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Category: Christianity

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The Church Of Christ, Gbawe Djaman Ghana audio Podcast.

Episode Date
Jesus Came For The Lost.Scripture reference.Luke.15:4-KJV
Oct 07, 2022
Thy Word. Scripture References. Luke.1:38-KJV
Sep 17, 2022
Blessed Is The Man Who Doesn’t Walk…Scripture Reference. Psalms.1:1-KJV
Sep 03, 2022
The Significance Of The Scripture. Scripture reference. 2.Timothy.3:16-NKJV
Aug 20, 2022
God will not remember our sins no more. Scripture reference. Hebrews.8:12-NKJV
Aug 05, 2022
Don’t Murmur. Scripture Reference. John.6:41-KJV
Jul 13, 2022
Depart From Iniquity. Scripture reference. II.Timothy.2:19-KJV
May 18, 2022
Help The Weak. Scripture reference. Galatians.6:1-KJV
Mar 27, 2022
Walk In Wisdom Towards All. Scripture reference.Colossians.4:5-NKJV
Feb 13, 2022
Rejoice In The Lord Always.Scripture reference. Philippians.4:4-KJV
Nov 28, 2021
Walk In Love. Scripture reference. Ephesians.5:2
Oct 16, 2021
Walk Before The Lord In Perfection. Scripture reference. Genesis.17:1- KJV
Sep 26, 2021
Be Focused In The Lord. Scripture reference. Luke.9:62-KJV
Sep 12, 2021
It Shall Be Well With You. Scripture reference. Isaiah.3:10-KJV
Sep 05, 2021
An Encounter With Jesus. Scripture reference. Luke.19:5-KJV
Aug 29, 2021
Richness In Giving. Scripture reference. II.Corinthians.8:9-KJV
Aug 22, 2021
Be Sufficient In All Things. Scripture reference. II. Corinthians.9:8-KJV
Aug 15, 2021
Rise Up Again, Scripture reference. Proverbs.24:16-KJV
Aug 01, 2021
Be The Follower Of God. Scripture reference. Ephesians.5:1-KJV
Jul 25, 2021
The Unity Of The Church. Scripture reference.Acts.2:41-42-KJV
Jul 19, 2021
How To Deal With Difficult Circumstance. Scripture reference. Exodus.2:1-2-KJV
Jun 13, 2021
We Are Called For A Purpose. Scripture reference. Luke.5:10-11-KJV
Jun 06, 2021
Remember Lot’s Wife. Scripture reference. Luke.17:32-KJV
May 30, 2021
Be Approved By God, Scripture reference: 2.Timothy.2:15-KJV
May 09, 2021
Don’t Make God Regret, Scripture reference. Genesis.6:6-KJV
May 02, 2021
Victory In Christ Jesus. Scripture reference. 1. Corinthians.15:57-KJV
Apr 25, 2021
Your Trial Is Common To Man: Scripture reference. 1.Corinthians.10:13-KJV
Apr 17, 2021
Art Thou He That Should Come. Scripture reference: Matthew.11:3-KJV
Apr 10, 2021
The Resurrection Of Christ: Scripture reference. Romans 6:5-KJV
Apr 03, 2021
The Kingdom Of Heaven: Scripture reference. Matthew.4:17-KJV
Mar 27, 2021
God For Us: Scripture reference: Romans.8:31-KJV
Mar 20, 2021
God Will Perform His Promise. Scripture reference. Romans.4:21-KJV
Mar 13, 2021
Come Unto Me And I Will Give You Rest. Scripture reference. Matthew.11:28-KJV
Mar 06, 2021
No Division Among You. Scripture reference.1.Corinthians.1:10-KJV
Feb 27, 2021
The Wages Of Sin. Scripture reference.Romans.6:23-KJV
Feb 20, 2021
The Word( logos) scripture reference: John.1:1-KJV
Feb 13, 2021
Justified By Faith. Scripture reference: Romans.5:1-KJV
Feb 06, 2021
No Condemnation. Scripture reference.Romans.8:1-KJV
Jan 30, 2021
Pray For us: Scripture reference. II.Thes.3:1-KJV
Jan 23, 2021
Christ Our Shepherd: Scripture reference.John.10:16
Jan 16, 2021
Greater Condemnation: Scripture reference.James.3:1-KJV
Jan 15, 2021
Renewal Of Mind: Scripture reference: Romans.12:1-2-KJV
Jan 13, 2021
Watch: Scripture reference: Mark.13:37-KJV
Jan 13, 2021
Christ Our Advocate: Scripture reference.1.John.2:1-KJV
Jan 13, 2021
Resist The Devil: Scripture reference.James.4:7-KJV
Jan 13, 2021
The Righteousness Of The Pharisees: Scripture reference: Matthew.5:20-KJV
Jan 13, 2021
The Doctrine Of Christ: Scripture reference.II.John.1:9-KJV
Jan 13, 2021
The Power Of The Tongue: Scripture reference. James.3:8-KJV
Jan 13, 2021
Virtue And Knowledge: Scripture reference: II.Peter.1:5-KJV
Jan 13, 2021
All Things Work For Good: Scripture reference:.Romans.8:28-KJV
Jan 13, 2021
Be sober And Vigilant: Scripture reference: 1.Peter.5:8-KJV
Jan 13, 2021
Ask According To The Will Of God: Scripture reference: 1.John.5:14-KJV
Jan 13, 2021
Live Peaceful: scripture reference. Romans.12:18-KJV
Jan 12, 2021
Confidence And Steadfastness: scripture reference: Hebrews.3:15-KJV
Jan 12, 2021
You Are The Light Of The World: Scripture reference: Matthew.5:14-KJV
Jan 12, 2021
Repentance: scripture reference: Hosea.14:1-KJV
Jan 12, 2021
Seek God First, Scripture reference: John.14:6-KJV.
Jan 12, 2021
Suffer As A Christian Reference scripture: 1.Peter4:16-KJV
Jan 12, 2021
Pastor Aidoo , Audio Podcast (Trailer)
Jan 11, 2021