Chart Your Career

By Heidi Rose Robbins and Ellen Fondiler

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Category: Self-Improvement

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Chart your Career is a podcast from Heidi Rose Robbins and Ellen Fondiler. Each podcast episode explores a question from two listeners as they try to navigate their dilemmas about career choices and life purpose. Heidi works deeply with the language and guidance of astrology while Ellen offers inspiring, actionable, practical next career steps. They help listeners reimagine how to best design your life and call in renewal, reinvention and a new chapter.

Episode Date
Ep 74 Finding a New Way Forward

Heidi and Ellen talk to Delian and Erica. Delian is currently an actor. She worries the path she is pursuing is frivolous and feels that she needs to be moving faster and doing more. She worries that she is not going to do what she is supposed to with her life (10:09).  Erica works in human resources at a big tech company. For the past two years, she has felt a deep ache and unfulfilled with her work. She wants to think, speak, and contribute differently to the world and cannot seem to find the right path to step onto (20:01). Heidi and Ellen also talk about the movie Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (1:34); the television series Gaslit (5:27)The Bear (6:08); and the book We Should All Be Millionaires by Rachel Rodgers (7:02)

Jun 30, 2022
Ep 73 Welcoming Cancer

Heidi and Ellen welcome the sign of Cancer.  We enter the season of nourishment and growth, family and feeling. We enter the season of resourcefulness and the ability to protect and produce. On this day Venus is trine Pluto. This transit brings depth, feeling, and maybe an increase in financial resources!  They also talk about many Cancer birthdays, focusing on Chef Jose Andres, the extraordinary humanitarian and founder of the World Central Kitchen.  In his words, “Many complex problems have simple solutions…Sometimes you just have to show up with a sandwich or some warm rice and beans. You’d be amazed at the power of a plate of food. It can change the world, and so can you.”

Jun 21, 2022
Ep 72 The Book Whisperer with Alexandra Franzen

Heidi and Ellen interview the beloved wordsmith Alexandra Franzen. They look at four key career moments in Alex’s life and talk about her writer's journey and the astrology that supported her along the way. Alex is a best-selling author, award-winning editor, and entrepreneur based in Hawaii. She has written six books including two novels, and articles in numerous magazines. Her work has been mentioned in The New York Times, The Atlantic, The Los Angeles Times, Fast Company, and BuzzFeed, Inc.  She’s the co-founder of a book publishing company called Get It Done. As a writing coach, Alex helps her clients write powerful books that touch readers deeply. Many client projects have gone on to win awards, but more than that, she has encouraged thousands of people to write and fulfill their life-long dreams of becoming authors. Alex deleted all of her social media accounts 8 years ago, and she’s known for writing essays on technology, mental health, and why we all need to unplug more. She encourages you to delete Facebook and write a book instead. 

Jun 15, 2022
Ep 71 Start Here

Heidi and Ellen start the episode talking about the extraordinary Chef Jose Andres, his World Central Kitchen, and the new movie about him called We Feed People. They also talk about the second season of Hacks, the series The First Lady, and the new book by Emma Straub called This Time Tomorrow. They then take questions from Jennifer and Beryl. Jennifer has been primarily a stay-at-home mom for the past 12 years. She is feeling the pull to become a writer.  She still has young children at home and wonders how she can make her writing career happen. Beryl is a creative director in advertising, working abroad in Amsterdam. She has recently become a new mom and at the same time, more involved in diversity, equity, and inclusion at her workplace. With so much potential for many different fresh starts, she is struggling to figure out where to begin (and where to rest).

Jun 08, 2022
Ep 70 The Beauty of Saying Yes with Mara Roszak

Heidi and Ellen interview celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak, one of the most respected artists in her field. Her creative vision has led to some of the most iconic looks in Hollywood and her success styling hair backstage at the Oscars, the Met Gala or the cover of Vogue, and a myriad of other magazines has made her one of the youngest female hairdressers to ever lead her industry.  Over the course of 20 years, she has worked with clients such as Emma Stone, Nicole Kidman, Olivia Wilde, Zoe Saldana, and Lily Collins. As Ellen and Heidi talked with Mara about the astrology behind three key dates in her career, it became clear that Mara’s secret sauce was a combination of her prodigious talent, her willingness to jump at all opportunities, and the ability to listen to the universe’s nudges. Mara is the co-owner of Mare Salon in West Hollywood and is the creator of ROZ- a simplified line of hair products that not only perform but are delivered in a beautiful luxury experience.  Visit Mara at and on Instagram @mararoszak.

Jun 01, 2022
Ep 69 Permission Granted

Heidi and Ellen talk about the movies Downton Abbey: A New EraThe Duke; and Puzzle.  They also touch on the television series The Great and the final of This Is Us. They then take questions from Beth and Martha.  Beth has had a very successful career as a teacher and earlier this year had decided to leave her job in order to stay home with her kids full time. She has since been asked to return part-time, which while tempting, is the opposite of what her gut is telling her.  She wonders if she should listen to her heart or her mind.  Martha has recently retired after teaching art for many years and raising 5 children, including a daughter with profound special needs.  She just wants to be in her studio doing her own work, after years of taking care of others. She judges herself for pursuing this solo endeavor and seeks encouragement to pursue that path. 

May 25, 2022
Ep 68 Welcoming Gemini

Heidi and Ellen welcome the bright, chameleon-like sign of Gemini. We are moving quickly, on the go and we have something to say. Write it. Speak it. Connect the dots. This is the energy of connection and enlivened relationship. Don’t sit still. Move for the good of all. Leave goodness in your wake. They also talk about four Geminis who have been in the news lately: Bob Dylan; Marilyn MonroeKendrick Lamar; and Johnny Depp. Heidi closes with the poem, Kinship of Flesh by Rebecca Foust.

May 20, 2022
Ep 67 Right Plant. Right Place.

