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Quilting is the best hobby on earth! It includes everything from quilts and fibre art to wearables and bags. It brings you immense joy and it's a great stress reliever, but it does come with its own set of challenges. Join Brandy Maslowski, a.k.a the Quilter on Fire, as she tackles the latest quilting topics and interviews guests from all over the world. If you want to hear the latest quilting tips and tricks, listen to the experts and become a better quilter, then this show's for you.

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QOF Episode 69 - Abby Glassenberg

Today's guest is Abby Glassenberg president and co-founder of the Craft Industry Alliance. I started following Abby's blog While She Naps well over a decade ago while I was fumbling away in my tiny studio in Manitoba.

And I was dreaming of doing my passion full-time she has since co-founded Craft Industry Alliance, and now serves as the President, she's a sewing pattern designer, teacher and journalist. She's dedicated to creating an outstanding trade association for the crafts industry. And I'm so happy to share her story with you.

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May 24, 2022
QOF Episode 68 - Christa Watson

Christa Watson is award-winning quilt maker, pattern and fabric designer, teacher and speaker who has created a really great business and website with loads of educational content.
Christa will fill your toolbox with an abundance of great new quilting skills. She has an ask me anything approach, which really tackles current problems where quilters are stuck and helps her students and followers grow. Be sure to join her on Facebook, YouTube and check out her website at

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Check out Christa's website here:

May 17, 2022
QOF Episode 67 - Alex Anderson

My special guest is Alex Anderson! Laughter is plentiful in this in-depth interview with the one and only Sweetheart of Quilting.

OK yes, there are many sweethearts in the quilting world, but Alex has risen to the top for decades with her caring, happy demeanour and this interview "simply" makes my heart sing. That's an old school pun on her first show.

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May 10, 2022
QOF Episode 66 - Mary Fons

This week's guest is Mary Fons, famous for learning to quilt from scratch on a public stage, bringing new quilters into their comfort zone, and pushing the boundaries of how quilting is taught with her engaging, delightful personality. Her quirky demeanour takes a front stage in her content again and again. She has been a TV host, a writer, magazine editor, a lecturer, and has a passion for quilt history research.

She creates original, raw engaging content across all media, which is astonishing because social media changes every single day and on the podcast I share the best bits of her story with you.

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Link to Mary's website:
Link to Quiltfold Magazine:

May 03, 2022
QOF Episode 65 - Deborah Fisher of Fish Museum & Circus

Deborah Fisher is the docent and ringmaster of a crazy mixed up cabinet of curiosities, the circus juggler and the museum curator. And it's the perfect description of herself. Actually, her lines of fabric, quilt patterns and handcrafted items create the perfect menagerie of joy that just makes you want to collect it all.

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Link to the Fish Museum and Circus website:

Apr 26, 2022
QOF Episode 64 - Bridget O'Flaherty on Sustainability

Bridget O'Flaherty is an award-winning textile artist and all around creative inspiration who specializes in thread painting. Bridget has a Bachelor of Arts with an Environmental Studies Major and she just graduated with Honours.

This is such a valuable conversation to have, and she really has her toes in the water when it comes to the topic of sustainability and she carries that expertise into quilting.  She brings the conversation forward, not to say that we should never buy fabric again, but with the notion that we can have a good conversation about how we can take little steps to start making a difference.

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Apr 19, 2022
QOF Episode 63 - Anna Maria Horner

Anna Maria Horner is best known for her unique fabric designs. She uses bold colours and a gorgeous, vibrant mix of designs and patterns to create instantly recognizable fabric. Her pattern designs are bold and beautiful and her trunk show  was just filled with eye candy and very inspiring. This is the story of a mom of seven with a passion for fabric design, quilt, pattern design, and an entrepreneur with a thriving quilt shop. And on top of all that goodness, she takes the time to nurture and mentor upcoming designers in her field. I love it when it quilter's story is filled with hard work well-deserved success and a mindset of abundance. 

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Apr 13, 2022
QOF Episode 62 - Let's talk Batting with Stephanie Hackney

My special guest today is Stephanie Hackney Director of Sales and Marketing for Hobbs Bonded Fibers. She is a brand professional known for her expertise on batting. She has lectured at many major quilt shows such as Quilt Market, Quilt Festival, Road to California, AQS Paducah and many more. She also delivers this great content to guilds and retail stores all over North America. She really has a passion for providing quilters with the info they need to choose the best batting for their quilted, sewn and crafted projects. I have invited her twice to be a part of my recent lecture series - once in December featuring holiday projects and once in January featuring everything you could every want to know about batting and I just can’t get enough of this information, so I had to have her on the podcast. 

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Apr 05, 2022
QOF Episode 61 - Tracy Mooney

This week my special guest is Tracy Mooney. When I first met her recently at quilt festival in Houston, I learned first hand that it is very cool to meet a podcast personality and hear their voice in person for the first time. I'd been listening to the Quilt'n'Tell Podcast for a while. I started to feel like I was getting to know her and her fellow hosts.  It's kind of hard to believe you're meeting that person behind the voice on the podcast. Tracy Mooney is the Editor of Quiltmaker Magazine and Fons and Porter's Quick and Easy Quilts. She is Producer and one of the three hosts of the Quilt & Tell podcast with Lori Baker and Ginger Sheehy-Tatic.

She thrives in her roles because she is a deadline driven writer and journalist with over a decade of experience. So let's take a listen to her story...

Mar 31, 2022
QOF Episode 60 - QuiltCon 2022 Recap

Join me for an episode all about of my visit to QuiltCon 2022 in Phoenix, AZ. You'll hear my favourite moments, interviews with influencers, quilters, vendors, the organizers of the show and some special exhibits as well. 

