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Get the MOST out of Stew at Originating from the Minneapolis/St Paul metropolitan area of Minnesota, Stew first began his career in radio in 1998 while working for ClearChannel radio as an intern at 101.3 KDWB. His biggest influence was a group of high-powered personalities that were all on the roster at the powerhouse station including Tone-E-Fly, Scotty Davis, Zannie K and Dave Ryan. Stew answered and screened phones like a champ, assisted with running breakfast to the morning show, and occasionally got to be in the on-air studio. Very occasionally. With a love for his country, and a heart that pumps patriotism, stars and stripes through his aging veins, Stew has taken his half-brained high school education to national radio, and he has found his passion, once again. The best is yet to come. ON-AIR HOST E-mail: Phone: 877-45-WARRIOR Stew Peters is not a radio legend, but he will tell you he is!

Episode Date
311,000 'Phantom Voters' in Arizona, Officials Move to DECERTIFY! - Phone Pings Will Track You and Instruct You to LOCK DOWN! - Why is DeSantis Promoting Shots?

Stew Peters is joined by Bobby Piton, who has estimated that some 311,000 'phantom voters' prove the 2020 election was rigged as Arizona State Officials move to DECERTIFY the election!

DeAnna Lorraine joins Stew to reveal that the government is now implementing a system that tracks your location (and who you associate with) and will ping your device to advise you if you've been exposed to COVID, and instruct you to immediately quarantine.

Marjorie Taylor Greene says she knows why Governor DeSantis, FOXNews and other 'Republicans' may be pushing the shots. | Support: 

Jul 23, 2021
DeSantis Goes FULL JAB PROMO! - Is NOVAVAX The 'Safe' Alternative to Poison Death Clot Shots? - Black Rifle Coffee Turns on Trump Supporters - Markets Causing Cringe!

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Jul 22, 2021
Dr. Peter McCullough Issues URGENT VAXX WARNING, Clay Clark Asks Questions Implicating Globalists

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Jul 21, 2021
Alex Jones LIVE - American Pediatrics Funded by PFIZER - Dr. Kandiss Taylor Will BAN ALL MASKS AND EXPERIMENTAL SHOTS if Elected GA Governor, and Kevin J. Johnston is Canada's Most CENSORED Man!


Jul 20, 2021
THIS SHOW ENDS COVID. Dr. Jane Ruby Exposes Booster Plan, 45,000 ACTUAL DEATHS - Dr. David Martin EXCLUSIVE Exposes COVID, Fauci, Shots and Politicians

Stew Peters talked with Dr. David Martin in an historical interview with inarguable fact-based exposure that should be seen by the entire world as an absolute end to the COVID narrative. 

Jul 19, 2021
BREAKING! FIVE MORE AIRLINE PILOTS DEAD! Dr. Jane Ruby Joins Stew Peters With Update - AZ GOP Chairwoman Dr. Kelli Ward With Crucial Audit Update

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Jul 16, 2021
BREAKING FINDINGS! What COVID 'Vaccine' is Doing to Your BLOOD! - EXPOSED! Tampering With Michigan Voting Machines - Big Tech SPYING on YOUR TEXT MESSAGES!

Dr. Jane Ruby breaks EXPLOSIVE PROOF showing what the COVID 'Vaccines' are doing to your blood.

Michigan Poll Challenger EXPOSES Tampering with voting machines, attempting to reset the data, erasing evidence.

Fact-Checkers will now SPY on your TEXT MESSAGES to intercept 'medical disinformation' relating to COVID shots.

America First Candidate, Navy Veteran, Jarome Bell suing Facebook.

Your Retirement is being targeted by the globalists

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Jul 15, 2021
EXCLUSIVE! Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes Fauci, COVID-19, Injections and HOW TO END THE 'VIRUS'

An incredibly informative talk with one of the world's most qualified medical experts. 

Jul 14, 2021
Undercover Dad Captures Child Vaxx Clinic Attempting to Jab Underage Child, Former FBI Agent With Call-to-Action, Heated Debate: Patriot vs Politician

Another PACKED Stew Peters Show as Stew welcomes Kevin Tuttle, a father that captured undercover video of a 'vaccine' clinic trying to jab an 11-YEAR-OLD CHILD, without proper informed consent.

