LONGEVITY with Nathalie Niddam

By Nathalie Niddam

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Category: Nutrition

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LONGEVITY with Nathalie Niddam is your go-to podcast for diving deep into the science and protocols for increasing your healthspan. This podcast is all about nutrition, biohacking, longevity, peptides, bioregulators and more! Nathalie Niddam is a certified nutritionist, as well as a epigenetics and human potential coach.

Episode Date
Episode. #250: The Foot-Brain Connection: How Proper Foot Function Impacts Longevity and Quality of Life with Mark Sisson
Jul 12, 2024
Episode #249: Detoxing for Longevity: The Science and Strategies Behind Effective Detoxification with Dr. Chris Shade
Jul 09, 2024
Episode #248: Unknown Benefits of GHK-Cu
Jul 05, 2024
Episode #247: The Power of Curcumin and Ayurveda for Longevity with Dr. Shivani Gupta
Jul 02, 2024
Episode #246: Leveraging Essential Amino Acids for Muscle Growth, Preservation, and Vitality Across the Lifespan
Jun 28, 2024
Episode #245: Unmasking the Health Hazards of Hidden Mold with Jason Earle CEO of GOT MOLD
Jun 25, 2024
Episode #244: Nathalie’s Personal Journey: The Surprising Link Between TUDCA, Gallbladder Health and Longevity
Jun 21, 2024
Episode #243: Beyond Wrinkles: How Your Skin's Microbes Impact Your Health Span with Kiran Krishnan
Jun 18, 2024
Episode #242: Harnessing the Power of UVB Light for Health with Mitolux
Jun 14, 2024
Episode #241: Dr. Elizabeth Yurth & The Quest for Lifelong Vitality: Exploring Myths and Medicine
Jun 11, 2024
Episode #240: Creatine: The Longevity Compound You're Not Using Enough
Jun 07, 2024
Episode #239: Maximizing the Potential of GLP-1 Medications: Dr. Gus Vickery's Strategies for Long-Term Success
Jun 04, 2024
Episode #238: Upgrade Your Vagus Nerve: 5 Strategies for Enhancing Resilience and Vitality
May 31, 2024
Episode #237: The Muscle-Centric Approach to Health: Dr. Eric Fete On Muscle For Fat Loss, Bones, and Hormones
May 28, 2024
Episode #236: Dr. Olivia Lesslar on Emotional Autophagy: Clearing Mental Burdens for Physical Healing
May 21, 2024
Episode #235: Mastering the Art of Sleep for Healthy Aging and Travel: Tips, Hacks, and Biohacking Insights
May 17, 2024
Episode #234: A Balanced Approach For Facial Rejuvenation: Dr. Cameron Chesnut on Fillers, Botox, and Minimally Invasive Procedures
May 14, 2024
Episode #233: 10 Strategies For Aging Well And Supporting Mitochondria
May 10, 2024
Episode #232: Harnessing Your Own Stem Cells: Christian Drapeau's Unique Approach to Healing
May 07, 2024
Episode #231: Mastering Optimal Health with JJ Virgin: Protein, Fasting, & Resistance Training Insights
Apr 30, 2024
Episode #230: The Benefits of GHK Copper Peptide in Skincare with Dr. Suzanne Ferree and Debbie Barber
Apr 26, 2024
Episode #229: MAT: Activating Muscles For Pain Free Living with Charlie Cates.
Apr 23, 2024
Episode #228: Round Table: Uncovering the Truth About Peptides, Blood Sugar, Hormones, and Weight Loss with Karen Martel and Dani Hamilton.
Apr 19, 2024
Episode #227: Healing With Your Mind: The Power of the Placebo Effect with Brandy Gillmore
Apr 16, 2024
Episode #226: True Detox Starts With The Cell: How to Upregulate Your Detox Pathways with Dr. Dan Pompa.