Heidi and Ellen begin by talking about how this is a season of endings for so many shows, including This is Us; Julia; Grace and Frankie; and of course the NBA Playoffs (3:20). They then take questions from Emily and Phillip.  Emily’s career has been in a big state of transition. She has been wandering the United States since 2018 looking for her next big thing. She thinks she has found it but wonders if she is on the right track ( 9:35 ). Phillip is feeling stuck and is struggling. He has a good life yet can’t seem to lift himself out of the depressing sludge he feels around his work. He questions if he should dig in or just leave his job and begin again (18:51).

May 11, 2022
Ep 66 The Harvest

Heidi and Ellen begin by talking about the season finale to Better Things (4:48); the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once (6:26); the HB0 show Minx ( 8:41); Finding Me: A Memoir by Viola Davis; and In A New York Minute by Kate Spencer (10;06).Then they take questions from Laura and Caitlin. Laura has been in the corporate world for many years.  Two years ago she found herself drawn to Tarot and giving Tarot readings. She wonders if she should follow her gut and change her career (35:45). Caitlin's question was a general astrological query. She wonders how to find the balance between manifesting during Taurus season with the fact that we are in eclipse season and are about to enter mercury retrograde (21:59).  

May 04, 2022
Ep 65 The Courage to Dive Deep with Jessica St. Clair

Heidi and Ellen are thrilled to be in conversation with the wonderful Jessica St. Clair, talking about the astrology of three of her most impactful career moments and the courageous ways she navigated difficult personal obstacles. Jessica is an actress, comedian writer, and producer. She and her best friend and frequent collaborator Lennon Parham created the shows Best Friends Forever and Playing House. Jessica has played recurring roles on television shows such as VeepWeedsThe McCarthysMarry MeAmerican HousewifeWorst Week, and United States Of Tara. Her work in film includes roles in BridesmaidsShe's Out of My LeagueAfternoon Delight, and Enough Said. Jessica has a recurring role on the Netflix comedy series Space Force as the structural engineer and civil contractor Kelly King. Jessica and June Diane Raphael have a wildly popular podcast called The Deep Dive, soon to be celebrating their one-year anniversary!

Apr 27, 2022
Ep 64 Welcoming Taurus

Heidi and Ellen welcome Taurus. With the planet Venus front and center, it is a month of manifestation, beauty, appreciation, and sensory aliveness. It is also a month when we can call upon the will to move mountains. Financial abundance is also deeply connected to Taurus. This is a time to attract resources and build things of beauty. Later in the podcast, Ellen and Heidi talk about the birthdays of the many comedians born under the sign of Taurus including Jerry Seinfeld; Stephen Colbert; George Carlin; John Oliver; George Lopez; Tina Fey; and Carol Burnett.

Apr 19, 2022
Ep 63 More Love Letters

Heidi and Ellen talk about movies and shows they are watching, specifically Pamela Aldon’s Better Things and their mutual love for that series (5:52).   Then they take questions from Scott and Ericka.  After a 20 year break, Scott is returning to graduate school to get his degree in clinical psychology to be a therapist.  He wants to be sure to focus on learning the content and also the nuts and bolts of building a successful practice. (9:03).  Ericka is an actress and is feeling frustrated by the struggle of that pursuit. She wonders if she will eventually feel alignment and breathing room (19:35). Other resources include the financial consultant, Megan deBoer at Tended Wealth (14:29), and the book, Maybe You Should Talk to Someone by Lori Gottlieb (15:06).

Apr 06, 2022
Ep 62 Ready to Reinvent

Heidi and Ellen open the episode by talking about Heidi’s latest retreat, the Academy Awards, the movie Belfast, the series Winning Time: The Rise of the Laker’s Dynasty; and the return of Bridgerton. They then take questions from Louise and Karen. Louise loves to collaborate and come up with great ideas to help the greater good.  She has recently discovered a passion for working in the documentary world, but can’t figure out where to go with it. Karen is at a crossroads career-wise. Having spent her life chasing and achieving big goals, she is in a season where she is examining herself on a much deeper level. She has been studying astrology, doing Kundalini yoga, meditating, and journaling very consistently for the past twelve months, and for the first time in her life, pursuing a path while having no idea of the destination. 

Mar 30, 2022
Ep 61 Welcoming Aries

Heidi and Ellen welcome Aries, the start of the astrological year. It’s time for the season of fresh starts and bold initiatives. Spring is in the air and we all get a new lease on life. This is the season of plunging in, leading the way, and launching the new. It is also Heidi’s birthday month and Ellen interviews her about the sign and all the ways that being an Aries have shaped her life. Heidi reads the beautiful poem A Morning Offering by John O’Donohue.


Mar 20, 2022
Ep 60 Creative Serendipity with Vera Santamaria
Heidi and Ellen are in conversation with Vera Santamaria. They look at three big moments in Vera's life and the career serendipity and astrology that supported her. Vera is an extraordinarily talented feature and television writer whose career spans multiple genres and two countries.  Most recently, she was an Executive Producer / Writer on Hulu's second season of PEN15sharing in the series' 2021 Emmy nomination for Outstanding Comedy and WGA Award nomination for Best Comedy. In addition to writing for Marvel Studios and Apple TV+’s upcoming star-studded anthology series, ROAR, last year she also penned her first feature, a sought-after original comedy sold to 20th Century Fox. Her other television work includes the critically acclaimed Orange Is The New BlackBoJack HorsemanPlaying House, and Community.  In Canada, she wrote for Degrassi: The Next Generation and Little Mosque on the Prairie ultimately landing her own series loosely based on her life, How To Be Indie.
Mar 16, 2022
Ep 59 Tug of War

Heidi and Ellen talk to Francesca and Sharon. Francesca is an Executive Assistant. It is work that she loves. She also loves creative projects, such as knitting, needlepoint, and interior design. She feels pulled between those two worlds and wonders how to find a better harmony (8:35). Sharon and her husband are contemplating a move from Florida to South Carolina. While the move is coherent personally, it would mean being further from her family. She wonders if this is the right time for a big change (18:54). The movies and series talked about this week include The Gilded Age (1:21); Drive My Car (2:50); The Dropout (5:23); and Better Things (5:34). They also talk about Chef Jose Andres nonprofit World Central Kitchen which is serving hundreds of thousands of meals to the Ukrainian refugees. Donate if you can (6:15).

