run on HWY 2 have a deep connection and respect with the tarmac, which is why it's no surprise the area is filled with passing enthusiasts.  Arin and I chat about the rest of his fleet, all providing a totally different experience than the other.  My favorite of his is a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van fully loaded for on-road living, equipped with a mobile office that gives Arin the oppurtunity to drive to the beach, or the mountains and login to work.  This guy knows how to California.  Tune in.   

Also, a special shoutout to my boy David (@bmtrdyoo, featured on #016) for connecting Arin and I!  They're driving buddies out West, cheers to that!

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Jan 04, 2021
@C63murray "Speed, Science & Space" - #026

Welcome to session 26, the episode with Chris Murray that I and many have been looking forward to.  Chris is a man of many interests those of which include space, both medical and general sciences and of course, the science and allure of speed.  Currently equipped with a W204 C63 AMG as his daily weapon, we talk about our shared obsession with Best Motoring and the Japanese ideology of motoring.  Gran Turismo style road-car battle greatness pre-dating GT being a thing.  Additionally, Chris's name preference of cars; the sounds they make.  I can relate to the latter, and I think that is what brought us together in the first place many years ago on Instagram as he owned a Silverstone II Met. E60 M5, SMG.  The car that places his highspeed obsession into structure.  Yes, V10 talk.  Join in to hear Chris & I have a delightful chat.     

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Dec 27, 2020
@SSblvck_ "S54 Powered" - #025

Happy New Year!  Welcome.  Episode 25, a great conversation with my Tri-State fam member, BMW enthusiast fam with a keen eye for the E46, and overall vehicle enthusiast, Stephen.  We've been buddies through various internet outlets including a forum that has helped create more friends than dating sites, E46Fanatics.  We talk about a plenty such as modern vehicle luxruries, popular tuning phases, and the collab between Kith & BMW for the G82 M4.  A shisha-whiskey powered delightful convesation, thanks for joining us.

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Dec 27, 2020
@Mhardy_ “MRM3MAN” - #024

Welcome to 24, featuring Marcus Hardy, an avid BMW Classic enthusiast with an eye for the M3.  He currently has a trifecta of M3s by the way of an E36, E46 & E92.  We naturally go over his machinery but beyond that we talk car culture, the present & future in the BMW world, & cover a few intense stories 😅. I love finding DMV based enthusiasts because they come with a relatable sensibility as I too call the area home & this makes for a great session.  Give our chat a listen! 

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Dec 24, 2020
@Southpawww - "Auto Corp Gawd" - #023

Welcome to 23, an episode featuring my friend Brandon aka @Southpawww the great.  We became buddies via the now legendary 'E46fanatics' forum during the early 2000's.  He had an infamous E46 sedan which ran a fully sharpie'd ZHP front bumper cover and was a very active figure within the BMW community only to move into the automotive industry.  His entrance into the world was via BMW of El Cajon where he started as a porter.  With deep passion and a constant chase, he acquired a hell of a roll at 'THE THERMAL CLUB' near Joshua Tree.  This was an oppurtunity to shred tires in some of the greatest modern ///M cars on the manufacturers behalf along with enriching his own driving abilities.  From there it was only up where he relocated to the Miami metro area (followed by various parts of Texas) to be a 'senior regional product trainer for BMW NA.  Having gained an immense knowledge base and deep rooted experience in the car business via BMW and his sheer enthusiasm, he accepted an 'Area Trainer' position at Porsche Cars North America in Northern California.  His journey through the industry is an inspiring one, one that has taken me by storm as this path has long been one of my desires.  It's great to see Brandon's thorough work ethic within a very desired space.  Anyways, I've said enough.  Give it a listen, you will enjoy this one particularly if you're seeking the same path.

