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 May 9, 2024

 Jan 10, 2024

 Nov 29, 2023
This podcast is great. Interesting interviews with timely topics. Megyn is one of the best interviewers.

 Aug 30, 2023
I love this show! Megyn says it like it is, and I appreciate all she does to give fantastic independent and honest reporting! I also love her interview with a broad spectrum of people.

 May 22, 2023
I really like listening to Megyn; however, sometimes her cursing is a little too strong...


The Megyn Kelly Show is your home for open, honest and provocative conversations with the most interesting and important political, legal and cultural figures today. No BS. No agenda. And no fear.

Episode Date
J.D. Vance Takes Centerstage, and "Ear Truthers" in Trump-Hating Media, with Donald Trump, Jr., Rep. Byron Donalds, and Matt Taibbi | Ep. 841
Jul 18, 2024
More Dems Push Biden to Go, and Haley Endorses Trump and RNC Day 2 Highlights, with Vivek Ramaswamy, Rep. Elise Stefanik, and Ruthless | Ep. 840
Jul 17, 2024
Trump's Compelling VP Pick of J.D. Vance, and Biden Refuses to Lower the Temperature, with Charlie Kirk, Hogan Gidley, and David Plouffe | Ep. 839
Jul 16, 2024
Trump Assassination Attempt Fallout, And Florida Docs Case Dropped, with Emily Jashinsky, Eliana Johnson, Dave Aronberg, Mike Davis, Sean Parnell, and More | Ep. 838
Jul 15, 2024
BREAKING: Donald Trump Survives Assassination Attempt at Rally, with Rich Lowry, Buck Sexton, Eric Bolling, Dennis Prager, Bill Stanton, and Jesse Kelly
Jul 14, 2024
Biden's Rough "Big Boy" Night, Elites' Whisper Campaign, and Trump's Polling Advantage, with Michael Knowles and Spencer Kimball | Ep. 836
Jul 12, 2024
Is Obama Orchestrating Biden's Exit, and Media Elite Start Telling Truth, with Ric Grenell and Bill Sammon | Ep. 835
Jul 11, 2024
Tulsi Gabbard on Trump's VP Decision, Jill Biden's Ego, and Joe Biden's Disastrous Foreign Policy | Ep. 834
Jul 11, 2024
George Clooney Wants Biden Out, Nancy Pelosi Wavers, and Elites are Panicked, with Glenn Greenwald | Ep. 833
Jul 10, 2024
Bonus Episode | Crime Stories with Nancy Grace
Jul 10, 2024
Biden's Leverage Over His Left Critics, and Signs of Cognitive Decline, with Ruthless, John Ellis, and Dr. Dale Bredesen | Ep. 832
Jul 09, 2024
Disturbing New Reporting About Biden and Parkinson's Expert, and "Elder Abuse" Claims, with Stu Burguiere and Dave Marcus | Ep. 831
Jul 08, 2024
The Media Lied About Biden’s Cognitive Decline - Until They Couldn’t Anymore, with Steve Krakauer | Ep. 830
Jul 05, 2024
Is This the End for President Biden? More Democrats and the Press Call for Biden to Resign, with Charles C.W. Cooke and MBD | Ep. 829
Jul 03, 2024
Could Cringe Kamala Really Replace Biden, and False Media Narratives on Immunity Ruling, with Mike Davis and Andrew Klavan | Ep. 828
Jul 02, 2024
Media Quits Biden Cognitive Fitness Cover-Up, and Trump Gets Massive Immunity Ruling From Supreme Court, with Charlie Kirk | Ep. 827
Jul 01, 2024
Steve Bannon on Biden's Cognitive Decline as National Security Threat, Fighting Lawfare Against Trump, and Preparing For Prison | Ep. 826
Jun 28, 2024
Biden's Disastrous Debate Could Mean the End of His Candidacy, and Presidency, with Lowry, Jashinsky, Rubin, and Bolling | Ep. 825
Jun 28, 2024
Biased Moderators, Bizarre Rules - Previewing Trump vs. Biden, and Memorable Debate Moments, with The Fifth Column | Ep. 824
Jun 27, 2024
Truth About JFK's Cruelty and Predator Behavior, and New Reporting on JFK Jr., with Maureen Callahan | Ep. 823
Jun 27, 2024
America's Ability to Tolerate Risk, and Hillary's Cringe Comeback Attempt, with Mike Rowe and Maureen Callahan | Ep. 822
Jun 26, 2024
First Person: "I'm a Detransitioner Who Had a Baby...Here are the Massive Health Challenges I Faced" | Ep. 821
Jun 26, 2024
CNN Host Cuts Trump Spokesperson's Mic, and Bombshell New Bryan Kohberger Reporting, with Howard Blum and Erick Erickson | Ep. 820
Jun 25, 2024
Trump Picks His VP, and Jack Smith's Election Interference, with Victor Davis Hanson and Jonathan Turley | Ep. 819
Jun 24, 2024
Military-Industrial Complex - From Bush to Biden | Shawn Ryan x Megyn Kelly - The FULL Interview
Jun 21, 2024
COLLUSION Keeping Him From Debate Stage? | Robert F. Kennedy Jr. x Megyn Kelly - The FULL Interview
Jun 20, 2024
He'll NEVER Endorse Biden Again | Charlamagne tha God x Megyn Kelly - The FULL Interview
Jun 19, 2024
What She SAW in That Locker Room | Riley Gaines x Megyn Kelly - The FULL Interview
Jun 18, 2024
"Hillary Was the OG Election Denier!" | Bill Maher x Megyn Kelly - The FULL Interview
Jun 17, 2024
Fraud Week: Megyn Kelly Reveals Personal Story of a Scam in Her Own Life Involving Her Family | Ep. 818
Jun 14, 2024
Fraud Week: Two Former NXIVM Members Speak Out on True Horrors of the Cult...And How They Got Out | Ep. 817
Jun 13, 2024
BONUS EPISODE | The Glenn Beck Program with Liz Wheeler
Jun 13, 2024
Fraud Week: How Crypto Convict Made Millions Before Getting Caught, with Ray Trapani and Jonny B Good | Ep. 816
Jun 12, 2024
Fraud Week: Unraveling the Mystery of Ed Shin's True Identity, and Chris Smith's Disappearance, with Matt Murphy | Ep. 815
Jun 11, 2024
Fraud Week: Fiancé Doctor Pulls Off Personal and Medical Fraud, with Journalist Benita Alexander | Ep. 814
Jun 10, 2024
Weekend "Best Of": Bill Maher, Riley Gaines, Shawn Ryan, Charlamagne tha God, and More
Jun 09, 2024
Hunter Biden's Daughter's Mother Lunden Roberts Speaks Out, and Glenn Loury on Overcoming His Demons and Succeeding in Academia | Ep. 813
Jun 07, 2024
What Post-Verdict Polls Show, and How "Apprentice" Made Trump a Megastar, with Hogan Gidley, David Pakman, and Ramin Setoodeh | Ep. 812
Jun 06, 2024
Trump as "Pop Culture President," and Female "Rage Ritual Retreats," with Alex Clark and Mary Morgan | Ep. 811
Jun 06, 2024
Hunter Biden Texts Torpedo His Defense, and Kamala Calls Trump "Cheater," with Viva Frei and Phil Holloway | Ep. 810
Jun 05, 2024
Pride Month Pandering, Caitlin Clark Controversy, and Woke Drama at Washington Post, with Dave Rubin | Ep. 809
Jun 04, 2024
Hunter Biden's Criminal Trial Begins, and Media Celebrates Trump Verdict, with Emily Jashinsky and Eliana Johnson | Ep. 808
Jun 03, 2024
Trump Convicted - Now What? Expert Legal Analysis, with Aidala, Eiglarsh, Dershowitz, Geragos, Aronberg, Davis, and Holloway| Ep. 807
May 31, 2024
Trump Found Guilty in New York: Megyn Kelly Gives Her Instant Reaction and Analysis
May 30, 2024
Could Trump Conviction Get Overturned on Appeal? With Dave Aronberg and Mike Davis, and Robert F. Kennedy Jr. On Fighting Collusion to Make Debate Stage | Ep. 806
May 30, 2024
Failures of Biased Judge in Sham Trump Trial, with Alan Dershowitz and Mark Geragos | Ep. 805
May 30, 2024
Flimsy Case Against Trump Heads to Jury After Outrageous Prosecution Tactics, with Arthur Aidala and Mark Eiglarsh | Ep. 804
May 29, 2024
Biden Politicizes Trump Trial, and Hillary Tries Blaming Women For 2016 Loss, with Stu Burguiere and Dave Marcus | Ep. 803
May 28, 2024
Shawn Ryan on the Physical and Emotional Toll of War, the Military-Industrial Complex, and Real Life Angels | Ep. 802
May 27, 2024
Trump's Massive Bronx Rally, and Nathan Wade's New Lies, with Jesse Kelly, Andy McCarthy, and Phil Holloway | Ep. 801
May 24, 2024
Is The Left Turning on Biden, with Charlamagne tha God, and Pastor John Amanchukwu on the Truth About America | Ep. 800
May 23, 2024
Diddy's Narcissistic Apology, and "Domestic Labor" in Marriage, with Allie Beth Stuckey and Britt Mayer | Ep. 799
May 23, 2024
Maddow's Softball Fani Willis Interview, and "Deadly Force" at Mar-a-Lago, with Rich Lowry and Charles C.W. Cooke | Ep. 798
May 22, 2024
Bill Maher on Biden's Pandering, Woke Progressives Supporting Terrorists, and The Value of Disagreement | Ep. 797
May 21, 2024
Cohen Admits to Stealing From Trump, and Protecting Women's Sports, with Sens. Ted Cruz and Katie Britt, and Riley Gaines | Ep. 796
May 20, 2024
Best of the Week: Biden Agrees to Debate Trump, Michael Cohen's Lies, and Jen Psaki's Fake News
May 19, 2024
Dan Bongino on Michael Cohen's Lies, Trump's Debate Plan, and MSNBC's Embarrassing Segment | Ep. 795
May 17, 2024
Michael Cohen Hammered by Defense, and Raising Resilient Kids, with Gary Vaynerchuk, Andy McCarthy, and Dave Aronberg | Ep. 794
May 16, 2024
Shocking Allegations Against Megastar Diddy - Will He Be Arrested After Raids? With Jesse Weber | Ep. 793
May 16, 2024
Biden Agrees to Debate Trump, Cohen Crushed in Cross, and Possible "Baby Reindeer" Lawsuit, with Marcia Clark and Mark Geragos | Ep. 792
May 15, 2024
Jen Psaki Caught Lying About Biden, and Michael Cohen Celebrated by Media, with the Ruthless Podcast Hosts | Ep. 791
May 14, 2024
Michael Cohen's Glaring Credibility Issues, and Decline of Public Schools, with Viva Frei, Phil Holloway, and Corey DeAngelis | Ep. 790
May 13, 2024
Best of the Week: Legacy Media's Failures, Noem's Disastrous Book Tour, and the "Mr. Birchum" Cast
May 12, 2024
Megyn Kelly: Special Mother’s Day episode of "Dedicated with Doug Brunt"
May 11, 2024
Stormy Daniels Testimony Backfires, and Michael Cohen's Credibility Issues, with Arthur Aidala, Mark Eiglarsh, and Phil Holloway | 789
May 11, 2024
Failures of Elite Media, and Hypocrisy of Left on Mob Behavior, with Bari Weiss and Nellie Bowles | Ep. 788
May 10, 2024
Roseanne Barr on Her Incredible Career, Her Emotional ABC Exit, and Optimism About Our Culture | Ep. 787
May 09, 2024
Stormy Daniels' Inconsistencies, and Judge Losing Control of Trial, with Julian Epstein and Phil Holloway | Ep. 786
May 09, 2024
Media Loves Stormy Daniels, and Previewing "Mr. Birchum," with Adam Carolla, Brett Cooper, and Kyle Dunnigan | Ep. 785
May 08, 2024
Judge Violates Trump's Free Speech, and What Noem's Lies Really Expose, with Vivek Ramaswamy and Buck Sexton | Ep. 784
May 07, 2024
Judge Threatens to Jail Trump, Kristi Noem's Lies, and the "End of Everything," with Victor Davis Hanson | Ep. 783
May 06, 2024
Best of the Week: Trump Legal Set-Up, Whiny College Brats, and Noem's Puppy Murder
May 04, 2024
America United Against Elite Brats, Trump Lawyer Grills Stormy Lawyer, and Noem's Puppy Excuse, with The Fifth Column Hosts | Ep. 782
May 02, 2024
The Cost of "Transition," and Detransitioners Fighting Back, with Mary Margaret Olohan and Luka Hein | Ep. 781
May 02, 2024
Latest Media Freakout Over Trump, Kamala as America's "Momala," and Anti-American Brats, with Batya Ungar-Sargon | Ep. 780
May 01, 2024
Trump Shakedown Exposed, and Loser Students Occupy Columbia, with Andy McCarthy, Julian Epstein, Lexie Rigden, and Carrie Sheffield | Ep. 779
Apr 30, 2024
First Person: "How I Saved My Teenage Daughter From Radical Transgender Ideology" | Ep. 778
Apr 30, 2024
Kristi Noem Shoots Her Puppy, Cringe Kamala Interview, and Campus Chaos Continues, with Michael Knowles | Ep. 777
Apr 29, 2024
Best of the Week: Campus Chaos and Left Indoctrination, Tabloid Trump Trial, and Media Hypocrisy
Apr 27, 2024
Petty Trump Prosecution, Presidential Immunity Question, and Biden's Pause Gaffe, with Piers Morgan, Harmeet Dhillon, Sara Gonzales and Josh Hammer | Ep. 776
Apr 25, 2024
Free Speech vs. Harassment, and the State of "Cancel Culture," with Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal | Ep. 775
Apr 25, 2024
Truth About Violent Crime in America, Ignorant Campus Protesters, and Left Indoctrination, with Heather Mac Donald | Ep. 774
Apr 24, 2024
NBC "Catch and Kill" Hypocrisy, Baldwin Harassed, and What is a Woman Lawsuit, with Mike Davis, Dave Aronberg, Sall Grover, and Katherine Deves | Ep. 773
Apr 23, 2024
Campus Antisemitism Chaos, Trump Trial Kicks Off, and Biden's Anti-Woman Title IX Rules, with Emily Jashinsky and Eliana Johnson | Ep. 772
Apr 22, 2024
Best of the Week: Trump Trial Circus, Biden's Cannibal Lie, Smug Elites, and More
Apr 21, 2024
Biden's Outrageous Title IX Changes Hurting Women and Men, with Alex Clark, Mary Morgan, May Mailman, Inez Stepman, and KC Johnson | Ep. 771
Apr 19, 2024
Biden's New Cannibal Lie, Trump Jurors Bounced, and NPR's Decline, with Charles C.W. Cooke and Jim Geraghty | Ep. 770
Apr 18, 2024
NPR Whistleblower Resigns, Smug Elites, and Sports Pay Disparity Reality, with Andrew Klavan | Ep. 769
Apr 18, 2024
Get To Know Trump Trial Jurors, and Absurd Media Coverage of Case, with Vinnie Politan and Jonna Spilbor | Ep. 768
Apr 17, 2024
Biased Trump Trial Jury Pool, Supreme Court Takes on January 6 Defendants, and NPR's Woke New CEO, with the Ruthless Podcast | 767
Apr 16, 2024
Bonus Episode | The President's Daily Brief with Mike Baker
Apr 16, 2024
Trump Trial Circus Begins, and Biden Foreign Policy Chaos Consequences, with Alan Dershowitz, Glenn Greenwald, Noah Pollak, and Josh Hammer | Ep. 766
Apr 15, 2024
Best of the Week: Attacks on Women in Sports, Israel and Christians, Sadness in Our Culture and More
Apr 14, 2024
Bizarre Pro-O.J. Simpson Spin, Media Stupidity or Lies, and Woke Eating Their Own, with Adam Carolla | Ep. 765
Apr 12, 2024
O.J. Simpson Dies, Trump Trial "Election Interference," and Men in Women's Spaces, with Viva Frei, Phil Holloway, Allie Beth Stuckey, and Britt Mayer | Ep. 764
Apr 11, 2024
Thought Police and Censorship, and New Gender Surgery Guidance, with Laurence Fox and Father Calvin Robinson | Ep. 763
Apr 11, 2024
Dems' "Democracy" Meltdown, Christians and Israel, and Abortion as Election Issue, with Victor Davis Hanson | Ep. 762
Apr 10, 2024