Mar 09, 2022
Ep 58 Journeys
Heidi and Ellen open this week’s show sharing the movies and television series they are watching.  These include the Danish Animated documentary Flee (9:36)the documentary Julia (10:39); and the coming of age Norwegian comedy/drama, The Worst Person in the World (10:54)They then take questions from Kirsten and Angie.  Kirsten has been a litigation attorney for the past 8 years and finds herself drawn to something softer and more metaphysical.  She wants a career that is more aligned to her soul (14:19).  Angie has been a registered nurse for the past 13 years and she is in the process of becoming a Nurse Practitioner.  She feels at a crossroads. She is drawn to melanoma research and also hospice work, yet she also wants to work from home so she can be closer to her family (24:01).
Mar 02, 2022
Ep 57 Welcoming Pisces

A few days late, but in classic Pisces fashion, Heidi and Ellen swim in the waters of this fluid sign. Pisces is the sign of artistry, intuition, imagination. compassion, love, sensitivity, and deep listening. Neptune and Jupiter are together in Pisces for the for first time since 1856, which allows us to be extra dreamy, expansive and creative. They talk about what it what it is like to have a Pisces sun, moon, and rising sign and the many people that exhibit these various combinations (23:15).  Heidi ends the episode reading one of her latest poems, You are a Poem (37:09). 

Feb 24, 2022
Ep 56 Back To The Future

This week, Heidi and Ellen again turn to an older podcast, the original Episode 24, which was called The Cycles Unfold. Heidi and Ellen interview two people who are at such different, and yet similar stages in life. It is proof that no matter your age, we all have mountains to climb. Movies mentioned: Cruella, Aggie, and In The Heights (2:25).

Feb 16, 2022
Ep 55 Going Back In Time

Heidi and Ellen are taking a break for a few weeks to work on some personal projects. So as not to leave their beloved listeners empty-handed, they go back in time to replay some favorite episodes. Before the start of this episode, which is filled with great astrology and career advice, Ellen records a new audio note and reminds everyone to start getting ready for the Academy Awards!  There are lots of great movies to watch!

Feb 09, 2022
Ep 54 Tall Orders

Heidi and Ellen begin by talking about recent movies and shows they have seen including, Somebody Somewhere with Bridgett Everett (2:03); After Life with Ricky Gervais (4:22 ); and the new season of Billions (6:26). They then take questions from Autumn and Cece.  Autumn has recently done a deep dive into her writing. but needs to find ways to make money.  She was a nurse for many years and is now finishing up her Health and Wellness Certification. With lots of planets in Sagittarius and Leo, it is hard for her to settle on one thing (11:54). Cece got her postdoc right before COVID hit. She is starting to feel an energetic push around her career and is ready to use her education and skills in new and different ways.  She has worked in health care technology, has a strong interest in consumer technology, and is especially fascinated with issues around sleep, diabetes, and longevity. She wonders how to put these interests together (20:20).

Feb 02, 2022
Ep 53 The Power of Love
In this episode, Heidi and Ellen engage in a deep and beautiful conversation with Adriana Rizzolo. Adriana is a spiritual guide and mentor, somatic healing, meditation teacher, sex and pleasure educator, embodiment and intimacy coach, transformational speaker, podcast host, and soon-to-be author. She has ignited a body and heart-based healing movement called Body Temple, that supports people worldwide in cultivating and spreading authenticity through tapping in with their passion, pleasure, and purpose. Highlighting the importance of both relationship and ritual, as a natural part of living a fulfilling life. Seven years ago Adriana founded 'The Power of Love School‘ which teaches everything from yoga to tantric meditation; somatic and trauma release work, energy healing, and voice-work to sacred sexuality and exploring death and grief. 
Jan 26, 2022
Ep 52 Welcoming Aquarius

Heidi and Ellen welcome Aquarius, the sign of the humanitarian, group work, community, creativity, problem-solving, and progress. During this month we shake things up and ask ourselves to wake up in new ways. We share and distribute what we know in order to improve conditions for all. Ellen and Heidi begin the conversation talking about what it feels like to be an Aquarian (00:58), they review the transits of the month (11:10) and then talk about the birthdays of famous Aquarians (25:13), including Alicia Keys, Virginia Woolf, Yoko Ono, Mozart, and Elizabeth Holmes. Heidi finishes the episode by reading a poem she wrote called, On This Day (41:49).           

Jan 19, 2022
Ep 51 In Spite of Ourselves
Ellen and Heidi talk about their quiet entry into 2022 (going to the movies in the middle of the day!) and the shows they have been watching including: ‘Station Eleven’; ’14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible’; ‘Killing Eve’; and ‘Queer Eye’ (00:40). They then take questions from Laurel and Mel. Laurel has been a social worker for the past 10 years. She is ready to shake things up, though transitions make her anxious. She wants more creativity in her life and is thinking about a career that entails home design and improving spaces. She wonders how (and whether) to make the leap (9:25). Mel is currently between careers and although she sees lots of options, she is at a loss what to pick. She was a music teacher for five years in Europe and is thinking of picking up that thread by offering to coach music teachers. She wants an independent creative career that also has financial stability. She is on the fence about making the leap (18.33).
Jan 12, 2022
Ep 50 Voice Overs and Castle Gates
Heidi and Ellen celebrate their 50th episode and the new year! They talk to Jay and Hala. Jay has been an educator for the past 10 years and is ready for a new and creative venture. She is thinking about doing voice overs or therapeutic singing. She wonders if this is consistent with her chart. Hala is a visual artist. She has had a difficult road but is on a healing path. She wants to put her art in the world but is a self-called ‘proud hermit’ who despises social media. She asks if she is supported in her ventures. Ellen and Heidi also talk about movies and series they have seen this month, including West Side Story (in theaters); The Witcher (Netflix); Station Eleven (HBO Max), and Pig (Hulu).  They also talk about their favorite movies and shows of this past year.
Dec 31, 2021
Ep 49 Welcoming Capricorn
On this winter solstice day, Heidi and Ellen welcome the sign of Capricorn.  There is something quite silent and sacred about Capricorn. Yes, it rules our plans and our work and our purposeful living, but it also has to do with soulful living. It asks us to check in about the mountain we are currently climbing, making sure we are climbing at a pace that serves us, and also making sure that we are climbing the right mountain! When the Sun enters Capricorn we enter a month of clear, collected thinking and committed action.  Heidi and Ellen also talk about the movie Kodachrome with Jason Sudekis and Ed Harris.  And of course, they talk about Succession!
Dec 21, 2021
Ep 48 Defying the Limits

