The ProPhysique Code

By Paul Revelia

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Welcome to the ProPhysique Code. Each week, the coaches at ProPhysique bring you a variety of information and topics inspired by their own experience within the fitness, nutrition, and online coaching industry. With each coach bringing their own unique perspective, we seek to provide valuable and thought provoking information in each episode.

Episode Date
Episode 11: How to know if you are ready to compete: Prep Series

Are you ready to compete? In this episode, the Prep Team discusses what to consider before deciding to jump on stage in a bodybuilding competition. Gain perspective from all four of the Prep Team members when it comes to things that they consider of utmost importance before hitting the stage for the first time.

Oct 03, 2022
Episode 10: Psychological Aspects of Gaining Weight: Lifestyle Series

In this special episode, the lifestyle team + special guest Danika Johnson talk about weight gain and furthermore, the psychological aspects that come as a part of it. Danika is the mindset coach on Team Pro Physique, therefore, she offers a deep routed perspective when it comes to this topic.

Sep 29, 2022
Episode 9: Peaking Strategies: Prep Series

In this special episode, the prep team records with special guest, Paul Revelia to talk about the topic of peak week. Peak week strategies, the science behind peaking and the evolation behind it, are all discussed, in this episode.

Sep 26, 2022
Episode 8: What to do when the diet gets hard: Lifestyle Series

How to cope when the diet gets HARD! In this episode, the lifestyle team discusses how to handle the phase of the diet when things get ROUGH. Mentally, physically, and emotionally, how can YOU best handle the phase of the diet when things get extremely hard.

Sep 22, 2022
Episode 7: Training for your Specific Division: Prep Series

In this episode, the Prep Team discusses the topic of training and furthermore, training for your specific division on stage. Tune in to learn different methods when it comes to tailoring your training for your specific bodybuilding division.

Sep 19, 2022
Episode 6: Doug Miller and the Importance of Core Values: Special Episode

In this episode, Rachel interviews coach Paul Revliea & Founder of Pro Physique and his long-time friend, Doug Miller on the story of how they met and started working together, how their businesses grew to where they are today, and the importance of establishing solid core values and fostering a positive company culture. Doug Miller owns Core Nutritionals, Merica Energy, Merica Labz, ArmsRace Nutrition and The Nutrition Corners. Core Nutritionals is one of our sponsors for the Pro Physique code--Use code PODCAST for 20% off at

Sep 16, 2022
Episode 5: Be a Better Example: Lifestyle Series

In this episode, the Lifestyle Team talks about being a better example for those around us, whether it be friends, family, significant others and/or kids. How can setting an example in our own lives be beneficial for those around us?

Sep 15, 2022
Episode 4: North Americans Recap: Special Episode

In this special episode, Paul, Stephen and Kayleigh recap North Americans 2022! NorthAmerican's, being one of the largest national shows of the year, always brings about excitement as Team Pro Physique always brings a large crew of competitors, who are all fighting for their prestigious pro card.

Sep 14, 2022
Episode 3: Combatting Post Show Blues: Prep Series

In this episode, the Prep Team discusses the topic of post-show blues which is oftentimes, a period of time post-show/post competition prep, that many competitors struggle with. Learn how to helpfully manage post-show blues, in this episode with the prep team. 

Sep 12, 2022
Episode 2: How to Have a Social Life AND Achieve your Fitness Goals: Lifestyle Series

In this episode, The Lifestyle Team talks about having balance within your social life while maintaining and achieving fitness goals. Social pressure can be one of the most challenging things when it comes to making progress in our fitness journeys, therefore, this episode provides insight and words of wisdom when it comes to handling this!

Sep 08, 2022
Episode 1: Embarrassing Prep Stories: Prep Series

In this episode, the Prep Team (Lexie, Dani, Evan and Rachel) introduce themselves and talk about some of the most embarrassing things that have happened to them while in prep. Enjoy this lighthearted episode as each coach shares their funny, yet most embarrassing moments.