Apr 09, 2024
Episode #225: A Deep Dive into Fat Loss Peptides
Apr 05, 2024
Episode #224: The Negative Effects of Environmental Toxins on Hormone Health (and how to correct them) with Dr. Anna Cabeca.
Apr 02, 2024
Episode #223: The Microbiome and Its Effects on All Other Bodily Systems with Chidozie Ojobor, Ph.D.
Mar 29, 2024
Episode #222: Mitochondrial Health, BDNF, Metformin, Paraxanthine, and More with Shawn Wells.
Mar 26, 2024
Episode #221: The Ultimate Intro to Bioregulator Peptides
Mar 22, 2024
Episode #220: The Ultimate Guide to Glutathione for Longevity with Dr. Nayan Patel
Mar 19, 2024
Episode #219: How Peptides Can Transform Health: Insights from Dr. Suzanne Ferree's Practice
Mar 12, 2024
Episode #218: Answering Your Questions: The Basics and Benefits of BPC-157
Mar 08, 2024
Episode #217: Navigating Bone Health To Prevent Early Osteoporosis with Kevin Ellis
Mar 05, 2024
Episode #216: The 4 Most Basic (Yet Overlooked) Things You Can Do to Improve Your Health with Katie Wells
Feb 27, 2024
Episode #215: The Saturated Fat You Need For Longevity with Stephanie Venn-Watson
Feb 23, 2024
Episode #214: A Deep Dive into Stem Cells and Exosomes (+ How to Stimulate Them without Therapy) with Dr. Amy Killen
Feb 20, 2024
Episode #213: The Brain Bioregulator Pinealon: The Benefits + How to Use It
Feb 16, 2024
Episode #212: The Toxic Truth About Breast Implant Illness
Feb 13, 2024
Episode #211: Mastering Menopause: Balance Hormone Health for Lifelong Confidence
Feb 06, 2024
Episode #210: 10 Benefits of Adding Lion’s Mane To Your Supplement Routine
Feb 02, 2024
Episode #209: How to Reverse The Aging Process Without Long Term Damage with Amitay Eshel
Jan 30, 2024
Episode #208: Jessica Kane Berman: Why + How to Optimize at the Cellular Level
Jan 26, 2024
Episode #207: How Stress Is Causing Lymphatic Congestion with Desiree De Spong
Jan 23, 2024
Episode #206: Everything You Need to Know About Spermidine for Longevity
Jan 19, 2024
Episode #205: Plant Medicine (Kambo) for Mental and Physical Health with Caitlin Thompson
Jan 16, 2024
Episode #204: 5 Simple Things to Remove (+ Add) To your Diet in 2024
Jan 12, 2024
Episode #203: Everything You Need to Know About The Theory of Aging with Dr. Sandra Kaufmann
Jan 09, 2024
Episode #202: Raj Jana: Why You Need to get an Emotional Lab Report Done
Jan 02, 2024
Episode #201: Unlocking the Healing Potential of Ozone Therapy with Micah Lowe
Dec 29, 2023
Episode #200: How to Slow Down Biological Aging Using Peptides with Phil Micans
Dec 26, 2023
Episode #199: The Biggest Biohacking Trends of 2023 + What’s To Come in 2024
Dec 22, 2023
Episode #198: Discovering Red Light Therapy for the Gut - Brain Connection with Sarah Turner
Dec 19, 2023
Episode #197: How to Adapt Your Lifestyle To Hormonal Shifts During Menopause with Dr. Mindy Pelz
Dec 12, 2023
Episode #196: Raj Chaudhuri: Eccentric Loading: The Secret Workout for Muscle Maintenance and Longevity
Dec 05, 2023
Episode #195: My Top Hacks For Surviving Holiday Feasts…
Dec 01, 2023
Episode #194: The Secrets of Longevity with Chris Mirabile
Nov 28, 2023
Episode #193: Gut Health 101: Everything You Need to Know About The Gut Microbiome, Probiotics, and Antibiotics With Colleen Cutcliffe
