The Joy Filled Podcast - Christian Motherhood, Stay at Home Mom Mindset, and Faith Based Encouragement

By Jenna Griffith

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In a culture trying to sell us the lie that we should be anything but “just a mom”, the Joy Filled Podcast exists to come alongside you and help you thrive in this season at home and experience the fullness of joy in the simplicity of homemaking and raising a family. The early years of motherhood are hard, but they’re so so good. I’m determined to give these ‘good old days’ everything I’ve got and I’m bringing you along with me. We’ll host honest conversations on faith, motherhood, homemaking, and everything in between. My prayer is that you leave encouraged in Christ, equipped to carry the weight of motherhood with joy, and reminded of the truth that God has given you everything you need to steward your arrows well. There is so much joy here. Let’s experience it together.

Episode Date
Couch Chats: Where I’ve Been, What We’ve Been Up To, and Why I’m (sorta) Back on Social Media

Hey hey, sister! We’ve had a bit of a break from the pod but I’m back this week to share all the details on where I’ve been, what I’ve been up to, and more. Think of this as a girlfriend chat on my couch, filling you in on all the things that have happened over the last month or so.

Thanks for being here!

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May 29, 2023
Working Through Overwhelm & Getting Back to God’s Design For Motherhood | Michelle Donnelly

If you are struggling with overwhelm in motherhood and wondering if there’s a way to move past it, or if you doubt that God is really at work in the midst of your overwhelm, then you will love getting to hear from our guest Michelle today. Michelle is a single mom and founder of PlusONE Parents, a ministry for single parents and she is no stranger to overwhelm and how isolating and crippling it can often feel. Michelle and I share a lot of our own experiences with overwhelm in motherhood and how it shows up in different ways, sometimes without even really being aware of it. We also discuss the world’s definition of “more” and the biblical definition of “more” and how that changes how we approach motherhood, how the enemy uses our overwhelm against us, and how God works through our overwhelm to invite us into more with him.


If you haven’t experienced overwhelm as a mom yet, there will probably be a time when you do and when that time comes, you’ll want to have the truth that Michelle shares in this episode tucked in your heart.


More about Michelle:

Michelle Donnelly is the President and CEO of PlusONE Parents, a ministry devoted to

helping single parents overcome overwhelm to rebuild God-empowered lives and raise

up a new generation. A mother of three, Michelle is also the host of The Christian Single

Moms Podcast and author of Safe Haven: A Devotional for the Abused & Abandoned,

and Made for More: Life Beyond the Wreckage of Hurt, Loss, & Heartbreak. Learn more

about PlusONE Parents at


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Apr 18, 2023
How God Turned an Adoption Fundraiser Into a Thriving, Full Time Business | Katie Lewis of Dear Mushka

If you have ever wondered if starting a business is right for you in this season of motherhood, you’re gonna wanna lean in and listen close to today’s guest. Katie Lewis is a Jesus loving mama and founder of the Christian jewelry and accessories brand Dear Mushka. Katie tells the beautiful origin story of how Dear Mushka started as an adoption fundraiser and has turned into a thriving business and full time job for both her and her husband. In this episode, we talk all things motherhood, adoption, business, and so much more and I am so thrilled for you to hear from Katie today.



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Apr 07, 2023
Overcome Mom Fatigue and Step Into a High Energy Life with Hannah Keeley

Hannah Keeley is no stranger to the exhaustion, fatigue, and stress that so often comes with motherhood. As a young mom, Hannah struggled with depression, overwhelm, anxiety, and health issues and after looking around at her life and realizing it was nothing like she thought it would be, she decided it was time to do something about it. Now, Hannah is a mom of 7 and a life coach for moms - helping them get rid of stress for good.


Today, Hannah joins me to talk about her book Mom Fog. Mom Fog is the step by step guide to walk moms out of Mom Fatigue Syndrome and into a life of high energy, good vibes, and incredible productivity. We also explore her 8-step Mom Mastery Method, proven time and time again to help moms see lasting results.


Connect with Hannah

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Mar 30, 2023
Struggling to Keep Your Home Clean? Steal My Super Easy Systems

One of the biggest struggles as a mom with young kids is keeping up with their mess! We love those little people so dang much, but they sure know how to make big messes for being such tiny people, am I right?! And if you’re anything like me, that mess can really take a toll on your mental health. I know my brain is so much clearer when my space is clear. Maybe you feel like you’ve tried everything - you’ve taken all the expert advice, read all the books, done all the things, and you still can’t seem to stay on top of the mess. Sound familiar? Today I’m gonna let you in on a little secret that might change everything for you, as well as peel back the curtain and give you a glimpse into the systems and routines that help keep the Griffith home tidy (well, mostly tidy, anyways).


Reheat your coffee and press play on this episode of the Joy Filled Podcast.