Former FBI Agent, Roman Garcia, joins Stew Peters with a Call to Action!

Patriot Chris Sky goes toe-to-toe in a heated debate with politician Mark Friesen

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Jul 13, 2021
HORRIFIC DANGER! United Executive, Vaxx Coercion Exposed - Men Breastfeeding and MORE!

Stew Peters exposes nothing but the TRUTH on today's FULL SHOW! 

July 12, 2021 will be in the history books, as air line executives will have to answer to the general public amid growing concerns about the dangers in the sky.

DeAnna Lorraine joined Stew to reveal that men will now be ENCOURAGED to 'chest feed' babies, forcing infants to latch onto their nipples.

Carlos Cortez explains what questions you should be asking your communist-controlled financial advisor

Stew exposes Zoom meeting between Pelosi, Eric Holder and Barack Obama. | Support:

Jul 12, 2021
Arizona WILL Restore FREEDOM in America! Deep State Senator Mark Kelly EXPOSED! Klaus Schwab and World Economic Forum 'War Gaming' for Impending ATTACK!

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Jul 10, 2021
WHAT IS GRAPHENE OXIDE? Main Ingredient in Pfizer, AstraZeneca Vials Explained by Medical Expert - Dr. Ardis Reveals Fauci Has Been KILLER All Along! - CNN Openly Calling For MANDATORY VAXX!

Another PACKED 'Stew Peters Show' as we answer the question of the day: Other than a 'scary sounding' ingredient discovered in the jabs, WHAT IS GRAPHENE OXIDE? Dr. Jane Ruby explains.

Dr. Bryan Ardis, who lost his father-in-law to NIH-directed COVID treatments, reveals that Fauci treatments have been the REAL KILLER, all along, NOT the 'virus'.

DeAnna Lorraine exposes CNN, who are now calling for MANDATORY VAXX!

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Jul 08, 2021
Toxic Poisons Confirmed in MULTIPLE 'Vaccines', Door-to-Door Vaxx Plan, Media EXPOSED!

Scientific researchers have now confirmed toxic poisons in multiple 'vaccines' distributed and manufactured by various drug companies!

Jul 07, 2021
Dr. Tenpenny UNCENSORED, Henry Ford Health FORCES 33,000 Jabs, Church Deems Hesitancy a SIN!

July 6, 2021 - Stew Peters talks with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, an extremely experienced medical expert. Topics include COVID-19, Delta Variant, Inoculations, Magnetism, Transmission, Shedding, Purpose and Plan.

Stew talks with Jennifer Maier, a Michigan RN, who announced that Henry Ford Health Systems will FORCE JAB ALL EMPLOYEES (33,000), as well as ALL visitors, including pastors, volunteers, family members, friends, loved ones contractors and ANYONE that wishes to step foot onto the grounds of any of their facilities.

DeAnna Lorraine joins Stew to discuss the ULTIMATE SIN. No, it's not adulatory, it's not lying, it's not stealing. It's VACCINE HESITANCY. Yes, this church says you MUST repent if you should so choose not to take the jab.

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Jul 06, 2021
REAL CONTENTS of Pfizer Vials DISCOVERED AND REVEALED! - Keeping Your Kids Safe From Globalist Murderers - Ann Vandersteel on Trump's Support of 'Jab' and MORE!

Another PACKED Show!

How to protect your kids from the horrific mask and jab mandates

Why Trump continues to promote the 'jab'

What's REALLY in the Pfizer 'vaccine' vials?

What was 'president' Biden doing on Independence Day?

What's to come of the market?

For ALL exclusive content, visit

Jul 05, 2021
WARNING! 82% of Pregnant Women in Jab Study Had Miscarriages, Globalists Have a Switch, and They Can Turn YOU OFF Whenever They Wish!

Happy Independence Day Weekend! Visit 

Jul 02, 2021
AZ Audit Volunteers Targed by Biden DOJ, Threatened With ARREST! - Answers About Magnetism in People & Food - Communism Celebration in AMERICA!