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Nov 30, 2020
@JohnKimDC - "Bonchon Boyz" - #022

Welcome friends to episode 22 of Motor Culture featuring my longtime homie, John Kim. He’s a known staple in the DMV automotive scene via a few facets, his vehicles & his businesses.  His vehicles because, he’s owned quite a plenty. From Japanese street machines like his LSX, NASCAR soundtrack S14 to a couple of Lamborghini’s, several Porsches, a few off roaders, tons of motorcycles & the list goes on. From a business perspective, John’s someone I look up to.  He opened a humble little yogurt shop in Ellicot City, MD pre-dating froyo nationwide hype. This shop was the host to some of the most legendary DMV automotive gatherings. It was a great hangout, but now he’s moved onto bigger & better, Bonchon 😋.  Korean fried chicken & cars. Oh, he’s also a chiropractor 👨‍⚕️. A man with multiple talents, an enthusiasm for cars, fashion & travel. What better?  Tune in.

P.s, oh & be sure to visit John’s page, click follow & take a peak at the 997s major aesthetic update 😏

For those that either live in, or are visiting the DMV make sure to visit John's businesses and let him know I sent you!

Bonchon Chicken
3419 Plumtree Drive #102
Ellicot City, Maryland 21042
Spine-Connection Wellness Center (Chiropractic)
Visit for various locations

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Nov 25, 2020
@fish2556 - "shitbox collector" - #021

Welcome back old friends, and hello new friends.  Tonights episode is with the great, Fish.  He's someone who has self curated a vastly sick collection of fine automobiles, 99% of which are white.  We're talking all M3s, from E30 to F80, 996 GT3, 996 (X50) Turbo, 997 GT3RS, MKIV Supra, RE Amemiya FD RX-7, MK2 Rallye Golf, 964 RS America and the list goes the fuck on and doesn't lighten up.  He's someone who is apart of a well known automotive squad known as Risky Devil,  a squad I've been a fan of for years.  They never fucked around and went all in with their vehicles, namely properly built slide style Japanese cars.  We talk about that, a whole experience with the squad being apart of the Need for Speed franchise via his old RWB machine, and his insane medical addiction to cars.  ALL cars, which is like I.  This is a conversation I've been looking forward to for a long time.  Enjoy. 

Fish & fam's business, incase you are looking for a VW, want to buy your VW modded or any special car;

Autobarn Imports
6161 Joliet Rd
Countryside, IL 60525

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Nov 14, 2020
@garrick_bluegt4 - "Endurance Roadtripper"- #020

Hello everybody and welcome to episode #020 featuring my friend Garrick.  Based in Jacksonville, he drove a Sapphire Blue metallic 981 Cayman GT4.  'Drove' being the operative word here because recently he made the last minute decision to change the pace and pickup a 718 Boxster Spyder.  For those of you whom may not be aware, this is the topless version of the GT4.  We talk about the migration from coupe to roadster, the numerous trips in the GT4 to the famed 'Smokies GT' gathering.  Additionally our driving tales with Garrick's old Austin Yellow F82 M4 & my M5 right after I moved to Florida.  This is a fun one.  Thanks for listening!

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Nov 09, 2020
@Highgrade - "The VAG lover" #019

Hello friends!  Tonights episode features my boy Andrew Braithwaite whom I met in high school.  While a fan of many brands, his love primarily falls under the VAG umbrella.  We talk about his immense history of vehicles including his current [highly modded] 996 turbo.   Our history includes epic Mexican driving adventures & a pair of cars that carved their place into DMV automotive culture; his Avus Silver C5 RS6 & my Steel Grey E46 M3 cab.  GREAT TIMES in life.  Drew recently started a pretty nifty business where he rents out RV trailers & transport trailers.  Great for those looking to utilize a trailer to a race track & an RV to dip your feet into the world of road camping.  Info below, and thank you much for listening to our episode!

