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Join Barstool Sports' Pat McAuliffe and Joey Camasta for conversations on gay culture, trending topics and everything in between. Headphones required. New episodes available every Wednesday everywhere podcasts are found.

Episode Date
Friday Mini-Episode ft. Emira D'Spain
TikTokker turned model Emira D'Spain joins the show to discuss her rise to stardom, her beauty regimen and what it's like paving the way for trans models during her work with Victoria's Secret.
Jul 01, 2022
Spot Stains ft. Hannah Berner & Des Bishop: Out & About 107
Joey and Pat recap their time at the 2022 NYC Pride March and the insanity that ensued. Marty chimes in on his night with Snooki and Joey and getting Joey to the Pride Parade. Then Hannah Berner and Des Bishop then join the program for a hilarious interview on everything from their wedding day nightmare to going on tour. That and more. Oh and MAKE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel so we don't lose our jobs. Thank you, love you.
Jun 29, 2022
Friday Mini-Episode ft. Angelina Pivarnick and Vanessa "Vanjie" Mateo
Reality stars Angelina Pivarnick and Vanessa "Vanjie" Mateo join the show to discuss their new show All-Star Shore. Buy tickets for our live show GOONFEST presented by Out & About here: https://www.barstoolsports.com/events/outandabout
Jun 24, 2022
TikTok Supreme ft. Josh Richards: Out & About 106
Pat and Joey recap their wild weekend in the Hamptons and party in New Jersey. They then discuss their expectations for Yak Idol, Juneteenth, and the 2022 Great Bate-Off. Josh Richards joins the program to crown Barstool's next TikTok supreme. That plus an in depth interview on everything from how he got his start, to the future of his career. Remember to subscribe to our YouTube Channel otherwise we'll lose our job. Thanks! Buy tickets for our live show GOONFEST presented by Out & About here: https://www.barstoolsports.com/events/outandabout
Jun 22, 2022
Out & About 105: Miss Memory Lane
Colton Haynes of Teen Wolf and Arrow fame joins the show to discuss his new book "Miss Memory Lane." We touch on his childhood as a gay man in Kansas and how his new life in Hollywood suits him. It's a great interview so please enjoy. Headphones required. Love you! Buy tickets for our live show GOONFEST presented by Out & About here: https://www.barstoolsports.com/events/outandabout
Jun 15, 2022
Out & About 104: Catfished ft. Nev Schulman
Pat and Joey crown Barstool's next "Supreme", recap their time on Staten Island for Chris Distefano's Chrissy Chaos podcast, and tell the story of how they nearly died on the way home. Nev Schulman then joins the program for a hilarious interview on everything from this season of MTV's Catfish to how he lives his life with four nipples. ALSO...Tickets to the Out & About live show go on sale TODAY at noon!! Go to barstoolsports.com/events/outandabout to purchase. Thanks for watching!
Jun 08, 2022
Out & About 103: Pride Party ft. Nick and KB
Trish and Nana kick off Pride Month by announcing their partnership with The LGBT Center of New York. They then recap Memorial Day, discuss Barstool's new group of summer interns, and interview Nick and KB as part of a two part series kicking off Pride. Make sure to watch this one on YouTube it is VERY visual.
Jun 01, 2022
Out & About 102: Jessica Kirson
Comedian Jessica Kirson joins the boys for a very funny conversation on everything from growing up in New Jersey to her career in comedy. Headphones are strongly encouraged. Make sure to watch this episode on YouTube AND subscribe to our social channels. You can follow Jess on twitter @JessicaKirson, on Instagram @jessykirson, and on TikTok @JessicaKirson.
May 25, 2022
Out & About 101: Theater Kweenz
Pat and Joey reunite in studio to announce their first ever live show, discuss the latest office drama, and rid their recording space of evil spirits. Together they create a rider for the big night, manifest their dream segments, and plan out their Pride Month. Plus a hand bag haul and listener questions. That and more! Be sure to like subscribe and follow on ALL platforms. Love you!
May 18, 2022
Out & About 100: Lot Lizards
Joey and Pat recap their time on Barstool VS America and all the insanity that ensued. They then weigh in on the latest Barstool drama, admit to their own secret relationships, and tease a few BIG future guests for Out & About. That and more! Be sure to follow us on social for daily updates from Nana and Trish. Thanks for listening!
May 11, 2022
Out & About 99: Cinco De Drinko ft. Richelle Ryan
Adult film star Richelle Ryan joins the program for a WILD conversation on everything from her life as a porn star to her kink for college boys. Together they celebrate Cinco De Mayo, drink margaritas, and plan a vacation to Florida. That and much, MUCH more. Subscribe on Apple if you haven't already :)
May 04, 2022
Out & About 98: Hypnotist Hunny ft. John Mongiovi
Joey and Pat sit down with hypnotist John Mongiovi in order to prepare for the Barstool VS America competition. This one is visual, so be sure to check it out YouTube as well. Oh and we're doing Happy Hours in each city along the way! Schedule and locations available on the Out & About Instagram page. Thanks for listening, babes.
Apr 27, 2022
Out & About 97: The 4/20 Extravaganza
Joey and Pat sit down to celebrate 4/20. Together they reminisce about their first time smoking pot, first time getting caught, and their personal herstories with the drug. They then demonstrate how to smoke out of (and build) a variety of different smoking apparati. That plus a Top Eight Things To Do When High and more. This episode is visual so make sure to follow us on YouTube! Smoke responsibly, friends.
Apr 20, 2022
Out & About 96: Vegas Vacation
Joey and Pat recap the good, the bad, and the ugly, from their trip to Vegas. Not much else to say on this one. Headphones required. Thanks for listening.
Apr 13, 2022
Out & About 95: Hole Check ft. Emma Willmann
Pat and Marty try their hardest to get Joey to finish recording the podcast from Las Vegas. Emma Willmann then joins the program for a wild interview on everything from her declining health to elephant queens. That plus a special game of "Would You Rather." One Month Trial Ethan gets a haircut and Pat gets to the bottom of his history with Barstool. This episode is visual so be sure to watch it on our YouTube channel as well! Buy Out & About Merch here: https://store.barstoolsports.com/collections/out-about
Apr 06, 2022
Out & About 94: Lisa Ann Does Barstool
Lisa Ann joins the program for a wide ranging discussion on everything from her time in the adult film industry to being stalked online. Together they answer sex ed questions from 5th graders, break down Joey's porn tape, and play a game with Tommy Smokes, Dana Beers, and Gametime Noah. That plus Lisa's tips for better sex and common myths about pornography. Joey and Pat then discuss the Will Smith slap, John Feitelberg's face, and being reprimanded by Publyssity. That and more. Watch this one on YouTube, it's a visual episode.