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Jul 01, 2021
Guest Claims "Real Q" is General Michael Flynn - "Oath Keepers" Kingpin is Top Federal Informant - Prison Guard Breaks Anonymity, Reveals Nuremberg Violations

Another PACKED Stew Peters Show - Support the platform! Be a Voice, Not an Echo.

Jun 30, 2021
America's Frontline Doctors Exposes MAJOR TRUTH About 'Vaccines' - Howard Stern Targets Stew Peters Show, Stew Fires Back - Fake Meat Coming Your Way - Major Housing Crisis Looms

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Jun 29, 2021
Lawsuit Filed Against Fauci! - Pilots and Flight Attendants DOOMED at United Airlines - Republicans Committing FRAUD on Audits - Globalists Stealing Home Ownership

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Jun 28, 2021
ABUSE of Mentally Disabled, Vulnerable Elderly in Care Facilities - Congressman Pete Sessions on Border Crisis and Jan 6 LIE - Anti-Trump Fascists Posed as Journalists - FL Condo Collapse Hit Job?

Stew Peters is OFF THE RAILS on this Friday episode of 'The Stew Peters Show' - Find ALL exclusive interviews at

Jun 25, 2021
Bioweapon, UFO's, The Great Reset, All Predicted by Cyrus Parsa - Fact-Checkers Dispute DEAD AIRLINE PILOTS! - John McAfee Was Assassinated!

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Jun 24, 2021
@Johnheretohelp - EXPLOSIVE 1-on-1 With Whistleblower Dr. John McGreevey - Exposes Pelosi, High-Ranking General for Jan 6 Insurrection, Execution of Ashli Babbitt, COVID, Fauci, Gates and MORE!


Jun 23, 2021
Moderna Admits MASSES Are 'Experiment', Injured Pfizer Victim Speaks Out, Canada Goes FULL COMMIE!

Another PACKED 'Stew Peters Show' - Support us!

Jun 22, 2021
Dems Complicit in Genocide, Mass Murder for Profit as 'Media' Stays SILENT - Pilots Dropping Dead After Jab, 'Vaccinated', Children BANNED From Visiting Parents

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Jun 22, 2021
BREAKING! MN Senator Sends Threats to Voter That Asked For Audit! - Republican Candidate Threatens Russian Assassins "Hit Squad" Against Opponent

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Jun 18, 2021
BREAKING! Connection Between Magnetism & PCR Tests, $50k STOLEN From Patriot by Cabal, NFL Vaxx Rules are INSANE, and Prisoners Get Vaxxed or Go to the HOLE!

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Jun 17, 2021
Dr. Carrie Madej Goes FULL TRUTH on Jab, "There's No Off Button" - Pastor Greg Locke Counter-Punches Deep State - DeAnna Lorraine Targeted by Rappers

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Jun 16, 2021
USA Today 'Fact-Checker' Challenges Stew Peters, Takes Serious "L" - BREAKING BOMBSHELL Connects PCR Tests to Magnetizing in COVID Injections

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Jun 15, 2021
Lin Wood LIVE "DeSantis Has a Duty" - BREAKING LEAKED Military Email: ALL Personnel Will Be REQUIRED to Get JAB!

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Jun 10, 2021
America's Frontline Doctors Pediatric Director Issues URGENT WARNING - Juanita Broaddrick EXCLUSIVE - Did Trump Let Big Tech Ride? - Racist Cops Narrative Debunked

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Jun 10, 2021
EXCLUSIVE! Doctor Has Cured Thousands of COVID Patients, Issues Strong Warning About Jab - Canadian Citizen Targeted, Jailed by Communist Tyrants

Jun 08, 2021
BREAKING! COVID 'Vaccine' Magnetism NOT a Hoax, Intentionally Added to Injections - Iowa Moms Defeat Mask Tyranny in Schools - Middle Schoolers "I'm a Racist" Assignment

Stew Peters is ON FIRE!

Jun 07, 2021
BREAKING! First U.S. Doctor Certifies 'Vaccine' Injury, Confirms Serious Diagnosis After Jab, Patriot FIRED After Standing Against Tyrannical School Board

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Jun 04, 2021
EXPOSED! Stew Peters Releases HIDDEN VACCINE STUDY, Kids in Danger, Fauci Emails, Who is Christina Cassetti? How is Italy Connected?