Heidi and Ellen are in conversation with Jolie Kobrinsky. Jolie is a great example of how we can be and do many things over the course of a lifetime. Jolie started her career producing indie films and acting in both movies and television. A serendipitous set of circumstances opened the door for her to radically switch careers and to start teaching fitness and health. Jolie has been at the forefront of teaching cutting-edge ways to help people become the best versions of themselves, physically, emotionally, and mentally. Jolie’s latest venture is the fitness studio Elektren, located in Seaside, California. Elektren is the ultimate renaissance space that not only focuses on health and wellness but also serves as a community gathering spot for entrepreneurs, healers, and changemakers. We look at three big moments in Jolie’s life and discover why Jolie made certain career decisions at those pivotal times and the astrological forces that supported her. 

Dec 15, 2021
Ep 47 Take a Left Turn

Heidi and Ellen talk to Marquisha and Mary. Marquisha is a professor. She is a planner and likes to think about the future. She has some expansive ideas and wonders if she should go all out or build more locally and slowly. Mary has had a long and winding path to get to event planning and then to floral design. She recently moved across the country for a great job opportunity that did not pan out. She is now jobless in a new small town with no professional network and is trying to figure out how to proceed. Ellen and Heidi also talk about the books Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown; This is Your Destiny by Aliza Kelly; The Hulu series The Great with Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult; and Jane Campion’s new film The Power of the Dog. 

Dec 08, 2021
Ep 46 Trust the Pace

Heidi and Ellen talk to Toland and Kirsten. Toland has recently started a  coaching business. So far she has just had friends and family as clients. She finds she is procrastinating about the next hard steps and wonders how to break through the logjam.  Kirsten has a human resources job that she hates and has a dream to open a wedding venue in the woods. While she has taken steps to make the wedding venue a reality, things are moving slowly and she is doubting herself.  Ellen and Heidi also talk about King Richard with Will Smith (HBO Max); House of Gucci (in theaters); Get Back, Peter Jackson’s new series about the Beatles (Disney Plus); and The Wheel of Time (Amazon). 

Dec 01, 2021
Ep 45 Welcoming Sagittarius

As we leave the deep waters of Scorpio, Heidi and Ellen welcome the fiery sign of Sagittarius. This is a month of vision. We set goals. We seek out and offer inspiration. We feel fiery and passionate and enlivened. We feel the wind beneath our wings. Ellen and Heidi also talk about the many creative people that have birthdays this month, including Taylor Swift, Emily Dickinson, Mary Queen of Scots, Jane Austen, Mark Twain, and Britney Spears. |

Nov 21, 2021
Ep 44 Beautiful Inside and Out
Heidi and Ellen are honored to interview Rachel Goodwin. Rachel is a make-up artist extraordinaire, who has spent the better part of her adult life working in the world of fashion and beauty. She has painted the faces of some of the world’s most talented and beautiful women including Emma Stone, Natalie Portman, Selma Blair, Julia Louis Dreyfuss, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, January Jones, and Penelope Cruz. Rachel spent a decade working as an artistic partner at Chanel before moving on to become Director of Pro Artistry at NARS Cosmetics. Off the runway, she is an avid cook (and eater), reader, animal lover, francophile, cinema junkie, and philanthropist. Ellen, Heidi, and Rachel look at three big moments in Rachel's life and deep dive into what was happening at the time, astrologically and career-wise. Rachel is proof that when the universe whispers to you, the best course of action is to listen and act! You can find Rachel on Instagram @rachelgoodwinmakeup or on her website at   
Nov 17, 2021
Ep 43 The Stories We Tell

Heidi and Ellen talk to Kim and Barbara. Kim is in school for counseling and, at the same time, is feeling very drawn to full-time motherhood. She wonders if the time is right to take that big step. Barbara too is at a crossroads. For the past 23 years, she has been a musician, a career that she never loved, and has recently decided to leave that behind. She is having a hard time finding something she is drawn to and is becoming convinced that she won’t ever find something that resonates. Ellen and Heidi also talk about The Morning Show (apple tv+)Succession (HBO); the Tom Hanks movie- Finch (apple tv+); and a book Ellen recently read called Sorrow and Bliss by Meg Mason.

Nov 10, 2021
Ep 42 Reunited (and it feels so good)

Heidi and Ellen get back together after almost a month apart! They diverge from their usual format to share stories and catch up and talk about where they have been and where they are going.

Nov 03, 2021
Ep 41 Heart's Content

Heidi and Ellen talk to Jenna and Adan.  Jenna is currently a student midwife working at a birth center and also works part-time at her local food co-op. She loves both jobs but is wondering if it’s time to let go of the job at the co-op.  Adan has long worked for a locally-owned outdoors shop as the Operations Manager. His dream was to buy the shop one day, but that is seeming less and less likely as the years go on. He wonders if it is time for him to put his energy into finding something new and let go of the dream he once had.  Ellen and Heidi also talk about the series ‘Billions  and the new movie ‘Roadrunner’ about the late Anthony Bourdain. |


Oct 27, 2021
Ep 40 Welcoming Scorpio

Heidi and Ellen welcome the sign of Scorpio, the season of depth and healing. It is a time of tenacity and research. We don’t give up. We don’t give in. We rise to the occasion. We name what ails us and shed skins. We claim our inner power and wield it well.  Ellen and Heidi talk about some big Scorpio birthdays, and do a deep dive into the chart of the beloved folk artist, Joni Mitchell ( her sun, moon and rising are all in water signs). Heidi reads a poem by David Whyte (also a scorpio!!) called ‘The Well of Grief’. //