Mar 30, 2022
Out & About 93: Bi-Racial Barbie
Joey recaps his run in with an Uber driver, Nets Pride Night, and the insanity that followed. He and Pat discuss Joey's past as a high-end call girl, Countess Luann's arrest and Barstool's #SlingSleepers competition. Big Tennessee then joins the program after screwing Joey and Pat over with his NCAA pick. They then exchange gifts, answer real questions from 5th graders regarding sexual education, and eat hallucinogenic mushrooms. That plus the Top Eight awkward situations to be in with your parents and more. This one is visual so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.
Mar 23, 2022
Out & About 92: The Green Gooner
Pat and Joey recap their big content meeting and figure out where they're going for Pride based on penis size. They then discuss their pick in the Barstool Bracket, what they plan on doing with their winnings, and the history of the competition. Large McCarthy (Twisted History) joins the program to teach the boys how to make a special St. Patrick's Day cocktail, as well as discuss his fear of Joey. They round out the show with the Top Eight "Irish Things", some celebrity news, and Marty's first Gay-MA. That and more. Like, rate, and subscribe. Love you all...
Mar 16, 2022
Out & About 91: Hi SisTers!
Kayce Smith joins the show to reveal her jugs, Joey gives Pat a full-blown James Charles makeup transformation and answers listener questions on beauty. They break down the Top Eight Celebrity Scandals, get ghosted by Colton Underwood (again), and talk Florida's "Don't Say Gay" bill. Joey then reveals his sneaky link and Pat teases a new series. That and much, MUCH, more. Watch this one on YouTube, it's visual.
Mar 09, 2022
Out & About 90: Jugs Not Drugs ft. Brianna ChickenFry & Kontent Kim
Joey and Pat sit down to recap their scrapped interview with a controversial political figure, Joey's weekend in the she-shed, and their new series with Nick and KB. Brianna Chickenfry stops by to reveal her new boobs and discuss all aspects of her surgery (00:16:52). Kontent Kim administers drug tests to the boys (00:33:04). New merch reveal, a celebration of women's herstory month and MUCH much more. Watch this one on YouTube, we promise it'll be worth it. Love you all.
Mar 02, 2022
Out & About 89: The Kiss
Pat and Joey recap the "It's Happening" live show, break down their kiss, and call out certain coworkers for bailing last minute. Joey then accidentally takes a sleeping pill prompting the two to race against the clock before he passes out. They discuss Friday's afterparty and the binge eating that ensued, do some negative affirmations, and read a passage from a Gooning book given to them by a member of Ma'am Mafia. That plus their Top 9 Power Couples and more. Be sure to check this one out on YouTube as well. Goon Platoon - OUT!
Feb 23, 2022
Out & About 88: Geriatric Patrick
Pat and Joey break down their top eight gay icons, Joey's trouble with Barstool's mandatory sexual harassment training, and Pat's failing health. They then play a game of pronouns with Joey's new desk decorations, and react to some commonly asked conversation starters. Plus Joey's wild weekend in New Jersey with a bunch of straight boys and of course, inspiration from Rachel Dolezal. That and more. This episode is VERY visual so check it out on our YouTube channel. Headphones required.
Feb 16, 2022
Out & About 87: Love On The Spectrum ft. KB and Nick
Joey and Pat sit down for the Valentine's Day spectacular. They recap the Barstool Christmas Party, Joey's first week at HQ, and Pat's afterparty gone wrong. Nick and KB then join the program to play a dating game as well as exchange gifts with the boys. Together they announce the new ANUS/Out & About project and create plans for their romantic future together. Plus some special tips for spending Valentine's day alone. Watch this one on YouTube- it's visual. Love you all.
Feb 09, 2022
Out & About 86: Tiger Kings
Joey signs his contract officially making him a Barstool Sports employee. The two celebrate Black History Month and The Chinese New Year, catch up on Pat's recovery, and preview the Barstool holiday party. They then discuss Tom Brady, Whoopi Goldberg, and the nudity in Euphoria. Plus a special interview with Bershan Shaw. That and more. Watch this one on Youtube. Love you all.
Feb 04, 2022
Out & About 85: She Who Shall Not Be Named
Joey and Pat address this week's drama at Barstool HQ, break down their appearance on Mush The Line, and clear up the status of their relationship. Joey plugs his new show, Marty-Cam goes live, and Wayne Jetski joins the program to talk Gen-Z. Plus a VERY special edition of show-and-tell as well as some listener questions and brief herstory of Mister P. That and more. Episode also available on YouTube.
Jan 28, 2022
Out & About 84: 90 Day Fiance
Joey and Pat sit down to discuss their big night at the Brooklyn Nets game, Joey's jealousy over Pat's date, and the mental warfare that ensued. Nana then breaks down her own dating history while Trish pushes for answers. They prep for Pat's surgery, break down who in the office they would save from a Tsunami, AND introduce a surprise segment. That and more. Subscribe to our YouTube to watch this week's episode.
Jan 19, 2022
Out & About 83: Transvaginal Mess
Pat and Joey sit down to discuss Joey's birthday weekend, his recent psychosis, and the gag order put on the show by Publyssity. They then break down Barstool Chief's viral photo, Joey's meeting with Erika Nardini, and their plans for the summer. Marty's commitment to the show is questioned as well as his dramatic weight loss. That plus some celebrity news and listener questions. Episode also available on YouTube.
Jan 14, 2022
Out & About 82: ManifesT
Pat and Joey reunite for the first time in 2022. They recap their Christmas breaks, revamp new year's resolutions, and react to the homophobic slander coming from Lil Sasquatch and Rone. Publyssity then joins the program to break down the Out & About "vision board", Joey recaps his big meeting with Gaz and Jen, the two of them discuss plans for the future. Episode also available on the Out & About YouTube.