How Corporate Media Protects Biden, and Secrets to Younger Skin, with Sage Steele and Dr. Anthony Youn | Ep. 761
Apr 09, 2024
Caitlin Clark Haters, and Trump's VP Apprentice and Abortion Announcement, with Stu Burguiere and Dave Marcus | Ep. 760
Apr 08, 2024
Beyonce's Feminism and Insecurity, and Young Women Finding Good Men, with Mary Katharine Ham and Bridget Phetasy | Ep. 759
Apr 05, 2024
Jack Smith vs. Trump Docs Case Judge, and Disturbing Rise of Assisted Suicide, with Mike Davis, Dave Aronberg, and Rupa Subramanya | Ep. 758
Apr 04, 2024
Society Marginalizing Biological Women, Shakira Defending Men, and Lizzo's Entitlement, with Maureen Callahan | Ep. 757
Apr 04, 2024
60 Minutes' Shoddy "Havana Syndrome" Report, and Hillary Attacking Undecided Voters, with Glenn Greenwald | Ep. 756
Apr 03, 2024
Should Trump Judge Recuse Himself, and Disturbing Ruby Franke Details, with Arthur Aidala and Mark Eiglarsh | Ep. 755
Apr 02, 2024
Media's Faulty "Fact-Checking," and Trump's Path to 2024 Victory, with Ben Shapiro, Joseph Massey, and Robert Cahaly | Ep. 754
Apr 01, 2024
Young People Turning From Faith, the New Religion of "Woke," and an Easter Message, with Bishop Robert Barron | Ep. 753
Mar 29, 2024
"The View" Exposed, Biden's Glitzy Fundraiser, and MSNBC's Tantrums, with The Fifth Column Hosts | Ep. 752
Mar 28, 2024
Predators Exposed at Nickelodeon, and Democrats Abandoning the Working Class, with Alexa Nikolas and Batya Ungar-Sargon | Ep. 751
Mar 27, 2024
MSNBC's Hypocritical Ronna Meltdown, and "Preachy Females" In Dem Party, with Emily Jashinsky and Eliana Johnson | Ep. 750
Mar 26, 2024
Meltdown at NBC Over Ronna Hire, and Meghan Markle's Cringe New Brand, with Michael Knowles and Dan Wootton | Ep. 749
Mar 25, 2024
EXCLUSIVE: Ashleigh Merchant Responds to Fani Willis Accusations, Reacts to Ruling, and Previews What Happens Next | Ep. 748
Mar 19, 2024
BREAKING: Fani Willis Can Stay, But Nathan Wade Has to Go, with Alan Dershowitz, Dave Aronberg, Mike Davis, Phil Holloway, and Andy McCarthy | Ep. 747
Mar 15, 2024
Trump’s Possible VP Contenders, Don Lemon’s Disastrous Interview with Elon Musk, Prince William Affair Rumors, with Dershowitz and Ruthless Hosts | Ep. 746
Mar 14, 2024
Kate Middleton's Health, Dan Wootton Speaks Out For First Time Since Cancelation, and Pressures on Parents, with Tim Carney | Ep. 745
Mar 13, 2024
New Biden Memory Revelations, and Movie Set Shooting Verdict, with Jonna Spilbor, David Wohl, Dave Aronberg, Mike Davis, and Amy Chozick | Ep. 744
Mar 12, 2024
George Stephanopoulos' Gross Hypocrisy, and Kate Middleton Fake Photo Controversy, with Andrew Klavan and Maureen Callahan | Ep. 743
Mar 11, 2024
Biden's Angry SOTU, Britt's Cringe Response, and Princess Kate's Disappearance, with Sara Gonzales, Josh Hammer, and Gareth Russell | Ep. 742
Mar 08, 2024
Radical Trans Ideology Hurting Kids and Female Athletes, with April Hutchinson, Robby Starbuck, Isabelle Ayala, and Jordan Campbell | Ep. 741
Mar 07, 2024
BONUS: Ashleigh Merchant Tells All About Fani Willis Affair Details, and How Judge Will Rule, with Phil Holloway | Ep. 740
Mar 07, 2024
Trump's Huge Win, Haley Drops Out, and MSNBC Melts Down, with Vivek Ramaswamy and Rich Lowry | Ep. 739
Mar 06, 2024
New Fani Willis Witnesses, and the Power of Drudge, with Dave Aronberg, Mike Davis, Chris Moody, and Jamie Weinstein | Ep. 738
Mar 05, 2024
Unanimous Trump Victory at Supreme Court, and 60 Minutes "Moms for Liberty" Hit Job, with Stu Burguiere and Dave Marcus | Ep. 737
Mar 04, 2024
BONUS: Breaking Down Closing Arguments in Fani Willis Disqualification Hearing, with Dave Aronberg, Mike Davis, and Phil Holloway | Ep. 736
Mar 01, 2024
Media Freakout Over Trump Trials, and Biological Men in Women's Prisons, with Jesse Kelly, Kelsey Bolar, and Amie Ichikawa | Ep. 735
Mar 01, 2024
Meltdown Over Supreme Court Tackling Trump "Immunity," and Why Biden Won't Take Cognitive Test, with The Fifth Column | Ep. 734
Feb 29, 2024
REVEALED: All the Texts About Fani Willis and Nathan Wade Relationship Between Lawyer and Witness, with Phil Holloway | Ep. 733
Feb 28, 2024
How Texts Could Torpedo Fani Willis, and Left Spinning Georgia Student Death, with Mary Katharine Ham, Phil Holloway, and Wendell Husebo | Ep. 732
Feb 27, 2024
Fani Willis "Real Housewives" Drama, and Trump's SC Victory, with Emily Jashinsky, Eliana Johnson, and Phil Holloway | Ep. 731
Feb 26, 2024
BONUS: Megyn Kelly on the Need to Fight For Our Kids, Fani Willis, and State of the Media, at CPAC
Feb 25, 2024
BREAKING: Bombshell New Phone Evidence Shows Fani Willis and Nathan Wade May Have Lied Under Oath, with Phil Holloway | Ep. 730
Feb 23, 2024
Google's Anti-White AI Image Generator, Biden's Dangerous Dog, and the NYPD Dance Team, with the Ruthless Podcast Hosts | Ep. 729
Feb 22, 2024
Did Fani Willis Lie on Stand, and Alec Baldwin's Trial, with Judge Joe Brown, Marcia Clark, Mark Geragos, and Charles Cooke | Ep. 728
Feb 21, 2024
Fani Willis' Perilous Future, and Biden Nudged to Step Aside, with Charlie Kirk, Dave Aronberg, Mike Davis, and Phil Holloway | Ep. 727
Feb 20, 2024
Explosive DA Fani Willis and Nathan Wade Testimony - What Happens Next? With Dave Aronberg and Mike Davis | Ep. 726
Feb 16, 2024
DNA, “Targeted,” Autopsies: Idaho College Murders and Bryan Kohberger, Megyn Kelly Show Special - Part Six | Ep. 725
Feb 15, 2024
Bombshell New Details on “Star Crossed Lovers” Fani Willis and Nathan Wade, and Could Susan Rice Be the Secret Replacement for Dems in 2024?, with Michael Knowles, Andy McCarthy, Dave Aronberg and Mike Davis | Ep. 724
Feb 14, 2024
Media's Biden Rescue, and Harry and Meghan's "Rebrand," with Maureen Callahan, Plus Sopranos Star Drea de Matteo | Ep. 723
Feb 13, 2024
Kelce and Swift Super Bowl "Overload," and Left's Lies about Biden Report, with Victor Davis Hanson and "Crain & Company" | Ep. 722
Feb 12, 2024
Damning Report on Biden's Mental Fitness, and if Jeffrey Epstein Killed Himself, with Ben Shapiro, Mark Epstein, and Steve Krakauer | Ep. 721
Feb 09, 2024
Biden's Cognitive Decline, America's Reckoning, and CNN's Ratings Slide, with Dennis Prager and Buck Sexton | Ep. 720
Feb 08, 2024
Bud Light's Lack of Apology, and Fani Willis' Next Move, with Kevin O'Leary, Mark Davis, and Dave Aronberg | Ep. 719
Feb 07, 2024
Bonus: Bret Weinstein on The Tucker Carlson Podcast
Feb 07, 2024
RFK's 2024 Impact, "Woke Kindergarten," and Inspiring "Fast Car" Grammys Collab, with Matt Welch, Liz Wolfe, and Sage Steele | Ep. 718
Feb 06, 2024
Disastrous Biden Poll, and How Australia Cracks Down on Illegal Immigration, with Kmele Foster, Inez Stepman, and Paul Murray | Ep. 717
Feb 05, 2024
Crime Friday: Frozen Kansas City Chiefs Fans, and Fani Willis Admits Affair, with Arthur Aidala, Mark Eiglarsh, and Charlie Condon | Ep. 716
Feb 02, 2024
Tech CEOs on Hot Seat, Biden's Lies, and "Sociopath" Gavin Newsom, with Newt Gingrich and Adam Carolla | Ep. 715
Feb 01, 2024
Exclusive with Montana Parents Who Had Daughter Taken Away, Plus New Fani Willis Drama, with Sara Gonzales, Josh Hammer, and David Menzies| Ep. 714
Jan 31, 2024
Carroll's Lovefest with Maddow, Border Crisis Reality, and Taylor Swift Conspiracies, with Glenn Beck and Britt Mayer | Ep. 713
Jan 30, 2024
Rise of Alternative Media as Corporate Press Implodes, with Glenn Greenwald, Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski, and Entrepreneur Omeed Malik
Jan 29, 2024
Charlie Kirk on the Border "Invasion," Key GOP Ground Game Strategies, and Fani Willis' Rough Road | Ep. 711
Jan 26, 2024
Kari Lake on the Bribe Attempt, Plus Texas vs. Biden Border Showdown, with Andrew Klavan and Alan Dershowitz | Ep. 710
Jan 25, 2024
Trump Wins New Hampshire, But Haley Fights On, with Victor Davis Hanson, Comfortably Smug, and Michael Moynihan | Ep. 709
Jan 24, 2024
Final GOP Primary of 2024? Plus, Fani Willis Affair Drama, with Rich Lowry and Charles C.W. Cooke | Ep. 708
Jan 23, 2024
DeSantis Endorses Trump, Trump's VP Test, and Man Swimming Against Girls, with Emily Jashinsky, Eliana Johnson, and David Menzies | Ep. 707
Jan 22, 2024
Crime Friday: New Murdaugh Trial Potential, Adult Dwarf or Child Case, and Gypsy Rose's Boyfriend, with Mark Geragos and Jonna Spilbor | Ep. 706
Jan 19, 2024
Truth About Kamala Harris's Rise and Relationships, and Gender Identity Reality, with Charlie Spiering and Billboard Chris | Ep. 705
Jan 18, 2024
Can Trump Unify GOP Now, and Whether Georgia DA Fani Willis Lied About Alleged Lover, with Michael Knowles | Ep. 704
Jan 17, 2024
Trump's Huge Iowa Win, and MSNBC's Embarrassing Meltdown Over the Results, with Stu Burguiere and Dave Marcus | Ep. 703
Jan 16, 2024
Trump vs. Vivek, and DeSantis vs. Haley for 2nd, on Iowa Caucus Day, with Dave Rubin and Rep. Byron Donalds | Ep. 702
Jan 15, 2024
Michelle Obama's Bitterness, and Bombshell Matthew Perry Allegations, with Jason Whitlock, Evita Duffy, Will Witt, and Will Folks | Ep. 701
Jan 12, 2024
Trump's Dominant Town Hall, MSNBC's Softball "Dr." Jill Interview, and Don Lemon's Media Return, with the Ruthless Podcast | Ep. 700
Jan 11, 2024
Hunter Biden's Shock Capitol Hill Trip, and if President Biden Can Get Primaried, with Dean Phillips, Dave Aronberg, and Mike Davis | Ep. 699
Jan 10, 2024
Biden Stokes Racial Division in Campaign Messaging, and Michelle Obama Says She's "Terrified" of Trump Win, with Victor Davis Hanson | Ep. 698
Jan 09, 2024
Golden Globes Jokes Bomb, New Jeffrey Epstein Docs, and Antisemite of the Year, with Maureen Callahan and Liora Rez | Ep. 697
Jan 08, 2024
Dems' "Dark Brandon" Scare Tactics, And Reality of AI Facial Recognition Tech, with Jesse Kelly and Kashmir Hill | Ep. 696
Jan 05, 2024
Epstein Docs Released, Idaho Murders House Destroyed, and Trump's "Immunity" Claim, with Nancy Grace, Dave Aronberg, and Mike Davis | Ep. 695
Jan 04, 2024
Left Blames "Racism" For Claudine Gay's Harvard Exit, and New Appreciation For Trump's Border Policy, with The Fifth Column Hosts | Ep. 694
Jan 03, 2024
Record-Breaking Illegal Immigration Numbers, and What Joe Biden Knew About Hunter, with Ben Shapiro and the IRS Whistleblowers | Ep. 693
Jan 02, 2024
Unanswered Questions: Idaho College Murders and Bryan Kohberger, Megyn Kelly Show Special - Part Five | Ep. 692
Dec 22, 2023
The Trial Ahead: Idaho College Murders and Bryan Kohberger, Megyn Kelly Show Special - Part Four | Ep. 691
Dec 21, 2023
Inside the Mind: Idaho College Murders and Bryan Kohberger, Megyn Kelly Show Special - Part Three | Ep. 690
Dec 20, 2023
Pursuit and Arrest: Idaho College Murders and Bryan Kohberger, Megyn Kelly Show Special - Part Two | Ep. 689
Dec 19, 2023
The Crime Scene: Idaho College Murders and Bryan Kohberger, Megyn Kelly Show Special - Part One | Ep. 688
Dec 18, 2023
Cowardly Media, and Trump's 2024 Court Battles, with Bari Weiss, Arthur Aidala, Mark Eiglarsh, and Phil Houston | Ep. 687
Dec 15, 2023
CNN's Vivek Meltdown, Status of the Bud Light Boycott, and Trump's Polling Dominance, with the Ruthless Podcast | Ep. 686
Dec 14, 2023
Hunter Biden Plays the Victim, and Left Shifts Blame on Israel, with Peter Schweizer, Margot Cleveland, and Rabbi Steve Leder | Ep. 685
Dec 13, 2023
Woke Hypocrisy Infects Elite Institutions, and How the GOP Can Win in 2024, with Andrew Klavan and Carl Higbie | Ep. 684
Dec 12, 2023
Tucker Carlson on His Exit From Fox, What He's Building Now, and America's Free Speech Reckoning | Ep. 683
Dec 11, 2023
Bombshell New Hunter Biden Charges, and Harry and Meghan's "Racist Royals" Drama, with Matt Welch, Liz Wolfe, and Maureen Callahan | Ep. 682
Dec 08, 2023
Fiery and Fun GOP Debate, and Vivek vs. Haley, with Josh Holmes, Glenn Greenwald, Rich Lowry, and Jim Geraghty | Ep. 681
Dec 07, 2023
Post-Debate Spin Room Special, with Vivek Ramaswamy, Nikki Haley, Emily Jashinsky, Michael Moynihan, Tom Bevan, and Chris Stirewalt
Dec 07, 2023
Haley vs. DeSantis, and Trump's "Dictator" Comment Freakout, with Chris Stirewalt, Stu Burguiere, and Dave Marcus | Ep. 680
Dec 06, 2023
GOP Debate Stakes, and Progressives Refusing to Condemn Hamas, with Charles C.W. Cooke, Michael Brendan Dougherty, Josh Hammer, and Seth Mandel | Ep. 679
Dec 05, 2023
Santos Expelled and DeSantis vs. Newsom, with Newt Gingrich, and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino's Journey Through Jersey, Drugs, and Prison | Ep. 678
Dec 01, 2023
Elon Tells Brands to "F" Off, and Fighting the Woke in Culture and Entertainment, with Jeremy Boreing and Britt Mayer | Ep. 677
Nov 30, 2023
Anti-Israel Snowflakes in Biden Administration, and GOP Megadonors Back Haley, with The Fifth Column Hosts | Ep. 676
Nov 28, 2023
Biden Takes Credit for Hostage Deal, and Elon's Media Matters Lawsuit, with Victor Davis Hanson, Marcia Clark, and Mark Geragos | Ep. 675
Nov 27, 2023
What Life is Really Like in the Mob, and Finding God in Prison, with Former Mafia Member Michael Franzese | Ep. 674
Nov 21, 2023
What Elon Musk's War with Media Matters Means, and Biden's Bad Birthday, with Emily Jashinsky and Eliana Johnson | Ep. 673
Nov 20, 2023
Exclusive Reaction From Rob O’Neill on Viral Bin Laden Letter, and Gayle King’s “Grossly Inappropriate” CBS Interview, with Dave Rubin | Ep. 672
Nov 17, 2023
Young Americans Praise Bin Laden, and Vivek Ramaswamy Takes on CNN, with Bethany Mandel, Karol Markowicz, and More | Ep. 671
Nov 16, 2023
False George Floyd Narratives Exposed in New Film, and How It Changed Policing, with Liz Collin, JC Chaix, and Heather Mac Donald | Ep. 670
Nov 15, 2023
