Growing With The Flow

By Nayna Florence

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Category: Self-Improvement

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Navigating the brink of adulthood, life transitions and building a life you love. With some life experience under her belt, Nayna will be revealing everything she’s learnt so far as well as navigating this new chapter and taking a step into the unknown, sharing experiences and tips along the way. From jobs, student life and graduating to health, relationships and activism, this podcast was created to be a safe place to figure out who we are and who we want to be. Instead of fearing the future we’re going to be mastering the art of growing with the flow.

Episode Date
post uni life, favourite pastries and recent obsessions: a big old catch up | Ep. 51

why hello there!!! missed you lots! hope you enjoy today's silly little catch up, thanks for sticking around <3

ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast :)

Jun 27, 2022
being present, screen time and endless goals: big sister advice pt v | Ep. 50

happy monday everyone!! very happy to be doing another big sister advice episode today, we're chatting being present, screen time, endless goals, making our parents proud, feeling left out and lots more! i hope you enjoy <33

ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast :)

Feb 07, 2022
edinburgh | Ep. 49

happy monday again! this week we're chatting all about edinburgh, from moving here to my favourite spots and lots of recommendations i hope this is interesting and helpful if you're ever looking to visit :) have a nice week <33

ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast <3

Jan 24, 2022
personality tests, 2022 plans, life recently | Ep. 48

happy tuesday my friends! today i'm answering questions and having a catch up, we're talking new post grad plans, personality tests, what i've been up to and lots more :) i hope you enjoy xx

ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast <3

Jan 18, 2022
habits and routines | Ep. 47

happy monday! today's episode is all about our routines and habits which felt quite fitting for the start of a new year! have a lovely week <3

ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast :)

Jan 10, 2022
2021 reflections and 2022 intentions | Ep. 46

happy 2022 my beautiful friends! thanks for sticking around to see another year with the pod <33 in today's episode i reflect on my achievements, struggles, memories and firsts of 2021 as well as setting some intentions and goals for the new year. i also read through your lessons of 2021 and manifestations for 2022 which was so so special <3 i hope you enjoy the ep :)

ig:@growingwiththeflow_podcast <3

Jan 03, 2022
home for the holidays | Ep. 45

happy christmas week everyone! in today's ep we catch up on christmas traditions, our feelings about a new year, what it's like moving home for the christmas period and lots more, i hope you enjoy <3

ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast :)

Dec 20, 2021
feeling like you're behind in life, fomo and burnout: big sister advice pt iv | Ep. 44

happy monday everyone! i hope you enjoy this weeks ep, we're talking feeling like you're behind in life, fomo, burnout and lots more in another instalment of the big sister advice series <3 have a lovely week and see you next mon :)

ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast 

Dec 13, 2021
norway trip, exam season, christmas: a catch up | Ep. 43

happy monday!! very happy to be uploading this week with a little catch up ep, i hope you enjoy <3

ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast

Dec 06, 2021
starting a youtube channel | Ep. 42

happy wednesday all! sorry for the lack of punctuality but this week we are discussing starting a youtube channel/podcast/social media :) really enjoyed recording this so i hope you like it <3 have a nice week xx

ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast <3

Nov 17, 2021
uni advice w/ niamh | Ep. 41

happy monday everyone!! this week we have my flatmate and bestie niamh on the pod to answer your questions and give our best advice about uni! i hope you enjoy and have a lovely week <33

ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast :)

Nov 08, 2021
pressure | Ep. 40

happy monday and happy november! another chatty episode today about the pressures we feel and how/if we can overcome them :) i hope you enjoy and have a nice week <3

ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast

Nov 01, 2021
the best things i've ever bought | Ep. 39

happy monday my friends i missed you! today we're chatting about the best things we've ever bought, hopefully just a lighthearted ep that distracts you from sad girl autumn for 40 mins! love you lots xx

ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast

Oct 25, 2021
fear | Ep. 38

happy monday my favourite people! today's episode is all about fear, we talked what we're all scared of, how that impacts us and whether fear is healthy- i hope you enjoy and thank you as always for sending in your thoughts <3 have a great week <33

ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast

Oct 11, 2021
"that girl", friendship dilemmas, comparison: big sister advice part iii | Ep. 37

happy monday everyone it's an honour to have you here!! today's episode is part iii of the big sister advice series and we're discussing the "that girl" trend, friendship dilemmas, comparison, body image, performing vs authenticity, learning to drive and lots more- i hope you and enjoy and have a good week <3

Oct 04, 2021
would you rather | Ep. 36

happy monday my loves! missed you v much last week <33 today we're back with a fun would you rather episode, i hope you enjoy and have a lovely week <3