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Mar 13, 2023
Mom Anxiety: How to Work Through Anxious Moments and Get Back to a Place of Peace

Whether you’re a seasoned mom or a brand new mama, you’ve probably experienced mom anxiety at some point. Anxiousness, stress, and worry show up a lot in motherhood and it can be difficult to handle when you don’t know what to do with those feelings. Personally, I experienced postpartum anxiety after having my first baby and still to this day have moments where those anxious thoughts pop back up and I’m forced to face them.


The good news is, we don’t have to face these things alone and the Bible is very clear about how we should approach our anxieties. Today we’re diving into the topic of mom anxiety, how it shows up in our lives, and what practical things we can do to move through those anxious moments and come back to a place of peace. (because yes, it’s more than just saying “don’t worry!”)


Reheat your coffee and press play on this episode of the Joy Filled Podcast.

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Mar 06, 2023
8 Ways Moms Can Make Money From Home

Making the decision to be a stay at home mom comes with a lot of sacrifices, and for a lot of us it means becoming a one income family. Maybe being a stay at home mom was always your plan and you prepared to be a one income family, maybe you never thought you’d leave your job but here you are longing for more time with your kids and a way to replace your income, or maybe you’re somewhere in between and your family income is okay, but a little extra money would be nice.


Wherever you land, today I am going to give you some ideas on how to make money from home without building a personal brand, becoming an influencer, or joining a social selling company. Because while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with those options, those definitely aren’t the only options out there.

Reheat your coffee and press play on this episode of the Joy Filled Podcast.

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Mar 02, 2023
3 Tips to Overcome Boredom and Have More Fun as a Stay at Home Mom

Do you ever get bored as a stay at home mom? So much of what you do in your day to day life is repetitive - same books, same routines, and if your kids are anything like mine… cooking the same three meals because you know it’s what they’ll actually eat.

All this repetition can easily make it feel like this season of life is dull, boring, and even a waste of time. So often I hear, and I’m sure you’ve heard it too (or maybe even said it!), “I could never be a stay at home mom! I’d get so bored!”. Today, we’re gonna flip the belief that being a stay at home mom means leading a boring life on its head so you can begin to actually, genuinely, enjoy your life and all this season with your kids has to offer.

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P.S. Your homework this week is to listen to episode 34 of the podcast: Mom Goals: How to Show Up as Your Best Self Every Single Day. Get to it, sister! ;)


Feb 27, 2023
Choosing Faith Over Fear No Matter What with Heidi Lee Anderson

“What if I don’t have what it takes?”

“What do I do when God feels silent?”

“What if God’s promises don’t line up with my reality?”

“What about when the worst-case happens?”


If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, you’re in good company. Today on the podcast, author and speaker Heidi Lee Anderson is sharing with us how we can choose FAITH over FEAR - no matter what.


Heidi is a writer, speaker, and stay-at-home mom. While crafting Instagram devotionals @heidileeanderson and writing kid’s curriculum @thismotherhen and teaching biblical online courses, she’s a master at cleaning up Cheerios spills and building LEGO towers while simultaneously chugging coffee like a Gilmore. Heidi has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from University of Northwestern, MN, and has spent her career doing ministry—from teaching hundreds in kids’ ministry to writing daily devotionals, Bible reading plans, and small group curriculum as a content developer. After being diagnosed with cancer, Heidi’s fuel is now to make sure that Christ-followers realize, know, and claim the sure promises God offers—in the mundane, amid the heartache, and on top of the highest mountains.


Are you ready to choose faith over fear? Grab your coffee, get ready to laugh and be encouraged, and listen in to this conversation with Heidi Lee Anderson.




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Feb 23, 2023
How to Approach Your Day With Purpose and Intention So You Can Get Your Free Time Back

What would you do with a handful of extra hours each week? Would you start a business? Read more books? Open your Bible more often? Start that workout program? I know it’s easy to feel like you don’t have enough time in the day. Maybe you’re even thinking Jenna, is it even possible for a mom to have extra time? And my answer to that is yes, it is possible. Because the truth is, we all have the same 24 hours in a day and with these 3 simple tips, you'll be able to move from operating out of lack and time scarcity and into ease and an abundance of time.

Are you ready to start using the time you have with intention and purpose? Reheat, or refill, your coffee and let’s dive in together.


EP 60: How to Use Nourishment to Balance Your Hormones and Restore Your Energy

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Feb 20, 2023
The Power of a Praying Parent

How often do you pray for your kids? Like, really pray intentional, intercessory prayers for them, not just the bedtime prayers or the prayers at mealtimes? For most of us, if we were honest the answer would be not very often. Today, we’re talking through why being a praying parent is vital for our children and how prayer actually impacts not only them, but the generations to come after them.

