Bible Mysteries

By Scott Mitchell

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Category: History

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Did you ever wonder why the Bible is hard to understand? What if God wrote the Bible in such a way as to hide a deep secret from Satan and his angels? Bible Mysteries unlocks the secrets in the Bible! Join Scott and Xena as they guide you through ancient mysteries that reveal much about what is going on in your world today. Join us to Unlock the Bible Now! You can learn more and find other resources at

Episode Date
Agenda 2030 Part 1
Episode 71: Agenda 2030 Part 1 Show Notes: Echoing human security principles, the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development emphasizes a “world free of poverty, hunger, disease and want … free of fear and violence … with equitable and universal access to quality education, health care and social protection … to safe drinking water and sanitation … where food is sufficient, safe, affordable and nutritious … where habits are safe, resilient and sustainable … and where there is universal access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy.” It calls for development strategies that result in resilient societies where people are safe from chronic threats such as abject poverty, hunger, disease, violence and repression, and protected from sudden and hurtful disruptions in their daily lives. The World Economic Forum was founded by Klaus Schwab in 1971 It is a rebranding of Agenda 21 by the United Nations and has 9 basic tenants: Move Citizens off private land and into urban housing. Create vast wilderness spaces inhabited by large carnivores. Eliminate cars and create “walkable” cities. Support chosen private businesses with public funds for “sustainable development Make policy decisions that favor the “greater good” over individuals. Drastically reduce the use of power, water, and anything else that creates “carbon pollution.” Use bureaucracies to make sweeping decisions outside of democratic processes. Increase taxes, fees, and regulations. Implement policies meant to incentivize a reduced population. ent.” Billionaires Got $8 Trillion Richer U.S. Congress Calls On The Fed To Create Digital Dollar. The EU Is Doing The Same You’ll Own Nothing, And Be Happy Scripture References: Genesis 10:6-10, Genesis 11:1-9, Ezekiel 38:1-14, Revelation 13:1-8, Psalm 2:1-12 Takeaway: We hope to encourage listeners to do their own research and investigate Agenda 2030. There is no substitute for first-hand information. Do not trust media or news sources, but rather use your God-given senses and intellect to be informed. Take back your own power and withdraw your consent from those who would deign to rule over you, and trust in the Ruler of Heaven and Earth to lead you into the Truth! Links: ( ( ( Website: Podcast: Videos: Donate: via Paypal at Email: Support this podcast
Jan 17, 2022
The Mystery of Apollyon
Scripture references: Revelation 9:1-11, Daniel 9:20-24, Jeremiah 4:1-4, Jeremiah 4:5-9, Isaiah 10:5-23, Ezekiel 31:1-18, Micah 5:1-4, Micah 5:5-15, Psalm 72:4, Isaiah 14:1-27, 2 thessalonians 2:3-4, Revelation 17:7-8, John 17:12, John 6:69-71, Daniel 8:23-25, Daniel 9:25-27, Matthew 24:14-24 Links: The Final Nephilim by Ryan Pitterson: ( You can donate at Support this podcast
Jan 10, 2022
The Bermuda Triangle
We explore the mystery of this region where several purported unexplained disappearances have occurred over years. Is there a reference to this in the Bible? Are there portals to spiritual realms? Can a vessel or craft simply vanish into thin air? Support this podcast
Jan 03, 2022
The Mystery of the Wise Men
To wrap up our Season 2, we discuss the wise men who journeyed from the east to visit the Christ child. We learn they were not at the scene of His birth in the manger, but it was nearly two years later! Also, there is no evidence they were kings, bur rather astronomers who searched the stars for the revelations of God. Support this podcast
Dec 27, 2021
The Star of Christ
"...we have seen his star shining in the east..." We take a look at the amazing star that the wise men followed to Israel, and how it led them to Bethlehem right to the house where the young child Jesus lived. This was no ordinary star! Support this podcast
