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An interactive live show about bitcoin and freedom tech. Funded by our audience. No ads or sponsors.

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Apr 09, 2024
Apr 02, 2024
Mar 27, 2024
Mar 25, 2024
Mar 18, 2024
Mar 18, 2024
Mar 14, 2024
Mar 08, 2024
Mar 01, 2024
CD116: Home Bitcoin Mining with FutureBit and Bitaxe
Dec 11, 2023
CD115: Nostr Adoption with Miljan of Primal
Dec 07, 2023
CD114: Circular Economies with Coinos
Nov 18, 2023
CD113: ZEUS with Evan Kaloudis
Oct 25, 2023
CD112: Lightning Node Security with Ken of the VLS Project (HSMs for Lightning)
Sep 28, 2023
CD111: Grassroots Adoption with Skyler and John
Sep 15, 2023
CD110: Bitcoin Park Party Rip with Harry, Sahil, and Josh
Sep 13, 2023
CD109: Bank Run on Binance? with Dylan LeClair
Aug 31, 2023
CD108: Bitcoin Dev Education and BTC++ with Lisa, David, and Kody
Aug 29, 2023
CD107: 40 Day Fast with Russell Okung
Jul 21, 2023
CD106: Nostr is Freedom with Miljan of Primal
Jul 13, 2023
CD105: Bitcoin Park Party Rip with Josh, Kim, Shawn, and Randy
Jun 22, 2023
CD104: Bitcoin 2023 Debrief with Christian Keroles
Jun 01, 2023
CD103: Guns and Bitcoin with Fenix Ammunition
May 30, 2023
CD102: Bitcoin is the Best Money with Adam Back and Jack Mallers
May 26, 2023
CD101: Mempools and Transaction Fees with the Mempool Space Team - Wiz, Simon, and Steve
May 13, 2023
CD100: The Disturbing Chainalysis Led Prosecution of Roman Sterlingov with Mike Hassard and Tor Ekeland
Apr 13, 2023
CD99: Paxful Shuts Down with Ray Youssef
Apr 05, 2023
CD98: Good Morning with David Bailey
Apr 04, 2023
CD97: Running Bitcoin Businesses with Dave Bradley
Mar 28, 2023
CD96: Hyperbitcoinization, Strong Communities, and Sovereign Individuals with CK
Mar 24, 2023
CD95: Bitcoin Miner Incentives with Nick Hansen and BitMEX Research
Mar 21, 2023
CD94: Bank Crisis and Bitcoin with Jesse Myers
Mar 15, 2023
CD93: Bank Runs and Macro Update with Dylan LeClair
Mar 13, 2023
CD92: Mandibles with Lionel Shriver
Feb 24, 2023
CD91: Ordinal Inscriptions with Casey Rodarmor
Feb 12, 2023
CD90: Spiral Initiatives with Steve Lee
Feb 10, 2023
CD89: Open Source Week Party Rip at Bitcoin Park with NVK, Vivek, Paul, Tony, and the Bens
Feb 09, 2023
CD88: Lightning Dev Kit with Jeff and Val
Feb 08, 2023
CD87: Bitcoin Dev Kit with Steve, Daniela, Alekos, and ThunderBiscuit
Feb 07, 2023
Nashville Energy & Mining Summit 2023: Proof-of-Work - What It Is and Why It Matters
Jan 25, 2023
Nashville Energy & Mining Summit 2023: Introduction
Jan 25, 2023
Bitcoin Park Open House: Bitcoin Mining - What to Expect in 2023
Jan 21, 2023
CD86: Miniscript with Rob, Vivek, and NVK
Jan 11, 2023
CD85: Bitcoin and Global Recession with Dylan LeClair
Jan 10, 2023
CD84: Home Schooling and Bitcoin Games with Scott, Tali, and P
Jan 07, 2023
Beef Initiative 2022: Intro to Bitcoin with Odell
Jan 01, 2023
Bitcoin Park Open House: Fireside with Texas Slim
Dec 16, 2022
CD83: Good Morning with Jason Wrich, Cole Bolton, and Texas Slim of the Beef Initiative