Sep 05, 2022
Episode 203: Building your Brand as an Athlete

In this episode, Daraja, Rachel and Kayleigh sit down and discuss the topic of building your brand as an athlete. From sponsorships to ambassador programs, building your platform as an athlete can be important. Rachel, Daraja and Kayleigh speak on their personal experiences and give insight into this topic.

Sep 01, 2022
Episode 202: The Highs and Lows of Gym Ownership

In this episode, Rachel and Nick weigh in on some of the highs and lows of gym ownership. Owning and managing a gym is oftentimes something that looks appealing to the outside eye, however, there is a lot of backend work that goes into it, that the outside eye cannot see! 

Aug 29, 2022
Episode 201:The Power of Habit and Routine

In this episode, Phil, Christina, Jess and Sarah discuss the power behind routine and habits within our day-to-day lives. They discuss how these variables can ground us and allow us to be successful in our fitness journeys. 

Aug 25, 2022
Episode 200: Tampa and Texas Recap

In this special recap episode, some of the team's coaches recap two huge shows: Tampa Pro and TX Pro, both falling on back to back weekends. Hear some special insight into what went down at both of these shows and what ultimately led to getting Daraja her Olympia qualification!

Aug 22, 2022
Episode 199: Gathering and Implementing Judge's Feedback

In this episode, Kayleigh, Lexie and Evan talk on the topic of the judge's feedback post-show. How do you go about gathering the judge's feedback and how do you decipher what the judges are telling you about the improvements that you need to make to your physique? 

Aug 18, 2022
Episode 198: Setting Realistic Fat Loss Expectations

In this episode, Matt and Jessica talk about setting realistic fat loss expectations. What is "realistic" when it comes to a fat loss phase and what you should expect when endeavoring this phase/goal on your own?

Aug 14, 2022
Episode 197: Why we Fail at Achieving our Fitness Goals

In this special episode, 4 of the team's coaches dive into the topic of "why we fail at achieving our fitness goals." This episode goes into depth on why a lot of people struggle to achieve their personal fitness goals, and furthermore, maintain them. 

Aug 11, 2022
Episode 196: The Push/Pull Method of Contest Prep

In this episode, four of the team's coaches touch on a contest prep strategy known as the "push/pull method." This method is commonly used in prep, amongst many of the coaches at Team ProPhysique and it has been proven successful in many instances, for our athletes who step on stage.

Aug 08, 2022
Episode 195: USAs Recap

In this episode, Paul and Stephen recap USA's this past weekend in Vegas. After a two-year hiatus from Vegas, USA's returned to Vegas, on the strip! Paul and Stephen recap the venue and the exciting outcomes that took place at this show. 

Aug 04, 2022
Episode 194: Should you go to Nationals?

When should you go to Nationals as a competitor? In this episode, Sarah and Maria talk on this topic and talk about when it is smart for a competitor to make the jump to compete at a national-level show because sometimes, just because one is nationally qualified, it doesn't always mean they should make the jump to a national show. 

Aug 01, 2022
Episode 193: Setting Back the Biological Clock

In this episode, Coach Steph and Alba talk about setting back the biological clock. Oftentimes, age is a factor that plays a BIG role in individuals' ability to believe in themselves and what they are capable of achieving pertaining to their fitness goals. Steph and Alba talk about how they have managed to get into the best shapes of their life, over 40. 

Jul 28, 2022
Episode 192: Picking the Perfect Stage Suit

In this special episode, Paul and Kayleigh are joined by Toxic Angelz Bikinis owner, Margaret, to discuss all things BIKINI! From how the bikinis are made at the headquarters, to tips for picking out your own bikini for stage, this episode is jam-packed full of valuable and insightful info for any bikini competitor. 

Jul 25, 2022
Episode 191: Managing Fitness, Business, and Family Life

In this special episode, Stephen introduces Nick Joy, one of the newest coaches to join ProPhysique. Stephen and Nick talk all about Nick's background and how he manages being a coach, being a gym owner AND being a dad and husband on top of all of that. 

