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Category: True Crime

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Rebel A.
 Jan 10, 2024
I love the long form deep dives into these true crime cases. Stephanie puts in tremendous research& carefully writes these scripts to not just give all the facts of the case but to also showcase who the victim is to the best of her ability.

Brittany Bridges
 Apr 19, 2021
My new favorite podcast! I absolutely love listening to Derrick and Stephanie tell their opinions and views on the stories. I look forward to each episode! keep up the awesome work!

 Dec 25, 2020
Very much enjoying this podcast. Hosts are excellent and provide good insight into crimes that you wouldn't normally get in podcasts. Looking forward to lots more episodes.

 Dec 23, 2020
Really like it so far. The presentation is getting better. The only drawback is that since it's a new podcast, there are no old cases to sift through. Keep up the good work!

 Dec 15, 2020
not worth it


Join retired police detective and private investigator Derrick Levasseur and true crime Youtube creator Stephanie Harlowe as they discuss the crimes making headlines while also taking a deeper look into cases that have fascinated them both personally and professionally. They’ll give plenty of insight and safety tips along the way to help make sure that no listener becomes the subject of the next episode….

Episode Date
S3 Ep210: The Menendez Brothers: Dr. Oziel (Part 6)
May 24, 2024
S3 Ep209: Crime Weekly News: Former Atlanta Police Officer Charged With Murder of Lyft Driver
May 22, 2024
S3 Ep208: The Menendez Brothers: Money and Motives (Part 5)
May 17, 2024
S3 Ep207: Crime Weekly News: Parents Charged With Murder & Kevin Spacey Documentary Released
May 15, 2024
S3 Ep206: The Menendez Brothers: Double Homicide (Part 4)
May 10, 2024
S3 Ep205: Crime Weekly News: Man Chokes Wife to Death Over Medical Bills
May 08, 2024
S3 Ep204: The Menendez Brothers: Kill or Be Killed (Part 3)
May 03, 2024
S3 Ep203: Crime Weekly News: Father Killed During “Exorcism” & Scott Peterson’s Appeal Calls for DNA Testing!
May 01, 2024
S3 Ep202: The Menendez Brothers: Trouble in Beverly Hills (Part 2)
Apr 26, 2024
S3 Ep201: Crime Weekly News: Dylan Rounds Remains Found
Apr 24, 2024
S3 Ep200: The Menendez Brothers: Natural Selection (Part 1)
Apr 19, 2024
S3 Ep199: Crime Weekly News: The Apple River Stabbing
Apr 17, 2024
S3 Ep198: Leah Roberts: Desolation Peak (Part 2)
Apr 12, 2024
S3 Ep197: Crime Weekly News: Family Found Dead in Possible Murder-Suicide
Apr 10, 2024
S3 Ep196: Leah Roberts: The Road Less Traveled (Part 1)
Apr 05, 2024
S3 Ep195: Crime Weekly News: Man Caught With Human Leg & Officer Jonathan Diller Remembered
Apr 03, 2024
S3 Ep194: Riley Strain: A Nashville Tragedy
Mar 29, 2024
S3 Ep193: Crime Weekly News: Layla Santanello Updates
Mar 27, 2024
S3 Ep192: Piketon Massacre: And Then There Was One (Part 5)
Mar 22, 2024
S3 Ep191: Crime Weekly News: Man Arrested for Defiling Food
Mar 20, 2024
S3 Ep190: Piketon Massacre: Blood Brothers (Part 4)
Mar 15, 2024
S3 Ep189: Crime Weekly News: 2004 Missing Girl Remains Found
Mar 13, 2024
S3 Ep188: Piketon Massacre: The Family That Kills Together (Part 3)
Mar 08, 2024
S3 Ep187: Crime Weekly News: Michelle Troconis Found Guilty
Mar 06, 2024
S3 Ep186: Piketon Massacre: The Wagner Family Secrets (Part 2)
Mar 01, 2024
S3 Ep185: Crime Weekly News: Laken Riley’s Killer Arrested
Feb 29, 2024
S3 Ep184: Piketon Massacre: The Rhoden Family (Part 1)
Feb 23, 2024
S3 Ep183: Crime Weekly News: Woman Puts Baby In Oven
Feb 21, 2024
S3 Ep182: Dan Markel: What Did You Do Donna Sue? (Part 8)
Feb 16, 2024
S3 Ep181: Crime Weekly News: Jessica Gutierrez Killer Convicted
Feb 15, 2024
S3 Ep180: Dan Markel: Charlie Adelson VS Katherine Magbanua (Part 7)
Feb 09, 2024
S3 Ep179: Crime Weekly News: Man Beheads Father
Feb 07, 2024
S3 Ep178: Dan Markel: The Maestro (Part 6)
Feb 02, 2024
S3 Ep177: Crime Weekly News: Mother Faces Backlash After Viral Video
Feb 01, 2024
S3 Ep176: Dan Markel: The Bump (Part 5)
Jan 26, 2024
S3 Ep175: Crime Weekly News: LA Innocence Project Takes Scott Peterson Case!