Nov 24, 2023
Episode #192: Develop Your Sleep Skills With Mollie Eastman
Nov 21, 2023
Episode #191: Travel Wellness: My Hacks for Sleep and Well-being on the Go
Nov 17, 2023
Episode #190: Run Your Own Blood Tests from Home with Michael Dubrovsky
Nov 14, 2023
Episode #189: How to Naturally Alleviate Symptoms of Perimenopause + Menopause
Nov 07, 2023
Episode #188: Stop Using Ozempic and Take These Peptides Instead for Weight Loss
Nov 03, 2023
Episode #187: How to Heal Your Body with Regenerative Medicine
Oct 31, 2023
Episode #186: How To Become Fitter in Less Time with REHIT Fitness Workouts with Ulrich Demplfe
Oct 27, 2023
Episode #185: Unlocking the Secrets of the GABA Neurotransmitter with Dr. Scott Sherr
Oct 24, 2023
Episode #184: My Current Fitness Strategy, Supplement Cycling Strategy + All About The Peptide Ban
Oct 20, 2023
Episode #183: How to Navigate Those Unwanted Hormonal Shifts as We Age with Dr. Carrie Jones
Oct 17, 2023
Episode #182: Can Harnessing Quantum Energy help you to be healthier & Age better?
Oct 10, 2023
Episode #181: Revolutionize Your Nights: How to Get Quality Sleep
Oct 06, 2023
Episode #180: Scott Kannedy - How can Red Light and Infra Red Light Therapy support faster healing & increased energy?
Oct 03, 2023
Episode #179: Debunking Lyme Disease and Immune Response Myths with Dr. Chris Turnpaugh
Sep 29, 2023
Episode #178: Pioneering Chronic Disease Treatment with Dr. Adeel Khan
Sep 26, 2023
Episode #177: Healthy Living Uncovered - From Nutrition Hacks to Aging Well
Sep 22, 2023
Episode #176: Unlocking Longevity: The Life-Extending Properties of Rapamycin with Dr. Ross Pelton
Sep 19, 2023
Episode #175: Dr. Bruce Hoffman: Demystifying Mast Cell Activation Syndrome
Sep 12, 2023
Episode #174: Discover the Lifestyle Diet That Suits You Best
Sep 08, 2023
Episode #173: Victor Sagalovsky: The Healing Benefits of Deuterium-Depleted Water
Sep 05, 2023
Episode #172: Wizard Sciences: Biohacking for Peak Performance with C60
Aug 29, 2023
Episode #171: Autumn Smith: Rewriting the Narrative of Animal Protein
Aug 25, 2023
Episode #170: Dr. Dale Bredesen: An In-Depth Understanding of Alzheimer's Disease
Aug 22, 2023
Episode #169: Dr. Christopher Shade: Exploring Age Reversal and the Secrets of Longevity
Aug 15, 2023
Episode #168: Dr. Anurag Singh: Mitochondrial Activation and Its Impact on Muscle Performance
Aug 08, 2023
Episode #167: Dr. Felice Gersh: Navigating the Hormonal Pathways of Women's Health
Aug 01, 2023
Episode #166: Martha Carlin: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Microbiome
Jul 28, 2023
Episode #165: Forrest Smith: The Healing Power of Red Light Therapy
Jul 25, 2023
Episode #164: Carolina Oliveira: Healthy Skin Aging, Cellular Senescence, and OneSkin
Jul 18, 2023
Episode #163: Caleb Greer: The Therapeutic Benefits of Ketamine
Jul 11, 2023
Episode #162: Dr. Nick Bitz: Senescent Cells, Senolytics, and the Importance of Cellular Senescence
Jul 04, 2023
Episode #161: Stefan Chmelik: Regulating the Nervous System, Mental Health, and Sensate
Jun 30, 2023