Jan 07, 2022
Out & About 81: My Chemical ChrisTmas
Pat and Joey sit down to reflect on 2021 and plan for 2022. They exchange ChrisTmas gifts, set New Year's resolutions, and answer listener questions. That and much, MUCH more. Please wear headphones. This episode is a visual one, so make sure to watch on the Out & About YouTube. See you in 2022!
Dec 22, 2021
Out & About 80: Goonfest 2021
Joey and Pat recap their night at Goonfest 2021, what transpired, and the near disaster that took place. Nana gets her booster shot, Colton Underwood ghosts the show, and they introduce a new segment where they shine a light on under-appreciated TikTokers. That and MUCH more. This episode is also available on the Out & About YouTube page. As always, please wear headphones.
Dec 16, 2021
Out & About 79: PokeHer Face
BOTOX DAY IS FINALLY HERE!!! Joey and Pat sit down with Christinna Del Genio of Sperling Dermatology for a series of treatments to make them beautiful. John Feitelberg and Daniela Catenacci also get in on the fun. Prior to that the two discuss the comments made by The Yak, their respective weekends, and preview the Out & About Christmas special. We also ask the ladies of Sperling all your listener questions and they do NOT hold back. Watch this one on YouTube if you can. Love you
Dec 09, 2021
Out & About 78: GoonTastTic
Pat and Joey recap their night on the town gone wrong, create a goon-pit in the office, and preview next week's plastic surgery episode. The two discuss their professional relationship, Joey joins BateWorld, and they answer a SHIT TON of listener questions. We were honestly all over the place in this one so I don't even know how to describe the episode. Just listen. And PLEASE use headphones. Love you. *Kiss emoji...
Dec 02, 2021
Out & About 77: Pilgrim Presenting
Pat and Joey Pilgrim Present for a WILD T'Giving episode. They discuss Joey's meeting with Erika, negotiating political conversations at the dinner table, and get into a massive fight over Joey's alleged hoarding. They then talk fashion, QAnon quesadillas and take listener questions. That and much more. Follow us on social and subscribe if you haven't already. Love you all have a great Thanksgiving!!
Nov 24, 2021
Out & About Bonus: Brad Mondo Tells All
Brad Mondo and his brother Eric sit down for an in-depth interview explaining how they built their multi-million dollar hair product company, XMONDO. You can watch this interview in its entirety on our YouTube page as well as watch clips on our social accounts (links below). YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9GXTXEThvW3sJHDObk-kFw Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/outandabout/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/OutandAboutpod
Nov 20, 2021
Out & About: ParTy N' Play
Pat and Joey recap their respective weekends and provide an update on Joey's quest for employment. They then discuss ParTy N Play chem kweens, undetectable scat subs, and the latest celebrity news. Jetski and Daniela join the show for two new segments titled, "Couples Therapy" and "Grindr Table Read." That plus a pantone testicle color match, and some holiday Rom-Com recommendations. Follow us on Insta and PLEASE, for the love of God, wear headphones.
Nov 18, 2021
Out & About 75: T-Shot Tuesday
Nurse Trish administers a T shot to Joey in an effort to lower his voice, Joey writes a letter to Dave explaining why he should be hired at Barstool, Pat recaps his trip to Florida, and the two of them play a game of "Truth or Drink." Please wear headphones. Also follow us on IG and Twitter @outandabout and subscribe to our YouTube "Out & About." Thanks. Love you.
Nov 11, 2021
Out & About 74: Anti-Cis
Joey and Pat recap Halloween weekend, Joey's reveals his past life as a Russian model, and Pat comes out as anti-cis. The two discuss Kal Penn's homosexuality, Joey's low T, and answer listener questions sent in via Instagram. As always, please wear headphones.
Nov 04, 2021
Out & About 73: The Halloween Episode
Pat and Joey sit down in their respective Halloween costumes for a wild, highly inappropriate conversation on everything from sounding to prison pen pals. Appearances are made by Kevin Clancy, John Feitelberg, Nick Turani and Billy Football. We'd write a longer description but it might get us in trouble. Oh, and please, for the love of god, wear headphones. Happy Halloween and thanks for listening!
Oct 28, 2021
Out & About 72: Born This Gay
Barstool Sports' LGBTQ employees join Pat and Joey to discuss their sexual awakening and first sexual experience. As always, please, for the love of god, wear headphones. Don't forget to subscribe to our social.
Oct 20, 2021
Out & About 71: Flashed In The Steam
Wildest episode to date. Joey and Pat receive IVs while recapping the weekend's debauchery. They then get to the bottom of a Barstool Sports employee getting repeatedly flashed at Chelsea Piers, discuss Pat losing his virginity, and break down sex dreams with a registered nurse. Plus some Joey reveals his 1998 "Bear Magazine" photo shoot. That and more. Please where headphones.
Oct 13, 2021
Out & About 70: Daddy's Home ft. Joey Camasta
Joey Camasta joins the show to announce his residency on Out & About. He and Pat then complete their first ever handbag haul, discuss Joey's BBC bukkake, and being left on read by a priest. They then break down their plans to remove the urinal dividers in Barstool HQ and speculate on the whereabouts of Brian Laundrie. That plus some juicy hookup stories. Like, rate, and subscribe!
Oct 06, 2021
Out & About 69: Family Vacation ft. Large & Kate
On this week's episode Large sits down with Pat and Kate to recap their trip to Bristol, TN for a NASCAR night race. He then discusses the possibility of his eldest son joining the military, the group of celebrities "fighting" to end COVID, and the infamous corndog picture from over the weekend. Kate shares her true feelings on kids joining the armed services. Then she and Pat talk Kim K hosting SNL, The Gabbie Petito tragedy, and Rough N Rowdy. That and more. Like, rate, subscribe.
Sep 23, 2021
Out & About: Bathing With Friends ft. Nick and KB
Kate and Pat discuss smoking etiquette around children, Norm MacDonald's death, a possible show rebrand, the VMAs and Carl Nassib. Nick and KB then join the program to discuss Barstool's new found obsession with a local Russian bathhouse.
Sep 16, 2021
Out & About 67: Old And Gray ft. Kate
Kate joins the program for a wide-ranging discussion on everything from her ailing tits to 9/11. She and Pat also discuss their plans to start gambling, bad pick up lines, the NJ floods, and the end of Britney's conservatorship. That and more. Like, rate, Subscribe!