Dec 20, 2021
The Treasure in the Field
Christ tells a parable of a treasure hid in a field. We discuss the mystery of who is the treasure, why they were hidden and how it relates to Israel in the past, present and future. Support this podcast
Dec 13, 2021
The Restoration of Israel
The Old Testament has so much written about God restoring Israel as a nation in the future, it is hard to imagine how some believers cling to a Replacement Theology with the Church! One of the greatest mysteries in the Bible is how the Lord is going to restore His People Israel and return them to their land to make them a nation and kingdom of priests for the world. Let's discover, shall we? Support this podcast
Dec 06, 2021
Principalities and Powers
Our battle is not with flesh and blood, though there are human proxies used by the Principalities and Powers, such as the satanic global elite. We explore the spiritual wickedness with whom we wrestle, including the highest ranking rebellious angels down to the demon controlled corporate oligarchs and politicians that are destroying our world! Support this podcast
Nov 29, 2021
The Sons of God
We explore the elder race of angels created before God made the earth, the Sons of God! The world was then placed under dominion of mankind, but a rebellious group of fallen angels want it back under their control, led by Lucifer. But God has given it to his adopted children, the saints! Support this podcast
Nov 22, 2021
The Kingdom of Heaven Part 2
The Kingdom of heaven suffers violence, and the violent take it by force! In Part 2 we learn of Satan's plan to take the Kingdom of Heaven through the Satanic Global elite gaining control of all property on the planet so they can deed the title over to the man of sin! Support this podcast
Nov 15, 2021
The Kingdom of Heaven Part 1
So much is misunderstood by modern religion about the Kingdom of Heaven. It comes down from heaven, but it is on the earth! We explore the meaning and fulfillment of the kingdom, how it relates to the Kingdom of God, and why the devil wants control of it! Support this podcast
Nov 08, 2021
The World to Come
God has a marvelous use of Three! Our first episode was titled The World That Was; and our present world is about to come to an end. Not the end of the earth, which will exist forever... but the end of the world to make room for the world to come. The system of satanic governance is about to come face to face with the Creator of heaven and earth... and lose! Join us as we discussing the coming new world. Support this podcast
Nov 01, 2021
The Journey to Hell
We take a terrifying journey into hell, and show by the Scriptures what a lost person would experience when they die. It is not a comforting sight! You need Christ more than you need your next breath! Support this podcast
Oct 25, 2021
The Lake of Fire
Xena and I discuss the final destination of Satan, his fallen angels, the demons and the wicked who refuse to accept God's gift of redemption: the Lake of Fire! This place of eternal torment was created for the devil and his angels, but men choose to join them in rebellion against God and His Christ. Support this podcast
Oct 18, 2021
The Underworld Part 2
We conclude our exploration of the lower parts of the earth, and discuss the church in hades, where the gates of hell will not prevail against it. We also examine the demonic horde that is released from Tartarus, the bottomless pit, during tribulation! Support this podcast
Oct 11, 2021
The Underworld Part 1
We explore the lower parts of the earth, Hades, with its three compartments: Geena, Tartarus and Abraham's bosom! Support this podcast
Oct 04, 2021
Lucifer Part 2
We conclude exposing the mystery of Lucifer and discuss his ultimate casting out of heaven to the earth where he will operate through the man of sin, the son of perdition! We reveal a secret of who the son of perdition was in the past... Support this podcast
Sep 27, 2021
Lucifer Part 1
We explore the mystery of Lucifer: his origin, his rebellion and his desire to become God! From the King of Tyrus to anti-christ, this fallen cherub is the source of all evil in creation. Support this podcast