Oct 22, 2021
Ep 39 The Writer’s Journey: Heidi and Ellen in conversation with Kate Spencer

Heidi and Ellen are thrilled to interview Kate Spencer. Kate is the co-host of the award-winning and beloved podcast, ‘Forever 35’. Her memoir, ‘The Dead Moms Club’, was released in 2017. Her first novel, ‘In a New York Minute’, is out in March 2022 (you can pre order!). She currently co-writes the column ‘The New Age’ about beauty and skincare for women over 40. Ellen, Heidi and Kate look at three big moments in Kate’s life, and deep dive into what was happening at the time both career-wise and astrologically. Her journey is proof of the age-old adage: “When one door closes, another opens.” //

Oct 13, 2021
Ep 38 The Cutting Edge of Your Dreams

Heidi and Ellen talk to Alyssa and Brynnen. Alyssa got a master's degree in puppetry and is looking for a job in a creative field. Since the pandemic and the disappearance of live events, it has been hard to find something in the areas she loves. She is feeling a bit lost and hopeless. Similarly, Brynnen has found the last year to be a stressful and unknowing time.  She has previously designed the interiors for luxury hotels but wants to move on to doing something smaller and more of her own making. She feels a bit daunted and confused about how to step forward. Ellen and Heidi also talk about Season 2 of ‘The Morning Show’; ‘Muhammad Ali ‘by Ken Burns (on PBS) and ‘Only Murders in the Building’ with Steve Martin, Martin Short and Selena Gomez. //

Oct 06, 2021
Ep 37 The Inner Workings of Tarot: A Conversation with Theresa Reed

Heidi and Ellen are thrilled to interview Theresa Reed (aka “The Tarot Lady”). Theresa has worked as a full-time Tarot card reader for 30 years. She is the author of many books, including ‘The Tarot Coloring Book, an illustrated tour through the world of Tarot’ ‘, ‘Astrology For Real Life (A No B.S. Guide for the Astro-Curious)‘, as well as a recently released  tarot deck called ‘Tarot for Kids’. Theresa runs a popular website——where she dishes out advice, inspiration and tips for Tarot lovers of all experience levels. Ellen, Heidi and Theresa look at three big moments in Theresa’s life, and deep dive into what was happening at the time both career-wise and astrologically. As always, the synchronicities were amazing.

Sep 29, 2021
Ep 36 Welcoming Libra

On this day of the autumnal equinox, Heidi and Ellen welcome Libra, the season of diplomacy, harmony and balance. This is a sign of collaboration and potent relationship. In Libra, we are invited to cooperate and reach out. We are meant to find a way to work together. And sometimes the best way to start that process is to throw a beautiful party in true Libra fashion and introduce all your fabulous friends to new friends and colleagues.  Ellen and Heidi talk about some big Libra birthdays (including Ellen’s!) and then do a deep dive into the chart of Kate Winslet a triple Libra (sun, moon and rising). Heidi reads a poem by Jan Richardson called "Blessing for a Broken Vessel'. //

Sep 22, 2021
Ep 35 The Great Turning
Heidi and Ellen talk to Emma and Megan.  Emma is about to embark on a big shift. She is leaving a career in marketing and starting a masters in clinical mental health.  She wonders how to best find success in this new life stage.  Megan is a school counselor and a mom and takes care of a lot of people. She feels drained by all the needs she has to answer to.  She senses big changes in store for herself but has no idea what they are or how to trust her intuition.  Ellen and Heidi also talk about the Netflix movies ‘Worth’ and ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’ and the television series ‘Reign’ //


Sep 15, 2021
Ep 34 Work As a Pilgrimage To Identity
Heidi and Ellen talk to Jennifer and Logan.  Jennifer is in the midst of a major career change.  After many years in advertising she has switched to real estate.  While she loves the flexibility and potential of her new job, she is not happy working nights and weekends and the fact that she has no benefits.  She wonders if she should give it more time. Logan is a marriage and family therapist. She loves her work and also finds herself drawn to design and feng shui.  She wants to find a way to reconcile these two loves. Ellen and Heidi also talk about ‘The Morning Show’ on Apple TV +; ‘The Chair’ on Netflix; the wonderful movie- ‘City Island’; and the classic book by David Whyte,ei ‘Crossing The Unknown Sea; Work As a Pilgrimage to Identity’. //

Sep 08, 2021
Ep 33 Leaning In

Heidi and Ellen talk to Hayley and Kelly.  Hayley is an engineer and as a side gig loves buying, selling and renovating houses.  She just got a new job that involves a possible relocation and potentially a house purchase. She wonders if this is a good time to move and grab this opportunity. Kelly is at a moment when everything in her life feels in upheaval.  She recently had a second baby and is also contemplating a move and a new career.  She wonders if she should lean into all the changes or grit her teeth through all the discomfort. Ellen and Heidi also talk about the HBO series ‘White Lotus’ and the Apple TV + movie ‘CODA’. /

Sep 01, 2021
Ep 32 Welcoming Virgo

Heidi and Ellen welcome Virgo, the sign of early, devoted practicality. Virgo carries the editorial eye and has a great interest in improving the health and wellbeing of herself, her friends and her business. Virgo uses her great power of discrimination and discernment to carve out the precise work she is meant to do. It’s the sign we associate with getting back to work, going back to school, and generally attending to what needs our care. It’s one of the most dedicated and determined signs, with an eye for perfection within and without.  Ellen and Heidi also talk about some famous Virgos and do a deep dive into the chart of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex.

Aug 25, 2021
Ep 31 Inner Whispers and Wild Writing: A Conversation with Laurie Wagner

Heidi and Ellen are in conversation with Laurie Wagner, a Bay Area writer and writing teacher. Laurie’s focus over the last 20 years has been Wild Writing, a super creative, loose writing practice that helps people get out of their heads and into the more intuitive, instinctual sound of their own voice. We look at three big moments in Laurie’s life, and deep dive into what was happening at that time both career-wise and astrologically. This new monthly feature of the podcast provides a deep dive into how and why people make certain career decisions and the astrological forces that support them along the way.