Sep 27, 2021
authenticity | Ep. 35

that time of the week again...happy monday! in today's episode we are discussing authenticity, what that means and how to achieve it in real life and online, i really enjoyed this discussion and i hope you will too! have a lovely week <3

ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast :)

Sep 13, 2021
situationships, family and not drinking | Ep. 34

happy monday beautiful people! welcome back to another episode, thanks for tuning in! today we catch up on my trip to somerset as well as other random topics and advice you sent in- situationships, family, living in london, toxicity and not drinking, i hope you enjoy <3

fave clothing companies! 





follow the ig! @growingwiththeflow_podcast <3

Sep 06, 2021
success, productivity and hustle culture | Ep. 33

happy monday all! i'm really happy with this episode and i hope you enjoy it, we're chatting success, productivity and hustle culture- my experiences throughout life, some advice and also your thoughts! have a lovely week <3


Aug 30, 2021
deep(ish) chats | Ep. 32

happy monday all! i hope you had a nice weekend <3 today we have another chatty ep answering some of your deeper questions, i really enjoyed recording and hopefully it's fun to listen to! catch ya next week!

ig:growingwiththeflow_podcast <3

Aug 23, 2021
these are a few of my favourite things | Ep.31

happy monday everybody and welcome back to a new ep! today we're keeping it very chill with a favourites, we've got books, shows, creators, podcasts and a tonne of random things i've been loving- i hope you enjoy! <33

follow the ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast <3

Aug 16, 2021
gratitude | Ep. 30

happy tuesday everyone! today's episode is extremely wholesome, we're chatting all about gratitude! what it means to me and how i practice it as well as lots of lovely things you're all grateful for :) it's a very happy, good energy ep and i hope you enjoy! <33

ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast

Aug 10, 2021
toxic friends, new flatmates and balancing work and study: big sister advice pt ii | Ep. 29

happy monday all you beautiful friends! in today's ep i'm doing a part two to my big sister advice column <3 we're chatting toxic friends, new flatmates, balancing work and study, being friends with your ex and how to fit self care into your routine, i hope you enjoy and as always have a lovely week! <33

ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast

Jul 26, 2021
summer bucket list inspiration | Ep. 28

happy tuesday all!! (sorry i'm late) today we're discussing your and my summer bucketlists! you're all so cool and have so many fun ideas so this is a chill ep with great energy that hopefully will help us all achieve our goals, live a little and make the most out of the summer that remains :) have a lovely week <333

ig: @growingwiththeflow_podcast :)

Jul 20, 2021
late night thoughts | Ep.27

hey hey happy monday! in this slightly chaotic ep we have some late night chats, the deep sort. weirdly this is one of my favourite episodes, we talk the "that girl" trend, being authentic, my overthinking habits, speaking to my 15 year old self and plenty of other personal (probably oversharing) things, i hope you enjoy and have a lovey week <33

insta! @growingwithgtheflow_podcast <33

Jul 12, 2021
money money money | Ep.26

happy monday beautiful people! in today's ep we are talking all about money money money, from first jobs, saving and budgeting to having a healthy mindset and relationship with money. i'm no where near an expert and still learning but maybe we can figure things out together ?? i hope you enjoy!

follow the ig for more! @growingwiththeflow_podcast <33

Jul 05, 2021
welcome to the self love club | Ep.25

happy happy monday everyone! today we're discussing self love and how we can love ourselves a little bit more <33 i chat about my experiences as well as talking through lots of your advice from insta (@growingwiththeflow_podcast) which was so lovely, this is a very cosy heart warming ep and i hope you enjoy!! <33

Jun 28, 2021
living sustainably | Ep.24

happy monday my friends! in today's ep we're chatting about living a more sustainable life, how to work towards it and some of my thoughts! i hope this is helpful or interesting, such a complicated topic and there's so much more i could say :) have a lovely week <3

to be a part of future eps you can follow the ig! @growingwiththeflow_podcast <3

Jun 21, 2021
room 101 | Ep.23

happy monday folks! today we're discussing room 101 and all the things we would banish there if we could! this was such a fun one to record and thank you so much for sending yours in they were very entertaining! have a lovely week and catch you next monday <3

Jun 14, 2021
activism guilt, spirituality and soulmates- deep and random polls | Ep.22

hey hey hey happy monday! in today's episode i'm reacting to some deep and random polls about all sorts of things like activism guilt, spirituality and soulmates! a very all over the place ep which i hope you enjoy <3 have a lovely week! 

to be a part of future eps you can follow along on @growingwiththeflow_podcast :D 