Sep 09, 2021
Out & About 66: Hometown Legend ft Trent Ryan and Cayla Conigliaro
Trent Ryan of 'Cutting Stems' joins the program to discuss Lance Bass's pitch for a gay version of The Bachelor. Then, in what's being described as the towniest interview in history of broadcasting, Pat sits down with the host of Lets Be Clear TV, Cayla Conigliaro. The two discuss a wide range of topics including growing up in Massachusetts, sex, dating, and nightlife. Plus a special game of MFK. Warning: If you do not like Boston accents, this one is not for you.
Sep 01, 2021
Out & About 65: F-Boy Island ft. Garrett Morosky
Garrett Morosky of "FBoy Island" joins the program for a behind the scenes look at HBO's newest reality show. He exposes who he slept with, how producers screwed him over, and the real story behind the surprise ending. He and Pat then get into his personal background, his involvement in PPE sales, his interest in Rough N Rowdy, and who he wants to fight...That and MUCH much more. Like, rate, subscribe!
Aug 24, 2021
Out & About 64: My Child Is Non-Binary ft. Uncle Chaps
Barstool's Uncle Chaps sits down for an emotional tell-all conversation about parenting his non-binary child, the challenges in doing so, and the process of educating himself on the LGBTQ community. Chaps also reveals his school district's reaction to his child, his hopes for the future, and the personal struggles he's faced as the parent of a non-binary child. That and MUCH more. This episode is good. I promise you. Like, rate, subscribe.
Aug 19, 2021
Out & About 63: Meant To Be ft. Benny Drama and Mary Beth Barone
Pat recaps his trip to Fire Island and what life is like as a newly thirty-two year old man. After that, Benito Skinner aka Benny Drama and Mary Beth Barone join the program to discuss their new podcast, "Obsessed", their origin story, and their careers as internet icons.
Aug 11, 2021
Out & About 62: Baby's First Bar ft. Feitelberg and Kate
John Feitelberg of KFC radio joins the program to discuss his time in Asbury Park with Pat. The two break down his first trip to a gay bar, the scene in Asbury, and the importance of knowing how to party as an adult. Kate then stops by for a full update on her new life as a mom and all the (physical) pain that comes with it. This is a good one. Like, rate, and subscribe.
Aug 06, 2021
Out & About 61: Straight and Narrow ft. Large
Large joins the program to pitch a segment called, "Straight and Narrow." He and Pat then discuss New York in the 90s, The Vault, HIV/AIDs, Simone Biles calling it quits at the Olympics, DaBaby's homophobic rant, and the latest in the Britney Spears saga. Like, rate, and subscribe!
Jul 29, 2021
Out & About 60: Dolly In Africa ft. Large and Zah
Large joins the program to weigh on the latest Dolly Parton video, her history as an artist, and why he thinks she is a gay icon. Zah then stops by to discuss homosexuality in his native Zimbabwe as well as the discrimination he faced growing up as a little person and the parallels between that and being gay. Super interesting episode and nice to be back with (half) of the Barstool Breakfast crew. Like, rate, and subscribe!
Jul 22, 2021
Out & About 59: You've Been Groomed ft. Rone & Sas
Rone and Lil Sas join the program to talk about manscaping, conservatorships, and their abusive relationship dynamic. They also discuss coworker sexual relations, the Barstool Shore House, and Sas's appeal to the gay community. That and more. Like rate, and subscribe!
Jul 14, 2021
Out & About 58: Tick Tock Dick Dock
Pat recaps his trip to Provincetown, MA with KB, Nick, and Donny which resulted in a series of WILD DM's from a notorious local bartender. He then discusses the dick dock, being excluded from a pivotal story line in Barstool VS America, Miley Cyrus joining the #FreeBritney movement, Lil Nas X coming out as a power bottom, and the recent tragedy in Spain. That and more. Like, rate, and subscribe!
Jul 07, 2021
Out & About 57: Partied Out ft Eduardo Sánchez-Ubanell
Pat recaps the good, the bad, and the ugly of NYC Pride. Kate joins the show to update us on her life, and YouTuber Eduardo Sanchez shares his experience as a first-time New York pride-goer and the differences between San Francisco Pride and NY Pride. Plus a Barstool VS America recap. That and more. Like, rate, and subscribe!
Jun 30, 2021
Out & About 56: Get Off The Couch ft. Rach McBride
Pat addresses Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Carl Nassib coming out of the closet and what it means for LGBTQ people. Then, Triathlete Rach McBride joins the show to talk about their rise to stardom within the sport, becoming a three-time Ironman champion, and what it's like competing as a gender non-binary person. They also discuss their grueling training regimen, the importance of pronouns, and offer advice to both parents of non-binary kids as well as the kids themselves. That and more. Like, rate and subscribe!
Jun 22, 2021
Out & About 55: Gay For Play ft. Will Compton
Professional football player Will Compton Joins the show to discuss why there are no openly gay players in the NFL. Topics of conversation include growing up in rural Missouri, locker room culture, perspective, and whether or not sexuality has a place in professional sports. Plus a rapid fire round of questions you don't want to miss. That and more. Like, rate, and subscribe!
Jun 17, 2021
Out & About 54: Fix Me Daddy ft. Ken Howard
Licensed psychotherapist and certified sex therapist Ken Howard of Gay Therapy LA joins the show to discuss his coming of age during the AIDS crisis as well as his own HIV diagnosis. He also answers commonly asked questions about gay relationships including the biggest mistakes made, navigating non-monogamy, and why "transactional sex" can be both good and bad. He then lays out the four pillars of successful relationships, gives advice to his younger self, and explains the importance of Pride in 2021. That and more! Like, rate and subscribe.
Jun 15, 2021
Out & About 53: Kink Shame ft. Emma Willmann
Emma Willmann sits down with Pat and Kate for a WILD conversation on everything from comedy to pride to kink shaming to gay weddings. Plus a discussion on dating dirtbags, lesbian sex, the top five things you would rather do virtually, and more. Like, rate, and subscribe!
