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The goal of the Keep Going Podcast is to create meaningful connections with like-minded individuals who are passionate about achieving longevity and leading a pain-free, active and healthy lifestyle. These conversations will educate listeners on our holistic approach to wellness and utilize information from subject matter experts to enhance awareness for new health and wellness content, and highlight innovative product solutions. TB12 is focused on transforming health and wellness by empowering athletes to prevent injury, improve longevity, and raise their peak performance.

Episode Date
Robert Owens on Defying Age in the Pursuit of Longevity

Here at TB12, we always say that age is just a number. Our guest on today’s episode – Robert Hamilton Owens – is a master of the mental game and the fittest 67 year old on the planet. 

Robert has lived an incredibly full and adventurous life, and has no plans of slowing down. A mere four days before his 66th birthday last year, Robert took on the SEALFIT’s Kokoro 50-Hour Challenge, a Navy SEAL-style Hell Week challenge that was originally created to train Special Operations Candidates. He was the oldest of the group by 25 years to finish, and at the same time became the oldest person to ever complete the challenge. His mental toughness is absolutely unmatched. 

Robert spent the early part of his career as a US Air Force Pararescueman – the Air Force equivalent of a Navy SEAL – and was called upon daily to risk his life to save people trapped in life-threatening situations. His passion for adventure and endurance training has led him to complete an astonishing 12 Ironman Triathlons, and the World Marathon Challenge – a grueling event comprised of 7 marathons on 7 continents in 7 days.

Robert is a living embodiment of longevity and mental toughness – everything we strive for here at TB12 – and we think you’re all going to really enjoy our conversation. Let’s go!

Apr 13, 2021
Lindsey Vonn on Finding Purpose in the Face of Adversity

On today’s episode of the Keep Going Podcast, we sit down with Lindsey Vonn, who you might know as one of the most mentally tough skiers and athletes to ever perform on the big stage.

Born in Minnesota in 1984, Lindsey started skiing at age 7, but it wasn’t until she found her love for speed that she became the racing sensation we all know today. And it didn’t take long for her to start winning – and winning big – Lindsey snagged her first of four World Cup overall championships in 2008. 

With 82 wins at her retirement in 2019, she was the all-time leader in women's World Cup race victories. She also won three Olympic Winter Games medals and eight world championships medals. As Lindsey says, once she started winning, her only goal was to win more often and do it faster. 

A true competitor, Lindsey left it all on the slopes – her career was cut short due to the many injuries she suffered from her aggressive racing style. Now, a few years into retirement, she is only limited by the things she wants to do – and she is keeping busy – starting a production company and leading the charge at the Lindsey Vonn Foundation. 

We enjoyed sitting down with Lindsey and learning more about what motivates her to keep going – let’s go!

Apr 06, 2021
Chris Carmichael on Mastering the Mental Side of Training and Coaching the Best in the World

On today’s episode of the Keep Going Podcast, we speak with Chris Carmichael, a former professional cyclist and the founder and CEO of Carmichael Training Systems. 

Cycling influenced Chris in many ways over the years, learning skills as a young kid biking around Florida that influenced his career and prepared him to become a renowned coach down the line. Chris himself was a member of the 1984 US Olympic Team and part of the first American team (7-Eleven) to race the Tour de France in 1986.

After suffering a career ending injury while skiing, Chris channeled his passion for cycling into becoming a successful coach and entrepreneur, founding Carmichael Training Systems in 2000, making world-class coaching accessible to athletes of all ability levels. Through Chris’s leadership, CTS immediately established itself as the premier destination for personal fitness, nutrition, and life coaching; a leadership position the company has held throughout its 20-year history. 

Let’s go!

Mar 30, 2021
Venus Williams on The Fight for Equal Pay and Her Privilege Tax Initiative

Our guest on this very special episode of the Keep Going Podcast is Venus Williams! Venus is one of the all-time greats of women's tennis, having spent years atop the world rankings while ushering a new era of power and athleticism into the women’s game. 

Not only is Venus an incredibly accomplished athlete, she is also a successful business woman and has done so much to be a strong advocate for women over the years.

Throughout the month of March, in celebration of International Women's Day and Women's History Month, Venus has launched an awareness initiative to spotlight the wage inequality issue, and unveiled a platform of resources for corporations and employees to address the matter on a grassroots level. 

