Meaning Full Living

By Dear Media, Hayley Hubbard, Jessica Diamond

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Category: Parenting

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Parenting is hard. And the thousands of decisions we’re forced to make everyday can feel daunting. Should I listen to my pediatrician, my mother, this website? When am I going to find time to read this 500 page book on feeding? Will other moms judge me for doing it this way? While we’ve never had access to so much information, it’s never been harder to find the knowledge we need to feel confident in the choices we make as parents. We make it simple. We break down all the information- the science, the trends, the myths- into easy to understand knowledge. The “Cliff’s Notes” to parenting. Because when you remove the doubt, fear, and stress from everyday parenting choices, you create more time for the fulfilling moments. A healthier way to live, eat, and love. This is Meaning Full Living.

Episode Date
How To Get Your Family Re-Organized with The Home Edit, post-2020

In this episode, Clea and Joanna from The Home Edit join Hayley and Jess to talk about what organization looks like coming out of the chaos of 2020. These master organizers and moms cover what to do with all the toys and junk you accumulated during the pandemic, how to emotionally detach from items, getting organized while on a budget, the basics of baby and newborn organization, and how to get your little ones involved in home organization in order to build healthy habits in the long-term. The duo also discuss their latest collabs, the emotional toll of leaving your kids for work, and how their lives have changed since their Netflix show.

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Apr 19, 2021
Getting Your Newborn to Sleep with Dr. Harvey Karp 

In this episode, Hayley and Jess talk to pediatrician, child development expert, CEO of Happiest Baby, and creator of the SNOO, Dr. Harvey Karp. The newborn sleep master breaks down how to actually get your baby to sleep, swaddling, pacifiers, calming a fussy baby, and the simple techniques every parent should know. A must listen for anyone who’s ever been overwhelmed by an overtired and crying newborn. They also talk toddlers and discuss how to speak their language to raise a more cooperative and self-confident toddler.

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Apr 12, 2021
Picky Eating and Mealtime Struggles: How to Bring Harmony to the Dinner Table

Has feeding your toddler become more about the art of bribery than the joy of eating? Did your once ‘easy to feed baby’ suddenly wake up with a shockingly particular palate? We got you. On today’s podcast, Jess and Hayley discuss picky eating, the well-intended phrases that may be making it worse, how to handle desserts, some on-the-go recipe ideas, and the practical steps you can take to stop the food battle and make mealtime enjoyable for all. 

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Apr 05, 2021
Infant Feeding 101: Breaking Down Breastfeeding and Formula 

Hayley gets personal as she shares her own candid experience with breastfeeding and formula, how she decided which was right for her, and the major physical and emotional toll of postpartum. In the second half of the episode, Jess breaks down everything you need to know about feeding your newborn and baby with confidence: the benefits of breastmilk, destigmatizing formula, how to know if your baby’s getting enough, when and how to give a bottle, mastitis, nutrition for mom and baby, increasing your supply, and what to look for when choosing a formula. 

Donor Milk: It’s important to find donated milk from a trusted source as breastmilk sold over the internet is strongly discouraged by the Academy of Breastfeedings 2017 Position Statement because the donor is unknown, the donors health is not screened, and the breastmilk is often not safely handled in the process of sharing. Below are some trusted resources. It is also always advised to ask your healthcare provider (OB-GYN, primary care physician, midwife, and/or certified lactation consultant).

You can also donate your breastmilk for critically ill or premature infants to thrive at Prolacta.

Favorite Bottles: Stay tuned for all our favorite infant feeding products and resources launching on our website early April. 

  1. Glass Dr. Browns
  2. Comotomo 

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Mar 29, 2021
How to Handle Guilt and Parent Shame with Robin Breckenridge

It seems like there’s no escaping the judgment, shaming, and guilt we all experience as parents. Whether it's the look we get when our kid is acting out at a playdate or our own guilt about leaving the house for work, there’s no shortage of opportunities to feel like we’re not enough. In this episode, Robin Breckenridge joins Hayley and Jess to break down emotions of guilt, shame, and judgment and shares how we can dismantle these feelings with healthy tools and boundaries.

Produced by Dear Media.

Mar 22, 2021
Tyler Hubbard: Breaking Down Fatherhood, Dad Shame, and Sex and Relationships After Kids

In this week’s episode, Hayley and Jess are joined by Tyler Hubbard- Hayley’s husband, dad of three, one half of Florida Georgia Line, creator, and entrepreneur. Tyler and Hayley get candid about their communication styles, why it’s okay not to feel immediately bonded with your baby, what annoys them most about each other, and why therapy is even more important when the relationship isn’t in crisis. 

Produced by Dear Media.

Mar 15, 2021
How to Tackle Tantrums: Strategies for De-escalating Your Toddler’s Outbursts

While tantrums are a completely normal part of parenting, that doesn’t make them any less challenging or overwhelming. In this episode, Jessica, Hayley, and childcare specialist (and Hayley’s real-life nanny), Katie Kelley, break down why they happen, how you can help your kids process their very big feelings, why your reactions matter, and the clear actions you can take when you find yourself in the midst of a meltdown. 

Produced by Dear Media.

Mar 08, 2021
Feeding Your Baby Solids: Breaking Down The Myths

There is so much misinformation floating around the internet when it comes to introducing your baby to solid foods. Do I start with purees? Is rice cereal ok? How often do I do this? How can I prevent my baby from becoming a picky eater? In this episode, Hayley and Jess break down the myths, the trends, and the misinformation to share what you really need to know when it comes to starting your baby on solid foods and how to create a positive relationship between you, your kids, and mealtime from the get go. 

You can find links to the products discussed in this episode below:

Long-sleeved bib - watercolor print
Long-sleeved bib - outdoor print

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Mar 01, 2021
Introducing Hayley and Jess: Their Top Tips for Raising Mindful Children
In this first episode, get to know your hosts, Hayley Hubbard (wife to Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and mom of Olivia, Luca, and Atlas) and Jessica Diamond, MPH RDN (dietitian and expert on all things parent, kids, and baby, wife to Dr. Josh Diamond and mom to Bryce.) While we’ve never had access to so much information, it’s never been harder to find the knowledge we need to feel confident in our parenting choices. Hayley and Jess share their game-changing philosophy when it comes to navigating parenthood, their top six tips for raising mindful kids, and the simple things you can do to remove the doubt, fear, and stress of parenting and start feeling confident in your everyday choices. 
Produced by Dear Media.
Mar 01, 2021
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Feb 22, 2021