Jun 09, 2021
Out & About 52: Pride vs Police ft. Dan Dimant and Ana Arboleda
Dan Dimant of NYC Pride sits down to defend the organization's decision to ban police from marching in the the 2021 Pride Parade. Officer Ana Arboleda of the NYPD Gay Officers Action League then joins the program to explain why banning the police is a mistake. Plus an in depth look at the logistics behind Pride 2021. Like, rate, subscribe.
Jun 02, 2021
Out & About 51: A Long Time Coming ft. Phyllis
In honor of Pride month, Pat sits down for an emotional and raw conversation with his mother to discuss his coming out. For the first time in ten years the two talk about that day, what happened, and what's changed. Phyllis (mom) offers advice to parents of LGBTQ kids, insight into her past experiences with the gay community, and her hopes for the future.
May 26, 2021
Out & About 50: The Bitch Is Back ft. Kyle Macchi and Kate
Pat sits down with Kyle Macchi of Barstool's viceroy program to debate NYC Pride's decision to ban NYPD from marching in this year's parade. Later, Kate joins the program to update us on her life, the birth of her son, and everything that's happened since she was last on the show.
May 18, 2021
Out & About 49: Bottoms Up ft. Liam Riley
Adult film star Liam Riley sits down to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of the gay porn industry. He breaks down the shady recruitment strategies used to attract models, the controversy surrounding Helix Studios, and reveals what he learned throughout his career. He also touches on his childhood and the surprising way he made the unlikely jump from nationally ranked cheerleader to internationally known porn star. That and more. Like, rate, subscribe!!!!
May 13, 2021
Out & About 48: Let's Race ft. Devon Rouse
Professional race car driver Devon Rouse sits down to discuss his career journey, being the only out gay man in NASCAR, the challenges that come along with it, and what it means for the sport. Pat also makes a case for why professional athletes should come out WHILE they are competing, followed by Devon answering a rapid fire round of questions. That and more!!! Subscribe or it's homophobic!!!
May 11, 2021
Out & About 47: Too Old To Drink ft. John Feitelberg and Kayce Smith
John Feitelberg and Kayce Smith join the show to discuss hangover cures, Bill & Melinda Gates' divorce, and the struggles of being wealthy. They also talk unsolicited nudes, propose mandatory prenups and paternity tests, and debate how many condoms you could fit on a dick. That and much, MUCH, more!!! Subscribe or it's homophobic
May 06, 2021
Out & About 46: Sell Me Daddy ft. Tyler Whitman
Tyler Whitman of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing New York stops by the studio for a behind the scenes look at season nine of MDLNY, New York City real estate, and his career journey. Plus- a bonus game of top or bottom and a step-by-step guide at how to negotiate your rent. That and more! Subscribe rate and follow!!!
May 04, 2021
Out & About 45: Governor Jenner ft. Joey Camasta and Feits
Joey Camasta and John Feitelberg join the show to talk about sex toys, names for vaginas, Caitlyn Jenner's foray into politics, and Harry Styles' new movie. They also discuss Andrew Yang, SNL, and DMing straight guys. PLUS a game of "top or bottom" and a breakdown of Feitelberg's doppelganger, "Thightelberg." That and much, MUCH, more! Make sure to subscribe my kings. Love you all!!!
Apr 28, 2021
Out & About 44: Top or Bottom ft. Emma Willmann
Comedian Emma Willmann joins the show for some WILD conversations on comedy, being sober, and dating as a lesbian. She and Pat also play a game of 'top or bottom', discuss 'ex-gay' gospel singer Donnie McClurkin, and break down the time Emma got SO drunk at a wedding she came out as trans. That and much, MUCH, more. WARNING: Not appropriate for children!!!
Apr 22, 2021
Out & About 43: Anything Is Possible ft. Chris Norton
Chris Norton of the new Netflix documentary "7 Yards" joins the program for an emotional and empowering interview to discuss in detail how he was able to defy all odds and regain movement in his body after suffering a freak accident on the football field in 2010. He and Pat break down his journey, the obstacles he faced, and his work as a motivational speaker. That plus a bonus conversation after the cameras shut off. Get the tissues ready, this one gets REAL!!!
Apr 20, 2021
Out & About 42: Colton Comes Out ft. Kelly Keegs
Barstool's Kelly Keegs joins the show to discuss former Bachelor Colton Underwood coming out as gay. They break down his reputation on The Bachelor, his appearance on GMA, and what the future holds for him as a gay man!!!
Apr 15, 2021
Out & About 41: Double Fisting ft. Joey Camasta and Kevin Clancy
Comedian Joey Camasta joins the show for some WILD conversations on pride, growing up gay, and everything in between. They also break down the differences between The Pines and P-Town, discuss Joey's recent top surgery, and are joined by Barstool's KFC (18:20) for a Gay-MA. They then talk about drugs in the gay community, hot girl summer, and much MUCH more. Warning: not appropriate for children!!!
Apr 13, 2021
Out & About 40: It's On, Bitch ft. Alyssa Amoroso and MTV's Aneesa Ferreira
Alyssa Amoroso aka Publyssity joins the show to discuss the "summer body" phenomenon, the male Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model making history, diversity inclusion, and living at home. Her and Pat also break down the James Charles controversy, dating post pandemic, and male plastic surgery. MTV's Aneesa Ferreira then joins the program (45:23) to talk 'The Challenge', her time on The Real World, and trash a bunch of Barstool employees. That and more! Like, rate, subscribe & listen!!!
Apr 08, 2021
Out & About 39: Lisa Ann Tells-All, The Oral History Of A Porn Icon
Pat sits down with Lisa Ann for a wide-ranging interview on everything from her childhood to her rise as an adult film icon!!!
Apr 01, 2021
Out & About 38: Mommas Home ft. Kerryn Feehan + Jared Schwartz
Kate returns the show to debut baby Cash and update us on her hellish first few weeks as a parent. Comedians Kerryn Feehan and Jared Schwartz then stop by the studio (10:25) to discuss the Lil Nas X drama, Kerryn's success on OnlyFans, her posing for Hustler, whether or not obese people should be allowed the vaccine first, and food addiction. That and more!!!