LINKS to things I mention in this episode:
Social Justice Sewing Academy with Sara Trail:
The Navajo Quilt Project with Susan Hudson:
The AccuQuilt on the Go! QuiltCon Part 1:
The AccuQuilt on the Go! QuiltCon Part 2:

Mar 03, 2022
QOF Episode 59 - EQ8 with Yvonne Menear

EQ Educator Yvonne Menear. She has had a passion for EQ for over 20 years. She speaks to quilt guilds, at retreats, at regional, national and international sewing and quilt shows. She does projects and blogs for EQ and teaches at their annual retreat. She creates bespoke workshops to give the student exactly what they need. And today we are going to talk everything EQ! 

Link to the Youtube Trailer - I'm travelling so it's COMING SOON!
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Link to the EQ 20% off discount with code: FIRE20 until March 31st:

Feb 24, 2022
QOF Episode 58 - Kim Niedzwiecki Talks Social Media

Kim Neidzweicki is a sewist, quilter, and pattern designer with a passion for social media. One thing I loved hearing from her on the podcast is that no one is really a social media guru or maven because it changes every single day. We get massive doses of the unknown from social media and there is so much pressure to go viral. It is intimidating. You finally figure out how to make a reel on Instagram and then TikTok comes along and steals the show. The hardest part of it all is just going gloves off and diving into the ring to try everything. It’s new to everyone. We are not alone. And Kim is out there spreading the word about how people can grow.

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Feb 16, 2022
QOF Episode 57 - Vivika Hansen Denegre

Vivika Hansen Denegre is an avid artist and crafter who lives and works in New England. By day, she is the editor of Quilting Arts and QuiltCon Magazines and serves as the Director of Quilting Content for Golden Peak Media. You’ve likely seen her on Quilting Arts TV, listened to her on The Quilting Arts Podcast, and read some of the many articles and blogposts she writes for traditional quilting publications and By night, you can find Vivika hard at work in the studio where she knits, sews, quilts, and draws. She enjoys her work as a volunteer board member of both SAQA and the Modern Quilt Guild and is fascinated by the work of art quilters from around the world.

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Feb 08, 2022
QOF Episode 56 - Artist & Creativity Coach Katie Fowler

On today’s episode you’ll meet Katie Fowler. I had the pleasure of meeting her in person for the first time at the Houston Quilt Festival and wow - she instantly felt like a kind-hearted mentor. Katie is a Kaizen-Muse Creativity Coach, an award-winning artist and a former teacher who loves facilitating learning. The very first day I met her she had her book in my hands and we were chatting about creativity. If you are stuck she guides creative people in connecting with themselves, with others and with their own passions.

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Feb 01, 2022
QOF Episode 55 - Quilting for a Cause with Berene Campbell

I’ve been so excited to have Berene Campbell on the show. I first heard of her when my local Okanagan Modern Quilt Guild hired her as a speaker. I loved every word she said. She was heartwarming and inspiring to say the least, and our guild then took on her Mini Mod Swap which is a challenge for the Handmade Collective Awards which we talk about today on the show. Secondly, she’s a delightful person. Berene is a quilt pattern designer, teacher, speaker and community project instigator. Her patterns have been admired by the likes of Tula Pink and her community and charity projects have raised over 35,000 thousand dollars and inspired quilters all over the world.
Find the Happy Sew Lucky website HERE:

Jan 25, 2022
QOF Episode 54 - Artist Clara Nartey

This week’s guest is Clara Nartey. She is an Artist, Entrepreneur and Coach creating Educational programs for Creatives. She suddenly found herself jobless after a dream career in the corporate world and forged ahead to discover her own creative path only to realize she’s not the only one who could use the skills and systems she’s learned along the way. Now she helps other creatives find their path and we are going to dive tight into her story.

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Clara Nartey's Website:

Jan 18, 2022
QOF Episode 53 - Rhonda Pierce of Schmetz

Rhonda Pierce, is the stitch savvy Marketing Director for Schmetz Needles. She offers her needle expertise around the world in workshops, lectures, monthly Facebook Live sessions and she’s also available to talk for your local guild. Once life returns to normal, watch for Rhonda at quilting shows and events around the country. She’ll be delighted to talk to you and to find out how you use your favourite SCHMETZ needle.

Watch the Podcast Trailer here: the PRIZE GIVEAWAY here:
Visit the Schmetz website here:

Jan 12, 2022
QOF Episode 52 - Expert Organizer Lois Hallock

It's Episode 52! Happy New Year and welcome to the first episode of 2022. I cannot think of a better topic to start off the year than ergonomics, efficiency & organization. It’s kind of like a new year’s resolution except wouldn’t it be great if we could do this all year round?  My guest today is Lois Hallock. She is a quilter, a professional Engineer and a professional organizer. It sounds like a perfect combination to me. I met her in the fall at the Houston Quilt Festival and you know I love talking about studios so I loved meeting her to find out what she has a passion for and what she offers in her business. She actually had a full room at Quilt Fest and does private studio consultations. Lois has professionally designed hundreds of quilting studios and has been published numerous times in magazines. She has applied her organization and problem solving skills from her engineering career to her passion for quilting help quilters create a space they love.

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Jan 05, 2022
QOF Episode 51 - Making it Fun with Rob Appell

I’ve been so excited to have Rob Appell on the show because first of all, he is a bundle of energy that is contagious, he’s a delightful person and when we first met for our discovery call to do this podcast he became an instant mentor to me in all things audio visual.  He has a fantastic YouTube presence working with Michael Miller Fabrics on his channel called Making it Fun with Rob Appell. His videos are filled with projects, inspiration, guest interviews and so much more. I first discovered Rob many years ago when he created an incredible series of art quilts called ENDANGERED SPECIES and I can’t wait to share his story with you. 