Women make 81 cents to the $1 that men earn on average, so Venus will be working to fill in the gap this March by implementing a #PrivilegeTax on her lifestyle brand EleVen by Venus’ website by including an option at checkout to opt to donate 19 cents for every purchase made. Here at TB12, we are joining her in the fight to close the gender pay gap by implementing the #PrivilegeTax on our own website and donating 19 cents from every purchase to Girls Inc. of Greater Los Angeles, a charity committed to inspiring girls to be strong, smart, and bold. 

We hope you enjoy this short but impactful discussion with the incredible Venus Williams. Let’s Go!

Mar 24, 2021
Cameron Hanes on Finding Growth Outside of Comfort and Mastering His Craft

Our guest on today’s episode is Cam Hanes, one of the toughest elite athletes you’ll ever meet. Not only is he known for being America’s greatest extreme bowhunter and Under Armour’s longest sponsored athlete, but also for his dedicated training regimen that prepares him for his backcountry bowhunts.

Cam is singularly focused on being the best bowhunter in the world, and has built an incomparable training regimen around that goal – he shoots his bow every single day of the year, trains in the weight room 7-days a week, and runs 100-mile ultra marathons in the mountains during the off-season to keep himself prepared for anything he may face during a hunt. 

In this thrilling conversation, Cam talks about:

  • Being alone in the wilderness
  • Running a marathon every day
  • Finding growth outside of comfort
  • Honing his craft through consistency
  • Living in the present

Cam’s desire to outwork his own weaknesses and do what he loves better and for longer resonates with us here at TB12 – we really enjoyed this conversation with Cam and know you will too!

Let’s Go!

Mar 22, 2021
Angela Duckworth on Developing a Passion and Making Your Life Matter

On today’s episode, we sit down with Angela Duckworth, the founder and CEO of Character Lab, Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, and author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, a #1 New York Times best seller. 

 Angela has an amazing story, and one we can all relate to as we pursue our own individual versions of success. Angela left a stressful job in management consulting at just 27 years old to pursue teaching and eventually enroll in graduate school to become a psychologist. 

 This conversation is centered around grit – a characteristic of successful people that Angela has dedicated years of research to in an effort to better understand what truly drives successful people to be great. A few of the topics we covered include how to delay gratification & control your impulses, how gritty people handle failure, the “I’ll show you” effect, and where perseverance truly comes from. 

This was hands down one of our favorite episodes to date, and we think you’ll all find Angela’s insights to be easy to digest and applicable no matter what your lifestyle looks like. We hope you all enjoy this conversation with Angela Duckworth. Let’s go!

Mar 16, 2021
Dr. Mark Hyman on Revolutionizing the Way We Eat & The Pegan Diet

Dr. Mark Hyman believes in using food as medicine to support longevity, energy, mental clarity, happiness, and so much more. Dr. Hyman is revolutionizing the way that millions worldwide eat and fuel their bodies, and we were thrilled to have the opportunity to have this conversation with him just over a week after the release of his new book, The Pegan Diet.

We think you’ll all find this conversation with Dr. Hyman to be loaded with valuable insights and actionable takeaways you can use to improve your eating habits and better understand the impact that food has on your performance and longevity. Let’s go!

Mar 09, 2021
Shane Orr on the Process That Creates World Champions

Our guest on today's episode – Shane Orr – currently coaches both the Fittest Woman and Fittest Man on Earth, our friends Tia Toomey and Mat Fraser. 

Shane is Tia’s husband and business partner, in addition to being her coach. We talk about how they first met back home in Australia and the journey they’ve been on together since – a journey that has led them to the Olympics, four consecutive CrossFit Games wins, and a new endeavor into bobsledding.

Shane often operates behind the scenes and lets his athletes’ performance do the talking, but we got an inside look at his passion for the sport, and the lessons that he has learned during his time coaching the best CrossFit athletes in the world.  Listen closely as these lessons can be applied to almost anyone in any walk of life. Let’s go!

Mar 02, 2021
George Hincapie on His Path to Unparalleled Longevity in Cycling

Our guest on today’s episode is George Hincapie – one of the most recognized cyclists in the world, with numerous world championships, national championships, and professional victories to his credit.

George began racing as a young boy in Queens, New York, when his father introduced him to the sport. He competed a record 17 times in the Tour de France, raced in five Olympic Games, and won three U.S. National Road Race championships – unparalleled longevity in the sport of cycling.

