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Ari, 13yrs
 Mar 18, 2021
I'm thirteen and my sister and I are enjoying the podcast. We really like how smart it is. Thanks for all your work.

 Mar 12, 2021
Convicted felon spews his right-wing fiction.

 Feb 24, 2021

 Feb 8, 2021
Great new podcast. We'll worth listening to. Dinesh comes at if from a slightly different perspective than other conservatives. He always has a few thoughts in each podcast that make you realize he's brilliant.

 Jan 30, 2021
A+ podcast from a great American who cannot remain silent. Hope he does this for a long time!


Best-selling author and documentarian Dinesh D'Souza provides enlightened conversations about politics, history, philosophy, literature, and much more.

Episode Date
In this episode, Dinesh shows that to understand the Ma'Khia Bryant killing in Columbus, Ohio, we should first understand who is the victim and who is the villain.  The Left says the system is to blame and Dinesh agrees--the fault lies with a dysfunctional inner-city culture created by the Democratic Party. How Planned Parenthood finally admitted its founder Margaret Sanger is a vicious racist, just like Dinesh depicted her in his movie. And CEO Andrew Torba joins Dinesh to talk about faith, politics and the right to speak freely and openly. See for privacy information.
Apr 22, 2021
In this episode Dinesh candidly assesses the Derek Chauvin verdict, contrasting the media hoopla about racism and systematic police injustice with what was shown in the trial itself. Dinesh comes to the defense of Richard Dawkins—biologist and atheist—who was canceled by the American Humanist Association.  And Dinesh is joined by conservative activist Scott Presler. See for privacy information.
Apr 21, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh makes the case for reparations--not reparations for slavery, but for the Communist Party of China to pay reparations for its role in the global spread of Covid-19. Dinesh contrasts the media's coverage of Biden's decision to get the US out of Afghanistan with Trump's decision to do exactly the same thing. And Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joins Dinesh to talk about Biden's border policy, voter integrity laws and mask mandates.  See for privacy information.
Apr 20, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh reveals the hypocrisy of the court packers, who seek to destroy the Supreme Court in the name of saving it.  Dinesh examines why President Franklin Roosevelt tried desperately to pack the Court in the late 1930s, and why he failed. Maxine Waters incites violence if Derek Chauvin is acquitted---Dinesh reacts to this brazen assault on the rule of law.  How the Associated Press stylebook seeks to rig the debate over controversial issues.  Orchard Community Church Pastor Jeremy Wong joins Dinesh to talk about how he took California governor Gavin Newsom all the way to the Supreme Court—and won! See for privacy information.
Apr 19, 2021
In this special episode, Dinesh devotes the full hour to an in-depth discussion on fascism and civil war with one of America's preeminent historians, Stanley Payne. An emeritus professor of history at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Payne is the author of "A Short History of Fascism" and "The Spanish Civil War."  Dinesh engages Payne in a wide-ranging discussion of such questions as, what is the core meaning of fascism? Is fascism on the Right or on the Left? Are there fascist strains in America today?  What are the factors that led up to the Spanish civil war, and are there parallels between Spain then and America now?  Is America headed toward civil strife?  What lessons can we learn from history on how to resist fascism and avoid civil war? See for privacy information.
Apr 16, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh exposes the double standard guiding the prosecution of rioters from the Left compared to the prosecution of January 6 protesters.  The Democrats want to pack the Supreme Court to make it more democratic, but Dinesh makes the case for the court as a check on the tyranny of the majority. Dinesh highlights a case of kidnapping and child abandonment to reveal the moral bankruptcy behind Biden's border policy. And former Chicago governor Rod Blagojevich--a man who should know--joins Dinesh to reveal how the Democratic Party became gangsterized See for privacy information.
Apr 15, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh probes the issue of “white privilege” and raises the question of who is truly privileged in our society.  Dinesh also takes note of influential blacks who advocate “black supremacy” and examines the basis for their ideology.  As Hank Azaria, the white character who did the voice of Apu in the Simpsons, apologizes for making fun of Indians, Dinesh makes the case for Indian American humor. And Christian comedian Thor Ramsey joins Dinesh to talk about his latest movie, “Church People.” See for privacy information.
Apr 14, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh reviews the Georgia voter law, asking how ID cards can be racist when it comes to voting but not racist when it comes to flying, gambling, banking and innumerable other activities.  Dinesh flays the "woke" corporations colluding to fight the Georgia law, exposing their low, self-serving motives. Dinesh reveals how BLM has perfected the art of the racial shakedown that Jesse Jackson invented a generation ago.  And Danielle D'Souza Gill joins Dinesh to talk about the most interesting group of people gathered together in a single place in all of human history. See for privacy information.
Apr 13, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh finally reveals who our real President is--Joe Manchin. While Dr. Fauci ponders why so many people don't trust him, Dinesh shows it has to do with the glaring inconsistencies in Fauci's own positions.  A racial hoax at Albion College provokes Dinesh to explore the bizarre psychology of faking one's own degradation. Dinesh uses the example of a BLM founder to show the profitability of the race industry. Also journalist and activist Lauren Southern joins Dinesh to talk about her new children's book "The ABCs of Morality." See for privacy information.