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Feb 16, 2023
4 Reasons You Need Community, ESPECIALLY as a Stay at Home Mom

Motherhood can be a very lonely time for so many of us. It’s hard to make friends as an adult, and it’s even harder to make friends as a mom. Most of the time, it can feel like it’s not even worth the effort to try to find good friends in this season of life, especially because it can feel like everyone else has already found their community. But the truth is this: we weren’t made to do life alone. In fact, the first thing God said wasn’t good, was being alone. We were created for community, we’re better when we’re in community, and we need community. Plain and simple.

Join me as we discuss why community is so vital and how to find true, meaningful connections in this season of your life.

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Feb 13, 2023
Ditching Anxiety and Exhaustion for Fulfillment and Freedom with Amy Seiffert

Amy Seiffert is no stranger to the empty, shameful, anxious feelings that social media often leaves us with.


Amy knows that so many of us feel dissatisfied and empty—emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. Our lives are rushed, overflowing, and we’re low on joy, fulfillment, peace, and purpose. In our spare moments, we turn to our phones, social media, and a million other little things, desperate for relief, but over time, these distractions become an unhealthy diet for our souls—uplifting us for a moment but ultimately denying us the nourishment we need. When we over consume these imposters that promise a temporary boost but actually leave us weak and weary, we become anxious, fearful, and depleted. These addicting substitutes keep us coming back for more, never providing satisfaction.


But, Amy reminds us, there is hope. We don’t have to stay stuck and malnourished. We can become free of shame, disappointment, and anxiety.


Today, Amy Seiffert shares with us how to stop ingesting spiritual junk food and offers simple and replenishing practices like silence, service, and Sabbath that can bring us closer to Jesus. She encourages us to put down our phones, set aside our pride, and let go of the hustle so that we can receive a spiritual diet change that will leave us delightfully content, spiritually healthy, and free to experience the goodness of Jesus.


Episode Show Notes:


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Feb 09, 2023
Feeling Guilty for Needing a Minute to Yourself? Here’s How to Rest GUILT FREE

Have you ever felt guilty for taking time away from your family to rest, recharge, or do something for yourself? Even if it’s just 30 minutes, there can often be so much guilt that surfaces when we as moms take time away from our families. Maybe it’s society, maybe it’s how we were raised, maybe it’s brought on by our own inner dialogues and expectations for ourselves, but for some reason, there seems to be this unspoken rule that moms aren’t allowed to think of themselves.

So today, we're diving into why we seem to neglect rest, why rest is important, and how to rest the right way.


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Feb 02, 2023
Finding God In The Mundane Moments Of Motherhood

How can we see God even in the messy mundane moments of motherhood? The answer might be more simple than you think. See, it’s easy to feel far from God in this season of life – you’re busy, you’re tired, you hardly have a moment to yourself these days. But God’s Word promises us that if we seek Him, we will find Him. The more we look for Him, the more we’ll begin to see evidence of His goodness all over our lives. Yes, even in the chaos and the mess.


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Jan 26, 2023
4 Easy Ways To Support Your Mental Health This Winter

Winter is... hard. Especially as a stay at home mom. The snow that was once magical, beautiful, and leaving us all full of Christmas wonder in December is now just another annoying reminder that we've still got a ways to go until spring. The days are gloomy and often dark. We're spending entirely too much time stuck inside with our kids no matter how hard we try to get them outside. Like I said, winter is hard.

As a mom who's had my fair share of years dealing with the winter blues, I know it can be difficult to navigate struggling internally while still facing the pressures and daily responsibilities that motherhood inevitably brings. Which is why today I want to share 4 easy ways to support your mental health this winter.

These tips are easy to implement and based on my own experiences, so they're sure to help you thrive even in the gloomy days of winter.


SAHM Guide to Thrive

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Jan 19, 2023
How to Use Nourishment to Balance Your Hormones and Restore Your Energy

Leisha Drews has had her fair share of hormonal issues. From irregular, painful periods to hormonal acne and migraines, she knows the struggle all too well. She also knows that our bodies have the incredible ability to heal and balance when they’re given the right nourishment even, and especially, as busy mamas. 


In today’s episode, Leisha and I discuss how she went from hormonal issues to claiming her cycle as her superpower, where to start when experiencing hormone imbalance, how to use nourishment to care for our hormones, and more.


Episode Show Notes:


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Jan 12, 2023
I’m Deleting Instagram For The Year (and maybe forever!) // Getting Honest About My Social Media Struggle and Why I’m Finally Saying Sayonara, IG

Happy 2023!! I’m doing something a little crazy this year and DELETING. INSTAGRAM. For the whole year! (and mayyybe forever) Listen in as I share the real and raw truths behind my social media struggle and why I finally decided enough is enough. As always, I hope this episode encourages you, challenges you juuuust a little, and leaves you feeling better than you came.

I love you, sister! Praying joy unspeakable over you today and everyday. 


Jan 04, 2023
An End of Year Encouragement and Blessing Over You and Your Home

Whether this year has been everything you hoped it would be or it was the hardest year of your life, I know you could probably use some encouragement as we gear up for the new year. So today I am speaking encouragement, blessing, and a prayer over you and your family.


