Bobo's Void

By Bobo Matjila

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Image by Bobo Matjila

Category: Philosophy

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a space to spiral and explore philosophy and the absurd world that we live in, in a way that's accessible, fun and easy to digest.

Episode Date
how to not f*ck up your kids
Sep 12, 2023
barbie and the gender wars
Aug 10, 2023
your mind is ruining your life
Jul 28, 2023
jonah hill, therapy talk, and the moral dilemma of body count expectations
Jul 16, 2023
the submersible disaster, and other musings about white people
Jul 01, 2023
should love be easy?
Jun 06, 2023
the friendship recession
May 26, 2023
how to not let money ruin your relationships
May 22, 2023
are selfish people happier?
May 12, 2023
unpacking the epidemic of situationships
Mar 18, 2023
dealing with existential anxiety
Mar 10, 2023
[debate] should we give everyone free money? unpacking the pros and cons of UBI
Mar 04, 2023
are you psychic or just mentally ill?
Feb 25, 2023
why white people don't season their food, and other musings about art
Feb 11, 2023
can men and women ever be friends?
Feb 01, 2023
can AI save humanity from climate change?
Jan 24, 2023
answering your questions l emotionally unavailable men
Jan 16, 2023
who is your soul mate?
Dec 31, 2022
the reality of turning 30
Dec 23, 2022
[heated debate] how to leave the matrix
Dec 19, 2022
how to stay together
Dec 02, 2022
getting to the root of mental illness
Nov 08, 2022
why does god let bad things happen?
Oct 07, 2022
is cheating an act of love?
Sep 24, 2022
social media and the death of friendship
Sep 16, 2022
roasting queen elizabeth for 35 minutes
Sep 12, 2022
where do we go after we die?
Dec 30, 2021
lessons we learnt from magic mushrooms
Sep 21, 2021
am i too broken to find love?
Aug 31, 2021
have we destroyed our capacity to love?
Aug 20, 2021
the problem with safe spaces
Jul 01, 2021
euthanasia: the right to die
Mar 01, 2021
love is humble
Feb 07, 2021
the inherent whiteness of psychology and therapy
Jan 08, 2021
is god a narcissist?
Dec 23, 2020
the sorrows and pleasures of romantic love
Dec 17, 2020
to live or not to live
Dec 02, 2020
growing up in a cult
Nov 18, 2020
the life of a sex worker
Nov 10, 2020
is love inherently painful?
Oct 24, 2020
is anyone actually free?
Oct 18, 2020
should we abolish prisons?
Oct 11, 2020
i was raised by a narcissist
Oct 06, 2020
black capitalism and the pursuit of success? ft. Najma Sharif
Oct 02, 2020
an honest conversation about suicide
Sep 25, 2020