Apr 12, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh dissects Biden's executive order on guns, and in particular his claim that "no amendment to the Constitution is absolute." Dinesh examines Hunter Biden's new book and arrives at the remarkable conclusion that the juiciest parts of his story are not in it.  Dinesh considers the Left's claim that math is racist, along with a Harvard scholar's attempt to refute the proposition that 2+2=5. Also the editor of the Babylon Bee joins Dinesh to swap jokes and show why satire is one of the best ways to respond to political and cultural absurdity. See for privacy information.
Apr 09, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh shows that a number of January 6 defendants are in solitary confinement, which is being used as a form of torture for political opponents.  Dinesh also reveals why 60 Minutes is so determined to discredit Ron DeSantis, America's most successful governor.  With reference to Georgia's voter integrity law and the filibuster, Dinesh exposes how the party of Jim Crow accuses the party that fought against Jim Crow of being the party of Jim Crow.  And former governor Scott Walker, president of Young America's Foundation, joins Dinesh to talk about how to fight back against entrenched campus leftism. See for privacy information.
Apr 08, 2021
In this special episode, Dinesh focuses on the relevance for today of Tocqueville’s classic work, “Democracy in America.” Dinesh argues that the founding was a blueprint for a new type of society that took 50 years to build.  Consequently, Tocqueville’s America reflects the America the founders sought to create.  This, Dinesh shows, is precisely the America that conservatives seek now to conserve. Dinesh examines Tocqueville’s observations on participatory democracy, social equality, entrepreneurship, Christianity, what Tocqueville calls “the three races in America,” and finally and somewhat prophetically, the peculiar type of despotism that Tocqueville feared might eventually arise.  See for privacy information.
Apr 07, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh exposes the thuggish ignorance of the three biggest censors in the world: Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg and Xi Jinping.  Dinesh argues that censors in the past were much more intelligent, using as his example the Galileo case.  Dinesh examines the case of Project Veritas versus the New York Times, noting how the Times is trying to escape responsibility for its lies by insisting its news stories are not fact but opinion. And Dinesh commends actress Scarlett Johansson for suggesting that actors keep their political opinions to themselves. See for privacy information.
Apr 06, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh shows how Facebook relies on bogus fact-checking to flag perfectly accurate posts. Dinesh explodes newsman Lester Holt’s contention that reporters shouldn’t cover “both sides” because there are no two sides to the idea that the sun sets in the west.  While the media was apoplectic about Trump’s “alternative reality,” Dinesh shows there is no similar outcry over the alternative reality in the Biden camp.  Also director Cyrus Nowrasteh joins Dinesh and Debbie to talk about “Infidel” receiving the Faith and Freedom award movie for 2021. See for privacy information.
Apr 05, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh shows how the criminal cartels, working hand in hand with the Democrats, have converted children into tokens and "human passports," risking the lives of these defenseless kids for political and financial gain.  Dinesh examines whether voter ID laws are a form of voter suppression, raising such questions as whether ID checks to buy a gun are a form of "Second Amendment suppression."  On Good Friday, Dinesh reflects on the true meaning of sin and atonement.  And controversial attorney Sidney Powell joins Dinesh for a challenging, wide-ranging interview on her libel case, voter integrity laws, the future of the GOP, and digital censorship. See for privacy information.
Apr 02, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh reveals that the Democrats have the same secret admiration for Chinese totalitarianism that they used to have for Soviet totalitarianism.  Dinesh laughs his head off as AOC does the border—again! Dinesh exposes how the media promotes the Democrats’ lies about Georgia’s voter integrity law.  And Debbie D’Souza comes aboard to talk about her article in El American which exposes the biggest beneficiaries of the border crisis—criminal cartels. See for privacy information.
Apr 01, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh considers why San Diego teachers who have kept their schools closed are volunteering to provide free in-person instruction to illegals. Investigative journalist Julie Kelly joins Dinesh to talk about the Biden Justice Department’s elaborate effort to frame January 6 defendants, and how the scheme is falling apart.  And Dinesh makes the moral case against democratic socialism by showing how capitalism is inherently more “democratic” than socialism.   See for privacy information.
Mar 31, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh reveals how vaccine passports are a passport to tyranny.  Dinesh exposes what the media is not telling you about George Floyd.  USA Today strikes out at January 6 defendants, seeking to prevent them from raising money for a legal defense when their lives and freedom are at stake. Dinesh calls for Georgia officials to stiffen their spine against their local "woke" corporations.  And Parkland parent Andrew Pollack joins Dinesh to talk about mass shootings--why they happen and how to prevent them. See for privacy information.
Mar 30, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh draws on his own experiences to expose the evils of cancel culture as practiced by "woke" corporations.   Georgia's new election law drives the left to hysteria, but Dinesh says it also raises troubling questions for conservatives. Biden says there is not a single thing that women don't do as better than men, provoking Dinesh to ask what, besides giving birth, do women do better than men. Also, the former CDC director says Covid-19 likely originated from the Wuhan lab, prodding Dinesh to raise a taboo question: was this virus a Chinese weapon of biological warfare?  See for privacy information.