Jul 21, 2022
Episode 190: Train Like You Give a Damn

Train like you give a damn and optimize your offseason gains like a PRO! In this episode, Paul and Rachel discuss the importance of training with intent while in an offseason/spending time away from prep. 

Jul 18, 2022
Episode 189: Is Extreme Weightloss Sustainable

In this episode, Coach Phil and Coach Gillian dive into the topic of extreme weight loss. Both having undergone extensive weight loss transformations, they talk on whether or not this extreme amount of weight lost with time IS sustainable to keep off long term. 

Jul 14, 2022
Episode 188: Pro Card Journey

In this special episode, Paul sits down with his long time client, Dani Patterson, to discuss her road to pro. Dani recently earned her pro card at NPC Universe in New Jersey. She and Paul dive into her journey and what it took for her to get to where she is at today. 

Jul 11, 2022
Episode 187: Managing Relationships in Prep

When it comes to contest prep, relationships, whether it's with your significant other, children, or friends, can be tough to navigate. In this episode, Rachel and Danika discuss this topic and speak from their own experiences prepping and managing their own relationships. 

Jul 07, 2022
Episode 186: Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

In this episode, Lexie and Rachel discuss the topic of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. This is such an important topic when it comes to growth within the bodybuilding space and as an athlete. Oftentimes periods of discomfort are NEEDED to grow as an athlete. 

Jul 04, 2022
Episode 185: How to Maintain your Weightloss

Losing weight AND maintaining it can be easier said than done. Losing weight isn't always the hardest part, as oftentimes, it's keeping it OFF and maintaining that progress that deems itself as being the more difficult task at hand. In this episode, Coach Lexie and Matt discuss this topic. 

Jun 30, 2022
Episode 184: Stop Overthinking your Diet

In this episode, Stephen and Daraja talk about simplifying your diet and what that looks like. Too many times, people like to overthink their diet and what is most optimal, when most times, it is much simpler than they think or at least, the simple steps are what's needed to get started. 

Jun 27, 2022
Episode 183: Troubleshooting Digestion

In this episode, Coach Kayleigh and Christina discuss the topic of DIGESTION and furthermore, how to troubleshoot when you may be experiencing digestion issues. 

Jun 23, 2022
Episode 182: Differences Between Powerlifting and BodyBuilding

In this episode, Dani introduced Maria and Ben, two new coaches to the team. Specifically, they dive into some differences between bodybuilding and powerlifting, both being very relevant to each of their individual backgrounds. 

Jun 20, 2022
Episode 181: Is it the Right Time to Prep?

How do you know when and if it is the time to start a contest prep? In this episode, Rachel and Jess go into details and logistics that should be considered when evaluating whether it is the right time to prep or not. 

Jun 16, 2022
Episode 181: Why am I not making Progress?

What are some reasons WHY you may not be seeing the progress you should be seeing? In this episode, Sarah and Gillian discuss some common things that they see as coaches when it comes to why an individual may not be seeing the progress that they wish to be seeing. 

Jun 13, 2022
Episode 179: Evolving in the Sport of Bodybuilding with Evan Wells

In this episode, Paul introduces new coach, Evan Wells. Evan is a bodybuilder/competitor himself and has an extensive history in the bodybuilding community, where he has grown to evolve his beliefs and practices when it comes to his own bodybuilding journey and his clients. 

Jun 09, 2022
Episode 178: Having Tough Conversations with Clients

Sometimes, tough conversations are NEEDED at some points within one's coaching journey. In this episode, Coach Phil and Christina talk about their experiences with having to have tough conversations with clients. 

Jun 06, 2022
Episode 177: The COST of Competing

In this episode, Lexie and Kayleigh break down the cost of competing. Competing comes with a price tag and Lexie and Kayleigh are here to break it down to a TEE. Everything from prep costs, show day costs, and little costs that one may not think of is discussed in this episode!

Jun 02, 2022
Episode 176: Refeed Strategies

What is a refeed and what are some different refeed strategies that one can take to optimize a fat loss phase? In this episode, Paul and Matt discuss this topic and talk about some of their very own strategies and successes using these with their clients. 