Aug 18, 2021
Ep 30 Restless Hearts
Heidi and Ellen talk to Keriann and Michelle. Keriann started working for herself during the pandemic.  While she loves the freedom and creativity of self-employment, she worries about money and her financial future. She wonders how long it will take for this new venture to truly blossom. Michelle finds herself in a constant cyclical work state. The moment she starts to master what she is doing, she has a deep desire to shift gears into something else. She wants advice on how to soften into the present moment. Ellen and Heidi also talk about two shows on HBO Max: ’Schmigadoon’ and the new documentary ‘Obama: In Pursuit of a New Perfect Union’. They also talk about old episodes from the wonderful podcast ‘Dear Sugar’ with Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond.
Aug 11, 2021
Ep 29 Dreaming New Dreams

Heidi and Ellen talk to Jen and Michelle. Jen is a mom of 3 and is about to switch careers from something very creative (and her dream job) to one in computer science that is more structured and linear.  She wonders about the best way to transition and how to maintain some of the creative energy in her very busy life.  Michelle has been a nurse for the past 10 years and has not liked her work from the very beginning.  She is looking for a change and is thinking of real estate. She is not sure if this is the right move for her, is fearing failure and asks if such a major career shift is right for her.  Ellen and Heidi also talk about the new season of ‘Ted Lasso’, the HBO series ‘Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes’ and the book 'Big Friendship: How We Keep Each Other Closeby Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman.

Aug 04, 2021
Ep 28 Home Is Where The Heart Is
Heidi and Ellen talk to Kate and Meghan.  Kate is off to college in the fall.  She is in a serious relationship and wonders about the pros and cons of staying together as she embarks on this new journey.  Meghan is just back home in the States after a few years in New Zealand where she had a job she really disliked.  She has a small clue about her next steps but is feeling a lack of clarity.  Ellen and Heidi also talk about the two wonderful shows “McCartney 321’ on Hulu and ‘Trying’ on Apple TV +. 
Jul 28, 2021
Ep 27 Welcoming Leo

Heidi and Ellen welcome Leo, the sign of fire, identity, courage and self- expression.  We say goodbye to the inward and cautious sign of Cancer and move into a month of spontaneity, romance and creativity. We roar forth in all our endeavors and feel a renewed sense of confidence. This month there are two full moons that apprentice to Aquarius and the power of the group. The 'I' becomes the 'WE'.  We offer our brightest, best gifts for the good of the collective. Heidi and Ellen also talk about the book ‘Weird in a World that is Not: A Career Guide for Misfits’ by Jennifer Romolini, and the podcast ‘Comfort Eating with Grace Dent’.



Jul 22, 2021
Ep 26 When Outer Journeys Lead Inward

Heidi and Ellen talk to Angela and Karen.  Angela is a woman with many interests and struggles with knowing which to pick.  Karen loves her job and wants to grow and move ahead in the company but is afraid that her ambitions might offend her boss.  They also talk about the series ‘Broadchurch’ and ‘Us’ and life without the internet. 

Jul 14, 2021
Ep 25 The Wild Gods Are Knocking

Ellen and Heidi interview Jordana and Julie.  Jordana wants to know how to honor her naturally slower pace but also have momentum and grow all her new creative projects. Julie is a university research administrator. While she loves many things about her work, she is tired of working in front of a computer and longs for a more people-facing job. Heidi and Ellen also talk about the series ‘Physical’ on Apple TV+, as well as the reboot of the TV show ‘Mad About You’.

Jul 07, 2021
Ep 24 The Cycles Unfold

Heidi and Ellen talk to Grace and Jill.  Grace is a college sophomore with a passion for environmental science.  Her family is pressuring her to be pre-med and she feels stuck between what she wants to do and what she thinks she should do.  Jill has spent the past 30-years working in hospice and bereavement.  She sold her assisted living businesses a few years ago and is at a loss as to her next steps.  Ellen and Heidi also talk about the movies ‘Cruella”, ‘In the Heights’, the documentary ‘Aggie’, and the books “Paradigm Found’ by Anne Firth and ‘The Truth Will Set You Free But First It Will Piss You Off’ by Gloria Steinem.

Jun 30, 2021
Ep 23 Welcoming Cancer

On this summer solstice day, Heidi and Ellen say goodbye to the active month of Gemini and welcome in Cancer. Cancer rules family, history, feeling, preservation and nourishment. It is the sensitive, resourceful mama bear of signs. We pay attention to tradition under Cancer and we build our nests — whether in our businesses or homes. This month Jupiter moves retrograde until October 18th. It revisits Aquarius where it seeks out allies and enlivens all group work. Heidi and Ellen also talk about the shows ‘Hacks’; ‘The Kominsky Method’ and the movie ‘Together Together’.


Jun 20, 2021
Ep 22 Identity Smashing

Heidi and Ellen talk to Ellie and Jenny. Ellie is a full time yoga teacher and wants to weave astrology and meditation into her work. She wonders if she is ready or if she needs to do more deep study. Jenny is a professional freelance writer and is going through a slow period. She wonders how she can actualize more interesting work for herself. We also talk about the movie ‘Baby Boom’ with Diane Keaton and Sam Shepard ( a great film about reinvention!); the season finale of ‘Mare of Easttown’; Kate Winslet’s astrological chart; and the PBS series ‘Atlantic Crossing’.

Jun 16, 2021
Ep 21 Chew On The Other Foot

Heidi and Ellen answer questions from Meghan and Chrissy. Meghan cares for adults with developmental disabilities and is burning out.  With Saturn and Jupiter active on her ascendent- she feels it is time to leap into something new, perhaps something more creative. Chrissy works from home in the finance industry. It serves her in many ways but it has never felt like a fit. She dreams of opening a coffee house, an air bnb or a candy shop!! She wonders about timing (she has 3 young children) and the real possibilities for these ideas. Ellen and Heidi also talk about Heidi’s new book and year-long course (works in progress!). They also read notes from listeners.