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Dec 28, 2022
4 Motherhood Lessons From the Mother of Jesus

Merry Christmas! In honor of it being Christmas week, we’re diving into the book of Luke to learn 4 valuable lessons from Mary, the mother of Jesus. Mary’s willingness to follow the plan of God for her life teaches us countless lessons, but today we’re focusing on just 4 that we can take back into our motherhood every single day. Cozy up, listen in, and let’s learn from Mary.


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Dec 21, 2022
How to Help Your Kids Declutter Their Toys and Have Fun Doing It

‘Tis the season to be… up to our ears in toys, am I right? We try to keep our toy collection meaningful and intentional, which is why every year, I do a toy declutter with my kids and today I’m walking you through how we do it, why we do it, and how to include the kids in it too! Saying goodbye to toys can be tough for kids, but if we make it fun and exciting, toy declutter day can be something everyone looks forward to.


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Dec 14, 2022
Christmas Q&A: Santa, Traditions, and Navigating Family Dynamics

You asked, I answered! When it comes to Christmas, everybody wants to tell you how you should or shouldn’t celebrate and that can be so overwhelming in the early years of motherhood as you figure out what is right for your family. So, I polled my Instagram community for what your biggest Christmas questions are and am answering them ALL in this episode! We talk Santa, presents, traditions, and more. As always, I hope you walk away encouraged (and maybe get some new ideas while you’re at it!)


Joy Filled Podcast Community

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Dec 07, 2022
Struggling to Find Quiet Time to Read Your Bible? Steal My Super Simple Bible Study Method

Finding the time to read your Bible everyday can feel a little impossible with littles around, right? Add in the pressure that social media brings to have the picture perfect quiet time with Jesus each morning, and Bible time starts to feel pretty much impossible. Thankfully, there’s a better way to approach “quiet time”, and I’m sharing it with you today along with my super simple method for studying the Bible.


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Nov 16, 2022
What to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Yourself

Have you ever been in a season where you just don’t feel like yourself? Me too. Today I’m sitting down with you to candidly share about where I’m at, what I’ve been struggling with, and the things I’m doing to help. 


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Nov 09, 2022
7 Bible Verses For When Homemaking Gets Hard

Motherhood is a season full of purpose and joy, AND it’s just plain super hard sometimes. There’s no better place to turn to when we need a little extra encouragement than the Bible, which is why to close out this season I’m leaving you with 7 easy to memorize Bible verses for when homemaking gets tough.

SAHM Guide to Thrive

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Colossians 3:23

James 1:5 

Proverbs 24:3-4

Proverbs 19:14

Isaiah 32:18

Proverbs 31:13

Philippians 2:3-4


Oct 12, 2022
Are You a Housekeeper or a Homemaker? 3 Key Differences And Why They Matter

While it may seem like they’re one in the same, housekeepers and homemakers are very different from one another. This week we’re diving into 3 key differences to help you answer the question: am I a housekeeper or homemaker? 


SAHM Guide to Thrive

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Oct 05, 2022
4 Easy Ways To Teach Your Kids About Jesus Everyday

One of the greatest (and sometimes most daunting) privileges as a parent is the opportunity to disciple our children. Discipleship is simply the process of making someone become like Christ and today, we’re sharing 4 easy and practical ways to include discipleship into your daily routines.


SAHM Guide to Thrive

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Sep 28, 2022
3 Daily Rhythms Every Homemaker Needs

If we’re honest, sometimes the day to day of being a mom can feel a little boring and the hamster wheel of caring for everyone else’s needs but your own gets old fast. Today, Jenna shares 3 daily rhythms that will refresh you and create space to turn inward and focus on YOU - even just for a few minutes at a time.


SAHM Guide to Thrive

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Sep 21, 2022
How to Care of Yourself in Order to Take Care of Everything Else

Today I'm breaking down a framework I've never shared before on the podcast! We'll be talking about how to take care of YOU so that you can take care of everything else.


SAHM Guide to Thrive

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Sep 14, 2022
5 Questions to Help You Define What a Thriving Home Means to You

Before you can ever create a thriving home, you must define what thriving means to you. It looks different for everyone, so today we're kicking off the season by answering 5 questions that will help us define a thriving home.


SAHM Guide to Thrive

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Sep 07, 2022
Making Time For God in the Midst of Busy and Demanding Seasons of Life

In the early years of motherhood when life demands so much from us, it can feel like maintaining your relationship with God is just one more thing to add to the list of things on your plate. Which is why today I’m going to give you a few things that I hope will help you strengthen your relationship with God and remember the kind of relationship he wants to have with you.



Spotify Worship Playlist


Jul 20, 2022
How to Find Your Community and Make Lasting Friendships

With motherhood often comes loneliness and it can be tough to find your people as a mom. Which is why today we’re talking all things mom friends, finding community, and what to do in seasons of feeling alone today.