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Jun 03, 2021
Fauci Emails, Child Trafficking, Adrenochrome, BLM Leader Denounces Movement, Lap Dances for Vaccinated People, Young Marine Charged by FBI for Jan 6 Protest

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Jun 02, 2021
EXCLUSIVE! Roger Stone on Fauci Crimes, Trump Indictment, AZ Audit, Durham- PLUS Mike Lindell LIVE, Breaking Dominion Lawsuit and Exposing Governors!

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Jun 01, 2021
LEAKED! FedEx Mandatory Transgender Training Audio - Highways are RACIST - Most Restrictive Lockdowns Begin at Midnight - GOP Blocks Pelosi Hit Squad

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May 28, 2021
BREAKING! Hunter Biden Admits to Smoking Crack With DC Mayor - Flight Attendants Assaulted in LARGE Numbers! - IRS Coming After YOU!

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May 27, 2021
BREAKING! CDC Knew About 'Vaccine' Heart Complications! - Patrick Byrne EXCLUSIVE! - Italy Election/RussiaGate BOMBSHELL!

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May 26, 2021
LIVE FROM CHINA! Man That Predicted EVERYTHING We Are Seeing (Wuhan Bioweapon, Great Reset) - LIVE FROM ISRAEL! Tel Aviv Man Says U.S. Media LYING About "Genocide"

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May 25, 2021
How Was it Stolen? Who Stole It? ANSWERS TODAY! Also, Teens Experiencing Heart Problems After Jab!


May 24, 2021
The Deep State is ABSOLUTELY Spying on You! Cybersecurity Expert on How to Protect Yourself! Why the New Media 'Hot Words' are "Crypto" and "Social Security"

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May 21, 2021
EXCLUSIVE! George Papadopoulos Exposes Deep State "Nothing Can Stop What is Coming" - Dr. Jane Ruby Reveals Deadly Ingredient Found in Injections

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May 20, 2021
Why Isn't Anyone Talking About Kids Being Murdered? Cops Are NOT the Problem - Hyperinflation Killing Middle Class

May 19, 2021
EXPOSED! Minneapolis Police Dispatch Policy Violations NEVER BEFORE TALKED ABOUT! Also, Congressman Paul Gosar on the Jan 6 LIE!

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May 18, 2021
BREAKING! Brave Coroner, Medical Expert CONFIRMS Woman's Death Directly Resulted From COVID-19 'Vaccine', God Replaced With 'Science", Sheriff Clarke on BLM

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May 17, 2021
The Mask vs Injection Ultimatum EXPOSED! Ashli Babbit was EXECUTED, and the 'Gas Crisis' Explained

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May 14, 2021
EXCLUSIVE BREAKING BOMBSHELL: Medical Expert Reveals 'Vaccine' Information Unreported Anywhere Else! Also, Gun Rights in TX Under Attack!

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May 13, 2021
Stew Peters Slams Attorney LIVE On-Air, Uncovers Claims of Judicial Corruption | Canada BANS AstraZeneca Injection, Dr. Jane Ruby Explains

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May 12, 2021
Free Speech is GONE. Christianity is Under Attack! Murderers Running Free as Chicago Politicians Continue to Lie!

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May 11, 2021
Kids Getting COVID 'Vaccine' WITHOUT Parental Knowledge/Consent! Medical Expert Calls 'Vaccine' Nazi Experiment, DeSantis Sues CDC, In-Person Learning Resumes

Today's packed show can be found in video form at

May 10, 2021
How Many People Are REALLY Dying From 'Vaccine'? Medical Experts Paint Horrific Picture - 'Vaccinated Only' Sections at Restaurants?

The Stew Peters Show

May 06, 2021
EXPOSED! Child Deaths Hidden by Big Tech, Media - CA Officials Influenced Twitter/Facebook to Delete Americans' Posts About 2020 Election

Stew Peters is on a TRUTH rampage!