Mar 29, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh reveals who’s really running the country, since we know it isn’t the mumbling, bumbling figure who has the title of President.  Mitch McConnell warns that Democrats’ efforts to overturn the filibuster and change voting laws are naked exercises of power; Dinesh asks what remedy, if any, the founders devised for our current situation. Who hates Asian-Americans? Dinesh shows it is many of the same people who are now proclaiming their political solidarity with them. Congress is conducting an investigation of Parler, but if what Parler says is true, Dinesh concludes we need an investigation of Congress and its financial ties to Big Tech monopolies. Robert Kiyosaki, author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” joins Dinesh with advice on how to succeed in today’s surreal political and economic environment. Also, by explaining the logic of “sub specie aeternitatis,” Dinesh shows why we can live contentedly even in the midst of the craziness around us. See for privacy information.
Mar 26, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh undertakes a futile search for Biden’s brain, and then spells out the implications for democracy when the man who is elected to run things is quite obviously not running things. Pondering America’s petty obsessions and China’s global ambitions, Dinesh asks whether China is now in the position that America was in the 1950s, ready to take over the world.  Investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson joins Dinesh to talk about the decline of investigative journalism, and what she discovered on our southern border.  Drawing on African American anthropologist Elijah Anderson’s work on the streets of Philadelphia, Dinesh reveals the perverse logic of cultural dysfunction in the black underclass.  Also Dinesh spells out the new American class structure, with a class at the top that pretends to belong to no class at all. See for privacy information.
Mar 25, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh reflects on the Muslim mass shooter in Boulder and Democrats’ immediate calls for gun restrictions, noting that the last time Muslim radicals went on a killing spree in New York on 9/11, no one called for outlawing the two weapons involved, namely boxcutters and airplanes.  Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene joins to make the case for obstructionism and show us how it’s done.  Previously a fan, and still not a foe, Dinesh wonders how Governor Kristi Noem lost her backbone.  Jen Psaki lies about the border, and Dinesh has the receipts to prove it. Drawing on a field called viral ecology, Dinesh answers the question, why would God create a world with dangerous viruses?  See for privacy information.
Mar 24, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh reveals how the Biden administration’s immigration policy involves two types of exploitation: the exploitation of desperately poor migrants and also of equally-desperate American workers struggling to keep their jobs and wages.  James O’Keefe of Project Veritas joins Dinesh to expose what the Biden administration and the press are both hiding, the horrors inside the migrant camps that makes Trump’s policies look benign by comparison.  How Chile is killing the goose that laid its golden eggs, a somber lesson for America.  At Teen Vogue, an advocate of cancel culture is herself cancelled, to Dinesh’s great amusement.  Dinesh shows how leftists who “take a knee” aren’t disrespecting the American founding—they’re dissing the legacy of the Civil War and the man who freed the slaves.  Finally, the philosopher Schopenhauer makes the intellectual case for pessimism—if you’re feeling bad these days, it’s probably a sign you are a very intelligent person. See for privacy information.
Mar 23, 2021
In this episode Dinesh has a wide-ranging conversation with acclaimed author J.D. Vance, whose bestselling book “Hillbilly Elegy” is now a Netflix movie directed by Ron Howard.  Dinesh and J.D. talk about the crisis at the border, Nancy Pelosi’s contention that illegals are the true embodiments of the American dream, and why illegal immigration is unfair both to native-born Americans and also to foreigners in distant countries who are waiting in line.  Other topics covered are the real reason for hostility to Asian Americans, what truths cancel culture seeks to keep from public view, and why the slogan “white privilege” fails to capture how people climb the ladder of success. See for privacy information.
Mar 22, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh shows how the people who call themselves "liberal" are actually the most illiberal people in America. Who is targeting Asian Americans? Dinesh shows it's not Trump or even white supremacists; it's leftists. The Chinese government says since America is systematically racist, it shouldn’t lecture the rest of the world on human rights—Dinesh shows how the Left’s lies about America have now come to haunt us.  Also, pastor Raphael Cruz joins Dinesh and Debbie on their fifth wedding anniversary to talk about the meaning of marriage and why pastors should speak out on political and moral issues. See for privacy information.
Mar 19, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh explores what Mitch McConnell means by promising a "10 car pileup" if the Democrats overturn the filibuster.  Dinesh exposes the theological roots of "woke supremacy," showing how it is a perversion of the Christian worldview.  How the FBI's January 6 investigation turned into a political witch-hunt. What the philosopher Nietzsche really meant by "God is dead."  And author Suketu Mehta joins Dinesh to debate Mehta's proposition that illegal immigration is justifiable as a form of reparations the West owes to Third World countries. See for privacy information.
Mar 18, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh exposes the alien invasion, a swarm of illegals who travel to the US border in caravans organized and subsidized by the international Left.  Taking up economist Larry Kudlow's statement that the federal government could get more revenue by lowering taxes on the rich, Dinesh explains the basic idea of the Laffer curve. Dinesh continues his discussion of the roots of "woke supremacy." An Iranian Muslim denounces the immorality of "The Great Gatsby," and Dinesh thinks he might have a point.  And Danielle D'Souza Gill comes on to talk about two very strange creatures: the Georgia Secretary of State and a group called Evangelicals for Biden. See for privacy information.