What Democrat Panic Means for Biden and Trump, and San Francisco Suddenly Cleans Up, with the Ruthless Podcast Hosts | Ep. 669
Nov 14, 2023
Disgusting Pro-Hamas Displays, and COVID Vaccine Consequences, with Konstantin Kisin and "Shot Dead" Documentary Director | Ep. 668
Nov 13, 2023
Charlie Kirk on How Jill Stein and Joe Manchin Could Hurt Biden in 2024, and Progressive Left Turning on Each Other | Ep. 667
Nov 10, 2023
Haley vs. Vivek Fight Club, and More GOP Debate Highlights, with Michael Knowles, Emily Jashinsky, Michael Moynihan, and Charles C.W. Cooke | Ep. 666
Nov 09, 2023
GOP's 2023 Election Fails, Garland's Hunter Biden Lies, and Trump's Trials Helping Him in 2024, with Stu Burguiere and Dave Marcus | Ep. 665
Nov 08, 2023
Jewish Man Killed in California, and Key Election Races to Watch, with John Podhoretz, Christine Rosen, Andy Ngo, and Chris Stirewalt | Ep. 664
Nov 07, 2023
Disaster Polls For Biden, and Overcoming This Economy With Smart Investing, with Sen. Ted Cruz and Jordan Belfort | Ep. 663
Nov 06, 2023
Adam Carolla on Hunter Biden Playing the Victim, "Sociopath" Gavin Newsom, and Crazy Plane Lady's New Excuse | Ep. 662
Nov 03, 2023
Biden Panders to Anti-Israel Crowd, and Free Speech vs. Cancel Culture, with Tom Bevan, Josh Holmes, and Greg Lukianoff | Ep. 661
Nov 02, 2023
Status of Trump Trials, and Cornell Student Arrested Over Threats to Jews, with Mike Davis, Dave Aronberg, and Maureen Callahan | Ep. 660
Nov 01, 2023
Woke Frauds Exposed, Jew Haters at Universities, and Matthew Perry and the Drug of Fame, with Andrew Klavan | Ep. 659
Oct 31, 2023
Media Spreading Hamas Propaganda, and COVID Vaccine Lawsuits, with Michael Oren, Arthur Aidala, and Jonna Spilbor | Ep. 658
Oct 30, 2023
New Video Shows Bowman Lied About Fire Alarm, and Rational Gender Care, with Jesse Kelly, Joe Burgo, and Stella O'Malley | Ep. 657
Oct 27, 2023
Jews Shelter From NYC Anti-Israel Protesters, and Biden's Middle East Failures, with the Fifth Column Hosts | Ep. 656
Oct 26, 2023
Free Speech for Jew Haters, and Britney's Must-Read Memoir, with Gad Saad, Evita Duffy-Alfonso, and Will Witt | Ep. 655
Oct 25, 2023
Every Leftist Social Justice Talking Point Under One Umbrella, and Campus Snowflakes, with Michael Knowles and Alan Dershowitz | Ep. 654
Oct 24, 2023
Denying Hamas Atrocities, and Whiny Anti-Israel Students Playing Victim, with Rich Lowry and Charles C.W. Cooke | Ep. 653
Oct 23, 2023
Biden Ties Israel To Ukraine, and Anti-Semitic Campus "Crying Bully," with Dave Marcus and Noah Pollak | Ep. 652
Oct 20, 2023
Israel Prepares, Biden's Aid for Gaza, and "Insurrection" in DC, with Bethany Mandel, Karol Markowicz, and Victor Davis Hanson | Ep. 651
Oct 19, 2023
Media and Left Botch Gaza Hospital Story, and Campus Anti-Semitism Grows, with Buck Sexton and Dennis Prager | Ep. 650
Oct 18, 2023
True Scope of Atrocities in Israel, and Erasure of Women, with Gov. Ron DeSantis, Josh Hammer, and Britt Mayer | Ep. 649
Oct 17, 2023
Jew Hatred on Display in America, and Free Speech vs. Cancel Culture, with Emily Jashinsky and Eliana Johnson
Oct 16, 2023
Jews Targeted in "Day of Rage," and the Money Behind Trans Movement, with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Noah Rothman, and Jennifer Bilek
Oct 13, 2023
Evil of Hamas and in America, and the Rot of Woke Institutions Like Universities, with the Ruthless Podcast Hosts | Ep. 646
Oct 12, 2023
America's Vulnerabilities, Anti-Semitism Reality, and Trauma of War, with Glenn Beck, Dr. Drew, and Eli Lake | Ep. 645
Oct 11, 2023
What Israel Does Now After Terror Attack, and America's Next Move, with Ben Shapiro, Amb. David Friedman, and Lt. Col. Daniel Davis | Ep. 644
Oct 10, 2023
Israel at War, Hamas Terror, Biden Response, Anti-Semitic Uprisings in U.S., with Sen. Ted Cruz, Ric Grenell, and Victor Davis Hanson | Ep. 643
Oct 09, 2023
Exclusive interview with Laurence Fox About His Arrest and GB News Exit, and Dangers Parents Face with Their Kids on Trans Ideology, with Dr. Miriam Grossman | Ep. 642
Oct 06, 2023
Biden’s Border Wall, Ex-MLB Pitcher Trevor Bauer’s Lawsuit Drama, and SBF Trial Begins, with Former VP Mike Pence, Arthur Aidala, and Mark Eiglarsh | Ep. 641
Oct 05, 2023
Wargaming How Democrats Could Ditch Biden Next Year, and Criminalizing Speech in the U.K., with Chris Stirewalt and Calvin Robinson | Ep. 640
Oct 04, 2023
Garland's Tears on 60 Minutes, Trump Back in Court, and the War on Men, with Dave Rubin and Owen Strachan | Ep. 639
Oct 02, 2023
Trump's Power of Persuasion, and Democrats Downplaying Biden Corruption, with Scott Adams and Margot Cleveland | Ep. 638
Sep 29, 2023
Who Won the Chaos "Hot Mess" Debate, with Glenn Greenwald, Eliana Johnson, Michael Duncan, and Larry Elder | Ep. 637
Sep 28, 2023
Could Biden Be Replaced, Trans Sports Receipts, and Cuomo's COVID Lies, with Emily Jashinsky and Matt Welch | Ep. 636
Sep 27, 2023
Rapinoe's Final Middle Finger, Radical Trans Ideology, and Failures of Progressive Policies, with Carrie Prejean and Jason Rantz | Ep. 635
Sep 26, 2023
Left Freakout Over Great Trump Polls, Biden's "Boy" Gaffe, and Travis Kelce Shills For Pfizer, with Charlie Kirk | Ep. 634
Sep 25, 2023
Dan Bongino on Threats to Trump, Biden's Poor Parenting, and the Gift of Failure | Ep. 633
Sep 22, 2023
Dems Politicizing and Undermining Institutions, and Cameras in Kohberger Courtroom, with Mark Levin, Marcia Clark, and Mark Geragos | Ep. 632
Sep 21, 2023
Garland Grilled on Hunter Investigation, and Russell Brand's Defenders, with Jim Geraghty and Maddy Kearns | Ep. 631
Sep 20, 2023
The Mysterious Case of Rudolf Diesel, and How Reading Helps You Think, with Doug Brunt | Ep. 630
Sep 19, 2023
Trump's Abortion Strategy, and Allegations Against Russell Brand, with David Sacks, Will Witt, and Savanah Hernandez | Ep. 629
Sep 18, 2023
Media and Dems Turn Against Biden and Harris, and Hunter's Gun Charges, with Rich Lowry, Peter Schweizer, Dave Aronberg, and Mike Davis | Ep. 628
Sep 15, 2023
Former President Donald Trump on Biden's Impeachment and Age, Fauci and COVID, and Melania and Barron, Plus, Victor Davis Hanson | Ep. 627
Sep 14, 2023
DeSantis, Vivek, Haley, Scott - A Megyn Kelly Show Look at Past Interviews With GOP Candidates | Ep. 626
Sep 13, 2023
Breaking: Impeachment Inquiry Into Biden's Corruption Begins, with Glenn Beck and Maureen Callahan | Ep. 625
Sep 12, 2023
Left's 14th Amendment Fantasies, Novak's Big Victory, and 9/11 Memories, with Alan Dershowitz and Marcellus Wiley | Ep. 624
Sep 11, 2023
Inside the Jimmy Fallon Toxic Workplace Allegations, Karine Jean-Pierre’s “Glitzy” Vogue Exclusive, with Jesse Kelly and Sasha Ayad | Ep. 623
Sep 08, 2023
Megyn's Trump Interview Next Week, and Potential New Murdaugh Trial, with Ric Grenell, Mike Baker, Jonna Spilbor, and David Wohl | Ep. 622
Sep 07, 2023
Legacy Media Constraints, and COVID Gaslighting Continues, with Bari Weiss, Nellie Bowles, and David Zweig | Ep. 621
Sep 06, 2023
Media Malpractice Covering Biden and Trump, and Embarrassing Immigration Spin, with Emily Jashinsky and Eliana Johnson | Ep. 620
Sep 05, 2023
McConnell's Alarming Freeze, Biden's Decline, and Elites Saying We'll "Own Nothing," with Glenn Greenwald and Carol Roth | Ep. 619
Aug 31, 2023
Raising "Outdoor" Kids, and Overcoming Toxic Achievement Culture, with Steven Rinella and Jennifer Wallace | Ep. 618
Aug 30, 2023
Biden's Incoherence and Corruption, and Leaning on Faith, with Victor Davis Hanson and Alexa and Carlos PenaVega | Ep. 617
Aug 29, 2023
Media Drools Over Trump Mug Shot, and Vivek Beats the Press, with Stu Burguiere and Dave Marcus | Ep. 616
Aug 28, 2023
Debating and Discussing the GOP Debate, with Listeners and Viewers: Megyn Kelly Show Weekend Extra | Ep. 615
Aug 26, 2023
Vivek Rises, DeSantis Untouched, and Trump's Arrest, with Michael Knowles, Emily Jashinsky, Comfortably Smug, and Charles C.W. Cooke | Ep. 614
Aug 24, 2023
Vivek's 9/11 Spin, Trump's Arrest Theater, and Prigozhin Dies in Plane Crash, with The Fifth Column Hosts | Ep. 613
Aug 23, 2023
MAGA vs. GOP Takes Centerstage, "Blind Side" Truth, and Our "Feminized" Society, with Jason Whitlock | Ep. 612
Aug 22, 2023
Did Joe Biden Enable Hunter's Addiction? Plus Biden's Shameful Maui Visit, with Dr. Nicholas Kardaras | Ep. 611
Aug 21, 2023
Sage Steele Speaks Out For First Time About Her ESPN Exit, Being Stabbed in the Back, and Fighting For What's Right | Ep. 610
Aug 17, 2023
Menopause, Libido, and Childbirth: Deep Dive on Women's Sexual Health, with Dr. Mary Jane Minkin | Ep. 609
Aug 16, 2023
Yet Another Trump Indictment, And Why People Don't Trust Institutions, with the Ruthless Hosts, Dave Aronberg, and Mike Davis | Ep. 608
Aug 15, 2023
Biden's Corruption as VP Revealed, and Kohberger's Idaho Murders Alibi, with Newt Gingrich, Viva Frei, and Peter Tragos | Ep. 607
Aug 14, 2023
A DEI Session, Bullying, and a Tragic Suicide: Megyn Kelly Show Weekend Extra | Ep. 606
Aug 12, 2023
Potential Biden Impeachment, and Explosive Revelations About Obama, with Rep. Wesley Hunt and David Garrow | Ep. 605
Aug 10, 2023
Testosterone, Libido, and Infertility: Deep Dive on Men's Sexual Health, with Dr. Mohit Khera | Ep. 604
Aug 09, 2023
NBC's Failed Abortion Fact-Check, and Biden's Gold Star Family Betrayal, with Rich Lowry and Michael Brendan Dougherty | Ep. 603
Aug 08, 2023
U.S. Women Soccer's World Cup Fail, and Consequences of Criminal Behavior, with Clay Travis and Dana Loesch | Ep. 602
Aug 07, 2023
Biden Corruption in Plain Sight, and Residents Fed Up With Crime, with Andrew Klavan, Alan Dershowitz, and More | Ep. 601
Aug 03, 2023
Trump Indicted AGAIN, Now For January 6, with Andy McCarthy, Julie Kelly, Dave Aronberg, and Mike Davis | Ep. 600
Aug 02, 2023
Potential Biden Bribery Revelations, and Power of Faith, with Dennis Quaid, Peter Schweizer, Will Witt, and Caroline Downey | Ep. 599
Aug 01, 2023
Hunter's Buddy Testifies, Left's Asian Discrimination, and Non-Woke Sports, with Josh Holmes, Jonathan Isaac, and Kenny Xu | Ep. 598
Jul 31, 2023
Gov. Ron DeSantis on DOJ Corruption, His Disney Fight, and Pardoning Trump, Plus, Victor Davis Hanson on Hunter's Sweetheart Near Deal | Ep. 597
Jul 28, 2023
The Disturbing and Incredible Story of Fake Cancer Survivor "Scamanda," With Host Charlie Webster | Ep. 596
Jul 27, 2023
Happiness in Relationships and Work, and Dangers of Social Media, with Gad Saad | Ep. 595
Jul 26, 2023
Disgusting Media Lies About Florida Curriculum, and Harms of Trans Extremism, with Oli London, Charles C.W. Cooke and William Allen | Ep. 594
Jul 25, 2023
New Hunter Corruption Revelations, Biden's Short Stairs, and Barbie's Message, with Emily Jashinsky and Eliana Johnson | Ep. 593
Jul 24, 2023
Donald Trump, Jr. on Another Potential Indictment for His Dad, Attacks on Aldean, and Liberal Hypocrisy | Ep. 592
Jul 21, 2023
IRS Whistleblowers on Hunter Biden Investigation Roadblocks, Significance of Laptop, and Accusations of Political Bias | Ep. 591
Jul 20, 2023
Trans Activist Emotional Blackmail, Silencing Women, and Redefining Words to Win Arguments, with Helen Joyce | Ep. 590
Jul 19, 2023
Another Trump Arrest Coming? Plus, Rich and Woke Politicians, with Chris Rufo, Matt Lewis, Dave Aronberg, and Mike Davis | Ep. 589
Jul 18, 2023
Megyn on Trump Chat and Upcoming DeSantis Interview, and Ray Epps Questions, with Arthur Aidala, Mark Eiglarsh, and Kimberley Strassel | Ep. 588
Jul 17, 2023
No Cocaine Culprit, CNN's Dylan Mulvaney Apology, and Hunter Investigation Questions, with Michael Knowles and Margot Cleveland | Ep. 587
Jul 13, 2023
Wray Pressed, and Disney's Declining Attendance, with Nikki Haley, Joe Pags, Jaimee Michell, and Chris Barrett | Ep. 586
Jul 12, 2023
Grandpa Joe's Cruelty, Kamala's Nonsense, and the Cocaine at the White House, with The Fifth Column Hosts | Ep. 585
Jul 11, 2023
Media's Attacks on Casey DeSantis and RFK Continue, and Importance of IRL Connection, with Stu Burguiere, David Marcus, and The Wachobs | Ep. 584
Jul 10, 2023
Did Joe Biden Actually Exploit Hunter, and Winning the Culture War, with Miranda Devine and Kirk Cameron | Ep. 583
Jul 07, 2023
Explosive New Biden Corruption Allegations, Disney's Woke Implosion, and White House Cocaine Update, with Charlie Kirk | Ep. 582
Jul 06, 2023
Biden Won't Acknowledge His 7th Grandchild, and White House Cocaine, with Amala Ekpunobi and Evita Duffy-Alfonso | Ep. 581
Jul 05, 2023
Media Smears Asians and Muslims After Supreme Court Ruling, and Violent Riots in France, with Mark Steyn and Darren Grimes | Ep. 580
Jul 03, 2023
Supreme Court's Historic Free Speech and Student Debt Decisions, with Charles C.W. Cooke, Judge Amul Thapar, Kristen Waggoner, and More | Ep. 579
Jun 30, 2023
Supreme Court's Seismic Affirmative Action Ruling and More, with Jason Riley, Heather Mac Donald, Carrie Prejean, and Britt Mayer | Ep. 578
Jun 29, 2023
Merrick Garland's Potential Felonies, and New Evidence in Idaho Murders Case, with Ric Grenell, Marcia Clark, and Mark Geragos | Ep. 577
Jun 28, 2023
New Explosive Hunter Biden Revelations, and Whether Trump Should Have Been Charged, with the Ruthless Podcast Hosts | Ep. 576
Jun 27, 2023
What Bombshell Hunter Biden Message Reveals, and Trump vs. Biden Hypocrisy From Left and Media, with Glenn Greenwald | Ep. 575
Jun 26, 2023
BONUS: Doug Brunt Reveals Details About His Forthcoming Book on His "Dedicated" Podcast
Jun 21, 2023
What Happened to Missing Plane MH370: A Megyn Kelly Show True Crime Special | Ep. 574
Jun 16, 2023