Episode #160: Adam Wenguer: How to Enhance Your Focus, Improve Your Sleep Quality, and Reduce Inflammation With Full-Spectrum CBD
Jun 27, 2023
Episode #159: Susan Bratton: The Ultimate Sexual Biohacking Protocol For Better Intimacy
Jun 20, 2023
Episode #158: Hannah Went: How to Turn Back The Clock On Biological Aging
Jun 13, 2023
Episode #157: Joy Kong, MD: The Healing Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy for Immune System Disorders, Cancer, and Cardiovascular Disease
Jun 06, 2023
Episode #156: Nature's Miracle Compounds for Increasing Longevity
Jun 02, 2023
Episode #155: James Barry: Pluck Seasonings and The Importance of Organ Meats
May 30, 2023
Episode #154: Danielle LaPorte: Nervous System Regulation, Spirituality, and the Pursuit of Longevity
May 23, 2023
Episode #153: Leslie Kenny: The Hallmarks of Aging and Polyamines
May 16, 2023
Episode #152: Lauren Berlingeri: Infrared Saunas & Red Light Therapy
May 09, 2023
Episode #151: Dr. Bill Harris: Fatty Acids and The Omega-3 Index
May 02, 2023
Episode #150: The Basics of Peptides
Apr 27, 2023
Episode #149: Karen Martel: Hormones, Longevity, and Vitality
Apr 25, 2023
Episode #148: Kyal Van Der Leest: Liver Health, Gut Health, and Detoxification
Apr 18, 2023
Episode #147: Awais Spall: Functional Ayurveda, Peptides, and Microbiome Optimization
Apr 11, 2023
Episode #146: Ari Whitten, M.S.: The Blueprint to Optimizing Your Mitochondria
Apr 04, 2023
Episode #145: Debbi Barber, Terry Barber, & Dr. Suzanne Turner: Copper Peptides in Skincare and Beyond
Mar 31, 2023
Episode #144: Dr. Alexis Cowan: The Gut Reset Protocol, Human Milk Oligosaccharides, and the Importance of Gut Health
Mar 28, 2023
Episode #143: Steven Munatones: KAATSU and The Many Benefits of Blood Flow Restriction
Mar 21, 2023
Episode #142: Stem Cells & Other Cutting Edge Modalities
Mar 14, 2023
Episode #141: Jim Law & Jim Girard: Optimizing Health through Light, Voltage, PEMF’s, Frequencies and Harmonics
Mar 07, 2023
Episode #140: Amy Jaramillo: ALS reversal, Peptides for Infections, Viruses, and Herxing
Feb 28, 2023
Episode #139: Dr. David Minkoff: Proteolytic Enzymes, Amino Acids, EMFs, Biofilms, and Heavy Metals
Feb 21, 2023
Episode #138: Power of Minerals–Using Minerals to Increase Energy Levels and Detoxify from Heavy Metals
Feb 14, 2023
Episode #137: Why Holistic Dentistry–How it Improves Overall Health & Longevity
Feb 07, 2023
Episode #136: Ultimate Gut Health with The Gut Goddess
Jan 31, 2023
Episode #135: Could Thymus Regulation be the Key to Immunity and Health?
Jan 24, 2023
Episode #134: At Home & In Clinic Solutions for Hair Loss & Hair Restoration
Jan 17, 2023
Episode #133: Effortless Sleep, Stress Resilience, Energy, Focus & More
Jan 10, 2023
Episode #132: Alcohol & Blue Light: How to Reset and Optimize Sleep & Performance
Jan 03, 2023
Episode #131: Personalized Nootropic Stack for Your Bio-Individuality
Dec 27, 2022
Episode #130: Why Structured Water Matters for Health in Humans, Plants & Animals
Dec 20, 2022
Episode #129: Weight Loss Results with New GLP-1 Agonist, Mounjaro & Ozempic Comparison
Dec 13, 2022
Episode #128: Could Plasmalogens Be the Next Big Discovery for Antiaging & Recovery?