Mar 17, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh takes up Senator Tim Scott’s equation of “woke supremacy” and “white supremacy,” arguing that woke supremacy is actually a form of white supremacy.  Dinesh reveals how the Washington Post and New York Times have gone full Pravda in their lies about Trump and their devotional coverage of Biden.  Dinesh argues that the military leadership has crossed a dangerous line in ganging up on cable TV host Tucker Carlson.  David Hogg’s alternative to My Pillow seems to have collapsed, and Dinesh wonders if it’s because he didn’t volunteer to design their logo. And Parler chief policy officer Amy Peikoff gives us the scoop on how the “hit” went down, how Parler got back in business, and what challenges face Parler in protecting itself against future attacks. See for privacy information.
Mar 16, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh explains the obvious truth behind a Biden official’s confession that Covid-19 was a gift to Biden and the Democrats.  Dinesh also reveals the two real lessons of the virus, neither one ever raised in the media.  Some vaccines reportedly used fetal remains for research; Dinesh lays out the moral implications.  Dinesh shows what real multicultural education looks like, using the example of Rabindranath Tagore’s classic story, “Kabuliwallah.”  Also, Rep. Devin Nunes joins the show to talk about how to strike back at the digital censors, and Trump’s role going forward in the Republican Party. See for privacy information.
Mar 15, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh exposes the radical and kooky views of Kristen Clarke, Biden’s nominee to be assistant secretary for civil rights in the Justice Department.  Dinesh probes the key premises of Critical Race Theory, all of which are both contradictory and absurd.  Dinesh argues that the “treason of the intellectuals” is that they steadfastly refuse to speak basic truths about race, making it impossible to solve genuine problems in society.  Reviewing new information on the financial rackets of the Lincoln Project, Dinesh wonders what Lincoln would make of these grifters and con artists who use his name.  And feminist author Naomi Wolf returns, this time to talk about digital censorship and cancel culture. See for privacy information.
Mar 12, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh reveals how Democrats and Republicans have two very different ideas of democracy, the main difference being that the Democrats’ idea is, well, undemocratic.  Dinesh offers a novel interpretation of why the Supreme Court seems to be washing its hands off the most critical issues facing our society.  Debbie D’Souza joins Dinesh to talk about Meghan Markle’s son Archie and the “one drop rule,” a legacy of segregation that defines even manifestly white and mixed-race individuals as “black.” Dinesh exposes a racial hoax at Smith College that destroyed the lives of four working-class people.  Drag queen Lady Maga USA joins Dinesh to explain why he was fired by Delta Airlines; hint: it has something to do with his Trump sympathies.  Also, Dinesh does a close reading of Robert Frost’s poem “The Road Not Taken,” showing how it is an indictment of the very people who think they are taking the road not taken. See for privacy information.
Mar 11, 2021
In this episode Dinesh considers signs that the Left is getting ready to move Biden out, and Kamala in.  Dinesh isn’t surprised at Pelosi’s plan to rig future elections—Democrats have a long history of voter suppression and voter fraud.  Danielle D’Souza Gill comes on to explain how Meghan Markle finally achieved her narcissistic dream. The Pope says climate change might bring on a second global flood—Dinesh shows that such doomsday scenarios have a 0% record of accuracy.  Dinesh reveals the ideological basis for the media’s contrasting treatment of George Floyd and Ashli Babbitt, both victims of lethal force by a cop.  Also, Dinesh explores the mystery of why Covid numbers are so low in Asia and Africa. See for privacy information.
Mar 10, 2021
In this special episode, Dinesh engages in a wide-ranging conversation with the radical activist and cofounder of the Weather Underground Bill Ayers.  Ayers’ story begins with the domestic terrorism of the 1960s—which got him on the FBI “Most Wanted” list—and culminates in Ayers co-founding Refuse Fascism, one of the leading Antifa groups. In an age where political debate of any kind is rare, let alone on opposite ends of the spectrum, Dinesh probes Ayers on a wide range of topics, from the roots of Antifa and Black Lives Matter to the underlying fascism and racism these groups purport to be fighting.  Dinesh and Ayers get into it on socialism, the ruin of the Democratic-run cities, teaching as a revolutionary activity, and digital censorship and the suppression of civil liberties.   See for privacy information.
Mar 09, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh tackles the gathering storm on the U.S. border, as the Biden administration dismantles Trump's wall.  Dinesh explores fundamental questions in the immigration debate: are illegals "immigrants"? Are some immigrants better for America than others? Should America take illegals as a form of reparations? Focusing on a typical case, Dinesh argues that the trials of the January 6 defendants are shaping up to be rigged "show trials." Also maverick Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene joins to talk about Never Trump, the Equality Act and how to drive Democrats to the edge of insanity.   See for privacy information.
Mar 08, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh exposes how Nancy Pelosi’s HR1 is an attempt to control the election process by stacking the deck in favor of Democrats.  Dinesh makes the case that the red states, in ending their lockdowns, are finally trusting their citizens to use freedom responsibly.  Dinesh ponders what type of “insurrection” or “coup” could be headed by a shamanist in animal skins and horns. Given Biden’s open hostility, Dinesh wonders if Israel is now alone in the world.  The late Stephen Hawking insisted life after death is a “fairy tale,” the product of wishful thinking; Dinesh shows why this is a very unintelligent thought to come from an intelligent guy.  And newly-elected Congressman Troy Nehls offers his early assessment of swamp life in a segment Dinesh is calling “Mr. Nehls Goes to Washington.”  See for privacy information.