What Happens in Cults, and Escaping From Them: A Megyn Kelly Show True Crime Special | Ep. 573
Jun 15, 2023
How Jared From Subway Was Exposed: A Megyn Kelly Show True Crime Special | Ep. 572
Jun 14, 2023
Jodi Arias Trial That Captivated America: A Megyn Kelly Show True Crime Special | Ep. 571
Jun 13, 2023
Horrific Chris Watts Family Murders: A Megyn Kelly Show True Crime Special | Ep. 570
Jun 12, 2023
Trump Indicted Again, and Biden's Burisma Connection, with Victor Davis Hanson, Charles C.W. Cooke, Alan Dershowitz, Arthur Aidala, and Dave Aronberg | Ep. 569
Jun 09, 2023
Fox's Post-Tucker Crisis, Harry's Media Vendetta, and Harms of Gender "Transition," with Chadwick Moore, Dr. Miriam Grossman, and Nile Gardiner | Ep. 568
Jun 08, 2023
CNN CEO's Shock Firing, and Trans Ideology in Schools and Sports, with Peachy Keenan, Steve Krakauer and More | Ep. 567
Jun 07, 2023
Outrageous Casey DeSantis Attacks, CNN's Whiny Newsroom, and Surviving Cancelation, with Jesse Kelly and Joseph Massey | Ep. 566
Jun 06, 2023
Truth About the HPV Vaccine: A Megyn Kelly Show Debate and Discussion, with Dr. Kristen Walsh and Allison Krug | Ep. 565
Jun 05, 2023
Biden's Alarming Fall, DeSantis Fires at Trump, and Not Using "Preferred Pronouns," with Rich Lowry and Jim Geraghty | Ep. 564
Jun 02, 2023
Tara Reade Reveals What Led Her To Russia, and Biden Influence Peddling Revelations and More, with Gregg Jarrett | Ep. 563
Jun 01, 2023
Budweiser's Permanently Tarnished Brand, DeSantis' Furry Battle, and Following the Culture War Money, with Adam Curry | Ep. 562
May 31, 2023
Destruction of Women's Sports Over Trans Ideology, and Target Backlash Grows, with Michael Knowles, Inga Thompson, and Hannah Arensman | Ep. 561
May 30, 2023
Navy SEAL Jason Redman on Overcoming the Victim Mindset, His Inspirational Recovery, and Our Military Today | Ep. 560
May 29, 2023
DeSantis vs. Trump Fight Heats Up, and the Demise of Black Lives Matter, with Dave Rubin and Hotep Jesus | Ep. 559
May 26, 2023
DeSantis' False Start and Missed Opportunity, and Body Image in Our Culture, with Josh Holmes, Kash Patel, and Jillian Michaels | Ep. 558
May 25, 2023
DeSantis Declares, and Target's "Tuck-Friendly" Backlash, with Victor Davis Hanson, Beth Karas, and Peter Tragos | Ep. 557
May 24, 2023
Fox News and CNN's Disastrous Ratings, and "CitiBike Karen" Smears, with Emily Jashinsky and Eliana Johnson | Ep. 556
May 23, 2023
Charlie Kirk on Tucker Carlson's True Brand Value, AOC's Funeral Selfies, DeSantis' Mistakes, and Why RNC Leaders Should Go | Ep. 555
May 22, 2023
Dan Bongino on His Fox News Exit, Tucker's Next Steps, Trump vs. DeSantis, and the Truth About the Deep State | Ep. 554
May 19, 2023
Women Fight Back on Trans Ideology, and New Info on Harry and Meghan's "Car Chase," with Carrie Prejean Boller and Britt Mayer | Ep. 553
May 18, 2023
Roseanne Barr on Toxic Hollywood Betrayals and Surviving Cancel Culture, Plus Harry and Meghan's Paparazzi Ploy | Ep. 552
May 17, 2023
CNN's Post-Trump Town Hall Meltdown, and No Media Accountability Post-Durham, with the Fifth Column Hosts | Ep. 551
May 16, 2023
Left's Trans Ideology Religion, and Men in Women's Spaces, with Sen. Josh Hawley and KKG Sisters Suing Over Trans Pledge | Ep. 550
May 15, 2023
Biden's Border Chaos, and Marine Charged in Subway Death, with Stephen Miller, Liz Wolfe, and Sara Gonzales | Ep. 549
May 12, 2023
Trump Wins CNN Town Hall, and if Tucker Got Fired Over Big Pharma, with Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Charles C.W. Cooke | Ep. 548
May 11, 2023
Tucker Carlson vs. Fox News Legal Battle, and George Santos Arrested, with David Sacks, Jonna Spilbor, and David Wohl | Ep. 547
May 10, 2023
Leaked Tucker and DeSantis Videos, and Taking Control of Our Health, with Stu Burguiere, Dave Marcus, and Darin Olien | Ep. 546
May 09, 2023
Tucker's Next Move, Harry's Quick UK Trip, and Trump's Wild Deposition, with Dan Wootton, Maureen Callahan, and Robert Gouveia | Ep. 545
May 08, 2023
New Tucker Leaks, and Meghan Markle Skips Coronation, with Mark Steyn, Sophie Corcoran, and Leilani Dowding | Ep. 544
May 05, 2023
Navy's Drag Queen Recruiter, and Fox News' Post-Tucker Ratings, with the Ruthless Podcast Hosts and Graham Allen | Ep. 543
May 04, 2023
Failed Attempt to Destroy Tucker Carlson, and Supreme Court Leaker Latest, with James O'Keefe and Sen. Mike Lee | Ep. 542
May 03, 2023
What New Leaked Tucker Carlson Videos Really Show, and Met Gala Debauchery, with The Hodgetwins and Patrick Bet-David | Ep. 541
May 02, 2023
Dylan Mulvaney's Latest Pivot, and Leaks Against Tucker Carlson Continue, with Matt Taibbi & Libs of TikTok's Chaya Raichik | Ep. 540
May 01, 2023
Fox News' Post-Tucker Existential Crisis, and Brave Young Women Speaking Out, with Buck Sexton, Payton McNabb, and more | Ep. 539
Apr 28, 2023
Fox Ratings Crater Post-Tucker, and Lia Thomas Slams Women, with Allie Beth Stuckey, Melissa Francis, and Tatiana Siegel | Ep. 538
Apr 27, 2023
Fox Goes to War with Tucker Carlson, and Fauci Pressed on His Lies, with Michael Brendan Dougherty and Noah Rothman | Ep. 537
Apr 26, 2023
Tucker and Lemon Firing Fallout, and Dark Brandon Returns, with Victor Davis Hanson, Emily Jashinsky, Michael Moynihan, and Vivek Ramaswamy | Ep. 536
Apr 25, 2023
Tucker Carlson Exits Fox News, Don Lemon Fired by CNN, with Glenn Beck, Glenn Greenwald, Rich Lowry, and Steve Krakauer | Ep. 535
Apr 24, 2023
Biden's Foreign Policy Failures, Rise of Woke Police, and the Value of Religion, with Niall Ferguson | Ep. 534
Apr 21, 2023
RFK Announces Presidential Run, and Actress Compares Christians to Taliban, with Alex Berenson, Isabel Brown, and Will Witt | Ep. 533
Apr 20, 2023
Trump vs. DeSantis Culture War, and Sorority Trans Pledge Lawsuit, with Jeffrey Lord, Michael Duncan, Viva Frei, and Vinnie Politan | Ep. 532
Apr 19, 2023
Disturbing Chicago Violence Excused by Politicians, and Media Salivates Over Fox News Trial, with the Fifth Column Hosts | Ep. 531
Apr 18, 2023
Bud Light Backlash Grows, Mr. Beast Fallout, and Race Trumping Merit, with Michael Knowles and Heather Mac Donald | Ep. 530
Apr 17, 2023
Trans Ideology Harming Women, and Dangers of "Affirming" Care, with Kellie-Jay Keen "Posie Parker," Cat Cattinson, and More | Ep. 529
Apr 14, 2023
Biden's Doomed Electric Car Push, and Bud Light's Woke Backlash, with Eric Bolling, Andrew Klavan, and Dr. Marilyn Singleton | Ep. 528
Apr 13, 2023
Activists Capturing Institutions, Censorship and Twitter Toxicity, and Woke Untruths, with Sam Harris | Ep. 527
Apr 12, 2023
Bud Light Learns "Go Woke Go Broke," and Famous Female Athletes Go Anti-Woman, with Emily Jashinsky and Eliana Johnson | Ep. 526
Apr 11, 2023
Left's Hypocrisy on Women, Ignoring Nashville Trans Shooter, and How to Live Better Longer, with Glenn Greenwald and Dr. Peter Attia | Ep. 525
Apr 10, 2023
Truth About Tennessee Expulsions, and Anti-Speech Activists on College Campuses, with Dennis Prager and Ian Haworth | Ep. 524
Apr 07, 2023
Unhinged Media Reaction to Trump Arrest, and Don Lemon's Misogyny, with the Ruthless Podcast Hosts | Ep. 523
Apr 06, 2023
The Weak Case Against President Trump, with Rep. Byron Donalds, Arthur Aidala, Dave Aronberg, and Brad Smith | Ep. 522
Apr 05, 2023
Historic Arrest of Former President Donald Trump, with Alan Dershowitz, Charles C.W. Cooke, and Ric Grenell | Ep. 521
Apr 04, 2023
Trump's Coming Arrest, and Political Prosecution Hypocrisy, with Victor Davis Hanson, Arthur Aidala, and Dave Aronberg | Ep. 520
Apr 03, 2023
Family Annihilators: Alex Murdaugh, Chris Watts, and More Men Who Murdered Their Families, with Laura Richards | Ep. 519
Mar 30, 2023
Performance of Outrage, and Gwyneth Paltrow Ski Crash Trial, with Jason Whitlock, Mark Geragos, Jonna Spilbor, and Angenette Levy | Ep. 518
Mar 29, 2023
America's Mental Health Crisis, and Speaking the Truth, with Carrie Prejean Boller, Britt Mayer, and Charles Negy | Ep. 517
Mar 28, 2023
Trans Activists Honored on Women's History Month, and Trump's Potential Arrest, with Amala Ekpunobi and Evita Duffy-Alfonso | Ep. 516
Mar 27, 2023
Idaho College Murders: Who is Suspect Bryan Kohberger, and What Evidence is There Against Him, with Howard Blum | Ep. 515
Mar 20, 2023
Jussie Smollett Attack Reenactment, How Stanford Employee’s Rape Allegations Became Lies, with the Fifth Column Hosts | Ep. 514
Mar 17, 2023
Trump's Looming Prosecution, and Fired For Not Being "Woke" Enough, with Alan Dershowitz, Dr. Tabia Lee, and Michael Cunningham | Ep. 513
Mar 16, 2023
Biden's Gay Marriage Lie, and Drew Barrymore Kneels Before Trans Celeb, with Charles Cooke, Madeleine Kearns, and Dave McCormick | Ep. 512
Mar 15, 2023
What the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Means for the U.S. Economy, Whether Tom Brady Will Un-Retire…Again, with Steve Forbes and Marcellus Wiley | Ep. 511
Mar 14, 2023
Silicon Valley Bank Collapse, and Mayhem at Stanford Law, with David Sacks, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Tim Rosenberger | Ep. 510
Mar 13, 2023
Democrats Against Journalism, and COVID Truth Revealed, with Stu Burguiere, Dave Marcus, David Zweig, and Isabel Oakeshott | Ep. 509
Mar 10, 2023
Major COVID Lab Leak Revelations, and Harry's Therapy Session, with Steven Crowder and Bridget Phetasy | Ep. 508
Mar 09, 2023
Tucker's 1/6 Footage, Fauci's Lies, and Chris Rock's Special, with Emily Jashinsky and Eliana Johnson | Ep. 507
Mar 08, 2023
Navigating Life's Mission Changes, the Fear of Success, and the Goal of Greatness, with Lewis Howes | Ep. 506
Mar 06, 2023
Murdaugh Convicted, and the Dominion-Fox News Lawsuit, with Andrew Branca, Jeremy Peters, Peter Tragos, Ronnie Richter, and More | Ep. 505
Mar 03, 2023
DOJ Targets Religious Americans, and NYC Paying BLM Protesters, with Sen. Josh Hawley, Karol Markowicz, and Bethany Mandel | Ep. 504
Mar 02, 2023
Lori Lightfoot Voted Out, and Murdaugh Closing Arguments, with Mark Steyn, Dave Aronberg, and Eric Bland | Ep. 503
Mar 01, 2023
San Fran's Reparations, Today Show COVID Freakout, and Gisele Fetterman's Vacation, with the Ruthless Podcast Hosts | Ep. 502
Feb 28, 2023
Lab Leak Reality, Woody Harrelson's Pharma Joke, and Media Malpractice, with Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew | Ep. 501
Feb 27, 2023
Fatal Flaws in Alex Murdaugh’s Cross Examination, Staying True to Your Convictions, with Mark Geragos, Ronnie Richter, and More | Ep. 500
Feb 24, 2023
Alex Murdaugh Takes the Stand and MSNBC’s ‘Non-Apology’ to DeSantis, with Ben Shapiro, Ronnie Ritcher, and Peter Tragos | Ep. 499
Feb 23, 2023
Don Lemon Returns to CNN with His “Liberal Privilege,” How We Can Increase Longevity, with Dr. Mark Hyman, Britt Mayer, and Carrie Prejean Boller | Ep. 498
Feb 22, 2023
CNN Refuses to Fire Don Lemon, Biden’s Message to Putin, How the Media Got "Cozy" With Power, with Glenn Beck and Steve Krakauer | Ep. 497
Feb 21, 2023
Escaping North Korea, Woke College Students and Professors, and American Opportunity, with Yeonmi Park | Ep. 496
Feb 17, 2023
Don Lemon's Misogyny, Trans Activists Attack NYT, and Murdaugh Latest, with Jim Geraghty, Michael Brendan Dougherty, and Peter Tragos | Ep. 495
Feb 16, 2023
Does Nikki Haley Have a Shot, and Parenting and Friendship Tips, with David Sacks, and Megyn's Friends | Ep. 494
Feb 15, 2023
America's "Reality Crisis," and Free Speech and Censorship Today, with Spencer Klavan, Will Chamberlain, and Kate Tummarello | Ep. 493
Feb 14, 2023
What Are "Objects" We're Shooting Down, Woke Super Bowl Ads, and State of the Media, with Rick Leventhal | Ep. 492
Feb 13, 2023
Fetterman Truth Coming Out, and Overcoming Cultural Focus on Race, with Victor Davis Hanson and Patrick Bet-David | Ep. 491
Feb 10, 2023
Fetterman Hospitalized, Hunter Hearing, and Murdaugh Fireworks, with Rich Lowry, Miranda Devine, Vinnie Politan, and More | Ep. 490
Feb 09, 2023
Biden's SOTU Spectacle, and Job Market Reality, with Charles Cooke, Jeremy Peters, and Dave Ramsey | Ep. 489
Feb 08, 2023
Disastrous Biden Poll Numbers, Don Lemon's New Meltdown, and Armie Hammer Context, with The Fifth Columns Hosts | Ep. 488
Feb 07, 2023
Biden Blinks on Balloon, and Detransitioner Sues Her Enablers, with Rob O'Neill, Chloe Cole, and Chrissy Clark | Ep. 487
Feb 06, 2023
Don Lemon Allegedly “Screamed” at Co-Host, and a Must-Hear Debate on the Alex Murdaugh Trial, with Jesse Kelly, Vinnie Politan, Steve Gosney, and Amy Hamm | Ep. 486
Feb 03, 2023
Murdaugh's Deception, and Idaho Murders Suspect's Past, with Phil Houston, Bill Stanton, Mike Swain, and Anne Bremner | Ep. 485
Feb 02, 2023
How Media Sparked Pelosi Conspiracy Theories, and Tom Brady Retires, with Emily Jashinsky and Eliana Johnson | Ep. 484
Feb 01, 2023
How Psychedelics Can Help People, Addiction in America, and Practicing Gratitude, with Dr. Roland Griffiths | Ep. 483
Jan 31, 2023
Racial Police Violence Spin, and Alex Murdaugh on Trial, with Larry Elder, Arthur Aidala, and Mark Eiglarsh | Ep. 482
Jan 30, 2023
Pelosi Bodycam Footage Revealed, and Pfizer Exec Caught on Tape, with Michael Knowles and Mike Baker | Ep. 481
Jan 27, 2023
Erasing What Makes Women Women, and COVID Lockdown Protests, with Mary Katharine Ham, Bethany Mandel, Winston Sterzel, and Matthew Tye | Ep. 480
Jan 26, 2023
Kavanaugh Character Assassination, and America's Place in the World, with Victor Davis Hanson and Mike Pompeo | Ep. 479
Jan 25, 2023
Now There's Pence Classified Docs, and Harry's Media Obsession, with Amala Ekpunobi, Evita Duffy, and Valentine Low | Ep. 478