May 30, 2022
Episode 175: ProPhysique Experience Recap

In this special episode, Paul and Stephen sit down to discuss and recap the annual ProPhysique Experience, which took place this past weekend in Tampa, FL. This weekend was full of learning with guest speakers like Bret Contreras, Joe Klemczewski, and Matt Blevins, training AND some memorable team bonding to top it off! 

May 26, 2022
Episode 174: The Perfect Plan for Beginners

In this episode, Coach Priscila and Coach Christina dive into the basics of getting started and WHERE to start as a beginner, when it comes to your fitness and nutrition goals. Nutrition, workouts, adherence and MORE, this episode goes into detail on where you should start if you are just getting started with your fitness and nutrition-related goals. 

May 23, 2022
Episode 173: Shit They Don't Tell You About Being Shredded

In this fun filled episode, Coach Rachel and Kayleigh speak on the topic of getting shredded and furthermore, all the shit they don't tell you about being shredded. It may look glamorous at the surface level, but how it feels for most, is another story!

May 19, 2022
Episode 172: Setting Up a Productive Building Season

How can you set up your building season so that you can get the most out of it? In this episode, Matt, John and Phil touch on this topic and how you can plan to optimize the gains, mentally and physically, within a growth phase. 

May 16, 2022
Episode 171: Fat Burners for Fat Loss

What's the hype behind fat burners? there even a hype to begin with? In this episode, Jess and Steph break down fat burners and whether or not they are a fitness fact or fad when it comes to fat loss.  

May 12, 2022
Episode 170: When you're Brand New to the Gym: How to get Started

Newbie to the gym? No worries! We've got your back in this episode. Coach Lexie and Coach Priscila give the run down on some of the basics to consider when you are super new to the gym. 

May 09, 2022
Episode 169: Bringing Up Lagging Body Parts

In this episode, Coach Stephen and Sarah talk about lagging body parts on the physique and how (& if ) it is possible to bring them up with time. This is particularly important for physique competitors as most of the time, who strive to have a balanced physique and frame on stage. 

May 05, 2022
A Life Without Mirrors, Scales & Marked Sizes

A life without mirrors, scales and marked sizes...oh my! In this episode, Danika and Christina talk on this topic and preface what it would be like to live a life where society was NOT so consumed by the above. 

May 02, 2022
Episode 167: Leveling up in the NPC

Leveling up in the NPC...what does it mean and how do you progress, as a competitor, in the NPC? From competing at a regional level, to becoming nationally qualified, to competing at a national show, there are LOT'S of little things to consider when working your way up through the different levels of the NPC. 

Apr 28, 2022
Episode 166: Balancing Dieting with a Corporate Job

What's it like juggling both a corporate job AND being in a diet phase at the same time? Oftentimes, social pressure can be the hardest part of adhering to a diet, let alone social pressure from work peers. Rachel and Bret, both having experience in this area, touch on this topic, in this episode. 

Apr 25, 2022
Episode 165: Tips for First Time Competitors

First time competitors, listen up! In this episode, Coach Lexie and Gillian, both competitors themselves, discuss some of their top tips and pieces of advice for those who may be competing for the first time. 

Apr 21, 2022
Episode 164: Calorie Surplus: When, Why and How

What is a calorie surplus and when is the most optimal time to use it? In this episode, Phil and Priscila chat about the OPPOSITE of a calorie deficit, and furthermore, dive into the topic of a calorie surplus and when, why and how one might use it to optimize their goals. 

Apr 18, 2022
Episode 163: Why the Scale Doesn't Mean $h*t

In this episode, Jessica and Danika come together to talk about the scale and furthermore...why it truly doesn't mean $h*t in the grand scheme of things. Oftentimes, we tend to get uber caught up on the scale when tracking progress when in fact, it truly is just another data point to measure!