Mar 05, 2021
In this episode Dinesh candidly addresses the question, “Is America finished?” He argues that nations have only one shot at being “on top of the world,” and argues that American decline is not inevitable, it’s a choice.  Governor Cuomo, like Bill Clinton before him, claims a predator pass from the Left on the ground that he’s a champion of women’s rights. Dinesh shows that what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez knows about the minimum wage is not a lot.  Why cancelling Dr. Seuss is a big deal—America, like China, is undergoing a “cultural revolution.”  Also, global security analyst Joseph Humire joins Dinesh to talk about the threat to America posed by Iran’s presence in Venezuela.  See for privacy information.
Mar 04, 2021
In this episode Dinesh declares that with Texas, Florida and Mississippi now fully unmasked, it’s a test of the free red states against the locked down blue states.  Dinesh continues his exploration of whether Trump has displaced Reagan in setting direction for the GOP.  Dinesh examines two renegade Republicans, Liz Cheney and Nikki Haley, asking what their prospects are for future leadership.  Obama wants reparations on the grounds that the slaves built America; Dinesh counters that it wasn’t slaves, and it wasn’t even immigrants—America was built by settlers.  Also Debbie joins Dinesh for a spirited exchange on whether the best marriage is a traditional marriage, and the best traditional marriage is a benign patriarchy. See for privacy information.
Mar 03, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh compares Trump and Reagan, showing why Trump—not Reagan—is the leader for today, but also what Trump can learn from Reagan to make him even stronger in the future.  House Democrats are scared Biden might push the nuclear button; Dinesh agrees that all bets are off when a man enters his “second childhood.”  Taking up on his new PragerU video on “identity socialism,” Dinesh goes in-depth into the influence of Herbert Marcuse, who is responsible for the unique type of socialism we see today. Closing out his expose of the corrupt gang at the Southern District of New York, Dinesh does a body slam on Preet Bharara, explaining Bharara’s sorry fate through the Indian concept of karma.  Also brash new Congressman Madison Cawthorn joins Dinesh to talk about the new face of the GOP. See for privacy information.
Mar 02, 2021
In this episode Dinesh analyzes Trump’s “comeback” speech at CPAC, focusing on Trump’s idea for Republican states to impose massive fines and penalties on big tech companies that censor legally-protected speech.  LeBron James refuses to “shut up and dribble,” but Dinesh asks what precisely do Hollywood actors and athletes know about policy issues? Why leftists have come to regard merit as a racist concept.  Dinesh examines how Dr. Seuss—Mister Green Eggs and Ham himself!—has become the latest target of cancel culture.  Anderson Cooper goes to bat for politically-motivated prosecutions, and Dinesh busts him for it  Also, author Naomi Wolf breaks ranks with the Left to call the Covid-19 restrictions of Democratic leaders a full-blown form of American fascism. See for privacy information.
Mar 01, 2021
This is a special episode devoted to a single topic: socialism.  Drawing on his recent book and documentary film “Trump Card,” Dinesh asks the sobering question: are we becoming the United States of Socialism?  Dinesh contends that socialism is the most discredited idea since slavery, so how to explain its amazing twenty-first century comeback? Dinesh outlines the socialist agenda, which goes beyond economic confiscation, and contrasts the socialist dream with the American dream.  Dinesh traces how socialism came to America riding on the Democratic donkey.  The Left says it wants the Scandinavian model for America, but Dinesh (joined by his wife Debbie) shows that the Left’s real model is Venezuela.  Finally, Dinesh reveals the roots of the Left’s cultural repression, showing how all forms of socialism—even democratic socialism—inevitably end in tyranny. See for privacy information.
Feb 26, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh anticipates Trump’s speech at CPAC by asking, what makes Trump such an American original?  How does Trump’s mind differ from that of a traditional politician? The nerve center of the Left’s politically-motivated indictments is the Southern District of New York, which brought the case against Dinesh and which is now trying to cook up a criminal indictment of Trump. So who are these nefarious characters? Dinesh explores the question, is math racist and, if not, what’s behind the absurd campaign to treat numbers, logic and objectivity as a form of white supremacy?  Canceling Ben Franklin: you won’t believe what he’s guilty of. (Hint: Nothing.) Also, J.D. Vance, author of “Hillbilly Elegy,” joins Dinesh to talk about the GOP and the working class, overcoming the odds of poverty and cultural deprivation, and the moral conundrum of twenty-first century capitalism. See for privacy information.
Feb 25, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh offers a critique of Biden’s foreign policy which purports to promote “democratic values” worldwide.  Dinesh argues that the best way to check tyrannical regimes is to make alliances based on mutual self-interest with countries that don’t want to fall under those tyrannies.  Two Democratic Congressmen call for cable providers to cancel Fox, OAN and Newsmax which would give a country an entirely one-party media.  Under Trump, the Left spoke about “kids in cages”; now that Biden is using those same facilities, the Left calls them “shelters” and “emergency facilities” for children.  Coke wants white people to “stop acting white,” so is the company’s next step to ask blacks to “stop acting black”? And Danielle D’Souza Gill comes on to discuss “woke Christianity” and why it’s the devil’s favorite brand. See for privacy information.