Jul 06, 2022
Welcoming a New Baby Into the Family: How to Avoid Sibling Resentment and Help Your Kids Thrive in Their New Role

One of the hardest things to navigate as a parent is cultivating sibling relationships, especially with littles and welcoming a new baby into the family. Whether you’re currently in a season of adjusting to a new baby in the family or you know this is something you’ll experience down the road, my goal is to lend some advice and encouragement for you. We’ll discuss preparing your older kiddos for a baby, God's design for the family unit, and how to help your kids thrive as siblings.

Thanks for joining me on the podcast today and if you haven’t already, make sure you hit the follow button so you never miss an episode!


Jun 29, 2022
Loving Motherhood Even When You Don’t Always Like It

One of the things that freed me up the most in my motherhood journey was realizing that I don't always have to LIKE every single part of being a mom. I don’t have to like the 3 am wake up calls and poop accidents and toddler attitudes in order to do this job joyfully. If nobody’s ever told you that, let me be the first to fill you in on this secret - loving motherhood and doing it joyfully doesn’t mean you have to like every single part of it! Let’s just be real, nobody likes every single part of it. Today we’re answering the question, “how do i remain joyful even in the parts of motherhood i probably wont ever look back on and miss?” So let's dive in!

Thanks for joining me on the podcast today and if you haven’t already, make sure you hit the follow button so you never miss an episode!


Jun 22, 2022
Can I Pray For Your Kids?

My favorite part of each episode I sit down to record is at the very end when I get to pray over you. I don’t know if you can tell, but I often get teary and choked up in my prayers over you - it means so much to me to get to do that each week. So today, I simply want to ask… can I take a few minutes and pray over your kids?


I would love the honor to do that.

Thanks for joining me on the podcast today and if you haven’t already, make sure you hit the follow button so you never miss an episode!


Jun 15, 2022
The #1 Thing I’m Doing To Make This Summer Count (and you should do it with me!)

This one’s for the moms who are tempted to sit on the sidelines - no, would RATHER sit on the sidelines and watch than jump in the pool or go down the slip 'n' slide or play volleyball or tag or whatever else your kids find to do. This one’s for the moms who are more comfortable watching than participating. I feel you. I know you. I am you. But i'm declaring it YES MOM SUMMER, and you can too.

Thanks for joining me on the podcast today and if you haven’t already, make sure you hit the follow button so you never miss an episode!



Jun 10, 2022
Mom Guilt: It’s Time To Talk About It

 If you’re a living, breathing mom in today’s society - you’ve probably experienced some form of mom guilt. The question I've been asking myself and trying to answer ever since I became a mom is why? Why do we experience this? While I don't claim to have all the answers, today I want to dive into some of the reasons why you and I experience mom guilt, where it stems from, and what we can do to combat it. Get comfy, get your heart ready to maybe hear some hard truth, because we’re diving head first into the phenomenon of mom guilt today.

Thanks for joining me on the podcast today and if you haven’t already, make sure you hit the follow button so you never miss an episode!


Jun 01, 2022
How to Have Joy Even When Life is Hard

So you wanna live joy filled, but life’s kinda hard.. Is it really possible to be full of joy all the time? Today we’re going back to the very heartbeat of this podcast and diving into the question: is it possible for me to live joy filled? Join me as we take a look at what joy is, what joy isn’t and what the Bible says about joy. It’s a good one today!

Thanks for joining me on the podcast today and if you haven’t already, make sure you hit the follow button so you never miss an episode!


May 11, 2022
5 Things I Know Are True About You (Even If You’ve Forgotten Them)

As mothers, it’s so easy to think of ourselves last and to forget all the wonderful things about ourselves that make us who we are. It’s also easy to only see the hard and the faults in ourselves. Which is why, from one mama to another, I want to share 5 things I know to be true about you, regardless of whether or not you believe them. Because the good news about truth is, it doesn’t care how you feel about it.


Thanks for joining me on the podcast today and if you haven’t already, make sure you hit the follow button so you never miss an episode!


May 04, 2022
Feeling Called to Stay Home But Worried About Finances? Here’s TEN Ways For Mamas to Make Money From Home in 2022

Some of the most frequent conversations and frequently asked prayer requests in my DMs and messages are from mamas who are feeling called to stay home with their kids but are worried about leaving their job and their income on the line, and I get it! I’ve been there too. It’s scary becoming a one income family and it can feel like one giant trust-fall with Jesus. But I believe that being called to your home does not mean you have to forfeit bringing in income for your family. 


God created you and I as women with a unique resourcefulness and creativity and if you allow it, stepping into the role of homemaker and mother full time can actually be an amazing opportunity to let those God-given giftings shine. So today is for you - mama who feels the call but is scared to step into the unknown. I want to give you some encouragement and also give you 10 examples of ways to make money right from your home.