Sep 20, 2021
1 Year Celebration!
Scott and Xena reflect on 52 episodes of Bible Mysteries Podcast; one year of mysteries revealed! We started in September of 2020, right before the coronavirus bioweapon was released by the satanic global elite to destroy all liberty left in the world. We have a laugh and enjoy a look back at what we've accomplished so far, and announce our start of video podcasts to be posted on YouTube. Support this podcast
Sep 13, 2021
The Mystery of Marriage Part 2
We conclude our search into the great mystery: Satan is attacking marriage today to convince humanity it is no longer a sacred ordinance. His aim is to infiltrate the human gene pool again as he did in Genesis 6 to prevent mankind from being redeemed! God wants His church without spot or blemish. Support this podcast
Sep 06, 2021
The Mystery of Marriage Part 1
The Apostle Paul said, "This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church." What is the great mystery about marriage? Why is Satan so intent on attacking there very first ordinance God gave to man? Is there something deeper than meets the eye? Support this podcast
Aug 30, 2021
Leviathan Part 2
We conclude our discussion of the piercing serpent, and conclude that he was the serpent in the beginning and he will be in the end to persecute the seed of the woman! Support this podcast
Aug 23, 2021
Leviathan Part 1
We explore the mystery of Leviathan, the giant sea serpent of the Bible. Was it a real creature that once existed? Or is it a picture of satan's political power? Either way, we find Leviathan is a seven-headed red dragon who will be manifested in the last days! Support this podcast
Aug 20, 2021
The Final Nephilim: Interview with Ryan Pitterson
We have our special guest Ryan Pitterson back! Author of Judgment of the Nephilim, we discuss his new book The Final Nephilim to be released shortly. Ryan reveals that the Bible suggests the antichrist will be the literal, physical son of the dragon: a hybrid angel/human! Support this podcast
Aug 09, 2021
Idealogical Subversion
The fruit of Operation Paperclip and MK Ultra mind control experiments is idealogical subversion. We show how the Hegelian Dialectic is used to confuse minds, twist logic and prepare humanity to believe in a lie! Scripture speaks of a coming great deception. How will this be carried out? Support this podcast
Aug 02, 2021
Operation Paperclip Part 2
We continue our discussion of Operation Paperclip. Did the crash landing of a UFO in Roswell, New Mexico after WWII have anything to do with the imported Nazi scientists and technology from Germany? Was the US leap in technological progress after this tied to fallen angels giving advanced knowledge to the CIA and Deep State in collusion with the satanic Global Elite? Is there a parallel fictional story hidden in the movies and tv shows of the MCU and other Hollywood propaganda? Support this podcast
Jul 26, 2021
Operation Paperclip Part 1
After World War II, German advanced technology was stolen by the US government along with the experts that designed and understood it. Were fallen angels behind the advanced technology? Was Hitler obsessed with the occult? Did the CIA take the Nazi's place in communicating with satanic forces for power and control of the world? Support this podcast
Jul 19, 2021
MK Ultra Part 2
We continue our discussion on the sinister CIA project using mind control on the population. It's use by the satanic global elite? Population control! Support this podcast
Jul 12, 2021
Hail, Hydra!
We begin exposing the satanic global elite's operational arm: media, government agencies, academia, and the sinister projects that they are behind. Support this podcast
Jul 07, 2021
MK Ultra Part 1
We delve into the sinister world of covert mind control project MK Ultra, the damage it has done and continues to do, and the HYDRA operatives in the CIA that conducted these horrible experiments! This is one device satan uses to blind the mind from the truth. Support this podcast
Jul 05, 2021
The Mystery of Heaven Part 7
We conclude our study on the Mystery of Heaven and discuss the last resurrection, what we will do in eternity and what our bodies will be like! Support this podcast
Jun 21, 2021
The Mystery of Heaven Part 6
We come back with the Lord when He returns the the earth! We are one of four folds of sheep that have been redeemed by His Blood. Let's examine the groups that occupy the intermediate heaven before we return to the earth to reign with Christ. Support this podcast
Jun 14, 2021
The Mystery of Heaven Part 5