Apr 14, 2022
Episode 162: Day in the Life of a Bikini Competitor

What's it like to be a bikini competitor, deep into prep? More specifically, what does a normal day in the life a bikini competitor, who is deep into prep vs. one who is in their offseason, look like? In this episode, Jessica and Kayleigh speak on this topic from their own past experiences. 

Apr 11, 2022
Episode 161: NPC and IFBB Klash Review

In this episode, Paul and Stephen sit down to recap the NPC and IFBB Klash Championship show that was held this past weekend (April 2, 2022) in Orlando. They reflect on their clients who competed, both in the NPC and IFBB show and furthermore reflect on the show as a whole. 

Apr 07, 2022
Episode 160: Creativity in the Kitchen

How to get creative in the kitchen 101 with Lexie and Aliza. If you are feeling bored and burnt out when it comes to the food and meals that you are preparing, listen up!! Getting creative in the kitchen doesn't have to be overcomplicated! Lexie and Aliza break down some of the simplest ways you can spice up your food take things from boring to AMAZING real quick.

Apr 04, 2022
Episode 159: Don't Be an Overachiever!

What does it mean to be an overachiever in the coaching process? In this episode, Stephen and Stephanie talk about this idea of being an "overachiever" and how although a bit counter-intuitive, how it can be harder on the coach and individual when looking to make progress. 

Mar 31, 2022
Episode 157: Advocating for your Fitness Goals as a Mom

In this episode, Coach Alba and Danika, both moms of multiple kiddos, sit down to talk about advocating for your fitness rights as a mom. Oftentimes, there can be this sort of grey area when it comes to mom-hood and fitness goals and sometimes it can come with the quote on quote "mom guilt." Alba and Danika speak on this more, using their own personal experiences as examples. 

Mar 28, 2022
Episode 157: RPE Explained

RPE explained! RPE, standing for "rate of perceived exertion," is a commonly used term in training programs. If oftentimes allows clients to gauge how intense their sets should be, during their workouts. In this episode, Rachel and Sarah go into more depth on this. 

Mar 24, 2022
Episode 156: Tracking your Training

How to track your progress in the gym 101. In this episode, three of the team's coaches talk about ways in which you can track your progress in the gym, and how you can furthermore track your training progressions week by week. 

Mar 21, 2022
Episode 155: Differences in Protein Powders

In this episode, Coach Kayleigh and Priscila break down the different types of protein and furthermore the differences between each. With so many different kinds on the market, this can be an overwhelming topic for many, therefore this episode sheds light on the basic breakdown and differentiations between each. 

Mar 17, 2022
Episode 154: Arnold Recap

ARNOLD 2022 recap!! In this episode, Paul, Stephen and Dani recap the funfilled Arnold Sports Festival weekend in Columbus, Ohio along with the expo and show itself. 

Mar 14, 2022
Episode 153: Becoming Food Focused

Do you feel constantly consumed by the thought of food? This is a very common thought pattern for people, specifically coming out of a contest prep or extensive dieting phase. In this episode, Dani and Danika shed some light on this topic. 

Mar 10, 2022
Episode 152: Traveling While on Prep

Traveling while on prep? This one is for you! Lexie and Rachel, sit down and give you all of their tips and tricks for traveling while on prep. Whether it be traveling for your actual show or just general travel while being in the midst of contest prep, this episode is full of valuable takeaways and prep specific travel tips. 

Mar 07, 2022
Episode 151: Transitioning from Fat Loss to Reverse Diet

Making the transition from a fat loss phase to a reverse diet can be TOUGH, mentally, more than anything. In this episode, Phil, Jessica and Matt sit down and discuss this transition, offering insight and tips with this phase and furthermore WHY it is such a critical transition phase!

Mar 03, 2022
Episode 150: Arnold Preview

In this extra special episode, Paul and Stephen dive into the Arnold 2022. The Arnold Expo and Bodybuilding Extravaganza is back and intended to be the biggest it has been in several years. Paul and Stephen touch on this exciting weekend that is amongst us and what they predict going into this weekend full of bodybuilding. 