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Link to Making it Fun on Youtube -

Dec 21, 2021
QOF Episode 50 - Crazy Quilting and More with Allison Aller

Allison Aller is has been stitching, sewing, knitting, and writing since she was a child....and that child is alive and well in the joyful work she creates today from crazy quilting to stained glass quilting and so much more. She has been quilting non-stop for over 4 decades. She dove deep into more than a decade long passion for crazy quilts and wrote her first two books on the topic and more recently did the same deep dive and wrote a book on Stained Glass Quilting. Allison has been a featured quilter in dozens of magazines and on the Quilt Show with Ricky Tims & Alex Anderson and she is a multiple award-winning quilter at big shows like the American Quilters Society Show in Nashville and The International Quilt Festival in Houston. 

The incredible resource Allie mentioned for nationally documented quilt collections:
Listen to the YouTube Podcast Trailer here:
Enter the weekly prize giveaway here:
Check out Allie's blogspot here:

Dec 07, 2021
QOF Episode 49 - Gee's Bend Legacy Tangular A. Irby

Welcome to Episode 49 of the Quilter on Fire Podcast! Today my guest is a descendant of 2 Gee's Bend Quilters - Tangular A. Irby. She is an author, educator and quilter who is highly educated in Business Administration, Educational Leadership and has a Masters in the Art of Teaching. Her love of children's books developed during her time as a second grade teacher. She is the granddaughter of Gee’s Bend quilters, Pearlie Kennedy Pettway and Jensie Lee Irby. She grew up admiring the beauty of the quilts gifted to her by family. Quilting her very first quilt was a way to honour the legacy of her maternal and paternal grandmothers, Gee's Bend quilters, who passed on long before their creations were recognized as more than just a means to keep their families warm.

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Purchase the Gee's Bend book here:

Nov 30, 2021
QOF Episode 48 - Victoria Findlay Wolfe

Victoria Findlay Wolfe is an international award-winning quilter known for her designs which portray a sense of old school comfort while breaking the boundaries of contemporary design. They have elements of tradition but with a twist like a dissolving double wedding ring or a photo of her hands right in the quilt as part of the story. She trained in fine arts college as a painter who also sculpted and loves photography, but quilts have become her greatest passion. She is a sought after speaker, teacher, author, and fabric & pattern designer who loves quilting for herself and others through private commissions. Her quilts have been featured in private collections, in museums, and at quilt shows all over the world. Today, I have a chat with Victoria Findlay Wolfe.

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Go to Victoria's website here:

Nov 23, 2021
QOF Episode 47 - Houston Festival Part 2

Welcome to PART 2 of the Houston Quilt Festival Recap on the Quilter on Fire Podcast. For this 2nd episode I will give you a little more about my experience at my very first Houston Quilt Festival. I'll share my stories from start to finish from my entire trip to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, through Quilt Festival and then off to the Texas Quilt Museum. At Festival I asked quilt business owners what they are most excited about featuring this year in their booths. I got a huge variety of answers, of course and I also interviewed a show winner, a lecturer and some quilters featured in special exhibits. So grab a cup of tea, sit back and join me for the Houston Quilt Festival 2021 extravaganza PART 2. 

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Nov 16, 2021
QOF Episode 46 - Blue Bear Quilts with Reed Johnson

Reed Johnson of Blue Bear Quilts has won design competitions, He's a sought after designer for fabric companies, he has had numerous quilt pattern features in magazines and he recently launched his first line of fabric. He started quilting at 40, opened up his pattern design business at 60 and has never looked back. Looking for some quit biz inspiration? Just check out the sampling of his beautiful patterns below and click on any photo to head on over to his website for even more. Reed truly believes it's never too late to follow your dreams. 

Click here to watch the YOUTUBE TRAILER:
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Click here to go to the BLUE BEAR QUILTS website:

Nov 10, 2021
QOF Episode 45 - Houston Quilt Festival Faculty

Welcome to the Houston Quilt Festival Recap episode of the Quilter on Fire Podcast. I literally got off a plane last night at 7pm to arrive home from a whirlwind week and it feels like I’ve been compiling audio clips ever since. There will be two podcast episodes from the interviews I captured at Houston. You are in for a treat. For this first episode I ran around the classrooms for days interviewing teachers. I managed to get 40 teachers to answer one compelling question and I got a huge variety of answers. Here’s the QUESTION:  If there was one tidbit of wisdom you love to share in each and every class you teach what would it be? So grab a cup of tea, sit back and join me for the Houston Quilt Festival 2021 faculty extravaganza. I guarantee you will be inspired.

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Nov 03, 2021
QOF Episode 44 - Halloween with Kimberlee & Mr. Bones

On today’s show I interview Kimberlee Piers - Moore. She is a famous Canadian Tik Tokker who created the adorable little world of Mr. Bones. He’s a goofy little sidekick who snoozes, quilts, helps and hinders in all kinds of hilarious ways. Every little video has a warm and playful approach and brings on a smile each time. Kimberlee’s TikTok channel has grown to epic proportions and I can’t wait to share her story with you. Halloween is just around the corner so it’s the perfect time to discover the world of Mr. Bones.

Watch the Youtube Trailer here:
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Check out Mr. Bones on Tik Tok here:

Oct 26, 2021
QOF Episode 43 - Fabric Dyeing with Laura Wasilowski

I’m thrilled to have LAURA WASILOWSKI on the show because first of all, she’s an art quilter after my own heart and secondly I’ve been following along with her books and inspiration for many, many years. I first saw her on Quilting Arts TV and I can’t get enough of her creativity and inspiring projects. She is an award-winning art quilter, author multiple times over and a sought after teacher and speaker. She has travelled the world doing what she loves and I can’t wait to share her story with you.