Feb 24, 2021
In this episode Dinesh exposes Biden’s pick for attorney general, Merrick Garland, as a vicious partisan who will likely preside over a Department of Injustice.  What happened to the 6-3 Supreme Court majority for which conservatives fought so long and hard?  Wikipedia’s lies about January 6, just like its lies about Dinesh, illustrate why schools and colleges do not permit students to cite this notoriously unreliable source.  Dinesh reveals the perverse logic behind the Women’s Soccer team’s decision to now stand for the national anthem.  Also—a special treat—Dinesh reads aloud from Michelle Obama’s Princeton thesis, a damning indictment of both Michelle Obama and Princeton. See for privacy information.
Feb 23, 2021
In this episode Dinesh reveals the Left’s desperate attempts to erase Trump’s name from the nation’s memory, erven as Trump continues to shape the future of the GOP and the Right.  Hundreds of members of Congress and their staffs have reportedly been in therapy since the events of January 6, and—get ready to howl with laughter!— Dinesh just happens to have the transcripts of one of those sessions. Poland shows the way in dealing with big tech censorship.  Dinesh unfurls two inconvenient historical facts that expose the reparations project as a fraud. Also Dinesh confronts a strange aspect about Christianity that reinforces the argument of unbelievers and mystifies even many Christians, the “hiddenness of God.” See for privacy information.
Feb 22, 2021
In this episode Dinesh explains why Ted did Cancun, and why the leftist hysteria over it is absurd.  National Review bashes Rush Limbaugh on the occasion of his death, so Dinesh goes there and compares Limbaugh’s legacy with that of Bill Buckley.  Trump fires back at McConnell, and Dinesh calls the fight and delivers the score!  Biden wants a reparations commission; Dinesh explains why it’s too bad Muhammad Ali isn’t around to be on it.  Dinesh also reveals why evolution in no way refutes the argument for a divine creator. See for privacy information.
Feb 19, 2021
In this episode Dinesh shows how Joe Biden appeals to “cultural values” as a defense of Premier Xi’s centralized control and tyranny in China.  Raising the prospect of a Chinese-dominated century, Dinesh reveals why this is very bad for America, and for the rest of the world.  Kamala Harris seems already to be taking over from Joe Biden, but an old family secret threatens to undo her claim to be an historical victim of slavery and racism. Why the funniest jokes are politically incorrect!  Finally, Dinesh exposes the illusions of modern atheism. See for privacy information.
Feb 18, 2021
In this episode Dinesh explores the reason for Nancy Pelosi’s strange reticence about Capitol security.  Could she have known what was coming?  As Trump fires back at McConnell, Dinesh lays out the options for Trump going forward, and says what he thinks Trump should do.  Joe Scarborough says Antifa torching small businesses is not equivalent to Trump supporters invading the U.S. Capitol; Dinesh agrees, and shows why the former is much worse. Also, Congressman Devin Nunes joins Dinesh to talk about impeachment lies, Deep State machinations, and how California learned to fight back. See for privacy information.
Feb 18, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh explores the roots of Mitch McConnell' s rage towrard Trump- -and the rage of Trump supporters toward the GOP establishment. Can this breach be healed? Bill Gates' climate change catastrophism is based on our debt to future generations, but why do we owe a debt to people who have done nothing for us? Dinesh proves that Lincoln was a conservative, nota progressive. Also, a Black History Month reflection on why the founders approved a Constitution that permitted slavery to continue. See for privacy information.
Feb 16, 2021
In this episode, Dinesh begins with the premise that the whole point of impeachment is to prevent Trump from running again.  So what is it about Trump that terrifies Democrats and the Left? Dinesh also explores the astonishment of House managers at being exposed for their lies.  What made them think they could get away with it? How the un-cancellation of Gina Carano points the way to a new strategy for the Right.  And author Julie Kelly joins Dinesh to talk about the pathology of Never Trump, focusing on the scandal of the Lincoln Project. See for privacy information.
Feb 15, 2021
In this episode Dinesh shows how the Democrats’ impeachment case has degenerated into one brazen lie after another. Dinesh shows how the house managers could have made a stronger case, by acknowledging Antifa and Black Lives Matter violence, and examines why they refused to do so.  Ooh la la! The French have come out strongly against “woke” leftism and cancel culture.  And Danielle D’Souza Gill joins to debunk abortion myths and explore the concept of progressive Christianity. See for privacy information.
Feb 12, 2021
In this episode Dinesh solves the mystery of how digital moguls suddenly become such tyrannical monsters.  Hint: It has something to do with the movie, “Revenge of the Nerds.” Dinesh also notes the complete collapse of the impeachment case, forcing the Left to move to various fallback positions.  Pondering Eric Swalwell’s absurd references to “insurgents” and “rioters,” Dinesh asks and answers the questions: who were the people who entered the Capitol and why did they do it? Dinesh interviews top religious freedom lawyer Kelly Shackelford on the Supreme Court’s latest Covid19 decision. Also, Dinesh examines the entry requirements for the elite ranks of America’s class system and figures out how so many fools and nitwits find their way into it. See for privacy information.
Feb 11, 2021
In this episode Dinesh reveals how the January 6 takeover of the Capitol was planned in advance, destroying the argument that Trump somehow “incited” it.  Dinesh also shows, based on FBI documents, that Facebook, not Parler, was the social media platform where the unlawful actions were coordinated.  Dinesh uses a recent Los Angeles Times article, on “The Trumpites Next Door,” to show how the Left is fomenting violence against conservatives nationwide.  Iran’s supreme mullah says the era of the United States is over, and he might be right.  And Debbie D’Souza talks about why in a free country there are so many topics that we are not allowed to talk about on social media. See for privacy information.