Where is Paradise? Is it a description or a location? What if paradise is both Abraham's bosom AND the Third Heaven? Will we know we are there? Can we see our loved one's on earth? Let's explore! Support this podcast
Jun 07, 2021
The Mystery of Heaven Part 4
In heaven, are we asleep? Or is sleep a euphemism for death? Will we be conscious and aware in the intermittent heaven, or will be be unconscious until the new heaven and the new earth? Support this podcast
May 31, 2021
The Mystery of Heaven Part 3
We delve deeper into the mystery of heaven, exploring more about the Heavenly City New Jerusalem. Then we see how our bodies will be in resurrection on the new Heaven and the New Earth. Support this podcast
May 24, 2021
The Mystery of Heaven Part 2
We continue our research into heaven, this time exploring the mystery of the Heavenly City New Jerusalem. Streets of Gold, gates of pearls, foundations of precious stones... Who wouldn't want to be a part of such a glorious place? Support this podcast
May 17, 2021
The Mystery of Heaven Part 1
Christians often talk about going to heaven, but how much do we actually KNOW about heaven? We delve into the Word to unlock secrets about heaven you may have never known! Support this podcast
May 10, 2021
The Bulls of Bashan
Who were the bulls gaping at Christ as He hang on the cross? Could they have had their origin among the Giants in the land of Canaan? Were they malevolent fallen angels, demonic spirits, the Jewish leaders that wanted Christ crucified... or all three? Support this podcast
May 03, 2021
Gog and Magog Part 2
We continue our discussion of the pivotal battle against the mountains of Israel when God delivers them and declares them His people again after having hid His treasure in the field! Support this podcast
Apr 26, 2021
Gog and Magog Part 1
There is a battle coming of a prophesied coalition force that is going to invade the mountains of Israel. God will intervene to destroy Gog and his invading forces, and Israel will once again know that they are God's people and He is their God! Support this podcast
Apr 19, 2021
The Fall of Israel
We discussed God hiding His face from Ancient Israel last week. Today we delve into how they as a nation stumbled at the Rock, were blinded and fell resulting in the silent heavens. However, through their fall, good news came to the rest of the world! Support this podcast
Apr 12, 2021
God's Hidden Face
God turned his face away from His people Israel due to their rejection of Him. We discuss why and how long this will happen, and reveal that there is a future Israel of God that will seek Him again soon! Support this podcast
Apr 05, 2021
Daniel's 70 Weeks Part 4
We conclude our investigation into the mystery of Daniel's 70 weeks by seeing just how long the interval is between the 69th and 70th week: 2,000 years! Support this podcast
Mar 29, 2021
Daniel's 70 Weeks Part 3
We explore the timing of the arrival of the antichrist as it relates to Daniel's prophecy, and we reveal the abomination of desolation! Support this podcast
Mar 22, 2021
Daniel's 70 Weeks Part 2
We continue the series of the prophecy of Daniel that will help reveal God's timing as to when He will again acknowledge Israel as His people again. Support this podcast
Mar 15, 2021
Daniel's 70 Weeks Part 1
"70 weeks are determined upon thy people..." Daniel was told. This prophecy is the key mystery to understanding God's timeline. This is likely the most important revelation into understanding the state we find the world in and what is coming! Join us in this multi-part series. Support this podcast
Mar 08, 2021
The 1,000 Year Day
A day with the Lord is as a thousand years... We explore the time-based key in this mystery that opens our understanding of God's prophetic program and how close we are to the Day of the Lord! Support this podcast
Feb 28, 2021
Coats of Skins
God made Adam and Eve clothing of skins after they ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Was it just for modesty, or do the skins represent something else? Support this podcast
Feb 22, 2021
The Masonic Order Part 2
Part 2 of our reveal of the Freemasons. We look at their symbolism, how they are exposing that they are in control, and how they plan to bring order out of chaos they create. Support this podcast
Feb 15, 2021
The Masonic Order Part 1
We investigate the “fraternal organization” known as the Freemasons. Is their doctrine steeped in Talmudic teaching with the Temple of Solomon? Are they a civic group or an occult cabal of high-ranking officials trying to bring about the New World Order? Support this podcast