Link to the PRIZE GIVEAWAY -
Link to Laura's website ARTFABRIK -

Oct 19, 2021
QOF Episode 42 - Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Today my guest is Jennifer Swope, the David & Roberta Logie Associate Curator of Textile and Fashion Arts at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Their latest exhibit called Fabric of a Nation - American Quilt Stories is a rich historical presentation that spans 300 years of American Quilts. And I’ll quote the website directly to share that “the remarkable examples on view are by an under recognized diversity of artistic hands and minds from the 17th century to today, including female and male, known and unidentified, urban and rural makers; immigrants; and Black, Latinx, Indigenous, Asian, and LGBTQIA+ Americans."

The exhibition invites visitors to celebrate the artistry and intricacy of quilts and coverlets and the lives they document, while also considering the complicated legacies ingrained in the fabric of American life. I cannot even imagine the research and work involved in pulling together a project like this.

Link to The Youtube Podcast Trailer:
Link to the weekly giveaway: to the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston:

Oct 12, 2021
QOF Episode 41 - Ruler Quilting with Silly Moon Quilting Company

It's Episode 41! I’ve been so excited to have KELLIE KACZMAREK of Silly Moon Quilting Company on the show because I have never tried guiding my quilting at the needle of my machine with a ruler. I know, everyone’s doing this and I haven’t even tried it. Since recording this podcast I've taken one of Kellie’s online workshops and it was super fun! I do everything free motion or walking foot right now and I can’t wait to use this simple technique more often because I’m so behind the curve. Quilting with rulers is all the rage right now. Kellie and her husband built their Canadian owned, family run business from scratch when she wanted to start quilting with rulers that she could use both on her longarm and her domestic machine. And her husband said, I can do that, and a business was born. So let’s get right into it! 

Link to the Weekly Podcast Giveaway:
Link to Silly Moon Quilting Company:

Oct 06, 2021
QOF Episode 40 - Brimfield Awakening

Welcome to Episode 40 of the Quilter on Fire Podcast! My guests today are the 2 quilting friends behind the business Brimfield Awakening. Their website is gorgeous and their patterns are fresh and colourful and it is all about a unique vintage style of English Paper Piecing. Wait until you check out their Instagram feed. You just can’t stop scrolling. Kim Martucci and Nisha Bouri teamed up to build their company after finding a little treasure in a pile of old textiles at their local antique market. That precious find led to some research and a quilting adventure in business.

Listen to the podcast trailer:
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Go to the Brimfield Awakening website:

Sep 28, 2021
QOF Episode 39 - UhOh Creations with Tara Sinclair

Welcome to Episode 39 of the Quilter on Fire podcast. We have a great podcast today with Tara Sinclair of UhOh Creations. She is an absolute expert when it comes to bag making. This is her jam and she does it well. She has been teaching bag making for retreats, designing bags inspired by fabric lines and just making bags because she can to build her business UhOh Creations from the ground up. This is really a topic that might just stretch your zipper installation skills. and I can’t wait to share her story with you.

Watch the Youtube Podcast Trailer here:
Enter the Weekly Giveaway:
Visit the UhOh Creations Website:

Sep 22, 2021
QOF Episode 38 - Teri Lucas

Welcome to Episode 38 of the Quilter on Fire podcast. Today I'll introduce you to award winning quilter Teri Lucas. She calls herself the Chief Creative Weirdo at which is right up y alley as I’m certainly the resident weirdo in my home. We’ll share her quilting story and talk about her latest book COLOR, THREAD and FREE MOTION QUILTING - Learn to Stitch with Reckless Abandon. And wait until you see the cover - it’s gorgeous. Teri has this incredible way of using multiple colour runs of threads in her quilting that is so eye catching. This is really a topic that might just stretch your skills. and I can’t wait to share her story with you.

LINK to the YouTube Trailer:
Link to the prize draw:
Link to Teri Lucas' website:

Sep 14, 2021
QOF Episode 37- Award-Winning Quilter Timna Tarr

Welcome to Episode 37 of the Quilter on Fire podcast with my guest Timna Tarr. The thing that drew me to Timna’s work is her incredible use of colour. And it’s not just the choices of colour it’s her use of value. If you scroll through the gallery on her website you will be blown away. It’s like eye candy or animal candy, well - either way it’s all good. .  Today we’ll talk about her work and her process.  She is an award winning quilter who’s been featured in exhibits, magazines, books as well as on The Quilt Show and Quilting Arts TV. She is a fabric designer and popular teacher and I can’t wait to share her story, her travels, her favourite moments, what she’s up to now, and so much more. 



Link to Timna Tarr's WEBSITE -

Sep 09, 2021
QOF Episode 36 - Modern Quilting with Denyse Schmidt

Denyse Schmidt is one of the most talented and renowned modern quilters of our time. If you are a quilter, especially a modern quilter, you have probably heard her name. She is famous for her appearance on Martha Stewart in 1999, but even more so for her role in the modern quilting movement from its inception to this day. She grew up in central Massachussets with highly educated and very creative parents and has been making things her whole life. She studied at the Rhode Island School of Design and is now a sought after teacher, speaker, author, and designer in the quilting world. I can’t wait to share her story with you! 