Jan 24, 2024
S3 Ep174: Dan Markel: Gang Members and GPS (Part 4)
Jan 19, 2024
S3 Ep173: Crime Weekly News: Hundreds of Bodies Buried Behind Prison
Jan 17, 2024
S3 Ep172: Dan Markel: The Professor and the Prius (Part 3)
Jan 12, 2024
S3 Ep171: Crime Weekly News: Gypsy Rose Released From Prison!
Jan 10, 2024
S3 Ep170: Dan Markel: Felt Like Pearl Harbor (Part 2)
Jan 05, 2024
S3 Ep169: Crime Weekly News: Pennypack Park Arrest Leads to DNA Breakthrough
Jan 03, 2024
S3 Ep168: Dan Markel: This Is Our Story (Part 1)
Dec 29, 2023
S3 Ep167: Crime Weekly News: Idaho 4 House to Be Demolished
Dec 27, 2023
S3 Ep166: Lindsay Clancy: Suspicious Searches (Part 2)
Dec 15, 2023
S3 Ep165: Crime Weekly News: Suspect Arrested in Connection With Texas Cheerleader Murder
Dec 14, 2023
S3 Ep164: Lindsay Clancy: A Mother's Struggle Leads to Tragedy (Part 1)
Dec 08, 2023
S3 Ep163: Crime Weekly News: The Neighbor’s Secret
Dec 07, 2023
S3 Ep162: Maya Kowalski: The Court Rules in Favor Of....(Part 3)
Dec 01, 2023
S3 Ep161: Crime Weekly News: Missing Woman's Family Scammed Via Cashapp!
Nov 30, 2023
S3 Ep160: Maya Kowalski: The Denial of A Mother's Hug (Part 2)
Nov 24, 2023
S3 Ep159: Albert Allen Frost: Criminal Coffee Solved Its First Case!
Nov 22, 2023
S3 Ep158: Maya Kowalski: Sickness Turns to Tragedy (Part 1)
Nov 17, 2023
S3 Ep157: Crime Weekly News: Serial Killer Identified as Border Patrol Agent!
Nov 16, 2023
S3 Ep156: Crystal Rogers: A Family Affair? (Part 2)
Nov 10, 2023
S3 Ep155: Crime Weekly News: Husband Shoots Wife and Is on the Run!
Nov 09, 2023
S3 Ep154: Crystal Rogers: A Family Affair? (Part 1)
Oct 27, 2023
S3 Ep153: Crime Weekly News: Pilot Attempts to Turn Off Engines During Flight and Is Charged With Murder
Oct 26, 2023
S3 Ep152: Arne Johnson: Demonic Defense (Part 2)
Oct 20, 2023
S3 Ep151: Crime Weekly News: Joran van der Sloot Confesses to Natalie Holloway's Murder!
Oct 19, 2023
S3 Ep150: Arne Johnson: The Devil Made Me Do It (Part 1)
Oct 13, 2023
S3 Ep149: Crime Weekly News: Charlotte Sena Suspect Connected to More Cases?