Dec 06, 2022
Episode #127: Optimal Ranges for Blood Work & What They Actually Can Tell You
Nov 29, 2022
Episode #126: Biohacking Longevity & Health From a Bodybuilder’s Perspective
Nov 22, 2022
Episode #125: Functional Medicine Workup & Protocol for Thyroid Imbalances
Nov 15, 2022
Episode #124: How to Fix Your Gut: From Antibiotics to Mental Health
Nov 08, 2022
Episode #123: Expert Guide to Home and Work Lighting for Optimized Health and Performance
Nov 01, 2022
Episode #122: Could Your Brain Be the Most Powerful Pharmacy? Biohacking Tech with Light & Sound
Oct 28, 2022
Episode #121: A Medical Perspective on Psychedelic Interventions for Healing
Oct 25, 2022
Episode #120: New Products, Tips, and Biohacks to Optimize Health
Oct 18, 2022
Episode #119: How to Heal the Body When You Are Extremely Ill
Oct 11, 2022
Episode #118: Our Skin is a Mirror: Why Skin Health is a Marker of Overall Health
Oct 04, 2022
Episode #117: Feel Better, Faster & Take Control of Your Health for Good
Sep 27, 2022
Episode #116: Does the Perfect Gut Supplement Exist?
Sep 23, 2022
Episode #115: 7 Key Elements for Stimulant-Free Sleep & Recovery
Sep 20, 2022
Episode #114: AmpCoil & Discovering Your Body’s Self Correcting Ability to Heal
Sep 13, 2022
Episode #113: The Healing Power of Ozone for Our Bodies & Planet
Sep 06, 2022
Episode #112: The Connection Between Cell Danger Response & Mitochondrial Dysfunction
Aug 30, 2022
Episode #111: Nobel Prize Super Molecule, “NO”: Better Performance, Brain, Skin, Aging & Sex
Aug 23, 2022
Episode #110: How to Get Younger as You Get Older
Aug 16, 2022
Episode #109: Peripheral Neuropathy Relief Using Peptides & Other Therapies
Aug 09, 2022
Episode #108: Real-time Biofeedback to Help You Meditate, Focus, Recover, & Sleep
Aug 02, 2022
Episode # 107: Methylene Blue: Health Benefits, Applications, and Myths
Jul 26, 2022
Episode #106: Why Your GlycanAge Is So Important To Your Longevity
Jul 19, 2022
Episode #105: The Missing Key to Longevity & Resilience For Women
Jul 15, 2022
Episode 104: Are We Training or Are We Draining? How to Listen to Your Body.
Jul 12, 2022
Episode #103: Safe Sunscreen, Circadian Rhythm, and Do We Actually Age With Sun?
Jul 05, 2022
Episode #102: Hybrid Peptides, Peptide Research Updates, and Bioregulators
Jun 28, 2022
Episode #101: Stop Stress in its Tracks, Focus, Get Energized and Sleep Better with NuCalm
Jun 21, 2022
Episode #100: Top Biohacking and Peptide Picks From Nat Niddam After 100 Episodes
Jun 14, 2022
Episode 99: Do You Want More Energy? You Need More of This Compound: Urolithin A
Jun 07, 2022
Episode #98: Nutritional Supplements Specially Formulated For Your Body And Goals
May 31, 2022
Episode #97: Nature Wants Us To Be Fat But We Can Fix That
May 24, 2022
Episode #96: What’s New In Peptide Bioregulator Research, Protocols, and Supplements
May 17, 2022
Episode 95: Increase Performance, Recovery, and Rehab Results with KAATSU
May 10, 2022
Episode #94: The Benefits Of Staying Cool While You Sleep With Tara Youngblood
May 03, 2022
Episode #93: How to Stimulate the Release of More Stem Cells in Your Body to Promote Healing
Apr 26, 2022
Episode #92: Red Light Therapy To Help Melatonin, Collagen, Pain, Performance, Testosterone, And More
Apr 19, 2022
Episode #91: How To Reach Health Goals You Never Thought Were Possible
Apr 12, 2022
Episode #90: Do You Want Less Trips To The Dentist, Whiter Teeth, And Better Overall Health?