Recreation4rent LLC, based in Silver Spring, Maryland
IG: @rec4rent

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Nov 01, 2020
@Articulate_caucasian -"80s-90s Euro Addict"- #018

Good evening everyone, welcome to another episode of the show!  Tonights conversation is with a good buddy of mine, one that doesn't mind a distance drive, is a BMW classic fanatic, and generally an overall automotive diehard by the name of Spencer Joel.  He was one of my very first buddies after I moved to Florida in 2014.  We connected during a BMW gtg in Jacksonville which lead to a valiant drive on the lovely A1A.  He was behind the wheel of a European-spec E34 M5 and I, my then [5.2L] E60 M5.  We were wheeling to say the least.  Click play to hear some great stories, and general automotive shit talk.  Thanks for joining us!

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Oct 29, 2020
@Dwhelan_ -"M4 CS everyday"- #017

Welcome back my friends, tonight I'm joined by my buddy David Whelan.  Dave is the proud owner of a F82 San Marino Blue M4CS & not only a big auto enthusiast, but one of driving too.  We go over some nifty details of the M4CS & the it's relation to the more track focused, M4 GTS.  His road trip to the Circuit of the Americas in Houston, Texas in the M4 and the hell of a time that it was.  We've gotten a few people together and will be posted somewhere in the infield at Daytona Speedway at the end of January 2021 for The Rolex 24.  I am so looking forward to that.  Hear us jump from one automotive topic, to another in this episode. 

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Oct 20, 2020
@Bmtrdyoo -"Angeles Crest Auras"- #016

What up!  Welcome to episode 16, featuring my boy David Yoo!  He called in from & is based in the Los Angeles area, and is one hell of a driver.  A great example of someone who knows their car.  He drives a E60 M5 (6MT) with a load of suspension work and is a more than frequent goer at the famed Angeles Crest highway.  The M5 is a beautifully unusual choice for the ACH, and it takes a proper driver to run it properly amgonst the many track focused cars & bikes on the same route.  We chat about the latter, my experiences at the ACH, and close calls.  Thanks for joining our session!

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Oct 18, 2020
@Bulpup.Jay -"Get out & drive"- #015

What's up friends?  I hope all is well.  Welcome to episode 15 of the show.  On this evenings recording was my boy Jarrett Thompson.  He was in some of the earlier episodes which were recorded in Maryland as group conversations, but we hadn't the chance to have a solo chat and I'm glad we did.  This is a good one where we talk about various automotive odds and ends but a big sector on maintenance.  That E60 M5 is looking real good at sub 15K, but can you afford to run it?  Or should you buy something that isn't within the realm of 100K MSRP vehicle maintenance?  Have a listen in on our views. 

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Oct 16, 2020
@Truongp @ConnorBray -"Bavarian Runners of NorFla"- #014

Welcome back on this Bank Holiday (I give Columbus no love) to another episode.  On this episode, I am joined by my good friends Connor Bray & Peter Truong, along with their buddy Jimmy (Chevy gang).  This was fun as it's recorded in Jacksonville where these fellas live, which was on my way back to Tampa from the DMV area.  I love random get togethers like this, and equally love being able to record in different cities.  I used to live in JAX for a while myself, and I find enjoyment in visiting places I once resided.  We discuss Peter's MANUAL (F06) M6 Gran Coupe, our drive home from California with the car where it was purchased from a buddy of mine.  We also chat about Connors Lime Rock Park (E92) M3 along with his 15,000 mile, 75 day road trip in his FJ Cruiser.  Miles for meals. 

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Oct 12, 2020
H20i 2020 Recap w/@Harry.Fraux - #013

Hello all, welcome back to another episode.  This time Harry and I go over some H20i (2020) highlights, and the many negatives that arose this year.  Including, but not limited to OCPD's overzealous policing + the sheer idiocy brought in by the modern fuckboy.  The latter of which isn't supported by true H20i fans, like ourselves.  Undoubtedly the even has changed over the years, but was it difficult to traverse the territory?  Is H20i [as we know it] officially dead?  Listen in to find out.