Link to the podcast trailer:
Link to the Podcast Giveaway:
Link to Denyse Schmidt's website:

Aug 31, 2021
QOF Episode 35 - Meerkat Shweshwe with Celeste Compion

My guest is Celeste Compion and I’ll share her story of growing up in south Africa, falling in love with the local textiles and why she decided to bring a specific type of heritage fabric called Three Cats Original Shwe Shwe into Canada to sell in her online store. Celeste has a wonderful social justice story about this unique fabric and I can’t wait to share some of that with you. 
Link to Podcast Trailer:
Link to contest Giveaway:
Link to meerkat shweshwe website:

Aug 24, 2021
QOF Episode 34 - Sew Fine Thread Gloss with Jenn McMillan

Welcome to Episode 34 of the Quilter on Fire podcast! Today’s interview is a quilt business story you are going to love. Jenn McMillan a graphic designer, quilter and fabric obsessed sewist living in rural Ottawa, Ontario Canada. She is also the maker behind Sew Fine Thread Gloss.  She likes to call herself the thread whisperer. She has created a niche product in quilting that hand stitchers all over the world now know and love. It conditions your thread for hand stitching and makes the process smooth and simple. And she added the little twist of wonderful fragrance to each tiny pot of Sew Fine Thread Gloss. And on top of it all she is a very talented quilter. Today we’ll dive into how all of this came about and I can’t wait to share her story. 

Link to Giveaway:
Link to Podcast Trailer:

Aug 17, 2021
QOF Episode 33 - The Canuck Quilter - Joanne Kerton

Episode 33 of the Quilter on Fire podcast! Joanne Kerton - the Canuck Quilter has been quilting for over 20 years and has published over 20 patterns along the way. She loves to play with shapes, colours and layouts and figuring out the math that goes along with it. She has had her patterns featured in quilting magazines and catalogs and now teaches and speaks about quilting as well. On her website she writes, “I have finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up: a quilter!” Joanne is a quiltmaker, pattern designer and proud Canadian who has created a really great business and website with loads of educational content and patterns to choose from. Joanne’s the kind of teacher that will fill your toolbox with all kinds of great new quilting skills. 

LINK to Joanne's website:

Aug 10, 2021
QOF Episode 32 - A Quilt Journalist Tells All with Meg Cox

Welcome to Episode 32 of the Quilter on Fire podcast! Meg Cox is a nationally known thought leader on the topics of quilting and family traditions. She is a writer who has lectured and taught all over the US and authored five books. She was president of the National Non-Profit organization Quilt Alliance for 6 years and writes a very popular monthly newsletter called Quilt Journalist Tells All. The testimonials for her newsletter just jump off the page on her website. Quilters are raving about the great content, giveaways, top-notch interviews and reviews. 

Podcast Giveaway LINK:
Youtube Trailer LINK:
Meg's website LINK:

Aug 03, 2021
QOF Episode 31 - Surface Design with Melanie Testa

Melanie Testa is an art quilter and textile designer who paints, prints and stitches on fabric. Melly’s creations are colourful, imaginative, inspiring and so innovative that they have been featured in Quilting Arts Magazine, the Studio Art Quilts Journal, on Quilting Arts TV and so much more.  Melanie graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in Textile/Surface Design and has authored three books. The more recent and perhaps most important part of Melanie’s story is the cancer advocacy journey of a breast cancer survivor. I can't wait to share her story with you…


Jul 28, 2021
QOF Episode 30 - Yazzii Craft Bags with Yasmita Magan

Today's guest is Yasmita Magan, the founder and creator of Yazzi Bags. From a simple idea for a better way to travel with jewellery and a self-made prototype 20 years ago, Yasmita has built a thriving business in the craft industry that has helped crafters and quilters organize their bits and baubles and travel with their projects on the go or just keep them organized at home. The very first craft storage bag was born out of a meeting with an avid crafter in 2001 and her story blossomed into a world-wide business from there. She has designs for every possible need you can imagine in a beautiful array of colours and uses input from her customers as the basis for her designs.

Youtube Trailer:
Prize giveaway:
Visit to make a purchase using the 
COUPON CODE QOFYAZ1 before June 30th , 2021


Jun 08, 2021
QOF Episode 29 - Karen Brown of Just Get It Done Quilts

On today’s show I interview Karen Brown of Just Get it Done Quilts. Just that name alone makes me want to drop everything and get in front of my machine. Karen has exploded with popularity on her Youtube Channel since 2018 and now has about 250K followers. Her videos are bursting with her happy demeanour and she’s not afraid to tell it like it is. She loves to take on viewer questions, examine quilting problems, break it down and provide quality tips and tricks that will help quilters decipher all of those quilting rules into bite sized pieces. She helps quilters find their calm and destress with their hobby to recharge and empower them to be the best they can be. 


3 Fat Quarters from the Northcott Kyoto Garden Collection designed by Deborah Edwards. 

LINK TO Karen Brown on Youtube:

LINK TO Karen Brown's website:

Jun 01, 2021
QOF Episode 28 - Art Quilts (SAQA) with Martha Sielman

Whether you are just thinking about trying your first fibre art technique or you’ve been making art quilts for years, today’s topic will bring out your artsy side. Studio Art Quilt Associates, or SAQA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing art quilting as a fine art medium. Stay tuned to meet the Executive Director of SAQA - Martha Sielman and learn all about this creative organization.


This week's giveaway is the book Exploring Art Quilts with SAQA and 2 lucky winners will each win a book. 



Coupon Code: TALKS

May 25, 2021
QOF Episode 27 - Oliso Irons with Michele Muska

Today’s episode is all about irons and we know that quilters love their irons! My guest is the Director of Content and Community Relations for Oliso and her name is Michele Muska. I ask her all of my ironing questions and she'll share the story about how that cool lifting technology for the Oliso iron was invented. Ironing is a great topic for quilters and I’m so thrilled I reached out to Michele because not only did I find an expert in the industry, but I also found a new friend.