Apr 05, 2022
Episode #89: How To Find Mold In Your Home & Get Rid Of It So You Can Feel Better
Mar 29, 2022
Episode #88: PEMF Therapy For Healing and Prevention
Mar 22, 2022
Episode # 87: How Do You Shield Your Body From The Harmful Effects Of EMF?
Mar 15, 2022
Episode # 86: How To Make Insulin Work More Efficiently & Reintroduce Fiber
Mar 08, 2022
Episode #85: Testing For Insulin Resistance And Strategies For Post COVID-19 Support
Mar 01, 2022
Episode #84: Why You Should Be Cautious Of Most Consumer Genetic Testing
Feb 22, 2022
Episode #83: What Causes Hair Loss And How To Stimulate Regrowth
Feb 15, 2022
Episode #82: How CBD Works in the Brain and Body & What to Look for When You Buy
Feb 08, 2022
Episode #81: You Want Better Health And Longevity? You Need A LOT More Than Just Peptides …
Feb 01, 2022
Episode #80: Biohacking for Women with Nat Niddam and Dasha Maximov
Jan 28, 2022
Episode #79: Tips on Detecting Kidney Disease Early, How to Test, and Some Steps You Can Take
Jan 25, 2022
Episode #78: Why Are Hormone Imbalances Missed In Regular Medicine?
Jan 18, 2022
Episode #77: Semaglutide, A GLP-1 Agonist, Showing Success With Weight Loss and Type 2 Diabetes
Jan 11, 2022
Episode #76: How Does NAD Become The Catalyst To Healing Most Health Issues?
Jan 04, 2022
Episode #75: Nitric Oxide is Foundational for Health: How to Make Sure You’re Getting Enough
Dec 28, 2021
Episode #74: Elevate Your Mind with Kava - Better Calm, Focus, and Mood
Dec 21, 2021
Episode 73: How to Protect Your Body Against the Harmful Effects of EMF Radiation
Dec 14, 2021
Episode # 72: Harness the Power of Ice Baths to Rewire Your Brain and Heal Chronic and Acute Conditions
Dec 07, 2021
Episode # 71: How to Boost the Effects of Anti-Aging Skincare and Light Therapy
Nov 30, 2021
Episode #70: How an Endocrinologist Uses Peptides and Why Peptides Might be Banned by the FDA
Nov 23, 2021
Episode # 69: The Best Way To Use Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy For Chronic and Acute Conditions
Nov 16, 2021
Episode #68: Affordable Live Cell Banking with Acorn Biolabs
Nov 09, 2021
Episode 67: You Do Not Have a Prozac Deficiency
Nov 02, 2021
Episode #66 Inhale, Drink, and Topically Apply Your Way to Better Health with Brown's Gas
Oct 26, 2021
Episode #65: The Best Sleep Strategies You Might Not Have Tried Yet
Oct 19, 2021
Episode #64: A Simple Solution To Hair Loss, Steeped In Science, with Ian Mitchell & Dr. Tami Meraglia
Oct 12, 2021
Episode #63: How Functional Medicine Is Contending With Diabetes and Chronic Illness
Oct 05, 2021
Episode #62: How Drinking Quinton (Sea Water) Can Supercharge Your Health and Performance
Sep 28, 2021
Episode #61: Prolonged Lifespan with C60 and Optimizing the Brain with Neural Rx
Sep 21, 2021
Episode 60: Genomics Based Personalized Medicine with Dr. Dawson
Sep 14, 2021
Episode 59: Why Molecular Hydrogen is Good for Hangovers, the Elderly, Workout Recovery and More!