Jan 24, 2023
DOJ Finds More Biden Docs, Crowder vs. Daily Wire, and Gender Identity and Kids, with Dave Smith and Dr. Debra Soh | Ep. 477
Jan 23, 2023
SCOTUS Leaker Investigation Fails, Baldwin Charges, and Idaho Latest, with Ilya Shapiro, Viva Frei, Brian Entin, and James Fitzgerald | Ep. 476
Jan 20, 2023
Alec Baldwin Charged, COVID Death Overcounting, and NHL Rainbow Jersey Uproar, with the Ruthless Podcast Hosts | Ep. 475
Jan 19, 2023
Truth About Gender Differences, Danger of "Affirm Only" Care, and Parenting Today, with Dr. Leonard Sax | Ep. 474
Jan 18, 2023
Hunter Hypocrisy, and Trans vs. Girls Rights, with Glenn Greenwald, Carrie Prejean Boller, and Britt Mayer | Ep. 473
Jan 17, 2023
Biden Lawyers Find More Docs, Vaccine Safety Signals, and MLK's Legacy, with Rich Lowry and Charles C.W. Cooke | Ep. 472
Jan 16, 2023
Classified Docs in Biden's Garage, and Evidence Against Idaho Suspect, with Alan Dershowitz, Sharyl Attkisson, Marcia Clark, and Mark Geragos | Ep. 471
Jan 13, 2023
How Police Used Genetics in Idaho Murders Case, and Solving Crimes with Genealogy, with CeCe Moore | Ep. 470
Jan 12, 2023
Prince Harry Blames the Press, and Golden Globes Attempts Cultural Rehab, with Dan Wootton and Andrew Klavan | Ep. 469
Jan 11, 2023
Biden's Classified Docs, Free Speech Crackdowns, and Woke Golden Globes, with the Fifth Columns Hosts | Ep. 468
Jan 10, 2023
Biden's Brief Border Visit, and Prince Harry's Media Tour, with Greg Kelly, Sophie Corcoran, and Leilani Dowding | Ep. 467
Jan 09, 2023
Idaho Murders Latest, and 1/6 Intel Failures, with Matt Taibbi, Candice DeLong, Brian Entin, and Jonna Spilbor | Ep. 466
Jan 06, 2023
Explosive Prince Harry Allegations, and Wellness Tips for 2023, with Tom Bower, Dr. Ehsan Ali, and Dr. Layne Norton | Ep. 465
Jan 05, 2023
McCarthy's Speaker Fail, and Alarming Decline in Sperm Counts, with Eric Bolling and Dr. Shanna Swan | Ep. 464
Jan 04, 2023
McCarthy's Speaker Fight, and Horrific NFL Injury, with Emily Jashinsky, Eliana Johnson, and Clay Travis | Ep. 463
Jan 03, 2023
Fauci Finally Retires, and Idaho Murders Arrest, with Dave Rubin, Harmeet Dhillon, and Viva Frei | Ep. 462
Jan 02, 2023
Best of 2022: Memorable Moments Featuring Malcolm Gladwell, RFK Jr., Goldie Hawn, and More | Ep. 461
Dec 29, 2022
Inspirational Interviews From 2022, Featuring Tim Scott, Dakota Meyer, Rob O'Neill, and More | Ep. 460
Dec 26, 2022
Thomas Jefferson and the Founding of America: History Week on the Megyn Kelly Show | Ep. 459
Dec 22, 2022
What World War I Was All About: History Week on The Megyn Kelly Show | Ep. 458
Dec 21, 2022
Revisiting World War II: History Week on The Megyn Kelly Show | Ep. 457
Dec 20, 2022
Ronald Reagan Assassination Attempt: History Week on The Megyn Kelly Show | Ep. 456
Dec 19, 2022
Shadowbanning Science, and Meghan and Harry Dishonoring the Queen, with Dan Wootton and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya | Ep. 455
Dec 16, 2022
Harry and Meghan's Complaining, and Putting Faith and Family First, with Kirk Cameron and Maureen Callahan | Ep. 454
Dec 15, 2022
SBF Arrested, and Trans Activism in Media and Culture, with Victor Davis Hanson, Abigail Shrier, and James Murphy | Ep. 453
Dec 14, 2022
Revisiting the JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case, and How New DNA Technology Can Help, with Her Father John Ramsey | Ep. 452
Dec 13, 2022
Harry and Meghan Play the Victim, and Twitter Files Revelations, with Tom Bower, Ric Grenell, Sophie Corcoran, and Leilani Dowding | Ep. 451
Dec 12, 2022
Dismal State of America's Economy, and Harry and Meghan's Narcissism, with Peter Schiff and Adam Carolla | Ep. 450
Dec 08, 2022
Corruption of Our Institutions, and Unaccountable Dr. Fauci, with Jesse Kelly and Buck Sexton | Ep. 449
Dec 07, 2022
Censorship as Virtue Signaling, and False Meghan and Harry Claims, with the Fifth Column Hosts | Ep. 448
Dec 06, 2022
Truth About Twitter Files, and Amber Heard Appeals, with Michael Knowles, Arthur Aidala, and Mark Eiglarsh | Ep. 447
Dec 05, 2022
Harry and Meghan Target Kate, and Ye's Meltdown, with Dan Wootton, Dominique Samuels and Eva Vlaardingerbroek | Ep. 446
Dec 02, 2022
Explosive New Casey Anthony Allegations, and Importance of Defense Attorneys, with Jose Baez and Vinnie Politan | Ep. 445
Dec 01, 2022
Media Panics Over Elon Musk and Free Speech, and Will Smith Forgives Himself, with the Ruthless Podcast Hosts | Ep. 444
Nov 30, 2022
Balenciaga's Gross Campaign, and Feminism's False Promise, with Louise Perry and Carrie Prejean Boller | Ep. 443
Nov 29, 2022
Left Turns on Democracy, and Rise of Anti-Semitism in Culture, with Charles C.W. Cooke and Shadi Hamid | Ep. 442
Nov 28, 2022
Alec Baldwin "Rust" Movie Set Deadly Shooting: Deep Dive Into All Legal Angles, with Viva Frei | Ep. 441
Nov 23, 2022
Legacy Media Discovers Hunter's Laptop, and Warnock vs. Walker, with Clay Travis and Erick Erickson | Ep. 440
Nov 22, 2022
Elon's Free Speech Quest, and Vaccine Mandate Reality, with Vivek Ramaswamy, Ken Mauer, and Jason Phillips | Ep. 439
Nov 21, 2022
New Casey Anthony and JonBenet Ramsey Revelations, and Overcoming Envy, with Mark Geragos, Marcia Clark, and Dr. Laura | Ep. 438
Nov 18, 2022
House Kicks off Biden Investigation, FBI and 1/6, and the Life of a Writer, with Andrew Klavan and Doug Brunt | Ep. 437
Nov 17, 2022
Trump Makes it Official, and Defeating the Censors, with Alex Berenson, Michael Brendan Dougherty, and Jason Miller | Ep. 436
Nov 16, 2022
GOP's Next Move, FTX's Crash, and Men Out of Work, with Sen. Rand Paul, Jeffrey Tucker, and Nick Eberstadt | Ep. 435
Nov 15, 2022
Independents Go Blue, Trump's Announcement, and COVID Lockdown Harms, with Victor Davis Hanson and Jennifer Sey | Ep. 434
Nov 14, 2022
Should GOP Blame Trump or McConnell, and Donald vs. DeSantis, with Rich Lowry, Ric Grenell, and Mike Lawler | Ep. 433
Nov 11, 2022
Trump's Next Move, DeSantis' Future, and Pence's Op-Ed, with Kmele Foster, Michael Moynihan, and Matt Welch | Ep. 432
Nov 10, 2022
DeSantis Crushes, Trump's Effect, and a Red Ripple, with Charles C.W. Cooke, Jeremy Peters, Jason Riley, and More | Ep. 431
Nov 09, 2022
Red Wave? Megyn Kelly's Election Night Special, with Larry Elder, Bari Weiss, David Sacks, Dennis Prager, and More | Ep. 430
Nov 09, 2022
Election Day Predictions, and Media Smears, with Glenn Beck, Salena Zito, Matt Continetti, and Doug Schoen | Ep. 429
Nov 08, 2022
No Filler, No Filter, No Spin: Megyn Kelly Previews Special Election Night Episode Tonight
Nov 08, 2022
Fetterman's Faults, and Tomorrow's Red Wave, Plus Tiffany Smiley and Tudor Dixon on Their Potential Upsets | Ep. 428
Nov 07, 2022
Media's Pre-Election Meltdown, and Kyrie Irving Suspended, with Jason Whitlock and Dana Loesch | Ep. 427
Nov 04, 2022
Dark Brandon Tries Again, with Andrew Klavan, and COVID Origins Deep Dive, with Dr. Alina Chan and Dr. Robert Garry | Ep. 426
Nov 03, 2022
Undecideds Breaking Red, and Biden's Sad Gaffe, with Josh Holmes, and Sean Parnell on His Personal Story | Ep. 425
Nov 02, 2022
Media's "October Surprise," and Meghan's Relationship with Charles, with Emily Jashinsky, Eliana Johnson, and Christopher Anderson | Ep. 424
Nov 01, 2022
Need for Pelosi Attack Transparency, Media Hypocrisy, and Left Abandons Free Speech, with Sen. Tom Cotton | Ep. 423
Oct 31, 2022
Oz Takes the Lead, and "Family Friendly Drag Show," with Jeremy Boreing, Robert Cahaly, and Carrie Prejean | Ep. 422
Oct 28, 2022
Megyn's Tribute to Her Sister, and Media Lying to Cover for Fetterman: Part One with Sean Parnell | Ep. 421
Oct 27, 2022
Fetterman's Debate Disaster, and Biden's Bizarre Cancer Comments, with the Ruthless Podcast Hosts | Ep. 420
Oct 26, 2022
Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. on COVID Orthodoxy, Fauci's Legacy, and War in Ukraine | Ep. 419
Oct 25, 2022
Biden's Mental Fitness, Targeting Political Enemies, and "Trans Dopers," with Ted Cruz and Michael Shermer | Ep. 418
Oct 24, 2022
Kids and Vaccines, CNN and Toobin, and Life After Cancelation, with Mary Katharine Ham and John Crist | Ep. 417
Oct 21, 2022
GOP Chances in NY and CT, Military Recruitment Issues, and REAL Top Gun Pilot, with John Ellis and Dave Berke | Ep. 416
Oct 20, 2022
Meghan Markle's Rise and Lies, and Stacey Abrams' Vulnerabilities, with Mike Rowe and Greg Bluestein | Ep. 415
Oct 19, 2022
Whether Walker and Oz Can Win, and Learning to Breathe and Detox, with Tom Bevan and Darin Olien | Ep. 414
Oct 18, 2022
Biden's "Strong" Economy Spin, and Smears Over Ukraine Nuclear Concerns, with David Sacks and David Friedberg | Ep. 413
Oct 17, 2022
Leaving the Dems, Leftist Policies in Schools, and Weinstein’s Upcoming Trial, with Tulsi Gabbard and Jonna Spilbor | Ep. 412
Oct 14, 2022
Media Covers for Fetterman's Impairment, and Left Turns on Islam Film, with Victor Davis Hanson and Meg Smaker | Ep. 411
Oct 13, 2022
Crime in American Cities, and Myth of "Red State Murder Problem," with Rafael Mangual and Jennifer Castro | Ep. 410
Oct 12, 2022
Kardashian Narcissism, Kanye's Anti-Semitism, and Nuclear "Armageddon," with The Fifth Column Hosts | Ep. 409
Oct 11, 2022
Jon Stewart's Gender Hypocrisy, and an Arizona Deep Dive, with Andrew Sullivan and Jeremy Duda | Ep. 408
Oct 10, 2022
Meghan and Harry's Neediness and Disloyalty, and New Free Speech Case, with Tom Bower and Lorie Smith | Ep. 407
Oct 07, 2022
Dire Consequences of Biden's Policies, and Fetterman-Oz Deep Dive, with Charles C.W. Cooke and Salena Zito | Ep. 406
Oct 06, 2022
Fauci Overstays His Welcome, a Society of Whiners, and Meltdown Over Elon Buying Twitter, with Gad Saad | Ep. 405
Oct 05, 2022
Democrats' Racism, and Elon Buying Twitter After All, with Dave Rubin, Adam Carolla and Mark Geragos | Ep. 404
Oct 04, 2022
VP Harris' Relief "Equity," and NFL's Concussion Issue, with Rich Lowry, Chris Nowinski, and Chloe Valdary | Ep. 403
Oct 03, 2022
Bridget Phetasy on the Value of Regret, Who Can Get Pregnant (and Her Own Baby), and Tua's Awful Injury | EP. 402
Sep 30, 2022
Ben Shapiro on Biden Mental Fitness Gaslighting, FBI's Pro-Life Activist Raid, and Gender Reality | EP. 401
Sep 29, 2022
Escaping Scientology, Tom Cruise's Impact, and a Prison of Belief, with Mike Rinder | EP. 400
Sep 28, 2022
The Value of Having Faith, Heaven and Hell, and Believing in Signs, with Father Mike Schmitz | EP. 399
Sep 27, 2022
Dangerous DOJ Overreach, and Adnan Syed Released, with Matt Taibbi, Arthur Aidala, and Mark Eiglarsh | Ep. 398
Sep 26, 2022
Growing Up in Hollywood, the Brutal Media Business, and Her Exit From Fox News, with Melissa Francis | Ep. 397
Sep 23, 2022
Truth About Ashley Biden's Diary, and the State of Men, with Ryan Grim, Joel Pollak, and Coleman Hughes | Ep. 396
Sep 22, 2022
Biden's Border Crisis Spin, and Don Lemon Gets Schooled On Air, with the Ruthless Podcast Hosts | Ep. 395
Sep 21, 2022
A Deep Dive on School Choice and Education Freedom, with Parents, Experts, and Advocates | Ep. 394
Sep 20, 2022
Biden Says COVID is Over, and Martha's Migrants, with Victor Davis Hanson, and a Powerful Tribute to Blake Barklage | Ep. 393
Sep 19, 2022
Malcolm Gladwell on Gender Identity in Kids, Becoming a Dad, and Working From Home | Ep. 392
Sep 15, 2022
Out of Touch Elites, and Oppression as a Currency, with Jesse Kelly and Amala Ekpunobi | Ep. 391
Sep 14, 2022
Harry and Meghan's Selfishness, and Media Smears, with Nigel Farage and Joseph Arthur | Ep. 390
Sep 13, 2022
Trump Associates Raided, and Victimhood in America, with Sharyl Attkisson and Vivek Ramaswamy | Ep. 389
Sep 12, 2022
Remembering the Queen's Life and Legacy, with Mark Steyn, Dan Wootton, Charles C.W. Cooke, and Dominique Samuels | Ep. 388
Sep 09, 2022
Queen Elizabeth II Dies, and the Left's Divisiveness, with David and Christen Limbaugh, Calvin Robinson, and Dr. Nicholas Kardaras | Ep. 387
Sep 08, 2022
James O'Keefe on His Latest Bombshell Videos, and Larry Elder on His Powerful Film "Uncle Tom II" | Ep. 386
Sep 07, 2022
Bombshell School Videos, and Dark Brandon's Speech, with Kmele Foster, Michael Moynihan, and Matt Welch | Ep. 385
Sep 06, 2022
Biden Attacks Half the Country, and Legacy Media Decline, with Michael Knowles and Chris Stirewalt | Ep. 384
Sep 01, 2022
Rittenhouse Two Years Later, and Markle's Story Questioned, with Richie McGinniss and Maureen Callahan | Ep. 383
Aug 31, 2022
Speaking Your Mind, Markle's "Diva" Moment, and the Importance of Dads, with Spencer Klavan | Ep. 382
Aug 30, 2022
FBI's Hunter Warning, and Climate Hysteria, with Michael Shellenberger, Emily Jashinsky, and Eliana Johnson | Ep. 381
Aug 29, 2022
Biden's Wealth Transfer, and Search Censorship, with Andrew Klavan, Nicole Levitt, and Todd Ricketts | Ep. 380
Aug 25, 2022
Good Riddance Fauci, and Meghan Markle's Smug Podcast, with Bethany Mandel, Karol Markowicz, and Dan Wootton | Ep. 379
Aug 24, 2022
Media Irrelevance, Fauci's Retirement, and the Trump Raid, with Jared Kushner, Bryan Dean Wright, and Mike Davis | Ep. 378
Aug 23, 2022
Prosecuting O.J., Misogyny in the Courtroom, and Race and Justice, with Marcia Clark | Ep. 377
Aug 22, 2022
Political Hypocrisy, Trump Obsession, and Intel Community Absurdity, with the Ruthless Podcast Hosts | Ep. 376
Aug 18, 2022
Biden's Title IX Sham, Abolishing the Department of Education, and Hard Work, with Betsy DeVos | Ep. 375
Aug 17, 2022
Trump Raid's 1/6 Connection, and Building Mental Toughness, with Andy Frisella and Charles C.W. Cooke | Ep. 374