Feb 28, 2022
Episode 149: Macro Grams vs. Macro Percentages

What are the pros and cons of tracking macro grams vs. macro percentages? In this episode, Lexie, Sarah and Aliza do a deep dive into this topic explaining the benefits behind tracking macros GRAMS for precision rather than just the general percentages as they play out in accordance with your calorie total. 

Feb 24, 2022
Episode 148: Mindset for Success

In this special episode, Paul introduces new coach Danika Johnson. Danika has a background and degree in pyschology but is also an WNBF and IFPA bikini pro. Danika and Paul talk on the topic of mindset and ultimately, setting yourself up for success through your mindset and mental capabilites. 

Feb 21, 2022
Episode 147: When to Pull Out of Prep

What are some of the instances in which you may want to consider pulling yourself out of a prep? In this episode, Dani and Stephen talk on this topic, furthermore, explaining some of the scenarios where it may be smart for the athlete's purpose, to pull out of a contest prep. 

Feb 17, 2022
Episode 146: What's in Your Gym Bag?

What's in your gym bag? In this episode, a few of the ladies at Team ProPhysique go over some of their gym bag must haves, talking about some of the essentials that they like to keep with them when headed to the gym. 

Feb 14, 2022
Episode 145: When to Reassess your Approach

In this special episode, Stephen introduces Coach Matt, one of the newest coaching members to join the team! Stephen and Matt talk about the sport of bodybuilding, their experiences competing and within the sport, and more specifically what to do when progress stalls and when you may need to reassess your plan in place. 

Feb 10, 2022
Episode 144: Coaching Red Flags

What to look out for when hiring a coach, all discussed in THIS episode! Paul, Lexie and Gillian talk on this topic and breakdown some of what they would consider to be red flags, in the coaching industry. 

Feb 07, 2022
Episode 143: Warmup Sets vs. Working Sets

In this episode, Coach Jessica and Priscila talk on the topic of warmup sets vs. working sets. How to differentiate these two so that your training can be as optimal as possible is important. In the end, your warmup sets dictate the success of your working sets! 

Feb 03, 2022
Episode 142: Unsolicited Advice on Prep

Unsolicited advice on of the most crucial times to NOT be hyperfocused on the opinions and advice from others. In this episode, Kayleigh, Rachel and Alba talk about receiving unsolicited advice while in a contest prep and how to handle it without it ruining your mindset or getting in the way of your journey to the stage. 

Jan 31, 2022
Episode 141: Managing Relationships While Competing

Relationships and competing...two rather tough things to balance at once. In this episode, Coach Gillian and Stephen, who happen to be in a relationship themselves, share their experience(s) prepping/dieting while being in the midst of a relationship. 

Jan 27, 2022
Episode 140: Flexible Dieting vs. Clean Eating

In this episode, three of the team's coaches discuss the concept of "flexible dieting" in comparison to the term "clean eating." These two general concepts that have been popularized in the dieting mainstreams, seem to stir up several different questions and stereotypes. Join in on this episode to hear more about these specific approaches to dieting!

Jan 24, 2022
Episode 139: Journey to Turing Pro with Lawna Dunbar

In this special episode, Paul is joined by his client and newly turned IFBB Pro Lawna Dunbar. Lawna has an atypical story when it comes to her journey to becoming an IFBB Bikini pro, including 7 years away from stage. Join Paul and Lawna in this episode, as they dive into Lawna's unique journey to her procard. 

Jan 20, 2022
Episode 138: How Long Should Your Improvement Season Last?

In this episode, three of the team's coaches talk on the topic of an improvement season and more specifically, how long an improvement season should last. Improvement season, the season spent away from the stage and prep, is so important for an athlete's longevity and their ability to IMPROVE for their next show. The length of one's improvement season is dependent upon a lot of factors, all of which, are talked about in this episode. 