Oct 12, 2023
S3 Ep148: Shad Rock Thyrion: Taylor Schabusiness' Insanity Plea (Part 2)
Oct 06, 2023
S3 Ep147: Crime Weekly News: Suspect Arrested In Tupac's Murder
Oct 04, 2023
S3 Ep146: Shad Rock Thyrion: Taylor Schabusiness and the Basement (Part 1)
Sep 29, 2023
S3 Ep145: Crime Weekly News: College Student Arrested for Holding His Girlfriend Hostage in Dorm Room
Sep 27, 2023
S3 Ep144: Mischelle Lawless: The Man in the Red Hat (Part 5)
Sep 22, 2023
S3 Ep143: Crime Weekly News: Former NFL Player Missing After Mother Found Dead
Sep 20, 2023
S3 Ep142: Mischelle Lawless: Wrongfully Convicted (Part 4)
Sep 15, 2023
S3 Ep141: Mischelle Lawless: The Mysterious "Mark" (Part 3)
Sep 08, 2023
S3 Ep140: Mischelle Lawless: The Cut Mart (Part 2)
Sep 01, 2023
S3 Ep139: Mischelle Lawless: Interstate 70 (Part 1)
Aug 25, 2023
S3 Ep138: Kyron Horman: Sauvie Island (Part 3)
Aug 18, 2023
S3 Ep137: Kyron Horman: The Housewife and the Hitman (Part 2)
Aug 11, 2023
S3 Ep136: Kyron Horman: Science Fair Turned Crime Scene (Part 1)
Aug 04, 2023
S3 Ep135: D.B. Cooper: Mystery Money (Part 2)
Jul 28, 2023
S3 Ep134: D.B. Cooper: A Man With a Grudge (Part 1)
Jul 21, 2023
S3 Ep133: The Daybell Doomsday Cult Murders: From Paradise to Prison (Part 7)
Jul 14, 2023
S3 Ep132: The Daybell Doomsday Cult Murders: A Man of God or Not? (Part 6)
Jul 07, 2023
S3 Ep131: The Daybell Doomsday Cult Murders: Pet Cemetery (Part 5)
Jun 30, 2023
S3 Ep130: The Daybell Doomsday Cult Murders: Light and Dark Spirits (Part 4)
Jun 23, 2023
S3 Ep129: The Daybell Doomsday Cult Murders: Chad and the End Times (Part 3)
Jun 16, 2023
S3 Ep128: The Daybell Doomsday Cult Murders: Brotherly Love? (Part 2)
Jun 09, 2023
S3 Ep127: The Daybell Doomsday Cult Murders: Lori...A Ticking Time Bomb (Part 1)
Jun 02, 2023
S3 Ep126: Jacob Landin: "John" Reveals His True Colors (Part 2)
May 26, 2023
S3 Ep125: Jacob Landin: A Brother's Fight for Justice (Part 1)
May 19, 2023
S3 Ep124: Carla Jan Walker: The DNA of Murder (Part 2)
May 12, 2023
S3 Ep123: Carla Jan Walker: The Promise Ring (Part 1)
May 05, 2023
S3 Ep122: West Memphis Three: Alternate Suspects (Part 8)
Apr 28, 2023
S3 Ep121: West Memphis Three: Trials and Tribulations (Part 7)
Apr 21, 2023
S3 Ep120: West Memphis Three: The Trial of Jessie Misskelley (Part 6)
Apr 14, 2023
S3 Ep119: West Memphis Three: The Right to Remain Silent (Part 5)
Apr 07, 2023
S3 Ep118: West Memphis Three: Allegations and Alibis (Part 4)
Mar 31, 2023
S3 Ep117: West Memphis Three: Troubled Teenager to Murder Suspect (Part 3)
Mar 24, 2023
S3 Ep116: West Memphis Three: Satanic Panic (Part 2)
Mar 17, 2023
S3 Ep115: West Memphis Three: Robin Hood Hills (Part 1)
Mar 10, 2023
S3 Ep114: Jennifer Kesse: "Chino" (Part 3)
Mar 03, 2023
S3 Ep113: Jennifer Kesse: The Man Behind the Fence (Part 2)
Feb 24, 2023
S3 Ep112: Jennifer Kesse: Secrets in the Sunshine State (Part 1)