Aug 16, 2022
A Deep Dive Into Alzheimer's and Disturbing New Scientific Findings, with Dr. Dale Bredesen, Dr. Matthew Schrag, and Charles Piller | Ep. 373
Aug 15, 2022
The Importance of Dads, Allowing Kids to Take Risks, and the Boy Crisis, with Dr. Warren Farrell | Ep. 372
Aug 11, 2022
Trump Investigation Circus, D.C. Corruption, and Saving America, with Glenn Beck | Ep. 371
Aug 10, 2022
Feds Raid Trump's Home, and American Opportunity, with Sen. Tim Scott, Alan Dershowitz, and Harmeet Dhillon | Ep. 370
Aug 09, 2022
Truth About Alex Jones, Immigration Crisis, and COVID Fear, with Rep. Mayra Flores and Dr. Joseph Ladapo | Ep. 369
Aug 08, 2022
Parenting in Today's Society, and Hunter Biden Laptop Latest, with Dr. Laura and Ken LaCorte | Ep. 368
Aug 05, 2022
A Deep Dive into Detransitioners, with Experts, Doctors, and Those Who Have Been Through It | Ep. 367
Aug 04, 2022
"Experts" Mislead on COVID Origins, and Biden's Afghanistan Baggage, with Josh Rogin and Robert O'Neill | Ep. 366
Aug 03, 2022
Truth About Terrorist's Killing, and Media Lies vs. Mistakes, with Victor Davis Hanson and Adam Carolla | Ep. 365
Aug 02, 2022
Biden's Ridiculous Recession Spin, and Pelosi's Taiwan Trip, with Peter Schiff and Jim Geraghty | Ep. 364
Aug 01, 2022
Jocko Willink on Responding to Adversity, Personal Responsibility, and Parenting | Summer Re-Release
Jul 28, 2022
Bridget Phetasy on Trauma and Recovery, Victimhood, and Marriage | Summer Re-Release
Jul 26, 2022
Defund Fallout, Arizona Showdown, and the Hunter Biden Probe, with Rafael Mangual, Karrin Taylor Robson, Jonna Spilbor, and Mark Eiglarsh | Ep. 363
Jul 22, 2022
Biden has COVID Not Cancer, and Green Policy Consequences, with the Ruthless Podcast Hosts | Ep. 362
Jul 21, 2022
AOC Pretends to Get Handcuffed, and Border Chaos, with Dan Abrams, Ali Bradley, and Sasha Stone | Ep. 361
Jul 20, 2022
Prince Harry Goes Woke at the UN, and Cybercrime Lessons, with Dan Wootton and Brett Johnson | Ep. 360
Jul 19, 2022
Lia Thomas as "Woman of the Year," and Political Hypocrisy, with Kari Lake, Jamie Kirchick, and Eddie Scarry | Ep. 359
Jul 18, 2022
Disrupting the Entertainment Industry, Empathy on Abortion, and Shark Attacks, with Andrew Schulz | Ep. 358
Jul 15, 2022
Woke Shaming Over Reality, and Faith Over Fame, with Konstantin Kisin and Alexa and Carlos PenaVega | Ep. 357
Jul 14, 2022
Biden's Inflation Crisis, and Elon Musk vs. the Bots, with David Sacks, Renee DiResta, and Todd Henderson | Ep. 356
Jul 13, 2022
Dr. Jill's Taco Gaffe, and Narrative vs. Truth, with Kmele Foster, Michael Moynihan, and Matt Welch | Ep. 355
Jul 12, 2022
New Questions About Biden's Cognitive Decline, and COVID Panic is Back, with Dr. Drew | Ep. 354
Jul 11, 2022
Threats Aimed at Kavanaugh, and a Free Speech Culture, with Greg Lukianoff and Anjelah Johnson-Reyes | Ep. 353
Jul 08, 2022
The Mafia Code, Turning on the Mob, and Life After Prison, with "Sammy the Bull" Gravano | Ep. 352
Jul 07, 2022
Free Speech Suppression, and a Culture Leading to Mass Shootings, with Keith Rabois and John Kass | Ep. 351
Jul 06, 2022
Why America is Worth Celebrating, Woke Misery, and PTSD, with Noah Rothman, Jason Kander, and Caroline Messer | Ep. 350
Jul 05, 2022
Racist Attacks on Clarence Thomas, and Our Culture Today, with Glenn Greenwald, Nancy Armstrong, and Suzy Weiss | Ep. 349
Jul 01, 2022
Free Speech Pushback, the Gift of Fear, and Dangers of Fame, with Gavin de Becker | Ep. 348
Jun 30, 2022
"Bombshell" Testimony Dud, and Biden and Trump in 2024, with Andrew Klavan and Stephen L. Miller | Ep. 347
Jun 29, 2022
Hysteria Over Abortion Next Steps, and Personal Liberty, with Gov. Kristi Noem and Jim Geraghty | Ep. 346
Jun 28, 2022
Roe Overturned - Political, Legal, and Personal Implications, with Charles Cooke, Alan Dershowitz, Lila Rose, and Batya Ungar-Sargon | Ep. 345
Jun 27, 2022
Andrew Schulz on Trump and Biden, the State of Comedy, and Feminism | Summer Re-Release
Jun 23, 2022
Tim Dillon on Comedy in the Trump Era, Out of Touch Celebrities, and Alex Jones | Summer Re-Release
Jun 21, 2022
The Golden State Killer: A Megyn Kelly Show True Crime Special | Ep. 344
Jun 17, 2022
The D.C. Sniper: A Megyn Kelly Show True Crime Special | Ep. 343
Jun 16, 2022
The Zodiac Killer: A Megyn Kelly Show True Crime Special | Ep. 342
Jun 15, 2022
Media's Trump Obsession, and Amber Heard Blames Social Media, with Dave Rubin, Emily Jashinsky, and Eliana Johnson | Ep. 341
Jun 13, 2022
Brutal Inflation, 1/6 Manipulation, and Motherhood, with Eric Bolling, Michael Knowles, and Christina P. | Ep. 340
Jun 10, 2022
Biden's Mental Fitness, and Kavanaugh Assassination Threat, with Rand Paul, Rich Lowry, and Ryan Grim | Ep. 339
Jun 09, 2022
Progressives Fail, and January 6 Theater, with Comfortably Smug, Josh Holmes, and Michael Duncan | Ep. 338
Jun 08, 2022
Crime and Chesa Boudin's Recall, and Elon Musk's Twitter Plan, with Jason Calacanis and David Sacks | Ep. 337
Jun 07, 2022
Cultural Drift From Reality, and Depp Fallout, with Red Scare Podcast Hosts Anna Khachiyan and Dasha Nekrasova | Ep. 336
Jun 06, 2022
Harry and Meghan Get Booed, and a Free Speech Victory, with Ilya Shapiro and Mark Steyn | Ep. 335
Jun 03, 2022
Justice For Johnny Depp, and What is a Woman, with Matt Walsh and Mark Geragos | Ep. 334
Jun 02, 2022
Heard's Lies, Depp's Lawyer, and the Truth about Fossil Fuels, with Robert Barnes and Alex Epstein | Ep. 333
Jun 01, 2022
The Reality of Biology, and Sussmann Found NOT Guilty, with Andrew Sullivan and Robert Gouveia | Ep. 332
May 31, 2022
Running Directly Into the Fight, Honoring Those We've Lost, and Fatherhood, with Dakota Meyer | Ep. 331
May 27, 2022
Outrageous Media Behavior, and Balancing White House Work and Family, with Kellyanne Conway | Ep. 330
May 26, 2022
Tragedy in Texas: Another Deadly School Shooting, with Charles C.W. Cooke and Neil Heslin | Ep. 329
May 25, 2022
Criminalizing Speech, and Performative Outrage, with Kmele Foster, Michael Moynihan, and Matt Welch | Ep. 328
May 24, 2022
A Culture of Fear, Social Media Toxicity, and America's Descent Into Stupidity, with Jonathan Haidt | Ep. 327
May 23, 2022
Dinesh D'Souza on Ballot Trafficking, "Election Integrity," and His Movie, "2000 Mules" | Ep. 326
May 20, 2022
Cultural Backlash Against Truth, and Pawns in Political Games, with Glenn Loury and Rob Montz | Ep. 325
May 19, 2022
Uncovering the UAP Mystery, and Standing For Your Beliefs, with Lue Elizondo and Jonathan Isaac | Ep. 324
May 18, 2022
Buffalo Blame Game, and Amber Heard Crossed on the Stand, with Jesse Kelly and Mark Geragos | Ep. 323
May 17, 2022
Horrific Buffalo Shooting Gets Grossly Politicized, with Brandon Tatum, Christian Walker, and Devin Nunes | Ep. 322
May 16, 2022
How To Lose Five Pounds By Memorial Day, with Dr. Cate Shanahan and Mark Sisson | Ep. 321
May 13, 2022
Disney's Decline, and Alarming Crypto and Stock Drops, with Chris Rufo, Eric Bolling, and Bethany Mandel | Ep. 320
May 12, 2022
Biden's Inflation Blame Game, and Elites' Empire of Lies, with Tyler Cowen and Victor Davis Hanson | Ep. 319
May 11, 2022
Roe Protests Grow, and Crime in Chicago, with Judge Andrew Napolitano, John Kass, and Mark Rasch | Ep. 318
May 10, 2022
Activists Target Justices' Homes, and Meghan Markle's Woke Show Canceled, with Piers Morgan and Tom Bevan | Ep. 317
May 09, 2022
Americans' Actual Abortion Views, and Amber Heard's Disturbing Testimony, with Charles C.W. Cooke, Mark Geragos, and More | Ep. 316
May 06, 2022
The Rise of Threats Against the Supreme Court Justices and Leaker Latest with Sen. Ted Cruz, Rich Lowry & Michael Knowles | Ep. 315
May 05, 2022
Dems New Abortion Push, and SCOTUS Leaker Fallout, with Sen. Josh Hawley, Glenn Greenwald, and Jay Sekulow | Ep. 314
May 04, 2022
Bombshell Leak Signals Roe Will Be Overturned, with Bill Barr, Allie Beth Stuckey and Alan Dershowitz | Ep. 313
May 03, 2022
Corporate Media Gate-Keeping, and Bizarre Depp-Heard Behavior, with the Ruthless Podcast Hosts, Mark Geragos, and Vinnie Politan | Ep. 312
May 02, 2022
True Cost of Tech Censorship, and Celebrity Corruption, with Sharyl Attkisson and Tom MacDonald | Ep. 311
Apr 29, 2022
Elite Panic Over Alternative Media Power, and Press Ignores Biden's Mental Fitness, with Matt Taibbi | Ep. 310
Apr 28, 2022
Megyn Kelly's Special Message on Open and Honest Conversations, Exclusively For Podcast Listeners
Apr 28, 2022
Elon Musk's Twitter Takeover, From All Angles, with Seth Dillon, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Peter Schiff | Ep. 309
Apr 27, 2022
Meltdown Over Musk Buying Twitter, and Backlash Against Woke Left, with Douglas Murray | Ep. 308
Apr 26, 2022
Elon Musk Buys Twitter, and Free Speech Under Attack, with Charles C.W. Cooke and Yascha Mounk | Ep. 307
Apr 25, 2022
Why CNN Plus Failed, DeSantis vs. Disney, and What Depp Trial Says About Marriage, with Steven Crowder | Ep. 306
Apr 22, 2022
Biden Confused Again, and CNN Plus Already Getting Shut Down, with Fifth Column Hosts Kmele Foster, Michael Moynihan, and Matt Welch | Ep. 305
Apr 21, 2022
Corporate Media's Latest Smears, and a Disastrous Border Crisis, with Glenn Greenwald and Brandon Judd | Ep. 304
Apr 20, 2022
Hunter Biden's Business Connections to Joe, and the Future of the Right, with Peter Schweizer and Matt Continetti | Ep. 303
Apr 19, 2022
Patriotism, Perseverance, and Beating the Russians, with "Miracle on Ice" Team Captain Mike Eruzione | Ep. 302
Apr 18, 2022
The Truth About Biden's Decline, and the Liberal Meltdown Over Elon Musk with Buck Sexton and Dana Loesch | Ep. 301
Apr 15, 2022
Will Elon Musk Buy Twitter, and Johnny Depp Trial Drama, with Peter Schiff, Jonna Spilbor, and Anne Bremner | Ep. 300
Apr 14, 2022
Chilling Journalistic Crackdown by Feds, and the Future of Unions, with James O'Keefe and Max Alvarez | Ep. 299
Apr 13, 2022
Free Speech Suppression, Woke Cultural Drift, and Becoming a Parent, with Dave Rubin | Ep. 298
Apr 12, 2022
Inappropriate Messaging to Our Kids, and Being Skeptical of Power, with Jeremy Boreing and Bryan Dean Wright | Ep. 297
Apr 11, 2022
Savile's Horrific Crimes, and Life After the Cancel Mob, with Dan Wootton, Joseph Massey and Dr. Robert Maloney | Ep. 296
Apr 08, 2022
The Truth About Hunter Biden's Legal Troubles, and a Border Surge, with Sen. Ron Johnson and Joe Pags | Ep. 295
Apr 07, 2022
How America Enabled Putin's Atrocities, and Democracy's Retreat, with Garry Kasparov | Ep. 294
Apr 06, 2022
Silencing Free Speech and BLM's $6 Million Mansion, with Andrew Klavan | Ep. 293
Apr 05, 2022
Fauci's Finances, and Growing Immigration Crisis, with the Ruthless Podcast Hosts and Adam Andrzejewski | Ep. 292
Apr 04, 2022
Biden, Fauci, Kardashian, Baldwin, "Trans Trump," and More, with Kyle Dunnigan | Ep. 291
Apr 01, 2022
What Will Smith's Slap Says About America, and Dangerous Speech Censorship, with Richard Dreyfuss | Ep. 290
Mar 31, 2022
Smith's Slap Fallout and Dems and Unions Coziness, with Sen. Tim Scott, Arthur Aidala, Mark Eiglarsh, and Lee Smith | Ep. 289
Mar 30, 2022
Collusion Between Political and Media Elite, and Learning Through Joy, with Marianne Williamson | Ep. 288
Mar 29, 2022
Biden's Blunder and Will Smith's Oscars Smack, with Sohrab Ahmari, Emily Jashinsky, and Eliana Johnson | Ep. 287
Mar 28, 2022
Importance of Exercise, Effects of Alcohol, and the Science of Longevity, with Peter Attia | Ep. 286
Mar 25, 2022
Taking Risks, Time Management, and Leading a Productive Life, with Oliver Burkeman | Ep. 285
Mar 24, 2022
Alcohol and Caffeine, Naps, and the Science of Sleep, with Dr. Matt Walker | Ep. 284
Mar 23, 2022
The JFK Assassination, Growing up Kennedy, and His Marriage | Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Interview, Part 2 | Ep. 283
Mar 22, 2022
Fauci, Vaccines, and Big Pharma's Power | Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Interview, Part 1 | Ep. 282
Mar 21, 2022
The BLM Grift, Overcoming Adversity, and the Importance of Faith, with Dr. Carol Swain | Ep. 281
Mar 16, 2022
Tone-deaf Green Activism, and Absurd COVID Authoritarianism and Kyrie Irving, with Victor Davis Hanson and Adam Carolla | Ep. 280
Mar 15, 2022
Exclusive Breonna Taylor Raid Details, and Omicron Reality, with Sgt. John Mattingly and David Leonhardt | Ep. 279
Mar 14, 2022
Media's "Don't Say Gay" Misinformation, and Durham Probe Reality, with Dave Rubin and Paul Sperry | Ep. 278
Mar 11, 2022
Biden's Gas Price Spin and Putin's Motive and Opportunity, with Sen. Josh Hawley, Admiral James Stavridis, Vinnie Politan and Robert Barnes | Ep. 277
Mar 10, 2022
The Truth About Russia and Ukraine: Narratives, Moralizing, and Humanitarian Crises, with Rod Dreher and Michael Repass | Ep. 276
Mar 09, 2022
Biden Blocks Russian Oil and How Weak Leadership Led to Invasion, with Ric Grenell, Michael Shellenberger, and John Daniel Davidson | Ep. 275
Mar 08, 2022
Rod Blagojevich on Corruption in Politics, Overcoming Adversity, and the State of the Democratic Party | Ep. 274
Mar 04, 2022
Brutal Reality About Putin, and Biden Sounding Like Trump, with Buck Sexton and Jason Whitlock | Ep. 273
Mar 03, 2022
Biden's Incoherent State of the Union and Pandemic Hypocrisy, with Charles C.W. Cooke, Jeremy Peters, Matt Welch, and Nancy Rommelmann | Ep. 272
Mar 02, 2022
Putin's Madness and Next Moves, and Biden's Massive Speech, with Michael Knowles and Garry Kasparov | Ep. 271
Mar 01, 2022
Robert O'Neill and Dakota Meyer on Trust and Humility, Hard Work, and Uniting Behind Ukraine | Ep. 270
