9/11 Stories: Remembering September 11th, 2001

By Q104.3 (WAXQ-FM)

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Where were you on 9/11? As we mark 20 years since that tragic day, host Shelli Sonstein explores that question with 9/11 Stories, a podcast presented by Barasch and McGarry lawyers for the 9/11 community. Each week we present a 9/11 story from first responders, celebrities, and everyday people whose lives were forever altered that day.

Episode Date
Jay Winuk - founder of 9/11 Day of Service
Sep 09, 2021
Steve Buscemi
Sep 06, 2021
Will Jimeno - PAPD survivor of the collapse
Sep 02, 2021
NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand
Aug 30, 2021
Debbry Borza,mother of the youngest woman to die on flight 93
Aug 26, 2021
child autism therapist & FDNY wife Arlene Bradley-Lester
Aug 23, 2021
Retired NYPD and Q listener Stuart Goldstein
Aug 19, 2021
L.I. Representative Andrew Garbarino
Aug 16, 2021
LITE-FM's Christine Nagy
Aug 12, 2021
Ossinging Firefighter Jim Drohan
Aug 09, 2021
Actor David Duchovny
Aug 05, 2021
former EMS Chief Jim Martin
Aug 02, 2021
LITE FM's Cubby Bryant
Jul 29, 2021
WOR's Len Berman
Jul 22, 2021
Gilbert Gottfried
Jul 19, 2021
Patty & Kimberly Hess
Jul 15, 2021
NY Giant George Martin
Jul 12, 2021
Deborah Norville
Jul 08, 2021
Constantine Maroulis
Jul 05, 2021
FDNY Tim Brown
Jul 01, 2021
NYPD Chief Terry Tobin
Jun 28, 2021
NYPD Eric Romero
Jun 26, 2021
Eddie Trunk
Jun 24, 2021
Elvis Duran
Jun 21, 2021
Peter Abraham Q Listener/Camerman/EMT
Jun 14, 2021
FDNY'er Rob Serra
Jun 07, 2021
Simon Kirke
May 24, 2021
NYPD Commisioner Dermot Shea
May 17, 2021
Q listener Terry Horniacek
May 10, 2021
Former NJ Governor Jim McGreevey
May 03, 2021
Fmr. Lt. Gov Kim Guadagno
May 01, 2021
Dee Snider
Apr 26, 2021
FDNY Chaplain Chris Keenan
Apr 19, 2021
J & R Music World exec Marty Singer
Apr 12, 2021
Former NYS Governor David Paterson
Apr 05, 2021
Ex-Mets Manager Bobby Valentine
Mar 29, 2021
Hero NYPD Det. Scott Strauss
Mar 22, 2021
ex-student Lila Nordstrom
Mar 15, 2021
9/11 community attorney Michael Barasch
Mar 08, 2021
NJ Devil Ken Daneyko
Mar 01, 2021
Retired Suffolk County cop Phil Alvarez
Feb 22, 2021
9/11 community activist John Feal
Feb 15, 2021
NYC EMS Chief Lillian Bonsignore
Feb 08, 2021
Adam Ferrara
Feb 01, 2021
FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro
Jan 25, 2021
Paul Falla
There but for the grace of God….31 year old FDNY’er Paul Falla was on the job only 2 years on 9/11, and just finishing his 24 hour shift at Engine 34 in the Bronx, when the alarms sounded. Heading out to respond, no one on the fire rig looked at the ticket, which tells them where to report. They all assumed they were supposed to be going down to The World Trade Center. Just several miles away from The WTC at 34th street, someone looked at the ticket and realized they were traveling in the wrong direction. They were actually supposed to report to a staging area in Harlem, to join 5 or 6 other FDNY companies. Had the men at Engine 34 continued down to The World Trade Center, they almost certainly would have died along with the 343 other New York City firefighters who perished in the collapse of the twin towers. Ultimately, the men from Engine 34 were ordered down to the World Trade Center. By the time they got there, one tower had already collapsed. They watched the second tower fall, engulfing them in a blackout. Paul Falla says it was like a scene out of “Planet Of The Apes”, hauntingly, eerily, quiet. There was nothing left. Nothing. He saw no chairs. No desks. No computers. Only some papers and a thick, packed dust...and a woman’s freshly manicured hand emerging from the ashes.
Jan 22, 2021
New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy
Jan 18, 2021
Steve Schirripa
Jan 11, 2021
The Estreicher family
This is the 9/11 story of the Estreicher family: Maryann and her daughters, Callie & Victoria, known as Tori. Maryann’s husband, Richard, was an FDNY Lieutenant, studying to be promoted to Captain and was supposed to be in a class that morning steps from Rescue 5 on Staten Island, where he had worked for 10 years. He was too exhausted to go to class, having worked a 24-hour shift the day before. Maryann, who used to work steps from The World Trade Center in the ’90s, was home alone, watching “Good Morning America”, when she saw the first reports of a plane hitting The World Trade Center. Maryann says she always hated the twin towers. She always had a bad feeling about them. Minutes after the towers were hit in the first suicide-by-passenger-jet-ever strikes, Richie, who served with the Marines for three years, was on the phone to Maryann, telling her the country was under attack, directing her to bring home the girls from school. He also advised his wife to gas up the car and get cash from the ATM. He told Maryann “I love you and I don’t know if I’m coming back”. Most of the day, Maryann was on the phone, trying to find out if Richie was still alive. No one answered any of her calls. It wasn’t until midnight when Richie finally called, telling her, “They’re all gone”. Richie Estreicher lost 11 firefighters from Rescue 5 on September 11th, along with countless FDNY buddies. For 8 months after, like thousands of others, Richie worked on “the pile”, the burning debris of The World Trade Center, breathing in poisonous fumes. More than 18 years after surviving 9/11, on November 11, 2019, Veterans Day 2019, FDNY Lt. Richard Estreicher died of 9/11 cancer, 2 days shy of his 60th birthday, Now 24, Tori writes the blog herestothekidswhogrewupwithafirstresponderparneton911.
Jan 08, 2021
Frank Siller, Chairman and CEO of The Stephen Siller Tunnel To Tower Foundation
Jan 04, 2021