This week's giveaway is the BIGGEST GIVEAWAY YET!
1. Oliso Mini Project Iron - your choice of colour! 
2. Yazzi Bag for the Mini Iron
3. Michele's book Quilting the New Classics

May 18, 2021
QOF Episode 26 - Fabric Portraits with Val Wilson

My guest for episode 26 is Valerie Wilson. I have known for over a decade and often been up to my elbows with fabric dyeing and flour resist paste in her studio. Oh, how she had the patience to put up with me I have no idea. I had the joy of working with Val on a Fibre Art Network challenge several years ago. We had to partner up and one quilter (Val) was to make a fabric portrait and her challenge partner (me) was to make an abstract version of that art piece. I was so impressed with the vibrant colour palette, intricate detail of the cut appliqué and the incredible stitching on her 1950s car portrait that it was easy to be inspired to create a partner piece. Working with her was a breeze and it was one of my favourite challenges to this day. So on this episode of the podcast we’ll be talking about photo to fibre art portraits and Val’s new book.

Link to the Podcast Trailer -
Link to the GIVEAWAY -
Link to Val's Website -

May 11, 2021
QOF Episode 25 - Pojagi with Elizabeth DeCroos

My guest for episode 25 is Elizabeth DeCrooz and she loves quilting, pojagi, embroidery and sewing in her studio. Her business is called Epida Studio and she has a super fun O Canada Sew Along happening right now just in time for Canada Day. She has a wonderful story about where she’s lived in the world and why she’s in love with Pojagi.

LINK TO THE O Canada Sew Along -

May 04, 2021
QOF Episode 24 - QuiltCon 2020 Winner Peter Byrne

Peter Byrne is an international award winning modern quilter, teacher and speaker with a passion for innovation and design. He went from beginner quilter in 2009 to winning “Best in Show” and “Best Machine Quilting Frameless” at QuiltCon 2020. Along his path he became a full time student of the craft and joined the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild in 2017 to further his quilting experience. He made numerous quilts in 2017 and 2018 to develop his skills, followed by sharing the spotlight at Quilts at the Creek! In 2019 he decided to start making quilts specifically for juried shows and has really found his passion. He shares all of this in his action packed Virtual Trunk Show called “Behind the Seams” with Peter Byrne. If you are a guild Program Coordinator and you are intrigued by his story you can book his trunk show at 

Apr 27, 2021
QOF Episode 23 - Laura Coia of Sew Very Easy

Laura Coia is the brains and the talent behind Sew Very Easy on youTube. If you are checking her channel out for the first time, the hours will slip by and you’ll have a dozen new projects on your UFO list! Whether you’re attempting your first projects or you are an experienced sewist or quilter, every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon Laura brings you education, entertainment and loads of tips and tricks. Her videos on quilting, sewing and crafting will inspire you to spend more time in your quilting studio.

LINK TO Sew Very Easy on Youtube:
LINK TO - The Travelling Quiltcase:

Apr 20, 2021
QOF Episode 22 - Accountabilibuddies with Felicity Ronaghan & Nadia Sokal

Felicity Ronaghan and Nadia Sokal take us through their process for what they call being "accountabilibuddies."  Whether they’d say so or not - they are excellent at keeping each other accountable. I know this because they are my friends from the Okanagan Modern Quilt Guild and at the monthly show and tell we see their projects unfold. I also follow them on Instagram and I’m consistently astonished at the sheer volume of piecing and quilting they do on a weekly basis. They build their weekly task lists and share them with each other and bit by bit they tackle their goals. Today's topic? ACCOUNTABILITY

The Episode 22 Podcast Giveaway is;
5 fat quarters of Northcott fabric from the Briarwood Collection by Michel Designworks 


LINK to Felicity Ronaghan's Instagram: to Nadia Sokal's Instagram:

Apr 13, 2021
QOF Episode 21 - Love Yourself Thin with Dara Tomasson

QOF Podcast Episode  21 with Dara Tomasson - longarm quilter, author of 2 quilting books, free motion quilting liberator and certified life coach at Love Yourself Thin. 

LINK TO Dara Tomasson on Instagram -

Apr 06, 2021
QOF Episode 20 - Wendy Zvara and the Coat of Many Colours

QOF Podcast Episode 20 is an interview with Wendy Zvara. I just had to have her on the show. You know how much I love and support Quilts of Valour and Wendy is a military mom of 3 raising a young family with her husband Michael. She is working, going to school and juggling it all while still finding a little bit of time for her love of quilting. Her heartwarming story caught my eye on social media when I saw a picture of her adorable daughter Calyla on Christmas morning wearing a gift that her mom had made for her. The joy on Calyla’s face had me scrambling to reach out to Wendy to get her on the show. This child is a huge Dolly Parton fan and in this episode we’ll be talking about Wendy’s quilting story and Calyla’s Coat of Many Colours. 


Mar 30, 2021
QOF Episode 19 - Quilting Arts founder Pokey Bolton

Pokey Bolton is the founder of Quilting Arts and Cloth Paper Scissors magazines, and Founding Host of Quilting Arts TV.  I poured through her magazines and watching her shows for over a decade and I can truly say that the wonderful techniques and guests that she has featured over the years have shaped the art quilter I am today. 

 With the wealth of experience she has in publishing, media, events, and craft adventures she has now founded Crafting a Life, a creative retreat and event business that is just exploding with popularity. In 2016 she launched CRAFT NAPA - an event which includes  crafting, sewing collage, quilting workshops, wine education, wine excursions, and an Artisans’ Market. 

Mar 23, 2021
QOF Episode 18 - Healthy Quilting with Rose Parr

QOF Podcast Episode 18 is an interview with Rose Parr of Healthy Quilting. She’s a Canadian Long Arm quilter living in Guelph Ontario and she speaks about Healthy Quilting to guilds all over the world. Today we are going to chat about her new book - Sew Happy & Healthy, Smart Ergonomics, Stretches & More for Makers. 