Feb 08, 2021
The Symbolism of the Occult
God has symbols and types in the Bible, and so does Satan! We examine the figures used by God and how the devil uses his own symbolism in modern culture to indoctrinate and deceive. Support this podcast
Feb 01, 2021
The Horror of Moloch
Ancient Israel followed the Canaanites in sacrificing their children to Moloch. We discuss this historical horror and its modern equivalent by the satanic global elite. Support this podcast
Jan 25, 2021
Mystery Babylon
The Mother of Harlots is a city, but not the one you might think! We investigate the coming financial power that will reign over the kings of the earth along with the satanic global elite! Support this podcast
Jan 18, 2021
The Tower of Babel
God came down to stop men from building a city and tower whose top would reach heaven. What were they really up to? Were they calling on the fallen angels to come back and mix with humanity again? Support this podcast
Jan 11, 2021
The Satanic Global Elite
The world is controlled by an occult group of super rich people behind the scenes who worship satan. Nothing happens by accident; all is by design. Support this podcast
Jan 04, 2021
The Five Kingdoms
Only four kingdoms of men are revealed in prophecy until the fifth kingdom, Christ's Kingdom, comes to destroy them. We are still in the time of the fourth kingdom in mystery form, with 10 kings who will soon arise to give their power to The Beast! Support this podcast
Dec 28, 2020
The Serpent in the Garden
A snake wrapped around an Apple tree? Far from it! We discover that old serpent was a seven-headed red dragon named Leviathan! Support this podcast
Dec 21, 2020
The Tree of Life
The Tree of Life was in the Garden of Eden but will come back on the New Earth. Was it a metaphor or an actual tree that can give eternal life? What gives the tree its eternal power? Support this podcast
Dec 14, 2020
The Garden of Eden
Is the Garden of Eden just a myth, or is it actually a region of land still on earth that will become Eden again? We'll show Eden was a country on earth before God even made man! Support this podcast
Dec 07, 2020
Nothing New Under the Sun
What if everything you see now has happened before? What if the most advanced technology today is not as advanced as the past? What if there is no new thing under the sun? Support this podcast
Nov 30, 2020
The Mystery of Iniquity
The mystery that will deceive the whole world will be an image set up in the Temple of God declaring that it IS God! Support this podcast
Nov 23, 2020
Angels and UFOs Part 2
We continue our discussion on Angels and UFOs. Is it possible Satan and his angels will present themselves as aliens when they are cast out of heaven? Are they going to genetically manipulate mankind as they have done to God's creation in the past? Support this podcast
Nov 16, 2020
Angels and UFOs Part 1
Could so called "aliens" in UFOs actually be the angels who joined Lucifer in his rebellion eons ago? What are they planning for mankind? Support this podcast
Nov 09, 2020
The War in Heaven
A war is coming! But it will be between Satan and his angels, and the Angels of God. A very real "Star Wars!" Support this podcast
Nov 02, 2020
The Nephilim Part 3
We speak with Ryan Pitterson, author of The Judgment of the Nephilim, to gain his insight into the Giants of the Bible! Support this podcast
Oct 26, 2020
The Nephilim Part 2
We dig deeper into the Giants and learn they died in the flood of Noah and became the unclean spirits! Support this podcast
Oct 19, 2020
The Nephilim (Giants) Part 1
Yes, there were giants on the earth - a hybrid mix of fallen angels and humans! We discover where they came from and why they were here. Support this podcast
Oct 12, 2020
The Seed of the Woman
Man is made to replace Lucifer and his angels and given dominion over the earth, but the Serpent is warned he will be bruised by the seed of the woman! Support this podcast
Oct 05, 2020
The Sea of Glass
We learn the water above the firmament is a frozen sea that separates the 3rd from the 2nd heaven; God's throne from the universe tainted by sin due to Lucifer's fall and rebellion! Support this podcast
Sep 28, 2020
The Three Heavens
After the original creation was destroyed and reconstructed, God makes three heavens with a barrier to keep out satanic angels! Support this podcast
Sep 21, 2020
The World That Was
We learn about an entire civilization of angels on Earth before man was created and the rebellion and war that caused a global flood before human beings! Support this podcast
Sep 18, 2020