Dec 10, 2022
CD82: Bitcoin Lightning Privacy Research + Browser Based Mutiny Wallet with Ben Carman, Paul Miller, and Tony
Dec 06, 2022
CD81: shitcoin apocalypse, macro environment, self custody all time high, bitcoin fundamentals with @DylanLeClair_ and @_Checkmatey_
Nov 29, 2022
CD80: building a bitcoin circular economy with @ziggamon
Nov 22, 2022
CD79: lightning development, bugs, and the path forward
Nov 12, 2022
CD78: Building a Bitcoin City with PlebLab
Nov 02, 2022
Bitcoin.Review E7: A Review of Updates to Popular Bitcoin Projects with NVK, Justin Moon, Pierre Rochard, and Stephan Livera
Oct 17, 2022
Bitcoin Amsterdam 2022: FATF is a Threat to Bitcoin Privacy with Matt Odell, Patrick Hansen, Kevin Murcko and Sjors Provoost
Oct 14, 2022
CD77: Privacy Focused Mobile Phone eSIMs Using Silent Link
Sep 26, 2022
Bitcoin.Review E6: A Review of Updates to Popular Bitcoin Projects with NVK, Bitstein, and Pierre Rochard
Sep 22, 2022
CD76: DEBATE: Are the tradeoffs of Samourai Wallet's light client mode a benefit to users?
Sep 19, 2022
CD75: Privacy, Speech, and Bitcoin with Adam Back
Sep 07, 2022
Bitcoin.Review E5: Bitcoin Hardware Wallets Roundtable
Sep 02, 2022
BitBlockBoom 2022: Jack Mallers and Grant Gilliam
Sep 01, 2022
Bitcoin.Review E4: A Review of Updates to Popular Bitcoin Projects with NVK and Justin Moon
Aug 29, 2022
Bitcoin Magazine Live Interview: "The Optimistic Take on Bitcoin with Odell"
Aug 22, 2022
CD74: Code, Nyms, and Life with @r0ckstardev
Aug 12, 2022
CD73: Grassroots Bitcoin Adoption with @CaptainSiddh
Aug 12, 2022
CD72: Privacy in Adversarial Environments with Tony and @sethforprivacy
Aug 10, 2022
Bitcoin.Review E3: A Review of Updates to Popular Bitcoin Projects with NVK and Justin Moon
Jul 28, 2022
Bitcoin.Review E2: A Review of Updates to Popular Bitcoin Projects with NVK and Justin Moon
Jul 20, 2022
CD71: bitcoin payments with @utxoclub, @wiz, @dooowta, and @benthecarman
Jul 16, 2022
CD70: using lightning privately with tony and @futurepaul
Jul 12, 2022
CD69: decentralized identifiers (DIDs), "web5," and lightning privacy with tony
Jul 06, 2022
Bitcoin.Review with NVK - A Review of Updates to Popular Bitcoin Projects
Jun 28, 2022
CD68: a sunday afternoon chat with @clarkmoody
Jun 26, 2022
CD67: an update on recent cattle deaths and our food supply with @moderntman
Jun 23, 2022
CD66: bootstrapping a bitcoin circular economy and the beef initiative with @modernTman, @Dooowta, @carlostoriello, and @RJCoope
Jun 08, 2022
CD65: live from the new studio at bitcoin park with @sethforprivacy and @bitvolt7
Jun 07, 2022
CD64: BIP119, CTV, and the bitcoin development process with @rusty_twit and @brian_trollz
May 10, 2022
CD63: building nostr, a censorship resistant alternative to twitter with @fiatjaf, @jb55, and @MrKukks
Apr 26, 2022
Miles Suter, RockstarDev, and Lisa Neigut at Bitcoin Commons on March 18th 2022
Apr 21, 2022
CD62: bisq, mempool, and open source software with @wiz
Apr 19, 2022