May 05, 2021
Castrating Kids, Manslaughter Charges for COVID Violations, Lethal Injection Approved for KIDS

Packed Show full of content as the authoritarian takeover continues and the assault on America intensifies

May 04, 2021
Doctor Confirms Teen Deaths, Miscarriages, "Shedding", Transmission From COVID 'Vaccine' - UFO's Spotted, Alien Invasion Imminent

Stew Peters is the 'bullhorn' for all American Patriots! Make sure to visit

May 03, 2021
CONFIRMED! Medical Experts Says "Something is Being Transmitted" From Vaccinated to Unvaccinated People!

Stew Peters welcomes Dr. Jane Ruby, DeAnna Lorraine and Carlos Cortez, Jr.

Apr 30, 2021
Pedophilia, False Imprisonment, Kidnapping and Involuntary Commitment, Biden Speech and MORE!

Stew Peters LIVE (April 29, 2021) Guests: 49-year-old Columbia University graduate and mother, Elizabeth Weinstein, says she has been kidnapped, falsely arrested, imprisoned without due process and force-medicated as retaliation by corrupt judges.

DeAnna Lorraine will helps us break down the Biden speech

Marueen Ennor Rocha exposes county withholding pension of her fallen police husband

Apr 29, 2021
BREAKING! Rudy Giuliani Raided by FBI, Biden DOJ - Medical Expert BANNED For Publishing FACTS - Hunter Biden to Teach Class on "Fake News"

Today's Guests: Tom Pappert (National File), DeAnna Lorrain (political commentator), Carlos Cortez, Jr. (Financial Expert), Dr. Jane Ruby (Banned Medical Expert)

Apr 28, 2021
Cop Killed in NYC, Exodus From CA, Mask Wearers Are DANGEROUS For Non-Mask Wearers, Recall Newsom SUCCESS!

Cop Killed in NYC, Exodus From CA, Mask Wearers Are DANGEROUS For Non-Mask Wearers, Recall Newsom SUCCESS! - Guests: Angel Maysonet, Kevin Kiley, DeAnna Lorraine and Carlos Cortez, Jr.

Apr 27, 2021
EXCLUSIVE! Bobby Piton on Arizona Ballot Audit! Stew Also Joined by DeAnna Lorraine, Monica Matthews & Carlos Cortez, Jr.

Breaking News, Conservative Commentary

Apr 26, 2021
YouTube Bans 'Patriotically Correct', Journalist Defends Rapist While Slandering Stew Peters, Classified Police Document Release, Caitlyn Jenner Runs for CA Governor

Stew Peters is relentlessly seeking the TRUTH, and can always be found at

Apr 23, 2021
URGENT BROADCAST! Damning Evidence! COVID 'Vaccine' Linked to Infertility! All Four Companies Implicated in Catastrophic Medical Disasters & Deaths!

Stew Peters talks with medical expert, Dr. Jane Ruby, as well as financial expert Carlos Cortez, Jr., and DeAnna Lorraine on today's 'Patriotically Correct'

Apr 22, 2021
Derek Chauvin Did NOT Get a Fair Trial, America's Justice System is LOST. The Attack on Law Enforcement in America is REAL.

Stew Peters is 'Patriotically Correct' Today's Guest: Steve Pomper, former Seattle police officer and author "The Obama Gang"

Apr 21, 2021
Minneapolis Police Whistleblower Reveals TRUTH About ANTIFA/BLM - Pregnant Women Side Effects From COVID 'Vaccine' - Chris Cuomo, Media Continue LYING!
Apr 20, 2021
DEADLY 'Vaccine' Reactions Continue, Police Whistleblower Info, Maxine Waters Murdering Blacks

FULL SHOW! Stew Peters Truthing All Over The Globe! 'Patriotically Correct' April 19, 2021

Apr 19, 2021
EMERGENCY INFO RELEASE! Horrific Vaccine Truth Exposed! - BLM 'Poster Child' Arrested For Sex With Minors - Single Pregnant Mom Raided by FBI

EMERGENCY INFO RELEASE!  Horrific Vaccine Truth Exposed! - BLM 'Poster Child' Arrested For Sex With Minors - Single Pregnant Mom Raided by FBI |

Apr 16, 2021
The George Floyd TRUTH They DON'T Want You to Know! Guests: DeAnna Lorraine, Lavern Spicer, Patrick Howley, Maryam Henein