Feb 17, 2023
S3 Ep111: Daniel Robinson: A Father's Fight to Find His Son (Part 2)
Feb 10, 2023
S3 Ep110: Daniel Robinson: The Geologist and the Desert (Part 1)
Feb 03, 2023
S3 Ep109: Kathleen Peterson: The Owl Attack? (Part 5)
Jan 27, 2023
S3 Ep108: Kathleen Peterson: The Other Man (Part 4)
Jan 20, 2023
S3 Ep107: Kathleen Peterson: Experts At War (Part 3)
Jan 13, 2023
S3 Ep106: Kathleen Peterson: A Night In (Part 2)
Jan 06, 2023
S2 Ep105: Kathleen Peterson: The Staircase (Part 1)
Dec 30, 2022
S2 Ep104: Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins: From Meyers Lake to Seven Bridges (Part 2)
Dec 16, 2022
S2 Ep103: Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins: The Bike Ride (Part 1)
Dec 09, 2022
S2 Ep102: Hae Min Lee & Adnan Syed: The Conclusion (Part 8)
Dec 02, 2022
S2: Crime Weekly Presents: Amazon Music's 'Killer Psyche Daily'
Nov 30, 2022
S2 Ep101: Hae Min Lee & Adnan Syed: The Trouble With Jay (Part 7)
Nov 25, 2022
S2 Ep100: Hae Min Lee & Adnan Syed: Asia's Alibi (Part 6)
Nov 18, 2022
S2 Ep99: Hae Min Lee & Adnan Syed: Cars and Calls (Part 5)
Nov 11, 2022
S2 Ep98: Hae Min Lee & Adnan Syed: Timelines and Testimonies Collide (Part 4)
Nov 04, 2022
S2: Crime Weekly Presents: The Generation Why Podcast
Nov 01, 2022
S2 Ep97: Hae Min Lee & Adnan Syed: Leakin Park's Buried Secrets (Part 3)
Oct 28, 2022
S2 Ep96: Hae Min Lee & Adnan Syed: Does Anyone Have an Alibi? (Part 2)
Oct 21, 2022
S2 Ep95: Hae Min Lee & Adnan Syed: Let's Start From The Beginning (Part 1)
Oct 14, 2022
S2 Ep94: Tara Calico: The Sheriff's Son (Part 3)
Oct 07, 2022
Crime Weekly Presents | Wolves Among Us, Season 1, The Larry Lavin Story
Oct 05, 2022
S2 Ep93: Tara Calico: The Polaroid and the Cover-up (Part 2)
Sep 30, 2022
S2 Ep92: Tara Calico: The Girl on the Bike (Part 1)
Sep 23, 2022
S2 Ep91: Connie Dabate: The Fitbit Tell-All (Part 3)
Sep 16, 2022
S2 Ep94: Connie Dabate: The Other Woman (Part 2)
Sep 09, 2022
S2 Ep93: Connie Dabate: "The Masked Intruder" (Part 1)
Sep 02, 2022
S2 Ep92: Summer Wells: The Cornbread Mafia and Other Theories (Part 3)
Aug 26, 2022
S2 Ep91: Summer Wells: A Father’s Love (Part 2)
Aug 19, 2022
S2 Ep90: Summer Wells: June 15, 2021 (Part 1)
Aug 12, 2022
S2 Ep89: The Springfield Three: Theories and Suspects (Part 3)
Aug 05, 2022
S2 Ep88: The Springfield Three: The Man In The Van (Part 2)
Jul 22, 2022
S2 Ep87: The Springfield Three: Gone Without A Trace (Part 1)
Jul 15, 2022
S2 Ep86: Danielle Redlick: The Verdict Is In (Part 3)
Jul 08, 2022
S2 Ep85: Danielle Redlick: Murder or Self-Defense? (Part 2)
Jul 01, 2022
S2 Ep84: Danielle Redlick: Romeo and Juliet? (Part 1)
Jun 24, 2022
S2 Ep83: Brittanee Drexel: Monster Among Us (Part 3)
Jun 17, 2022
S2 Ep82: Brittanee Drexel: The Jailhouse Snitch (Part 2)
Jun 10, 2022
Crime Weekly Presents | Persona: The French Deception
Jun 07, 2022