Sep 07, 2021
Episode 58: Turning Back The Clock On Aging Skin With OneSkin’s CEO & Co-Founder Carolina Reis Oliveira, PhD
Aug 31, 2021
Episode 57: WARRIOR WOMAN RECOVERY: BREATH, ICE + RED LIGHT with Kristin Weitzel
Aug 24, 2021
Episode 56: The Health and Longevity Benefits of Knowing Your Biological Age
Aug 17, 2021
Episode 55: Dr. Sandy Kaufmann Longevity Expert – Sneak Peak at 3 New AntiAging Compounds That Have Earned a Spot in Her New Book
Aug 10, 2021
Episode 54: New Peptide for Immune Support, Synthetic Bioregulator Update & More with Jean-Francois Tremblay from CanLab Research
Aug 03, 2021
Episode 53: Dr. Greg Kelly on Protecting Your Vision From Within with Qualia Vision
Jul 27, 2021
How Nutrisense Can Help You Personalize Your Diet
Jul 20, 2021
Dr Elizabeth Yurth talks about strategies to tackle stubborn fat loss, how the immune system gets involved, surprising use for Semaglutide and much more.
Jul 13, 2021
Hack Your Metabolism with Lumen
Jul 06, 2021
Matt Gallant, CEO of BiOptimizers Talks About Nootopia a New Venture into Personalizing Nootropic Stacks…but first – His Favorite BiOptimizers Products
Jun 29, 2021
Biosense: Tap Into the Power of Autophagy with your Breath
Jun 24, 2021
Digging Deeper into BioRegulator Peptides & how they can help the body restore proper function with Phil Micans, MS, PharmB from the IAS Group
Jun 21, 2021
Dr Bill Lawrence: Reversing Aging PART 2 Bioregulator Peptides Effect on DNA Methylation Clinical Trial
Jun 14, 2021
Medicinal Mushrooms with Jeff Chilton – from Nootropics to Anti Microbial Properties Medicinal Mushrooms offer a world of benefits if you know what to look for.
Jun 07, 2021
What your hair can tell you about adrenal function, thyroid function and how to correct them at a cellular level with Lisa Pitel-Killah HTMA Expert
Jun 04, 2021
Achieve Optimal Health, Performance & Aesthetics - Build From the Inside Out
May 31, 2021
Bioregulator Peptides: Increase Health Span, Lengthen Telomeres & Turn Back the Clock with Dr. Bill Lawrence, PhD
May 24, 2021
Why Weight Lifting is a Waste of Time & What to do Instead to Get The Body You Want– Dr. John Jaquish Busts Myths and Tells You How
May 17, 2021
Joel Greene: Slow Aging & Lose Excess Weight by Recolonizing the Gut & Rejuvenating Immunity
May 10, 2021
END MYOPIA – Restore your eyesight so you can THROW your glasses away
May 03, 2021
Master Your Hormones for Vitality & Longevity with 3 Leaders Dr. Erika Schwartz, Dr. Suzanne Turner and Dr. Elizabeth Yurth
Apr 26, 2021
MyVitalC C60: Improve Focus, Energy, Sleep and Vitality with Chris Burres
Apr 19, 2021
Integrative Peptides with Dr Kent Holtorf :Bringing Oral Peptides to the Market
Apr 12, 2021
Dr Mindy Pelz, DC, MENOPAUSE IS AN EXTREME SPORT - How targeted lifestyle changes can help women through this transition with ease and grace instead of suffering
Apr 05, 2021
Dr Amy Killen Optimizing Sexual & Skin Health
Mar 29, 2021
Osteoarthritis with Dr Elizabeth Yurth - Peptides, Treatments & Prevention
Mar 23, 2021
Amy Lamotte on the Anti aging Effects of Spermidine Part 2
Mar 17, 2021
Dr. Misak on Restoring Telomeres and Using Bioelectric Testing to Establish Human Health Status
Mar 11, 2021
Shawn Wells: The Energy Formula to Unleash Your Limitless Potential
Mar 04, 2021
Physician Spotlight Series: Dr Siobhan Newman from the ER to Longevity Medicine and How Peptides Fit into the Picture
Mar 01, 2021
Biostrap Part 2: Chief Science Officer Kevin Longoria talks about the Impact of Biostrap technology
Feb 26, 2021
Biostrap EVO Part 1:The “Next Level” Wearable Built For Clinicians, Nirvana for True Biohackers
Feb 22, 2021
Dr Nasha Winters, Dasha Maximov, Kayla Osterhoff - The PowHer Program - Redefining Women's Health Optimization
Feb 16, 2021
BPC157 - The "One Stop" Peptide for Body, Brain & Gut with Jean Francois Tremblay from CanLab
Feb 05, 2021
KetoneAid - Deep Dive on Ketone Esters with Frank Llosa –Ketone Esters fill a critical role in human physical and cognitive performance…could they even play a role in treating viral infections?