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Oct 07, 2020
EAG Performance - @MoudaM6 & gang - #012

What a great night spent at EAG Performance with my man, the owner Hamouda & gang just days before H20i 2020.  The setup for this podcast was super dope with tables and chairs right in the center of the workshop.  We were surrounded by a bunch of sick machinery, all being prepared for H20i.  An F80 M3 & an F86 with matching wraps, kitted AMG GTS owned by Hamouda's brother Dia, Karim's individual E63 M6 in Stratus Grey met., & Manat's clean F82 M4 just to name a few.  Hamouda's F06 M6 Gran Coupe was on the lift for the 4.6L (S63B46T0 Troy Jeup) motor install.  It was a great time discussing various automotive topics, and some history between everyone at the table.  Be sure to checkout today's IG post (10/5) for some imagery of our evening together.  

The shop squad:

  • @EAGperformance
  • @MoudaM6 (F06 M6 46L)
  • @Liononmychest (E63 M6 Individual)
  • @CaliKarim (E63 M6)
  • @Manat.0 (F82 M4)

Additional homies joined with me from Maryland:

  • @Ta1onso   
  • @Teckniks      

EAG Performance is a one stop performance shop offering:

  • Custom exhaust / repair 
  • Fabrication 
  • Body & Paint 

Located at 625 Nelms Circle, Fredricksburg, Virginia

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Oct 05, 2020
@Jspaid @Kidkhaoz @Ta1onso @Teckniks -"A night of Karting with the boys"- #011

On today's episode I'm joined by the homies Joey, Todd, Tony & Ed.  This was an evening chill, post karting session.  We talk random smack, like Sanjays F90 M5 versus Joey's FD3S on a technical - twisty road.  One would assume the obvious outcome with the Mazda coming out at first, but with modern technology and the might of the M5, I'd like to think otherwise.  The last 24 minutes or so is a solo, quick recap of my time in the DMV & how the E30 endured the 4,500+ mile, less than 30 day trip 🤭     

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Oct 03, 2020
@The3rdTakahashi -"Tune with rhythm'- #010

A great episode with my boy Arif Omari.  A DMV local, and a kid I've known for a long time.  Our first major memory was road tripping from the DMV to SOWO in Helen, Georgia.  GREAT times.  Arif's also 1 of 2 of the group that made my introduction / outro track!  He's a genuine automotive addict, a tastemaker and an all around good dude.  Listen in, and enjoy!

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Sep 23, 2020
@Jspaid @Teckniks @Harry.Fraux -"DMV Drivers Club"- #009

Happy Tuesday to all!  This discussion was an fun yet informational one featuring my boys Joey Spaid, Ed Chen & back again, the man Harry Sandhu.  I met both Joey & Ed through seperate interactions both involving machinery, of the automotive variety 😂.  Joey & I went to the same highschool but weren't really buddies till an on-road interaction, near the school itself.  Ed & I met when a group of my BMW enthusiasts buddies decided to link with his group of BMW buddies.  The three of us can wheel, and have stories for days however, Joey won the 2017 SCCA MARRS Spec Miata Championship and boy does he know a thing or two about driving.  This was recorded in two parts, one earlier in the day and the other in the evening.  Enjoy!

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Sep 20, 2020
@F80M3Vic @SanjayDotCom @_Nicaplz @SherrBear12 -"The OG"- #008

An evening spent next to a proper F80 in our boy Vic's garage, after some delicious Korean BBQ.  We talk about some of Vic's early cars, including my favorite of his; DC2 ITR.  I have known Vic for a long time, during which he had an E60 M5 which really built our relationship over the years.  We were joined by my wife Bell, and our pal's Sherry & Sanjay.  Pre-apologies for the 'cricket ambient noise' track in the background, it was too damn nice to chat inside!

An honorable mention this episode consists of my wife's online jewlery boutique; @g_u_e_n.  A very beautfiul collection of affordable, contemporary, daily & occassional pieces.  Show her some love!