Feb 28, 2022
Biden's Putin Miscalculation and Supreme Court Pick, with Morgan Ortagus, Rich Lowry, Harmeet Dhillon, and Jonna Spilbor | Ep. 269
Feb 25, 2022
Russia Invades Ukraine, with Mike Pompeo, Jim Geraghty, Konstantin Kisin, and Nataliya Gumenyuk | Ep. 268
Feb 24, 2022
Parents Fighting Back and COVID Policy Hypocrisy, with Dr. Joseph Ladapo and Brian Echevarria
Feb 23, 2022
Putin Exploits Biden's Weakness and Canada's Authoritarian Crackdown, with Eric Bolling, Charles Cooke, and Jamil Jivani | Ep. 266
Feb 22, 2022
The Science of Love, Cheating, and Long-Lasting Relationships, with Dr. Helen Fisher | Ep. 265
Feb 18, 2022
San Fran Recalls Progressive School Board and More Cuomo CNN Drama, with Josh Holmes and Comfortably Smug of the Ruthless Podcast | Ep. 264
Feb 17, 2022
The Keys to Happiness, Embracing Weakness, and the Importance of Friendship, with Arthur Brooks | Ep. 263
Feb 16, 2022
Top Exec Resigns and Turns Down $1 Million to Speak Freely on COVID Hypocrisy, with Jennifer Sey | Ep. 262
Feb 15, 2022
Speaking Freely and Kaepernick Truth, with Michele Tafoya, Plus Hillary Spying on Trump, with Victor Davis Hanson | Ep. 261
Feb 14, 2022
Parents Pushed to Breaking Points, COVID Child Abuse, and Why the Corporate Press Hates Joe Rogan, with Dave Smith | Ep. 260
Feb 11, 2022
Secrets to Living Longer and Better, with Tony Robbins, and Hollywood Captured by China, with Erich Schwartzel | Ep. 259
Feb 10, 2022
Biden's COVID Gaslighting, Anti-Science Masking, and Trucker Crackdown, with Ben Shapiro, Ezra Levant and Rob Astorino | Ep. 258
Feb 09, 2022
Big Tech Turns Against Free Speech and Fighting the COVID Ruling Class, with David Sacks | Ep. 257
Feb 08, 2022
New Battle in Left's War on Joe Rogan, and Black Prosperity Under Trump, with Jason Riley | Ep. 256
Feb 07, 2022
Zucker Advising Cuomo, Olympics Propaganda, and Cancel Culture, with Tatiana Siegel, Allison Williams, Ethan Strauss, and Akaash Singh | Ep. 255
Feb 04, 2022
Smug CNN, Silencing Speech, and Misguided Biden, with Daniel Cameron, Erik Wemple, and Todd Rose | Ep. 254
Feb 03, 2022
Zucker's Seismic CNN Exit, Whoopi's Suspension, and Canada's Freedom-Loving Truckers, with Rich Lowry, Melissa Cronin, Stu Burguiere, and Ezra Levant | Ep. 253
Feb 02, 2022
Whoopi's Crazy Holocaust Comments and the Value of Regret, with Emily Jashinsky, Eliana Johnson, and Daniel Pink | Ep. 252
Feb 01, 2022
Censorship Mob Blasts Rogan, Biden's NYPD No-Show, and Putin's Next Move, with Clay Travis and Ric Grenell | Ep. 251
Jan 31, 2022
Dr. Laura on Marriage Secrets, Protecting Your Kids, and the Value of Personal Responsibility | Ep. 250
Jan 28, 2022
Disturbing Leaked Illegal Immigration Video and Ray Epps Latest, with Matt Walsh and Julie Kelly | Ep. 249
Jan 27, 2022
Guns in America: A Megyn Kelly Show Debate, with Stephen Gutowski and Mike Spies | Ep. 248
Jan 26, 2022
Hysteria Harming Our Kids and Why We Can't Stay Focused, with Abigail Shrier, Johann Hari, and Megan Rafalski | Ep. 247
Jan 25, 2022
Media's Failed Pushback on Power and Ridiculous COVID Restrictions, with Nick Gillespie and Tara Henley | Ep. 246
Jan 24, 2022
Goldie Hawn on the Importance of Family, Her Storied Career, and Mental Health | Ep. 245
Jan 21, 2022
Tristan Harris on Secrets of Social Media Algorithms, Tech Manipulation and Addiction, and How Our Feeds Divide Us | Ep. 244
Jan 20, 2022
Free Speech Under Attack and Crime Wave in American Cities, with Greg Lukianoff and Ray Kelly | Ep. 243
Jan 19, 2022
Terror in Texas and a Possible Clinton Comeback, with Monica Crowley and Briahna Joy Gray | Ep. 242
Jan 18, 2022
COVID Truth Suppression and Prince Andrew's Perilous Future, with Sen. Marco Rubio, Dan Wootton, and Anne Bremner | Ep. 241
Jan 14, 2022
Arrogance of the Elites and Our Alarming Digital Future, with Chris Arnade, David Zweig, and Tracey Follows | Ep. 240
Jan 13, 2022
The Truth About Climate Change, Climate Realism and Climate Alarmism, with Bjorn Lomborg and David Wallace-Wells | Ep. 239
Jan 12, 2022
Adam Curry on Coordinated COVID Attacks, Following the Money, and Michael and Janet Jackson | Ep. 238
Jan 11, 2022
CDC Damage Control and Teachers Refusing to Teach, with Matt Taibbi, Phil Kerpen and Corey DeAngelis | Ep. 237
Jan 10, 2022
Afghanistan Accountability and COVID Misinformation at Supreme Court, with Stuart Scheller and Robert Barnes | Ep. 236
Jan 07, 2022
January 6 Obsession and Maxwell Verdict, with Comfortably Smug, Michael Duncan, Josh Holmes, Arthur Aidala, and Lis Wiehl | Ep. 235
Jan 06, 2022
Fauci's "Noble Lie," Natural Immunity, and China's Latest Crackdown, with Sen. Rand Paul, Josh Rogin, and Dr. Aaron Kheriaty | Ep. 234
Jan 05, 2022
Zuby on COVID Doom Addiction, the Harms of Closing Schools, and How to Fight Back | Ep. 233
Jan 04, 2022
COVID Truth and Propaganda, and a Trans Swimmer Update, with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Cynthia Millen, and Nancy Hogshead-Makar | Ep. 232
Jan 03, 2022
The Year of the Parent: A 2021 Megyn Kelly Show Retrospective | Ep. 231
Dec 29, 2021
2021 Year in Review: The Best of The Megyn Kelly Show | Ep. 230
Dec 27, 2021
"Dopesick" - The Sackler Family: A Megyn Kelly Show True Crime Special | Ep. 229
Dec 24, 2021
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Dec 23, 2021
The Unabomber: A Megyn Kelly Show True Crime Special | Ep. 227
Dec 22, 2021
Casey Anthony: A Megyn Kelly Show True Crime Special | Ep. 226
Dec 21, 2021
Scott Peterson: A Megyn Kelly Show True Crime Special | Ep. 225
Dec 20, 2021
Bombshell Report on Masking Kids and Little House on the Prairie Tell-All, with David Zweig and Karen Grassle | Ep. 224
Dec 17, 2021
Social Justice Consequences and a Vaccine Injury Story, with Allie Beth Stuckey, Andrew Branca, and Kyle Warner | Ep. 223
Dec 16, 2021
Dave Ramsey on Inflation Reality, the Millionaire Mentality, and the Power of Hope | Ep. 222
Dec 15, 2021
Real COVID Risk to Kids and Biden's Lagging Leadership, with Charles C.W. Cooke and David Wallace-Wells | Ep. 221
Dec 14, 2021
COVID Hysteria Aimed at Kids, New Proposed Gun Laws, and Cuomo Latest, with Janice Dean, Bethany Mandel, and John Lott Jr. | Ep. 220
Dec 13, 2021
Jussie Smollett's Hate Crime Hoax and Media Enablers, with The Hodgetwins and Dr. Carol Swain | Ep. 219
Dec 10, 2021
Mark Geragos on Scott Peterson, Kim Potter, Alec Baldwin, and the State of CNN | Ep. 218
Dec 09, 2021
Fauci's COVID Responsibility and Gun vs. Criminal Culture, with Peter Navarro and Dana Loesch | Ep. 217
Dec 08, 2021
Rise in Crime, Corporate Cowardice, and Media Hypocrisy in America, with Bari Weiss and Brandon Tatum | Ep. 216
Dec 07, 2021
NBA's China Hypocrisy on Human Rights and COVID Reality, with Enes Kanter Freedom and David Leonhardt | Ep. 215
Dec 06, 2021
Matt Walsh and Adam Carolla on Viewpoint Censorship, Alec Baldwin Speaking Out, and Australia's COVID crackdown | Ep. 214
Dec 03, 2021
Jussie Smollett, Ghislaine Maxwell, and Abortion Before The Supreme Court, with Lila Rose, Jonna Spilbor, and Lis Wiehl | Ep. 213
Dec 02, 2021
Fauci, Cuomo, Hunter, and Omicron, with Sen. Rand Paul, Miranda Devine, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, and Dr. David Dowdy | Ep. 212
Dec 01, 2021
Amanda Knox on Media Bias and Sensationalism, Reclaiming Her Name, and Motherhood and Marriage | Ep. 211
Nov 30, 2021
Omicron Panic and Limbaugh's Legacy, with Kmele Foster, Michael Moynihan, Matt Welch, and James Golden | Ep. 210
Nov 29, 2021
Media Malpractice and Criminal Consequences, with Kathie Lee Gifford, E.D. Hill, John Kass and Amy Swearer | Ep. 209
Nov 23, 2021
Rittenhouse Media Insanity and the Dangers of China, with Sen. Tom Cotton, Jason Whitlock, and Jesse Singal | Ep. 208
Nov 22, 2021
Kyle Rittenhouse Found Not Guilty on All Counts, with Glenn Greenwald, Andrew Branca, Mark Eiglarsh, and Angenette Levy | Ep. 207
Nov 19, 2021
COVID Lockdown Reality and MSNBC Banned from Rittenhouse Courtroom, with Dr. Scott Atlas, Robert Barnes, and Dan Abrams | Ep. 206
Nov 18, 2021
Rittenhouse Jury Deliberates and Media's Disastrous Coverage, with Gov. Chris Christie, Robert Barnes, Andrew Branca, and Richard Baris | Ep. 205
Nov 17, 2021
Rittenhouse Trial Heads to Jury and O'Keefe Raided By FBI, with Robert Barnes, Dave Aronberg, Andrew Branca and Harmeet Dhillon | Ep. 204
Nov 16, 2021
Steele Dossier Implodes and Rittenhouse Trial Nears Conclusion, with Kash Patel, Erik Wemple, and Julio Rosas | Ep. 203
Nov 15, 2021
Jim Breuer on the Downsides of Fame and Vanity, SNL in the 90s, and Canceling Chappelle | Ep. 202
Nov 12, 2021
Explosive Rittenhouse Trial Moments and COVID Testing and Vaccines, with Robert Gruler, Dr. Michael Mina, and Brian Dressen | Ep. 201
Nov 11, 2021
Rittenhouse Takes Stand, COVID Overreach, and Lemon's Accuser Responds, with Sharyl Attkisson, Coleman Hughes, Robert Barnes and Dustin Hice | Ep. 200
Nov 10, 2021
Peter Schiff on Biden's Dysfunctional Economy, Inflation Concerns, and the Value of Bitcoin | Ep. 199
Nov 09, 2021
Don Lemon's Accuser Speaks Out and the Mediocrity of the Elites, with Dustin Hice and Emily Jashinsky | Ep. 198
Nov 08, 2021
Policing Comedy and the Kaepernick Documentary, with Jason Whitlock and Seth Dillon | Ep. 197
Nov 05, 2021
Tuesday's Red Wave and the Kyle Rittenhouse Trial, with Victor Davis Hanson, Jonna Spilbor, and Arthur Aidala | Ep. 196
Nov 04, 2021
GOP's Giant Virginia Victory, with Ken Cuccinelli, Charles C.W. Cooke, Asra Nomani, and Bill McGurn | Ep. 195
Nov 03, 2021
All Eyes on Virginia, with Salena Zito, Comfortably Smug, Josh Holmes, and Michael Duncan | Ep. 194
Nov 02, 2021
VA Gov Race Ramifications and Texas Abortion Case Before SCOTUS, with Rich Lowry and Alan Dershowitz | Ep. 193
Nov 01, 2021
Ghost Stories: A Haunted Megyn Kelly Show Halloween, with Jason Hawes and Jim Harold | Ep. 192
Oct 29, 2021
Free Speech Under Fire and Vaccine Mandates, with Michael Knowles and John Kass | Ep. 191
Oct 28, 2021
Tim Kennedy on the Taliban Terror Threat, Personal Responsibility, and the Importance of Losing | Ep. 190
Oct 27, 2021
Culture War Disconnects, Nike Hypocrisy, and the Religion of Woke, with John McWhorter and Ethan Strauss | Ep. 189
Oct 26, 2021
Dr. Lisa Littman on Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria, the Teen Trans Trend, and Intellectual Rigor | Ep. 188
Oct 25, 2021
A Wuhan Lab Admission and White House Coordination Against Parents, with Hugh Hewitt, Melissa Francis, Allie Beth Stuckey, and Nicki Neily | Ep. 187
Oct 22, 2021
Vaccine Freedom, China's Military Might, and Woke Media, with Allison Williams, Sen. Josh Hawley, and Batya Ungar-Sargon | Ep. 186
Oct 21, 2021
Havana Syndrome and Vaccinating Young Kids, with Glenn Greenwald, David Zweig, and Marc Polymeropoulos | Ep. 185
Oct 20, 2021
Vaccine Mandates, Supply Chain Crisis, and CRT in Middle School, with Eric Bolling and Ramona Bessinger | Ep. 184
Oct 19, 2021
Steven Crowder on His YouTube Suspension, Fatherhood, and His Near-Death Health Scare | Ep. 183
Oct 18, 2021
Jordan Belfort on His Incredible Life, Victimhood Mentality, and the Keys to Entrepreneurial Success | Ep. 182
Oct 15, 2021
Dave Rubin on Vaccine Choice, Media Narratives, and Trump in 2024 | Ep. 1 81
Oct 14, 2021
Moms Fighting Back Over Masking Kids and CRT, with Maud Maron, Natalya Murakhver, and Jenin Younes | Ep. 180
Oct 13, 2021
Sharon Osbourne on Her "The Talk" Exit and Marriage, and Adam Curry on Cancel Culture and Dave Chappelle | Ep. 179
Oct 12, 2021
COVID Origins and the Homelessness Crisis, with Richard Muller and Michael Shellenberger | Ep. 178
Oct 11, 2021
Ryan Holiday on Confronting Our Fear, the Value of Being "Difficult," and Courage | Ep. 177
Oct 08, 2021
Biden's Border Crisis and Cratering Poll Numbers, with Eliana Johnson, Chris Stirewalt, and Brandon Judd | Ep. 176
Oct 07, 2021
Getting Real About How COVID Started and COVID Vaccines, with Josh Rogin and Scott Gottlieb | Ep. 175
Oct 06, 2021
Tech Censorship, Media Malpractice, and Woke Icons, with Victor Davis Hanson, John Stossel, and Ben Smith | Ep. 174
Oct 05, 2021
Sexual Harassment Allegation Against Chris Cuomo, and a Woke Push To Eliminate Biological Sex, with Shelley Ross and Katie Herzog | Ep. 173
Oct 04, 2021
Glenn Beck on the Impending Inflation Disaster, the Border Crisis, and Biden's Divisive Messaging | Ep. 172
Oct 01, 2021
COVID Child Abuse, Vaccine Truth and Lebron James Backlash with Karol Markowicz, Dr. Monica Gandhi and Dr. Martin Kulldorff | Ep. 171
Sep 30, 2021
Aftermath of Afghanistan and Julian Assange Allegations with Mike Pompeo and Jack Carr | Ep. 170
Sep 29, 2021
Tulsi Gabbard on the Afghanistan Withdrawal Hearing and the ‘Woke-ification’ of the Military | Ep. 169
Sep 28, 2021
Missing Migrants, Mask Mutiny, and the Hunter Biden Email Coverup with Robby Soave and Sohrab Ahmari | Ep. 168
Sep 27, 2021
Tucker Carlson on the Media's Deception, the ADL's Attacks, and Armor Against Criticism | Ep. 167
Sep 24, 2021
Gabby Petito’s Death, Theranos Fraud Trial, and Britney Spears with Brian Entin, Mark Eiglarsh and Arthur Aidala | Ep. 166
Sep 23, 2021
The Truth about Del Rio and the Migrant Crisis with Dennis Michael Lynch, Stephanie Crisp-Canales, and Brandon Darby | Ep. 165
Sep 22, 2021
Dr. Drew and Paulina Pinsky on Radical Honesty, Hard Conversations, and the Benefits of Therapy | Ep. 164
Sep 21, 2021
The Naked Hypocrisy of the Emmys, Crazy Mask Policies, and the LuLaRoe ‘Cult’ with Leonydus Johnson, Roberta Blevins and Derryl Trujillo | Ep. 163