Jun 07, 2021
the end of exams, going on holiday and happy summer | Ep. 21

welcome back everyone!! i missed you greatly, thanks for sticking around <3 for the first ep back we have a little catch up and chat exams, my holiday and summer plans as well as other random topics! i hope you enjoy and have a lovely week <3 

to be a part of future eps follow along @growingwiththeflow_podcast on insta! <3

May 31, 2021
hot girl summer, exam season stress and future plans | Ep. 20

heya my loves and welcome to episode 20! this week i did a little q and a to finish up the "season" before taking a little (i promise haha only a couple weeks!!) break to finish my exams :) we chatted hot girl summer, body image, final year and post grad plans, exam season stress and what i love about myself! i hope you enjoy love you lots and miss you already <33

May 03, 2021
nature vs nurture | Ep. 19

another monday! today's ep is all about nature vs nurture, the science is all very new to me but i found this conversation so interesting and hopefully insightful! we chatted about how this discussion effects our political beliefs, self worth and confidence- i hope you enjoy and have a lovely week <33 follow the ig to contribute to future eps! @growingwiththeflow_podcast :))

Apr 26, 2021
having a social media platform and iNfLuEnCeRs | Ep. 18

happy monday friends <3 today's ep is a very random chat on having a social media platform and iNfLuEnCeRs. we're chatting money, growing a platform, hate and responsibility, i find this such an interesting topic and there is so much more that i could have said! i talk a little in this episode about my own "experience" but i am mainly talking about the industry as a whole, i hope you enjoy and let me know your thoughts on insta! @growingwiththeflow_podcast <3

Apr 19, 2021
friends! aka the loves of my life | Ep. 17

happy monday my friends i missed you! welcome back! this week i'm chatting all things friendship, we're talking toxic friends and friendship breakups as well as my friendship history and experiences. remember to cherish your loved ones and that friends are the best thing in our lives!!! big hugs from me (your bf4eva) <333 have a nice week!!

follow the podcast instagram to submit for future eps! @growingwiththeflow_podcast <33

Apr 12, 2021
unpopular opinions | Ep. 16

happy monday my loves!! everything has felt a bit sad and heavy recently so this week i'm doing a very chatty, lighthearted episode reading your unpopular opinions!! some of you are crazy!!! but was so fun doing this and hopefully you enjoy and get to think about something else for 42 mins, have a lovely week <33

follow the pod ig for future submissions! @growingwiththeflow_podcast <33

Mar 29, 2021
asian hate and random chats | Ep. 15

happy monday friends!! please check out this link! hopefully it works! in today's ep i talk a little about the increase asian hate crimes and how i've been feeling. we also discuss some other random topics including post grad, habits, random acts of kindness and summer plans! sending everyone lots of love and i hope you are coping okay <3 check in on your friends !! <33

follow the pod ig for future submissions! @growingwiththeflow_podcast <3

Mar 22, 2021
destroying the patriarchy | Ep. 14

happy monday folks! i hope we are all doing well and looking after ourselves <3 in today's episode i'm chatting feminism, the patriarchy, misogyny- the lot! how it's effected me, my experiences, things we need to work on etc, i'm also reading some of your thoughts from instagram (@growingwiththeflow_podcast) and just generally chatting about what's on my mind at the moment. i hope you can take something away from this episode, let's keep the conversation going!!! we deserve better !! 

Mar 15, 2021
greatest fears, dream careers and my death row meal | Ep. 13

happy monday my loves! this is episode 13 which is my lucky number so got a feeling this will be a good week !! today i chat about turning 21 and my birthday as well as answering lots of fun questions from instagram! (@growingwiththeflow_podcast) talking about loneliness, my dream career, what i would eat on my last day on earth, having a healthy relationship with working out and sport + lots more <33 hope you enjoy, have a great week and lmk if you like these less planned out eps! <3 

Mar 08, 2021
twenty lessons i learnt at twenty | Ep. 12

happy march my loves! this week i'm sharing twenty lessons i learnt in my twentieth year, and what a year it's been!! hope this is insightful or just vaguely entertaining haha but anyways thank you for all the love and support this past year you mean the world to me <33

follow the ig to send in questions/thoughts for future eps! @growingwiththeflow_podcast <33

Mar 01, 2021
love and relationships | Ep. 11

happy monday my friends!! it's pisces season!! so for today's ep i'm chatting all about love and relationships, i talk about my experiences as well as your questions and thoughts from insta! (@growingwiththeflow_podcast) i'm so so happy with how this episode came out and i hope you enjoy, if you do a rating/review would be very appreciated hehe!! wishing you all the best in love <33 have a good week!