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Sep 20, 2020
@SanjayDotCom -"Shisha, Sips, & Cars"- #007

Welcome to episode double-O-seven with one of my favorite people, Sanjay Tohan.  A great late night conversation covering a bunch of random topics such as but not limited to; Sanjay's vehicles, perspective cars for the future, attainable dream cars and a beautiful gathering we had the other night amongst friends, all of which are packing machine wise!  A simliarity that has been shared between us is the lack of prejudice we carry as it comes to anything automotive.  We are the type of people to park a S15 Silvia next to the Enzo in the garage. There's only one way to be, in my opinion of course and an open frame of mind is it. 

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Sep 17, 2020
@Ta1onso -"Spiritual Enthusiast"- #006

A late night / early morning sit down with my brother from another mother Tony Alonso.  My earliest [legal 👀] driving experiences were with Tone riding shotgun, and sometimes the other way around.  Gas & food money, a cassette to aux adapter & a route is all we needed.  The memories of my first car, an Oxford Green E34 525i (lci) were tremendous on this one.  Ah, simpler times. 

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Sep 16, 2020
@Dcannedy @Harry.Fraux -"Slidestyle"- #005

Welcome to episode #005 featuring my boy Dan Cannedy & again joining the cast, my homie Harry Sandhu.  I've known Dan a number of years and before that seen him around at numerous events & meets.  This is probably because he knows a shitload of motorheads in the area (and around the map) & he himself is a die-hard grassroots build with blood, sweat & tears/drive the fuck out of type guy.  

If you're in the market for a new motorcycle and or powersports machine, make sure to hit up @Dcannedy today!

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Sep 14, 2020
@Highgrade @Sanjaydotcom @Geo_gan -"Never Lift Squad- #004

Happy Sunday!

Another great chat session with my boys Drew, Sanjay & George.  In this episode, we discuss some of our early machines which lead to some of our greatest memories of the time (Early 2000s).  These guys are stacked with heavy machinery in modernity, but sit back and listen to how their road to living the culture of automotive enthusiasm began. 

Introduction & exit track provided by the talented @ArifOmariandFranklin production squad.  Thanks gents!

Sep 13, 2020
@Geo_gan @Margiela_matt @Iambrizzie @Nikki.ganim @Bulpup.jay -"Basement Sessions"- #003

This was a great fucking time with my friends, most of which are based in the Howard County sector of the area. This wasn't the area I grew up in however, but before there was social media, it was cars that essentially formed our friendship.  That led to a lot of stories from the grand event; H20i based in Ocean City, Maryland.  Nights spent driving hard, days spent doing the same with a shit load of Hookah/Shisha!  

Introduction & exit track provided by the talented @ArifOmariandFranklin production squad.  Thanks gents!

Sep 11, 2020
@Bullpup.Jay @Harry.Fraux -"Best Budz"- #002

A great discussion with my buddies Harry & Jarrett!  Both of these gentlemen have their respective experiences within the automotive-enthusiasm scape with an interesting history, one that has developed their automotive modernity.  We discuss Harry's first dive into the sports car world with his BMW (E90) M3 & Jarrett's time with his very strong Audi (C5) RS6.  So, pour up something tasty & join us for a fun sesh with some of my favorite people!  

Intro - Outro track provided by the great @ArifOmariandFranklin

Sep 10, 2020
@MRM5MAN - #001

Wassup ladies & gents, welcome & thank you for joining me on The Motor Culture Podcast, with your buddy @MRM5MAN.  This episode is an off course introduction to me, who I am- what brought me into car culture at a young age.  This podcast is for the auto enthusiast that uses their machinery.  For the drivers, and the discussion of drives.  Illustrious stories & great lineup of interesting guests all deep rooted in automotive culture from various parts of the map.  It's an honor for you to join me, now let's do this.  Much love.  

Intro & outro track produced by the talented @ArifOmariandFranklin.  A DMV based production squad.  Thank you fellas, blessings to you both.  


Sep 06, 2020