Jan 17, 2022
Episode 137: Supplements 101 with Doug Miller

In this special episode, Paul sits down with the owner of Core Nutritionals, Doug Miller. As a Core Nutritionals athlete, Paul interviews Doug and they discuss the supplement industry and how it has evolved throughout the years. From how Core Nutritionals has grown to be one of the largest supplement brands, to how the company initially began, Paul and Doug do a deep dive into the world of supplementation, in this podcast! 

Jan 13, 2022
Episode 136: Setting Up Macros: Variables to Consider

In this episode, Coach Stephanie and Phil breakdown the topic of macros and what to consider when you are trying to set them up for yourself. Whether you are new to tracking your macros and want some guidance on where to start your numbers off at or you are someone who is just looking to get back to tracking, this episode is the perfect resource for you!

Jan 10, 2022
Episode 135: Everything You Need To Know About Competition Bikinis with Karah Jones

In this special episode, Paul and Lexie sit down and talk with the owner and founder of one of the industry's biggest suit companies. Karah Jones from Angel Competition Bikinis discusses everything from the evolution of competition suits in the bikini division, how her company started, and things to consider when ordering your very own suit to rock on stage. 

Jan 06, 2022
Episode 134: Setting New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year from the ProPhysique Code! We are kicking off the year with a special episode all about setting new year's resolutions and goals. In this episode, sit down with some of the ladies from the team to find out how you can set yourself up for the best success when it comes to setting your own resolutions this 2022.

Jan 03, 2022
Episode 133: 2021 In Review

Kicking off the last podcast of the year with a full recap of the 2021 year! Paul and Dani sit down to recap and review the highlights from 2021. Shows, pro wins, milestones, behind the scenes Team ProPhysique highlights, and MORE. Enjoy this fun filled episode recapping an amazing year. 

Dec 30, 2021
Episode 132: Overshooting Weight Gain in Offseason

How much weight should you plan on gaining in your improvement season/offseason from stage? In this episode, Kayleigh and Stephen talk about this topic more in depth and what you should expect when approaching this season of your competitive career. 

Dec 27, 2021
Episode 131: Applying Exercise Science to Coaching

In this special episode, Coach Stephen introduces Coach Priscilla, one of the team's newest coaches. Priscilla earned both her bachelor's and master's of science in exercise science with a concentration in strength and conditioning. In this episode, she talks on this specific topic, what she learned through her years of research and schooling and how it applies now that she coaching. 

Dec 20, 2021
Episode 130: Is that Post Really Talking to you?

Hey you! Yes, YOU! Is that post really talking to you? In a social media world full of so much information, it can be hard to filter out what may not apply to you, as a client and athlete. You may see a popular post on social media and think it applies to what you should be doing, but is it really applicable to you as an individual? Dani and Tyler talk more in-depth on this topic, in this podcast episode. 

Dec 16, 2021
Episode 129: Science Based Fitness with Jorge Rosado

In this special episode, Paul sits down and talks with one of the team's coaches, Jorge Rosado. Jorge comes from an extensive background in science-based fitness and strength where he has truly grown his reach through his Instagram profile where he primarily shares science-backed strength tips. Enjoy this episode and get to know another one of Team ProPhysique's amazing coaches. 

Dec 13, 2021
Episode 128: Holiday Travel Tips

In this episode, Tyler and Stephanie talk on the topic of travel but more specifically, travel during the holidays. What are some tips and tricks that can be administered while traveling that allow one to stay in alignment with their nutrition and fitness goals? Stephanie and Tyler go into more depth on this topic, in this episode. 

Dec 09, 2021
Episode 127: Being Intentional with who you follow on Social Media

In this episode, Alba, Christina and Rachel go to town hitting on a topic that is important for ALL: Being INTENTIONAL with who you follow on social media. Social media can be a really incredible platform, but it can also be a really sticky platform to be on...if you let it. Learning how to filter your feed and follow only those that bring positive value to your life is important and something that is discussed in this episode. 

Dec 06, 2021
Episode 126: The History of Bodybuilding with John Hansen

In this special episode, Coach John Hansen is introduced. John recently joined the team as a coach and has quite an extensive history in this sport including the title of Mr. Natural Olympia. Stephen and John chat all about the sport of bodybuilding and how it has evolved within the years, in this episode. 