Feb 10, 2021
In this episode Dinesh exposes the guilty party—not Trump but rather the Democrats who have been inciting violence and subversion of laws for months.  A review of the 5 deaths that occurred during the Capitol takeover; far from any of them being killed by Trump supporters, it turns out all five were Trump supporters.  Dinesh reviews Time magazine’s recent article acknowledging a “conspiracy” to “fortify” the election—conservatives are being banned on social media for saying exactly the same thing.  Dinesh interviews decorated police sergeant Betsy Brantner Smith who says the media is obsessed with the violence of the Trumpsters on January 6 while it ignores the vastly greater ongoing violence of Black Lives Matter and Antifa. See for privacy information.
Feb 09, 2021
In this episode Dinesh revels in the impeachment circus, a clown show aimed not at truth but solely at public spectacle.  Dinesh dives into what really happened, exposing the fact that all 5 deaths in the Capitol takeover were of Trump supporters.  The chutzpah of Liz Cheney, who now couldn’t get elected dog-catcher in Wyoming, telling us why Trump has no place in the GOP’s future.  How #MAGA activists became America’s first modern political prisoners.  And Dinesh reveals the ominous historical precedent for Bank of America marching in lockstep with the feds to rat out who attended Trump’s DC rally. See for privacy information.
Feb 08, 2021
In this episode Dinesh shows how socialism and full government control turns free citizens into zombies.  How Marjorie Taylor Greene won, after all.  If we're in an existential climate crisis, why is John Kerry flying to Europe on a private jet?  Also Elon Musk gets zapped for his patriotism.  See for privacy information.
Feb 05, 2021
The Great Reset
In this episode Dinesh makes the case that the "great reset" is really an effort by the Left globally to create a "new man," by persuasion if possible, by force if necessary. AOC goes full Christine Blasey Ford:what's her motive? Dinesh also explains why Republicans sell out Marjorie Taylor Greene while the Democrats protect Ilhan Omar--who has been described as "ISIS with lipstick"-- at all costs. And newly elected Rep. Lauren Boebert joins Dinesh to talk about why she needs to carry a gun in the nation's capital. See for privacy information.
Feb 04, 2021
Trump Strikes Back!
In this episode Dinesh considers the Trump defense in the Senate impeachment trial, and he shows how Trump can put his accusers on trial instead.  Dinesh also takes on Senator Elizabeth Warren’s proposal for a new tax on wealth.  AOC gives an Oscar-winning performance, but it ends with an anti-climax.  Also, Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene joins Dinesh to address the subject of who the real kooks are in Congress. See for privacy information.
Feb 03, 2021
The Other Lincoln "Project"
In this episode Dinesh plunges headlong into that other Lincoln “Project”—the revelation that the anti-Trump group’s founder John Weaver has been accused of courting a whole slew of younger men.  Dinesh moves from the obvious questions—“who knew?” and “what does this tell us about the Lincoln Project?”—to the historical question of pederasty in ancient Sparta.  Perhaps, Dinesh concludes, the Lincoln Project should be renamed the Spartan Project.  Dinesh also investigates the bizarre slogan that now resonates in debates from Covid-19 to climate change: “Listen to the science.” Dinesh gets to the bottom of what science does, and doesn’t, tell us.  Also author Eric Metaxas joins Dinesh to talk about what it means to be a Christian in secular culture See for privacy information.
Feb 02, 2021
The Enemy Within
In this episode Dinesh will explain the significance of walls going up around the U.S. Capitol and coming down on the U.S. border: Are Trump supporters now the “enemy within”? The new wolves of Wall Street—is Bernie right about capitalism after all?  Dinesh compares FBI agent Kevin Clinesmith’s slap on the wrist to his own case.  How to hit back at Sephora for canceling a young conservative Christian.  And Antifa nemesis Andy Ngo joins Dinesh to talk about violence, incitement and double standards.   See for privacy information.
Feb 01, 2021
The Great Excuse
In this episode, Dinesh traces the roots of the new nihilism in finance and politics.  How Covid19—a real virus—paved the way for the unreal suppression of economic and civil liberties.  Biden and the fallacy of zero-sum economics.  Dinesh talks to comedian Terrence Williams about Trump, black conservatism and the nutritional value of fried chicken. See for privacy information.
Jan 29, 2021
Kamikaze Politics
In this episode Dinesh exposes the GameStop controversy to reveal the age of kamikaze investors and kamikaze politics.  Dinesh also asks whether Biden’s climate busters can actually alter the earth’s climate.  Is Rep. Tulsi Gabbard right that some leftists are trying to bring a KGB-style police state to America?  Also, Senator Rand Paul joins the podcast to talk about impeachment, incitement and socialism.  See for privacy information.
Jan 28, 2021
Socialist Rich Kids
In this episode Dinesh candidly asks whether the United States is now beyond repair—a house that is in the process of collapsing.  He offers an impeachment strategy that will make the whole trial backfire on the Democrats. He gives us an insider tour of AOC’s brain.  Plus, Dinesh and his daughter Danielle D’Souza Gill talk about rich kids who are using their inheritances to destroy capitalism and promote socialism. See for privacy information.