The Episode 18 Podcast Giveaway is;
Rose Parr's new book - Sew Happy & Healthy, Smart Ergonomics, Stretches & More for Makers. 



PODCAST SPONSOR - Northcott Fabrics -

Mar 16, 2021
QOF Episode 17 - Scrap Sisters - Bonnie & Kathy

QOF Podcast Episode 17 is an interview with Manitoba Scrap Sisters Kathy Paul and Bonnie Hooley. We dive into their hilarious adventures of sibling rivalry and scrapaholic travels. And we LAUNCH the Scrap Sisters Challenge. DON'T MISS THIS FUN CHALLENGE WITH ALL PROCEEDS TO QUILTS OF VALOUR CANADA. Scroll to the bottom for the rules. 


The Episode 17 Podcast Giveaway is;
A five fat quarter bundle of fabrics that do not match at all in honour of the scrappy theme. (Silly, I know).


PODCAST SPONSOR - Northcott Fabrics -

Sisters Scrap Challenge RULES: 
- You must register at by Mar. 17th at midnight pacific time - no exceptions. COST: $10 plus tax. (all funds go to pay for shipping and the rest goes to Quilts of Valour Canada) 
- You should preselect 1.5M fabric before opening the envelope to challenge yourself. 
- Join us April 1st at 4pm Pacific for the Zoom envelope opening (Now we know people may have priorities, so if you can’t make the Zoom you can still participate) Link will be sent to participants.
- You must have at least one piece of every scrap in your quilt and try to use as much of the scraps as possible. We won’t make you send us a photo of you little scrap bits left over. You’ll be on your honour. 
- Now here’s a bonus! - You can add a sashing of your choice (this is optional) so in total you have;
-  a 1.5M piece of fabric
- the scraps you receive in the mail
- and you can also choose a second fabric for sashing 
And FINALLY to enter for the prize you must send a photo of your finished quilt by May 15th at midnight pacific time that shows the entire finished quilt including binding. The email we will be using for this event is and you will receive the Zoom link from that email so you have it. 

PRIZES - ALL NORTHCOTT FAT QUARTERS - Because we want as many participants as possible, we will choose the grand prize winner of 30 NORTHCOTT FAT QUARTERS from photo entries by RANDOM DRAW. 
But there will also be 3 secondary prizes of 10 NORTHCOTT FAT QUARTERS EACH chosen by the 3 self proclaimed expert scrap judges for;
-best use of scraps
-best use of colour
-and best design layout

Mar. 9th at 1pm PST - CHALLENGE LAUNCH
Mar. 17th - enter by midnight PST.
Mar. 18/19th - Scrap packages mailed out.
Mar. 30th - Zoom Link goes out.
Apr. 1st - Open scrap envelopes together on Zoom at 4pm PST.
May 15TH - Photo entry deadline for finished quilt or project sent to to be eligible for the grand prize.
May 24th - Winners announced.

Mar 09, 2021
QOF Episode 16 - Aurifilosophy with Krista Hennebury

Krista Hennebury is a teacher, traveller, and improviser, with a Pattern shop on Etsy called Poppyprint and she does Zoom lectures and workshops. Her quilts have been accepted into QuiltCon every year for 7 years in a row. She is very poplar on Instagram @Poppyprint and has recently become an Aurifilosopher. Her Poppyprint blog is well written and so adorable - she loves to live, sew, walk, bake, take photos and loves life in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. 


The Episode 16 Podcast Giveaway is;
The Quilter on Fire Podcast Episode 16 Giveaway is;

One of Krista's custom Aurifilosopher boxes which includes 5 small spools of thread in a cool colourway. 5 different thread weights and 5 different colours.


LINK to Krista Hennebury's Poppyprint blog -

Mar 02, 2021
QOF Episode 15 - Digital Code Quilts with Libs Elliot

QOF Podcast Episode 15 is an interview with Libs Elliot - She is a textile artist and designer who combines technology and tradition making digital code into physical quilts. And the results are pretty eye catching. She has exhibited her work and done speaking engagements internationally and she designs up to 4 fabric collections per year for Andover Fabrics.


The Episode 15 Podcast Giveaway is;
A seven fat quarter bundle in a combination of out of print and new Libs Elliott designs. 


LINK to Libs Elliott's website:

Mar 01, 2021
QOF Episode 14 - Fabric Design with Brett Lewis

QOF Podcast Episode 14 is an interview with Brett Lewis - fabric designer and quilt maker also known as the Natural Born Quilter. And to sum it up this young designer has created 2 gorgeous lines of fabric with Northcott. The first one called Stag & Thistle is now available in stores including Kingfisher Craft Company online and the second one called Prairie Meadow will be in stores this fall. His designs are bright, bold and a little bit eclectic and both fabric lines tell a really nice story.


The Episode 14 Podcast Giveaway is;
6 FQs of Stag & Thistle fabric
3 FQs of the new Prairie Meadow Fabric
and Brett's signature pin that says"I'm a Natural Born Quilter Too!"


LINK to Brett's website:

Feb 16, 2021
QOF Episode 13 - Walking Foot Quilting with Melissa Marginet

QOF Podcast EP 13 is my interview with Quiltmaker, Author, Designer and Teacher Melissa Marginet. She is known for her walking foot designs and the happy atmosphere in her workshops and it shows because she is booked with Zoom workshops and lectures for months. One thing I really love about this gal is that she believes there is no right or wrong way to quilt your quilt.


The Episode 13 Podcast Giveaway is a copy of Melissa's latest book: Edge to Edge Walking Foot Designs. 