Dec 02, 2021
Episode 125: 5 Ways to Have a Successful Client/Coaching Relationship

In this episode, Dani and Aliza touch on the 5 key components to having a successful client/coaching relationship. In order to progress, a client must put forth just as much effort as the coach and vice versa. Find out some of the key things that make for a successful relationship and find out how these components can be implemented in order to yield success. 

Nov 29, 2021
Episode 124: Meal Prepping 101

Meal Prepping 101: In this episode, you will get the run down on some of the best tips and tricks when it comes to preparing your meals in bulk. Lexie, Christina and Rachel discuss some of their favorite meal prep "hacks" and strategies and how you can set yourself up for the week by preparing your food in bulk, to some degree. 

Nov 22, 2021
Episode 124: Meal Prepping 101

Meal Prepping 101: In this episode, you will get the run down on some of the best tips and tricks when it comes to preparing your meals in bulk. Lexie, Christina and Rachel discuss some of their favorite meal prep "hacks" and strategies and how you can set yourself up for the week by preparing your food in bulk, to some degree. 

Nov 22, 2021
Episode 122: Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

In this episode, Jojo and Phil talk about the topic of holiday weight...most people's worst nightmare, but unfortunately, a common trend seen amongst the population around this time of the year. Learn how you can avoid holiday weight gain, yet enjoy yourself to the fullest, around this time of the year.

Nov 18, 2021
Episode 122: 80lbs Down in High School

In this episode, Paul and Stephen introduce Gillian. Gillian is one of the newest coaches here at Team ProPhysique and comes from a background of coaching lifestyle and competition prep clients. Furthermore, she had quite a journey of her own, starting in high school when she lost an astounding 80lbs.

Nov 15, 2021
Episode 121: You Overate...Now What?

You now what do you do? This happens to the best of us from time to time and while most people's gut instinct is to severely restrict and cut back the following day, that is typically not the smart route. In this episode, Phil and Sarah break down what you should do if you have an overeating episode.

Nov 11, 2021
Episode 120: Breast Augmentation Experiences

Learn and laugh as some of the girls of ProPhysique talk all about their experiences with breast implants and undergoing a breast augmentation. All have slightly different experiences, all of which are disclosed in this special "boob talk" episode. 

Nov 08, 2021
Episode 119: From Marathon Runner to Bikini Competitor

In this special episode, Dani introduces Stephanie, one of the newest additions to the ProPhysique coaching staff. Stephanie originally comes from a running background but has since then pivoted into bodybuilding and competing as a bikini competitor. Learn more about her journey, in this fun episode!

Nov 04, 2021
Episode 118: Not Losing Your Identity During Prep

As a competitor, prep can be extremely consuming and can oftentimes feel like another job. Maintaining your true self and identity beyond just being a competitor is important because after all, prep is not going to last forever. In this episode, Jessica and Rachel speak more on this topic, coming from a competitor's viewpoint. 

Nov 01, 2021
Episode 117: Girl Talk: Postpartum Edition

Let's chat all about postpartum life. Christina (a mother of 3 and soon to be 4), Dani (a new mother to one) and Kayleigh (a mother to one), sit down and chat about life postpartum. Breastfeeding, working out, sex and more...are all disclosed in this fun episode!

Oct 28, 2021
Episode 116: What Consistency Actually Looks Like

What is TRULY considered "consistency?" We oftentimes hear this term being thrown around, but what does it mean to be consistent when it comes to achieving your health and fitness-oriented goals? Phil, Lexie and Jessica give their definitions of true "consistency" in this episode. 

Oct 25, 2021
Episode 115: Podcast Anniversary

Happy 1 Year Anniversary to the ProPhysique Code! In this special episode, Paul, Dani and Lexie all sit down to reflect on the past year and to celebrate this mini-milestone. Future plans for the podcast, current top episodes and more are all discussed in this fun-filled episode. 

Oct 21, 2021