Feb 22, 2021
slow fashion and dressing sustainably | Ep.10

hello hello! happy monday and happy new ep! today we're chatting openly about fast fashion, sustainable clothing and making it accessible to everyone! hopefully this episode serves as a conversation starter or just something to think about! follow the insta @growingwiththeflow_podcast and rate and review if you would like! <3

Feb 15, 2021
relationships, body image and jobs: big sister advice | Ep. 9

happy monday folks! this week i'm turning into your big sister and giving out a tonne of unsolicited advice! from body image and relationships to drifting from friends and careers, we're chatting about it all :) thank you to everyone who sent something in, i read them all and it means a lot <3 follow @growingwiththeflow_podcast and rate and review the pod if you would like! have an amazing week <3

Feb 08, 2021
breaking up with my phone | Ep. 8

happy february everyone!! welcome to a new ep (and new podcast art !!!! by @magalifranov eeeek so in love with it!!), today we're chatting all about social media, influencers, comparison online and breaking up with my phone. thank you for sending in your thoughts on the podcast insta! (growingwiththeflow_podcast) have an amazing week- you got this!! <3

Feb 01, 2021
but where are you really from? growing up mixed race | Ep. 7

happy monday my loves! hope you had a nice weekend wherever you are <3 this week's episode is a pretty big one, i'm talking all about my experience growing up mixed race! from microaggressions and mean comments to why i love it, i chatted openly about my experiences and how it's shaped who i am <3 i hope this is somewhat interesting! follow along on the podcast insta to be a part of future eps and see some behind the scenes @growingwiththeflow_podcast !! sending lots of love and catch ya next monday <3

Jan 25, 2021
a trip to the hospital, social media break and new flats | Ep. 6

hello hello angels and welcome to a new ep of the podcast! this week we're catching up on the last few weeks and what i've been up to- from moving flats and social media breaks to a trip to the hospital and a new semester of university :) would love to hear your thoughts on the ep on the podcast insta @growingwiththeflow_podcast and have the best week! <3

Jan 18, 2021
edinburgh life and a university chat! | Ep. 5

welcome back to 2021 of growing with the flow! thank you so much for tuning in <3 we're starting out the new year with a chat all about my experience at the university of edinburgh, i'm answering your questions about accommodation, flats, my course, societies, the city, the whole shabang! follow along on the ig to ask questions in future eps @growingwiththeflow_podcast <3 wishing everyone the very best 2021, we got this !!!

Jan 11, 2021
reflecting and setting intentions for a new year | Ep. 4

welcome back to growing with the flow, thanks for tuning in! this week i reflect on 2020 from achievements and fun memories to struggles and breakdowns we're getting real. i also talk through my intentions, goals and manifestations for the coming year which can hopefully give you some inspo to do the same!! let me know your intentions for 2021 on the podcast ig @growingwiththeflow_podcast ! thank you for everything you've done for me this year, i love you with all my heart <3

Dec 28, 2020
christmas traditions, evermore and online uni | Ep. 3

happy christmas week!! welcome back to the pod, this week i somehow manage to chat sh*t for 54 minutes, we catch up on my thoughts on the new taylor swift album, tell the story of the time my mum met princess diana, get into the christmas spirit and review my first semester of online uni! to ask questions in future q&a's feel free to follow over on ig @growingwiththeflow_podcast and leave me a comment on your thoughts on this ep! sending so much love to each and every one of you and i'll catch ya next monday <333

Dec 21, 2020
joining the vgang! an open chat about veganism | Ep. 2

happy monday everyone! hope we're all doing well <33 in today's episode i'm diving in the deep end and chatting all about veganism! from problems with the movement, to animal cruelty and sustainability, to my favourite foods and how i got into it- this episode covers it all! hopefully you can take something away from this, my aim here is just to provoke thought and get us all questioning! 

some of my fave vegan instas to follow: @veganayna (me lol), @maxlamanna, @accidentallyveganuk, @elsas_wholesomelife, @tofouie, @fruitsandroots, @glutenmorgen__, @sprinkledwithseeds <3 

if you wanna follow the podcast ig it's @growingwiththeflow_podcast, have a nice week everyoneeee <3

Dec 14, 2020
nice to meet you! | Ep. 1

Well hello hello there! It's Nayna here with the first episode of Growing With The Flow (finally) !!!! It's been a long time coming but i think it's going to be worth it :D For today's intro episode i had all my friends and family take a quiz all about me (egotistic i know) and hopefully the results will give you a little insight into what i'm really like! The podcast insta is @growingwiththeflow_podcast, feel free to follow along to hear about new eps and to send in submissions/questions for future episodes! Enjoy <33 

Dec 07, 2020
Trailer Episode! Welcome to Growing with the Flow

Hello hello!! Welcome to this brand new podcast, Growing with the Flow! I'm so excited to be starting this new project and can't wait for everything that's to come. I hope you're as excited as i am!

Oct 17, 2020