Mar 30, 2021
Out & About 37: Let's Get Real ft. Danny LoPriore
Danny LoPriore joins the show to talk about mental health, his relationship with Joe Santagato, and the David Dobrik saga. He and Pat also discuss online bullying, Ellen DeGeneres losing viewers, and his thoughts on being an uncle to a trans boy. They close out the show with an honest conversation on anxiety and Pat's struggles post-coming out of the closet!!!
Mar 25, 2021
Out & About 36: ASL ft. KFC, Feits, and Kelly Keegs
As promised, Pat guest hosts an episode of Clubhouse dating show, ASL (age, sex, location), with KFC, Feits and Kelly Keegs. Five gay contestants answer a series of questions to try and find love or lust on the only audio dating show on the internet. There will be a follow up episode with the contestants after they've gone on their dates! Like, rate, and subscribe if you haven't already!!!
Mar 23, 2021
Out & About 35: Too Old For Fun
Pat recaps his time hosting KFC Radio's ASL dating show and previews what's next for the contestants. They then discuss outgrowing St. Patrick's Day, Kate's trip to Ireland, and debate whether or not the they are the ugliest podcast at Barstool. A father goes viral for defending his trans daughter, Marvel debuts a gay Captain America, and the Pat V Billy Eichner feud continues. That and more! Like, rate, subscribe, and follow!!!
Mar 18, 2021
Out & About 34: Let's Fall In Love
Kate recaps her surprise baby shower, Pat collabs with KFC radio for a LGBT dating show, and the Catholic church backtracks on gay marriage. The appeal of Harry Styles, the Grammys, and the latest Justin Thomas (golfer) news. Billy Eichner to produce and star in the first ever gay rom-com. That and more. Like, subscribe, and rate!!!
Mar 16, 2021
Out & About 33: God Save The Queen
Kate and Pat break down the Oprah interview, debate who they would rather be- William or Harry, and discuss the worst jobs they've ever had. Pat reveals a Craigslist hookup story, they pay tribute to International Women’s Day, and then speculate on why some members of the LGBTQ community are refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine. That and more. Subscribe, rate, and follow!!!
Mar 10, 2021
Out & About 32: Finding Your Friend Group, The Worst Hangover You've Ever Had, & The Cancelation Of Dr. Suess
Pat and Kate discuss how to make friends as an adult, finding your gay friend group, and vacationing alone. Pat provides advice to LGBTQ people looking to make friends in a new city and reflects on his journey from Boston to New York. A candid discussion on their worst ever hangovers, the Dr. Suess controversy, and a drag queen running for city council in New York. That and more! Like, rate, subscribe, and listen!!!
Mar 04, 2021
Out & About 31: New Cars, Overweight Vaccines, And Some Big Time Dating Updates
Kate explains the story of how Big Cat & Chaps' tweets got her a new car, Pat goes on a *mature* date, and a newscaster in DC gets in trouble for complaining about overweight getting the vaccine first. The official list of cities with the most same-sex couples, Philly's last lesbian bar closes its doors, and an ode to Cubby Hole. Like, rate, and subscribe!!!
Mar 02, 2021
Out & About 30: Breaking Down The #FreeBritney Movement With Slutty Puffin
Slutty Puffin joins the program to discuss the #FreeBritney movement, finding online success, and the possibility of replacing Kate during her maternity leave. Kate then embarrasses Pat, reveals the twisted world of Facebook pregnancy groups, and what she's learned in the first 30 episodes. That and more! Like, rate, subscribe and follow!!!
Feb 25, 2021
Out & About 29: Shave It Off, Idiot
Pat and Kate open the show by recapping their respective weekends- Pat's ski trip and Kate's battle of the bulge. They then talk about pube etiquette, Jojo Siwa vs Dababy, and whether or not Kate should raise her kid religious. Dating apps ranked best to worst, a protest in Australia, and traveling solo on a couples trip. Oh, and don't forget bullying. Yes this is a real description and yes we covered a lot of ground. Like, rate and subscribe!!!
Feb 23, 2021
Out & About 28: An Unfiltered Guide To Everything Anal ft. Dr. Cherie DeVille
Physical therapist turned porn star Dr. Cherie Deville joins the program to discuss sexual health. She explains her transition from physical therapy to porn and how she manages both careers, the common struggles people face in the bedroom, and how to remedy them. Plus an in depth conversation on anal sex and everything that comes along with it. That and more! Like, rate, subscribe, and listen!!!
Feb 16, 2021
Out & About 27: All Good Things Must Come To An End
Things get REAL when Pat details his year-long relationship that came to an end over the weekend. PS: It was not his choice. Like, rate, subscribe, and listen!!!!
Feb 11, 2021
Out & About 26: An Intimate Conversation With Abella Danger On Her Sexuality, Porn, And Her Experince As A Gay Woman
Pat and Kate sit down for an intimate conversation with adult film star Abella Danger. They discuss her bisexuality, porn, and her personal and professional experience as a gay woman. That, plus a rapid fire round of questions that you don't want to miss! This is not the Abella you're used to. DL, rate, + subscribe!!!
Feb 09, 2021
Out & About 25: Michael Che VS Trans Twitter, Pete Buttigeg Makes History, Gay-MA ft. Rone
Pat and Kate break down the Michael Che trans jokes and why the people criticizing them are wrong (00:00-22:34), Pete Buttigieg being sworn in as the first ever openly gay cabinet member (23:35-28:26), plus a Gay-MA with Rone (28:27-49:31). Like, rate, subscribe and listen! Love you!!!
Feb 04, 2021
Out & About 24: Half Of All Marriages End In Divorce
Pat and Kate discuss the Elliot Page divorce, Kate's own divorce, and what the ideal gay wedding would look like. Hard Factor Pat then joins the show for an awkward line of questioning. An eight-year-old girl gets expelled from school for saying she has a crush on a girl, and an ode to Dustin Diamond aka Screech. That and more...Be sure to subscribe, rate, and listen!!!
Feb 02, 2021
Out & About 23: All The News You Need To Know, Plus A Gay-MA ft. KB & Nick
Pat and Kate break down the biggest stories in LGBTQ news including Jojo Siwa coming out, Biden lifting the ban on trans people in the military, and a horrific story about a Grindr date gone wrong (00:00-20:46). KB and Nick then join the show for a (g)A(y)MA that ends up going off the rails (20:47-38:20). Like, rate, and subscribe or you're homophobic!!!