Jun 09, 2021
Ep 20 Gemini Power

Heidi and Ellen talk to Marlaena and Hannah.  Marlaena is a musician who released a new record right before the pandemic lock-down and could not tour or sell the album. She is working from home and feels aimless. She wants to figure out how to harness her power and focus on her music. Hannah is doing an administration job that drains her. She is an artist but she doesn’t feel like it is  practical enough to make that her job. She is called towards service and wonders if there is a way to combine it all and feel more satisfied. We also talk about the season finale of ‘This is Us’ and the Pink documentary “All I Know So Far’.

Jun 02, 2021
Ep 19 Standing in the Doorway

Heidi and Ellen talk to Lindsey and Melissa. Lindsey is building a business with a partner. They have done a successful soft launch and are wondering if this is a good time to raise money from investors or whether to keep growing the business on their own. Melissa has been involved in the public health sector for the last decade. She is curious whether to focus the next stage of her career out in the public eye, to continue working behind the scenes or to try something totally new. Heidi and Ellen also talk about the Netflix show ‘Shadow and Bone’ and the podcast interviews between the chef Samin Nosrat and Brene Brown on Brene’s podcast ‘Unlocking Us’ and Glennon Doyle and Adam Grant on Adam’s podcast ‘WorkLife’.  

May 26, 2021
Ep 18 Welcoming Gemini

Heidi and Ellen welcome Gemini. Geminis are the communicators and connectors as the sign is ruled by Mercury and Venus. This Gemini season has a long mercury retrograde and a few eclipses to keep us all on our toes. During this month, the pace picks up. Our desire to connect intensifies. Our need to converse is at an all time high. Gemini wants to feel enlivened by sharing experiences, ideas and little adventures. In true Gemini fashion, Heidi and Ellen talk about Patti Smith, Bob Dylan, the Polar Music Prize and dancing. And Heidi reads the beautiful poem 'The Cord' by Leanne O'Sullivan. 

May 20, 2021
Ep 17 Thinking Big Thoughts

Heidi and Ellen talk to Aman and Tierney.  Aman is in tech but is feeling restless and the need for a career that is more relationally engaged. She is attracted to the healing professions but is unsure how to move forward. Tierney is at a crossroads. She has had a 25-year satisfying career in construction sales and in the last 7-years has leaned into her artist self building a beautiful small business as a natural dyer. She has been feeling a pull to go all in with her artist self, but is wondering if the time is right.  We also talk about new episodes of 'Mare of Easttown', the movie ‘The Year Earth Changed' and ‘The Book of Delights’ by Ross Gay.

May 12, 2021
Ep 16 When to Jump

Ellen and Heidi answer questions from Maureen and Emily. Maureen has been a teacher for 21 years and is ready for a change.  She really wants to open a Wellness Center- but financial issues and a perceived lack of business acumen get in her way.  Emily left a very stressful high profile job 3 years ago.  She took some time off and is now trying to figure out her next steps.  She is embracing a recent ADHD diagnosis and realizes she wants to help people who struggle in similar ways. We also talk about the new television series ‘Mare of Easttown’, the documentary about the artist Alice Neel, and the classic feel-good movie, ‘Legally Blond’.

May 05, 2021
Ep 15 How Do I Choose?

Heidi and Ellen talk to Sarah and Dana.  Sarah has an online wedding invitation design site.  She wants to expand and is wondering what direction to take.   Dana is moving from an office job to teaching yoga, but is feeling exhausted by all the things she needs to do. Both women wonder how to choose a direction to take moving forward. We also talk about the films ‘News of the World and ‘Another Round’. They also talk about Priya Parker's book 'The Art of Gathering'.

Apr 28, 2021
Welcoming Taurus

Join Heidi and Ellen they welcome Taurus, the sign of art and beauty and manifesting tangible results.  They start off by talking the upcoming Academy Awards (a perfect Taurean show and one of Ellen’s favorites!).  This month is a time of reinvention for Taurus people with Uranus moving through their signs. With the Sun, Mercury and Venus all moving through Taurus this month, electricity abounds..The esoteric phrase for Taurus is ‘I see and when the eye is opened, all is illumined’. Your garden will grow but prepare yourself for some surprises.  They also talk about the birthdays of many Taurean writers and poets, including William Shakespeare, Charlotte Bronte, Adrienne Rich, May Sarton and Harper Lee.

Apr 19, 2021
Ep 13 - Love in the Time of Sourdough

Ellen and Heidi talk to Mary and Nina.  Mary has two established and successful businesses- one in the healing arts and the other teaching people to bake bread. She is grappling whether to just put her focus on the sourdough business, even though she feels the sadness of having to leave the medical practice behind. Nina is a dynamic 18-year-old with lots of ideas and dreams, specifically about teaching writing and/or music.  She also wonders about her tendency to start lots of projects and not finish them and asks if it is better to go with her natural multi-tasking tendencies or whether to train herself to do one task at a time to successful completion.  We also talk about the documentaries ‘Knock Down the House’ and ‘Nothing Fancy’ as well as Erin French’s new book ‘Finding Freedom’

Apr 14, 2021
Ep 12 - Should I Go or Should I Stay?

Heidi and Ellen talk to Emmery and Jackie.  Emmery was serving in the Peace Corps when she was called back home due to the pandemic.  She is contemplating her next steps and is on the fence between graduate school and going off on her own.  Jackie is an artist and is just finishing a program in textile design.  She is feeling ready to go out in the world but wonders if she should extend her time in school to get her Bachelor’s degree.  We also talk about the documentaries of two extraordinary women- Yayoi Kusama (‘Infinity: Kusama’) and Tina Turner (‘Tina’). Their roads to success were long and rocky, replete with sexism, abuse, mental illness and genius.