He notably served as the “domestique” on many of his Tour de France teams – a position that is often recognized as the ultimate team role in cycling. George sacrificed personal glory and success for that of his team and teammates, and it’s fascinating to hear him talk about his experience on the team side of an individual sport like cycling. 

Though he retired from cycling in 2012, Hincapie has found sustained success in the business world – most notably as the co-founder of Hincapie Sportswear and the Hotel Domestique. His story is a fascinating look at the grueling world of cycling and what it truly takes to achieve longevity. 

Feb 23, 2021
Andrew Marr on Living With an All-In Mentality and Dealing With Invisible Pain

Our guest on this week’s episode of the Keep Going Podcast is Andrew Marr – a Retired Special Forces Green Beret, best-selling author, and Co-Founder of the Warrior Angels Foundation.

Andrew has been through all kinds of adversity in his recovery from traumatic brain injury – an injury that left him medically retired and labeled service-connected disabled. In January of 2015, Andrew and his brother created the Warrior Angels Foundation to help other U.S. Service Members and Veterans receive the same level of care he received and get them back on the path to better health.

Through their partnership with Dr. Gordon’s Millennium Health Centers, they have supported over 300 U.S. Service Members and Veterans and enabled them to receive the same life changing protocols.

We are honored to have Andrew Marr on the show  — let’s go!

Feb 16, 2021
Dr. David Sinclair on Unlocking the Secrets of Aging and Prolonging the Health Span of Our Lives

Our guest for today's episode is Dr. David Sinclair. David is a long time friend of TB12 and a tenured Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School. His book, Lifespan, which we sell at our Performance & Recovery Centers, became a NY Times Bestseller in 2019. While David is best known for his work on genes that delay and reverse aging, he has also published over 200 scientific papers and has co-founded a variety of biotechnology companies in the areas of metabolic diseases, inflammation, infectious disease detection, and more.

What we appreciate most in our conversations with David is his unique ability to simplify these complex concepts in a way that's easy for everyone to understand. In our discussion today, we focus on the types of food David believes we should all be eating, how to time your food intake to minimize the stress it puts on your body, and the importance of sleep and the circadian rhythm – something we focus on with all of our clients at TB12. 

Feb 09, 2021
Mat Fraser on Finding Clarity of Purpose and Having the Courage to Fail

Mat Fraser has earned the title of Fittest Man on Earth a record five consecutive times, as he won the 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020 CrossFit Games. Mat’s determination and drive to be the best sets him apart from his competitors and has allowed him to achieve unparalleled success in the grueling world of CrossFit.

In the first few minutes of our conversation, his desire to outwork weakness becomes evident, and we quickly learn how he turns those shortcomings into strengths. Mat also talks about how training with Tia-Clair Toomey has pushed them to become two of the most decorated athletes in CrossFit history, hobbies outside of the gym, and life after CrossFit.

Feb 02, 2021
Dr. William Li on Eating Diverse Foods and Redefining Traditional Medicine

This week's episode of the Keep Going Podcast features Dr. William Li, a world-renowned physician, scientist, and New York Times best-selling author. Dr. Li’s work has impacted more than 50 million people worldwide and has led to the effective prevention, novel treatment, and even reversal of diseases spanning cancer, chronic wounds, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and vision loss.

Our immune system works around-the-clock to fight off illness and infection – and it doesn’t always get the help it needs. The discussion will center around Dr. Li’s ‘common denominator’ approach to protecting health and look beyond the intrinsic properties of food to better understand how our bodies respond to what we feed them according to our hardwired health defense systems.

Jan 26, 2021
Tia Toomey on the Process of Becoming a Champion

In this episode, our host and TB12 CEO John Burns sits down with four-time CrossFit Games Champion Tia Toomey to find out what drives her to be the best and how she pushes past failure to reach her goals.

Tia shares her emotional journey from a young runner with big dreams to her debut as an Olympic Weightlifter, and the path that led her to become the fittest woman on earth. 

Jan 19, 2021
Alex Guerrero on the Inspiration Behind TB12 and the Power of Healthy Habits

The 15-year partnership between Tom Brady and Alex Guerrero has forever changed both of their lives – they've both been together through 3 Super Bowl wins, the birth of Tom's three kids and two of Alex's grandkids, the creation of TB12, and now a big move to Tampa.

While millions across the world watch Tom excel on the field every Sunday, his TB12 Co-Founder and best friend has remained behind-the-scenes – that is, until now. 

Jan 12, 2021
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Jan 09, 2021