Jan 28, 2021
Out & About 22: A Father's Honest Reaction To His Son Coming Out PART 2 ft. Stu Feiner
Stu Feiner joins Out & About to continue his conversation on parenting an openly gay child, his shortcomings as a father, and how his past behavior created unforeseen challenges in his relationship with his son. He also how his immediate and extended family handled his son's coming out. That and more. Like, rate, subscribe and listen!!!
Jan 26, 2021
Out & About 21: A Tell-All Interview With Perez Hilton
Pat and Kate sit down for a tell-all interview with Perez Hilton. He discusses his past mistakes, what he learned, and what he plans for the future. He also talks about being kicked off of TikTok, his relationship with the gay community, and what he thinks of the latest celebrity gossip. That and more! DL, rate and, subscribe!!!
Jan 21, 2021
Out & About 20: Gay Guy Answers Straight Guys Questions About Being Gay ft. John Feitelberg
Pat sits down with fellow Barstool blogger, John Feitelberg, for an AMA about being gay. The questions range from, "why broadway?" and "what is it about gyms?" to "top or bottom?" and "what happens in bed when _____." Those and much, MUCH more. We're going to include an AMA as a segment every show from here on out, but wanted to make this one its own episode. Love you all. Enjoy!!!
Jan 19, 2021
Out & About 19: Kate Picks A Baby Name, The Armie Hammer Controversy, Justin Thomas, and Kate's Arrest Story
Kate is back in studio and opens up for a candid conversation about the struggles with her pregnancy (00:00-13:19), which leads to her choosing a name (kind of) for her fetus (13:20-17:25). Kate then talks about her recent interaction with Abella Danger, breaks down the Armie Hammer cannibal controversy with Pat, Justin Thomas calling himself a faggot, and the time she got arrested for throwing a 40oz at a cop (17:26-32:43). That and more! Like, rate, and subscribe to show us some love!!!
Jan 12, 2021
Out & About 18: Party In Puerto Vallarta ft. Monique Heart Of Ru Paul's Drag Race
Pat and Kate break down the entire Puerto Vallarta boat sinking saga, why circuit gays are the worst people on earth, and the reason why Kanye West is NOT hooking up with Jefferee Star (00:00-15:40). Next, Monique Star of Ru Paul's Drag Race comes on to talk about the PV boat cruise, the current feud between fellow Ru Paul alum, and ALL things drag (15:41-44:41). That and more! Like, rate, and subscribe to show us some love!!! PS: I know the audio sucks, it'll be fixed for next week I promise.
Jan 07, 2021
Out & About 17: James Harrison On All Things Fitness
On episode 17 of Out & About, Pat & Kate recap their Christmas vacations, continue their year-end talks, and set fitness goals for 2021 (00:00-09:16). NFL legend James "Deebo" Harrison then joins the show to tell us how he got so goddamn strong, how we can do the same, and answers a rapid fire round of NFL-related questions that you don't want to miss. He then offers some words of wisdom for those looking to get in shape during the new year (10:57-29:28). Be sure to like, rate, and subscribe! Love you all!!!
Dec 29, 2020
Out & About 16: A Year In Review With Erika Nardini
On episode 16 of Out & About, Pat and Kate break down their top five LGBTQ stories of the year (00:48-17:08). Erika Nardini then joins the show to discuss the 2021 goals for Barstool, herself, and her personal highs and lows of the year (17:09-32:35). That and much, MUCH, more...Be sure to like, rate, and subscribe my kings. Love you all!!!
Dec 22, 2020
Out & About 15: A Father's Honest Reaction To His Son Coming Out ft. Stu Feiner
On episode 15 of Out & About, Pat opens the show solo with the biggest LGBTQ headlines of the week (00:00-05:50). Next, he and Kate are joined by Stu Feiner who opens up about his experience as a parent to a gay son. He addresses the coming out process, his regrets, and offers some heartfelt advice to both parents and children who may be in the same situation (00:51-34:39). Be sure to like, rate, and subscribe!!!
Dec 16, 2020
Out & About 14: An Intimate Hour With Brandi Love
On episode 14 of Out & About, Pat opens the show solo and breaks down the biggest headlines in LGBTQ news from over the weekend (00:00-07:06). Next, porn icon Brandi Love then stops by to talk about how she got into to the business, her first shoot, and parenting as a porn star. She reflects back on the three most important lessons she learned from being in the industry and offers advice to young men and women looking to get into porn. Later they discuss being comfortable with your sexuality, her ultimate sexual fantasy, and what Kate has to do to become a "MILF" (07:07-45:22). That and much, MUCH, more including a rapid fire round of questioning you don't want to miss (45:23- 47:45). Be sure to like rate, and subscribe!!!
Dec 15, 2020
Out & About 13: Reality Breakdown ft. Joe Santagato & Frank Alvarez
On episode 13 of Out & About, Pat quizzes Kate on the most searched LGBTQ terms of 2020 (1:01-7:51). Reality star Zachary Goff of HBO's 'The 12 Dates of Christmas' weighs in on his experience as a gay man on a reality dating show (7:52-20:51). Joe Santagato and Frank Alvarez of 'The Basement Yard' podcast stop by to break down and rank ALL of the reality shows of the 2000s (20:52-1:01:12). Captain Cons joins the show for a Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Recap (1:01:13-01:38:35). Be sure to like, rate, comment, and subscribe!!!
Dec 10, 2020
Out & About 12: The Six B's ft. Brianna Chickenfry
On episode 12 of Out & About, Kate shares her true feelings on Hard Factor Pat (her baby daddy) being let go from Barstool Sports (00:00-07:11). They then address the controversy surrounding Texas teen Trevor Wilkinson being suspended from high school for wearing nail polish, and bring in Barstools' own nail polish wearing dude, Zach, to give his opinion on the matter (07:12-15:56). Next, they discuss a new study that says men with older brothers are 38% more likely to be gay (15:57-24:30). And finally, they bring in Brianna Chickenfry, for a crash course on how to be successful on TikTok as well as an interview on her aspirations at Barstool Sports and beyond (24:31-39:49)...Be sure to like, rate, and subscribe!!!