LINK to Melissa's website:

Feb 09, 2021
QOF Episode 12 - The Quilted Stash with Corey & Ralph

QOF Podcast Episode 12 is an interview with Corey Follett and Ralph Jarvis, the founders of The Quilted Stash. We talk about their Newfoundland & Labrador inspirations, how they work together as a design team and so much more. 


The Episode 12 Podcast Giveaway is 3 PDF patterns by The Quilted Stash including;
- Don't RDF on My Parade
- Snowy Aurora Collage 
- A Tree for Nan Wall Hanging  

LINK to The Quilted Stash -

Feb 02, 2021
QOF Episode 11 - Cobble Hill Puzzle Company

QOF Podcast Episode 11 is an interview with Allegra Vernon, the Creative Director of Cobble Hill Puzzle Company in Victoria, BC. We chat about their best selling quilt puzzles, how puzzles are made and much more. 


The Episode 11 Podcast Giveaway is - you guessed it - a puzzle called Common Quilt Blocks. 

LINK to Cobble Hill Puzzle Company -

Jan 26, 2021
QOF Episode 10 - Make Modern Magazine

QOF Podcast Episode 10 is a super fun interview with the 3 founders of Make Modern Magazine in Australia. We chat about how they got started, how this trio works together and what their business means to them. I'll give you a hint: It's all about their community of quilters. 


The Episode 10 Podcast Giveaway is a 6 month subscription to Make Modern Magazine! 

Jan 19, 2021
QOF Episode 9 - Veruschka Zarate of Pride & Joy Quilting

QOF Podcast Episode 9 is all about special guest Veruschka Zarate of Pride & Joy Quilting and her story of falling in love with quilting only 5 years ago and taking on a foundation paper piecing challenge to make incredible portraits which led to her first book.

LINK to the video trailer -

The Episode 9 Podcast Giveaway is 2 Figo Fabrics and 1 pretty pink Banyan Batik from Northcott Fabrics - a 3 fat quarter giveaway. 

LINK to buy her new book discussed in the podcast - EMPOWERMENT - Quilts Honoring Women in Activism -

Jan 12, 2021
QOF Episode 8 - New Year 2021

On today's episode Brandy explores Quilter's New Year's resolutions and setting your intentions for 2021. 

Enter the giveaway of giveaway of 3 Banyan Batik fat quarters by Northcott. 


Jan 05, 2021
QOF Episode 7 - Fiber Art with Lyric Montgomery Kinard

QOF Podcast Episode 7 is all about special guest Lyric Montgomery Kinard and her story of embracing quilting as a way to calm her busy mind. As a mother of 5, quilting was her creative escape and it grew into a passion for surface design and fibre art which took her all over the globe teaching and speaking. And DO NOT MISS the Workshop Giveaway!  

The last Quilter on Fire Podcast Giveaway of 2020 is a seat in a Lyric Montgomery Kinard online workshop. What a great way to start off 2021 with a creative boost! The winner will get to choose one of the following five workshops valued at $30.

  • Picture It Framed
  • Bead It Like You Mean It - Part 1
  • Bead It Like you Mean It - Part 2
  • Appli-Punto to Go
  • Photos + Foil = Fun


LINK to the New Zealand Beaches blog post discussed in the podcast -

LINK to Lyric's Upcoming retreat called YOUR VISION YOUR VOICE -

LINK to Lyric's Art Cards -

Dec 29, 2020
QOF Episode 6 - Wen Redmond

QOF Podcast Episode 6 is all about special guest Wen Redmond and the creative process of digital fibre art. We talk about her inspiration, texture, colour and nature-inspired fibre art. She combines photos with fabric and so much more to create her mixed media masterpieces. And DO NOT MISS the 2020 Holiday Giveaway of 40 Northcott fat quarters from the fabric line Naturescapes designed by Deborah Edwards.

You can buy her beautiful book called DIGITAL Fiber Art - Combine Photos & Fabric here on her website. -


Dec 23, 2020
QOF Episode 5 - Message Quilts with Bill Stearman

This podcast goes deep! Quilt Maker Bill Stearman talks about how the big topics of his life, and 2020 in particular, flow out of his mind and into his quilts. He talks about being a male quilter, the pandemic, transgender art and quilts, Black Lives Matter, the PM's apology and more. Hold onto your hearts - this is a good one. 

Dec 15, 2020
QOF Episode 4 - Where is she now? - Kristy Lincoln

Episode 4 is the most heartwarming yet! Brandy interviews Kristy Lincoln, the inspiration behind her children's picture book. You'll hear how she was inspired to make her very first quilt at 10 years old and where she is now almost a decade later. 

Dec 08, 2020
QOF Episode 2 - Lizzy Albright and the Attic Window by Ricky Tims

Join us for an interview with Ricky Tims to hear all about his latest adventure writing the new book Lizzy Albright and the Attic Window with his co-author Kat Bowser. You'll also hear the latest on his holiday patterns available, a new course he has in the works for kids and the Lizzy Albright Quilt workshop coming up in January. The kit for this quilt is bigger than any kit I've ever seen!  

Dec 01, 2020
QOF Episode 3 - The Geeky Bobbin (AKA Bobbie Gentili)

Join us for an interview with Bobbie Gentili of the Geeky Bobbin to hear all about her new course on Instagram called IGnition. You'll hear her top 5 tips on Instagram posting, how to find your favourite quilters or topics with hashtags and much more!

Dec 01, 2020
QOF Episode 1 - Welcome Back!

Welcome Back to the Quilter on Fire Podcast. I'm so excited you are here! This first episode will touch on what you can expect, why I'm back and an important current topic. Three great episodes will launch all at once on December 1st so you can binge listen right from the start. Thank you for joining me. I can't wait to fill your life with more joy and less overwhelm in the quilting studio. 

Dec 01, 2020