S2 Ep80: Brittanee Drexel: Missing From Ocean Boulevard (Part 1)
Jun 03, 2022
S2 Ep79: Aaron Hernandez: A Tragic End (Part 5)
May 27, 2022
S2 Ep78: Aaron Hernandez: Behind Bars (Part 4)
May 20, 2022
S2 Ep77: Aaron Hernandez: The Execution of Odin Lloyd (Part 3)
May 13, 2022
S2 Ep76: Aaron Hernandez: Cracks Start to Show (Part 2)
May 06, 2022
S2 Ep75: Aaron Hernandez: Wasted Potential (Part 1)
Apr 29, 2022
S2 Ep74: Sherri Papini: Lies Unraveled (Part 2)
Apr 22, 2022
S2 Ep73: Sherri Papini: Supermom or Storyteller? (Part 1)
Apr 15, 2022
S2 Ep72: Blaze Bernstein: A Diary of Hate (Part 2)
Apr 08, 2022
S2 Ep71: Blaze Bernstein: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (Part 1)
Apr 01, 2022
S2 Ep70: Julie Dart and Stephanie Slater: Justice Served? (Part 3)
Mar 25, 2022
S2 Ep69: Julie Dart and Stephanie Slater: A Grubby Little Man (Part 2)
Mar 18, 2022
S2 Ep68: Julie Dart and Stephanie Slater: Ransom with an "E" (Part 1)
Mar 11, 2022
Crime Weekly Presents: American Hostage
Mar 07, 2022
S2 Ep66: DeOrr Kunz Jr.: Parents Become Persons of Interest (Part 2)
Mar 04, 2022
S2 Ep65: DeOrr Kunz Jr.: Camping Trip Gone Wrong (Part 1)
Feb 25, 2022
S2 Ep64: Michelle Martinko: DNA Doesn't Lie (Part 2)
Feb 18, 2022
S2 Ep63: Michelle Martinko: Mystery at the Mall (Part 1)
Feb 11, 2022
S2 Ep62: Caylee Anthony: The State v. Casey Marie Anthony (Part 8)
Feb 04, 2022
S2 Ep61: Caylee Anthony: Little Girl Lost (Part 7)
Jan 28, 2022
S2: We're Off This Week!
Jan 19, 2022
S2 Ep60: Caylee Anthony: Worst Fears Confirmed (Part 6)
Jan 14, 2022
S2 Ep59: Caylee Anthony: Deny Until You Die (Part 5)
Jan 07, 2022
S1 Ep58: Caylee Anthony: Did the Parents Know? (Part 4)
Dec 31, 2021
S1 Ep57: Caylee Anthony: "I'm going to see Zanny." (Part 3)
Dec 24, 2021
Crime Weekly Presents | American Scandal: The Pentagon Papers
Dec 21, 2021
S1 Ep55: Caylee Anthony: The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (Part 2)
Dec 17, 2021
S1 Ep54: Caylee Anthony: Family Ties (Part 1)
Dec 10, 2021
S1 Ep53: Taylor Wright: The Evidence Doesn't Lie (Part 3)
Dec 03, 2021
S1 Ep52: Taylor Wright: Shallow Grave (Part 2)
Nov 26, 2021
S1 Ep51: Taylor Wright: Follow The Money (Part 1)
Nov 19, 2021
S1 Ep50: Amber Jackson: Murder in Paradise
Nov 12, 2021
S1 Ep49: Gabby Petito: Buried Truth (Part 3)
Nov 05, 2021
S1 Ep48: Gabby Petitio: Narrowing Down Time of Death (Part 2)
Oct 29, 2021
S1 Ep47: Gabby Petito: Breaking Down the Body Cam (Part 1)
Oct 22, 2021
S1 Ep46: The Murder of Laci Peterson: The Final Chapter (Part 6)
Oct 15, 2021
S1 Ep44: The Murder of Laci Peterson: The Arrest (Part 5)
Oct 08, 2021
S1 Ep43: The Murder of Laci Peterson: The Motive (Part 4)
Oct 01, 2021
S1 Ep42: The Murder of Laci Peterson: Christmas Eve (Part 3)
Sep 24, 2021
S1 Ep41: The Murder of Laci Peterson: A Double Life (Part 2)
Sep 17, 2021
S1 Ep40: The Murder of Laci Peterson: Tainted Love (Part 1)
Sep 10, 2021