The PACKED 'Patriotically Correct' brings the REAL perspective around today's headlines

Apr 15, 2021
BREAKING! Fauci, Media LYING About Vaccine Reactions, Pro Se Litigator Says He Can "END Lockdowns", Laws For Parents Allowing Sex Change of Kids

Today's Guests: Luis Ewing, Dr. Jane Ruby, DeAnna Lorraine, Carlos Cortez |

Apr 14, 2021
David Clarke on Shooting, Kevin Jackson 'Cancelled' From FOXNews, Patrick Howley & DeAnna Lorraine


Apr 13, 2021
Police Involved Shooting Minneapolis, MN - Daily Intel Brief w/ Patrick Howley - Mondays with Monica - SHOTS FIRED - State Rep Jake Hoffman

Make sure to visit

Apr 12, 2021
Stew Peters DESTROYS Media, Pastor Facing $1 Million Fines for COVID "Violations", Chad Prather LIVE!

Stew Peters welcomes guests: Pastor Artur Pawlowski, Chad Prather and Patrick Howley for another packed 'Patriotically Correct', brought to you by Cortez Wealth Management. Visit

Apr 08, 2021
BREAKING! Audio Recordings of Secretary of State Engaging in Extramarital Affair(s), Sexting, Anal Play and Alleged Abuse

Alabama Secretary of State, John Merrill is under fire. Also, Alex Jones (INFOWARS) gets in front of a vehicle filled with smuggled illegal alien children, Congressman Paul Gosar provides exclusive account of visit to border, and Nancy Pelosi is leasing a building to those directly connected to child pedophilia.

Apr 07, 2021
FBI Arrest Warrant for Trump-Supporting Journalist, Congressman Pete Sessions on Border Crisis, Dr Jane Ruby on Vaccine Passport, and BREAKING NEWS!

Stew Peters hosts another PACKED 'Patriotically Correct'

Apr 06, 2021
Tech Censorship, Racist Investments, Trump Fires Back at MLB, Reverent Says Salvation Cannot Be Solely Found in Christ, But By Allowing Illegal Immigration

Stew Peters welcomes James Bowers, Carlos Cortez, Monica Matthews and Patrick Howley on today's 'Patriotically Correct' radio show!

Apr 05, 2021
BREAKING! Jihadist Attack At Capitol in Washington DC, The Left Doesn't Want You to Have Kids, Corporate 'Wokeness' Infiltrating Election System

Kevin Freeman, Patrick Howley, Pete D'Abrosca and Randy Sutton join Stew Peters on 'Patriotically Correct'

Apr 02, 2021
Million Maskless March, Laura Loomer LIVE, Biden Dogs Poop on White House Floor, Lauren Wizke Says Dems Want to KILL YOU!

Another PACKED episode on 'Patriotically Correct'

Apr 01, 2021
Benghazi BOMBSHELL! Stew Talks With CIA Operator That Was THERE! Stew Also Welcomes Senior Advisor to US Congressional Select Committee, Sarah Adams

Another AMAZING and TRUTH-FILLED show! 'Patriotically Correct'

Mar 31, 2021
Derek Chauvin Trial Provokes Institutional Anti-White Racism, No Hope For America First Agenda, Candidates Mark Pukita and Jan Morgan

The content never stops at 'Patriotically Correct' Radio!

Mar 30, 2021
Wearing a Mask Could Shrink Your Penis, Georgia Forcing Vaccinations, Man Jailed and Business SEIZED For Remaining Open in FL

Stew Peters is 'Patriotically Correct' - Guests: Mike Carnevale, Monica Matthews, Patrick Howley, Carlos Cortez

Mar 29, 2021
Liberal Women Can Never Really Be Strong or Independent, Gun Control, China Influence, Biden Blunders

Patriotically Correct March 26, 2021

Mar 26, 2021
America's Frontline Doctors, Biden Press Conference, Rapists Could Go Free and the Fight Against Big Tech!

Guests: Ali Shultz, Patrick Howley, Cindy Bauer and Jason Fyk

Mar 25, 2021
Boulder Shooting FALSE FLAG? America First vs Deep State LIES, Who's Helping Parents Keep Kids From Tyrannical Judges? Where Do We Go Now?

