Leah's Fieldnotes

By Leah Wei

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Category: Personal Journals

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A weekly podcast sharing my spiritual, emotional, and ever-evolving journey as a 23-year-old Content Creator, Designer/Artist, and Adventurer! The episodes are completely candid, sometimes with a close friend, but mostly alone, discussing new findings, manifestations, hobbies, and fears of our newly adulting life.

Episode Date
I did a 10 Day Silent Meditation & it Changed My Life (Vipassana)

No talking, no writing, no wifi & no devices! This was such a transformational and much-needed reset after a low year of burnout, anxiety, and feeling lost. A chance to finally get away from the noise of everyday life and the expectations I'd been placing on myself. These Vipassana centers are located worldwide and the courses are paid for by the students who've come before you (donation-based & volunteer-run!) You can find out more on www.Dhamma.org I did mine at Dhamma Dipa in Hereford, England from July 5-16th, 2022, and had an amazing experience. Everyone who went came out with a different story so this is mine! I genuinely feel so much more myself and physically lighter coming out of it. I noticed slight changes in my body and self-awareness every day. The podcast does get more personal/emotional as it progresses so please don’t mind the sniffly moments… I’ll make a post on Instagram where we can use it as a comments/questions section which I’ll use for a mini-FAQ section in the YouTube video to come where I’ll share some videos of the place and further long term changes I’ve noticed in myself as I continue to practice this unique meditation technique each day :)) Love you all very very much! Sending you big hugs and chat soooon

Jul 27, 2022
Reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert PART 1: COURAGE
Imagine yourself back in Kindergarten, it’s the class you have where you go to the school library, plop down on the sketchy tri-coloured carpet and the librarian with funky earrings reads you her new found favourite book.
Jul 22, 2022
Figuring out the next step in life, spirituality, living with subscribers?? ✨Uncut Candid
Just an annual existential crisis!💗! Discussing this restlessness that’s overcome me, feeling like I need to be somewhere else/learning something new/expanding into my next self, including a phone call with my very spiritual dad last night debating whether it’s the right time to move to China? Also touching upon my thoughts on the career trajectory of YouTubers, fear of judgement, Dolores Cannon, and a crazy video idea where I come live with you for a week??? Ends on a motivated note lol 🫂 Sending you a big squeezy hug! Hope to bump into more of you on the streets this summer! Love you 🥰
Jun 09, 2021
Finding your path, creating habits, taking breaks, anxiety & recent insights ✨ (uncut candid)
Hi friends! Since so many of you guys enjoyed the last Uncut Candid, I am back again sharing my current emotions and thoughts while answering your questions you submitted on my last Instagram post (@leahsfieldnotes) We cover a lot of ground today, from taking breaks & burning out, the reason I started YT & changing life paths, to picking a college major & discussing whether finding your life’s purpose is overrated or essential. As well as an update on my attempt to motivate myself through setting simple habits/routines, how I become more extroverted/comfortable talking to strangers, and dealing with pressure/expectations from parents. Also just sharing with you the insights I’ve gained the path month from conversations with friends, podcasts and books!!! Excited for you guys to listen and share your thoughts! I love you guys❣️
Jan 15, 2021
My Design School Experience + Studying Abroad (uncut candid)

Here are the uncut honest answers to all your questions about college, what is graphic design, how I got into my program, my exchange experience in Germany at Bauhaus, and design ideology between Europe vs commercialised North America. I also touch upon my internship experience, interviews, sentiments towards a 9-5, and why I'm not pursuing a career in design (at this moment or ever) *Warning* I do get pretty emotional at times and my trains of thought are pretty chaotic and sometimes very unorganised but that's my brain hehe love you

Because there's no comment section :( I'll be making an IG post (@leahwei__) to open a discussion with you guys, hear your thoughts, converse with you all, and take note of your podcast topic suggestions.

Oct 26, 2020
Adjusting to Living with my Boyfriend, How We Met & Overcoming Negativity

In my first podcast episode, I finally answer your questions about my boyfriend Andrew, how we met, and the adjustments of living in a small space with a significant other. In addition to that, I touch upon spirituality, China's invasion into Tibet, my goals, and how I overcame negativity from a fellow YouTuber! 

Because there's no comment section :( I'll be making an IG post (@leahwei__) to open a discussion with you guys, hear your thoughts, converse with you all, and take note of your podcast topic suggestions. This podcast will also be posted onto my main YouTube channel: leahsfieldnotes, sometime this week to see which method you guys prefer!! Talk soooon xx

Sep 27, 2020