Sep 20, 2021
The Russiagate ‘Scandal’ and Media’s Shaming of the Unvaccinated with Glenn Greenwald | Ep. 162
Sep 17, 2021
Left Turns on Nicki Minaj, Fauci’s New Title and Immigration Madness with Kmele Foster, Matt Welch, and Michael Moynihan | Ep. 161
Sep 16, 2021
The COVID Numbers Game and the Toxicity of Big Tech with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Prof. Scott Galloway | Ep. 160
Sep 15, 2021
Solutions for a World in Disarray with Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying | Ep. 159
Sep 14, 2021
Rebellion Against Wokeism, the Loss of Patriotism, and the Vaccine Push with Peter Boghossian, Janice Dean, and Adam Carolla | Ep. 158
Sep 13, 2021
9/11 20 Years Later and Biden's Vaccine Mandate, with Rep. Dan Crenshaw, Debra Burlingame, Frank Siller, and Shannen Coffin | Ep. 157
Sep 10, 2021
COVID Truth on Fauci, Vaccines, and Masks, with Sen. Rand Paul, David Zweig, and Dr. Vinay Prasad | Ep. 156
Sep 09, 2021
Is Newsom Done? California Recall, with Larry Elder and Caitlyn Jenner | Ep. 155
Sep 08, 2021
Afghanistan, Abortion, and COVID, with Lara Logan, Charles C.W. Cooke, and Alan Dershowitz | Ep. 154
Sep 07, 2021
Michael Shermer on COVID Hysteria, the Religion of Wokeism, and Cults | Ep. 153
Sep 02, 2021
Stephen Miller on Biden’s Terror Response, the Border Crisis, and Trump 2024 | Ep. 152
Aug 30, 2021
The Benefits and Dangers of Artificial Intelligence, with Nick Bostrom and Andrew Ng | Ep. 151
Aug 26, 2021
Wesley Yang on Weaponized Fragility, Policing Debate Out of Existence, and The Successor Ideology | Ep. 150
Aug 23, 2021
Marcus and Morgan Luttrell on the Afghanistan Debacle, Loving America, and Never Quitting | Ep. 149
Aug 20, 2021
Chaos and Violence, in Afghanistan and Chicago, with Ayaan Hirsi Ali and John Kass | Ep. 148
Aug 18, 2021
Biden's Afghanistan Blame Game, with Robert O'Neill and Ric Grenell | Ep. 147
Aug 17, 2021
Afghanistan Falls to the Taliban, with Sean Parnell and Charles C.W. Cooke | Ep. 146
Aug 16, 2021
Heather Mac Donald on COVID Fear and Power, Embracing Balance, and The Demonization of Men | Ep. 145
Aug 13, 2021
Cuomo is Done - And What Comes Next, with Janice Dean and Stu Burguiere | Ep. 144
Aug 11, 2021
The Cost of Biden's Eviction Moratorium - One Landlord's Story | Ep. 143
Aug 10, 2021
Andrew Sullivan on the Woke Left's Religious Zealotry, Anti-Tribalism, and a Crisis of Trust | Ep. 142
Aug 09, 2021
Dr. Drew Pinsky on COVID Hysteria, The Rise of Narcissism, and Marriage and Parenting | Ep. 141
Aug 06, 2021
The Truth About January 6th, with Andy McCarthy and Julie Kelly | Ep. 140
Aug 04, 2021
Cuomo and COVID, with Janice Dean and Dr. Martin Kulldorff | Ep. 139
Aug 03, 2021
Sean Parnell on Fighting For America, Running For Political Office, and How Military Combat Changes You | Ep. 138
Aug 02, 2021
The Rise Of The Illiberal Left, with Christina Hoff Sommers, Desh Amila, and Curt Jaimungal | Ep. 137
Jul 30, 2021
Intermittent Fasting - What You Need To Know, with Cynthia Thurlow | Ep. 136
Jul 28, 2021
COVID Confusion and Olympics Storylines, with Dr. Joel Zinberg and Juliet Huddy | Ep. 135
Jul 27, 2021
Ben Shapiro on DeSantis, Biden, and Our Authoritarian Moment in America | Ep. 134
Jul 26, 2021
Malcolm Gladwell on Forgiveness, The Value of Being Disagreeable, and The Little Mermaid | Ep. 133
Jul 23, 2021
What's Happening In Cuba and Hong Kong, with Antonio Garcia-Martinez and Samuel Chu | Ep. 132
Jul 21, 2021
Defund The Police Consequences, with Larry Elder and Don and Sondra Samuels | Ep. 131
Jul 20, 2021
Allie Beth Stuckey on Protecting Women and Girls, Motherhood, and the Courage To Stand Up | Ep. 130
Jul 19, 2021
Dr. Ben Carson on American Exceptionalism, Being Victors Instead of Victims, and Biden and Trump | Ep. 129
Jul 16, 2021
Critical Race Theory, And How To Effectively Fight Back, with Kmele Foster and Rich Lowry | Ep. 128
Jul 14, 2021
Chrissie Mayr on Cancel Culture, the State of Comedy, and Supporting Trump | Ep. 127
Jul 12, 2021
Jason Whitlock and "Uncle Jimmy" on Patriotism, Sin and Morality, and the Drama at ESPN | Ep. 126
Jul 09, 2021
Two Women Fighting Back, with "ThisIsSavvy" Savannah Edwards and Rancher Leisl Carpenter | Ep. 125
Jul 07, 2021
Bret Weinstein on Tech Censorship, The Value of Conversation, and COVID Treatments | Ep. 124
Jul 05, 2021
American Stories, with Bari Weiss, J.D. Vance, and Mike Rowe | Ep. 123
Jul 02, 2021
Victor Davis Hanson on Defunding the Police, Woke Warriors, and the State of the Biden Presidency | Ep. 122
Jun 30, 2021
Britney Spears, Vaccine Mandates, "Central Park Karen," and More Hot Legal Cases, with Arthur Aidala and Mark Eiglarsh | Ep. 121
Jun 28, 2021
Leader Kevin McCarthy and Sen. Joni Ernst on the Crime Surge, the Border Crisis, and Bipartisanship | Ep. 120
Jun 25, 2021
Gad Saad on Victimhood, Fighting Back Against the Tyranny of the Minority, and the Differences Between Men and Women | Ep. 119
Jun 23, 2021
Clay Travis and Buck Sexton on Political Double Standards, COVID Hypocrisy, and Following Rush Limbaugh | Ep. 118
Jun 21, 2021
Alice Marie Johnson on Her Journey Out of Prison, President Trump, Kim Kardashian, and Criminal Justice Reform | Ep. 117
Jun 18, 2021
The Truth About UFOs and UAPs, with Lue Elizondo and John Greenewald | Ep. 116
Jun 16, 2021
Jason Riley on Critical Race Theory, Policing in America, and Thomas Sowell's Honest Intellectualism | Ep. 115
Jun 14, 2021
The COVID Cover-Up, with Josh Rogin, David Marcus, and Richard Muller | Ep. 114
Jun 11, 2021
Exposing The Embarrassing Elites, with Sohrab Ahmari, Krystal Ball, Saagar Enjeti, and Dan Abrams | Ep. 113
Jun 09, 2021
Zaid Jilani and Andy Ngo on COVID Truth and Censorship, Antifa's Tactics, and Failings of the Corporate Media | Ep. 112
Jun 07, 2021
Dennis Prager on the Leftward Drift in Schools, Secular Extremism, and American Exceptionalism | Ep. 111
Jun 04, 2021
Matt Taibbi on Fighting Cancel Culture, Biden Media Coverage, and COVID Hypocrisy | Ep. 110
Jun 02, 2021
Robert O'Neill on Killing Bin Laden, Life Lessons from SEAL Training, and American Unity | Ep. 109
May 31, 2021
The Rise in Anti-Jewish and Anti-Asian Violence in America, with Ron Dermer and Ying Ma | Ep. 108
May 28, 2021
COVID Reality on Kids and Masks, the Wuhan Lab, and Vaccines, with Dr. Nicole Saphier and Dr. Lucy McBride | Ep. 107
May 26, 2021
Daryl Davis on Getting KKK Members to Leave the Klan, Policing in America, and Lacking Bitterness | Ep. 106
May 24, 2021
Lara Logan on Overcoming Trauma, Political Operatives in the Media, and Dangers of Technology | Ep. 105
May 21, 2021
What's Happening in Israel and Gaza, Today and Throughout History - With Alan Dershowitz and Shadi Hamid | Ep. 104
May 19, 2021
Carlos Watson on Challenging Conversations, the State of the Media, and the Ingredients to Success | Ep. 103
May 17, 2021
Ryan Long on Intersectional Trainwrecks, the State of Comedy, and COVID Hypocrisy | Ep. 102
May 14, 2021
The Trans Athletes Debate, From All Angles: High School Girls Suing, Medical Experts, and More | Ep. 101
May 12, 2021
John McWhorter on MLK's Message, Fixing Our Culture's Focus on Race, and Nasty Words | Ep. 100
May 10, 2021
A Parent Fights Back: Andrew Gutmann on Critical Race Theory and "Anti-Racism" Indoctrination at His Daughter's School | Ep. 99
May 07, 2021
Sen. Josh Hawley on Big Tech Tyranny, Media Absurdity, and the State of the GOP | Ep. 98
May 05, 2021
Adam Grant on How To Win Arguments, "Safe Spaces" on College Campuses, and Imposter Thoughts | Ep. 97
May 03, 2021
Kmele Foster, Michael Moynihan, and Matt Welch on Woke Culture, Free Speech, and Identity Politics | Ep. 96
Apr 30, 2021
Charles C.W. Cooke on Biden's Broken Promises, COVID Craziness, and Police Reform | Ep. 95
Apr 28, 2021
Climate Truth: Climate Change Alarmism and Reality, with Michael Shellenberger and Benji Backer | Ep. 94
Apr 26, 2021
A Teacher Speaks Out: Paul Rossi on Critical Race Theory and Anti-Racist Teachings "Demonizing" Kids at his School | Ep. 93
Apr 23, 2021
Chauvin Found Guilty - What it Means, and What Happens Next, with Alan Dershowitz, Arthur Aidala and Mark Eiglarsh | Ep. 92
Apr 21, 2021
Scott Walker on Taking on Unions, Leftward Drift in Schools, and the GOP in 2024 | Ep. 91
Apr 19, 2021
Katie Herzog and Jesse Singal on Culture Wars, the Trans Trend, and Fad Psychology | Ep. 90
Apr 16, 2021
COVID Truth, on the Wuhan Lab, Herd Immunity, Vaccines and Variants, with Josh Rogin and Dr. Marty Makary | Ep. 89
Apr 14, 2021
Clay Travis on American Sports and China, Hunter Biden, and Dealing with Bullies | Ep. 88
Apr 12, 2021
Derek Chauvin Trial: Where Things Stand Now, with Alan Dershowitz, Arthur Aidala and Mark Eiglarsh | Ep. 87
Apr 09, 2021
Chris Distefano on COVID Hysteria, Raising Tough Kids, and The Plague of Narcissism | Ep. 86
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Candace Owens on the Derek Chauvin Trial, Motherhood, and Cardi B | Ep. 85
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Jordan Peterson on Radical Honesty, Raising Kids, and Getting Your House in Order | Ep. 84
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The Derek Chauvin Trial: What You Need To Know, with Arthur Aidala, Mark Eiglarsh, and Michael Belsky | Ep. 83
Mar 31, 2021
Dave Ramsey on Capitalism, The Value of Working Hard, and Wealth Equality vs. Wealth Equity | Ep. 82
Mar 29, 2021
Justine Bateman on Parenting in the Age of Instagram, Beauty Standards for Men and Women, and Dealing with Critics | Ep. 81
Mar 26, 2021
Thomas Chatterton Williams on the Authoritarian Left, the Illusion of Racial Identity, and Victimhood in America | Ep. 80
Mar 24, 2021
John Stossel on Big Tech Censorship, COVID Fear, and Capitalism | Ep. 79
Mar 22, 2021
John Rich on Trump and Biden, The Leftward Drift of Red Cities, and His Relationship With God | Ep. 78
Mar 19, 2021
Jocko Willink on Responding to Adversity, Personal Responsibility and Victimhood, and Parenting | Ep. 77
Mar 17, 2021
Victor Davis Hanson on the Crisis at the Border, the Liberal Elite's "Abstract Empathy," and What He Loves About America | Ep. 76
Mar 15, 2021
Michael Knowles on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Entitlement and Victimhood, and the Woke Drift in Schools | Ep. 75
Mar 12, 2021
Andrew Schulz on Trump and Biden, the State of Comedy, and Feminism | Ep. 74
Mar 10, 2021
Oprah's Meghan and Harry Bombshell, with Dan Wootton, Plus Bari Weiss on Her "New ACLU" | Ep. 73
Mar 08, 2021
Larry Elder on Racial Resentment, Media Bias, and What Makes America Great | Ep. 72
Mar 05, 2021
Janice Dean on the Fall of Andrew Cuomo, and The Importance of Making Your Own Sunshine | Ep. 71
Mar 03, 2021
Tim Pool on Big Tech Censorship, Establishment Media Bias, and What He's Building Next | Ep. 70
Mar 01, 2021
Tulsi Gabbard on How Washington Really Works, Clashing with Clinton and Kamala, And Her Political Future | Ep. 69
Feb 26, 2021
Ben Shapiro on Firing Fauci, Uncanceling Carano, and Ditching California | Ep. 68
Feb 24, 2021
Antifa's Violent Rise and Next Move, with Andy Ngo and Shelby Talcott | Ep. 67
Feb 22, 2021
Eric Bolling on Rush Limbaugh's Legacy, The Lincoln Project's Demise and his Crusade to Honor His Son | Ep. 66
Feb 19, 2021
The Fallout From Racism Accusations: Two Real-Life Stories | Ep. 65
Feb 17, 2021
Ayaan Hirsi Ali on the disturbing rise of violence against women in Europe by Muslim men | Ep. 64
Feb 15, 2021
Adam Carolla on COVID Madness, AOC, and Whether He'll Leave California | Ep. 63
Feb 12, 2021
Arguing Impeachment, with Legal Titans Alan Dershowitz and Laurence Tribe | Ep. 62
Feb 10, 2021
Biden Brings Back "Believe All Women" - KC Johnson on Key Title IX Cases on College Campuses | Ep. 61
Feb 08, 2021
Tim Dillon on Comedy in the Trump Era, Out of Touch Celebrities, and Alex Jones | Ep. 60
Feb 05, 2021
Race and Schools, with Jodi Shaw and Christopher Rufo | Ep. 59
Feb 03, 2021
A Mom and Small Business Owner, On How She Ended Up at the Capitol January 6, and Fighting Against COVID Lockdown | Ep. 58
Feb 01, 2021
COVID Vaccines, Masks and Schools, with Alex Berenson and Dr. Jay Bhattacharya | Ep. 57
Jan 29, 2021
Dave Portnoy and Erika Nardini on Barstool's Success, Authenticity, and Helping Small Businesses | Ep. 56
Jan 27, 2021
Douglas Murray on Overcoming Tribalism, the Asymmetry of Wokeness, and the Rise of Victimhood | Ep. 55
Jan 25, 2021
Bari Weiss on the State of the Media, Cancel Culture, and Anti-Semitism | Ep. 54
Jan 22, 2021
Biden Begins, with Ben Domenech, Krystal Ball, Saagar Enjeti, and Ryan Grim | Ep. 53
Jan 20, 2021
This Moment in America, with Dennis Prager and Rep. Steve Scalise | Ep. 52
Jan 18, 2021
Impeachment, The Sequel, with Eric Bolling and Dan Abrams | Ep. 51
Jan 15, 2021
Tech Censorship And Independent Media, with Glenn Greenwald and the CEOs of Parler and Substack | Ep. 50
Jan 13, 2021
Kathie Lee Gifford on God's Importance, Regis Philbin, The Kardashians, and Her Career | Ep. 49
Jan 11, 2021
Glenn Beck on America in 2021, the Media, and COVID Lockdowns | Ep. 48
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Georgia Goes Blue, with Hugh Hewitt and Dave Briggs | Ep. 47
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Jan 04, 2021
Mike Rowe on Patriotism, the Value of Authenticity, and COVID Hypocrisy | Ep. 45
Jan 01, 2021
Bridget Phetasy on Trauma and Recovery, Victimhood and Entitlement, and Marriage | Ep. 44
Dec 30, 2020
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