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Category: Self-Improvement

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Diary of a Gen Z. Lexie Lombard spends half her life on the ground, and the other half in the clouds. This coming of age podcast will answer the real life questions, but explore your daydreams too.

Episode Date
how to read if you hate it
book recommendations, how to make reading a habit, body image, and gap year advice
Sep 25, 2021
is happiness a joke?
holding shame vs being shameless, learning to be a go-getter and how to get through the rough patches
Sep 15, 2021
family is... family
healthy therapeutic releases, and shorter episode on the love and dysfunction that can be "family"
Sep 05, 2021
my relationship with exercise
my trip to the dispensary, flirting tips, botox, nipple piercings, and female weight lifting
Aug 25, 2021
the problem being a "yes man"
how to stop spreading yourself too thin and saying yes to everything. I also share with you my secret to get a healthy dose of instant gratification.
Aug 18, 2021
we're all gonna die
we've heard "the sex talk" ...what about "the death talk"
Aug 05, 2021
falling out of love
the joy of discarding your belongings, body confidence, falling out of love, forming habits, and missing my mom
Jul 29, 2021
accomplishment addiction
addicted to productivity? let's talk about it- along with discipline, spirituality, and toxic friendships
Jul 21, 2021
how to do hard things
advice on perseverance, how to kiss, questioning sexuality, and finding an aesthetic
Jul 13, 2021
my toxic trait
a little bit of everything: adhd hacks, soulmates, forgiveness, organization advice
Jul 07, 2021
the best sex i've ever had
my funny, sweet, and most brutally embarrassing sex stories followed by a ~sexual~ q&a.
Jun 29, 2021
i'm a mean girl
lol i'm working it out with my therapist
Jun 22, 2021
how to be mysterious
is it better to keep things hidden or be an open book?
Jun 14, 2021
one month after losing my mom
my new roster of middle aged women, how I advocate for myself in business, and my thoughts on long distance relationships in college
Jun 07, 2021
one week after losing my mom
I am in the THICK of it
Apr 09, 2021
dealing with death
I love you mom. rest in peace
Apr 01, 2021
the one with claudia sulewski
basically an hour long mush fest of our love. We talk about youtube culture, supportive friendships, and a pitbull named Peach.
Mar 23, 2021
i have dad energy
objectification, fear of motherhood, irrational pet peeves, irrational joys, and how to be assertive
Mar 08, 2021
anti imposter syndrome
healthy routine, jealousy of other influencers, my special oatmeal, and my 1st kiss story
Feb 25, 2021
my inner goddess is a ditz
responsibility, adhd, insecurity, and helicopter moms 
Feb 18, 2021
um where are the healthy people?
ways to manage stress
Feb 01, 2021
new year.. new nothing
2021 is just 2020 2.0
Jan 18, 2021
the 4 year long grudge
learning to forgive & sharing my nyc horror story
Jan 05, 2021
being a hot girl
cute boy, drink recipe, operation "be hot" and how to set boundaries
Dec 25, 2020
reading my diary
punishing myself, meeting god, fear of causing tension with family members. this one's... vulnerable... to say the least.
Dec 17, 2020
covid confessions
lil secrets and such
Dec 08, 2020
money + body image
my seven revenue streams, my thoughts on the word fat, habits and ideas I want to encourage.
Nov 30, 2020
hi, I’m @lexie
Diary of a Gen Z. Lexie Lombard spends half her life on the ground, and the other half in the clouds. This coming of age podcast will answer your real life questions and explore your curiosities too
Nov 17, 2020