Jack Mallers at Bitcoin Commons on March 18th 2022
Apr 15, 2022
Andrew Poelstra at Bitcoin Commons on March 18th 2022
Apr 14, 2022
(Home) Mining for the Streets - with Econoalchemist, Diverter, Coinheated, John Stefanopoulos at Bitcoin 2022 on the Mining Stage
Apr 13, 2022
Open Source Stage Day 3 - Bitcoin 2022 in Miami
Apr 11, 2022
Open Source Stage Day 2 - Bitcoin 2022 in Miami
Apr 08, 2022
Open Source Stage Day 1 - Bitcoin 2022 in Miami
Apr 07, 2022
CD61: Live From Miami - Open Source Licenses with NVK, Tony, Paul, and Evan
Apr 07, 2022
CD60: building a bitcoin circular economy with @Dooowta, @BrainHarrington, and @5antoshernandez
Mar 29, 2022
CD59: the viral nature of information and the power of open source software with @r0ckstardev
Mar 16, 2022
CD58: ronindojo, privacy, and freedom tech with @GuerraMoneta, @BrotherRabbit_, and @rottenwheel
Mar 09, 2022
CD57: bitcoin crowdfunding and donations with @coinjoiner, @pavlenex, and tony
Feb 23, 2022
CD56: specter wallet, using your own bitcoin node, and kyc tradeoffs with @MWietersheim and @KeithMukai
Feb 15, 2022
CD55: signing devices and open source with @seedsigner and tony
Feb 10, 2022
CD54: pruned nodes, utreexo, and validation with @seardsalmon, @mario_gibney, @kcalvinalvinn, @SomsenRuben, and @sanket1729
Feb 09, 2022
CD53: threats to bitcoin and the state of the network with @benthecarman, tony, and @_justinmoon_
Feb 02, 2022
CD52: venezuela, latin america, and bitcoin with @elsultanbitcoin and @cryptonomista
Jan 26, 2022
CD51: bitcoin companies keeping lists of bitcoiners and our transaction history with @BTCxZelko, @LaserHodl, @Diverter_NoKYC, and @stephanlivera
Jan 19, 2022
CD50: bitcoin nodes and the @raspibolt project with @openoms and @stadicus3000
Jan 12, 2022
CD49: digital privacy tools and strategies with @techloreistaken
Jan 05, 2022
CD48: bitcoin initiatives by @blocks and @spiralbtc with @moneyball
Dec 14, 2021
CD47: the future of bitcoin nodes and the nodlito with @ketominer and @IAskuwheteau
Dec 07, 2021
CD46: improving your home bitcoin mining setup with @BigCohoo, @dfrumps, @RoninMiner, and @BtcBoulder
Dec 01, 2021
CD45: the future of mobile lightning wallets with @ericsirion, @akumaigorodski, and @fiatjaf
Nov 23, 2021
CD44: using secure random number generators to generate bitcoin keys with waxwing and @raw_avocado
Nov 17, 2021
CD43: bitcoin for beginners with @BitcoinQ_A
Nov 09, 2021
CD42: security focused bitcoin nodes with @nixbitcoinorg, @n1ckler, and @seardsalmon
Nov 02, 2021
CD41: bitcoin privacy discussion with @stephanlivera at the nashville bitcoin meetup
Oct 12, 2021
CD40: using bitcoin privately at Human Rights Foundation Oslo Freedom Forum with Evan Kaloudis and Janine Roem
Oct 08, 2021
CD39: running a lightning routing node and plebnet with @phjlljp, @rajwinder, and @aehw1
Sep 21, 2021
CD38: improving your bitcoin mining setup with @bigcohoo, @janbraiins, @coinheated, @roninminer, @upstreamdatainc, and @martybent
Sep 15, 2021