Jan 27, 2021
Democrats and Nazis
In this episode Dinesh explores the dangers of a new MAGA or patriot party—and outlines the best way to keep MAGA patriots in the Republican Party. He also reveals why Twitter is now cancelling leftists.  Katie Couric wants to “deprogram” Trump supporters but who programmed Katie Couric?  Dinesh also goes Round 2 with the leftist historians, exposing the central fallacy of the 1619 project and showing how the connection between Nazis and Democrats has been concealed in every single progressive textbook. See for privacy information.
Jan 26, 2021
Erasing History
In this episode Dinesh takes on the left-wing historians who have been screaming about his commentary on the 1619 Project and the 1776 Project. He also asks whether Trump deserves to be impeached for inciting what Senator Schumer termed a national “erection.” Dinesh also investigates the science behind Biden’s transgender rule.  Actress Kristy Swanson joins the show to discuss the new movement in Hollywood to censor the content of old movies See for privacy information.
Jan 25, 2021
Swamp Dwellers
In this episode, Dinesh reveals how political swamps are made, and drained. He shows why Biden’s executive order makes no fracking sense! He offers a case study that shows how to teach companies that become part of cancel culture a very painful lesson.  Also Danielle D’Souza Gill joins the show to explain why, for the unborn, the 2020 election result was literally a death sentence. See for privacy information.
Jan 22, 2021
The Day After
In this episode, Dinesh interviews Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who’s ready to impeach Biden. Dinesh also explores whether Mitch McConnell really sold out, or whether he has something up his sleeve.  Arnold Schwarzenegger, who once praised actual Nazis, now condemns the “Nazis” he claims to find in the Republican Party.  Finally, why the 1776 Commission is controversial--not for telling lies, but for telling the truth   See for privacy information.
Jan 21, 2021
Walls Work!
In this episode, Dinesh shows how the Left knows full well that walls work.  He exposes Biden’s Big Lie.  He also asks, is the Left ready to “deprogram” the American working class?  Plus: Mike Lindell strikes back at the retailers who have canceled My Pillow.  And Debbie D’Souza on the story behind her “Trump Card” movie rendition of “America the Beautiful” See for privacy information.
Jan 20, 2021
Trump's Legacy: A Man in Full
In this episode, Dinesh reveals the Trump he saw up close.  He also reveals why the Left and the media hated Trump with such irrational mania.  Dinesh covers Trump’s place in history, Trump and the forgotten American, and will there be a Trump comeback?  Also will Parler defeat the tech Goliaths and be back up soon?  An exclusive interview with Parler CEO John Matze. See for privacy information.
Jan 19, 2021
Double Standards
In this episode Dinesh shows why Trump skipping Biden’s inauguration is not “unprecedented”—it’s in the John Adams tradition.  He debunks the legal basis of the Senate moving forward on impeachment.  He discusses Jack Dorsey—“that twit from Twitter”—with special guest James O’Keefe of Project Veritas.  He ridicules Kamala Harris for pretending to be a civil rights pioneer and denying her slaveowner heritage.  Finally he shows that Biden’s use of the term “big lie” is quite appropriate, but not in the way he thinks! See for privacy information.
Jan 18, 2021
Illiberal America
In this episode, Dinesh reveals how the Left has gone from campus intolerance to intolerance across all sectors of society, including social media and Hollywood. They are terrified of voices of reason and ridicule.  Thus, Dinesh ridicules them mercilessly with special attention to that homeless Twitter guy Jack Dorsey, “Doctor” Jill Biden and the Obamas. See for privacy information.
Jan 15, 2021
Impeach This!
In this episode, Dinesh exposes the naked powerplay behind the righteous rhetoric of impeachment. Given the brazen lies and double standards behind this crusade, Dinesh argues that Trump should not only disregard but also enjoy this experience.  The real trial, however, is not for Trump but rather for the Republican Party. See for privacy information.
Jan 14, 2021
Impeachment Hoax 2.0
In today’s podcast, Dinesh explains how we should view impeachment as a form of circus entertainment.  He also reveals that the Democrats' target isn't just Trump but also Trumpism, the 75 million who voted for Trump.  Can the GOP establishment go along with impeachment and survive as a party? There is only one way forward, which Dinesh will reveal at the end. See for privacy information.
Jan 13, 2021
Big Brother Pays a Visit
This episode covers the impeachment two-step, the insurgency that wasn’t, the road ahead for Parler, and what George Orwell teaches us about tyranny. See for privacy information.
Jan 12, 2021
Impeach, Censor, Destroy!
The left seems to have a comprehensive scheme to marginalize conservatives, silence our voices, and destroy our lives. We need a battle plan of our own.  This podcast includes a discussion of the second Trump impeachment project and the lies behind it, what really happened in Washington DC, the banning of free speech on Twitter, Facebook and now Apple taking Parler off their app. Dinesh will also have a candid conversation with his wife Debbie about her birth country of Venezuela and how there are definite parallels with the left in America.  He will also begin in in-depth study of George Orwell starting with his classic work “Nineteen Eighty Four."   See for privacy information.
Jan 11, 2021
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Jan 06, 2021