Jan 27, 2021
Restore Youthful Levels of NAD from WITHIN your Cells an Interview with DR. Nichola Conlon CEO & Founder of NUCHIDO
Jan 20, 2021
Functional Practitioner Series featuring Dr. Michael Meighen
Jan 13, 2021
Chronomics: How Old Are You REALLY?? Comparing what your birth certificate says to what your DNA says with Chronomics Chief Science Officer Daniel E. Martin Herranz
Jan 08, 2021
The Ultimate NAD episode with Jeanne Pitre & Tom Ingoglia from the Longevity Collective
Dec 31, 2020
Brown’s Gas - Molecular Hydrogen with a twist - Target immune function, longevity, wound healing, inflammation and soooo much more!
Dec 28, 2020
Improving Boardroom Cognition with Dr. Suzanne Turner - Supercharge your brain to perform at its highest level with peptides, nootropics and much more!!
Dec 23, 2020
Spermidine – The Powerful AntiAging compound you’ve never heard of but is about to take the world by storm
Dec 16, 2020
BioHack with Breath Work - One Hour with JP Crimi = 20 Years of Therapy. How This Unique Style of Breath Work Can literally Transform Your Life & Your Health
Dec 10, 2020
Love Your Liver Episode: Bioregulators and peptides to support the Liver with Jean-Francois Tremblay from CanLab Research
Dec 08, 2020
The Antioxidant Myth, Losing Fat and Building Muscle with Novel Peptides with Dr. Elizabeth Yurth
Dec 02, 2020
A portable AND affordable Red Light & Near Infra Red Light device that can help to heal your injuries, improve your skin, improve your immunity, your gut health and more…Dr Zulia Frost shares all on the new FlexBEAM…
Nov 27, 2020
Dr Amber Part 2 on Mitochondrial Energy: MotsC and NAD
Nov 25, 2020
Sleep Crown: The Sleep Hack You’ve Never Heard of that will Supercharge Your Sleep
Nov 21, 2020
Why You Need to Optimize Your Hormones BEFORE anything else with Caleb Greer FNP-C - the best kept secret in functional medicine
Nov 13, 2020
Deep Dive into Molecular Hydrogen with Alex Tarnava
Nov 09, 2020
Cellular Senescence, Why the Goldilocks Approach is the ONLY way to go and SELANK: more than just another brain peptide
Nov 02, 2020
Repair Peptides: TB500 vs Thymosin Beta 4, they are NOT the same
Oct 29, 2020
Find Out How Fast (or Slowly) You’re Aging with Épi-Age & Dr Moshe Szyf
Oct 26, 2020
Dr Amber ND - Peptide Expert - Mitochondrial Peptides for Ultimate Cellular Energy
Oct 16, 2020
Your Best Sleep Ever - Perfect Sleep Pad - Why Water Cooling is Better Than Air
Oct 12, 2020
Dr. Elizabeth Yurth Peptide Expert - DSIP Sleep Peptide, Hormones and The Shocking Truth about Melatonin
Oct 06, 2020
Hack Light, Mitigate EMF's to Upgrade Your Health with PrimalHacker Thaddeus Owen
Sep 25, 2020
Peptides for Fat Loss w/ CanLab: Setmelanotide, AOD 9604, FRAG17691, Tesamorelin, CJC 1295 NO Dac
Sep 25, 2020