Thanks for joining me on the podcast today and if you haven’t already, make sure you hit the follow button so you never miss an episode!


Apr 27, 2022
8 Mood-Boosting Daily Habits to Support Your Postpartum Mental Health

Postpartum… the best of times, and sometimes the worst of times. Am I right? The postpartum season is so full of ups and downs, which is to be expected. The high highs of having a new baby to love will leave you feeling like you can do absolutely anything, but the low lows that can often accompany this life changing time… that part’s a little bit harder to talk about. In this episode I’m sharing with you a little bit of my story when it comes to postpartum and giving you some habits that will help support you if you find yourself struggling.


Thanks for joining me on the podcast today and if you haven’t already, make sure you hit the follow button so you never miss an episode!


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Apr 11, 2022
Am I Doing Enough As a Stay at Home Mom?

If you’ve ever felt as though the work you’re doing as a stay at home mom doesn’t mean very much in the grand scheme of things, or maybe that you should be doing something more impactful with your life, this episode is for you! We’re answering the question - “Am I doing enough?” with Biblical truth and perspective for you. 


Thanks for joining me on the podcast today and if you haven’t already, make sure you hit the follow button so you never miss an episode!

Apr 06, 2022
MOM GOALS // How to Show Up as Your Best Self Every Single Day

What do you want your kids to say about their mom and their childhood when they’re grown? Have you thought about it? It can be difficult to think that far in advance when the present is so all consuming, which is why I’m sharing with you one of my favorite practices to help you keep the end in mind and be the mom you hope to be, everyday. 

Thanks for joining me on the podcast today and if you haven’t already, make sure you hit the follow button so you never miss an episode!

Mar 14, 2022
My 3 Step Process to Create Sustainable Rhythms and Routines for Your Home

One of the best parts about being a stay at home mom is having the flexibility and freedom to make your own schedule! This week’s episode is all about why I love rhythms and routines more than rigid schedules, how to create your own daily rhythms, and learning to pivot and try new things when you feel something isn’t quite working anymore. 

Feb 21, 2022
Let Go of Societal Pressure and Be the Mom Your Kids Need // 4 Things You Should STOP Doing

Today we’re diving into the societal pressures that we face as moms and I’m giving you 4 things you need to STOP doing in order to free yourself up and enjoy motherhood without the unnecessary pressure from society because let’s not forget, we are in this world but not of it - and that applies to motherhood just as much as anything else. 

Feb 07, 2022
The One Thing You Need to Know About Finding Purpose as a Stay at Home Mom

One of the most common reasons I hear people say why they could never stay home with their kids is “I just feel like I don't have a purpose outside of being a mom anymore” and, “I want to have a purpose outside of motherhood.”


I want to debunk that myth and encourage you if you’re feeling this way or you’ve found yourself saying something similar.


Today I want to share with you the one thing you need to know about finding purpose as a stay at home mom.


Jan 31, 2022
3 simple ways to connect with your kids and invite more joy into your home

I don’t know about you, but the older my kids get the more I find myself feeling like I hardly even look them in the eyes some days. They are busy toddlers moving from one thing to another at a million miles an hour and I get caught up wrestling babies and chores and to do lists… it’s no wonder I feel like I miss them even when they’re right next to me all day.


It’s because we’re lacking true connection.


We are coexisting with our kids instead of connecting with them.


So on the podcast today I am sharing 3 easy ways to connect and have fun with your kids again and, I promise, they take little to no extra effort on your part! We are all about minimum effort, maximum results around here.


Jan 13, 2022
Postpartum doesn’t have to be survival mode // 4 tools to help you THRIVE in the postpartum season

Postpartum is an extremely difficult season to navigate and while I definitely don’t have all the answers, I have learned some things along the way! In this episode I’m sharing 4 easy to implement tools that really changed the game for me when it comes to ditching the stress and overwhelm and thriving in postpartum.



Last week’s episode: 5 scriptures to memorize if you’re feeling weary


Jan 05, 2022
5 scriptures to memorize if you’re feeling overwhelmed + a candid prayer over you as we enter the year ahead

To end the year out I wanted to share with you 5 scriptures that have carried me through some of the hardest, most overwhelmed days I've had as a mom. This calling of motherhood isn't easy, but scripture is riddled with verses that we can turn to when it feels too much. 

I'd recommend writing these down and studying/memorizing them. I love the Enduring Word app for commentary!



Matthew 11:28-30 CSB 

Isaiah 40:31 KJV 

Proverbs 31:25-31 CSB 

Psalm 73:26 ESV 

Nehemiah 8:10 CSB 

Dec 29, 2021
From Planning a Homebirth to Having a Physiological, Pain Free Hospital Birth! // How it all went down + resources that helped me prepare

Today I am giving you alllll the intimate details on the birth and weeks leading up to the birth of our third baby, Archer Everett. This birth story is very close to my heart and I debated on whether or not I’d even share it, but here we are and I’m so excited to tell you this story. 