Apr 07, 2021
Ep 11 - Reframing and Leaping

Heidi and Ellen talk to Patrice and Christy.  Patrice is a long-time professor who loves her work but hates the paperwork and screen time it demands.  She wonders if it is possible to reframe her dilemma in order to find more joy in her job. Christy has been a public gelato researcher for the past 15 years and had felt more and more drawn to energy medicine and spiritual pursuits.  She would like to make the leap full time to her passions, but is nervous to get off the fence.  We also talk about the late Jessica Walter who played Lucille Bluth on ‘Arrested Development’.  And the wonderful five-part series ‘It’s a Sin” set in London during 1981-1991 during the AIDS crisis.

Mar 31, 2021
Ep 10 - Welcoming Aries

Join Heidi and Ellen as they welcome the Aries, the first sign of the zodiac and the beginning of the astrological new year. They talk about the transition from the restful and deep waters of Pisces to the fiery and active energy of Aries. As the harbinger of spring, they prepare listeners for the new growth, new ideas, new energy and new purpose that is about to unfold.

Mar 20, 2021
Ep 9 - Follow the Crumbs

Heidi and Ellen talk to Diane and Jena.  Both are happy with their lives and work but know there is something more that beckons them. They have hints as to what that might be - but are unsure how to move forward. We also talk about the films- ‘Nomadland’,  The Sound of Metal’ and ‘Supernova’ as well as the beautiful new book- ‘Between Two Kingdoms: A Memoir of a Life Interrupted’ by Suleika Jaouad.

Mar 10, 2021
Ep 8 - How to Shine Brightly Without Burning Out

Heidi and Ellen talk to Quinn and Dave. Quinn is about to step into a new venture after having taken a year off to rest and regenerate.  She is excited but also worried that the burnout that plagued her in the past will re-emerge. Dave is a social worker and also a stand up comedian and a playwright.  He feels the time has come to choose and wonders how to make that choice. We also talk about the all-time great movies ‘Lady Bird’; ‘Julie and Julia ‘ and ‘Away We Go’. 

Mar 10, 2021
Ep 7 - Welcoming Pisces
Heidi and Ellen introduce their recurring welcoming sign episodes to its new Chart Your Career home. Today they welcome Pisces - with all of its watery wonderfulness. They talk about the transition from the fixed nature of Aquarius to the mutability of Pisces.  They share what to expect in this next month (spoiler alert- dreamier, restful, hibernating energy) and how to prepare for Aries and the upcoming dynamic energy of the spring.
Feb 18, 2021
Ep 6 - Should versus Must

Heidi and Ellen interview Kate and Kaylin. Kate wants to figure out how to change her relationship with money so she does not tie her self-worth to how much she makes.   Kaylin is an ambitious and hardworking person who has a great new career opportunity but at the same time, has a deep longing to just stop and go inward. Both dilemmas are great examples of ‘Should versus Must’. We talk about the podcast ‘Ologies’, the documentary ‘The Fight,’ and the Netflix delight- ‘Bridgerton’. We also talk about Ellen’s new ReLaunch class and Heidi’s books ‘Twelve Love Letters’.

Feb 11, 2021
Ep 5 - Enough is a Feast

Heidi and Ellen interview Michaela and Jane.  Michaela has been an educator for many years but is unfulfilled and bored and feels misaligned in her career.  Jane is juggling the age-old dilemma between wanting too move ahead with her very successful career and her pull to spend time with her children while they are still young.  She worries if she waits on her career expansion she will miss the boat.  We talk about the book Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times by Katherine May; the episode of Hillary Clinton’s podcast that focuses on Food, where she talks to Samin Nosrat and Jose Andres; and the very out-of the box astrologer, Maren Altman.  

Feb 11, 2021
Ep 4 - Introverts Unite

Heidi and Ellen interview Melissa and Sophia.  Both are successful in their respective careers but deal with shyness and self doubt when in public  Melissa is a writer that prefers to stay behind the scenes. Sophia is a teacher but feels more at ease in the world of art. We talk about Susan Cain’s TED talk ‘The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking’ and the many ways to feel more comfortable having your voice heard. We also talk about the movie ‘The Trial of the Chicago Seven’ and the Netflix series, ‘The Queen’s Gambit’.

Feb 11, 2021
Ep 3 - Two Earth Signs With Earthly Dilemmas

Heidi and Ellen interview 2 earth signs with very different- yet very earthly dilemmas. Megan can’t decide whether to move forward with what she knows, but finds a bit predictable, or whether to break free in a whole new direction.  Meredith is a creative with tons of talent.   She wants to know how she can make her art and make money. We talk about the art of knowing when to prune what is old and worn from your garden and how to focus when lots of ideas are pulling on you. We also talk about the TV series ‘Ted Lasso’ and the movies ‘Maudie’ and 'Stranger than Fiction’.

Jan 13, 2021
Ep 2 - Two Tauruses Born On The Same Day Almost 30 Years Apart

Heidi and Ellen interview two Taurus ‘twins’ born on the same day, almost 30 years apart.  Maya just graduated from college this past June.  Andrew wants to bring his fitness business online. We talk about how hard it is to look for your first job in the middle of a pandemic and what you can do to create community and what it takes to build an online audience.  We also talk about Pico Iyer’s book- ‘The Art of Stillness; Adventures in Going Nowhere’.

Jan 13, 2021
Ep 1 - Two Creative Scorpios At The Crossroads

Heidi and Ellen interview two creative scorpios who both love to cook and garden and would like to find careers that encompass their passions. We talk about imposter syndrome; taking big leaps; how to find a creative community when you move thousands of miles across the country in the middle of a pandemic. We also talk about the book ‘The Buddhist on Death Row’ by David Sheff and the podcast ‘Home Cooking’ with Samin Nosrat and Hrishikesh Hirway.

Jan 13, 2021
Introducing: Chart Your Career - coming soon!

Chart your Career is a podcast from Heidi Rose Robbins and Ellen Fondiler.

Each episode explores a question from two listeners as they try to navigate their dilemmas about career choices and life purpose. Heidi works deeply with the language and guidance of astrology while Ellen offers inspiring, actionable, practical next career steps. They help listeners reimagine how to best design your life and call in renewal, reinvention and a new chapter.

Record a voice memo and send your career question to Be sure to include the date, time, and place of your birth in the email.


Dec 10, 2020