CD37: building software from source code with @achow101 and @craigraw
Sep 07, 2021
CD36: privacy focused open source routers with @jamesob and @_k3tan
Aug 24, 2021
CD35: bitcoin tuesday happy hour
Aug 17, 2021
CD34: mobile phone privacy with @sethforprivacy
Aug 11, 2021
CD33: build your own hardware wallet for $50 with @seedsigner and @keithmukai
Aug 04, 2021
CD32: understanding your legal rights with @deliver8tor
Jul 28, 2021
CD31: getting started with bitcoin mining with @diverter_nokyc, @econoalchemist, and @roninminer
Jul 20, 2021
CD30: bitcoin privacy and the danger of KYC with @samouraiwallet and @openoms
Jul 13, 2021
CD29: bitcoin privacy and security with @craigraw and @ketominer
Jul 06, 2021
CD28: el salvador, china, and bitcoin with @gladstein
Jun 29, 2021
CD27: bitcoin tuesday unsanctioned with evan kaloudis
Jun 24, 2021
CD26: using a bitcoin node with @raspiblitz, @ronindojoui, @mynodebtc, @start9labs, and @nodl_it
Jun 15, 2021
CD25: the reality of ransomware with @evankaloudis
Jun 08, 2021
CD24: miami special with @wiz, @evankaloudis, @_benkaufman, @cycryptr, @petermccormack, and @tikawamoto
Jun 02, 2021
CD23: the state of bitcoin with @gladstein, @dergigi, and @croesus_btc
May 26, 2021
CD22: the lightning network with @fiatjaf and @evankaloudis
May 19, 2021
CD21: the lightning network and bitcoin privacy with @openoms and @cycryptr
May 12, 2021
CD20: the liquid network, bisq, and bitcoin privacy with Adam Back and Wiz
May 05, 2021
CD19: bitcoin hardware with @ketominer and @nvk
Apr 27, 2021
CD18: bitcoin transaction fees and taproot with @evankaloudis and @benthecarman
Apr 21, 2021
CD17: bitcoin nodes and self hosting with @futurepaul and @proofofkeags
Apr 14, 2021
CD16: bitcoin privacy and coinjoin with chris belcher and waxwing
Apr 06, 2021
CD15: bitcoin privacy and coinjoin with @nopara73 and @openoms
Mar 30, 2021
CD14: lightning powered gaming with @andreneves and @sputn1ck
Mar 23, 2021
CD13: practical bitcoin privacy and "open source" licenses with @btcxzelko and @likewh0a
Mar 17, 2021
CD12: the bitcoin lightning network with @r0ckstardev and @suheb__
Mar 10, 2021
CD11: Trading vs Stacking, Open Source Dev, and Taproot Activation with @jamesob and @evankaloudis
Mar 03, 2021
CD10: Bitcoin Self Custody, Security, and Privacy with @craigraw and @econoalchemist
Feb 24, 2021
CD9: Bitcoin Transactions, Mempools, and Self Hosting with @wiz and @softsimon_
Feb 17, 2021
CD8: Corporate FOMO, BIPs, and Taproot with @futurepaul and @nvk
Feb 10, 2021
Feb 02, 2021
CD6: Lightning, Encryption, and Bitcoin Hardware with openoms and evankaloudis
Jan 27, 2021
CD5: Encryption, Mining, and No KYC Bitcoin with @diverter_nokyc and @maxtannahill
Jan 20, 2021
CD4: Censorship, Privacy, and Open Source Software with J9Roem and benthecarman
Jan 13, 2021
CD3: Shitcoin Regrets and Pricing the World in sats with dergigi & croesus_btc
Jan 06, 2021
CD2: Privacy, Nodes, and No KYC with ErgoBTC & BitcoinQ_A
Dec 30, 2020
CD1: Self Custody with Rodolfo Novak & Evan Kaloudis
Dec 24, 2020