Ina May's Guide to Childbirth 

@painfreebirth on Instagram 

Christian Hypnobirthing app 


Dec 15, 2021
Dreams, Desires, and Discerning God’s Plan for Your Life

Hi hi! The podcast is back after a bit of a break and it feels SO good to be back talking with you! Today I'm giving you a life + pregnancy update and talking with you about how to know if the dreams and desires in your heart are from God and what questions I ask myself when deciding whether or not to pursue an idea. 

Thanks for tuning in - praying joy unspeakable over you, friend. xx

Jul 21, 2021
Motherhood, Mom Boss Culture, and Raising Littles with Ashley Setterlind

Join me this week as I talk with my friend Ashley Setterlind on motherhood, navigating this season of raising babies at home, “mom boss” culture, and how to honor and remember the Godly fathers who are doing this parenthood thing alongside us.


Ashley’s new e-book, Don’t Forget Dad, is out now! It is a 14-Day Journey to Honoring Your Children’s Father based on Ephesians 6:10-18. This resource will teach you how to 1) define the battle, 2) dress in the armor of God, and 3) develop a habit of prayer that intercedes on behalf of your child(ren)’s father, regardless of your relationship with him. 

Grab Ashley’s e-book here!

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Jun 23, 2021
Rhythms of Rest with Margot Groner

Today on the podcast, Margot shares with us a few of her favorite rest rhythms for maintaining purposeful and joyful living in the busyness of life, and shares with us the story behind how her wordsearch books came to life! Margot is a breath of fresh air and a light to anyone who comes in contact with her. I so loved getting to chat with her and I know you’ll enjoy this episode!

Order your wordsearch book with code ‘BECOMING’ for 15% off! 

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May 26, 2021
What Does Reclaiming Joy Actually Look Like?

We recently made some small changes to the podcast, and because of that I wanted to take some time today to just share with you the heart and the mission behind the Joy Filled Podcast and answer the question that so many of us ask - how in the world do I reclaim joy? We’re talking about purpose, stewardship, and so much more today. If reclaiming joy is something that you’re in need of and if living “joy filled” feels too good to be true, this episode is for you. 

May 19, 2021
How to Work From a Place of Victory

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself whether or not you're *actually* claiming the victory Jesus won for you on the cross? This has been on my mind lately, and I wanted to hash it out with you in today's episode. Let's start living as victorious and facing our lives with the confidence that comes from the victory we have in Jesus! 

May 12, 2021
How to Study the Bible with Jennifer Edewaard

Anyone else ever felt like sitting down to study the Bible can be a little boring and uneventful? Yeah, same girl. Today I'm sitting down with speaker and author Jennifer Edewaard as she walks us through the step by step process she takes to study the Bible in a way that makes it fun and exciting. Enjoy! 


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Apr 28, 2021
An Infertility Diagnosis & A Redeeming Savior with Amanda Hogue

This week, April 18th - 24th,  is National Infertility Awareness Week and today Jenna sits down with Amanda Hogue to discuss her story of infertility, adoption, and God’s redemptive power and love at work in her life as she journeys through life with an infertility diagnosis. 


Amanda is also a part of I Am Fruitful, a ministry organization designed to support women walking through delayed fertility, baby loss, adopting, and trying to conceive through retreats, Hope Boxes, and community. 


Whether you are facing infertility yourself or you are in community with someone who is facing infertility, lean into the truth and wisdom that Amanda brings today and allow God to breathe new life into you. 


Joy unspeakable - today and always, friend. 


Learn more about I Am Fruitful 

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Apr 21, 2021
Pursuing Peace in Seasons of Busyness

This week's devotional episode is centered around Philippians 4:7 

“And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” (CSB) 

Apr 08, 2021
5 Ways to Set Social Media Boundaries

Am I the only one, or does it sometimes feel like it’s impossible to keep good boundaries with our phones? Today we’re talking through what unhealthy phone habits might look like as well as five boundaries you can set today to start forming better phone habits. 

Apr 01, 2021
The Fruit of the Spirit and Why It’s More Than a Bible Story

A cute song to sing as a kid or fundamental truth we can stand on? This week we dive into the foundation of the Joy Filled mission - Galatians 5:16-26 - and give you 3 focuses to prioritize as you aim to walk in step with the Spirit. 

Mar 25, 2021
What Is Purpose?

Do you ever feel like purpose is more confusing than helpful? When someone asks the question, "what is your purpose?" do you cringe? Hey, don't worry, I've been there and today I want to simplify purpose and break down what it actually means to live with purpose. 

Mar 17, 2021
5 Reasons Why You Need To Drop The Mom Guilt

Why is it that we had no problem taking care of ourselves before we had kids, but now it's the last thing on our minds and a source of guilt? Today I'm sharing with you my thoughts on what self care *actually* is and 5 reasons why you should definitely start prioritizing it. 