Dec 08, 2020
Out & About 11: Elliot Page, The Hungarian Homo, Haley Sacks aka Mrs. Dow Jones, RHOSLC Recap
On episode 11 of Out & About we are joined by the iconic Haley Sacks aka Mrs. Down Jones (10:20-44:13). She explains how she became a financial pop star, her history with Pat, and her friendship with Erika Nardini. She also explains what kinds of gifts you should buy for your significant other during each phase of your relationship. Prior to Haley, Pat and Kate discuss the Elliot Page news (1:08 - 05:12) as well as the Hungarian orgy (5:13-10:19). Later, Captain Cons joins the show for a Real Housewives of Salt Lake City recap (44:28-1:01:53). Be sure to like, rate, subscribe, and download!!!
Dec 02, 2020
Out & About 10: Uncle Frank ft. Cole Doman
On this week's Tuesday edition of Out & About, Pat and Kate review "Uncle Frank" a new LGBTQ film available on Amazon Prime. *Note: we highly, highly, recommend it. Keep in mind that this is coming from two people who have trouble sitting through anything longer than a fifteen second YouTube clip. Pat also interviews Cole Doman, the man who played a young Frank Bledsoe in the movie. The two of them go over every aspect of the film as well as his career. That and much, much, more...Be sure to like, rate, download, and subscribe!!!
Dec 01, 2020
Out & About 9: A Very Housewives Thanksgiving ft. Captain Cons
Kate and Pat are joined by Captain Cons for a full recap of episode THREE of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Together, they break down how failed marriage is becoming a major theme in the newest franchise, why all pastors are bullshit artists, and a reveal conspiracy theory in regards to one of the most controversial cast members. They also call out one of the ladies for pretending to be wealthier than she is and predict next week's dinner party fireworks. Be sure to like, rate, subscribe and download. Have a great Thanksgiving!!!
Nov 26, 2020
Out & About 8: Bieber vs Mendes, A Full AMA Recap, Pat Gets Uninvited From Thanksgiving, Holidays In The Military
On this weeks Out & About, Pat and Kate recap the AMAs. They also discuss Justin Bieber vs Shawn Mendes, Pat being uninvited to Thanksgiving, and what holidays were like for Kate in the military. Be sure to like, rate, and subscribe!!!
Nov 24, 2020
Out & About 7: James Charles & Lil Nas X, Harry Styles VS Conservatives, Dolly Parton Playboy, RHOSLC Recap ft. Captain Cons
On this week's Thursday edition of Out & About, Pat and Kate discuss the Lil NasX/James Charles collaboration, Harry Styles getting ripped apart by conservatives for wearing a dress, Dolly Parton posing for Playboy at the age of 75, and the re-launch of Play-GIRL magazine. They also discuss Wentworth Miller refusing to play straight characters. Kate mistakes a woman for a man, and Captain Cons joins the show for a Real Housewives of Salt Lake City episode two recap. Be sure to like, rate, and subscribe!!!
Nov 19, 2020
Out & About 6: The Housewives Historian ft. Nick Rizzo
After five long weeks of going once a week, we've finally decided to double our output. New episodes will now be released on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Thursday's episode including a Real Housewives of Salt Lake City recap!! On this week's episode, we had Housewives historian and Watch What Happens Live staffer, Nick Rizzo, on to discuss season 1, episode 1. We break down the cast, the story, and all the drama associated with the newest Housewives franchise. We also get into a little bit of Nicks background and his history with the brand.
Nov 17, 2020
Out & About 5: Veterans Day Special Ft. Patrick Murphy
Happy Veterans Day! On episode 5 of Out & About, Pat and Kate speak with Patrick J Murphy, former Under Secretary of the United States Army and the man responsible for spearheading the repeal of Don't Ask Don't tell. Patrick explains why he felt compelled to work towards ending the policy, the process involved in doing so, and the obstacles he faced along the way. He also shares some deeply personal stories from both himself and service members impacted by Don't Ask Don't Tell!!
Nov 11, 2020
Out & About 4: We Fucked Up ft. Jake Borelli
On this week’s episode of Out & About, Pat and Kate offer a raw, real, reaction to the 2020 Presidential election as well as share some good news for the future in terms of LGBTQ representation in government. Plus, Pat interviews actor Jake Borelli. The two talk about his time growing up in Hollywood, what it's like hanging out with Disney stars, straight actors playing gay characters, his groundbreaking role on Grey's Anatomy and more! Make sure to download, subscribe, like and listen.
Nov 04, 2020
Out & About 3: Halloween Homie-Sexual
Episode 3 of Out & About kicks off with a pregnancy update and Kate's decision as to whether or not to allow her mom to be in attendance for a doctors appointment. Comparing and contrasting the difference between gay Halloween and military Halloween. Breaking down the latest Hocus Pocus remake, TikTok stars being dubbed 'homiesexual', listener questions, and more! Make sure to subscribe, like, rate, and comment below!!!
Oct 28, 2020
Out & About 2: The Chicken-Hawk Featuring Rone
Episode two of Out & About kicks off with a weekly pregnancy update from Kate. After that, she and Pat dive into the week in gay news including Supreme Court Justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett's comments regarding 'sexual preference', Carole Baskin coming out as bisexual, Britney Spears' big win in court, and LGBTQ influencers using their platform to try and get people to vote. Kate also reveals a problem she has with a famous Navy Seal and Pat breaks down what it takes to become a gay icon. Then, Barstool Sports personality, Adam 'Rone' Ferrone stops by to educate listeners on some old school underground gay slang terms. That and much more...Make sure to subscribe, like, rate, and comment below!!!
Oct 21, 2020
Out & About 1: The $12,000 Load
On episode one of Out & About, Pat introduces the idea behind this podcast, why he started it, and what he expects for the future. He then launches into a Q and A with Kate about her pregnancy, asking all the things people were either too afraid or too uncomfortable to ask at the time of her reveal. After that, sticking with the pregnancy theme, Barstool’s own Kelly Gaughan joins the show to explain the bizarre process of picking a sperm door with her wife, the astronomical cost associated with it, and how modern technology allows you to ‘shop for looks’ for your baby. Lastly, Pat and Kate breakdown the gay jokes in Bill Burr’s SNL monologue and bring the haters back down to earth in the process. Make sure to subscribe, like, rate, and comment below!!!
Oct 14, 2020
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Oct 01, 2020