Guests: Patrick Howley, Paul Harrell, Brian Festa, Monica Matthews and Mike Filip

Mar 24, 2021
EXCLUSIVE! Mother Stripped of Parental Rights Over Masking, BREAKING! Boulder, CO Shooter Was Islamic Extremist, DEVELOPING: Trump Fighting in Georgia!

Another PACKED 'Patriotically Correct' show with Stew Peters

Mar 23, 2021
FBI Held Evidence That Would Have 'Immediately Stopped Impeachment" of Donald J. Trump | Guest: Jack Maxey

Stew will talk with the man that was one of the first to go through the hard drive of Hunter Biden's highly questionable 'Laptop from Hell'. Stew will also welcome Alena Erickson, a Utah woman accusing her governor of crimes including domestic terrorism and Senior Reporter with National File, Patrick Howley. Visit:

Mar 22, 2021
Jovan Hutton Pulitzer on Election Integrity, Jaco Booyens on Child Sex Trafficking, Randy Sutton on the State of Law Enforcement

Stew Peters goes after Dan Bongino after misleading headline suggests the angry podcaster will take over for Rush Limbaugh.

Mar 19, 2021
Second Amendment, Judge Arrested for Porn, Rand Paul Blasts Fauci, Full-Blown Communism in America

Guests: Monica Matthews, Dale Huls, Joe Penaz, Patrick Howley

Mar 18, 2021
Child Stripped From Mother Over Masking! Stew Talks With That New York Mother | Additional Guests: Patrick Howley, James Marter, Richard Leonard

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Mar 17, 2021
Critical Race Theory, Chauvin Trial | Guests: Patrick Howley, Edward Woodson, State Rep Jeremy Munson

Stew Peters is the host of 'Patriotically Correct', featured by

Mar 16, 2021
Future Elections Mean NOTHING If We Can't Fix 2020! Guests: Eric Warren (, Congressional Candidate Jarome Bell (VA), Patrick Howley (National File)

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Mar 15, 2021
Derek Chauvin Trial, Anthony Fauci LIES and Richard Leonard Returns! Guests: Edward Woodson, Patrick Howley

Stew Peters and Richard Leonard are 'Patriotically Correct'

Mar 12, 2021
Guests: Gavin Wax, Randy Sutton, Patrick Howley - Topics: George Floyd, Derek Chauvin, Donald Trump, Jared Kushner and the Racist Left!

Another PACKED show from 'Patriotically Correct'

Mar 11, 2021
Congressman Louie Gohmert, Congressional Candidate Anthony Sabatini, Patrick Howley (National File)

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Mar 10, 2021
Patriotically Correct | Guests: Sheriff David Clarke, National Radio Host Monica Matthews, National File Senior Reporter Patrick Howley

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Mar 09, 2021
PCR Tests DEBUNKED - Trial Begins in 'Murder' of George Floyd, Chauvin Jury Selection, National File Contributes, Expert Law Enforcement Opinion

Stew Peters can be found at

Mar 08, 2021
Patriotically Correct - Guests: Patrick Howley (National File), Rep Jake Hoffman (AZ), Congressman Pete Sessions (TX), Richard Leonard (MX)

Stew Peters is 'Patriotically Correct'

Mar 05, 2021
Kids Taken From Mother Refusing to Wear Mask - Mag Editors Assaulted by Security - Laruen Witzke on Transgenders, Jarome Bell, Congressional Candidate

Stew Peters is 'Patriotically Correct'

Mar 03, 2021
Dr Jane Ruby Talks COVID Vaccine, Kevin Jackson on 'Cancel Culture' - PC Radio

Stew Peters is 'Patriotically Correct'! Visit:

Mar 01, 2021
Drew Berquist LIVE - Also, Tom Pappert from National File on Corruption by Former RNC Chair, Ed Gillespie

Stew Peters is 'Patriotically Correct'

Feb 23, 2021
Sheriff David Clarke, Congressman Pete Sessions, Vish Burra (VP of NYC Young Republicans Club)

Stew Peters is 'Patriotically Correct'

Feb 18, 2021