Feb 17, 2021
3 Things I Started Doing to Increase Productivity at Home

Ever feel like you can only get things done at the cost of your sanity? I understand. Peace and productivity don’t usually go hand in hand for us mamas, but I’ve gotta believe there’s a better way. Today I’m sharing with you 3 of the tools I’ve implemented in my life to go from chaotic and stressed to peaceful and productive. 

Feb 10, 2021
Overcoming Trauma and Healing from Hardship with Tiffany Stroud

In today’s episode of Joy Filled Mama, Tiffany Stroud of Seeing Sunshine blog joins us to share her story of overcoming hardship and healing from trauma. Tiffany almost lost her life to sepsis last year, and is sharing with us today some amazing tips on how she found healing and hope again after facing hardship. 


Jan 27, 2021
A Few Daily Routines and Habits that Help Me Manage My Home Well

Today I wanted to share with you a no fluff, super practical look into some of the day to day things that help me steward my home well. To me, stewarding means tending to and caring for consistently. It’s one thing to plan deep cleaning days and meal lists, but it’s a whole other thing to consistently keep up on our homes, daily. 


Jan 20, 2021
Tired of Failing Your Resolutions? Listen In.

Author and Mindset Coach Hannah Hughes joins us today to talk with us about the progression that needs to occur for habits to change. She shares about how most of us start with trying to change our behaviors, when in reality, there is so much more that needs to happen first for us to successfully change our behaviors and actions. 

Jan 13, 2021
5 Easy Tips to Make Space for Jesus as a Mom of Littles

Have you ever felt like your relationship with Jesus has been on the back burner since becoming a mom? Me too, friend. Today I want to share with you a few things that have helped me walk in step with Jesus even in the craziness motherhood brings. God called us to motherhood, He graced us for it, and our relationship with Him definitely does not need to suffer because of it.


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Jan 06, 2021
Using Gratitude To Change The Climate Of Your Home

Gratitude is more than just a feeling in our hearts, it is active. It is the expectation of good things. It is thankfulness overflowing out of our hearts and turning into action. As mothers, we get to decide the attitudes, moods, and behaviors that are allowed in our homes. Let's let gratitude be one of them. 


Nov 25, 2020
The Fourth Trimester: You’re Gonna Wish You Knew THIS About Postpartum Recovery with Ashley Setterlind

So often, I hear women say these words when talking about postpartum recovery. To some degree, it’s a little impossible to be completely prepared for anything when it comes to having a baby, but I also feel that we do each other a disservice by just not talking about the hard stuff! We are afraid of scaring our sweet pregnant friends or don’t want to be viewed as someone who only dwells on the hard stuff. My friend, you’re in luck, because we’re not afraid to dive into the nitty gritty parts of this thing called motherhood. 


Nov 18, 2020
The Fourth Trimester: 2 Under 2?! Here’s What You NEED To Know

2 under 2......are you crazy?? If you find yourself in this season of life of having babies back to back, this one’s for you! Today let’s talk through some things I learned from having babies close together and some easy things you can do to help big brother or sister welcome the new baby home!

Nov 11, 2020
The Fourth Trimester: My #1 Piece of Advice For New Moms

Happy and healthy mama. Happy and healthy baby. That’s the most important thing and the only thing you need to worry about during the fourth trimester. This week we are kicking off a postpartum series titled “The Fourth Trimester” where we’re diving into allll the things you need to know about postpartum. My advice? Don’t overcomplicate it. 


Nov 04, 2020
The Truth About Self Care

Repeat after me: my children are my reason, not my excuse. We are ALL busy, but it doesn't mean we need to neglect ourselves in the process. Self care is less about indulging in the finer things and more about prioritizing practices that are going to benefit our collective health today and long term. Today we dive into what self care really means and practical ways we can start taking care of ourselves!

Oct 28, 2020
This One Belief Will Change The Way You Mother

Do you ever feel insecure as a mother? Silly question, I know. No matter how you came about motherhood, I think we all doubt ourselves from time to time. This week we dive into a belief that can unlock confidence in ourselves to be exactly the mother we were made to be.


Oct 20, 2020
Are You Living Joy Filled? 5 ways to take care of yourself in motherhood

Are you living joy filled? Like really joy filled? Let's explore what it means to live joy filled and the five things I use to keep myself healthy in postpartum, motherhood, and beyond. I believe true joy stems from connection with Christ, others, and ourselves, and these 5 things allow me to stay connected and in turn, live joy filled. Love you, sister.

Oct 12, 2020
My Journey To Joy Filled

Hey mama! Welcome to the very first episode of the Joy Filled podcast. Eeeek! In this episode I share my story, what Joy Filled means to me, and how I hope this podcast helps you.



Oct 01, 2020