S1 Ep39: Mystery on Highway 18: Asha Degree (Part 3)
Sep 03, 2021
Crime Weekly Presents: Suspect
Aug 31, 2021
S1 Ep38: Mystery on Highway 18: Asha Degree (Part 2)
Aug 27, 2021
S1 Ep37: Mystery on Highway 18: Asha Degree (Part 1)
Aug 20, 2021
S1 Ep36: Disappearance at Indiana University: Lauren Spierer (Part 3)
Aug 13, 2021
S1 Ep35: Disappearance at Indiana University: Lauren Spierer (Part 2)
Aug 06, 2021
S1 Ep34: Disappearance at Indiana University: Lauren Spierer (Part 1)
Jul 30, 2021
S1 Ep33: Death By The Bay: What Happened to Robin Pope? (Part 2)
Jul 23, 2021
S1 Ep32: Death By The Bay: What Happened to Robin Pope? (Part 1)
Jul 16, 2021
S1 Ep31: The Snapchat Murders: Abigail Williams and Liberty German (Part 3)
Jul 09, 2021
S1 Ep30: The Snapchat Murders: Abigail Williams and Liberty German (Part 2)
Jul 02, 2021
S1 Ep29: The Snapchat Murders: Abigail Williams and Liberty German (Part 1)
Jun 25, 2021
S1 Ep28: A Broken System: Pravin Varughese (CrimeCon 2021)
Jun 18, 2021
S1 Ep27: Death on Shady Avenue: Codi Joyce (Part 2)
Jun 11, 2021
S1 Ep26: Death on Shady Avenue: Codi Joyce (Part 1)
Jun 04, 2021
S1 Ep25: Tragic Accident or Police Cover-Up?: Kendrick Johnson (Part 4)
May 28, 2021
S1 Ep24: Tragic Accident or Police Cover-Up?: Kendrick Johnson (Part 3)
May 21, 2021
S1 Ep23: Tragic Accident or Police Cover-Up?: Kendrick Johnson (Part 2)
May 14, 2021
S1 Ep22: Tragic Accident or Police Cover-Up?: Kendrick Johnson (Part 1)
May 07, 2021
S1 Ep21: A Mother's Mental Struggle Leads to Murder: Liliana Carrillo
Apr 30, 2021
S1 Ep20: The Murder of Cynthia Hoffman (Part 2)
Apr 23, 2021
S1 Ep19: The Murder Cynthia Hoffman (Part 1)
Apr 16, 2021
S1 Ep18: The Murder of Missy Grubaugh (Part 2)
Apr 09, 2021
S1 Ep17: The Murder of Missy Grubaugh (Part 1)
Apr 02, 2021
Crime Weekly Presents: Spy Affair
Mar 30, 2021
S1 Ep16: The Murder of Krystal Beslanowitch (Part II)
Mar 26, 2021
S1 Ep15: The Murder of Krystal Beslanowitch (Part I)
Mar 19, 2021
S1 Ep14: The Murder of Faith Hedgepeth (Part III)
Mar 05, 2021
S1 Ep13: The Murder of Faith Hedgepeth (Part II)
Feb 26, 2021
S1 Ep12: The Murder of Faith Hedgepeth (Part I)
Feb 19, 2021
S1 Ep11: The Disappearance of Michaela Garecht (Part II)
Feb 12, 2021
S1 Ep10: The Disappearance of Michaela Garecht (Part I)
Feb 05, 2021
S1 Ep9: The Murder of JonBenét Ramsey (Part IV)
Jan 29, 2021
S1 Ep8: The Murder of JonBenét Ramsey (Part III)
Jan 22, 2021
S1 Ep7: The Murder of JonBenét Ramsey (Part II)
Jan 15, 2021
S1 Ep6: The Murder of JonBenét Ramsey (Part I)
Jan 08, 2021
S1 Ep5: The Guy Family Murders (Part II)
Jan 01, 2021
S1 Ep4: The Guy Family Murders (Part I)
Dec 25, 2020
S1 Ep3: The Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos (Part II)
Dec 18, 2020
S1 Ep2: The Disappearance of Jennifer Dulos (Part I)
Dec 11, 2020
S1 Ep1: The Watts Family Murders
Dec 04, 2020
Introducing Crime Weekly
Nov 16, 2020